Four Tools That Can Change Your Life by Charlie Page

Four Tools That Can Change Your Life

Let’s begin at the beginning … change your life? A little strong, right?

Not at all. I truly believe that mastering the use of the following tools can change your life.

I get this question often – “If you had to start over with no list, no money and no contacts what would you do?”

My answer is that I would master using these four tools.

How can using these four tools change your life?

If you take the time to master these four tools you will be able to …

  • Make money at will by selling products online
  • Save money by keeping your overhead incredibly low
  • Save time by leveraging the true power of the Internet – automation
  • Enjoy your work as you master these basics and use them time and time again

Those are strong claims. Too strong? Not at all.

I know because I am living proof that this works.

If you know my story you know that to be true.

So let’s get right to it.

What are the four tools and why these four tools?

First, the list, then some detail on why and how to use them. I will list them in the order they are best used.

  1. WordPress
  2. Autoresponders
  3. Social media
  4. Online advertising

If this seems too simple please know it is not. These are the four tools I still use every day.

All successful online marketers, whether they are selling information or peanut butter, use these tools to run their businesses.

If I lost everything, including my list, these are the four tools I would use to rebuild.

Here’s how to use these tools to create both financial and time freedom.


In the “old days” of the Internet (2006) you really did not need a website of your own to make money online.

That is no longer true.

There are several reasons why you really must have your own site in order to succeed online.

The first is the rapid growth of websites. Think about this – in 1995 there were only 18,000 (yes, 18 thousand) websites.

According to CNN there were 100 million sites in 2006 and some sites estimate that the web will top out at over 1 billion websites (websites, not web pages) in 2013.

This is why now is the time to stake your claim.

Now is the time to establish your home base, to find your audience and begin a relationship with them that will serve you both for many years to come.

Another factor is that many, if not most, of the sites you will promote as an affiliate don’t convert visitors into buyers anymore. One reason that we often hear that “99% of affiliates never make money” is that the sites they promote simply don’t convert.

So what’s the answer?

You must have a site of your own, a following of your own (what Seth Godin calls a “tribe”) and, by all means, you absolutely must build your own mailing list.

It’s simply not an option anymore.

This is why you must have your own site, you must establish YOUR presence online and begin developing your audience.

Notice I said your audience. This is important.

One key to success is to find a group of people who know you, like you and trust you.

Once you do that, using your own site as your “home base” you can serve that audience with high quality information, honest recommendations and more.

And they will buy from you again and again and again.


Once you have your own site you will want to build a list of your own and communicate with them regularly.

But you won’t want to have to work every day doing this. You want to use automation to do the work once and profit from that work many many times.

And that is what an autoresponder can do for you.

Make no mistake, the key to freedom is automation.

Using your autoresponder you can focus on these three very important tasks.

  1. Providing update notices to readers of your blog.
  2. Updating your social media accounts automatically every time your blog updates.
  3. Getting to know the people on your list so you can serve them and meet their needs.

And yes, part of meeting their needs is selling high quality products with integrity.

Hence, you make money. 🙂

Using an autoresponder and blog together is simplicity itself.

Simply tie the two together using a plugin offered by your autoresponder company and you are good to go.

Then log in to your autoresonder account and set up a thing called “blog broadcast”.

Once you do that your list will automatically be notified every time new content is posted to your blog.

After you have this working smoothly you can learn the fine art of setting up follow up systems that will help you make more sales than ever, on complete autopilot.

Again, this is what I do every day, which is why I teach members exactly what I do, not some dry theory.


Next there is social media. When I started out online there was no Facebook, no Google+, no Twitter.

If we wanted free traffic we did article marketing.

Today is different — today is better, for you.

Today you can share your best insights with those in social media and they will share those insights with others.

When this happens you get credit for great ideas and content; and you get traffic!

Starting with social media will take time and some learning. But it can be done by anyone and it costs absolutely no money, which is a factor for most people.

Please understand that you do not need to be a celebrity (or even a wannabe celeb) to use social media well.

All you need is a true desire to help others and some good quality information to share.

Also know that this information does not need to be unique to you.

We all start somewhere and there are going to be people who come after you that don’t know what you know now.

This is why it’s valuable to share on social media every time you learn something, be that good or bad.

  • Have you been burned and lost money? Share it.
  • Have you found someone who truly helps you? Share it.
  • Are you frustrated and feeling alone? Share it.

The more you share, the more you connect, the more connections you will make.

And ultimately the more traffic you will get to your site.


At some point you will have money for advertising. When I started out online it took me about a year before I could afford to buy any advertising at all.

I needed to buy food for my family first. So I wrote articles for $5 each and built my website (this was before blogs) with high quality content.

I really was in that place.

But, thank God, the day came when I could afford to take a chance.

For me it was email marketing and ezine advertising. And it worked very well indeed.

Today there are so many more options than I had.

The best advice I can give you is to understand your options and choose the one that seems most logical, and targeted, to you.

For a good review of paid advertising options you can read my article Paid Traffic: 20 Methods That Create Fast Results.

There are three keys when it comes to paid advertising:

  1. You must be able to afford it. Never borrow money or use credit to pay for advertising. That’s a huge mistake.
  2. They need to have a track record. You need to know that others have succeeded with this method before.
  3. You must track results. If you don’t do your own tracking you will be at the mercy of others, and that’s not a good place to be.

Using a simple tracker like Pretty Links on your blog will do the trick in most cases.

So there you have it — the four tools that really can set you free and help you make money online at will.

While these might not be the only tools you ever use (as you grow you might need a shopping cart, etc.) these are the four foundational tools on which you can build your business.

The key is this — learn to master these tools. Use them to their full potential and earn some real money before moving on to today’s “latest and greatest” invention.

If you do that you will build a real online business. One that can set you free both financially and from a time standpoint.

And that sort of freedom is a beautiful thing indeed!


30 thoughts on “Four Tools That Can Change Your Life”

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  5. Hi charlie, I just wanted wanted introduce myself. I’m probably one of the older “newbies” in the I.M. arena. I don’t know if there is an actual a specified point when
    I will be able to lose that tag. It’s going on two years now and I am slowly but surely getting there. One thing that I have heard from the start, and was already aware of, is the opposite of “guilt by association”. The people that you rub elbows with definitely influences opinion about you. With that in mind, I’m glad that I found your site. Anyone who hails from College Station TX has to be good people. I’m a former resident of a little place called Seguin. It’s not too far from you (by Texas standards). I had to relocate due to my employment situation. Yes, I still have a traditional J-ust O-ver B-roke job. I truly do miss Texas. It’s been nice typing to you. Brian J

  6. Kerry McNally

    “Well you learn something new every day”, so goes the old saying. I have been using Aweber for a few months now, but I didn’t know about the blog broadcast tool. I am off to check it out. Thank you Charlie.

  7. I understand your point about having your own website. However, if you are brand new to marketing– isn’t it better to have a blog that has authority where you can get ranked or get traffic faster?

  8. Very helpful information. These are the basics to run your business. while using them many overlook how important they are and how to maximize their potential. Thanks for breaking all this down!

  9. Dexter Marshall

    Hi Charlie, thank you for the great article which I plan to bookmark.

    I am an 83 year old consulting engineer (still consulting). I have been trying for a number of years to supplement income with internet marketing.
    I have recently bought into two programs (since Sept., 2012) where all I have to do is drive traffic to them. The deal is: I have a developed landing page ( you call them squeegee page) for each of the programs to which I need to drive traffic to and get them to opt in. From there, the program adds the name & email to my list and does the sales pitch for buying the product.

    As part of my trying to get traffic, I purchased from charlie the offer of platinum member “Follow Up Selling Systems” and lifetime member of “DOE”.

    By getting DOE, I wanted to implement ezines as a way to promote traffic to my landing page. Does this make sense? I have tried solo ads without much success.

    Charlie, I open open to your advice and comment.

    1. Hi Dexter,

      Good for you! Impressive progress at any age, much less 83! Well done.

      You are right about the DOE – ezine advertising is the perfect medium to drive traffic to any landing page, especially one that is a squeeze page.

      If you will visit my support site and let me know what you’ve done regarding solo ads I can help.


  10. Charlie,

    For those of us who are technically challenged and don’t really have the time or inclination to build a WordPress
    site, how do you feel about using Empower Network Blog instead ?


    Neal Morris

    1. Charlie Page

      Hi Neal,

      I’d feel better about it if I knew people who were making money from their blog vs. making money from selling memberships to Empower. I’m not knocking Empower at all – just saying most of the activity I see centers around earning big bucks in a short time using a funnel for selling Empower memberships.

      That said, I don’t see anything wrong with using a hosted solution (Empower, Blogger, Typepad, etc.) with one big if — IF you backup on a regular basis so that you have access to your content should anything happen to the company, any company, not only Empower.

      I’m not sure where the technical challenges are for you but setting up a WordPress blog is really a one click situation now with most hosting companies. Not having the time or wanting to set it up is a different matter.

      My thinking is that it would be *much* better to own your own site and content and not be dependent on anyone else, no matter who they are.


    2. Hello Charlie & Neal

      I have found your information immensely helpful Charlie. Thank you so much

      Neal mentioned Empower Network and I just thought I’d mention that I am a member and find their blogging platform effective. However, I also agree that using WordPress and having one’s own site is really important and it does give one more scope & flexibility. I’m into online marketing, learning a lot, and have 2 or three blogsites using different platforms. I’ve just recently linked a blog directly with my new website as well and it seems as if it will work well too.

  11. Thanks for this article, Charlie. I have been marketing online for several years now, and have had only limited success. I believe the cause of this limited success is because I had convinced myself that I didn’t need a autoresponder or a list. Your article has convinced me otherwise, and I will have a autoresponder set up before the day is over! Thanks again.

    1. Good for you! There is no doubt that having a list matters and is the #1 activity on which most marketers should be focusing. You are in a perfect niche for follow up marketing in fact. Men who have prostate issues and ignore them (I’m guessing that’s most men) are the perfect prospect for an email that reminds them there is help and hope waiting if they only take action.

    1. Charlie Page

      Of course! I love the Directory of Ezines! There is no better resource on the planet for ezine advertising, including solo ads, than the DOE. We update the site every day and add new member benefits on a regular basis. Just the other day I added five pre-written solo ads for Empower Network. Why do you ask?

  12. A very well written article Charlie and I agree with you 100%. The only other thing I would ad is that it takes time and a certain amount of work is needed, but yes, those are the most important tools. Thank you for posting Charlie.

  13. Chery Schmidt

    HI Charlie It has been a while since I visited your blog I hope you are feeling better 🙂 I do agree that the fours tools that you mentioned are all necessary to succeed online but you must have to want it as well.. Mindset is a huge part of this business.. Either You DO or You Don’t!! Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

  14. I like the honesty of your post and what you are recommending is consistent with what you’re doing. Thanks for sharing, I needed to be reminded of these tools that form the basis of any good internet marketing business. Thank you for the incredible value your always adding in your communications…

  15. Thanks for the post Charlie!
    Yes, I arrived at this post from your email. One’s email list is truly an asset and providing value to your list is a list owners duty and commitment.

  16. Insightful article Charlie. I’m currently marketing wordpress plugins and themes. Does ezine marketing convert for plugins/themes and does your directory cover lists related to wordpress user?

    Thank you

    1. Charlie Page

      Good question. There are no ezines I know of specifically about plugins. So the targeting would not be exact. But there are ezines for webmasters, marketers and more, including those who use WordPress. Those ezines could be a very good fit depending on what the plugins do.

  17. Very good post and well worth following as you described it, and I say that with real belief because the absorption of continual new products that come out every week is stressful and demoralizing, as it is too much and too fast, and considering the experience of those who have been taken to the cleaners by this stuff, we sought of operate on a high wire where it feels to easy to fail now. I use to fully believe that the Internet was the way to wealth and security but I am not so sure now, and reading a post like this reaffirms basics to follow to the tee and not get continually sidetracked, which is not an easy thing to do. So thank you again Charlie for an excellent post. Paul

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