Help Others Help You

The Internet is a vast electronic world with millions of people online at any one time.

Yet it is all too easy for a person to be online for 10 hours or more a day, even deal with hundreds of emails, and still feel completely alone.

This sense of isolation is bad for your outlook, and even worse for your business.

The good news today is that there is a simple philosophy that will eliminate isolation while increasing the size of your bank account. That idea…

Give… then get.

While some online hold the old philosophy that eBusiness is only about getting all you can as fast as you can, the ultimate “insider secret” I can offer you is this: The people who give are the ones who get on the Internet.

Whether it’s a free newsletter, a mini-course by autoresponder, free videos, a free eBook, or the time it takes to make a phone call, you simply cannot go wrong by giving of yourself to other people.

How can you apply this concept to your business?

Here’s a two-step method to get you started. Once you begin to give something of value to others and develop a reputation as someone who gives, someone who is helpful, you won’t need another step because nature will take it from there.

1. Find a need and fill it.

This six-word formula has been responsible for more business success over the centuries than any other. When you try to sell something, you encounter resistance. When you try to help someone fill his or her need, you find an open opportunity.

How can you apply it? Try this.

First, use your specific knowledge to create an “information product”.

Your information product could be one of many things. Here are some of the most popular formats for information products.

  • An article
  • A series of articles
  • A newsletter
  • An eBook
  • A video
  • A special report
  • Or anything you like!

It used to cost money to do these things. Today, you can do each one of the things listed above with zero cash out of pocket.

Now offer your information product to those who need it.

Let’s say that you are a seasoned traveler and know how to travel light. You can get a three-bedroom apartment into an over-the-shoulder bag. UPS drivers ask for your autograph. But you’ve never made a buck based on that knowledge.

Take that knowledge and write an article about how to travel light. Be specific. Tell the reader exactly how you roll up a skirt so that it travels well and doesn’t require ironing. Tell them what kind of luggage you like. Give them tips on how to save time when checking in at the airport.

Now approach ezines that have to do with travel and offer your article free. They run your article and they display a “resource box” at the end of the article listing your name, email address and web site. Soon, new visitors are on the way to your web site. You could even offer a special sale to article readers only!

Who else could you approach to give away your free material? How about web site owners who sell discount airfare, hotel rooms, car rental agencies, local Chambers of Commerce… the list is endless.

In addition to all of this, you can publish your article on your own blog (you really do want to have a blog!) and add it to article directories as well.

Every time your article is run or your eBook is downloaded, your name goes out there.

This is free advertising at its best: the kind of advertising that money can’t buy. Only when you give something away can you receive this type of benefit.

Don’t want to write an article or eBook? Try this.

Try sending an individual email to everyone in your address book. Ask them what it is they need most. Once you find out what people need it’s simply a matter of finding the product or service that will fill that need and providing it to them as an affiliate. If you find a group of people who need the same thing you may want to consider creating a product to meet that need.

Now, rather than approaching people with a particular product to sell, you are approaching them as a welcome friend who can help them find what they need.

You give them your time in tracking down what they need and they buy it from you. A classic win-win.

2. Create joint ventures

People today simply do not have enough time to do the things they want to do. Take the information product you created in step one and offer to give it to someone who could use it to save time.

Ezine publishers are always looking for good, free articles to run in their ezines. They will be happy to include your resource box at the end of the article so you can win too. Include an affiliate link in your resource box and you have instant passive income.

People who sell a product that you have knowledge about would love to give away your free eBook as an incentive. You could even create your own newsletter!

While the possibilities are endless, your time is not. Don’t forget to take action on step 1. Having the material to give is the key.

Many people are yet to realize that the Internet is all about having multiple streams of income. The beauty of the above approaches is this: you put out the effort once, and reap the rewards for months, sometimes years, to come, you can sell everything, from a service to beauty products as, and all that get great results.

Create something you can give away today. Give freely of yourself and you will be rewarded many times over.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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scott Reply

Not sure how we hooked up. Your article writing and blog itself is over the top full of awesomeness,
Ive struggled for years to get out how powerful the Internet can be. I am flabber gassed on the public in general how they have not HEARD of us!

You know the ones ahhh that Internet stuff is just a scam. Get a real J O B. Yeah right like thats going happen. I tell them.

Your blog looks good and lots details and extra goodies to use. Along with hosting for a 1 year
and YOU actually (your team) dials in the whole experience.

Does the grand opening special include Ezine distribution from you, hence you own it.

Thanks Charlie,

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Scott. I’m happy you like the blog and appreciate your kind comments. Sorry for the slow reply on this. I saw your other comment but missed this one!

    I don’t have a site dedicated to ezine distribution at this time. But we do want to make every customer happy so if you will let me know what you are wanting I’ll try to make it happen.

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[…] You need a premium, a gift. You need something to give them to entice them to join your mailing list. The information you give is valuable. […]

List Building for Newbies Reply

[…] You need a premium, a gift. You need something to give them to entice them to join your mailing list. The information you give is valuable. […]

Joseph Mandell Reply

Hi Charlie,
You tell it so simply and so easily! We share your way of thinking to help other people. We’ve been practicing that philosophy for as long as i can remember. We still put most of our efforts into helping others without expecting to gain something in return and we have a good feeling about it.

Continue your many good activities, as we would say, in the best of health!


Suresh Bist Reply

I think there are many who underestimate the value of this approach, especially considering that you can get people on your list by giving out free stuff. This is much better for your business in the long run, than trying to get a few pence through adsense clicks (short term gains).

Mormo Zine Reply

Awesome article bro. This just shows me I’m going in the right direction.

Benson Reply

Hi Charlie, I like this article. The act of giving is truly a magnet that attracts more benefits to the giver. Even in religious circles, it is emphasized in various verses.

Rali Reply

Thank you Charlie l believe you. I’m a living testimony

LeRoy Lennander Reply

Thanks Charlie!

One cannot go wrong following your advice. Always true and to the point!


Lanny Loreto Reply

Hi Charlie,
Thank you very much. I always learn new things from your article.

Zack Lim Reply

Hi Charles,

Thank you for sharing this excellent article.

I agree with your statement that we will need to help other people first before they will reciprocate by helping us back. A good reminder to always give good values and content to our customers and subscribers.

Looking forward to more of your content 🙂


Raymond Reply

September 12,2011 at 10:56 PM

I greatly appreciate your post. They are new every time.

Thanks so much.

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Edward Larry Reply

Hello Charlie,
I was greatly appreciative, When reading your article, You got value in showing how to give is putting us in the right direction, Another thing you quote is “If you stop working right now would you still be making money”, And I think finding a need and filling that need is very crucial in the online business. I want to soon become a DOE member, Thanks Charlie.

mohanlal Reply

Dear Charlie,
Good morning.I am always admire your noble services for new comer like me.Please continue
your services as usual.
Thank you.

ken chrisfarrellwebsitevideos Reply

As always Charlie useful service you provide here.
Keep sharing with us your tips.

Marilyn Broomer Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for this, most of the time when you give you don’t really think about it and then when you get, you wonder if it had anything to do with the giving…it’s a great thing to do in life and in business…I agree.

rebecca p Reply

Great article as always, and I listened!! Still not perfected but all I have is time. Keep It up; I did wonder about if you submit your blog to one site, should you submit the same article to more than one site?? Have not quite figured that out yet

Connie L. Drumgold Reply


This morning I got another heads up from “Vic” introducing some other services which are important in managing my new internet business which are quite cost effective. He is responsible for introducing me to his “ninja tool” which he uses in marketing affilliate relationships with Clickbank via the DOE. It was through his direction that I have become a Lifetime Member of the DOE and the receipient of the wealth of marketing and training information you disburse so profusely! I look forward to becoming a DOE Affiliate very soon!
The merical of our times is the internet. It opens up the heavens and pours out blessings I can
only anticipate. Keep articulating the Benefits and the markeing will become so much more easy!

Patrisha Reply

Hi Charlie, again you have hit the nail on the head.

I had so many ideas already and now I have even more so the info within this article alone should allow me to turn some of those ideas into good-will and maybe even a few bucks.

Thanks for caring and sharing.


Ed Cabrera Reply

Thanks for the reminder, sometimes we get so involved in making money that we forget to give. The problem for the newbie is figuring out what and where to get content. What is good content? How do you get original content? It’s all out there, now what?

Sybil Audiard Reply

So so wonderful and true, Charlie !!!

In Europe we’re still a little bit behind……….. but I’m admiring this way of thinking – and acting – and I totally agree!

thanks so much!


walter daniels Reply

As Charley says, it doesn’t take lots of money to advertise. Your Sig file, a *good* sample product for free, and articles will do the job. If your sample os good enough that will go viral and be your “advertising.”

Marilyn Reply

I love this approach to giving, and I do it with my websites, however I believe that you need to make changes along the way and change your gifts, am I right? I do have problems getting people to my website(s) but I think it is in not using the best marketing or advertising out there. CPP I have been told works but when you don’t have a lot of money in your budget I have had to resort to more and more free advertising. One thing I do enjoy doing is writing, so I am up bright and early today and will write some blogs and an Article for Ezine Articles.

Thanks Charlie for being such a giving individual, we should all learn from you.

Jan Emo Reply

Excellent article Charlie. I never considered the website owners of hotels, car rentals and Chamber of Commerce. Great idea.

Scott Love Reply


As a former online game player, I can attest to your point about being online and feeling alone. Involving your “customer” in something they can feel helps them is a recipe for success.

Good ideas.

Thanks for sharing value,

Lee Hale Reply

Excellent Powerful Article! It does ring true how people can become isolated as a result of their approach towards the act of receiving. It’s so true to lead with value and giving. I think You’ve really said it well here Charlie! Great read!

All the best,


Lisa Trayah Reply

Hi Charlie,
I really have been waiting for a time to join DOE. I just can not bring myself to ad a charge to a credit card. Please add paypal to your list of payment options.
Thankyou for your time.
Lisa Trayah

    Charlie Reply


    We do take PayPal as a form of payment. Just click the “Add to cart” button and you will be able to choose PayPal if you so desire. I look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of the DOE!


Mary Elliot Reply

Everything has been said above, Charlie, and I completely agree with it all!

Thanks again,


Ajit Kumar Reply

Hi Charlie,
I have been greatly impressed with your approach for internet marketing.
DOE is the result of your sincere approach in helping all newbies in net business.
I cannot stop myself from mailing this article on my blog.
Best wishes

Marevin Webster Reply

Charlie you inspire me !! First time in my life i am starting to wake up and smell the roses of life.. I am one of you newbies (lifetime member) and I know hooking my wagon to your team is one of the best decisions I have every Made

Thank God we have you

Marvin Webster

Charles Kaluwasha Reply

Hi Charlie,
This is a wonderful approach to creating massive income in the future.
What you give today will come back to you . We know this but we do not think the way you have explained. Thank you very much for opening my understanding. Now I will start giving something of value to others, that will increase my personal relationship with them and later gain their trust!
Charlie you are one of the best marketers who educate others without “forcing” them to buy products. Truly you will reap more!
Wish you many returns..

Kortni Shelley Reply

This was great! I feel like my mind was just opened up and a gateway that has been locked has been opened for me! I love to give! I love creating things! I think this is the answer for me and the answer I had no idea I was looking for…, I am so excited now to get started. I think I will be up very very late…I hope I can get myself up in the morning to call and talk with You like I said I would. Wow, thank You so much….I think I am just amazed. I think I finally believe I found something, (Your article), that I know I can and will succeed at. It feels so good. I have no doubts about this one…not one. Thank You again Charlie. You are one of those people for sure….(that is continually giving). It is so amazing and I am so thankful for people like You in this world.

Jeannie Reply


I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your article – and how true it is! I think the more people realize how friendly the Internet community can be, the more likely they will follow the your guidelines above, the more likely they are to grow both within themselves and with their business as well. Keep ’em coming!

always a fan,


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