Four Steps To Writing a Great Classified Ad

Some people believe the day of the classified ad is over. 

After all, no one reads newspapers anymore ... right? 

And if you have something to sell you would just post it to Craigslist or Facebook ... right?

The TRUTH is much different!

You see, the truth is that many of the ads that work best online are nothing more than a classified ad with a new name!

I can say that because a classified ad follows this format ...

  1. Hook (or headline)
  2. Story (or body copy)
  3. Offer (or call to action)
NOTE: Remember that three-step formula, for it is the secret to writing great copy from small ads to sales letters to webinars.

In this short article you will learn HOW to craft a click-getting, sale-making, list-building classified style ad for any product you are promoting!

Sound good? Then keep reading! 

Where can you use this?

First, let's look at where you can use this ad format. 

You can use the classified ad format with ...

  • All pay per click networks
  • Twitter
  • Fiverr
  • Email marketing
  • Ezine advertising
  • Banner ads
  • Forums
  • Reddit
  • And many more

The reason you see so many classified type ads online is simple.


These short, impactful ads work!

They work because ...

  • Our attention spans are very short
  • 100% of the ad is "above the fold"
  • They can be scanned easily
  • They call for action immediately
  • They are CHEAP to run
  • They are 99% headline and headlines are what get clicks
  • They have been tested and are proven

How do you write this type of ad?

Writing classified ads is actually easy once you know how. One reason they are easy (once you know how) is because they are so short.

I believe it is accurate to say I have written thousands of these ads in my career. 

Following is the formula I use for writing great classified ads so that you too can crank out profit pulling ads anytime you like!

If you want to add power to any of your advertising, consider following my four-step process.

First it is important to understand that there are three parts to these tiny little ads.

Each part works in harmony with the others to create an overall effect that causes the reader to do what you want them to do ... click on your ad and visit the site you are promoting!

As a refresher, the three parts of a great classified ad are:

  1. THE HOOK - Also called the headline.
  2. THE STORY - Also called the body copy.
  3. THE OFFER - Also called the call to action.

It is very important to understand that each part has ONE PURPOSE AND ONE PURPOSE ONLY.

When you think of ads in this way it becomes easier to create them because you will be using a "building block" approach.

Here's what you need to know.

  • The ONLY purpose of the headline is to sell the ad.
  • The ONLY purpose of the body copy is to set up the call to action.
  • The ONLY purpose of the call to action is to sell the click.

I will explain what I mean in further detail below. 

If you keep this in mind as you write you will see how easy it becomes to cause readers to take the action you want.

STEP 1 - THE HOOK (The Headline)

The headline's job is to sell the ad.

When I say "sell the ad" what I mean is that the headline convinces the reader that you have something to say - that they should continue reading the rest of the ad.

Because of this, there is one cardinal rule when writing any ad copy.

Your headline must grab attention!

Period. End of story.

Some people use sensational headlines with no relationship to their offer to grab attention.

That approach may work in the short term, but damages your integrity in the long run.

Honesty is always the best policy.

The last thing you want is disappointment when someone arrives at your website. 

My advice is to avoid the temptation to hype up the headline thinking that will help. It will often hurt, not help.

Here are a few tips for writing great headlines.

If you want my free guide to writing headlines click here.

  • Begin with an action word
  • Create curiosity
  • Ask a question
  • Make a startling statement
  • Ask for the reader's opinion

There are many ways to craft a winning headline. I hope these help you get going.

Last tip: when writing headlines, always remember that people care about exactly one thing; what's in it for me?

STEP 2 - THE STORY (The Body Copy)

Every ad tells a story. The secret with short ads is to tell ONE story and one story only.

Don't let the word "story" trip you up. In this context, the word story simply means telling them WHY this product works. 

If you are stuck here, use yourself as an example. A GREAT story would be something like ...

"I ran an ad and got 300 clicks!"

... or ...

"I finally tried keto and lost 16 pounds in three weeks!"

There is no time to make a list of reasons why they should click and buy.

In other words ... focus on ONE way that your product makes their life better.

The purpose of the body copy is to set up the call to action.

What I mean is this - the only reason your ad exists is to get the click to the website you are promoting.

But before asking for the click it is very important to give the reader the reason why they should click.

This "reason why" usually comes in the form of benefits.

This is the "what's in it for me" I mentioned earlier.

The body of the ad must tell your reader what's in it for them. What benefit will they get by making that click?

People don't want to 'learn more' out of idle curiosity.

Give them a REASON to click. People don't want to "learn more" out of idle curiosity.

Click to Tweet

 They want to learn more in order to get to the benefits you promised them, so don't be shy about what your offer will do for them.

The first step to writing the body is to list all the features of your product or service then, next to them, list the benefits of those features.

You must write at least one benefit for each feature, or don't use that feature.

People buy what your product or service will do for them, not only what it will do.

STEP 3 - THE OFFER (The Call To Action)

99.9% of the time the action you want the reader to take is clicking the link in your ad.

That's simple enough.

But how you ask them to do that can literally mean the difference between the success and failure of your ad!

I use an action word that includes the main benefit of the product I'm promoting.

So if I am promoting a product that helps people save time I might write "Save time today by visiting my site now!" instead of "Click here to save time"

Both are good, but the first one is stronger.

Why is it stronger? Because the reader wants to save time.

He or she does not want to "click here".

They will "click here" to get what they want but why make them interpret what they get for clicking when I can just say it straight out?

A subtle but important difference.

One reason that this is important is that your ad will be interrupting their current process.

No problem there.

In fact, most great ads are based on interruption of an existing pattern.

Some people like to call this "pattern interruption".

No matter what you call it, the thing to remember is this ... 

You must LURE them away from what they are doing now in order to visit your site.

Your ad must LURE readers away from what they are doing now in order to get the click.

Click to Tweet

Make your call to action simple to understand and not at all tricky or something that has to be interpreted.


One last step and you're ready to begin making money.

Don't forget to read your ad.

Classifieds aren't supposed to read like a novel.

It does not matter if your ad is in "fragments" that your English teacher would dislike.

This ain't English class ... this is selling! 

Check that spelling too!

Once you have your profit pulling classified written, don't forget the #1 rule in advertising.

The #1 rule - TEST YOUR AD!

Testing starts with clicking the link to make sure it is right! The #1 mistake I see with ALL forms of ads is the link not working.

When you place the ad, test, test and test again to know what works.

Testing allows you to spend small money now so you can make big money later.

By following these steps you will begin to create classified ads that work.

Once you have an ad that works, use it everywhere you can afford to and you will rake in the profits!

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here


Charlie, thank you very much for your great posts. I will definitely apply your all tips for writing ads.

Thanks again.:)

Christina Martin

Great article. It helps a lot of people to post their classified ads in proper manner. Thanks Charlie

    Charlie Page

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!



Great articles. Very useful charlie. I enjoy reading your articles.

Rajesh Chourasia

It would help me get more qualified leads for my business.

    Charlie Page

    I agree. Especially if you used it on Facebook.


Krishna Kodey

Thank you for all this wonderful information. You have mentioned very clear points and I really liked your ideas.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you!

Nirmalya Ghosh

Charlie, Really great article. You have explained the things step by step that help to understand better and execute properly.

Mohan CPA, CA

Need a helping hand to write a killer ad for accounting service
Yes we Accountants are a poor writers…we just see numbers!
Appreciate your help

Ray Holmes

Thanks for this information Charlie. I just love reading your articles. Easy to follow and understand simple common sense ideas which I am sure will help any online marketer, no matter what their level of experience. This is why I am such a big fan of yours. Thanks again

Ray H

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Ray! Appreciate the kind words.

Gerald Begg

Wow ! You make it appear so easy.

Your work lifetime of communicating ideas shines through.

This is another building block for us “mere mortals” to on.

Thanks for sharing

    Charlie Page

    I appreciate the kind words. I’m all too human, believe me. But I do believe what Zig said, that huge changes can take place in small steps. That has been the model that has worked well for me. Thank you for your comment.

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Hi Charlie – thanks for all you do.

I’m preparing a campaign to market Miessence products – the worlds first and only 100% certified organic skin care line. They have eco-friendly home care, personal care, and super food products. The company is all about organic, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, etc. You get the picture. I want to target on a few areas: people who want to do business with companies like this – vegans, socially conscious consumers, and people looking for effective, organic personal care products. Here are my first draft attempts following your instructions above. I did try to keep in mind line length in case I use these as FB ads.
World’s First and Only
Certified Organic Skin Care
Click to get beautiful skin.

If I use more space for print ad:

Are you a conscious consumer?
Miessence is a company that cares about the planet the way you do.
Click here for your 100% certified organic products.

eh – I know I’m not getting it. Help!

    Charlie Page

    You are doing fine. Let’s take a look at both of these and allow me to make a suggestion if I may.


    World’s First and Only
    Certified Organic Skin Care
    Click to get beautiful skin.

    I don’t like (sorry) the opening line. The world’s first and only sounds too strong to me. Even if it’s true (and I don’t doubt you) someone somewhere has made this claim before so it’s likely to be in doubt. I would soften it.

    The second line is good. Certified organic will resonate with your audience. I might lead with this line actually.

    I like the call to action here. Click here to get beautiful skin is very good. You might explore the idea that they release the beautiful skin they have inside now, vs. getting beautiful skin.

    An idea that might be worth thinking about – you were born to have beautiful skin but the world works against us to let’s overcome it and reveal the beautiful you.

    Just an idea.


    If I use more space for print ad:

    Are you a conscious consumer?
    Miessence is a company that cares about the planet the way you do.
    Click here for your 100% certified organic products.

    This is a good ad but I have two challenges.

    1. “conscious” is a hard word to read. You might lose them here. Look for an alternative like smart or sophisticated or self-aware.

    2. I would not use the name of the company. It’s hard to pronounce in my head (when I read) so I would simply say “We” or “Our company” or even “Discover a company” I actually like the last one (discover) This reads nicely.

    Discover a company that cares about the planet the way you do.

    Hope this helps.


      Thanks so much – I really appreciate all the good and constructive feedback. Very, very helpful!


      Round 2 of my ad copy –

      1st ad:

      Certified Organic Skin Care

      100% potent, active ingredients

      Click to reveal your inner beauty


      Ad 2:

      Are you an eco-friendly shopper?
      Discover a company that cares about the planet the way you do.
      Click here to support a company that supports the earth.

      What do you think?

      Charlie Page

      Very good.

      In ad one, I would replace the word “potent”. with powerful. Also, what is the certification involved? I’m not sure if “certified” carries much weight here, but I really don’t know.

      On ad two, by asking if they are an eco-friendly shopper now you risk them saying “no” in their head if they are not, or don’t see themselves that way. It’s a risky question.

      You might add “or want to be” to the end. Or use a different question.

      Great progress. Proud of you!

Inga-Lill Sandstrom

Thank you Charlie for your informative and useful article. I will save this article to my harddrive to re-read. I am also a member of DOS since a few years back. Please critique my classified ad:

We created a million dollar online company. Now we want to help you! We want to work for you. All members get a share of the profits each month, doing nothing, $3K in 60 days, or your monthly fee is waived until you’ve earned $3K. Don’t loose out on this one of a kind opportunity, go here now:

What do you think? Too long? (I know this sounds like a lie with “earn doing nothing”, but it works similar to a big co-op, or revenue sharing, and it works).


    Charlie Page

    It’s a little strong (make money by doing nothing) and a little too long as well in my view.

    I’m no lawyer, and this is not legal advice, but that seems over the line to me.

    But hey, if it’s working for you then that’s great! I’m all in favor of less work and more money. 🙂

    If you are going to use it, I would also consider replacing the word “market” in the headline with “We do the work for you”.

    I’m not sure everyone has the same definition of “market” in their heads when they read.

      Inga-Lill Sandstrom

      Thank you, good advice! I have changed the words a little bit and made it a little shorter.

Karla Silver

Charlie, thank you very much for your great posts. My husband and I have been lifetime members of your Directory of EZines for years, and I just purchased Curation Power. I love reading your stuff.

Now let’s see if you love reading my stuff! I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement.

All the best,
Karla Silver

The following is a classified ad I’m currently running.


If you are looking for a way to stop worrying about the economy and take control of your own financial future, look no further.

Many professionals today are discontent with the endless personnel transfers, management changes, downsizing or “right-sizing” of corporations. Even more importantly, everyone is looking for more control over their time and what they do — and they want a career that is meaningful and important.

If you have ever thought of launching your own business, you’re in good company. The Department of Labor predicts that the #1 employer in 2014 will be “Self” — and a recent Internet poll of 25-44 year olds revealed that 90% of them hoped to own a business someday.

If this sounds like you, check us out at

Would you like a business in which you…

1) Operate independently but as part of a strong organization
2) Align yourself with successful entrepreneurs
3) Control your own business plan and time schedules
4) Work conveniently from home or wherever you want
5) Have no inventory, special equipment or facilities to manage
6) Travel only for pleasure with no more “road-warrior” nights
7) Grow your net worth by building a business you own and control

We would like to speak with you if you are ready to take ownership of your future.

In addition to a sound business background, our opportunity requires effective communication skills and the ability to work independently. An investment is also suggested for working capital.

This could be your opportunity to earn the income you desire while building your personal net worth in a vital business that you own and control. It requires time, talent and some honest work. But for the right “take charge” individual, the rewards are yours to enjoy.

To be considered for this opportunity, please visit our website at

    Charlie Page


    Thank you for being a member of my sites. This is a good ad but it’s way too long to be considered a classified ad.

    Did you want to shrink it down to classified size or are you running it as a solo ad?

      Karla Silver

      I’ve been running this on both solos and classified ads. I’ll go for shrinking! 🙂

      Charlie Page

      Shrinking makes sense. Give it a go and let me see what you come up with.

miguel tapia

Hi Charlie, I Just want to thank you for been such a great person.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you Miguel. That is a very kind thing to say.

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Hi Charlie!

Some things never change….One of them is the art of writing Smart Classified Ads. A great learning place.

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Maya Harrison

Hi Charlie, just want to say this is a great article. I will definitely apply your method for writing ads.

Thanks again.
Maya Harrison
“Relationship Coach”

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Bo Tipton

Great information and I learned a few things. I remember back before the Internet when we were direct marketing all we had was a short classified. You had to sell whatever you were selling in 25 words or less. Those methods still apply today.

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    Charlie Page

    I remember it well. I was in direct mail before the Internet. I recognize that writing style for certain!

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You must ask people to take action just like a salesperson should always ask for the order. But if your call to action is not effective,
you risk losing money.


Hi Charlie. Great article. I have loads of adverts on lots of classified advertising sites, but they don’t seem to convert too well. I am going to take your advice and see if I can create a killer advert, well at least a better one than the ones I’ve previously done.

My site advertises an ebook on how to create your own website in a couple of hours. There are lots of freebies like video training courses and it is also a membership site.


Charlie –

Great piece full of hugely useful information not only for our ad copy, but also for our landing pages.

One question for you. I have always heard that you should sell a product’s features rather than its benefits. I never really understood why, but it seems to be the gospel with a number of marketing gurus. I do see that you advise in your discussion of an ad’s body content to list the features and then describe the benefits of those features. Does this run the risk of filling the ad body with too much information?

In the adwords context at least, one is limited to 25 characters in the title, 75 characters in the text, and 35 characters for the display URL. Clearly, there are limitations on incorporating your wonderful suggestions within those space constraints. Do you have any recommendations for working within these tight parameters? Does one indeed need to “sell the features, rather than the benefits?”

Thank you so much for your time.



    Charlie Page


    Actually it’s the opposite. Selling benefits, not features, is what stirs readers to action. A feature is what a product does. A benefit is what it does for me. Readers will care only about what it does for them, not how it does what it does for them. When in doubt, sell features. Think “how will this change a person’s life” or “how will it improve their day?”

    As to brevity – make a list of what the product will do for a customer (will it save time, help them make money, clear up confusion, something else?) then start with that word or short set of words on paper by themselves and add action to it. Example: Save money. When will they save? How much? What would they do with that money? These thoughts lead to lines like “save 25% now and go on vacation instead!”



    Thank you for your clarification.

    I’m intrigued by the idea of coupling the quantification of the cost savings with a prompt about what the customer might do with those cost savings. We’ll try this strategy in an A/B test and compare the results.

    Thank you again for your guidance and for the quick reply.

    Best regards,


      Charlie Page

      Always happy to help. Focusing on what the customer wants is always the right choice. And putting it in terms of things that are fairly universal (college for kids or grandkids) generally works to reframe their thinking.

Kiran Singh

Good Tips for writing an effective classified ads. We must take care all these three parts in mind which while writing a classified ads.

Many Thanks,
Kiran @ Free Classified Ads

ally stewart

Great article. It explains the art of ad writing well.
I have already been using the aida formula for some time and know it works. One thing I did learn from the article is your call to action. From now on I will be using the main benefit in my call to action.

Thanks for your great advise.


John M.

Thanks Charlie,
It’s great that you’re not only an expert, but are able to convey your knowledge to others in a way that’s understandable.
Sorry, I didn’t shorten the link.

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Barbara Sayers

Thank you for sharing your extensive experience with those of us who do not have so much experience. It is really refreashing to have someone with true knowledge who is willing to share that with others, especially people you don’t even know. Thank you.

Howard Vanover

Great information Charlie. I’m really getting into ezine ads. I like the idea and thank you very much for all the information you publish. You are one of a kind, and not to give you a big head but you are one of the most trusted people I believe in.

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Great article Charlie,


Carl L. Alexander

Again thank you for this wonderfully useful information.

Carl L. Alexander

Thanks for this Charlie!! Very helpful information. Here is my ad below. Talk to you soon.

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Rusty in Boston

Thanks for all your Professional tips. They are the *Best of the Best*!

Jeff Faldalen

Hey Charlie,
Thank you for the tips. Sounds like you do some speaking too
“Pattern interrupts” is a technique used to get the audience’s attention

Thank you for your contribution,
Jeff Faldalen

Bryan H.

Another excellent article Charlie! Very Informative and right to the point.

Pav Loizou

Great article Charlie and very useful information, I like your no nonesense approach, and look forward to more of your pearls of wisdom.

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Bill Poteet

I cannot believe the valuable information you have available and your generosity! I have had some things to take care of and I have finished those tasks and now I’m going through about a month of your e-mails and you will be hearing from me in the near future because you are the “Real Deal” and I know that if I do the work (i.e. follow your sage advice and purchase your information and other products) that I can achieve my goals and objectives a lot faster than struggling myself alone and “In the Wilderness”. Thank you for the gift of yourself and your sharing.
Yours Truly,
Bill Poteet

Brighton Enterprises

Good information Charlie. I can’t seem to get a handle on the whole concept of how to ling everything together. My Website is a WebStore where we sell quality goods for afordable prises. We have something for everyone. How do I get more trafic to my site?


Stephie Fowler

Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for this article on writing classified ads as well as your guidance on our first telephone call. I cannot express how grateful I am that you took time out of your busy schedule to help me. Your guidance led me to completely re-think my product selection process and the necessary relationship that exists between the product’s earnings potential and the appropriate advertising vehicle. I’ll be calling you soon! Here is my ad:

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Charile, I found this blog by accident and I am glad I did. Since I too am in the business for helping people learn all about internet marketing, I am constantly looking for other experts in the field and researching their techniques. We can all learn more for each other… thanks.
Suellen Reitz

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Richard Colson

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Nick Walker

great article! I am new here but will certainly become a regular here! Cheers!

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Monique Hawkins

Hello Charlie, I am familiar with what you talked about. I think to write a good ad, it will take practice for we amateurs out there to find the one that will work for us! For me, I know I need to get better at all of the areas you discussed beginning with the headline since that can really make or break the ad right away. I do appreciate your taking the time to share your expertise with us.

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Laurie Mills

Hi Charlie,
Using some of the older sales methods sounds great and they would make more sense for the older members, rather than getting hit with all of the newer systems that at times are totally confusing, lol.

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Mary Gathua

Great advice on writng articles, Charlie. I found it to be rich in content and overall helpful.

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Joanne Eckton

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Hey Charlie,

You have presented a very detailed plan on how to write a classified ad. I am sure a lot of people have learnt a lot from you. 🙂

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Hello Charlie,

I always enjoy reading your stuff, and have been for quite awhile. This is a very Generous offer that you’re doing. Thank You!

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Willy Christopher

Thanks for bringing the “old school” into the New Mediums for us, Charlie. Reminded me how we used classified networks in our two-step marketing in the old days (well, early 90’s).

I was meaning to ask you when we were on the phone the other day if you had your own AIDA model. Your AICDC explanation answered that.

Thanks again for breaking things down into simple elements for us.

Hope you’re enjoying your reunion this week.


Rebecca Partridge

Charlie good info that is where i didn’t know where to start.
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Jesus Moreno

There are times one thinks to know all about a given subject. Nothing more wrong point of view. I consider your actual lesson is simple, clear and enlightener. Thanks for that.
Jesus M.


Great article Charlie. I’ve learned these principles before, but it’s always nice to revisit to be sure you remain on track.

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Thank you Charlie for another insightful posting…I really appreciate the value that you share with your readers..I always learn something from reading your post…And I really thank you for sharing the knowledge that you’ve gained over the years..

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Tim Pond

There are too many ads that try to sell too hard and don’t have a clear call for action.
Great advice, thank you, Tim

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Hello Charlie,
You are the real mentor! Great tips although simple but clear and to the point.
Here, i am going to practice it.

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Peter Giles

Good afternoon Charlie
As a traditional 50 year old englishman from Cambridge, i would just like to say, that it is your honest, say it as it is, spade is a spade approach that convinced me to become a member of the DOE. Looking around me today, it’s often hard to see sometimes, from where it was i came from. Your Traditional values, ideals and cut the hype type way of being, goes a very long way in reminding me of who i am, and what it is i have to do today. Thank you very much indeed for that. As alway’s, a fine and informative article. I will be sure to practice the above. ** STOP SMOKING TODAY GUARANTEED **


Hi Charlie,

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Howard Kaufman

Hi Charlie:
As always great material. I look forward to your material for very helpful information. I try to offer the same standard of good solid information.

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Howard Mahere

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Howard Mahere

Hi Charlie

Wow…Your way of presentation is second to non. Its always a great time of learning something new when reading your articles, you write in a fatherly way. I now look forward to reading your articles. Once I put the necessary funds I want to become one of your members. Its about time my lot in life changed!


Dave Burleson

Another fantastic article Charlie. Just goes to show that even the “lowly” little classified needs some structure to make it effective. With that said, let’s give it a go.

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Veda Horner

Great Article Charlie, writing a good ad can be difficult especially for pay per click.
Testing is most important as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

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Kris Grauel

Charlie, Thanks again for the info. Here is my add.

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Kris Grauel

Good information. Straight to the point. Even a tactiturn guy like me can write good ads using your outline. I look forward to future posts.
Kris Grauel Piano Kris

Lynne and William Fleck

Hi, Charlie—Always a pleasure to read your offerings! Thanks so much. It sure helped us fine-tune this ad. Here ’tis—–

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Dwight Anthony

Great stuff Charlie, always love reading your informative articles on ad copy and so on. Thanks again.

Dwight Anthony
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Great article, Charlie. I thought I knew about ad writing but I learned something today!

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Charlie, you always over deliver on the information that you provide..This article is a perfect example of giving back to the community the knowledge that you have gained over the years. Thank you so much

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Grace Dampman

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Grace Dampman

Thank you for the insight!!!!
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Chris Downs

Thank you! This is a great source for improving my skills! I learned alot from this one! Now to place it into action!

Your help is very actionable.

Mark M

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Mark M

Mark M

G’day Charlie. All your information is spot on.
Well done, keep up the good work.
Mark M

Joyce Racine

Thank you, Charles! I love your articles! You are always so articulate and concise with your valuable advice and teaching.

* * * * * *

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Jeff Moreau

Hi Charlie, Great information from you as usual.
This post gives us a better idea of how to.

John Walters

Charlie, of all the emails that I get telling me how to market on the internet yours are one of the very few I keep. And with your tips on classified advertising it is o see why. Straight to the point, attention grabbing, great content and a call for action.
Hang on – isn’t that what a great classified ad has to do too?
Nearly all advice on offer on the web whether paid or ‘free’ is concerned with selling info products. Well I sell a physical product. Tell me what you think of my first attempt at a classified ad (and where I can run it too, if you know!).

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Su K

Great Advice. I am new to your information and am finding it a GREAT help not only with my business skills but with my personal growth and development. Please keep the hints coming, I Love them!

Su K

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John Gordon

Charlie, you are the master when it comes to telling it like it is! I will be joining DOE very soon and am looking forward to learning from your experience again and again! Thanks

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Charlie when You talk we listen. Thank you for your words of wisdom…

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Kris P.

Thank you so much for all the great information you send our way. Wish I had an ad to show, but I’m not quite there yet. Won’t be too much longer, I hope 😀

Bless you – and many regards,



Thanks very much for a brillant is very educative


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Thanks, Charlie!
I always get so much out of your articles. It amazes me
how they just seem to flow so easily from you making them
so easy to apply.
Thanks for letting us post. Your comments welcome


Charlie Page is the consummate internet marketeer. He has been at it for a long time,.. I am sure he has paid his dues so you wont have to. His information is valuable and extremely helpful. He’s one of the good guys.

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Roger Chappell

Your article was clear and easily to understand. Also the subject of Classified Ads was good for you don’t get
advice often for that. Thankyou for the information. This formula is just that and it willbe good to follow.

Larry Winebrenner

Amen to all that praise you received Charlie!!!

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Dave LaRosse

Hi Charlie…Thanks for teaching the finer points of classified ad writing. I have a lot to learn and it’s great having you in my corner. I guess there’s a blueprint for success in advertising that simply DOES NOT leave things to chance. Because you are successful I fully intend to follow your advice…all the way to the bank! Thanks again, Dave LaRosse

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Hey Charlie,

Feels good, text-styling mode in comprehension.

Look at informatology now.
Technical stuff, e-commerce, newly developed apps.
and a fast growing complex. system.
No easy for newbies and dummies like myself.
Leggin behind.
Still, never enjoyed more.
As for the banga dang nothing changed.
As in the old days
Hard work and study always pays off.
The e-market came to stay,
so what’s really the buzz…
I guess it wasn’t any different, ever.

Feels good, yes…
Now, excuse me, need to practice and study.

See you around,



Herbert Thompson Jr.

I am certainly happy to be a member of the DOE! Thanks Charlie, as I have been writing off and on for years now and always wanted to work in the field! Your tips are very helpful!!

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I LOVE providing folks a PLACE to POST to THOUSANDS for absolutely NO COST!

Robert Hutton

This is great stuff. So many people just write whatever they think will sell and put no actual thought into the process. Charlie has simplified it to the most basic terms. There is a good reason why Copywriters make a lot of money. They know how to stimulate the the brain so the buyer buys. Kudos

Arlene George

Thanks Charlie – I love reading your articles. I learn something new every time!!

How’s this…

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Ronald Mills


Thanks for the great infomatioin. Do you have any great go-bys that we can see more of your great work? Cann’t wait to see more articles from you.


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Hey Charlie,

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Great information. I am new at using the web and learning. Keep up the good information.

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Ron Mills


Great informatioin. I have been trying to use ads and I am not getting results, I have people look at the ad and that is it. I will work harder on your suggestions. Do you have any go by ads in the nutritionfield? Any pointers on my add below?
Sincere thanks

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Local Internet Marketing Services

Hey, thank s for the great informative post, I really got a lot out of it. I do know someone that was able to get over seven million visitors to their site in one year only using classified ads, you’re right, very effective.

Thanks again 🙂

William Soden

Never wrote an ad before, but thank you Charlie for the inspiring words.
Sincerely, Bill

Not necessarily.

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Renee Carson

Thank you for showing how straightforward the process of writing classified ads is. It is easy to get overwhelmed by information on the web, but this helped clarify what I need to do.

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Great article- Easy to understand and straight to the point. Exactly what every ad should be.

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Roy Brevner

Hi Charley,
I read your emails first as there is always
great content.

You are an excellent teacher and I am
grateful for your handy tips and

You will note that I have joined Maverick.
This was done solely on your suggestion.

You give me all of this great stuff even
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Great article- Easy to understand and straight to the point. Exactly what every ad should be.

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Hey Charlie;
Thanks for that short tutorial. I have been following you for some time now and have enjoyed your articles and the excellent information you provide.

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Tom Likes

I love your articles, Charlie. You always get right to the point and explain things in an easy to understand practical way – never rambling off the subject. Thanks.

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Hi Charlie,
It is rare to get good advice, how to write quality ad. But, get it free, is real blessing. Quality ad is important for any business and for financial success.
Thank you very much for so important information.

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Alma Newton

I always enjoy your most helpful articles. This one is especially clear and to the point. I hope I’ve understood and here is my attempt:

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Louis Bresler

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for the advise on ads. Now it make sense to me why to follow the steps.

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Jeff Thrasher

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Hey Charlie as always great stuff, I will look forward to the results!



Thanks so much for the pointers. Appreciate the breakdown of the ad, line-by-line. I’m starting to get back to classifieds and thought I’d have a go following your formula; this is (obviously) geared toward Network Marketers….

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Joseph J Petillo

I always look forward to receiving your emails!
Learn something new and useful in each and every one.
The best part is you never send one of those useless “$37.00 must have software” offers. What’s with the $37.00 dollar thing?

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Cynthia Thompson

Thanks Charlie for the valuable tool…

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Cynthia Thompson

Thank you for this great tool in writing a powerful ad. Once we truly understand how to use a “building block” approach to action…Start to stay healthy while drinking coffee now! A great tasting coffee with the benefits that are amazing…Learn the benefits while drinking great tasting coffee contact Cynthia NOW!!!

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Larry Nicholson

Great stuff, Charlie . . . very helpful. Here’s my attempt:

“Pearl Harbor Attacked on December 7, 1941 — and I was there!

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Jason Atkinson

Thanks for the article. I’ve been writing ads for months now with very little success. Perhaps my ads haven’t focused directly on the points you mention. Thanks for the tips.

Mike Schaefer

Thanks Charlie,

Thanks for the classified ad writing tips. Following the your simple rules can be the determining factor between a money making ad, and an ad that is a waste of money.

Mike Schaefer

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Hello Charlie:

What a great article, thank you so much for sharing your tips and giving us the formula you use to write your profit pulling ads. I appreciate you and I will take action and start writing some great ads now. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    I really liked your ad.

Nicolette Goff

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Great article – I keep coming back to your site for inspiration.

Nicolette Goff

You make ad writing sound easy – great article. I always enjoy your articles and learn something new to help in our online business.

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ken from GTRfreebook

Charlie you always over deliver in value.

jerome greenidge

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Thank you for the great tips in this article.

Ronald Hudkins

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Henry(Hank) Bohenstengel

Hi Charlie
Another very informative article as usual. Really good content that is so important in doing things the right way to get results.

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Bill Sullivan

Classic Page! Good straight forward information.

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Hi Charlie being a newbie to all this I appreciate your reports thats why I keep you in my Inbox when I delete so many of the others. I am interested in finding out how to build a list and write adds to attract others to my site along with affiliation to other sites.
Regards John.

John McBride

Hello again Charlie,

Clear concise guidance that makes sense. Wish I could always think so clearly. Many will benefit and appreciate your guidance.

Sincere thanks

John McBride


Good information Charlie. Now if you can give us some good classified sites…..

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Charlie wonderful article with information I felt comfortable in applying — direct and to the point. It has inspired me to do more advertising. Thank you Charlie!!

    Charlie Page


    Good ad. I would remove the “Want to” from the headline. Starting with the word “Start” makes the ad more active and the headline shorter.

    Just an idea.


Buzz Hill


Thanks for reminding me to start using classified ads again. Do you know of any software that is available to auto post to classifed websites? I have a list of classified websites, but it takes a good amount of time to do posting.


Buzz Hill


Thanks, Charlie!

Will you be talking about testing ads in the near future? Hope so!

Here’s an ad off the top of my head I’d really like to test when I know how to test it properly:

Life’s all about choices. You either choose to feel good about a situation … or you don’t.
If you do, you’re in control.
If you don’t, you’re not.
And that spells trouble.
How much happier would you be if you took control more often than you do now?
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    Charlie Page

    Interesting ad. I would not use the term “sucks” in the ad at all. I know that many consider that term okay but many don’t. I find it offensive and it makes me disregard what follows.

    Just some feedback. I will be talking about testing soon.



      Point taken, Charlie – thank you.

      Sometimes it’s a bit difficult gauging US vocabulary from over here in the UK, and I’d thought, judging from imported movies and TV shows, it was more acceptable than it obviously is.

      Looking forward to reading what you’re going to say about testing …

      Larry Winebrenner

      Ad Testing soon? That’s great news, Charlie. Great news.

Howard Frenia

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Great article Charlie, I am new to your site and joining has made my advertising so much easier. I have recommended your site to my team of marketers. This is a site that any home business enterprenaur should subscribe to if they are serious. Thanks

    Larry Winebrenner


    Have you introduced your marketers
    to texting ads?

    See my site for details.

Etelka Koshemakin

Dear Charlie,

I liked your article. It makes ad writing much more simpler.
Let’s test now my ability to apply this data.

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    Larry Winebrenner

    Hi Etelka,

    I’m not sure what Charlie will say about format, approach, structure and the like. Please don’t take offense, but I’d suggest just two grammar corrections. First, in the final sentence you should use “lose” instead of “loose.” “Lose” means unable to find. “Loose” means to untie or let something go.

    Second, that sentence needs different punctuation. The comma could be replaced by a semicolon or a period. A period would mean an upper case initial letter for “check.”

    Not in the ad, but an issue you need to be aware of is your second sentence to Charlie where you say “more simpler.” This might be a typo, but, if so, you need to read your posts. In this case you either drop the “more” or change “simpler” to “simple” making the sentence end with “more simple.” Because we tend to “read over” our mistakes, you might want to follow one of the strategies I use. My best strategy is to have someone read what I’ve written. My other strategy is to read the material backwards, that is from the end to the beginning.

    I’m sure Charlie is more interested in your praise than your grammar, so don’t worry.


Dear Charlie,

You always inspired me with your tips. This is one more in the kitty. Keep it up.

Thank & Regards

Dr Tom Murthy

Improving Lifestyles

Hello Charlie,

Like the way you structured the approach: sell the ad, set up the call to action, sell the click.

Am not going to post my ad here, because we sell disability and mobility aids, home health and safety, and personal care products. Your audience are Internet Marketers.

I ran some ads and was surprised by the ones that got the most clicks. People clicked more on an indirect benefit, not the direct benefit.

For example, rather than “Save Time”, people clicked on “Get Organized”.


    Larry Winebrenner

    Say Andrew–

    Maybe you should have placed
    your classified. I’m challenged
    in many ways–e.g. I’m typing
    this post with the eraser on a
    pencil grasped in my fist. You
    might have attracted me–or
    a bundle with handicapping
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    list of magazines to see how
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    My website? Hey! Check it out
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Great article, thank you!
Sometimes it is real art to make a great ad in limited space, as for example in Google AdWords. Here is my try (very good CTR):

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Here is another one:

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All the best,

    Larry Winebrenner

    Hey Barbara–

    If you put a sign on the
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    Filling in XXXXXXX with the
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Great info as usual Charlie! Thanks for your help!
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Blanchard Warren

Hi Charlie,
A very complete and thorough post that I really enjoyed and learned from.

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    Larry Winebrenner

    WOW Blanchard!

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Mats Jacobson

Thanks Charlie. A very clear message how to do it.
I think I put the steps in my sticky notes to be handy
for nest classified ad. Here I try:

Have you ever tried to get pregnant and not succeeded?

Get pregnant by the natural and harmless way.
At last a final solution to create your family.
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Mats Jacobson

    Larry Winebrenner

    Hi Mats–

    Do you always place your
    classified ads in nests? Or
    only when you’re trying to
    get someone pregnant? LOL

    I’m sure that was Charlie’s
    point about reading your
    ad and checking the spelling.

    Joking aside [unless you were
    joking], that is, if you have a
    legitimate practice that helps
    childless couples craving
    children, a really neat way to
    build business through Texting

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Great information as usual Charlie! Thanks A LOT!
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Justin Richards

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Dear Charlie,
How does this look?
I can say it easy as it is True
thanks again for the advice


Dev Hobbins

Great article, Charlie.

Good tips and solid principles!

Justin Richards

Thanks Charlie for the info.

This will greatly help me promote my cleaning business and get more customers.



    Larry Winebrenner

    Hi Justin,

    Texting ads sell lots of cleaning services.
    You might think Texting ads are for
    the big boys–the billboard boys, and
    the bus bench boys.

    That would be so if texting ads were
    prohibitively expensive. You’ll be
    surprised at how little the proper
    service requires from your advertising
    budget–probably less than just one
    classified in a metropolitan newspaper.
    But visit my site and see.

    And Justin, I’m always just as near as
    my phone at 305-624-1893. [Except from
    May 8 to May 15 when I’m off to my
    seminary graduation reunion!]


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Derek Prinsloo

As usual, another great article Charlie. Yes, most people shy away from advertising simply because they think it is so difficult to write an ad. When you use the A.I.D.A. principle it’s actually very easy.




    Can I please ask you what is the A.I.D.A principle?

      Charlie Page

      It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

      I actually use a different principle. Mine is AICDC and stands for Attention, Involvement, Conviction, Desire and Close. It’s an old sales formula I learned 35 years ago that has worked me well over the years.

      Hope this helps.


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