How to Promote an Over-Promoted Product – Part 1

Have you noticed how so many ads, especially ads for today’s hottest programs, all sound the same?

  • “Earn $500 a day!”
  • “No selling! No phone calls!”
  • “Fire your boss!”
  • “Newbie friendly!”
  • “Never pay for leads again!”
  • “Just click three times!”

Sometimes it feels like everyone is promoting the same thing at the same time, doesn’t it?

And that begs a very important question …

Can anyone really make any money promoting a system or product that is so over-promoted?

More importantly …

Can YOU really make any money promoting a system that is so over-promoted?

My answer is … YES YOU CAN!

But not by doing what everyone else is doing.

You need to be different than the others who are beating their head against the wall with no results. You need to be more strategic than they have been taught to be.

You don’t need to work harder than everyone else (although hard work is required) but you do need to work smarter than everyone else.

And I’m going to show you a few ways to do that in this three-part series.


Sorry to sound so dramatic here but this is actually very important.

Not all products deserve your promotion!

There are some products out there that promise the moon and deliver only disappointment. They promise too much too fast with no real effort, and that’s just not the real world.

If anyone had found the “magic loophole” or some crafty way to beat the system and make a million dollars with no experience and no effort and no expense they sure as heck would not be selling it on Clickbank for $37!

So be sure to not fall for the hype but instead promote really great products that have stood the test of time. If you have been told that high gravity alone is enough to mean that a product is worthy of your time and promotional efforts you may not have been told the whole story.

I have an article about choosing great products here if you want to know more.

Now, back to the topic at hand … how can YOU successfully promote an over-promoted product?

To begin we will cover five principles. Then in Part 2 I will help you write a strong profit-pulling ad. Then in Part 3 we will talk about placing that ad and how you can avoid disappointment when running ads.

So let’s get into Part 1, five principles to apply when promoting a highly-promoted product.

Principle 1 – Don’t Use The Company Ad Or URL

Every company I know hires writers to write great ads and promotional pieces for their associates or affiliates to use. Nothing wrong with that. They are helping affiliates get a head start by providing ad copy. And that’s a good thing.

But what happens when literally thousands of people are placing the same ads?

The ads become almost worthless. People read the first few lines, or the headline, and say to themselves “Yeah, I’ve heard this before. Not interested.” Your ad simply doesn’t stand a chance because people pre-judge it. They think they know what they need to know about your offer and simply don’t click.

This is one reason that so many ads get seen but not clicked!

And it is the reason why you must avoid using the ads the company provides for you.

By all means, you can test their ads to see if they work for you. If they have ad copy they claim works, and if you have reason to think that the ads are not being used too much, then use them and see what happens. After all, tested and proven copy is powerful.

But the truth is different – the truth is that many (if not most) affiliate programs are not giving you “tested” ads but rather ads they had someone write for their affiliate page. I can’t prove that scientifically but I know it’s true.

The ads might sound good but sounding good and working well are two different things.

Be sure to write ads in your own voice. This is the only sure way to stand out from the crowd when promoting an over-promoted website.

One easy way to do this is to modify the ads the company provides you. By changing the headline or simply rearranging the paragraphs you can often make a dramatic difference and make the ad more appealing.

I will show you an easy formula for writing a great ad for yourself in Part 2 of this series.

Principle 2 – Focus On One Problem And Solve It

Professional sales people have known for a long time that the human mind gets confused when asked to make too many decisions at one time.

This is why classic advertising (the kind that works) gives readers ONE choice to make.

Let me give you an example from the world of selling cars. Let’s pretend that you want to buy a new car and have decided to make the move. You do your homework, take the test drives and are ready to go.

At the moment of decision the sales person makes a rookie mistake and says “What color do you want?”

Now your mind is reeling with the possibilities. You begin to recall all the pretty colors you have seen. What color DO you want? What about your spouse – do they care about the color? What about the color the other car company had? You actually liked that color better but like this car better. You wonder if that color can be put on this car?

Soon you are uttering those deal-killing words every sales person dreads hearing … “I’ll think about it”

Not good. You might be back, might not. But one thing is for sure. You are not taking action today.

Now here’s a good closing statement, one that our imaginary sales person would have been better off using.

“Would you prefer the frosty white one or do you want the midnight blue instead?”

That’s a great closing line because it takes the choice off of saying yes or no and puts the choice instead on which one to buy right now.

Let’s look at another one. “Want to drive it home today or would you like me to fill up the tank and deliver it to you tomorrow?”

Again, no matter what the prospect chooses the sales person wins.


No matter what the reader chooses, you win.

Your ad, be it a banner ad, solo ad, pay per click ad or any other form of ad IS your sales person.

So how does this apply to you?

Your ad needs to focus on one benefit and one benefit only, even if your product offers a dozen benefits.

Let me give you an example. The Directory of Ezines offers members many benefits. They save time, they save money, they get free ad writing … on and on it goes. I could list a dozen benefits or more.

And I do on my sales letter. Because that’s where listing benefits works.

But it my advertising I want to focus on ONE benefit at a time because that makes it easy for the reader of my ad to say yes and learn more about the site. Once they say yes to the click and visit my site it’s up to my sales letter and my follow up system to do the job of selling.

That’s because the ad can only sell the click. It cannot sell the product.

So you’re going to focus on ONE benefit in each ad.

That’s great, but how can I know which benefit will matter to them?

Answer: You don’t, so you stack the deck in your favor by selling only SUPER benefits. You will learn about super benefits in Part 2.

For now remember these two mini-principles.

  1. A confused mind cannot make a clear decision.
  2. We must make it as easy as possible for the people who see our ads to say “yes” to learning more about our product.

Principle 3 – Sell Benefits, Not Features

This one is easy once you see it but can be confusing for people who are new to selling things, especially selling online where the convincing gets done by words or video or an image instead of an actual conversation.

The best way I know to think of the difference between features and benefits is this.

  • A feature is something the product does
  • A benefit is what that product does for me

Each feature of the product you promote has a corresponding benefit.

This is a principle as old as time itself. People care about what’s in it for them. That’s natural and normal really, so why let our ads talk about anything else?

Our ads must talk about what they want. After all, that’s what they really care about.

Here’s an example: When I bought my daughter a car I wanted it to have side impact air bags. The feature here is a high safety rating and protection from head injury in the event of a crash from the side.

But that’s not why I wanted them.

I wanted them because of the peace of mind I get (and my daughter gets) from having the safest possible situation.

I was buying peace of mind, not side impact air bags.

So the question to ask yourself is this — what is the company (assuming it’s a business opportunity) I am representing really selling? Are they selling a members area with 75 videos to help you learn to do something quickly?

No, they are selling freedom. They are selling a lifestyle. They are selling independence.

In Part 2 we will cover how to inject your ads with these emotional appeals.

Principle 4 – Never Send Anyone To The Company Website

That might sound radical to some, but follow the logic and see if you agree.

Let’s say you work hard to promote your new-found venture, and spend a few bucks buying some pay per click ads. You insert your good old affiliate link as you’ve been instructed. And now Paula Prospect sees your ad and clicks the link.

Whose business are you building now?

The company’s business, that’s whose.

Sure, you might make A sale or two. But the company will make a fortune. Over time they will market to Paula again and again and again. Nothing wrong with that, it’s how people make money online.

But make no mistake — the company is building THEIR mailing list off of your efforts.

Now to be fair about it there are times when this is okay.

If you are new and don’t know how to create a great squeeze page or create a winning follow up email series then you are far better off using something created by a pro instead of something that doesn’t work as well. If the squeeze page and follow up system the company you are promoting uses works and is proven then you are better off, in the beginning, using their system.

But do create your own squeeze and follow up system as soon as you possibly can. Do begin building your own list. It matters, and it matters much more than most people realize.

Succeeding online ultimately really is about having your own list.

The evidence for this is overwhelming actually. I know of no successful person online who does not have a list of their own and who does not market to that list as a major part of their promotional efforts.

Principle 5 – Use An Autoresponder Address AND A Website

Here’s an “old school” piece of online marketing that works incredibly well but is used by very few marketers.

The idea? Include an autoresponder email address AND a website URL in your selling message. This can work for other forms of advertising too but it works really well for email marketing since the person reading your ad will already be in their email program.

Let me ask you this — why does every click have to go to a website? Answer: they don’t.

As I talk to people I hear over and over again that people do NOT click a link in the email ads they get because they want to finish processing their email. Only makes sense really, humans like to batch things together.

We don’t wash some of the dishes after supper, we wash them all. We don’t play 14 holes of golf, we finish all 18. We don’t go out to lunch and only have iced tea, we order a meal.

Email is no different. When we start reading our email we really want to finish reading (or at least scanning) all the new email.

So why not capitalize on that fact and make your response device sending an email to learn more instead of visiting a site?

It’s faster. It’s easier. And it works.

The person who responds still gets on your list. They still get the information you want them to have. But they do it at their own pace.

Instead of interrupting them you are letting them get the information at a time of their own choosing! Instead of trying to “drive” them you are attracting them.

This is so powerful, and so often overlooked.

So that’s it for part 1 of the series.

We covered a lot of ground so let me recap.

The problem we are trying to solve is helping you stand out from the crowd when promoting super-popular products that are being promoted by many other affiliates.

In Part 1 I made these five suggestions.

  1. Don’t use the same ads everyone else is using.
  2. Let your ad focus on one problem and the solution to that problem.
  3. Sell benefits, not features.
  4. Build your list, not the company’s list.
  5. Give them multiple ways to respond quickly to your ad

In Part 2 we will cover how to write ads that will help you stand out from the crowd. I’ll be sure to cover a few types of ads so you have options. Options are a good thing.

In Part 3 we will cover how and where to buy ads and how to stay safe when buying ads. I think you’ll like that one too. Hope so.

I have to thank my faithful Directory of Ezines members for the idea behind this article. In the last six months I’ve received about 200 phone calls (no kidding) from affiliates of these various programs asking “Is it saturated” or “will my ad for this product even be noticed?”

It is through working with these members that I was able to test the methods above and prove they work.

There ARE ways to promote even the most over-promoted of programs. It takes thinking outside the box and a willingness to try new things.

But if you do that, and succeed, you will have created your own mini-marketing plan that is proven effective. Once you do that, you will have the power to promote any product in any market you choose.

And THAT is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page Signature

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Renee J Mack

Thank You so so much, Charlie – This is nothing but the Lord giving me this information that I have needed with a company that is being over promoted. He is definitely an on-time God. :-)!!! Your tips are extremely valuable – stuff I never thought of to get people’s attention.

    Charlie Page

    Hi Renee,

    He is never late. So happy you found it helpful.


Fernando Bonegio

Thanks Charlie, this article is just full of the kind of information a lay person like myself needs. I had never even considered points 1 and 2 and reading the whole article again, it all matches and fits together.

Thanks so much for this – I can’t wait for Part 2.

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Fernando! I’m happy it was helpful and appreciate your kind words.


Ake Hedman

Charlie, an other very good teaching.
Thank you

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Ella McLean

I found that really helpful. Thanks. It is specific and you give the reasons why. People so often make the comment that if newbies chose to work with a consistent step by step system from the beginning, they would not get confused. I had absolutely no idea what was a consistent program. Yes, looking back, I can now see programs that were good, and I did try so many of them just to get absolutely lost in the maze. Only now are there programs similar that actually tell you the real steps and that don’t assume you know what they are talking about. I also bought 3 different coaching programs – very expensive and a terrible waste of money. I would get a phone call and be asked what I wanted to know. I had no idea what I needed to know. I would be given a 5 minute instruction, and usually found I would start to follow the instruction when he hung up, and in no time at all, couldn’t finish the task because the questions that cropped up were not covered by the coach. Emails took more than 24 hours to get a response and telephone calls were too expensive long distance. Even video instructions were a problem to me because I had to physically write all the instructions because they would not print, and then my computer would not work the way the instructions defined them. I would always be told you could do these programs without technical skills. If you could read and send emails, you could do it. What rubbish. I have been able to write and send emails for years, but it seems most people have no idea what else people need to know to run a business. It is kind of like a pool typist working for a Barrister and trying to stand in for him in a Court room. Just as silly and ridiculous believe me! And, I was silly enough to believe it!
Charlie, you are on to it.

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Ella. I agree about many coaching programs. They assume you know too much and can move too fast. A great coaching program answers all your questions (no matter how “basic”) and moves at your pace.

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Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your
post seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not
sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with
browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to
let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue
fixed soon. Many thanks

Also visit my web site: computer consulting (Theodore)

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Excellent article Charlie. Looking forware to Part one & two.

Bill Nickerson

Hi Charlie.

I really enjoyed this post and I’m looking forward to parts 2 and 3.

However, I think you are missing what people are actually asking with their questions about putting an email option in their ads. Because I have the same question and I still don’t understand it.

Basically, you are telling us to put a link to an autoresponder to get more info. The question isn’t how to add the link, but rather what exactly are we linking too? What email address? I know that the link should be a mailto: format, but where exactly should it be going? Is this a way of signing up for an a/r list that doesn’t require a form?

Abdullah Yusuf

Very informative article with many golden nuggets.

Robert Andrews

As usual, your articles are informative and helpful. I’m currently involved with Empower Network. Great product. Great platform. Great leaders. However, it seems like everyone is promoting this product. I could use some advice on what to do differently.

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Hi there Charlie, I think this was an excellent article. Very beneficial. Marketers need to understand that people don’t ever wanna be sold and should learn to focus on helping solve their problems. “Sell Benefits, Not Features” is totally true.

Great Read


Hi Charlie!
Thanks for answering my questions in DoE members area. I found this article help me so much.

Jeffrey Hernandez

thank you Charlie. I am a struggling newbie and I really appreciate the way you explain the content in your articles. I am definitely a fan. Thank you again and keep up the good work.


That’s right – just give the person one choice to make when purchasing.
I’ve seen it happen at supermarkets when people have so many choices,
they can get confused and end up not buying!

Helen Bloore

Loving Your Energy Charlie….proper Warrior Spirit….Freedom Fighter Energy…All for One….And….One for All….!


Hi Charlie…what great information! Clear and concise…..just what is needed to strip through so much of the information overload that is out there……many thanks…..

Beat Schindler

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing with us!

– Beat

Re “Principle 5 – Use An Autoresponder Address AND A Website” – an example of an actual ad would have been helpful. Not sure what “an autoresponder email address” is [even though I do use AWeber].

    Charlie Page


    Here’s what I mean. Most people put a URL in their email marketing so that people who are interested can click the link to learn more. Email can only create interest – it can’t close the deal. But a website can so we put links to a website in our email.

    What I am saying is that in addition to the website link you can also put an email address where the person can get more information. Some people are in a hurry and want to know more but don’t have time to visit a site. Using an email address (to your autoresponder) in addition to the website URL gives them an option to get more details by email at their convenience.

    So there are two ways to respond – by visiting a site now or by getting more detailed information by email later.

    Hope this helps.



Their are over promoted products out there which made it harder to stand out from the competition. Your tips would be helpful in surviving a very competitive niche. Thank you.


Hey Charlie…this is good stuff. Really good stuff!

One thing though…I’m a little lost on the analogy you gave about using both an autoresponder email address…and a website. How are you suggesting our readers would interact with these two elements when reading our messages (and their other email)? How do you suggest this be set up and presented in our emails?

Thanks much….

    Charlie Page


    Here’s what I mean. Most people put a URL in their email marketing so that people who are interested can click the link to learn more. Email can only create interest – it can’t close the deal. But a website can so we put links to a website in our email.

    What I am saying is that in addition to the website link you can also put an email address where the person can get more information. Some people are in a hurry and want to know more but don’t have time to visit a site. Using an email address (to your autoresponder) in addition to the website URL gives them an option to get more details by email at their convenience.

    So there are two ways to respond – by visiting a site now or by getting more detailed information by email later.

    Hope this helps.



Hello Charlie,

Just received your new series on
“Do’s and Don’ts of effective marketing.

If everybody could have a minature Charlie
(Desk top size midget) watching Us’ as we
inplemented our ads and marketing strategies,

DOE members would put H O N E S T Y back into
affiliate marketing, or any online marketing for that matter.

You are a cool breeze on a hot summer evening!

May God Bless you, richly,


Harold Ward

Hi Charlie,
A great article again. Very readable with good advise. (DOE Member).
Thank you sir. Looking forward to article 2.

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Jeff Faldalen

Hi Charlie,
Great article. I totally agree with every step you mentioned.
The part I too am very passionate about is teaching people
to build there own list, not a companies

If people think using the companies landing pages is creating
you prospects, what happens when the company goes south?

You lose your greatest asset, the list

One of the greatest lines I heard is, “I represent company X, I am not
a representative of company X”

This Paradigm shifted everything for me

Look forward to reading more of your content,
Jeff Faldalen
PS I will pass this on to my followers 🙂



Wow! Good stuff, and written so I can see it. I’ve been away from here for to long.(Trying to get things to work)

One point I’ve taken note of is the reply request to the autoresponder. I had no idea, nowhere in the guide for use of the service(s) that I’ve been through is this explained.

I have a splash page to change.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Keep me posted.

Zainab binti Ismail

Dear sir,

Thank you so much for the informations. I’m looking forward for your next lesson, I’m trying to saves money to buy your 123 ADS, is it still available?

Wendell Wilkins

Charlie this is great insight. I really feel like there is just so much hype out here and we as marketers must be more original,using our God given creativitiness.


Bill Murray

Thanks Charlie, Great Job!



Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Looking forward to other great post soon -:)

PJ Gunn

Nice information..Looking forward to next one. Clickbank can be very competitive so this definitely helps rise above it.

Howard Mahere

Your articles have a wow effect on me everytime I finish reading them. You will never know how helpful your writings have done to my growth. I am getting to appreciate internet biz like never before.

God bless your heart!



Thanks charlie,
The input of your article really made a difference for a newbie like me in the net.
Great advice and wish to apply this one asap! I like to twist words and title many
time especially if words/idea are hard to find within out minds.

Tom Mezgar


Another awesome articles Charlie. Thinking outside the box and taking action can help you become successful. I will be looking forward to reading part 2.


Gene "The PassionDetective"

As usual a very informative article Charlie. Thanks for reminding us the major important of building OUR list not someone else’s & the use of autoresposner emails I have forgotten how powerrful that one is. The fact that you teach this stuff speak volumes of how you really do care about helping your DOE members succeed.

Jerry Moore

Thanks a lot for dispelling some of the misconceptions that are so rife in internet marketing.
Making the impossible possible is achievable even when the odds are terribly great as mentioned in the Part 1 above. I needed the motivational thrusts that you always do provide. Thanks.
Jerry Moore.

Leo S.

Very valuable information, Charlie!

I’m looking forward to part 2 and 3.

Thank you so far!

Leo S.

Abu Shafi

Thanks Charlie for the awesome marketing tips. I have found them very eye-opening and I look forward to future articles from you. Thank you.

Karin Raie

Thank you, Charlie. As usually, it is correct and understandable in every sentence you wrote.
Looking forward for the Part 2. 🙂
All the best,


As always..You can be relied upon to give us plain, common sense, no hype, solid information..such a refreshing change these days..wish others would take a leaf out of your book, Charlie..another well written article..Thanks, Charlie.
Kind Regards,

Clive Sabin

Thanks again Charlie for this very sound and helpful advise.
In today’s Internet marketing environment it is so easy to become confused and overwhelmed by all the offers and hype out there; I know from my own experience; information overload is a fact, and one that cannot be ignored.
Thanks Again.

Chris Lang

We are having this exact problem with our new product. Before we found a sales process that converts our list had been heavily exposed to the product. Some big JV’s too made it worse.

Now that we have a proven sales process we will be looking at this article heavily to get us over the exact problem you described Charlie! Thanks for the great timing! – Chris


Another great article…thank you but, you kind of lost me with this statement: “So why not capitalize on that fact and make your response device sending an email to learn more instead of visiting a site?

It’s faster. It’s easier. And it works.

The person who responds still gets on your list. They still get the information you want them to have. But they do it at their own pace. ”
I’m sure in the coming parts of this series you will make it clearer. Looking foreword to the next article…Thanks!

    Charlie Page


    Good question. What I meant is this – in your ad include both a link to a site and an email address they can write to in order to get more information. It’s long been known that giving people options about how they respond is a good thing, but most ads only offer a link to click, not a phone number or email address.

    Giving people who see your ads a choice of how to respond — clicking a link or sending an email — will increase response since many people will send an email for more information but won’t click a link because they don’t have time to read a sales letter or watch a selling video.

    Hope this helps.



      Hi Charlie,

      Let me start by repeating what a lot of people have said already: I have actually unsubscribed from 99.9% of the distraction and nonsense. You remain because you have earned my trust with your easy to read and implement, useful, workable information. The #1 thing that makes you stand out from the crowd though is your HONESTY! Thank you so much for that.

      My question here is as an Aweber user, exactly HOW do I put a LINK into my adds. All I can see from my Aweber account is how to put FORMS on my website. I like your idea about using the link, especially in my Article Marketing Resource Box – I’m just not sure HOW to do it – the actual mechanics of getting the link…

      …but I’m sure YOU know! Charlie, thanks for all you do. Your help is invaluable!

      All the best from Toronto,

      Charlie Page


      If you are talking about how to put a link in the email you send using Aweber then that is done when you compose the message. In the message editor there is a little icon that looks like a link of chain. That is for putting in a hyperlink. You select the text you want to be a link and then click the little icon and type in, or paste in, the URL you want the link to point to.

      Here is an article on Aweber’s site that might help.

      Hope this helps.



Raymond June 8,2011 at 21.05

This useful information is given in its simple form. It is very valuable for me.


Steve Hobbs

Hi Charlie … great reminders. And with my head down and focused, your article was like a ray of light shining through the computer to awaken me to other perspectives. Way to be the sunlight this morning ))smiles Cheers, Steve

James Blackstone

Awesome; I see how in the past my focus was to sell the product instead of the click, looking forward to more great information on standing out.

Michel Maling

Wow, I think I am now going to have to rethink the banner thing. I always use the ones they supply, but you have made me think that designing your own sales letter and banners is a better idea. Thanks again for always giving us good content.

Marilyn Broomer

Thanks Charlie for the great information,
I have known some of that for awhile, but
I exceeding find it difficult to make money with Clickbank,
on those affiliate programs…perhaps I am not picking
the right ones! With that said I have just about given
up on Clickbank! TFT is making me some money, I
just can’t believe it! Thanks again and keep all your great
information coming.
Till next time!

Md Shafikul Anam

Thanks Charlie! Your great advice is valuable and helpfull.

Achmad Karno Widjaya

Hello Charlie,
I love this, hopefully i can create a proper ads next time. Let i repeat: be different from other, focus to one problem and it’s solution, expose benefit not feature, build my list, multiple ways to responds quickly not multiple choices. I wait for the next post.
Thank you.

Michael "The Affiliate Blogger"

Hi Charlie,

I have been a member of the DOE now for 2 years. In the time, I have been a member I have used your rewards, to send out tweets, e zine marketing, and place banners and receive links from your sites.
You have inspired me to begin branding myself and provide value to my subscribers… and I am a proud affiliate of the DOE. There is something really satisfying providing value and not cheesy sales pitches. Thank you once again for the value that you have provided here.

God Bless

Omega Seamaster Quartz

Hi Charlie,
thanks for the awesome advice!
Principle 2: People are motivated either by fear of loss or promise of gain.

Looking forward to part 2!

Mark M

G’day Charlie, Thank for the info. Very interesting. Until I make enough money to cover my other expences I can’t afford to be in the DOE.
Like a lot of other people I justify paying out more, sorry.

Mark M


Thank you so much for writing this article! Your article is timely and meaningful, as I am currently facing this issue in my own marketing efforts. I look forward to the remaining articles! Thank you!

Martin P Kerrigan

Thank you Charlie. Your information is always spot on and do-able. I look forward to the follow up emails on these subjects.


Charlie, i am becoming convinced that your articles are the most informative online. No doubt other marketers also give some great free stuff. But in terms of writing artciles that tell me something i can put to use right now immediately i think yours are the best. I am a member of follow up selling systems one of your sites and i strongly recomend that anyone who wants to learn more about how to automate their selling process visits today.


Thanks Charlie for another great post. I will be putting this information to use today.


Dear Charlie
Your advice and comments are wonderful. At the moment in my online business this article arrives with perfect timing. Thank you again for your clarity and openness. Being a member of eZines l have always enjoyed your writing and your human approach to internet marketing. You really do stand out from the crowd. Thank you so much..

Hamant Keval

Some potent solutions Charlie

I just love the way you teach these simple but effective principals in writing ads that work.

So many times we forget what the product is there to do and lose the real reasons why people buy!
Fantastic lessons we need engrained in our brains

Looking forward to the next part – love the way you practise what you preach – Yes I will come back for sure and will keep an eye out for your email 🙂

Take care


Great info Charlie I am a DOE member and look forward to
the next 2 series.

Thank You


Great post and full of suggestions that I can’t wait to try. Thanks, Charlie, I can’t wait until you post part 2.

Cliff Ford

Charlie….Can’t wait for part two. #1 is a classic!!! Though I just recently found you, hope it’s a long and prosperous relationship. Hope to soon become a member of your DOE!!!!!!!



Fantastico. I’m a new member of eZines, also promoting a quite popular affiliate which you belong to as well. I thought this product was going to be hard to advertise as so many people are placing their ads in the same place.

This post showed the way to stand out.
Thank you.

Samuel Rogers

Thank For the good information, Charlie…
I appreciate you helping me to be a better marketer…
I will use this outline to change me way of advertising…
Looking forward to the next article…
Samuel Rogers


Hi Charlie,

You have some real good advices here.
If you just use a couple of them you will have better conversions.
can’t wait to read the 2nd part.



Thank you charlie very important and helpfull.


Excellent article Charlie!

Not only do you provide a solution to a very ‘real’ problem, but you provide it in a way that is easy enough for anyone to follow and see results.


Moshe Handler

Precise and to the point information.

I recently cleaned up my email list and had my name removed from almost a hundred lists. I keep Charlie Page information because his emails are absolutely essential. Charly, I can trust you not to send an email unless I have something important to learn from it. As usual this is real information I can use right now.

Moshe Handler

ken from freeTGR

You have to not follow the crowd then Charlie.
Great advice and tips looking forward to more soon.

Bryan Knight

Valuable advice on an important topic. Coincidentally I received an email from an unethical marketer right after this one and was once again struck by the stark contrast of the honest, straightforward plain prose of Charlie Page in contrast to the measly, misleading, myopic approach of the crook.

Charlie practises what he preaches: he sent me scads of practical advice free long before I paid for membership. In contrast, the aforementioned crook sends what appears to be free advice but is actually cleverly-designed sales pitches for products that don’t work as advertised.

Thanks again, Charlie. And the free ads your staff created for my new site are awesome.


THANKS!! The Difference between features and benefits in plain old English. I get it now!!


Thank you that is valuable and useful.

Gloria Ward

Great info Charlie! It really came right on time.


Thanks, Great stuff Charlie, I will try and use your advice ! I am a member of your directory and looking forward to using it soon.
Keep this priceless advice coming!
Thanks, Bruce


I am a proud member of D.O.E. Charlie Page is the man with the plan, and arguably has the best/content info around.

How to promote an Over Promoted Product Part 1 :Internet Marketing Programs 2011

[…] […]

Karl May

Great advice Charlie, I am a member of directory of eZines, and recommend it to anyone, keep up the great work!

Clifford Curnow

I have enjoyed your part 1 today and I’m sure I will enjoy part 2 tomorrow. Thanks Charlie


Charlie – great post. Some of us can’t help being “different” and it definitely works in your favor if you naturally have a hard time fitting into molds. It’s actually quite fun to think up different ways to promo things where everyone else is using the cookie cutter approach.

William Steiskal

Charlie: Very good ideas for over sold and regular sites. I am starting a campaign for a new fuel additve for mileage improvement and will look forward to your advice to do it right.


As always everything you put out is right on target
and the way you put it all is so clear and understanding.
Thanks for being a given man and not one of the takers.
Much graterful to be on your side.
Brian 🙂


Thanks, Charlie!

Great information, and very timely too – I was just reviewing some stats on the competition in my niche and wondering how I could differentiate.


John Robbins

Great article as usual Charlie, I have learned a lot from this and am looking forward to our call next week. Thank you again

John Robbins Online Entrepreneur


Great info-thanks to put some sense of order into the strategy! Thanks again, Charlie!

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