Internet Marketing: Are You Pushing Or Pulling?

Internet Marketing: Are You Pushing or Pulling? by Charlie Page

Internet marketing can be confusing to say the least!

Nothing we do in our real lives prepares us to work online, and terms like “autoresponder” or “solo ad” or “CPM”  are foreign at best.

To add to the confusion and information overload there are countless “gurus” handing out conflicting advice. It’s enough to make your head spin!

Let me help simplify things a bit.

There are really only two methods of internet marketing.

Those two methods are …

Push marketing and pull marketing.

These are two very different approaches to getting traffic to the sites you promote, so it’s important to know about them so you can choose wisely. Once you see the difference you will better know where to spend your time and money, and that knowledge alone can help you save both time and money.

Here are the two types of advertising online. I’m sure you will recognize both.

PUSH MARKETING is that type of internet marketing where you push your message out to your audience.

PULL MARKETING is the type of internet marketing where you place ads you hope will pull people to your website.

Let’s look at each one for a moment so you can know which will work best for the goals you are working toward right now.

Push Marketing

PUSH MARKETING is proactive. You are taking your message to your market and get their attention long enough to create interest. You don’t need to sell the product you are promoting with push marketing – just sell the click to the website.

Most “guerrilla marketing” (a term coined by Jay Conrad Levinson and used loosely by many marketers) is push marketing.

Some forms of Push Marketing include:

When using push advertising there are four things that you MUST do right.

  1. Know your target market
  2. Create a great headline
  3. Sell the click to the website
  4. Create curiosity and urgency

The reason the headline is so important with push marketing is that you have to capture attention and often need to do that in a setting where other messages are competing for the attention of your prospect.

Email marketing is a good example. If your email subject line is strong your open rate (how many people open your message) will be high. If you use a weak subject line your email will be ignored. When it comes to email marketing always remember that the subject line of the email is your headline for the ad.

Push marketing usually creates response MUCH faster than pull marketing because you are proactively sending your message. You choose how, when, and how often prospective customers see your selling message. After you get the customers I recommend to use software that will help to manage your customers, check out alternatives to Salesforce.

Pull Marketing

PULL MARKETING is that type of marketing where your ad lives in one spot and is seen by many people.  The ad is never “sent” to anyone but rather placed on sites where you hope your audience is searching.

According to, one of the advantages of pull marketing is that you can set it and forget it. A great Pay Per Click campaign is a good example. With pay per click, once your ads are converting your main concern becomes not getting outbid for your selected keywords. Some pay per click campaigns can run for months without modification, pulling in visitors for a low cost per click.

Another example is banner advertising. Often overlooked, banner advertising is incredibly cheap and banner campaigns can run for literally years unattended. Just set it up right and let it run!

Some forms of Pull Marketing include:

  • Banner Ads
  • Pay Per Click
  • Ads on Directories
  • Online Yellow Pages
  • Classified Ad Sites
  • Search Engine Paid Listings
  • Testimonials on other peoples’ sites
  • Re-marketing campaigns

When using pull advertising there are four things that you MUST do right.

  1. Choose keywords carefully
  2. Choose the sites your ad will appear on carefully
  3. Use a great headline
  4. Create curiosity

Now it must be said that selling benefits is an important part of any ad, but with pull advertising the goal is to make them curious enough to visit your site.

Should You Push or Pull?

Is push or pull right for you? Ultimately, you must decide based on your budget, audience, offer, how much time you can invest, and more. One very important factor is this: almost all great marketing campaigns consist of both push and pull marketing.

Generally, push marketing works best for products that meet a specific need of a specific market.

Selling an eBook, course or membership about how to make money at home is one example. Such products are very effectively marketed with push marketing methods because the target market is so easy to identify and reach. You can email a group of people who want to work at home very easily.

Pull marketing generally works best for products and services that are broader in nature.

Health is a good example. People who want better health are very active searchers, which means you will have many options when it comes to placing ads they might see. Because they are searching so actively you have the chance to put your ad on the sites they find in their searching.

Almost any product can be marketed effectively with either technique, or a combination of both. Whether you choose pull, push, or a mix, the most important thing is to remain in control of the process and take action immediately. Whether you push or pull, let the entrepreneur’s motto be your guide …

Late to bed, early to rise, work like heck and ADVERTISE! 🙂

Because GREAT advertising is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page Signature

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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John Antaya Reply

Was very interested in your analogy of push and pull marketing. Never thought to look at the marketing world that way, and this presented itself as a new and refreshing concept.

Thank You
John Antaya

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks John! I’m happy it helped you see marketing in a new light.


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Gerald Begg Reply

Love your entrepreneur’s motto:

Late to bed and early to rise, work like heck and advertise.

Great material Charlie

Star Reply

Hi friends, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say on the topic of this paragraph, in my view its genuinely amazing in favor of me.

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Easy home based business Reply

Thank you Charlie, sage advice!
Share first, sell only later. When you shower your subscribers with quality content, they’ll buy from you – that’s for sure.
My best,
Tim Pond

Liz Reply

So helpful to have it put so succinctly. When a strategy has a proper structure it is easier to keep moving forward. Thanks Charlie I love your style!

John Reply

Thanks for the reinforcements of the fundamentals, Charley.



Brian Reply

Thanks again for your knowledge and your talent for making it all so easy
to understand, not over whelming but inviting and friendly.
Ps. “MAKE” a 4 letter word I did not see on your four letter list.
Like in “Make” it a great day. Key word being Make 🙂

Ken Reply

Charlie Page,

As a lifetime member of the DOE – I KNOW how valuable your information is and is always worth reading no matter where you are on your journey to internet marketing success.

See, I took your advice and added a “push” to go along with all my “pulls”.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

Md Shafikul Anam Reply

Thanks Charlie, for your great article.

Linda Basta Reply

Thanks for making it so clear ,Charlie
now I know what I’m doing. lol

Keith Scheafer Reply

I really like how you simplify marketing, I know for myself with all the different Guru’s out there it can be info overload very quickly.

Thanks Charlie!

Keith Scheafer

Frank Carney Reply

Charlie, you hit as many homers as Jeter. Thanks!

Dez Dezaritto Reply


What can I say?… Just on the eve of the day which I thought of writing an article very close to what yours looks like (well obviously content-wise). I’m glad that it was Pushed because like you have pointed out, some of the best campaigns running are made of a mix and can without a doubt believe that this campaign probably contains a mix right?

Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful job at marketing and coaching, I’m inspired for one.


Jeff Reply

Always wondered what difference was now I know. Thanks.

ken from GTRfreebook Reply

Hi Charlie push marketing is better because you wish for your adds to be seen not hidden away but out there in the public eye

Raymond Reply

July 15,2011 at 1:47 PM

Advertising strategies explained in the,A-B-C form. That’s great.

Thank You.

Gwen Moye Reply

Thanks charlie you have such insight and creativity when it comes to marketing. I’am glad I’am a part of the Charlies Page family.

Marvin Reply

Thanks again Charlie, very informative as usual.

richard flynn Reply

Thanks again Charlie, I need to be reminded of the differance, get off track at times and
sort of drift-if you know what I mean. your articles help me focus. for me the obvious is not always obvious…

Cheryl Winter Reply

Thanks Charlie for another great article. I now see that my niche would lend itself to both “pushing” and “pulling.” I never considered “pulling” advertising until now.

You are a great writer and teacher. Thanks Charlie!

Norma Reply

Hello, Charlie

That is really a great article. I understand the difference in Push and Pull
Marketing now. I love doing the Classified Advertising. That way my ad
stays active for 1 month to sometimes 6 months.

Thanks for the article.

Clyde Reply

I always enjoy reading your articles as well as learning something in the process.

I have always been a push marketer but you may have “pushed” me out of my comfort zone.

Please keep the quality information coming sir,

andrew Reply

thank you charlie good info. Andy

Jane Reply

Thanks Charlie……some great information…….

Stephen Reply

Charlie, another gem, thank you.

Martin P Kerrigan Reply

Thank you Charlie. I always open your emails because you are so wise and knowledgeable. Two very different things. And I always learn from your words. And you are kind. I respect that.

Beat Schindler Reply

Great article – thank you! Operating on a shoestring, “measure-ability” is my primary consideration for marketing campaigns. Online provides fantastic instant-response about whether a campaign works or doesn’t.
– Beat

Gonzalo Chagas Reply

Great article Charlie, You pushed me to your blog by emailing me and I’m glad you did.
Thank you


Herb Reply

I’m a new member and have found everything to be excellent so far. Will be starting actual advertising soon so you will hear from me in the next few days

Tyronne Ratcliff Reply

Awesome post, I see that you mentioned Jay Conrad Levinson, just picked up his book, “Guerilla Multilevel Marketing” from the public library, oldie but goodie.

discount fitflops Reply

Hi: Chalie
thanks for sharing thie great tips, espicially the push marketing tactics. I find it so hard to built my e-mail list now that I know the difference i will try to test each one of them in order to see which of the two strategies will work for me.
Thanks again

Cliff Ford Reply

Charlie…What can I say, but….I hang onto every article you write (hope I get them all).
Thanks again…just waiting for the next!!!!!

BoomerMary Reply

Terrific article. Concise and clear, unlike so many muddied messages that simply fail to communicate.

Something I need to learn “less is more”.

As a lover of words I say too much.


Sally Reply


Always great material from you! Thanks for sharing so much.


Michael Dages Reply

Hey Charlie,

I really appreciated this article… I now have a better understanding of online marketing and how to greatly increase profits due to MORE exposure of my products and services!

Key Points in this article that helped me:

“Push marketing usually creates response MUCH faster than pull marketing…”
“Push marketing works best for products that meet a specific need of a specific market.”

These two statements below helped me open my eyes to PULL MARKETING, which I have been doing “some” but did not know it. I have a new perspective about online marketing I did not have before… I will be advertising much more now with Pull Marketing!

Point #1 – “PULL MARKETING is that type of marketing where your ad lives in one spot and is seen by many people.”
Point #2 – “Pull marketing generally works best for products and services that are broader in nature.”

Thanks again Charlie for your motivating articles.

Michael Dages

Kari Baxter Reply

Hi Charlie! Great clarification on push and pull marketing. The main things for me to remember is my target market, what they’re searching for, and always the headline! 🙂

Kelley Reply

Excellent article. That really sorts a lot of things out in a way that is simple. Thank you

Boyd Warren Reply

You have explained advertising in a way that even I, a newbie, can understand it. Thanks for making your articles clear and understandable.

Chris Reply

great article, Charlie.The one thing that I have never seen an article on is how to post your links on your website.That is what holds me back.I don’t know how to do it.

Patricia Reply

Great article Charlie.

Seng Sotharith Reply

Hi Chalie,

Thanks so much for your letter. I read it in detail. It is a valued guide.

Seng Sotharith

steve fortosis Reply

Hi Charlie, great article. I really want to join DOE at the current permanent membership fee; however, my wife and I had to declare bankruptcy a few months ago and really don’t have any extra dollars to commit to anything until we can make sure our basic bills are covered each month. Please don’t cancel the life membership fee.

My site above is dedicated to helping turn kids on to reading. The lure of TV and video games is so great, few kids read anymore.

Moshe Handler Reply

Great article!

Short and to the point as usual.

I would love to see your comments on writing great Headlines and subject lines in the future.


Ron Williams Reply

Another great article Charlie. Good information! Keep it coming.

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