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For years now I have shared openly how ezines changed my life.

Going from being a member of the DOE to the owner of the company in less than 18 months turned out to be just the beginning.

Since that time, I have been blessed to

  • Serve tens of thousands of members.
  • Worked with most top online marketers.
  • Watch people earn their first commissions and go on to build a real business.
  • Build a lifestyle business for me and my family.
  • And more.

In those years I have been asked the same questions what seems to be a thousand times.

  • What are ezines anyway?
  • What are solo ads?
  • What does all this cost?
  • How can I get started?

And the big one … “Will this work for me?

Since I love answering questions, I never minded walking people through the process. Answering their questions. Showing them the ropes.

But now I can do better!

I have created an entire course on the basics of marketing with ezines. 

And I am giving it away free!

The course is short. It’s a mini-course you can consume quickly. I’m talking short, easy to follow videos that build upon each other. Baby steps. 

If you want the course free, use the form below. 

If you do, you will know what ezines are, what they cost, how they can help you and more.

Please don’t miss this. It’s well worth your time. And ezines are all about one thing …

Highly targeted traffic going to any site you want to promote for a price you can afford.

If that sounds good, get the free course now.


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