Is a 42% click through rate good?

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I find this fascinating. I just checked my Aweber stats for the first email I sent out about our Follow Up Selling Systems reopening and was very surprised (and thankful) to find that we had a 42% click through rate.

Here’s what I mean by click through in case you don’t know that term. To me, click through rate is best measured when you divide the number of people who click the link in your email by the number of people who open your email.

Of the emails I sent that day (I sent to a sub list of 39,000) only 3267 were opened. I was a bit disappointed as that is only a 8.2% open rate, which is quite low for my lists.

My mistake because I sent the thing on a Friday night, and people have better things to do than read email from me on a Friday night! At least I hope they do! 🙂

But here was the redeeming part.

Of the 3267 who opened it 1395 clicked on the link in the email!

So that means that about 42% of the people who saw the email actually clicked the link!

Here is a screenshot.

Now that is unusual to say the least.

NOTE: I know that some people will look at that and do the math and say it’s actually a 3 1/2% click through rate since 1395 clicked out of 39,000. But I disagree. I always measure results based on people who see the email and could take action to click – measuring what they do is more realistic in my view when it comes to knowing if your selling message hit or missed.

Want to know why that happened?

  • I have good people like you on my list – I don’t use junk traffic sources like safelists so the people who are on my list are there because they want to be.
  • I am always honest with the people on my list. If you know me, you know that’s true. If you don’t know me Google my name and you should find some good stuff.
  • I work hard to deliver value to my subscribers. Again, if have been on my lists for a while you know I like to teach and give lots of free material.
  • I’m not always trying to “close” the sale. I make a living selling memberships. Not denying that. But 99% of the posts on my blog, and the articles in my ezine, are free teaching.

The reason that I created Follow Up Selling Systems is simple. Over the years I’ve developed a method of email marketing that helps people make big profits from small mailing lists.

I want to teach you how I do it so you can do it too.

I will make no bones about it — I’m hoping you will join Follow Up Selling Systems.

So here’s my sales pitch. If you join, my staff and I will work tirelessly to help you build your lists and succeed with email marketing.

If you find it’s not for you then Clickbank will happily refund your payments. But I believe that won’t happen because what I teach inside Follow Up Selling Systems works … if you work it.

Hope you have an excellent day.

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