How To Sell More Starting Today!

Do you want to sell more online? Do you want your ads to get more clicks, your sales letters to convert more visitors into buyers and dramatically increase your bottom line?

If you answered yes then you need to know about benefits. You need to know what benefits are, how they differ from features. It’s time to learn how to create what are called “benefit statements.”

Knowing this can make life easier. It can help you sell more. Why?

Because the bottom line in selling is simple. There is no “secret” to selling. There is only this one staggering truth.

Understand this and you can sell anything. Fail to understand this and you will be doomed to forever wonder why you aren’t selling more.

Ready for the truth? Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The truth is …

People buy what they want!

Always have. Always will.

If they want your product they will buy it. If they don’t want it they simply won’t take action, no matter how logical your argument for them to buy is made.

Let me put it another way.

People buy on EMOTION and defend that purchase with logic.

Let’s look at that again. They buy based on emotion (they buy what they want) but then defend their choice using logic.

Here’s an example. This actually happened to a friend of mine.

You have a good car, a car that is almost paid off. But your car needs new tires. So you go to the car dealer and, since you are there anyway, you look at the new models.

The salesperson offers you some trade-in values for your existing car. You suddenly realize that your old beater is worth more than you thought. Two hours later you are driving home in a brand new car!

How did you get from needing tires to buying a new car?


  • You saw the car.
  • You smelled that new car smell.
  • You saw yourself driving a new car.

And, after all, you deserve it! The sales person made sure you knew that.

  • This is your life.
  • You work hard.
  • You sacrifice for your family.
  • You don’t ask for much.
  • You DESERVE a new car!

See the emotion there? And how it builds to the moment of choice?

But how will you defend that purchase to your spouse, your friends or even to yourself?

  • You bought a new car when yours was almost paid off? Are you nuts?
  • You bought a new car in this economy? Are you kidding me?

But you are ready with your answer. Logic will save the day!

Now it’s time to defend your emotional choice with clear, cold logic.

It goes something like this.

  • New tires were going to cost me $1100! Who knew tires cost so much?
  • My old car was almost out of warranty anyway. And you know that’s when expensive repairs start to happen.
  • We are taking a trip later this year and I wanted to make sure we were all safe.
  • My new car is costing only $65 per month more than my old car.
  • My new car gets 10 miles more per gallon than my old car! I’m helping save the environment!

On and on it goes – logic trying to defend what was a purely emotional buy. You bought the new car for one reason and one reason only – you WANTED a new car!

Nothing wrong with that. But logic was not the main factor.

FACT: If humans bought cars based on logic we would all drive the same car … the cheapest and safest car on the road! But we don’t.

We buy what we want – and then justify it to the world with the logic of why it was the right choice for us.

How does this apply to doing business online?

The key for business people like you and me is to quickly tell our prospective customers why they should want what we have.

In other words, don’t talk about features but instead talk about benefits! We have to understand the difference between features and benefits and then let our prospects know why they should want what we offer.

Almost sold out!

That’s important enough to say again. You must let your prospect know why they should want what you offer.

It all starts with understanding the difference between a feature and a benefit. Understanding the difference between a feature and a benefit is vital, and easy.

  • A feature is what your product does.
  • A benefit is what is DOES FOR ME!

Let’s look at one example from the real world. I’m in a car mood today so I’ll stick with that for now.

One of my favorite cars has always been the Corvette. I love the look of the Corvette and am old enough that I grew up wanting what we called the “Stingray” 

As a boy, I fantasized about driving down the road driving my shiny new red Corvette.

The modern Corvette has some outstanding features. Here are two.

  1. The Corvette can go 205 miles per hour
  2. The Corvette can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds

Sounds like fun, but are these the reasons that people pay between $54,000 and $105,000 for these cars? (Prices according to as of 2014 – I’m too afraid to look up today’s numbers!)

In my view, the answer is no.

The reason people buy Corvettes is not to go from 0 to 60 in under four seconds.

The reason people buy Corvettes is TO BE SEEN driving a Corvette. 

A Corvette is simply a rolling envy machine!

People who buy Corvettes often do so for the feeling they get being seen driving a Corvette.

The same can be said of many products, including yours. Here are some products that are sold every day using a very emotional approach:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Houses
  • Art
  • Business Opportunities
  • Ad trackers
  • How to make money on Clickbank products
  • And many more!

How can you sell your product using emotion?

That’s a great question. While I don’t know your specific situation I can offer some guidelines to help.

There are two super-motivators that apply to almost every product. These are very emotion-driven reasons to buy something, especially something online. Both create powerful emotions that will cause people to act now, which is what all online sellers (Product owners and affiliate marketers) want.

  1. Promise of gain
  2. Fear of loss

The promise of gain almost always applies to making money but can sometimes be another type of gain. People want all sorts of things (including making money) like prestige, power, fame, to leave a legacy and more.

QUESTION: How does your product help your customer gain something?

The fear of loss is the other side of the coin.

This is where all the scarcity selling online comes from. Offline merchants use it too. How many times have you heard your local department or furniture store claim their current sale is the “biggest sale of the year!” 

That’s fear of loss telling you to act now or you will have to pay more later.

QUESTION: How does your product help your customer avoid losing out?

The more you know about how your product satisfies these two needs – the need to gain and the need to avoid loss – the more you will sell.

Your ads, your sales letters, your tweets, your signature lines — all of your marketing needs to be filled with benefit statements that drip of the promise of gain or the fear of loss.

ACTION STEP: How to Translate Features into Benefits

Here are four simple steps to help you translate your product or service’s features (what it does) into benefits (what it does for me).

After you make your list, be sure to review your selling literature, be it a web page, email or brochure, and make sure that you are selling benefits instead of features.

After all, everybody wants to know what’s in it for them. 🙂

  1. List the key features of your product … the things that make it worth having. Describe what each one does; how it works.
  2. Determine what that means to the customer. More free time? Feel safer at night? More financial freedom? Write it down next to the feature.
  3. Be able to state every feature in terms of money. Either making gain or avoiding loss. Write it down next to the advantage.
  4. Write out benefit statements for each feature. Memorize your list. Write it down and carry it for quick reference.

You have now created a feature, advantage, and benefits list. By committing these statements to memory and using them often, you will now be speaking the prospect’s language, the language of saving or making money.

And that is the sound they love to hear.

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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peter brusaschi

would appreciate your comments on creating an ad for this website. thanks charlie, peter

    Charlie Page

    Hi Peter,

    Always great to hear from you. I would need to know the purpose of the ad before I could reply correctly. Are you selling one item, the idea of opals, getting cold traffic to visit?

    One thing I have thought before is that a lead magnet about how to buy opals, and how to wear opals, would build your list and then you could follow up with them and be of help with content, personal contact and special offers.



Robert Paugh


I really like the ideas presented, I just need to put them into action. If I compare the ads that I have written to your standard, they would fail.

Thanks for the great article.


Samantha Studebaker-Carl

Hey Charlie!
Thank you so much for all the great content you share with us! I’ve learned alot from you!
I would love to get your input on my google plus marketing course sales page I have listed on
I’m not getting as many sales as I would like so I’m working on creating an ebook leadmagnet and follow up series that will then suggest the course for additional training.
Here’s the course sales/purchase page
Thanks again,

    Charlie Page

    Hi Samantha,

    Looks like you are doing a pretty good job of making sales. Over 2500 registered is good. I do notice that you have 12 reviews from those students however and wonder if that might be an area of focus? More social proof might help sell a course on social marketing.

    Udemy is great but they are limited in what you can do sales letter wise. It seems like you are hitting most of the marks.

    I’m not sure that I would use questions as my headlines as much as positive statements about what can be achieved and how easy it is to achieve it.

    For example, you have this as your first line …

    “Looking to boost your home business income by leveraging the power of google plus?”

    That’s a little risky in my view as they can easily answer “no” in their minds because they don’t understand, or like, social media or have heard bad things about Google+ or one of 1000 other reasons.

    Overall, the sales approach looks sound but fine tuning is always a good idea.

    Hope this helps.


      Samantha Studebaker-Carl

      Thanks Charlie!
      I appreciate you taking the time to have a look!
      I understand what you mean about the questions.
      Didn’t think about it like that.
      I’ll definitely work toward getting more reviews too!

      Charlie Page

      Happy to help. Make it a great day!


Greg Irwin

Thanks Charlie, great post! This homepage has both a sales video and text with a more extensive sales message. Also, any thoughts on an appropriate e-zine to advertise in? (I am a lifetime DOE member). I have not seen an e-zine that is specifically for the Alzheimer’s caregiving market, so I am looking for an e-zine that could have an appropriate audience.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you Greg. Hard to find an ezine for this since not many newsletters exist for caregivers devoted only to Alzheimers. I have emailed you with some thoughts.


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Some good tips here, would love to see some benefit examples.


Randy Martin If you would, also look at my sales pages. Thanks, Randy

    Charlie Page

    Hi Randy,

    Great product and sales page. The main benefits I see on this are peace of mind for the parent and a healthy upbringing for the child.

    I would add that the home page of your site is appealing but might benefit from more copy with a stronger call to action.

    Hope this helps.

Manny Reyes

Hi Charlie,

You’re a genuine professional and legitimate person, and, marketer. Your articles are a great resource. I appreciate you offering your professional input on my website(s) and,

    Charlie Page

    Thank you Manny. I took at look at and the thing that jumped out at me was a lack of list building. I would absolutely put an opt in form on the site and offer a free gift of high value to build your list.

    This works especially well in an area like yours where you are promoting multiple products that solve a common problem.

    Hope this helps.

Darrel Hestdalen

Solid information, thanks. I would appreciate your benefits suggestions.

    Charlie Page

    Hi Darrel,

    Interesting site. I see three things on which I would focus.

    1. There is no list building going on. I would add that.

    2. The links at the top seem to be a disconnect for me from the main topic. You are mixing making money with health but not in an obvious way. I think this might split the reader’s focus.

    3. You are going for the sale on the home page before adding any value to the reader with free content. I would add content, get signups and then go for the sale after establishing rapport.

    As to benefits, you are making some of them but not “completing the loop” of what that benefit means to the person.

    For example, part of your copy says a person can “feel alert and energetic”

    But why would a person want that? What would they do with that if they had it? What are they missing now that they don’t have it?

    I’m thinking that people who feel alert and energetic do better at work, have more time to play with their kids, have more energy to enjoy recreation, live longer, etc.

    Hope this helps.


Mr Desilfane like so much you show us to sell more and more products online!!

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Martha Stevens

Hi Charlie,

What a great website you have. I came across it this morning and here I am – still reading – and it’s the middle of the afternoon already! I appreciate how much knowledge you’ve shared. I would love to have your input on my website, it’s and maybe you could also tell me if you think it’s too long. Thank you so much.
– and –
Keep writing!


Thanks for another great post Charlie. Please take a look at my and let me know the benefit statements!

    Charlie Page

    Looks to me like it would be speed, peace of mind, increased personal power, mastery over circumstances — things like that.


Linda Compton

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Charlie. As always, I love your clear, accessible style and valuable content. As a lifetime member of DOE who meandered for awhile, I’m ready to learn about the new platform and re-engage for a great new year. Linda Compton

    Charlie Page

    Look forward to you re-engaging with us. I’ve meandered more times than I’d like to admit! 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words.


Douglas Landry

Charlie and your wonderful staff,I would like to wish upon you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and great and safe Holiday. Here in Canada we will be shovelling snow so if you need any we deliver. Have a good one.

    Charlie Page

    I might just take you up on that snow! Thank you for your kind comment and Merry Christmas to you as well.


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Veny Cordova

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for another great blog delivering value like you always do.
Lately I’ve been stuck on explaining these features as benefits in an effective way to trigger peoples emotions to take action.
I would appreciate it if you take a look at my referral website for the company I’m affiliated with and explain how you think I should effectively market the features the company subscription.


Awesome information as usual. i would love your example benefits for my affiliate review site if you don’t mind. Should i list out all the benefits first thing in the content for my homepage.

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Phil Soffe

Hello Charlie,
You recently responded with your usual clarity and insight to my request for help. Your advice in that reply has led me along the blogging route as my first marketing tool.
This post, about Features and Benefits, like every one of your extremely information is a FREE but invaluable source of real information that so many other online experts want to charge money for.
If anyone else is reading this and is already involved in, or is contemplating ‘starting out’ online, I strongly and confidently advise you to join DOE before you waste hundreds/thousands of dollars and months of time following the advice of many other ‘successful’ online business people.

NO Charlie did not ask me to write what I have about DOE. I know what I know after having spent many fruitful months with DOE but several years wasting my time and money on the ‘offers of online truth and success guidance’, from hundreds of other ‘online experts’.

You will never get a better mentor than Charlie Page and the DOE.
So if you read this Charlie a gazillion thanks so far! My self and my baby, will be ‘a supporter’ of yours forever.
Phil Soffe

    Charlie Page


    Wow – thank you for that. I appreciate your kind words more than I can say. We work hard to make the DOE the best resource online for ezine advertising and the new DOE is going to be quite something.

    Thank you again for your kindness and for being a member.


peter brusaschi

Thanks Charlie. enjoyed the article on Features and Benefits. we have been online for nearly 20 years doing reasonably well but we need some upgrading. from time to time i nearly got to having a skype conversation with you but somehow it didnt eventuate. anyway to put it in a nutshell. we need much better conversions. we are getting over 253 visitors a day with around 3% conversion. Many items are high priced so the overall result is pretty good but the worrying part is that the bounce rate is very high. Out of 7,500 visiters, half dont get off page one and out of those half dont click on anything . The average time on the site 3.5 minutes, but some stay for a half hour. most just go to the page and leave within a few seconds. we have a very high new visitors percentage. 75% of them have never visited before. Majority are getting there by typing in ‘opal jewelry’ would appreciate having a chat with you about it. thanks, Peter

    Charlie Page


    Sorry we did not connect. I looked at the site and can see why the bounce rate is high. You have so much on the first page that there is no need to navigate to other pages to make a choice to buy now or not. A high bounce rate is not necessarily a bad thing when you have 3.5 minute average time on site. At first blush I would say that if this was my site I would make the list building offer much stronger and use follow up email to raise conversions. 3% is not bad by the way given that your price point is not what most consider low.

    One other thought. Why not use a pop up that is timed at 2 minutes to get into a conversation with them about what they need? If their average time on site is 3.5 then at about 2 minutes they might be very open to having a conversation. A live agent would be best. You could test that for a month and see what happens with sales. It might more than pay for itself. Just a thought.

    Bottom line – you are doing well and your site looks and works so much better then when I first looked at it years ago. Well done! Now if you focus on list building and follow up and perhaps engage them in conversation that way and via a live chat too some very good things might happen.

    Be well. Always good to hear from you.


K. Lane

Even though what I’m doing is technically preselling, it is ultimately the same thing as selling. The only difference is the way I word it. Thank you for providing me with a few more bits of knowledge to help me on my way.


Hi Charlie,
i enjoy learning from you too and love reading your articles and tips. thanks for sharing,

Ruthie Chant

Hi Charlie

I am really enjoying learning from you through your blog and emails! Marketing in 2011 will definitely have more focused and productive! If your offer is still valid I would love you to have a look at my membership site and give some benefit statements.

Have a blessed 2011,

Amy Drinnon

Hi Charlie,

I have been in a Network Marketing Company for the past two years and I am now getting myself positioned to utilize the internet to help me generate more true leads that will convert into customers. I imagained I had time and if I worked hard my business would all come together, however, I need to work smarter not harder and teach others to do the same. I joined your lifetime membership about a year ago and I am now going through it completly and applying this time around. I would love to hear some of your ideas on feature and benefit statements. My business is – we just recently went public and we are no longer just an affiliate marketer but an actual online storefront. Thanks for your insight.


Hi Charlie –
I am new to your web site and can’t seam to stop reading article after article of yours! Thanks for all the wonderful info in layman’s terms, it really helps. I just launched and would love some advice on marketing and article writing. Any advice – however small is greatly welcomed!



Hi Charlie
I am impressed with what I read form your e-mails to me I would like to buy more from
you but at this stage I do not have the capital to do so. But will most certainly look at it in the near future.

Yours Sincerely
Gary Tavendale

Linda Turner

I am a newbie and am just starting to market my website. I lost my mentor and am having some problems with the marketing end. The most important of all! This really helped me out a lot, thank you. I have been overwhelmed and confused, however, I am trying to focus on one thing at a time. You have to walk before you run. Thank you !

Judy Casey

WOW!! Simplified yet sensational explanation of the entire successful sales process!
Thank You Charlie, much appreciated reminder and primer article for newbies and old ses pros. Just joined my first MLM company called Caboodle that launched Sept. 18, 2010. Looking for some ideas to create simplified duplication on the distributor side? The retail product side is not an issue, great line up of pacages and a la carte products for promoting
local business marketing! Check it out for me and
give me your input please Charlie? The MLM opportunity
website is

Thank You!
Judy Casey


Very good articles, All tips in this articles gives me ideas to improves myself. Thanks


Thankyou for your info. It’s so down to earth and no hype… I love it. Even if you have a passion product, it’s not always easy to have someone feel the need, or create the need in their life, as one would like. Experience shows…. You not only make a door through the wall… you open it and go even further… Your input is always welcome.

Carol Walczak

Hi Charlie, thanks for such a clear article. I’d love it if you would look at my site : )

Ray Casey

Hello Charlie
What a superb article. I was in motor vehicle sales for years using the FAB Technique. Features, Advantages and Benefits and understand the principles well. However you shone a new light on benefits for me and that is…. It’s not about just Benefits but How It Benefits Me which takes benefits to a personal level. For example child restraints, Its obvious what the benefits are but not to those who are single without intention of children. This brings things more to a personal level when explaining Benefits, Gain and Loss. That in itself was the amazing benefit for me. This was the first article of yours I have ever read to my knowledge and I will Return. Thank you Charlie.
All The Best


I really like your article. Its very good and easy to understand. I will apply your advise.

Bob Henderson

I appreicate your article. I’ve always known the things you’ve mentioned but I find it somewhat difficult to translate it into words. It seems that when I write, it sound trite and long winded.

I’ll keep working on it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Wayne Carter

Hey Charlie….

Great article you wrote……..!!

I have been in sales for a long time and I love the way you cut right to the chase and tell it like it is!!!

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

Thanks for all of your tips/lessons!!

Enjoy your Day

Karen Watts

Charlie, Im a member of the DOE, I have no regrets in becoming a member. I only position myself with the best, and I consider you one of the best! I retweet because you offer valuable content, and training videos. I congratulate you on a job well done, this is an amazing article.

Joyce Racine

Charlie, you always say it just right! Thank you for breaking down what seems so complicated into a simple and do-able plan of action. I would love to get some “example benefit statements” for my grocery product.


hi charlie… would love to see what you come up with – with this, my product/website at… for benefits… this is a great article and great blog… with many thanks, weaver :o)

Hector Jayat

What a great article, what a great blog

Monika French

Hi Charlie ,
Excellent explaination of why some sell their product well, while others fail to make sales.
Thank you for pointing it out.I’m looking forward to more great info from you


Hi Charlie—–A well written article.The features to the benefits –great.With a little implementation, it kinda makes me feel that I can stand out in the crowd.


I know a lot of people have a hard time at first understanding the difference between features and benefits.

In fact, when trying to sell a product, many sellers make the mistake of rushing right into describing their product’s features and leave out the benefits completely.
Thank you for clarifying the difference!

Todd Perry

Benefits over features is a classic rule of marketing that can never be stressed or reiterated too many times, yet I see it violated every day by people who probably wonder why their marketing does not convert. I sell expensive remodeling projects that very few people really need, but thankfully many people want for reasons of greed, exclusivity, and vanity to name a few.


I have to say that I am learning a great deal from your articles. This is a first for me in this type of arena and I want to learn all I can to succeed at a level I am use to succeeding at in my other business.

Thank you for your help

peter brusaschi

Charlie, excellent article of course. would appreciate it if you would take a look at my site as you suggested and point out how your forumla could apply to us. problem in current climate of course is that people shy away from luxury goods and only buy what are necessities. thanks Charlie. Peter



    Great site as always. Have you read Dan Kennedy’s book about marketing to the affluent? Great stuff even in this economy. While it may be true that people are more shy about luxury goods than there were a couple of years back they are going to buy them from someone, so why not you?

    The thing I see missing on your site is a way to build a list. If you offered a free report on how to buy opals and why opals are a great investment and are actually an affordable way to create a unique look you would begin building a list from visitors. You could then make them special offers, stay in touch, ask about their needs and more. It really is all about the list, and I think you might be missing an opportunity here.

    Let me know if I can help.


Joe Bradley

Hi Charlie

Great information as usual. While setting out the features is quite easy, defining the benefits can be daunting, especially getting them emotionally charged. i would love your example benefits for my web hosting site at

Many thanks,




    My approach would be to sell peace of mind. If you can be reached by phone when trouble strikes that would be great. If you have a short response time by email that’s great too. I would sell the peace of mind benefit. I was once with a host that did neither phone nor timely email support and it cost me dearly. Now I have a guy I can call anytime I need him and that has made all the difference.

    Many see hosting as a commodity. The way to break that mindset is to sell the value you *add* to the hosting.

    Hope this helps.


Van Renick

Hi, Charlie. Great article! I’m going to take you up on your invitation to visit my site and suggest some benefit statements for me to use in my selling efforts. Thanks for all you do….

Van Renick


Great post! Most articles don’t write about the features v benefits part of the copy.

Graham Massey

Hi Charlie,
Another great article that spells out the message in a simple format. I have been told before about features and benefits but yours was by far the better explanation.
Thanks again. Looking forward to the next one.


Hi Charlie,

Great article love reading your post. I am just starting out on this site to help the newbie into internet marketing any comments will be appreciated.

Kindly Warren

Eruwan Gerry

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the great pointers in this article.

Of course we are suppose to play with the emotions of our visitors to encourage them to purchase from us. However, on the other side, we must definitely ensure that our products live up to our customer’s expectations.

Hair Growth Fan

Hi Charlie,
I love the way you break down the key differences between features and benefits. Like the old marketing sage says “Features tell but Benefits Sell”. I would love to hear your thoughts on how best to craft the most powerful benefit statements (you know, the ones that hook the reader and practically force them to take advantage of your offer).
Onward and upward.

Gerald Stidham


Great article, I have never looked at my marketing campaigns from this point of view. It certainly makes sense.


Great post Charlie. The workings of the customers mind is definitely something that needs understanding. Thanks for shedding some light on the subject.

Mark Alyce

Hi Charlie,
Great post. It has definitely put me in the right direction.


Thanks Charlie,
If it’s one thing I need help in it’s sales. Just learning the science of sales and what goes through the mind of customers and how to use it these logical principles of human nature and wants is a step in the right direction.


Your article is very beneficial to me because i am a newbie and i am still learning the basics and your articles have been most helpful. Thank you.


Hey Charlie,

Excellent article and great feedback in the comments section. Your real life examples especially for Joel were terrific. I am going to use some of those on my site and on my next posts.

Even though I have heard the “features / benefits” examples before it is always great to have a review from a fresh perspective. I am continually amazed that what works in real life selling works vid the internet.

Thanks for sharing the great article!


PS I saw that Melissa Gault is among your subscribers and she made a Forbes list. She is going to be featured soon on my boomer site. She is incredibly talented.

Nicholas Wind

Hey Charlie.
As usual a great thinking article.
I will soon be joining your business.
I know where I’m going and have worked super hard
for the last 3 years building myself out online…
after the age of 50.

3 years ago I had nothing online weekly cheques.
Not huge ones but will be soon.

I tell you that to say this that I’ve just started studying copywriting
seriously after building my sales funnel with 2 WP blogs
attached to many social networks…etc..etc.

Hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Most folks avoid copy writing because it’s a large learning curve.
But from what I’ve studied it’s the number one skill
to get rich.
I study with a master and read your stuff and wil
soon join you.
My link is above..just take off the word blog.

Thanks for leading Charlie.

    walter daniels

    Nichols, I would advise reading Clayton Makepeace, John Reese, and John Carlton to learn copywriting. All three have great blogs, that teach a great deal. Just looking at their examples, will put you a leg up on most. Clayton even has a weekly “Swipe file,” example.
    I have learned a lot just reading them. This is also a great resource here, and well worth reading. Even if you don’t “roll your own” ad’s, you should at least know a little bit about them. Someone has to know if the ad/landing page, is really going to do the job.

Carol Champion

Charlie, great article. I have a question. As an affiliate marketer, we don’t always have our own website but I just read in another article that we should because the owner of product/info we’re promoting gets that name on his list and we’re not building our own list…can you give some insight?

Rebecca Hadley

Great article and lots of information that I must learn to include in my blog, and emails.
Please give me some examples in regards to my website. I also have a blog with wordpress. and please check it out. Glad to hear from you Charlie. It seems like every day I learn something new.

Thank you very much!

Gregory Bey

Thank you for providing this very helpful information. I know it will help me to write better sales copy. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at my site. Greg

Andrew Gallop

Hello Charlie, what a great post. You are always giving us the best way to sell whatever we are working on. Anything you have will fit. You keep it so simple. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

Lisa Princic

Hi Charlie,

You can pick on me too if you like. 😉

I am a coach as well and although have designed my messaging with their needs in mind, I don’t feel like it’s enough for them to drop everything and come running to me. I would like it to be stronger.

Any thoughts on how to better capture their burning needs?


Kathie Maclean

Hi Charlie.Thanks for another well written article. I would love to know your thoughts about the benefits of my business—Wedding Blogging. Thanks!

PS. I am attending Melissa’s teleclass today. Twittered about it too.

Chester Holley

I am new to this game and I will appreciate all the help you can give me.
I live in Borger . Texas am retired from Phillips Pet. Co its now Conoco / Phillips.. I have never made a dime on the internet. But I would like to don’ have a clue how.

Geoff Whitehouse

Hi Charlie

Thanks for the great article. As my old scottish marketing lecturer used to say “sell the sizzle (benefit) and not the steak (feature)”.



Your article reminds me of one of the oldest advertising axioms: “Sell the SIZZLE, an NOT the steak.”

Translation . . . Sizzle = Benefit = “Tastes good”. Steak = Feature = “Dead cow muscle”.

So always emphasize in your ads the key thing your product does better than its direct (and indirect) competitors . . . your Primary Competitive Advantage.

And know that sometimes you must legally and ethically disguise what the product REALLY is.

Tom Likes

I remember the Stingray well. And over the years I’ve read and heard your same message many times, but it always pays to hear it again! Sometimes it just gets out of sight out of mind. I read your whole article because I always pick up something new when someone else approaches the same subject with their personal insights.

Now I have your reminder fresh in my mind. Thanks.

Shash Bhave

Hi Charlie:

A great article. I was aware that we should provide more emphasis on
benefits than features. But it never dawned on me that features can
be converted into benefits.

As I said before, I never fail to a few nuggets of information from your
articles. I hope everybody realizes how much benefit we can accrue
being a member of DOE.


Esther Hansen

Hello Charlie,

Once again you remind us of what we already know from you. You do it so well.

Life has interfered with our focus on this particular website. We are trying to redirect our focus.
Should changes be made on the website in line with your sensible thinking?

Your devoted fan,
Esther Hansen

John Gaddis

Thanks for sharing. We sometimes overlook the power of emotion. Eventhough we ourselves give in to it on a daily basis.

Clive Sabin

Hello Charlie,

I found your article “How to sell more starting today” very helpful and informative.
Many thanks.

Mark Demers

Excellent tips today – i will look forward to many more posts.
If you have any tips on selling website building programs for me i would appreciate the insight you can give
Have a great day

Mark Demers



    Here are some thoughts.

    Promise of gain – All top earners online have a website of their own. Now you can too! Click here to get started!

    Fear of loss – Without a site of your own you simply can’t earn like the top performers. Click here to get started earning today!

    Hope this helps.


Joel H. Head

Hello Charlie,

Thanks for the thought provoking post. I found myself asking whether I have truly identified the most effective benefit for coaching services. I look forward to yoiur thoughts.




    I visited your site and found that the home page talks more about what you do than what’s in it for the client. This is exactly what my article was talking about. For example, this is in a box on your home page.

    Headwinds Ltd. provides executive coaching and leadership development programs that enable business leaders and professionals to leverage their strengths, enhance their ability to lead more effectively across functions, and influence and engage their employees to foster bottom line improvement.

    That’s good but making the benefit to the client more obvious might be helpful. I would change it a bit to read …

    Do you want to leverage your strengths, lead more effectively and radically impact your bottom line? Then you want Headwinds! Our mission is simple – to empower you to achieve all this and more. Join the growing ranks of satisfied clients today. It all starts by contacting us here.

    See the difference? The second version is more active; more about the client and what they want. It begins by asking a question they will have to answer with “yes” (thereby building yes-momentum) and ends by asking them to take a specific action.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for letting me pick on you. 🙂



Thanks for article. Please send examples.

Tim Adami

Thanks Charlie,
Your article is very informative and direct. Benefits always outweigh features and the quicker my understanding, the better my sales copy.

Appreciate your information, now it is off to re-working my marketing message, thanks,


Hey Charlie, nice article, as usual. I’ve printed the action steps and tacked them to my wall. I try to remember these things when I write but it helps to have them written in black and white 🙂


great article. I am starting my first email campaign this month. I am selling a clickbank product regarding affiliate marketing. could you please give me an example so I’ll know where to begin.


Hi Charlie,

i enjoyed the article, am looking forward to getting some more examples of benefits,



Bruce Shilander

Charlie, Good solid article!


What a wonderful article, Charlie. I do not know how to
find the words for this great article. Wow…

Thank you Thank you Thank you


Bob Secrest

Great article. Thank you for publishing it.
I would appreciate it if you could send me
some benefits for GDI.

Melissa Galt

This is too funny since I am doing a teleclass today and this is one of my discussion points . . . to become benefit based and not feature focused. Timing is everything. Hope you are well Charlie and I look forward to the calls resuming. Let me know if ever you need a guest expert, not sure you saw, but landed on a Forbes List! Most Influential Women on Twitter.

Warmly, Melissa



    You totally deserve the listing on Forbes and more. I recommend everyone reading this follow Melissa and visit her sites as well. Top quality work.


Bob Lauck


Great article. I’m wondering how I can put it to use with my food company. Taste is hard to convey in print and my enchilada sauce and soup actually require more effort (though not much) than opening a can. You’ve had my food. You like my food. Help!

Steve Davis

Hi Charlie, as always, a great article, something to live by. I can’t wait to see what tips you have for my niche.

With your DOE. I have qualified for payment from Clickbank, Yes 5 + sales, and still going strong.

Thanks, a bunch Charlie.

Christian Faucheux

Thanks Charlie.

I hope you will be able to help me find benefits for free members to become VIP members of my bookstore. It seems so obvious to me that maybe I did not spell it out clearly.
Please have a look at my website: and let me know if it is not clear enough.


Mole J

Great information. I really like the last part to make it very practical and step-by-step method of doing coming up with the benefits.


As always, Charlie great information and a worthwhile read.


Tim Means

Great article.
A simple formula for writing sales copy.
Easy to understand and remember.

Glad your back

Al Caccarile

Charlie you did it again. Great article that hits the nail on the haed and proves the benefits of being a DOE member. Looking forward to getting some example benefit statments from an expert like you.


Gail Hamilton

Helllo Charlie

Once again you have laid out in a clear, simple, organized manner an oft-repeated but sometimes difficult-to-grasp basic principle of selling. We have to put our fascinating selves aside and try to step into someone else’s shoes for a change. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we did that all the time, not just when we want to sell something.

Peter Tozer

Hi Charlie,

What a terrific article!

It deserves to be printed out and stuck on the wall alongside everyone’s computer involved in selling anything.

That way we will all be able to refer to it often and focus on the essence of writing sales copy.

Thank you for your valuable help.


Linda Jones

Thanks, Charlie! Great info that I will definitely make use of ….soon!! Great job!

Doug S

Great article! I have found that it is not easy getting someone to buy auto or homeowners insurance based on emotion. It seems to be 90% price and 10% service, until a claim happens. It was easy when I sold LTC and life insurance. It was definitely an emotional sell. But property and casualty seems to be a logical(price). I’ll keep trying though.



    This is a great place for an emotional sale! What you need to emphasize is how much less stress they will feel knowing that you are on their side and protecting them. Show them examples of your great customer service and ask them if they would like that peace of mind as well. I guarantee that they are making value/price decisions every day on things like clothing, entertainment and more. Show them your value and they will be less worried with price. All that said, it’s hard to turn someone on a price-gathering phone call into a value buyer but even that can be done if you write a short report about why getting the rock-bottom price is not always the best choice and how switching insurance too often can actually leave them uncovered for key items.

    Get them to buy you – and what you uniquely can do for them – not buy insurance coverage.

    Hope this helps.


      marilyn sheffield

      That IS SOOO TRUE!!

      They Buy the Person…..not the product or service….heck they can get that anywhere.


Hi Charlie

A really great article – nicely written.

We can never read these key issues too often.

Thanks a million…


Geoff – a life member of DoE

nancy meadows

Hi Charlie. Another great article. I would love to know your thoughts about the benefits of my business—interior design. Thank you!


    Let’s think about design for a moment. What does great design do for the client? Makes them happy. Makes them feel peaceful. Makes them feel proud of what they have accomplished. Makes them look good to their friends when they entertain. Adds value to their home. Might help land a new job or promotion.

    I think these are strong emotional triggers for buying interior design services. You agree?


Larry Owen

Please give me some example benefit statements


Best short article I’ve read for effective selling! Thanks for posting!

Leon Shindoll

Looking for tips on coverting those that opt in to my auto responder to sales




    Happy to help but I need to know more about your site and autoresponder series. Getting people to convert is different in different markets.



I love all your tips!


The idea of promise of gain and avoiding loss is true. That is the area of the so called ‘hot buttons’. Then there is a group of people who do not like their buttons pushed and who appreciate what I call ‘value clarification’. People with clear values do not go with needs but with conscious alignment to values. Sometimes that includes not fulfilling a need. Sometimes that includes not trying to avoid pain…



    I agree but my article was not about pushing buttons. It was about how people buy things. Your point, that some act through “value clarification” makes my point exactly. Only when they emotionally connect to an idea do they deem it to be worth moving on. In other words, they are not forming a matrix and choosing the least expensive cost basis – they are comparing an offer to their own internal sense of value and connecting to that emotionally.

    There is no more emotionally charged decision than the one to not avoid pain for a greater good. Logic will seldom come to that conclusion.

    It’s not about needs at all … it’s about wants. The person who chooses to not avoid pain does so from a place of wanting growth, not doing math. At least, that’s my view.


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