Get Your Focus Back!

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As of this writing, I’ve been honored to speak one-on-one with over 3500 of our members. It’s been fun to help real people achieve their goals.

During these calls, members have been free to ask me any question and they have asked many questions.

But there is one question I asked every one of them, and their answers surprised me.

My question to them ...

“What is YOUR #1 CHALLENGE to succeeding online?”

While I received a variety of answers, the top answer by far is this … “I’m suffering from information overload!

I bought the courses and products and still don’t know what to do next!

It’s understandable really. There is SO much information out there. From free information on blogs and in articles to courses ranging from $27 to $10,000 (or more) there is no lack of information.

With so much information out there, why isn’t everyone succeeding online?

While there are almost certainly many reasons why people are generally not achieving their goals online, I believe a big factor (maybe the #1 factor) is this …

We live in a distracted world

There are many reasons for this. We live in the most distracted society in history.

Where I live we are actually passing laws to stop people from texting while they drive! How crazy is it that we have to make a law to stop people from texting while they drive a car or truck?

Doesn't common sense say that no one should text and drive at the same time?

In addition, we are led to believe that “multitasking” will help us get more done when in fact multitasking is often part of the problem.

It’s simply not in our DNA to read email, talk on the phone, visit websites all at the same time.

Something is going to suffer quality-wise when we try to do many things at once.

So what is the answer? How can we get our focus back?

I believe there are five things you can do beginning today that will help.

1 - Decide what you really want

I’ve talked with more people than I can count who have tried it all.

  • Facebook ads
  • Posting every day to social media
  • Spending hours on forums
  • Running solo ads
  • Buying pay per click ads
  • Blogging every day
  • Buying links
  • Posting endless classifieds
  • And more

And none of it is working.

One reason for this is that they are not following one of the basic tenets of all successful people.

Learn how to do one thing well before moving on to other things.

It is understandable that many fail to follow this proven principle.

Sales letters full of hype lead us to believe we can make $100K in 90 days no matter where we are now or that "three clicks" is all it takes. That’s bull of course, but it sure sells.

You know in your heart there is no quick fix “add water and stir” solution to making money online just like there are no real get-rich-quick methods that work offline.

So what are we to do?

Focus -- Choose one method and master it.

  • That’s what I did with article marketing when I joined the Directory of Ezines.
  • That’s what Alex Mandossian did with teleseminars.
  • That’s what Jeff Johnson did with affiliate marketing.
  • That's what Jeff Walker did with product launches
  • That's what Jimmy Brown did with small reports and fixed term memberships.

In the story of every successful person, there is a moment where that person is tempted to move away from what made them successful and “branch out” into new things.

Resist that urge with all your might.

Stick with the marketing method you choose long enough to master it. There is no “marketing gene” you lack — if I can do this you can do this.

As we say in the south - “dance with the one who brought you”

The fact is, no one can do everything well. It takes focus and commitment to hang in there long enough to learn the skills needed to succeed online.

You wouldn’t expect to open a restaurant and be successful if you didn’t know how to cook. You would need recipes and skills and practice. And the same thing applies online.

You need a recipe (a plan) and some skills and some practice in order to succeed. But if you stick with it, you will succeed and then freedom will be yours. So give yourself time to succeed, because it simply takes time.

2 - Create “focus blocks”

The next key is to create what I call “focus blocks”. Focus blocks are simply short periods of time where you focus in like a laser on one task. Sounds easy but it’s not.

When I say “focus” I mean that the task at hand is ...

  • The only thing you are doing.
  • The only thing you are thinking about.
  • The only thing you are talking about, even in your head.

Extreme focus creates extreme results.

I suggest starting with short bursts. Start with 5 minutes and work up. Eventually, you will be able to completely focus for an hour or more.

Once you get used to intense focus, try the Pomodoro method of working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break. It really works!

Realize going in that this won’t be easy and you will “fail your way to success.”

In other words, the first time you try you might get a rush of thoughts about things you need to do, or want to be doing, instead of the focus you seek.

That’s okay, in the next section I’ll show you what to do with those thoughts.

For now, focus completely on one task for five minutes and get as much done as you can, even if the doing is made up of thinking it through. And expect to be a little tired when you finish.

3 - Avoid distractions

If you are like most people, the moment you try to focus is the moment the flood of thoughts comes rushing in.

The million and one things you need to do present themselves. You recall a conversation from earlier in the day. You daydream about what it’s going to be like when you make it big online!

All perfectly normal. Happens to us all. Here are three ways to combat distractions during your focus blocks.

1. Put the world on notice - Let everyone who might interrupt you know that you simply are not available for the next period of time.

Unless it’s a true emergency those who care about you should be able to respect this boundary.

2. Close extra programs - Close everything, and I do mean everything, except what you are working on.

As I type this I have two computers and two phones on my desk. All programs are off and all phones forwarded while I write.

The biggest offenders are instant messages, social media notices, and email so make sure they are closed.

3. Write down thoughts - Thoughts will often drift into your mind (or even flood!) as you are trying to focus. When they do, take a moment to write them down briefly.

Writing them down gets them out of your head and onto a reliable retrieval device (paper, word processor, Evernote) so you can relax and not worry you will forget anything.

HINT: If you want true focus power check your email only once a day and use a private address instead of one address for all email.

Incredibly freeing!

4 - Use what you buy

Once you have identified what you intend to do (master social media for example) it’s time to assemble the tools you will need. And here’s where the temptation and confusion can come in.

First, please understand that you probably own everything you need right now. While there are a million cool things we can buy online the odds are that using what you already own will do the trick.

I’ve had literally hundreds of members reply “I already own that” when I would suggest a book by Perry Marshall or a course by Jimmy Brown. I understand all too well — I used to buy everything too.

An autoresponder is a good example. SO many people have multiple autoresponder accounts but are not building their list and profiting from simple follow up email marketing. It’s a shame too because follow up can set you free!

It’s a shame too because follow up can set you free!

Here are the steps to make sure you have what you need and use what you have.

1 . Make a list of the tools you own now - The key here is to make a categorized list of the software, books, and memberships you own now.

Just make a list on a sheet of paper or your computer of what you have already bought. I like to categorize this as books, software, memberships, PL rights, etc. Do whatever works for you.

2. Choose what gets you toward your goal - Separate out the tools and resources you have that are about the topic you intend to focus on.

If you intend to become a master of article marketing, for example, you don’t need to review or access information about pay per click just now.

I suggest actually moving the files on your computer to a new folder with the name of your new focus. That way everything is in one container.

3. Review the list - Let’s say your focus is going to be article marketing and that you have found 4 books and 2 memberships that teach article marketing. It’s time to scan each and decide which one you want to use.

WARNING: Thinking that you can blend the best from many resources is logical but can lead to confusion. Pick the one resource you feel is the best and fully use that first.

4. Use one product fully - Once you have chosen your top resource, get into it and study like your life depended on it.

Don’t be casual. Don’t think about anything else. Imagine you NEED to know everything you can know about this topic and really dig deep.

5 - Maintain your focus

You know already that the Internet is full of shiny objects.

  • Videos that promise easy riches.
  • Sales letters that make it seem so easy.
  • And those blasted Clickbank screenshots (many are fake) showing what you wish your Clickbank account looked like.

Here’s the hard part — it’s time to say no to the hype. I know you know this but it bears repeating again and again.

  • There is no “next big thing”
  • There is no “three click wonder”
  • There is no “you do nothing” system

Your parents were right when they said that “things that sound too good to be true usually are.”

Common sense alone tells us that the “three click” “no work” “newbie perfect” solutions aren’t real but we keep on buying. We hope against hope that this time it will work.

This time we will get the help we need. This time it will be different.

While hope is good (wonderful in fact, and necessary) the fact is that nothing replaces focus and good old fashioned work.

So there you have it — five ways to get your focus back and keep it.

If you do these things every day you will experience a freedom you can only now imagine, and freedom is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Kevin Reply

Hi Charlie, this little lesson has obviously been around for some time (and I suspect will need to be for a long while yet).
For me I should have read and observed it some years ago and I am sure I would be light years ahead of where I am at now. I have always been aware of what I have been doing but never have arrested the distractions and shiny objects till now.
Today I make a committment to study just ‘One thing’ to do and do that ‘One thing’ till I get good at it then follow through with the next logical step.
Thank you Charlie Page for your sensible advice.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Happy to help! It’s never too late for some common sense! I reread this recently and was reminded that I had drifted off course myself. I deleted Facebook and Messenger from my phone the same day!

    Simplicity is a beautiful thing indeed!

    Thank you for leaving a comment.


Sam Reply

I read too much news; chips my time away every time. Know its a problem but unable to remedy it..

    Charlie Page Reply

    Unable or unwilling? I find we do what we want to do in life. If you find a way to use it, it becomes an asset and not a liability.


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Mark M Reply

Great Charlie. Yes we all need to get focused. This is the second time I’ve read this post. It is helping me to get focused on what I’m doing. You are write about doing this, it is hard work trying to control my mind and stay on track.


Mark M

    Charlie Page Reply

    It’s hard work for most of us. Myself included. Today’s world offers more distractions than ever. Good for you moving toward more focus.


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Mandy Allen Reply

Yep, when I started online in 2009 and I had shiny new object syndrome, tried anything and everything half heartedly because there was always something better on offer the next day. Now I’ve stopped doing that and can focus properly on ONE thing at a time. Mastering one thing at a time, sticking with something and seeing it through, is the only way for sure. Good post, thank you.

Enjoy the journey!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Mandy. And good for you focusing until you master a thing and then moving on. That is the surest path to success.


Larry Pelley Reply

After all this time…the ball is still
in my court. decision…decision?. some
would say: the word is: procrastination.

    Charlie Page Reply


    You will get there. You eat food and get dressed every day. But you could choose to not do that. So anything we want in life really comes down to choosing. If we were as motivated to do the things we need to do as we are to eat we would be much further ahead in our goals.

    I know you can do it!


Nate Reply

Charlie, I know you have written many things…….but this article has to be moved to the top of your list. Well written, practical, and on target. Your Texas common sense is coming through! I am saving it to refer back to ever so often. Keep them coming…and thanks again.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Nate, that made my day!


Larry Pelley Reply

Hi Charlie

Thanks… Yes,I think focus must be assigned
to a single interest, at the start,
in order to achieve success with that

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Blaine Reply

Wow, now I can see clearly after being fogged in and frustrated for so long, never knowing where to go or what to do with all my bright shiny objects.
Charlie thanks to you now I can focus and get something done for a change.
Thank You for your incite in what is needed for most of us struggling marketers.

Michael Reply

Hi Charlie,

To say this article came at the right time is really freaky. I’ve been doing everything but what I need to do. Twitter, Facebook, downloading videos (to listen to later) and which I never do. So much distractions to getting to the goal. You might as well have put my name in the article. The focus blocks are a great idea and I’m going to use them to get what I need to do done. Thanks very much.


Tony Ejem Reply

Hi Charlie!
You are one of a very few special mentors to me as you know.
Every single time you write a new article, I can’t wait to read it
several times over and then save it in my special folder so I can
re-visit. Your thoughts, your knowledge and wisdom you share with all
of us is GOLD to me.

I can’t thank you enough. This article is so helpful, one of the best
ever. I am grateful to be a part of your team. All the best…

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Tony. I appreciate you and am glad you are here!

Rosemarie McKenna Reply

Another great article Charlie – thank you! Right now I’m trying to FOCUS on creating my own product, an eBook. I have a name for my book and now I’m working on my outline. I find this part difficult because I feel like I’m all over the place….

Thanks, Charlie!

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Rae Laframboise Reply

Spot on Charlie.
God Bless

Lindiwe Reply

Its time I focus on building my website one step at a time. I am one one of those that have been chasing all these shiny objects out there and I ended up being very disappointed. Thanks for your advice.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I’m happy you found it helpful!

Archie Reply

A great article again and so full of practical advice. Thanks again, Charlie.
Yes, I am sure I have ALL of the tools I need and more. It is now the task of
FOCUS until I get the basics working. I had started to sense that and you
have given me the push.

    Charlie Page Reply

    You can do it Archie! I know you can.

Esti Allina Reply

This is great advice, that I adopted all on my own (aren’t you so very proud of me?)

Every time I’m tempted to buy something new – even a new course from Charlie Page, I stop myself and remind myself that I have several programs I’ve yet to implement!
And I have a mantra: “I have all the tools I need. I have all the tools I need.”
Sure great new products come out all the time, and they may be a bit more functional than something I bought months or a year ago, but it doesn’t make what I have obsolete. (Memo to me: remember that last line, Esti.)

I also use where I created each program as a project. I can then set up tasks with deadlines such as Program X – Module 1 – October 15th, and plan how I’ll get through all these programs. At the very least, having them listed in Asana, shows me what I have as it’s too easy to forget what we have if we’re not using it and getting caught up in info overload.
If you treat your work time as if you’re getting paid $10,000 (or some other magical number) to do the job, then you’ll focus on the task, because then time really is money.

So, to anyone reading, just start working through the training programs you already have, while implementing and/or taking good notes. I think the first hurdle is getting just one sales funnel or blog set up, allowing for imperfection, and accept that everything is a work in progress (memo to me: remember that last one, too, Esti.) Yes, I do talk to myself alot. Sometimes even in foreign tongues. 😉

    Charlie Page Reply

    I talk to myself all day long. Everyone does. 🙂

    Great idea about making a project for each product and then setting milestone dates. Simple, brilliant – simply brilliant!

    Thank you for sharing.

Howard Hinson Reply

Thanks Charlie,
Most excellent article. I’ve read hundred of articles, including many of yours, in the past but this one stands out for me like no others. It is like a refreshing kick in the seat of my pants where the only proper response is “thanks, I needed that.”

All the best.

    Charlie Page Reply

    You are very welcome. I’m happy you liked it and thank you for your kind comment. I know you read a bit of my work so I’m honored you feel this one stands out.

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Gordon Appleby Reply

Good stuff, Charlie. My big takeaway? Point #4-“Use what you buy”. Wow,if we all did that, we’d all achieve success, however we define that, much faster and much easier. And it’s the one one rule that all of us can follow. In my experience, the more stuff you buy without applying it, the more confused you get. You cannot be a beginner and an expert at the same time (which is what I think we try to do), but you can be a beginner and an implementer at the same time…which is how you become an expert.-Thanks, Charlie. hope all is well with you and yours.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Amen to that. I’m working on something now that will help people actually use what they buy. More to come on that soon.

    Thanks for your comment. Always good to hear from you.

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Dora Reply

Thanks for your valued insight. It just comes in time to wake me up. I never leave a comment in any blogs because English is not my first language. Really appreciate what I’ve read today.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for making an exception and leaving your comment. I appreciate you reading and your time.


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Phyllis Thomas Reply

Goodness, you hit the nail on the head for me and is something I’ve been talking to myself about the last few weeks. Staying focused does indeed require discipline and determination. You’ve provided great tips and suggestions to help achieve it. Thanks for an outstanding article.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Phyllis. I’m happy you enjoyed it and hope you find it helpful in your daily life.


Aaron Reply

As always Charlie the content you post is spot on!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Aaron!

Simon Malcolm Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thank you so much. I purchased FUSS a while back and know that it holds the keys to me achieving my goals. Just the other day I decided it was high time to go through FUSS step by step, front to back. I have started and your article today has encouraged me greatly

My goal? To generate $1,000 per month online to pay for the agistment and upkeep of the horses we were just given for my wife and daughter to ride and enjoy. That’s it! I believe its possible.

Thanks, Simon.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I know it is possible and look forward to helping in any way I can.


    Esti Allina Reply

    And now I’m asking, ‘What’s FUSS? Do I have it?! Do I need it?! Should I get it?!’ I’ll refer to my previous memo to myself: “You have all the tools you need.”
    Maybe I’m just a tool? 😉

    p.s. I used my secret decoder ring and figures it out: Follow Up Selling Systems.
    Yep, got it. Will get to it.
    [slapping self upside head].

      Charlie Page Reply

      No slapping necessary! 🙂

      Happy you are part of Follow Up Selling Systems. It’s a powerful site and the basis for all my marketing online. Thanks for being a member!

Norberto Reply

Several years ago I joined in their PlugInProfitSite Stone Evans. But I have not succeeded online. But the best resource I recommend Stone is you and not be wrong. I congratulate Charlie you are a great teacher to learn how to be successful in the internet business.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Norberto. I appreciate your kind comment.


Barry L Wells Reply

Thanks for this timely article on Focus. It was perfect timing for me. And thanks for adding the Print and PDF button as I (and others I’m sure) had requested so that we could better utilize your knowledge and experience.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I’m happy to have added it. It was a very good suggestion and I appreciate you brining it to my attention.


Roni Reply

What a great article Charlie! Clear, accurate, nicely written and detailed enough (not too much though) so each and every reader can understand EXACTLY how to avoid those mistakes that stop us from making it online.

Thanks, I really appreciate it (and certainly going to implement)


    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Roni. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.


Barry Selk Reply

Hi Charlie,
I feel better that I know that I’m not the only one that has gone thru this. After 3 years of doing all the above, buying, learning, buying again, this year I cleaned and trashed 2 websites because I was trying too much. I spent more time with tech support because my old sites were crashing more that working. I was trying to install things that I bought while learning at the same time, and it got too much. Not only my sites crashed but my brain went into information overload.

So I took a month off and stopped it all. I did find out what was useful and what wasn’t. After dumping the two sites, starting in the beginning of this year, I used Weebly free site service, and categorized everything I had and learned. So now I have a Weebly site that I use for reference for my products I have and learned about. This in turned allowed me to not only see what I had but also write about what I learned about as a blog, and put the information as a quickie reference. Now I have cut down on my buying because I can now look up and see if I have something similar. This has now saved me a lot of time because I can see what I got faster than looking on directories. A big plus it got me into writing on blogs about subjects big time. Now I enjoy writing which before I hated it.

The biggest thing I gained in doing all of this is now I have one blog site with about 10 sub blogs, each independent in less space that what I had in one site that I scrapped. Also now I just use only the things that I found was the best and use it on my site. I have also links to online products that I found was useful in the past that are the best I still use. So now I can do my work faster because it is where I can find it. I even write reviews and recommendation about these products on my blog.

Which now brings me to the end, I have now joined your Total Freedom system with lifetime membership plus I have a lifetime membership in your Directory of Ezines. What I have seen so far is your insight into this business is really fulfilling and I’m learning it all step by step and enjoying it. I find it better than listening to a recording only, because I feel like I’m in a classroom. You supply everything I need to learn and grow a business! I have finally found an orderly direction that I’m following daily, and looking forward to the future freedom that I seek!

Thanks for a great post and big thank you Charlie!

Barry Selk

PS: I have just recently found out and surprised myself during a test run on my auto-responder and membership site checkout, that about 20 people from all over like my blog and tell me not to stop, they want more. I have never had that many emails before, and even a couple what to know how I do what I do. I must be doing something right!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Barry. You are clearly doing MANY things right. The focus, taking action to streamline your sites, sharing your knowledge are all seeds that will bring a powerful harvest. You seem to be on an excellent track. Congratulations on taking such bold action – you deserve the success that is surely coming your way!


Jeremy Nelms Reply

Charlie, a stunning amount of exceptional and incredibly valuable here… Thanks a ton and God bless!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Jeremy. Always good to hear from you!


Noel Guilaoro Reply

Charlie you are great for what you always write and teach. It takes me courage to read this or many of your articles about this subject. I am sadly one of those people on the internet buying and buying and never using what I buy. Or sometimes I use them once and jump on another thing. I am tired of doing so. I have learned by myself the hard way that success never comes jumping from business to businesses. I have chosen and I am trying to focus and your article is welcome. Now I almost have the fobia of opening my emails full of infinity of request or offer to be a member and or to buy. I just buy from you the common Sense Blog Blueprint and I am going to focus only on blogging for now. Thank you very much for your advice.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Noel. I appreciate your kind words and you becoming a member as well. Look forward to working with you.


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Christine Reply

I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

Morgan Clark Reply

You are right of course Charlie,but i had to hear it to confirm what i new was right.I have been DESPERATE to have an online business and i have maxed out my credit cards just buying on hope.Well now that ends and i am removing myself from all Guru hype and focusing on building my list and driving traffic to my main business.I have so much to learn but i know that i have a good Tutor and a person i trust.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Good for you! I know you can do this with your new focus and strategy.

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Ed Aslinger Reply

Thanks, Charlie, for the inspiration. Just as we are starting a new year (this will be THE year, right?) we surely do need each of the five tips you gave. I fully intend to adopt each and every one and work my butt off in 2013. All my best to you all during this Holiday period and much, much success in 2013.

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Lorry Reply

This is so true. I am one of those people — lots of stuff and lots of interruptions. Hard to pull things together that I need — have forgotten much of what I purchased. Recently, I’m removing everyone from my mailing list that isn’t talking about what affiliate marketing. Is it a problem, thanks for the advice. Lorry

Gary Hollingsworth Reply

Great article. More and more we find that in our society there are so many demands on our time and focused thinking gets left behind.

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Timothy ODell Reply

Charlie, Sir you are so spot on my friend!

I have had this syndrom too along ADD, ADHD, Lol!

But the bottom line is there is no magic bullet fix all!

When you really focus I mean like a lasser light beam you can make some amazing things happen, It’s like you said find the best tool you already have in your tool box learn how to properly apply it or use it, and then you become a craftsman and can make some awesome things, likewise not honing the skills needed to properly use the tool you will surley make a big mess!

Charlie thank you sir for all the great things you do for all of us!

Blessings to you and yours my friend!


Paul Taylor Reply

Thankyou Charlie for your information on focusing…I am finding that is my big problam.I have been a member of doe for a while now and have only just started to take in your information.

Will 2012 Boom or Bust? — Reply

[…] know this – there are methods of marketing that work and work well if you work them and can avoid being distracted. You don’t need to be a geek to use them. You don’t need huge amounts of money to get […]

Gary (Australia) Reply

Thanks Charlie. I have found these to be very powerful words. I had just made up my mind to do all this a week or so ago. I have spent the last 5-6 days reviewing all my subscriptions (some paid and some free) and have already weeded out 3 website memberships in the last three days. I can’t believe the timing…

Bob Leach Reply

Hi Charlie

Wow, great message,says it all, I feel I’ve had a ‘dam good talking too’ and boy did I need it!
I’m like a ‘straw in the wind’ your so right!…focus,focus,is whats its about, I must do better
many thanks for your wisdom!.


Bob (UK)

Anthony Murphy Reply

I feel so privileged to be a member of Charlie’s group.
He has taught me so much in a very short period of time and that’s quite an accomplishment
Realizing that I am new to the internet, 75 years young, and not very PC savvy that is a real challenge. Thanks Charlie. I think Charlie is an angel.

Three Keys To Succeeding This Year Reply

[…] We touched on this above but it is so important that I want to hover here for a moment more. In fact, I’ve written an entire article about focus you might enjoy. […]

Dazzling Dolly Lutz Reply

Thanks again Charlie,
I’ve also struggled with many of the same issues as nearly all other NetWork Marketers.
It feels good to know I am not alone……..but TODAY is the day I make several small changes in what I’ve been doing (and NOT doing) that I believe is going to make a huge difference in my INCOME on-line.

I also had a huge awakening on the 20th of August…….I was at a “Boot Sale” all day.
This is where a parking lot is turned into a huge “garage sale” of sorts, only everyone sells out of there car trunk……..of course we were allowed to set up a table as well if we had a LOT of junk to get rid of. I had a TON of GOOD JUNK to get rid of…..LOL

I spent several hours cleaning, pricing, sorting my good junk before the boot sale and my place looked like a junk store for almost two weeks.   IT WAS A COMPLETE BUST!!

I sold about $70 worth of stuff and had to repack it all and bring it home. My place still looks like a junk store……and even smells like it. Opening all those old cardboard boxes brought a yukky smell with them………

  THE LESSON I LEARNED?  I will NEVER do any of these time wasting, back breaking, 

(I’m 64 and have Fibromyalgia), messy, events again. I am WORTH soooo much more.

I can see I’ve had a pattern of going for the “lower income” producing activities all my life.
NO MORE!! I have at my fingertips an excellent, trustworthy Big Ticket Business, but I’ve been wasting my time with $50 items. I had the hardest time believing I deserved to make BIG money………with my August 20th experience……I’ve had a complete brain shift.

I do deserve to make an excellent Income...using my computer and email marketing, along with my Blog.......Article writing, videos etc. that I have already done, but not posted, (FEAR?)......I AM going to succeed like others have done.  Why NOT ME?

Charlie, I know this is a long letter and you might not even post it…..but I was compelled to write it……….Thanks for all you’ve taught me…..

    Blessings, Dazzling Dolly Lutz 
     Millionaire Marketing Mentor
    David Reply

    Hi Dazzling Dolly Lutz,
    This is a bit off topic, but I noticed you mentioned you have fibro. I cured myself and am sharing what I learned with several other people for free of course. One of them told me yesterday they are feeling better. If you would like to know how I did this please send me an email at D @ dnh7 dot org. I get about a hundred emails a day (definitely in the info overload/not focused enough zone) so please put fibro in the subject line. Cheers, Dave

Anthony Kpodo Reply

Superlative is the word for this brilliant article. You hit the nail right on its head. I have been thinking that I’m the only guilty one but going through some of the responses I see that some people also are equally guilty.

This article foretells the quality of the Doe Membership that one must join; but the $197 at a go is something else. The boys are being separated from the men. Can’t something be done for we the newbies too?

Nicolette Goff Reply

Great article – one I’ll keep coming back to. It’s so easy to lose focus and get side tracked on things that are irrelevant to my goals.
I like the idea of the short focused blocks of time – and working on one idea or thing until it’s mastered before going on to another.

Kanute Fleming Reply

Thanks Charlie,

for this reminder. For several years I did all the ‘wrong’ things, jumped from one “opportunity” to another all the time. Then, at a point, I decided to shut off everything and concentrate on one single thing. That was so nice and satisfactory – for the first time in a long time I felt I could relax, it gave me, as you mention, a feeling of freedom.

HOWEVER, the last few months I have slowly been returning to the bad habits of the past -looking into new things while trying to carry on with my ‘real’ business (“texting while driving”). So, the latest couple of months I have got too little done with my business so I really needed this reminder.

Thanks again Charlie, I’ll get on the track again now!


Howard Vanover Reply

Hello Charlie. Thanks for all the excellent tips you pass along. The Directory of Ezines is the best source for information that will help any Network Marketer achieve success. Thanks for all you do.

Seng Sotharith Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thank you so much for your guide. I am learning a lot from this guide.
I think it is useful for me who is a new online marketer.

Seng Sotharith

Tame the Email Monster Reply

[…] LEAST an hour a day. Some people have found that they save more time than that! Use that time to focus on the goals you’ve been setting, and soon you will find the time you need to grow your business. What could you do with an extra […]

Garry Woods Reply

Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much, for all your help in these emails, My Daughter was getting your Emails before she left to go work for a mission on the Field, helping with children on the mission field, her Name was Laun short for Lauren.
And so she gave me your email address, to continue to chat with you, thats why I’m so interested in keeping in touch,with you, but unfortunatly, I can’t become a life Member as finance is so tight right now as I send Lauren as much as I can spare each fortnight as I’m a retired Age Pentioner, and $197 is a bit too steep for me. I’m really interested in Affiliate Marketing, and Promoting other Peoples Products till I can build up some reserve, as so as I can help Lauren feed the Hungry little mouths, over there in Somalia,where she is.
So i’m not trying to make a million dollars, for self because every cent I can get is for feeding the hungry, and helping Lauren, it breaks her heart seeing these little one like that days with out food.

Kind regards Garry woods

    Charlie Page Reply


    Sounds like she is doing good work. I know not everyone can afford the DOE which is one reason I share so much free information on this blog. Use it and I hope it will help you earn enough to become a member soon.


Clyde Reply

Dave and I have been trying to get people to grab hold of this truth for a long time. We even teach all but one of your focus points in almost everything we do. I pray hearing it from someone like you will cause more people to pay attention.

Not having proper focus was what caused Dave and I to continually delay launching our product line. It cost us 2 years and who knows how much money. Focusing on 1 thing until it is completed is the only way you get things accomplished.

Of course you know I am going to incorporate the missing focus point in what we do from here on out. {:-)

Thanks for the valuable information,

Mark Hamilton Reply

Charlie, I have to tell you that this is one of the best articles on focus that I have ever read. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down, determined to focus on one thing to get it done – only to be off in never-never land inside of 5 minutes. Your suggestion to write down the thoughts that come “winging” in (so you can just stop worrying about them) and to take it on a gradient of time, doing it longer as you become more proficient, is excellent.That is the first workable solution for this that I have ever seen. Focusing is a skill and like anything else, if you don’t practice it – your proficiency at it is poor.
Thanks Charlie. I am certainly going to use this and I am sure my business will be far better because of it.

Mark Hamilton

Arlene George Reply

Thanks Charlie for a eye-opening article. I am new to the internet and trying to figure out ways to build the traffic to my site. I’ve heard so many different ways to do this and have ideas jotted down for each method but was having trouble with where to start…I just need to START!


Dwight Anthony Reply

Great article here Charlie. I didn’t mention this on our call but even I was suffering from Information overload and have started paying more attention to focus and attention.

It’s making loads of difference and i’m becoming more productive every day with my online business.

Dwight Anthony
Financially Elite Blog dot Com

Sue Reply

Hi Charlie

I think we have all suffered from information overload and not staying focused at some point. I ghostwrite for people and have a PLR store which I never seemed to have time to add content to. Now I am scheduling myself in and am writing a new pack of 5 articles everyday. I also joined a 30 Day Challenge that is run by Tiffany Dow and the goal is to create new content everyday. It has been a huge help and very motivating.

monty8082 Reply

I agree no magic bullet and we all now know multi-tasking is a hinderance. But I think we also have to remember where we start and how we learn. Some people are ok with being told what to do, while others have to look at all the options with at least some detail, even trying them out to see what works. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up too bad over the shiny object syndrome, especially considering the maze of info, often wrapped in hype. I would also add that if you don’t keep updated in any biz, you die. I would actually tend to disagree that there isn’t a next best thing. It’s called innovation and progress. I hope there is because I can see plenty that needs to be greatly fine-tuned on the Internet!

Nicholas Wind Reply

As a 55 year young guy I am now home as of last year.
I was discarded from the job market at 51 and instead of keeping on searching
for a so called job or really slavery my wife and I decided to park our car
and have me go to work building out online and bringing to the table my
14 years of NWMing experience and build on that.
That took me a few years of discipline to over come information overload.
To me it’s another excuse for many folks to not get busy.
Just start reading and applying and tweeking and failing forward
and then of course..THINKING is not a bad idea.
Rinse and repeat for as long as it takes.
No it will not be easy!!
Creating “YOUR OWN ECONOMY” is possible but will not be handed to you.

Hanna Reply

Wow, thanks! I needed to read this. Will certainly implement…

Mark - 77 Success Traits Reply

“Where I live we are actually passing laws to stop people from texting while they drive! How stupid is that?”

I seriously do not think that is stupid, Charlie. Do you realize it’s actually extremely dangerous to be texting and driving at the same time? Lives are at risk here. In Singapore, we do have similar laws and it is also an offense to speak on your mobile while driving if you’re not using a headset. The fine for these offenses are pretty heavy and I think it’s absolutely justifiable.



    Charlie Page Reply

    Sorry I was not more clear. What is stupid is texting while driving … totally the wrong thing to do. I fully support laws against texting while driving!


Vincent Noe Reply

Thank you, Charlie. That is exactly where I am right now. I think that I will begin sending solo ads from Click Bank through e-zines. I still need to learn how to make sure I get credit for the sale.

Thank you for what you do,


Seng Sotharith Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks so much for your guide. It is great. I am following it.

Seng Sotharith

Scott Love Reply


i have been a long time DirOfEzines member and followed your postings eagerly.

This might just be the best post I have ever read as far as becoming successful in life not just marketing. Learn one thing well and become a pro. Great advice!


Michel Maling Reply

Great article Charlie. I am very guilty of checking my EMails far too often. I find I work better if I make a list in the mornings and give myself tasks to complete every hour of my working day. In this way I focus on completing the task and feel that I have actually got something done by the end of the day.

Raymond Reply

July 23,2011 at 10:35 PM

I am just one of those preys of information overload and lack of focus,
and which I have been thinking of how to free myself.

Your post came at the nick of time. I need to re-read this wonderful article again
so as to soak in the methods.

Thank You.

Doug Nelson Reply

Great article Charlie, in case you haven’t heard that enough.
I got your membership in the DOE but all this stuff you mentioned
is getting in the way. (I can hear some of your readers..”What, is this guy nuts?”)

I got half a dozen blogs that seem to always need to have the new
plugins installed, updating and then some content to keep it live. Marlon has a new promotion, Alex suggests this, Jimmy’s got a new membership site, Bradley Thompson’s new self-development issue is out; big bonuses to get more traffic from the TE’s etc, etc, etc.

It’s great advice to just pick one topic/niche and get started to learn all I can but which will serve me most to generate the income I need to continue to grow the income I need to continue to grow….that’s not a typo 🙂

Just how does one choose which is best? Which ones do I leave behind while I ‘master’ this one? I know it’s a personal choice that no one but I can make.

Info overload-> Mental Stress -> Poor Decisions -> No Decisions-> Same Direction->No Direction ->

I think I better make use of my membership, no?

Be talking to you Charlie

    Charlie Page Reply

    Yes indeed. Sounds like a bit of consulting and you would be on the right track. What to do first has as much to do with time and money as anything else. I know the choices are hard but making them will pay off. Every person you listed is a master of focus, which is why they are selling products and not just buying them.


Hakeem Babatunde Reply

Hmnn…, thanks, Charlie. Your article strikes home in many directions. No, I do not buy every stuff I come across: one reason being that in the part of the world where I live, online payment is near impossible. But I am guilty of lack ofAnd so, I read so many e-mails, but my part of the world is not listed! So, I go for the FREEBIES. I have been able to learn from these, and fashion out some products, but how do I begin to let the world know that these products even exist? I wait for a solution…and I have been wanting to buy into DOE…be a member…without Paypal, MasterCard credit card (I only have a debit card!). Help…somebody!
-Hakeem Babatunde

Danielle Brown Reply

Great Article! Just what I needed. Thanks Charlie

Michael Somers Reply

Wow Charlie it is good to know i am not alone in this struggle to achieve online success. I would like to let you know when i receive anything from you i have a charlie file which i refer back to know and again. I have never found anyone more honest and willing to give freely more than yourself. I don’t want to sound like i am kissing a__ here but, i need to say thank you and please continue sharing the useful information you have. I have been saving money and hope to one day be able to join your Directory of Ezines membership soon. Again thanks for this and all your useful information.

Gloria Reply

Wow … and I didn’t think you even knew me. I am guilty on all counts. I’ve un-subscribed from the blatantly unscrupulous “gurus. I’ve sat for hours on end looking at the products I have bought on my computer. I’ve basically un-subscribed even from parts of my life. And yet I continue to buy more “stuff” and waste WAY too much time categorizing emails I will never read and looking at marketing videos for products that just might fit it.

The enormity of viable avenues to pursue along with the potential for all of them has produced a whole culture of information zombies with no apparent direction. At times, I feel like I am leading that revolution.

Charlie, thanks for a great article! I will read this often as I continue my quest.

Bruce Reply

Hey Charlie,
Thanks, Bruce

Clive Sabin Reply

This is great information, and what you say is really true; as someone who is about to start an internet marketing business, I am constantly bombarded with emails everyday promising me new ways to make quick money on line, and must admit that it is the main reason why I have been distracted from starting my own business up till now.
I find it a constant problem to focus on one specific thing as I am always made to feel that there is something new that I need to learn before I start, otherwise I might not succeed on line.
Apart from all that, it is very difficult to know who to trust these days as sales presentations, particularly video ones are so convincing, slick and professionally presented,
that you are made to feel that you have to buy their product in order to succeed.
Thanks again Charlie for this great advise and help.

Christine Reply

Charlie, thanks for the great information in this article. I think that my difficulty in focusing is probably one of the biggest challenges that hinders my progress. I like the tip on starting with “focus blocks” – just 5 min. and building on that. I have found that mindset helpful in other areas but did not think to use it for my focus issues.
I have ‘sticky notes’ on my computer that I can use to jot down those thoughts that pop in my head so I don’t forget them.
After reading your article, I am adopting my new mantra of “FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS”

Ron Reply

Excellent advice! Jack of All Trades Master of None!

Marilyn Broomer Reply

Hi Charlie, I am thoroughly guilty of the “Focus” problem. I was recently told to physically delete all of the e-mails from people that constantly send me Webinars to attend that could end up costing money because they sound so good! They aren’t, because I have been on that route and haven’t got anywhere, so therefore that is what I am doing. Following your e-mail and because I am a member for a couple of years now…you actually give a lot of value to your e-mails, so you will not be deleted, but others will that constantly bombard me with their e-mails about what they offer. Presently I am taking a break from working from home because my husband is very ill, and I need to be there for him. When I start up again, I will take your advice, and just focus on ONE thing at a time.

Thanks for your valuable information as usual.

JoAnn Reply

Excellent…truth spoken at every turn! Thanks!

Boyd Warren Reply

Have you got a secret camera in my computer or office? Boy, you really caught me in the acts (way too many of them). I have known that I was trying to do too many things at once and not getting very many of them done properly. But I’m going to FOCUS on your article and then put your suggestions to use in order to train myself to FOCUS on the project or problem at hand. Here in southeast Oklahoma the saying is “dance with the one who brung you”, but that is really a great statement no matter how you say it.

Thanks for the “shock” treatment. I needed it!

Orestes Reply

Hi! Charlie,

Thanks so much for this great article which will help me a lot. Funny but truth but last night
I spend a lot of time meditating on how to get focus and made a commitment as it has been
my number one enemy. Now I know where I´m going and I feel really good like a big burden
has been taken off me.

Thanks again and blessings!

Martin P Kerrigan Reply

You are, as usual, absolutely right Charlie. So many things. So much to do. Nothing actually gets done. My kung fu master used to always ALWAYS tell us when we asked him how to do a technique: Relax. Focus.
Seems he knew far more than I gave him credit for.
Great article Charlie. Thank you.

Top Business Ideas Reply

Thanks Charlie,

So much truth in your words.
The big question for me: I know this, why don’t I apply this more then?


Rudy M. Reply

I believe your students and D O E folks said it well, yes i too am familiar with the problem, and i would say that any one that is challenged about using the internet for business or income, will fall into the same trap, and it is difficult to control ones self from personal focus.. …rsm…

Tom Coleman Reply


Thank you. An instant classic. Best article I’ve seen on focus. I am posting this on my wall and reading it every day.

Mahadevan Reply

Cant thank you enough for these golden nuggets of advice Charlie.

All of them are so relevant in today’s times.


BoomerMary Reply

Not sure how we got separated but I am glad you came back into my online life.

This is great advice.

You can garner lots of information from many sources, perhaps at nearly the same time but you can only DO ONE CREATIVE ACTION AT A TIME! And until you are creating something that makes you money you are usually wasting time.

When you get to the end of your knowledge, or current resources, then and only then look for more information.

This is beginning to permeate my brain

Thanks for the reminders Charlie Well Said

Linda Basta Reply

Thanks , Charlie.
This was sooo excellent. I need to read it again and start applying it.
Plan on sharing the link on my blog.

Dr Charles Livingston Reply

What a perfect article. I sit in a position where I get courses thrown at me left and right for free. This is amazing and…. I fear has slowed my own growth beyond belief. I lack focus, lol. So many cool things to try in IM. I’m just now starting to understand this.

Martin Reply

Great Article Charlie!

This really helps me out because I am going through this today.

Wendy Reply

Thank you for this it is truly an excellent article.

Wendy Reply

Excellent article!

Walter Gavurnik Reply

Another great article Charlie!
Write down thoughts – Thoughts will often drift into your mind (or even flood!) as you are trying to focus. When they do, take a moment to write them down briefly. Writing them down gets them out of your head and onto a reliable retrieval device (paper, word processor, Evernote) so you can relax and not worry you will forget anything.”
I wrote an article a while back on this very thing…Never let an idea be lost! Call your home if you have an answering machine and leave a message with your idea, use your cell phone to record a message with your idea! Don’t ever lose an idea since it will never have the same meaning as the instant you thought it…

There is so much more…
Thanks again Charlie,

Peter Chai Reply

Hi Charlie

This is The Eye-Opener for me coming at The Right Time 🙂

You are so wise!


Sherry Reply

Hi Charlie,
I am soooo impressed with your articles and e-books. They provide so much value. I only hope and pray that I will get the DOE and become a lifetime member before you close it out. You are truly a mentor that I need. I need to quit procrastinating! You showed how we could have a free blog and autoresponder in the last book. I need to take action. My problem is …. I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong and won’t get any traffic as I do not have a list. Any suggestions?

    Ken Damon Reply

    I remember before I became a lifetime member I thought about it for over a month. It would be the most money I had spent thus far on something I thought could be done for free. But I knew the instant I discovered the DOE that it was for me. In fact, looking at the date of your post, I can probably say Welcome Aboard!!!

Sheila Hall Reply

Charlie …
I charge MYSELF with “Focus Failure!” Actually, I don’t seem to be very good at SUSTAINING focus once I achieve it. I’m addicted to the notion that “more” is better … if it adds value. But there’s a thin line between THAT and the reality that “more” sometimes is simply M-O-R-E and nothing more. I’ve been working on an eBook series for an inordinate amount of time (says I), but each time I near the finish line … I come across an incredibly enlightening point I feel compelled to add to my Outline and Content. It’s gotten to be ridiculous! Solution: I’m going to marinate my mind in the wisdom of your article and hold my feet to the “Focus Fires” you’ve ignited. Thanks for the insight and encouragement. Shalom!

    Charlie Page Reply


    I’ve been there when it comes to finishing a book. Here’s a tip – write the book and provide buyers with free updates and then provide your new insights as you have them as updates. A win-win!

    Hope this helps.


      Sheila Hall Reply

      Charlie …
      Your response reminds me of something Yoda said to Luke SkyWalker: “Decide you must how to serve them best.” My target buyers are parents raising teenagers. As teens evolve, parents need to stay savvy and up-to-date on new trends and ever-expanding developments in Teen Culture. Providing parents with free “Updates” and “Insights” will serve that purpose. Your instruction is a most practical and effective way to “serve [my parent customers] best” … and getting me across the finish line. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie … Sumo Grazie!

Bryan Knight Reply

Charlie this is one of the best pieces you’ve written, if not THE best. Thanks once more.

Barry Selk Reply

You know that everything you say above is what I’ve been thru. I’m now trying to get my mind to focus on article marketing because from all the products I’ve bought always end up doing this. I’m trying to train my mind to go in this direction. I was so distracted that I missed a Socrates product that came out earlier in the year. I discovered he had a system that really helps you in making new articles that I never new existed from his database of PLR articles. It is something that just got missed! I’m now signed up and plan to use this tool for now on. It will help me do articles for your system which I’m already signed on too. I now realize that the article problem that I have always had is my key to succeed. Also once I get to using his system, I now plan to open another blog site that is more focused to article marketing with PLR. The one I have now is good for different ideas I’ve implemented in my research, but now the next is getting more serious. Your article now brought out my problems and now I just got to keep the direction part going. Thanks for the advice.


Charles Tutt Reply

You hit me right between the eyes Charlie! That’s a powerful and relevant article for me at this time.

Alfred Jones Reply

Great article. I know these things..Almost everyone does. However, we need to be reminded and honed in on these truths, from time to time. This helped me to get focused on just what my problems are. The very things, which you stated, are the things that thwart me in my IM businesses. Thanks Charlie.

Liz Reply

Hey Charlie,

I can really relate to what you’re writing about here. I know all too well the pitfalls of distraction and I see so many others making the same mistake.

I’m a lot better today than I was several years ago but distractions are an easy trap to fall into and because of it, the web is creating many people who are “Jacks of all trades and masters of none’. Not a place you want to be if you want to be successful in business. No one can possibly be good at everything and do it well.

I think a lot of the lack of focus comes from impatience. If we don’t see results fast enough we move to something else that sounds better. As you’ve said, instead of really pouring ourselves into one thing, learning it really well, putting a plan into action and seeing that plan to completion (or profit), we get impatient, and that’s when we’re prime for distraction.

#3 offers some great advice. I hope everyone is taking it to heart 😉

Patricia Reed Reply

This is a brilliant article! And so timely, as so many people – particularly those who are self-employed, working from home, doing internet marketing – tend to lack some basic structure in their lives, which makes them very prone to “information overload.” I know this challenge well! And it is a step-by-step process. I agree with all of the above. Know what you want to do. SCHEDULE YOUR DAY. If you don’t know how to do what you are planning to do, then schedule time in to learn. Make a discovery about yourself – are you better at focusing on one thing all day long? Or do you do better when you take a couple hours for one task, schedule in a break, and a couple more hours on the next?
* Turn off your email. You can check it later. Schedule your email time into your day.
* We have voice mail for a reason. You don’t have to answer the phone just because it rings.
* Turn of your chatter. Nobody’s going to be mad at you if you don’t answer them right away. They likely have lives too.
* Commit to yourself to complete a project through to completion, and if it requires a learning curve, then schedule in the time to learn it.
So many of us are big picture kind of people – the details will cross our eyes. Learn how to chunk down to the details though, and break it into smaller parts. Unless, of course, you can hire someone to do all the detail work for you. If not, make the commitment to yourself to do it, and follow through.
* Schedule in your personal time first. Then build your work and learning schedule around that.
* No matter what, stick to it.
That’s my own advice from personal experience.
Thanks so much for this great post, Charlie!

steve fortosis Reply

Good article, Charlie! You’re right, especially online. I have done some article writing and that’s a good focus.

Lynne Reply

Wow! I needed this today. I have been guilty of all of the energy suckers listed in your article. I bought a great system….still doesn’t work because I’m all confused about the correct FTP steps to link my squeeze page with my web-site. I’m running 2 blogs and setting up affiliates for them. Going through a divorce, icky Lawyer/Court time and prep for both. Shall I go on?

You reminded me of the things I did when I was a Vice President of a Major Corporation personally managing 300 people. I blocked out time to perform specific tasks so that I was able to give attention to all aspects of my responsibilities.

I look forward to you e-mails as I am new to Internet Marketing and the information you provide is most useful.

Lynne “The Dream Maker” and

Peter Reply

An other good artical and one I will be reading again and again.

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