How To Get More Opens And Clicks

When it comes to email marketing, be that solo ads or messages to your own list, the name of the game is high opens and clicks.

After all, we want MORE of the things that lead to engagement and sales, right?

So HOW can you instantly experience more clicks and more opens from the emails you send?

By modeling the top email marketers!

These men and women send billions of emails a year. They test. They track. They adapt and improve.

So today let's learn from some of the best minds in online marketing.

Use these methods in your own marketing and watch as your results (and sales) increase dramatically!

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15 thoughts on “How To Get More Opens And Clicks”

  1. You did it again Charlie, I love your work, I agree with Andy Stehling, easy to understand. Easy to follow!
    I’ve written a Solo Ad that I’d like you to have a look at, I won’t put it here I’ll send it to Allie.

    Thanks much

    Mark M

    1. Darren,

      Now that is one I have not heard before! I’m so happy you are enjoying the content. If you are progressing that is reward enough for me. Would love to do business with you but ONLY if it’s a win for you.

      I appreciate the comment. You made my day!


  2. Thank you Charlie, very good points.

    About the length of the subject, some experiment with very long subject lines.

    I got some from a very well known marketer that puts all the headline that he has on his salespage in the subject line. And we’re talking a very long headline. 🙂

    But most of the time he sticks to the short ones.

    One more thing.

    I know most start with the subject line as the most important point. But the stats are showing that even more important than the subject line is the From section.

    I mean, it’s proven that people first look at who’s sending the message.

    So, if I get an email and I see that’s from Charlie Page, I’ll look at the subject. Obviously. 😉

    But if it’s from someone that I know is pretty spammy many times I delete the message without even looking at the subject.

    And speaking of this, there is a marketer that changes the From name almost every time he’s sending a message. He puts all sorts of crazy stuff in the From field. But very well done and connected with the message that he’s sending. It’s a great pattern interrupt.

    Looking forward to see your next videos.

    1. Cristian,

      Great insights. I’m not a fan of changing the From field much because that is how spammers operate. The From field can easily be spoofed (I get spam from “me” all the time) but the subject line is out there for everyone to see.

      I appreciate your comment and insights. Nice!


  3. Great Tips Charlie,
    I enjoy reading your emails and watching
    your videos. They not to long yet
    full of good, easy to understand content.

    thanks and keep ’em coming.

    Andy Stehling

    1. Will do Andy. I’m moving toward shorter content these days because that’s what people want. My pillar blog posts will still be published but more and more people are wanting surgical information that is actionable, hence the videos and changes to my courses.

      We did this with the new DOE recently and members are loving it.



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