Is Article Marketing Dead?

For many years article marketing has been a wonderful way to drive traffic. There have long been two reasons why article marketing works so well.

One – Article marketing educates readers before they visit your main sales page, increasing conversions.

Two – Article marketing positions you as an authority, a trusted voice in the vast wilderness of information overload. This creates trust which leads to increased sales.

Article marketing works, in part, because this method of marketing gives before it expects to receive. Anyone who reads your article is free to take an action to learn more.

In this way article marketing prospects are self-selecting to move forward, and that is a powerful thing in the world of marketing.

But there are challenges in the article marketing landscape.

Google’s often misunderstood (and often changing) duplicate content penalty, a proliferation of non-native language article writers writing cheap, useless articles and article spinners that spew out unreadable drivel to name but a few.

It’s no wonder then that many are asking “Is article marketing dead?”

It’s an important question — and one that demands a clear answer.

My answer is …

My answer is that article marketing is not dead at all. Not even close.

But article spamming is dead, and that’s a very good thing.

There are important differences between true article marketing and article spamming.

So let me say again …

Article MARKETING is not dead, not by a long shot!

Article SPAMMING is dead, and that’s a good thing.

So what is the difference between article marketing and article spamming?

Article spamming includes, but is not limited to, the following …

  • Submitting the same article to hundreds or thousands of article “directories” with one click
  • Using spinners to turn one article into hundreds (or thousands) or “unique” articles
  • Taking a PLR article, putting your name on it without any other changes and submitting it as your own work
  • Copying someone else’s article from their website and publishing it as your own work

Why are these spamming?

They are spamming because these activities cause the content to be neither original nor useful. The real key to information marketing is to provide high-quality, original, helpful content.

Yes, article marketing is alive and well, and it works better than ever!

But some of the names have changed and it’s important to realize these changes. In today’s world “article marketing” has taken on these new names.

  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Guest posting
  • Syndication
  • Repurposing of content

These methods work. They work now. They have worked for many years. And they will continue to work for many years to come.


Because, unlike article spamming, these methods provide the lifeblood of the Internet — high quality original content delivered free with no pressure on the reader to take action.

Let’s look at each one and see how they might work in your life.


Blogging is no longer optional for those who want, or have, an online business.

One key to success online is to let people hear your voice and decide if they want to follow you. Nothing does that better than blogging.

In today’s world the barriers to blogging have been removed. If you have a hosting account you can have a blog with one click in most cases.

If you don’t have, or want, hosting you can use an online service like Typepad. Typepad is good enough for Seth Godin, the odds are it’s good enough for me and you too.

Guest posting

Guest posting simply means submitting your articles to blogs that can use your content. Totally different from article spamming, this is a highly targeted approach that works wonderfully well.

Guest posting works well for three powerful reasons.

  1. You inherit the credibility of the blog your article appears on when you guest post.
  2. Readers can follow a link in your author’s box (also called a resource box) to visit your site.
  3. Readers who do visit your site can join your list (the list is still the #1 priority) and will do so in higher numbers than “cold” visitors.

I highly recommend submitting your best articles to the blogs in your niche. The power of appearing on a top blog like Copyblogger cannot be overstated.

Best of all, guest posting is completely free!


Syndication means having your article appear on many sites.

Many today worry about Google’s duplicate content penalty when they should not be so worried.

Yes, the penalty exists. It is very real. It’s goal, however, is to penalize low-quality sites that rely on spammy content.

But the penalty does not target high-quality original content that appears on multiple sites. If it did companies that syndicate for a living, like the Associated Press, would be put out of business.

For many decades journalists like Bob Woodward and George Will have relied on syndication for exposure. The Internet did not change that, it simply expanded it.

To see a list of syndicated columnists click here. These people profit from syndication – you can profit from it too.

One example of syndication is originally began as a site for ezine publishers to find high-quality content to syndicate. It wasn’t until the “marketers” started hyping up what EA could do (and selling courses and tools on how to beat the system) that people thought about getting direct traffic from them.

Look for places to syndicate your content. When you find them submit your best content and watch as they help you find new and larger audiences than you ever dreamed of before.

Repurposing content

Many people say no to content marketing because they don’t want to write the content. While I believe that any person can learn to write for the Internet, I know that not all want to do that or have the time.

The solution is repurposing.

Repurposing content simply means taking high-quality content that was created in one format and changing the format to repackage the content and share it in more places.

Here are a few examples of repurposing content that work well …

  • Break reports or ebooks into articles
  • Write articles from multiple points of view (repurpose ideas)
  • Combine articles into reports or ebooks
  • Transcribe audio & video into a series of articles

There are many ways to do this of course. The real key is permission – make 100% sure that you have the permission of the person who created the content before moving ahead. Otherwise repurposing becomes plagiarism and that must be avoided at all costs.

There is no more powerful method of marketing online than information marketing.

Sites like Copyblogger and Chris Brogan (and many others) have proven beyond a doubt that sharing your best ideas freely lead to more sales, a powerful reputation and real people getting the help they need.

Article marketing is information marketing. Whether your information marketing takes the form of a blog, a guest post, an article on a site like or an email follow up series, giving out your best information free will help you sell more.

Information marketing (also called education marketing) works because …

  1. Information marketing gives before it expects to receive.
  2. Information marketing helps people.
  3. Prospects self-select to learn more – no “forcing” them to opt in to learn more.
  4. Information marketing creates better customers because they are educated about the product before they buy.
  5. Information marketing does not have hard or ongoing costs. Outside of hosting (about $10 a month at this writing) you don’t have to pay other costs. And once you create an article it can work for you for years to come.
  6. Information marketing positions you as an authority and creates trust.
  7. Information marketing opens the door to work with top sellers in your field as you guest post on each other’s blogs.

And those are beautiful things indeed!

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55 thoughts on “Is Article Marketing Dead?”

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  4. Hello Charlie, I totally agree with you about article marketing… It is not dead! A few weeks ago I wrote an article on article writing and published it to I have to admit I do not have many articles there about 24 in all, because I generally write and publish to my own blog.

    I wrote that article as a test. I wanted to see how responsive EZA is now after all the changes Google made, which I’ll give you my results in a moment but first I wanted to ask you…

    I have been ask by ezine publishers if I would write articles for their newsletters. Of course I said yes and have. However, I would like to create a publishers list that I can email when I have new articles written. This way I won’t be bogged down writing articles on various subjects while trying to focus on my freelance work.

    Does this still work?

    Okay, here is my results of that article that I have written and placed on EZA.

    As of Jan. 27 2014 Published 20 days ago

    Total views 60
    Total Clicks 4
    Total CTR 6.67%

    Not bad and proves that article marketing is still alive and well. I am planning on adding article marketing to my traffic tactics list again. I think if I can get 5 articles a week on there it might send some pretty good traffic back my site and more importantly build that list.

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  6. Another winner Charlie, you’re the best at Article writing! Now have fun reading this:


    Just listen please: a novice is a novice!
    Before I started looking into Internet Marketing,
    On and off– For years! I was studying The Markets!
    You know– stocks and commodities.
    But that Wall Street intimidated me.
    Then finally I kind of cool it!
    Cowardice! Oh yes that it is!
    But to come back I am still tempted.

    I am not embarrassed to be ignorant.
    I am not an ingénue oh no, no!
    But so often times I am uninformed
    I guess nobody knows everything!
    And if we do… then you’re not dumb.
    We are just very, very smart! Perhaps
    Going on the border of being– a genius!
    Genius is 90 % sweating! Ask Einstein.

    Going back to the subject of IM let just tell’ya:
    I had now realized: that before we get a blog,
    We have to set up a Hosting Account,
    And get a domain on a Website. Well…
    That one alone implies monthly expenses.
    Because of course ” money makes money.”
    I wish I had realized this before… I didn’t!
    And just today is when really find out!

    So let us open the Hosting Account– presto!
    Even thou I still have insecurities and doubts.
    Yes, I trust my guru he is a man of integrity.
    It is just me… I wish I was more assertive.

  7. Dear Charlie, I want to chare something that I did yesterday with you. Well I wrote an article related to the hair and scalp and sent it to a local newspaper in my home town and is for free they are not going to charge me a single cent and they do not have any secrets to show me. Thank God for this pople. I hope in God that the public likes my article because is informative and educational. God bless you, Virginia.

  8. Great article for somebody like me, “a newbie” 😉 THank you very much Charlie ! As I’m not a native English speaker, your advices have much value for me.

  9. Great article Charlie!

    Article marketing has had a hard time ever since people started flooding the web with 21,000 two dollar articles to build link popularity. We got away from the idea that an article SHOULD be for a human to read. Hopefully we’re getting back to the that concept.

    Back in the early days of the Web, site owners would find great articles and put them on their sites. I developed a good business sending my articles to these sites. Your ideas are a realistic way of getting back to that very successful model.

    1. My friend! So good to hear from you. Thank you for your comment and for being such a consistent voice for marketing methods that really work online.


  10. S. Kumar,

    That was one of the finest article I have read after a long, long time on article marketing!

    Charlie, you put things in perspective.

    S. Kumar

  11. Hi Charlie, Thanks for the good information. What is your view on writing an article for one’s website and then re-using it again on four or five blogs that the writer has?

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  13. Hi Charlie,

    I really learn great deal from your site especially content marketing! How about your views on link building? I would certainly appreciate if you can share with me this vital topic:)


    1. Thanks for asking James. I do plan on writing about linking strategies soon. My overall view is that logical and organic links work very well. Trying to beat Google at their own game by buying lots of links is a short-term strategy that will eventually fail, as do all attempts to outsmart Google.

  14. …No, I do not agree with you. Guest posting is way too hard these days, since more and more people are looking to guest post rather than write on article directories. So, the guest posting market gets saturated just as article directory submission.

    To add to that, while article directories actually accepted multiple submissions from thousands of authors, blogs might not be so generous. Sorrow!

    Article marketing per se is dead in the sense that blogs want unique content and you can’t syndicate your own blog article over there. So why would you write a fresh article for someone else’s blog? Only one link and some publicity purpose? It is not article syndication in the true sense of the term.

    Video marketing is still up! Podcast marketing is up! But article marketing is dead.

    1. No worries. We can agree to disagree. If you don’t see the value in reaching audiences other than your own by guest posting then that’s okay with me. I wish you well. Article marketing is far from dead in my view, especially when compared to podcasting.

  15. Great post, Charlie. I’m a big fan of guest posting. I think it’s much easier and better than article marketing. I’ve used the article spinners and software in the past, but they never helped me in the long run. They did send short traffic spikes, but that’s about it.

    So many people have abused article marketing that the search engines pretty much started ignoring it. That’s a good thing too.

    Thanks for sharing this brilliant article.

    Chuck Holmes

    1. Thanks for sharing. The more people ignore article marketing the better it works! Especially guest posting. So few take the time to do the work that really gets results.

    1. The most obvious is But that is changing as the market changes. I’m working on a list for members now and will be teaching about this soon.

    1. Yes, but not exactly as they appear on your site. What I do is have my articles shortened a bit for syndication. That seems to work well.

  16. CHARLIE, Wow you are one of a kind. You offer everything I feel you have a great program I wish I could take part. But being on a fixed income after being shot up in nam. IT has kept me from a lot of things being in a wheel chair. Your friend fred

  17. Great points. I’ve been so worried about the duplicate content issue that I’ve been forcing myself to only write original articles and blog posts. It’s a huge amount of work, but at least I know it won’t be penalized. And your suggestion of repurposing content is a good one because I can take that original content and stretch it out.

    1. There is no doubt that original content matters and matters a lot. But repurposing can create unique content, when done right, and that helps ease the burden of content creation.

  18. Bradford Risbert

    Hello Charlie,
    That was a great one on article marketing. I am an Affiliate Marketer and I use article marketing a lot. However, I’m overblown by the different ideas you’ve mentioned on article marketing. I have been using syndication and submitting to the article directories. Your article has given me some more great ideas to experiment with. I will definitely try out the various forms of article marketing laid out by you. Thanks for the wonderful blog post.

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it! Article marketing works well for affiliate marketing, especially when the articles educate the reader about how to use the product being promoted. Keep up the good work!

  19. Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for that article on article marketing 🙂 I must say it has answered the very question I have been asking myself here at the beginning of 2013… and really it just makes common sense. As the internet continues to mature we are seeing the trash getting thrown out and the good becoming better. The way it should be.

    Graham 🙂

    1. Common sense is the name of the game. I agree about the changes taking place online. While there will always be bad actors I do believe it’s getting better.

  20. Martin's Discounts

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for the informative article and its points. I’ve made it a point to bookmark your site and encourage others to do so also. I am going to have to agree with you Charlie, article marketing is not dead! (provided it is used properly). I believe it is also important to bring up the fact that if your are using article marketing in your campaign to keep in mind that it effects the SEO of your site. The over used and publicized idea of using PLR must be brought to attention. Respinning is often noticed if you are using an on-line respinner. How do you solve this problem? Simple enough, use the PLR article as the skeleton (outline) and then expand on the idea on your own, in your own words. If you are not passionate about article writing, then it might be a good idea to reconsider about your campaign. Another GREAT idea, if you are not ready or are short on time, then it is easy enough to invite guest article writers to your site. Bloggers seem to be the way to go. Not only does it provide backlinking to help your SEO efforts, it helps the guest writer, and provides useful, original content. It is important to make sure to maintain the content of the guests invited. There are handfuls of ideas and different techniques listed under SEO Management (don’t let this terminology intimidate you – you are probably using it already) and article marketing should not be forgotten. I could babble on and on, but this is Charlie’s Page. Thanks Charlie, appreciate the fact that you bring facts and inspiring ideas to others.
    PS. Charlie, I have been watching your business grow, and must say, MOST COMMENDABLE! ( a man dedicated to his business and his ART)

    1. Thanks Martin! I do love my business and feel that’s one reason it has grown so much. We are up in a down economy and my excellent customers and readers (like you) are the reason.

      I agree 100% about the guest posting. It’s a great way to build content with minimum effort and everyone wins.

  21. Good post Charlie. I used to have a mental block when it came to writing but the more I do it, the better I get and the faster I am able to create new content. Recently I’ve had success rewriting PLR articles targeting long tail keywords. Sometimes I’ll find a couple related PLR articles and rewrite an article using the info from them. I’ve gotten several rewritten PLR articles ranked on the first page of Google for the long tail I was targeting, am generating traffic and have gotten a few sales. It’s not that hard once you START.

    1. Good for you Mike! You are right about starting – that’s the key. In all the years I’ve been writing one constant has been that writers just can’t not write. The more you do it the more you can do it and the better you get as well.

  22. Excellent. Just loved reading this, Charlie. Personally, I think the 7 points at the end could, in some ways, be turned into a checklist for creative ideas when writing. For instance, “Will what I have written give what my target audience would like?” “Will what I am creating help people… why?” Etc.

    All the best to you, Charlie.


  23. Hi Charlie, Thank you for another great article. I really enjoy reading everything written by you. Have a wonderful day, a great year ahead and tons of new articles.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Being fresh, original and unselfish are my goals! Glad to know I’m on target.

  24. Hey Charlie,

    I don’t know about you but I believe things truly happen for a reason. I’ve been going through Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and I love writing so the article marketing part definitely appealed to me. The thing is I;ve heard everyone spouting that article marketing was dead. Then Marlon recommended you and your resources (I’m looking forward to reading (and ultimately joining your DOE program). I’m excited about what I’m about to learn and I’m glad you think article marketing is still very much alive.

    Do you still place value in building up a good portfolio of quality content rich articles on ezinearticles?

    Thanks again,

    Sorry for length of my comment.

    Will be keeping an eye out 🙂

    John Mulry.

    1. No worries about the length of your comment. I’m always happy to hear from you. I love Marlon’s Dashboards — good for you using it. I do feel that is still relevant and important. But most are missing the point of how to use it and that’s a shame. Chris has made videos openly sharing how and why to use the site and they are really helpful.

  25. I’m envious of your skill at writing so clearly, Charlie.
    It’s good that you’ve clarified the Google anti-duplication policy. Also I am impressed with your emphasis on sending our best work, rather than just a rehash of something we tossed off. I know someone who has nearly 700 articles on I doubt she wrote many of them or that she’s a Charlie Page fan. 🙂
    Thanks for re-inspiring me to write a fresh article or two.

    1. Thanks Bryan. Always good to hear from you. I do believe in giving your best. That’s especially important when it comes to the content we use to attract new audiences.

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