Is Clickbank A Scam?

Note from Charlie: Please be sure to see the Clickbank links at the end of this article. They are very important to your financial well-being!

I’ve been hearing the “s” word (I mean scam, not the other one!)  a lot lately. People are upset, disappointed, angry and confused.

Not a good thing.

I think we have all been there.

My first few years online were nothing short of a weird and confusing circus of trying to learn a new language (Internet marketing has it’s own dictionary!) and trying the things the “gurus” were saying would help me make money.

Yes, there were gurus back in the stone age! 🙂

I can fully understand that people rightly feel ripped off when they buy products that massively under-deliver and basically leave them disappointed. We have all been there.

Not what was promised. No customer service. And in this economy you simply can’t afford to waste a single dollar.

But being disappointed and calling something a scam are two very different things.

So here is my take on Clickbank and whether Clickbank is a scam or not.

Good news … bad news

First, the positive.

In over 10 years of service (as of this writing) Clickbank has never missed paying anyone (merchant or affiliate) on time to the best of my knowledge.

They do have some very odd (to me) rules about getting your money if you are a new affiliate, and new affiliates need to be warned about that before promoting Clickbank products and thinking the money is going to tumble in.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about please see the links at the end of this article. It’s important to know how to get your money out of Clickbank.

For vendors like me who sell online Clickbank can be a God send. They collect the money for sales, pay affiliates on time and send us the balance. They pay once a week and they handle all the pesky paperwork like filing tax forms and more. They collect and remit VAT where needed so we don’t have to.

Is all of this cheap? Hardly.

Vendors pay much more to process orders via Clickbank than almost any other payment processor. When compared to PayPal for example the figures are staggering. But convenience comes with a price and there is no payment processor online who offers more convenience to sellers than Clickbank.

Now, the negative.

I believe Clickbank needs to clean house and flat out remove all vendors who are promising easy riches using any of the now infamous “three click” software products.

In addition, I think they need to really crack down on the fake screenshots and outright lies that are going on about how much money people are supposed to be making.

In other words, if you are a vendor you really should not be allowed to show a screenshot of your entire account history and pretend you made that money as an affiliate. I won’t name names but  understand it does happen … a lot.

Happily, Clickbank is moving in the right direction in my view. They have recently released a number of updates to their terms of service that will dramatically impact the false scarcity and outright deception that we all (including Clickbank) dislike.

These are simply my own opinions based on being a Clickbank vendor and affiliate for over 10 years. I receive awards from them every year for being a top affiliate and top vendor. I say this only to say that I have some experience with Clickbank, and that I like them and hope very much for the best.

In my view Clickbank has a rich history of helping people who are getting started online make money with affiliate marketing.

Their site is easy to use and they offer very good customer service in my experience. But they have leaned toward the fast buck artists by introducing selling methods like “one click upsells” and other tools.

To be clear about it, I don’t think up-sells are evil. But I do think it’s wrong to make it look like your product will do everything a person needs done for $37 and then subject buyers to endless “one time offers” that make them feel stupid or like they will miss success if they don’t buy now.

My Take

In my opinion Clickbank is not a scam or anything close to it.

  • Are there people selling on Clickbank who over promise? Yes.
  • Are there people selling on Clickbank who don’t provide customer service? Yes.

But this does not make Clickbank as a company a scam in my view.

I believe Clickbank will clean up it’s list of sellers and in fact see encouraging signs of that happening even as I write this.

Four things you should know.

I think there are four things to keep in mind. Again, this comes from the perspective of time, having watched the ebb and flow of the shady marketers and great marketers over the past decade.

    1. The market will find balance. People who over promise and under deliver won’t last long.
    2. Clickbank will find their balance. I truly believe they will come around and have already seen them make moves in the right direction.
    3. You need to be informed. Selling Clickbank products as an affiliate is not as easy as “finding a high gravity product and placing some ads” in my experience. Yes, that can happen occasionally but there is no formula that guarantees success every time. If there were then everyone would be succeeding, and we know that is not the case.
    4. We all need to become hype proof. Your parents were right – if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Think about this; if someone really had the key to riches would they sell it for $37? I think not.

With that said, here are some links you really need to know about. They have to do with you getting paid for your efforts. So please take time to visit them when you can.

Important links

Here are a couple of links you should know about. These are important enough to take time to read.

Clickbank’s page on earning commissions and getting paid

Clickbank’s accounting policy – pay careful attention to the section midway down the page called “Customer Distribution Requirement”

Promotional guidelines – Clickbank is tightening their rules for selling to make vendors more accountable. This is a very good and much needed move on their part.

I like Clickbank and always have. I have used other payment processors over the years but Clickbank makes selling online easy and convenient. As an affiliate I still promote Clickbank products but candidly I don’t do that as much as I used to due to the hyped-up sites so popular on Clickbank lately. There are so many wonderful products online now that relying on Clickbank is, in my view, a mistake.

My advice is this – learn as much as you can about selling Clickbank products and promote the products you use and believe in. An honest recommendation based on your experience is always the best way to sell things online, especially if you are promoting products to your own mailing list.



Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Charlie, I appreciate the way you have reported on your dealings with Clickbank. It shows YOUR integrity as well as the Clickbank management team’s.

As you mentioned, too many people make an online income look too easy with the hype. It’s just a matter of being realistic. If you aren’t prepared for the hard work, then you are in the wrong industry.

I feel another concern is that so many people who start off in this business are simply not organized well enough to deal with the information overload that comes with the excitement of working your own business.

I’m glad there are many people who are trying to “pay it forward” to help folks get started without having to pay out a lot of money. It just takes some planning and organization.

Thanks again for your honesty and integrity.



Hey Charlie, I just joined CBU, Clickbank University which is very new. I love it! Check it out.
They have a few millionaires that have made it big on clickbank to make 100,000 people millionaires in the next year through this CBU. Adam and Justin are the 2 main instructors and they cover everything. Not cheap but worth every penny. It not only teaches but provides all the main tools you need that you would otherwise have to buy and comes out costing less in the long run. I love Clickbank but you are right, they don’t get rid of those scammers fast enough.


I know clickbank far back but never had any dealings with them. Right now I need to get back on track but there are numbers of challenges am facing because of my country. Could you please let me know if I can be a successful internet marketer despite those challenges such as pick up address required by clickbank and the likes. Am from Nigeria, Africa.

    Charlie Page

    That is a challenge but I do believe it can be overcome if you follow the same steps as everyone else who succeeds online. If Clickbank won’t do business with you perhaps other affiliate networks like JVZoo will be more open.

Leon Edward

Your article is much appreciated. It is thorough , an honest look and helpful to many. I recommend affiliate marketing to many of my article website and blog readers who are caretakers for stroke or head injured as opposed to the workplace and 40-55 Hour work weeks.
A place like Clickbank that handles foreign purchases , taxes, etc can be just what some people injured need to make it in this business.
Bless you and Continued Success

    Charlie Page

    Thank you Leon. I had a minor (and I stress minor, I know others really suffer) head injury myself (Post concussion for 2 years) so can related to needing simple and manageable. Although recovered now, I still love that about Clickbank. Nothing online is easier in my view.


clickbank team should start manual verification of vendors sales pages especially in the internet marketing niche. hype is too much

    Charlie Page

    Yes, but they are doing a much better job than they were before.

Ake Hedman

Thank you for your information and honesty.

Get Your Focus Back! -

[…] make it seem so easy. And those blasted Clickbank screenshots (many are fake) showing what you wish your Clickbank account looked […]

Ella McLean

This is so refreshing. I used to think there must be something that I was missing somewhere along the line, that I had not yet discovered. Nice to hear a genuine marketer calling a lie “a lie”. It used to make me so angry to be encouraged to buy a product that seemed to offer a fantastic deal just to find it was actually broken up into little bits, and you had no idea how many bits would actually give you the product you thought you had bought for the fantastic price. Took me forever to learn that stories of personal experiences were made up to deceive you into believing they were the “good guys”and everyone else was “the devil himself”. Why is it so bad to “uncover” those who are stealing from people who trust an open marketing platform? Shouldn’t the market itself protect the consumers for whom the platform provides them with a good living? You mention Clickbank cleaning up. I too am grateful to Clickbank because whenever I have had time to check my purchase before the due date expires, they have never turned me down over a genuine refund request. It would have saved me a fortune to not ever buy directly through my bank card and only through Clickbank. Why can’t marketers Name Names of the “tricksters”? I guess that could get out of hand, but I think “lying”, from my experience, has definitely got out of hand. And returning money that has been verbally guaranteed in a video, should be mandatory.

    Charlie Page

    It is sad but true that the market does not police itself very well. The scammers come, take money from people who can afford to lose it most, and then vanish without any repercussions. Thus it has ever been. The best thing we can do is to be informed consumers and find voices that can be trusted for when we want an opinion.

    Thank you for your comment.

Albert Weal

I should have read this before I quit :Follow up Selling.

Albert Weal

    Charlie Page

    What matters most is that you have read it now, and that it helped you in some way.

Today Is Your Day! |

[…] won’t give specifics or show you my Clickbank screenshot like the hype boys do but let’s just say that we are not living in a rent house […]


Clickbank’s CDR policy obviously is a scam!

    Charlie Page

    While I respect your opinion I respectfully disagree. It might be less friendly to affiliates than it could be, but it is clearly stated and so not a scam in my book.

    That said, they need to change their policies if they want to fend off more affiliate-friendly competitors like JVZoo.


Today Is Your Day!

[…] won’t give specifics or show you my Clickbank screenshot like the hype boys do but let’s just say that we are not living in a rent house […]

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[…] best part of working with Clickbank by far is how they manage your affiliate program for you. They literally do all the […]

facebook advertising

Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to produce
a superb article… but what can I say… I put
things off a whole lot and never seem to get
nearly anything done.

Brian Passman

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments about clickbank, Charlie,. and thank you for taking the trouble and time to publish them. I have dipped into clickbank on a number of occasions but have never bought anything. The last time was when an author withdrew her magnificent e-book on article writing because it needed updating and I went to clickbank to find a replacement. I was horrified at the rubbish which clickbank was selling about article writing. My old Mum used to say, “Tell me your company and I’ll tell you what you are.” Customers walk past a shop which sells rubbish, Clickbank needs to tighten up a lot and do it fast before customers start walking past. I’m with you Charlie. Clickbank has many good things to recommend it. I don’t want to see it decline..

Mark Mansfield

Hi Charlie
I agree with you although I’m yet to make enough money to get any from Clickbank. As usual good info.
Yes it is hard when your new to everything on the net but I’ll get there one day. Thanks for you help Charlie.

Paul Warner

I like Clickbank for a lot of different reasons but I do have to say they do not check out their vendors or the products nearly enough. As for my opinion on IM vendors I dislike the majority of them because I think OTOs is deceptive selling, very close to bait and switch, and now they have this timer thing which is utterly demeaning, and here is one that really gets me, is that they have a product that they are trying to sell and they present it Friday evening and then you have til’ midnight Sunday night to make a decision. I can’t tell you how many of these IM vendors I have blistered on that alone. I really do not understand or fathom why we have to get an email every single day from an IM vendor. It’s like parents who continually yell at their kids, eventually the kids don’t even hear them, and eventually, at least from my point of view, I just don’t have the time to read everything that is being sent to me, and why?? Because it is overwhelming. I can’t even digest what was sent to me the first day, when I am faced with something the second, third, fourth, fifth day, and suddenly I am overwhelmed and behind, and my computer is overloaded. This is not fun, in fact it is flat out stressful.
Besides you sending us very good information, one thing I really appreciate about you is that you continually promote YOUR products. I wish you would tell us success stories of those who used your products, but I like the idea of someone who really believes in THEIR product.

Jim Lee

Clickbank does not have a lot of products in my niche (offgrid living) but I do promote 2 of their products. When the checks are due, they arrive like clockwork. I too do not like the idea of them charging me for not making sales for a couple months, after all, they have the free use of my money until it is due.


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for this information, it’s very helpful and I completely agree with all that you said. I’ve seen Clickbank changing and allowing more of the “bad guys” to push their garbage through their affiliate network and it just makes it that much tougher on the newbies to figure out what’s real and what’s not. I’ve been a subscriber of yours for many years and I appreciate all that you do for your readers! It’s not hard to figure out why guys like you have been blessed with success. Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Peter Wood

Hi, Charlie,
I take your point about upsells and OTO’s. However, I have a very simple procedure that I use EVERY time. I just don’t read the OTO’s! I scroll straight to the bottom of the page where the “no thanks” button is!
I take the view that if the vendor is now trying to tell me that the thing he just told me was so wonderful is suddenly no good unless I spend more money then it had either better be as good as he told me it was two minutes ago, or I always have the option of a refund. That said, i don’t buy anything with the intention of refunding it, but I don’t read the OTO.

Patt Timlin

Love you Charlie. Always a voice of calm and reason, A TRUSTED source always! Thank you and Merry Christmas!


I’m a Clickbank vendor in the health niche and find the company reliable and easy to work with. I was also surprised when they missed their scheduled payment last month. Nice post for marketers looking to get started with Clickbank.

    Charlie Page

    I was surprised too but they were up front about it and I respect that.

    I think Clickbank is great, but becoming minimized by all the options affiliates have these days.


Robert Andrews

I’m new to the affiliate marketing scene. I’m doing a lot of reading and trying to learn how this all works. While I have I believe I have the basics, there are so many programs and so much info on affiliate marketing, I’m kind of dizzy with information overload. I believe clickbank is good thing but there are so many products, it’s hard to determine what’s legit and what’s not.

    Charlie Page

    It can be hard, I know. Here is an article about choosing an affiliate program that might help you.


Automate Your Online Business in 5 Easy Steps |

[…] best part of working with Clickbank by far is how they manage your affiliate program for you. They literally do all the […]

Tyronne Ratcliff

Great post Charlie, clickbank and the other affiliate networks have really made it easier in bringing together affiliates and vendors, I’m curious, are there any other ways to find affiliates without going through networks like clickbank,commission junction,paydotcom,etc?

    Charlie Page

    Yes there are. You can post on forums, place low-cost but effective banner ads, use social media and much more. It is often true that the best affiliates are found this way and not because they are registered with some network.

Steve Marx

Hi Charlie,
It does seem difficult to navigate at the Clickbank site, and I agree that some products and vendors need to be pulled.

They do have a very good checkout procedure and book keeping in place for many years.

Thanks for your insight on this topic.

    Charlie Page

    That’s why keep using them. Their money is so expensive compared to PayPal and others but what they do they do well and it saves huge amounts of time. I do feel they are working on clearing out the hype boys.

Lawrence Gower

Great article Charlie.
I agree with you, that with all the hyped up products being promoted now, the best approach is to promote only the ones that you believe in. In my experience, products I have bought, tried out and then promoted have done the best for me.

Roy Curtis

I have been reading you for over a year and picked up lots of good tips and tactics. For that, I do thank you.

I am branching out into something new and will be using your generous information for years to come. I am looking at selling photos, mostly on line.

I am looking forward to more and more of your excellent advise as we roll into the future.

Again thank you.


Charles James

Charlie, the DOE is the only program, I have with CB. I got tired of the $37 dollar deals actually costing over $200, just to get it to work right. I never did blame CB, however, I was a little up-set with CB for allowing, these people to operate in the CB system! I am very glad to see the house cleaning going on, I’ll give it another 6 months and see how things are then. Thanks for the info!

Joseph Mandell

Hi Charlie,
As usual you are the one with the cool head. Thanks!

Jeffrey Hernandez

thank you Charlie. I loved the article and I totally agree that there are a lot of scammers
Clickbank.I have found some really great products on there and I believe that there are some reputable people that are doing business on the website. I enjoy reading your articles and I believe that you’re a good person to emulate.

List Building Super Octane Highway

Thank you Charlie for an awesome review!
There have been too many “One Button Get Rich Quick” products on Clickbank too.
It’s about the time to “clean the house”.
And you really should cloak your affiliate links well to avoid stealing your commissions.
My best,
Tim Pond

DC Fawcett

Hey Charlie,
Nice to meet you.
I’m launching a product on clickbank and have been looking for this page as I’ve heard about it from other vendors.
I recently promoted my first launch on CB commission domination and placed 3rd.
It was alot of fun. i mailed to my house list and some solos but my house list produced most of the power. Its almost 200,000 subscribers and I have very strong relationship with them.

The first email hit a 8.10 EPC.
So I decided to send more 🙂

Thanks for everything you share. You are on the good side.
I learned about you from The traffic evolution call and bought your directory.

Your directory is awesome. If anyone can’t make money with those ezine lists, I don’t know what will

I just ran a test with newsmax and it didn’t do to well.
might have been the offer for that target market.

nice to meet you
Talk Soon,

Bona Koenig

Hi Charlie,

Very good article……unfortunately too late for me, since I learnt ClickBank’s rules the hard way (and lost some money too due to their ‘getting paid by different methods’ – even found out how to go around this, but sadly too late), however we learn from out mistakes also.

No, I definitely do not consider CB a scam, or I would never purchase products myself through them.

I too, am awaiting the new rules to see what changes these bring about.

Thanks for another great article — and I am really enjoying DOE — just wished I had found you some time back.

Keep up the great work.

Seamus O'Sullivan

I fully agree Charley. Indeed your assessment about Clickbank is right on target. Several years ago, I too was caught up in the guru glimmer which is why I became an affiliate marketer in the first place.
Then I learned what that old addage meant…the one that says, “If success were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Indeed, succeeding at anything takes honest hard work. No getting around it.
The “Complainer” either needs get over it and plan a work schedule… or cry quietly so the rest of can get our work done. :0)


Thank You Charlie for the timely refresher on CB operations.

Your website is one I regularly visit and for a relative newcomer
to affiliate marketing receiving your emails is a pleasure.

In addition to your fine articles I also find taking the time to
read through the comments left by other visitors very helpful.
It is indeed unfortunate that the IM niche is overloaded with
guru products that are definitely unethical rubbish but for so
long as there is a “hungry market” for “instant wealth” in the
“make money online” google searches there will be gurus out
there ready and willing to scam the suckers.

At the end of the day it is the responsibility of the individual
consumer to do due diligence since amongst those unethical
gurus there are IM marketers who do provide value.

Carl Ashton

Hey Charlie!

I 100% agree with your article here.

I actually personally met some staff from Clickbank in Boise last year. They came across friendly, smart and professional, not the kind of people who are in to scamming!

Carl Ashton

Mark M

G’day Charlie, thank you for this very interesting information.
The links will take a while to read but I’m sure they are worth it.
I think Raymond hit the nail on the head as did your post.

Mark M

Jay Jay

My husband and I recently purchased a product through Click Bank, which we found through a sales page on line, and the price quoted was $97.00us. This meant, being in Australia, we were expecting to pay around $95.00odd Aus – as per the rate of exchange currently in force around the world.
You can imagine our suprise when Clickbank told us it was going to cost us $102.00Au. When we investigated they told us that they used a different exchange rate (Wells Fargo or something similar).
I find this unsettling, as the Australian Dollar – in anyones language – is worth more today. These are rates that existed a year ago perhaps, but not today. It is also turning us away from Clickbank and a reliable source of products we can honestly represent on our sites.
Anyone else had the same problem? please let me know – thanks…..

Tanja Passin

To get a refund with Clickbank you need to check the receipt you got in your email when you purchased your product. Go to the receipt and on it, it will explain the steps you need to take if you want to refund the product. It’s easy to do and the money will be deposited onto your account after sending your refund request.


August 7,2011 at 1:38 PM

Laying out clearly Clickbank’s operation system,actually shows its transparency.
Hence I agree with you that clickbank is not a scam,rather it is the’ upfront sales’,by the so called gurus,which a quite number of people bought but never worked, that is issue.

This is a post with many lessons to learn.



ClickBank is most certainly not a scam. Their charges may be high but vendors always have a choice.

This is a good company that has gone from strength to strength.

Seng Tan

Hello Charlie
Thank you for your succinct article on Clickbank. I read with interest of the links you provided. They show that Clickbank has very strict terms and conditions and in no way a scam. However, I am not sure if Clickbank is cracking down on those scammy vendors. I am hopeful Clickbank will do so.
I have bought many products through those scammy promotions and lost thousands of dollars over a period of 3 years. It was my fault that I didn’t request for refunds.
In recent time, I did ask for refunds and Clickbank had refunded in a timely manner – within days.
I have signed up for your DoE lifetime membership for a couple of years. I feel privilege to be associated with you. Unfortunately, I have not been utilizing my DoE membership properly. I shall be seeking your advice soon on how get better use of DoE.
I do appreciate your kind contribution to benefit us.
Keep up with your great efforts.
Kind regards to you always.

Tanja Passin

Hio Charlie,
I love reading your articles and being a member of DOE.
Looking forward to having a one on one converstion with you too soon (after our family ski trip) Anyway, I have a website and blog where I use eBooks and DOE from Clickbank and it was my first money making online success. I’ve never had problems with clickbank but I agree they need to clean up some of the “get rich quick” ones. Everything I affiliate in clickbank are also products I have bought and used myself. I’m happy!


Great article and I commend you for shedding light on this subject. I don’t think CB is a scam, but that weird Customer Distribution Requirement where you have to make 5 different sales from 5 different cards blah blah blah before you get paid is some BS to me. It really makes it hard for a new affiliate there to get started with them. It’s almost like they want to push people away instead of helping folks get paid and happy faster!

Plus if you don’t make money after couple months they start eating away at you commissions which really sucks and is what is happening to me at this very moment.

These are some of the biggest reasons I have shyed away from promoting Clickbank. I promote CPA programs that give me just as good or better commissions than CB and I don’t have to jump thru all of those hoops.

Also another reason Idon’t really care fo CB is those crappy/scammy products! I know all of them are not scams but a lot of them are. And this makes it really hard for me to feel confident about promoting it. Those products should really be tested by CB instead of them just giving merchants the greenlight. I definitely don’t want to push scams on someone (even if they do give a 60 day money back guarantee, it’s still a time wasting factor and a trust factor when I recommend products).

So yeah, Clickbank definitely has some cleaning up to do that’s for sure. They may not be a scam but t I don’t particularly like how they operate (particularly with new affiliates) and I don’t trust many of those crappy products.


I like and appreciate all that you have said.

Elwood L. Bland

My experience has not been as satisfying as some of your respondents. I have been trying to get a refund from Clickbank for over a month. The product had a clear 30 refund policy and I was well within the refund deadline. I have sent Clickbank three emails but have not received a refund. I feel cheated.


I really enjoy reading your articles Charlie. I agree with what you said about people always promising you that you can make money so easy, just pay $37 and you will be rich. And then if you try to exit the page and tell you to wait, you can get it discounted for $4.95 shipping cost) it is so bogus. I am really new to online marketing and I really would love to be good at it. Unfortunately I guess I just don’t get it. And I am so tired of the scams out there. I believe that one of these days I will run across something that is true blue and well explained program that I can understand. Anyway, as to click bank, I tried to copy the link and paste to my website, but honestly Charlie ever since I put up my website I have not had one person click on it. I went with the Global Domain, for they offer free websites, and you get a website domain hosting all for $10 a month, you cannot beat that. I just don’t understand how to get traffic to the website. I went with traffic swarm and they claim they will send so many to your website for free, or you can upgrade (that means pay for it) and get more traffic to your site. I emailed them and told them that I have not seen any action with the free traffic I am sure not going to invest money for an upgrade in traffice. I mean come on. Where does one go from here? And how does one do any internet marketing with investing money? I don’t have that kind of money, so I just keep reading and wondering if there will ever be anything I can glean from the articles I read. Again, as for clickbank, I trust it, they have always refunded my money, and believe they have alot, because whenever I would invest, it just turned out to a scam. Oh, and your right I cannot stand when they put up their paychecks online claiming this is what you can make. I can copy and paste a check claiming this is what I make. I really wish they would kick those people off the internet. Anyway, sorry for the letter, I agree with you and thanks again for the article.


Clickbank provides a market place where buyers and sellers can meet and deal in an atmosphere that is regulated by CB. I am prepared to purchase a product from an unknown (to me) source because I know that if the deal goes sour, or is not as promised, then Clickbank will be the arbitrater. This way I benefit and so does the seller as I take a protected risk and the seller gets paid as well. I cant see how this is a scam. the scam is the rogues in the marketplace who promise the earth and deliver rubbish. They cant hide from clickbank!
A great article Charlie. I enjoy reading your opinions and agree there is a difference between the definition of a scam and not liking the way someone conducts their business. Liz Gordon


You are absolutely right Charlie. Click Bank has been fair to me. Refunds are easy. In one instance this seller will not refund my $29.95. So finally I called CB! They immediately issued refund, over riding the seller’s response. Mind you, they do have few shady sellers!


Clickbank itself is not a scam. However, what I have found is it is full of people selling garbage with absolutely no support. So far everything I have tried has either not worked as advertised, way too complicated or no support. It is my belief that the people selling all this crap hope that people will forget that they have made the purchase or that they do not request a refund before 60 days. In short I am done wasting my time buying anything more on Clickbank.

Craig Trafford

I joined DoE because I was told I could expect great value. It’s true. Charlie, your insight is a great value and this article proves it. Thank you.

As a very experienced over-buyer of over-hyped ‘money-making whizz-bangs’ with unlimited useless upsells I have to conclude that, in a hype-oriented market [eg make money online] then scams are to be expected – often.

Most of these have unfortunately had a clickbank connection because it is such a professional and well-respected service as far as I can determine, therefore offering credence to the ‘product.’

I agree, Charlie, there are issues that can and should be ironed out, particularly if CB wants to maintain and even upgrade it’s reputation as a quality payment processor and clapling down on the dodgy scammers is a good starting place.

Overall, my feeling is that CB is not a scam but there are certainly plenty operating under its umbrella.

Eleanor Campbell

I agree that CB is not a scam!
Just yesterday I received a check for $48.51 that I had no idea what I sold!
I checked and I made between $1.00 or $2.00 a month for 2010 until now.
Because I didn’t use a tracking method I have no idea where this came from.
For some time I have wanted to get a tracking method and am in the process
of doing that!
Thanks for a great article.

Pav Loizou

You can always rely on Charlie to tell the truth, we need more ‘gurus’ like him to be honest and upfront about their products.
I personally hate the upsells, there should be a warning that a product contains them, I had the nasty experience of buying a product which I couldnt action as per the tutorials unless i bought the upsell.
Thanks Charlie your a breath of fresh air!!

colin cousins

Hey what a great article that’s why we should all be in the DOE.

And on clickbank IV been using them for 4 yrs. Now never had an issue with them they pay me by direct deposit into my bank. If not for CB I would not be working from home with my own schedule and getting up when i feel like it and starting work whenever i want.

Not including the freedom I have if everybody did there research on each product that they promote they would find the crap and syphon it out and not promote it or buy it.

CB is the only affiliate programme i use and it works if I used the others i would make more money but i like my nice relaxed pace i use without jumping from one to the other all the products i promote and sell on CB is enough for me.

Cheers for a great article Charlie
Regards Colin

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Hi Charlie,
thanks for your info, i am glad i am not the only one recognising whats going on.
Although, i see a lot of rubbish being plonked on CB Market Place for affiliates to gain their commisions with these rubbish programs .
But i do not think that is CB’s fought ! How are they supposed to deal with this problem?
I am sure they are rubbing their heads to the answer to this one!
Personally, i have high regard for CB, as their help and refund system is ace.
But i have also now noticed in the previous months from personal experience that although Paypal are only a payment system and they have an extension payment system that seems to have popped up in the passed year called Plimus, i find a really lot of scam artist are using this paypal/plimus system to sell their wares and, again this is not Paypal fought and they are very quick to deal with problems .
There is plenty of scammers out there and i feel there will always will be, so it is down to you/us personally to do our due diligence and check for ourselves
There are quite a few websites out there for showing who are the scammers and the e-mails on there are from people who have been personally scammed and i always use these iinfo scammer site before i buy anything now, they are worth gold in my eyes as they save you a lot of grief and money. ( type into your web browser the name of the website/product name with the word scam ) You will surprised what you can find on these scammers websites.

Wendell Wilkins

Thanks Charlie. I have personally had limited success with Clickbank. Look forward to your NEW addition of The Directory of Ezine.


Gonzalo Chagas

I agree with you Charlie, Clickbank needs to clean house. I’ve been victim of bad vendors too.
I stopped promoting products from some of these guys that seems to launch the same crap every other month.

Thanks for the article.



I have been trying for about 2 1/2 years now to get an on line business going. I have tried many different things and nothing goes my way. I do however think clickbank is honest and for real. If they weren’t they would be folded up by now. Once word got around they were hosing people people would stop doing business with them. I personally like clickbank.


Roger Barnett

Well, In my opinion I don’t look at Click Bank as being a scam company, what keeps them from being a scam is they will give you a refund if you ask for it.
If they made it hard for you to get a refund then I would say they would be a scam.

In my opinion Most make money products are scams.


Tim Plyler


This is the kind of article that has built you the incredible reputation you have. Thanks for getting right to the point, and for the clarity with which you express your views. Great job!

Tim Plyler

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Seng Sotharith

Hi Charlie,

Thank you so much for a valuable message. It is useful guide for me who have just started this work. Before that I just heard some people talking Click Bank product. When i started promoting click bank product a few weeks ago, I didn’t know i made mistake myself. Luckily, you sent me a message and told me about some people, using wrong link and how to avoid it. I think you save me on time. I hope do it well in the future with your advice.

Seng Sotharith


I liked what you said about opinions being like noses—everyone has one—and some people have a tendency to express those opinions quite often. I think Clickbank is like everything else—it is what you make of it. I think Clickbank is just the middleman, but the middleman usually seems to take a lot of abuse, don’t you think? Anyway, if the vendors delivered what they promised, I think things would be a whole lot better!

Thanks for listening!

Boyd Warren

Thanks Charlie for a very informative article. I haven’t been scammed by CB to my knowledge, but have by some dishonest “gurus”. However, I ran CB ads on my site for months and never made a cent. Surely, someone at some time clicked on their ads & bought something, but my balance stayed at $0. I asked CB about it but they never directly responded. It looked like my nickname was in place and I should have received credit for any sales.

I am a newbie and trying to learn the business and articles like this help a lot.

Randy Swineford

Great article and great comments Charlie! Yes this takes time and a lot of bad promises!
I am a lifetime member and love your site and hope to speak with you again sometime on the phone.
I would like to know what you think about Payzeno vs Rapbank, I have been able to do OK with Payzeno but getting paid takes some time. Please share some info on this if you can.

    Charlie Page


    I don’t have any experience with Payzeno but do have a little with Rapbank. Overall I find the product quality lower than I hoped for.


Christian of CVMCo.

Well, well, I certainly agree that this is an excellent post indeed! However, I have to agree somewhat with Greg who said that the cookie issue is in fact an issue, that anyone selling as an affiliate through Clickbank {CB} is leaving money on the table or going straight to the vendor or program owner in more cases than not. Largely due to the fact many people including myself, have cookies turned off for security reasons – now more than ever is a good practice, and some registry cleaners do this for you as mine does daily…therefore, it is definately a problem if you are depending on sales through this tracking method with CB or any other network that uses this form of tracking.

The only sure fire way around this problem is to develope your own program to sell, and reap all the rewards yourself – as most vendors do whether they are legit or not! And I do feel it’s CB’s responsibility to address this issue, in finding a more reliable way of tracking since cookies are no longer trusted by MO$T, including me, while being more picky who they accept as vendors as well^^^

This from someone who has been a CB member from day one! Although I do agree they are prompt with payments when due, also refunding for anything purchased, as I have done so a couple times over the years out of curiousity. Best of luck to one and all! C+


Thanks for the input. I have not been dealing with Clickbank very long and this information will come in handy.

I have never been an affiliate on Clickbank but we have 2 products, both with upsells, on Clickbank right now. As a matter of fact I had to make a couple of changes to some text on one of the sales pages to make Clickbank happy the other day. They were concerned not about what I said but how someone MIGHT take it. It was an easy fix and it made everything perfectly clear to anyone viewing the sales page. Since we had nothing to hide I had no problem making the change.

I believe this is part of the new system you were speaking of.

Many Blessings,
Dr. Clyde

Marilyn Broomer

Hi Charlie, I agree with you whole heartly that it is not really Clickbank but the Gurus who are scamming people. I have had some bad experiences with Clickbank, but really when I tell them the problem with the product and request my money back, they have always come through. I believe that Clickbank needs to know when you are not satisfied with a product and the reasons why, only then will they be capable, to send those gurus walking, and with the proof to boot! Give them time and they can really clean up Clickbank with only the best products and services from the Marketers who are honest and have integrity and value their products and customers.


Hi Charlie I think it was great of you to write this article. You are so right it is not click bank per say but it surely is alot of vendors. I am a newbie and I seen and heard so much crap I lost faith on who you could trust and or believe. So now I just try to find free information to help with things I need to know.(Not always easy)lol. I have always opened your emails and do trust what you have to say because you have NEVER tried to push any crap in my mail box, so thank you again for thiis article, and maybe when click bank is done cleaning house things will get better for everyone out there.


Hi Charlie,

Like you, I have been using Clickbank for almost a decade – both as an affiliate and as a merchant. I have always found their service to be superb. Perhaps the greatest testimonial to this is the fact that in those almost 10 years, I’ve only had to contact someone there once, and that’s to re-issue a check I misplaced. Needless to say, they did so, and the new check was in the mail almost immediately.

In regards to the current discussion, I think that Clickbank could rightly argue that its not their job to police the users of their service. Consider the logistics of such a thing; someone would have to do the due diligence on every single claim made by every single marketer. Additionally, someone would have to evaluate each product and the price charged for it, making a ruling as to whether the product offers value on par with its cost. Logistics aside, human nature being what it is, politics and personal biases would no doubt cause serious problems in any manual review process.

And yet, there are problems – as you have clearly demonstrated.

So what’s the solution?

For me, I am always confident buying a ClickBank product – regardless of whether I am familiar with the merchant or not – because I know that ClickBank will refund me directly – no questions asked – for a 60-day period after my purchase.

For example, I recently bought a product retailed through ClickBank. I didn’t know the marketer and couldn’t find any useful information online from happy/disgruntled users. Regardless, the product seemed to be exactly what I was looking for so I bought it secure in the knowledge my B-U-T-T was covered by CB in the event the product didn’t measure up to my expectations.

In this case, the product bombed. It was buggy, poorly coded, and worked sporadically, if at all. After 3 days of trying to get a meaningful response from the support staff, I went straight to ClickBank and demanded a refund. I had my money back within the week (this little experience also prompted me to write a blog post; “How To Obtain A Refund For ANY ClickBank Product”… )

I tell this story to illustrate a critical point…

Anyone, unhappy with any product, can get a refund for any reason at all, if you go directly through Clickbank.

That, in a BIG way, addresses much of ClickBank’s responsibility for the merchants within its marketplace.

I’m with you in that I believe other safeguards could be put into place because many consumers are not aware they can go directly to ClickBank for a refund.

For example, a refund rate above a certain percentage of sales could trigger a “manual review” by a ClickBank representative. The merchant would be called “onto the carpet” to account for this issue. Failure to address it might see ClickBank suspending an account for a short time as a warning. Multiple offenses would see the account terminated.

Just my two cents.

By the way, Charlie; I’ve been a newsletter subscriber almost as long as I’ve been using ClickBank – thanks for all the great information over the years!

All the best,


Roger D. Blackwell

Great article Charlie. The first thing I think when I see a well known entity being accused of being a scammer is “uh oh somebody didn’t get their expectations met”. No one stays around as long as Clickbank by scamming people.

Willard Solomon

I have sold several products on clickbank and have not recievied any of the money clickbank kept all the money for fees or some other reason. I trust clickbank about as far as I can throw
the US land mass including the lakes..

Ian Greenwood

Hi Charlie

Your right that Clickbank has to step up it’s game when it come to the “less than honest” products and services it carries, BUT I see a very big conflict of interest here. These ‘3 click software’ products and the like make a lot of money for clickbank, as do all the big IM launches. Are CB really going to bite the hand that feeds them? We shall see!

They have been tweaking their terms of service recently, as you say, but mostly because of changes in the US advertising regs.

One area they are clamping down on hard is the ‘trick’ of advertising on the networks that run banners on the likes of Fox, CNN, and USA Today and then claiming their product was “As seen on Fox / CNN / USA Today”. This is a shabby practice that has the big media organisations really unhappy. The advertising standards regulations are changing to accommodate them. CB are then having to change their T&C in line with the advertising standards – and no bad thing in my opinion.

Love the blog as always:-)


Garry Heywood

You really tell it like it is. Great article, which only confirmed what I thought was going on with some of these guru scammers. As you said, if it sounds too good to be true, with three clicks on auto pilot, then it absolutely is.

Thanks again Charlie

Bruno Santoro

I absolutely agree with you that clickbank has to clean the house.
It is not the right way for the future of this company.

Great article
Thanks Charlie

Mohamed Cassim

Hi Charlie,

A big thank you for your insight into ClickBank.

Let me add little to the dialogue. Not only ClickBank, all the other online payment
companies must be mindful of their duty to their customers as the WWW has
become a very crowded greedy place for those who bent on making quick bucks. Its high time to check and put on notice these vultures who prey on unsuspecting victims to make fast buck.


Hi Charlie, Like you mentioned I do not believe that Clickbank is a scam. They deliver on the spot and that means products and refunds. It are the vendors that take advantage of a good working system. The problem with IM Products is that you do not know what you are buying. The only thing you get to see is an endless show off of fake bankaccounts even if they do it in so called real time. The product itself remains hidden. Therefore, I buy the product to find out what it is about and to request almost an immediate refund. I still regret that I did not do this with a lot of other products I bought but that is life. A learning process. Different is the Warrior Forum. They show the product, even with a refund policy, which must be very low to my opinion. At least you know, what you are buying, that is most of the time. A few of them are to much in the hype of their ‘Clickbank products promoting’ and hide their actual products which is a shame really.
Thank you for sharing.

Terry Coss

As an Affiliate whom has both earned 1099s from Click Bank and been ripped off by senseless rules that hold back payment of commissions EARNED, lost accounts due to FEE’s eating up my earning, and opened new ones. I can understand the word SCAM being appied to them.

There is both truth, and fiction to that claim. Let me also thank you for sharing your personal observations.


Change to Clickbank terms of Service will get rid of over-hyped products. |

[…] just read an interesting article by Charlie Page, ‘Is Clickbank a Scam?’. Now without going over all the points Charlie is raising, I kind of agree with his conclusion that […]


I used to fall for these 3 clicks to riches systems on CB, not anymore I stay as far as possible from it, and don’t buy legit or other systems as well. I try to find other platforms or sellers selling outside of CB.

Christian of CVMCo.

Well, well, I certainly agree that this is an excellent post indeed! However, I have to agree somewhat with Greg who said that the cookie issue is in fact an issue, that anyone selling as an affiliate through Clickbank {CB} is leaving money on the table or going straight to the vendor or program owner in more cases than not. Largely due to the fact many people including myself, have cookies turned off for security reasons – now more than ever is a good practice, and some registry cleaners do this for you as mine does daily…therefore, it is definately a problem if you are depending on sales through this tracking method with CB or any other network that uses this form of tracking.

The only sure fire way around this problem is to develope your own program to sell, and reap all the rewards yourself – as most vendors do whether they are legit or not! And I do feel it’s CB’s responsibility to address this issue, in finding a more reliable way of tracking since cookies are no longer trusted by MO$T, including me! Despite my current products I have featured, that are NOT producing for me, but do help my page rank with content over 10,000 products & services available at my site, through CB. But that’s another story^^^

This from someone who has been a CB member from day one! And I do agree they are prompt with payments when due, also refunding for anything purchased, as I have done so a couple times over the years out of curiousity. Best of luck to one and all! C+

    Charlie Page

    To the best of my knowledge Clickbank does reveal that their tracking system relies on cookies. Affiliates really need to take time to understand what they are getting into before they spend money to promote any product, including Clickbank products. That’s exactly why I wrote the article.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.


      Christian of CVMCo.

      Personally I don’t spend money to promote, strictly passive. However, they should make it more clear to the unsuspecting newbies that cookies aren’t reliable, or like I said, find a more secure way to give credit where credit is due! I don’t rely on CB for any income persay^^^ while many believe it’s possible to make a good living as an affiliate exclusively at CB, when in fact… it’s the vendors who are raking in the big bucks, promoting their affiliate programs. I’ll definately cover this topic in my Affiliate Bible, and maybe launch it through CB;-] C+

Martin (Australia)

Thank you Charlie. Very interesting article.
In my experience, Clickbank is in no way a scam. Excellent customer service. Unconditional refunds. Always pay on time. Some truly excellent products.
BUT, they had become very loose in the IM products they were allowing to be sold through their site. In the last year or so, I have found so much crap on Clickbank relating to IM. Secret Russians, broke pole dancers, drunk gurus, massive passive that will only sell 197 copies… These products are scams and do not deliver anything like they promise and I was becoming a bit disillusioned with Clickbank simply because it allowed this rubbish to dominate its most popular products. Embarrassing for me and Clickbank.
So I am very glad to receive their updated terms of service which are beginning to crack down on false scarcity and any number of other scammy devices.
I think Clickbank is brilliant but its reputation was being sullied by disreputable marketers with no ethics. Clickbank seems to have realized this and is now moving to clean up the rubbish. It will be good for them and all associated with them.
Best wishes Charlie!


Good Article & True, Just read new CB rules & it will slow some of the Scum down. What pisses me off when you buy a program for 37.00, then get 5 upsells, thats a bit too much. I’d like to see CB make it a rule that the vendor must declare that the 37.00 buyin will make the program work correctly & that you don’t need the upsells to make the program work as advertised. In the past I have purchased products that will NOT work Unless you also buy the upsells. To me that is a deceptive practice, if not an outright Fraud. It’s whats Hidden behind the great sales page that grabs your wallet. I understand the concept of upsells as a business practice, but I also understand the Abuse & total Overuse of Upsells. I’d like to see Vendors made to be more Truthful, Transparent and Upfront about what you are buying into. They all tell you what YOU DON’T NEED, they don’t tell you what you WILL NEED. They are not Upfront with this information.

Jerry Moore

Hi Charlie,
Thanks again for the timely post. I certainly would not blame Clickbank for my failures with IM. I would certainly say that the money that I have wasted with IM has been money well spent. I am now at the point where anyone on whose list I am on and who presents me with e-mails of clicks resulting in fortunes does get me to hit the unsubscribed button. What is much worse are marketers/vendors informing me not only of commissions earned (when that was not so) but monies that have been sent to my bank account on a particular date. Such cruel and blatent lies.This type of advertisement is so cheap and nasty that the only treatment that is given to such marketers is again the delete and unsubscribed button. I would accept and agree that there is quite a lot within IM that needs to be tidied up and I do hope that Clickband would speedily sort out the shady practices. Thanks again Charlie.

Herbert Thompson Jr.

I don’t think CB is a scam in itself, but rather, lots of the Products that are sold within it ARE! Too much hype, and bullshit is scaring folks away from REAL, legit programs that DO work!


The clean up needs to be deeper than just the misrepresentation of screenshots. There is gross lying going on in the sales pages, then there are the sellers who promise service but do not give it – it’s cheaper/easier for them to refund than to maintain service and then there is the closing the eyes for black hat software. Lots of cleaning to do.


It is my observation that it is not Clickbank that is a scam but some of the vendors selling on Clickbank who try to scam us. The problems I have had were attritutable to the vendors. What are these annoying problems? Well, the upsells really annoy and sometimes anger me. It’s not just the $37.00 items that claim you have everything you need and then overwhelm you with upsells, but sometimes the much more expensive ones as well. If I find the upsells too numerous or the wording indicating that I really needs the upsells to do well, I usually ask for a refund quickly. One very annoying thing is to have the sales page proclaim that you do not need a website and then–when you try to access your purchase–to find step 1 or 2 to be that you need to set up the “free website” they are offering. Well, the website being pushed lately seems to be Brain Host, and the “free website” costs big bucks for a domain name and hosting. Hardly “free” in my opinion. Again, if this happens to me, I quickly ask for a refund. The other problem one must watch for is the vendor closing your refund request ticket WITHOUT giving you a refund. If that happens (and it has happened to me several times), you need to go to the customer assistance link and explain to Clickbank what happened. My refund has always shown up very promptly! I lost a bunch of money to Clickbank because of their requirement for different sources of payment for products (Paypal doesn’t count) and their dormancy policy. Watch out for those rules so your account does not get sucked dry by them.

Robert Sanders

Thanks Charlie
Very interesting reading for a novice online marketer. Great links to be apprised of and solid advice.


Charlie, you just wrote what every struggling marketer out there has thought about daily but never took the time to write it. Thank you! This is one of the best posts in a long time. The new fad of 3 click software to $500K months are destroying the industry. Unfortunately, all of the top marketers (Gurus) support each other in this endeavor. In the last week, I have gone through my email and deleted over 100 (yes 100) of these marketers from my opt in status. I was completely sick of seeing “OH MY GOD! i JUST MADE 2 MILLION LAST WEEK WITH THIS SOFTWARE!!!)

I got started online 3 years ago and back then there were actually COURSES that one could buy to get the ball rolling. I started with Joel Comm’s program and it was a monthly continuity program and I got a new module once/week for 5 months. The course was amazing! I have very knowledgeable in the affiliate/internet marketing field all because of Joel Comm. Today, you never see a new product like this. Something that teaches you, instructs you, educates you. It’s all push button garbage.

I must say after 3 years of learning, am I a millionaire? Heck no…Far from it. Do I make an extra $150/week online? Sure do. Would I love to break into the $1,000/week category so I wouldnt have to work anymore? Sure would. But it all takes patience and practice.

So for now? I will keep my day job, keep pecking away at new and exciting things on line and one day hope for that big break.

Cheers, Charlie!


Hey Charlie,
Just wanted to tell you I am always learning and growing as for my
knowledge with the internet marketing everytime I read your material
and or articles you send. As always your a straight forward and
honest speaking man that am able to have confidence when I read
what your saying,because yoour way of expressing is so right on & easy to interpet.
Ok, with what your commits on the Clickbank scam did for me.
Acknowledge my experiences and feeling that I have had with them
in my little time on the net. I trust Clickbank to be a genuine and
honest service and I have never been let down by them.
It is the Vendors and all the miss guided squeeze pages and sales
pages and yes the upsells that come following after the intial sale.
This is what I hope Clickbank starts to monitor and filter out of the
system they are in control of. I would like to have a site that I could
have input on that I could identify to Clickbank some of the Vendors
that My personal experence has shown to be in my oppinion , scammers.
Either way I agree with all you say and am grateful for your approach.
I know I am not alone. Thanks.
PS. Everytime I have asked for a refund from Clickbank for purchases I
have made with these scammers I have always received my money back
no hassel. If Clickbank was scammers this would never happen in my
humble oppinion.
Make it a great day, Key word (make)


Great article Charlie…I’m so glad Clickbank has decided to take a stand..I’m so sick of my inbox being filled with bogus claims of millionaire status with just a click of the mouse.. Although there is no way to totally prevent scam artist from showing fake income screenshots making them provide an audit of their income will certainly deter most of them.

Neil Walker

I love ClickBank. If I buy a dud, they refund me within hours without question.

As for my earnings as an affiliate, I don’t make a lot but Clickbank pay me direct into my bank account – a heck of a lot better than PayPal who might decide to hang onto your earnings for 6 months for reasons only known to them.

Long live ClickBank. 🙂


William Murray

Hey Charlie,

Cracking article and I to am glad Clickbank are cleaning up in-house, it’s a releif to see the 1-click / over-hyped products being targetted and I’ll be interested to know how this will pan out over the coming weeks / months – Looks like the Market is shifting towards Ethical Marketing Strategies and that can only be a good thing.


Bill Harris

As always a great article.
Thank you Charlie

Jason Katzenback

I use clickbank and love it for a few reasons… primarily the ease of use. I have a couple im related products and other non im products as well. The challenge right now is the stigma related to using clickbank with im related products and what surprised me today was to see a fairly well known marketer send out a video today claiming he is sick of it… i unsubscribed form him because he was promoting these exact products. It was sickening to even watch the video (i am not sharing a name here).

The thing is a really do love clickbank from a vendor standpoint. They are easy to use, payments are reliable and since I am an apex member and I love the support I get from my account manager.

I do find however, that I like marketing in the non im side of things better with Clickbank as the customers there are not familiar with what clickbank is.

As far as your comment about balance… ya that is something CB has to do… they know it… we know it… and it is over due by atleast a year.


Clickbank exposed.

It is not Clickbank that is a scam, some of the vendors are using Clickbank to scam people.

Now this is a real scam at Clickbank. As a affiliate I will share a scam I know of that is happening everyday on Clickbank.

Clickbanks tracking works off of cookies. If I have paid for a CPA to happen and the CPA has cost me hard earned cash. And let’s say a customer comes to my site and buys a Clickbank product from my site.

And if the customs cookies are turned off I will not get any credit for the sale. The vendor will get all of the credit and all of the money.

Clickbank has a cookie coding and tracking issue that is a rip off to affiliates.

This report is the conclusion from tests I have performed and is strictly of my opinion of my results.

Try this test. Set your cookies to Per Session and go to any Clickbank product page and enter to buy anything. At the bottom of the secure page you will see [affiliate = none] I just copied and pasted this result at 12:12 pm 8-4-2011

Conclusion it is still broken. Now that is a real Clickbank rip off.

    Charlie Page


    While I appreciate your opinion I must strongly disagree. Tracking by cookie is a commonly accepted standard online. Clickbank’s cookie duration is 60 days as far as I know. Other sites, some very large sites, also use cookies but their cookie duration is 24 hours.

    Clickbank can’t control who has cookies enabled or disabled, or who crunches cookies based on browser settings. To equate that to a scam is just wrong in my view.



      When someone is being ripped off I call it a scam no matter how it is happening.

      I agree that tracking cookies are standard.
      In order to track a user, a cookie must be set.
      A cookie needs to be accepted, in order to be set.

      If the browser of the end user is set not to accept cookies a cookie set fails.
      Just because a cookie set fails it does not stop the user from buying.

      If the user who has turned off cookies buys from your CB link the vendor will get full credit and you get a big $0.
      Remember it was your hard work that got the buyer to your site to begin with and not the vendor.

      Let’s say this is an example of your hop link http://charlie/greg/

      When someone hits buy on your site they will see a code like the code below at the time of checkout on the secure page.

      A bad or no cookie set looks like this [affiliate = none] NO CREDIT SCAM
      A good cookie set looks like this [affiliate = Charlie] full tracking credit to Charlie

      This article is about CB being a scam and not cookies.
      It just happens that the lack of cookies is the scam and root of the scam.
      A change in tracking code could fix the problem that I have pointed out.
      The code error I am talking about has gone on for years and it is a fact.
      In my humble opinion this is a scam of the affiliates who promote CB products.

      I have shown what I think is a scam, if Vendors win, Clickbank wins and Affiliates lose is that not a SCAM?

      The people who know the truth are not talking about the cookie coverup.

      Charlie Page

      We will have to agree to disagree. Clickbank can not be held responsible for who does or does not clear cookies.


Erhard Hoeflich

I read a article the other day that Clickbank are in contact with FTC again to even clamp down more on the video shots etc with so many refunds these days as well.

Don Monteith

Hi Charlie….

Yes, you are absolutely right about some of the promotions coming out of clickbank and I’m happy to see their changed policies.

Hope all is well with you and yours.




Hi Charlie and thanks for such a great article on clickbank. I agree entirely with what you’ve said and, with dismay accept also that there are to many quick buck artists on clickbank to be ignored. I don’t know what the solution might be other than changing policies. As an example, it might be prudent for clickbank to require all financial claims to be accompanied by an audited statement from a certified accountant.

This is obviously not fool proof as funds can be dropped into an account to pad it out, then withdrawn. Lets face it accounts can be fudged, in major corporations, (remember Enron) and creative accounting can and does occur in many companies daily. However requiring that earnings statements be verified in some manner, offers clickbank a means by which to make it harder for scammers to set up business on the site.

Income verification also offers clickbank a fall back position if a company or a product needs to be removed for false advertising. Basic standards and ethics rules could be evenly applied to all parties as well as some manner of dispute resolution process.

Charles Tutt

Very useful article. I don’t like a lot of the hype found on Click bank either. And your example of only promoting products that you can actually endorse and that support your site’s integrity is solid.


Hi Charlie Page,

Great stuff as always: It’s great that a person like yourself will take time out and give guidance to the new marketers’.

With your many years of experience to show the in a out of the things the new marketers need to learn.

That’s all people really need a mentor a real person not a push button robot .When you get stuck trying to build a squeeze page and don’t know how to use ftp.

What do you think the answer will be when you ask the robot how do I upload you to my blog? The mentor will know the answers you need and can show you step by step.

Thank again

Victoria Gates

“I do think it’s wrong to make it look like your product will do everything a person needs done for $37 and then subject buyers to endless “one time offers” that make them feel stupid or like they will miss success if they don’t buy now.”

Yes to that statement! As a product developer I dont use up-sells often, when I do it’s because they are generally optional tools that I use and love, or the could be used with the methods I am explaining as an option.

I agree that No, Clickbank is not a scam. Scammers may use it.. but if ClickBank sees this… they shut those people down quick. They seem to be getting more proactive about shady fake hype products and I applaud that.

peggy snyder

i found your article very interesting, i dont have a website any more,
because of the money i spent on advertiseing, and zero sales, plus laid off
(now3years) but hope too, when i regain my feet?
, these people who send e-mails, singe up to day for $48.99 t0 97.99 click on you have to read this long letter from dish washer to furniture mover who’made abundle
and pictures of cars houses an vacation sites, i have had so many ,that some months ago
i did a stud’y on them,all the pictures you see 8 out of 10 all the same place, but taken at different angles, i am a camera buff so i notice.

Abi Carmen

You hit on the head. Although I have never sold on Clickbank, I have been an Affiliate and a Purchaser for several years and have always been paid on time. When purchasing a product that was completely bogus I received a refund almost immediately.

Thanks for the article. Keep up the great stuff.


Don Sullivan

From the standpoint of a complete newbie, I think I agree with your positions , pro and con.
From some experience, I will say that some of these over,hyped products that have numerous OTO’s and back sells are getting ridiculous.
I bought a product once that had 13 OTO’s on the backside before I could get to the download page of the item I bought. Then the item did very little of what was promised on the sales page. The only way to have made the sales page truthful would have been to buy all the OTO’s.
I do not blame Click Bank , but the seller was in my opinion totally dishonest.

I do appreciate the way you seem to run your site and sooner or later, I will have the money to join you.
Best Regards,
Don Sullivan

Alan James

At last, someone I feel I can trust putting the “business” into perspective, especially the final paragraph under “Now, the negative”. This activity really drives me mad and prompts instant refunds, which I hate doing.

Ron (The 'Old' Fella)

good to read your ‘common sense’ approach to this situation. I have heard folk say CB is a scam. Not from my very limited experience.
Agree whole heartedly with everything you say.


Gary Letscher

Hi Charlie. I started getting e-mails from you just after I joined Rod Stinsons ‘SFW’
program last October. I have not made any money even though I worked really hard
trying. As you may know in that program you have to talk to prospects to get them
to go to his webinar where he sells them. Well actually I have to sell them to go to it.
I have never been good at sales, partly because I have a really ‘lousy’ voice and exude
no confidence with it. God knows I have tried over the last 40 years! Anyway I have
tried a couple click bank programs with no success and now there is a new that just
hit my e-mail called Commission Domination by a guy named Anik Singal. Its $47 but
what I really want to know is if you know about him and in your opinion can a novice
like me make money in this program? For some rason I trust your judgement.


Gerald Yancey

Although there are a bunch of junk for sale through Clickbank, I like them a lot! It’s good to know that they are changing their policy to extinguish all the hype. I can’t wait to for CB to send me my $380 that has been sitting in limbo because of the accounting policy they have in place! Great article, btw!

Steve Hobbs

Charlie … thanks! Appreciate your perspective … been thinking of using ClickBank services. And having the awareness you provided, is helpful. AND to your ‘balance’ reference … how true! Cheers, Steve

Rolando Banson

Very informative and enlightening as well. Of course, I’ve known Clickbank since 2007, but this is my first time to read a review about Clickbank. Good thing it came from you, Charlie.

Kirstyn Sierra


I’m encouraged to hear someone talk about the pros and cons of Clickbank. I have a few products that have been in their marketplace for over 3 years, and though their payment processing is very convenient, as you say, their fees are quite high.

Unfortunately there has been a very high grav product at Clickbank which makes false promises and uses a false scarcity tactic (in my niche). Clickbank could easily prove the false scarcity used in the sales copy if they wanted to. My concern is that this product makes so much money for Clickbank that they have a big incentive to do everything possible to keep that product selling for them, including turning a blind eye to the false claims and false scarcity.

The scarcity used is this claim:
SUPER BONUS – Free One-On-One Counseling… For 3 Months
(Only a Few Spots Left!)

I have been following this product closely for the past 2 years, and their grav rate has been above 150.

We know that the grav rate represents the number of affiliates that made a sale in the past week, so a grav rate of 150 means a minimum of 150 sales in one week.

How, then, can this product claim “only a few spots left”?

Unfortunately there’s simply no way to compete with their claim of only a few spots left for 3 months e-mail coaching offered for $39. If I’m hoping to find active affiliates who will promote my product, I simply can’t depend upon Clickbank. Most affiliates looking to promote a product in my niche will be promoting the high grav product, and the reason it sells so well is because of the false and “over the top” promises in the sales copy.

Due to the nature of my market, I also can’t depend upon my list/members to promote for me because they don’t talk about their problem to others (they don’t want anyone else knowing what their struggle is). Clickbank affiliates would have been a great resource (as proven by the high grav product in my niche) but I can’t compete (I refuse to put false scarcity, claims and testimonials in my sales copy… even if it means my business fails.)

So I’m slated to move all of my products/services away from Clickbank this month simply because there truly is no benefit for me to stay while the other product which “promises the world” (for only $39) is there.

Thanks for the post – it gave me an opportunity to share something that’s been heavy on my heart for 3 years.

Leo Emery

Hi Charlie, I absolutely agree with you that clickbank has to clean house.

There is no denying they have allowed many let’s say less then reputable vendors use their service and because of that association it is putting clickbank in a bad light.

I use clickbank for our payment processor and yep they are not cheap, but they remove a lot of otherwise potential headaches. They take care of everything and for that I am willing to pay the fees.

Plus clickbank does have a very strong reputation for protecting the buyer, again something I am more than willing to pay for to give my customers peace of mind when purchasing from me.

As you mentioned Clickbank is taking some great steps forward with their new vendor compliance polices. So vendors who do not comply by August 31st 2011 should be history. I’m not sure how they are going to find the offending vendors and remove them, but I’m sure they have something in place.

Plus this will stop new vendors from playing the up-sell, I can make you rich over the weekend con game.

The bottom line when considering marketing any product or using any service online is to educate yourself, do your own due diligence so you can make an informed and intelligent decision before proceeding forward.

Keep up the great content Charlie, love your stuff.

Leo Emery

Michael Antonio

Thank You for your information…I am a new affiliate marketer and of course a little worried when I see sites saying Clickbank is a scam. But I trust your word and the vendors I have selected. As a business person on and offline, you must understand that the best things in life are worked for. We must do our homework…find models that are sound to follow, then step out and find our own path later.

Have a great day and thanks again for posting this….I literally launched my first site today and read this!!!


Charlie, as a newbie I have found your articles and comments invaluable.
They are filled with in depth information but are not ‘information overload’. Case in point this article about Clickbank and the links provided.
I have bought some of the product you reference, $37.00 for a one click system, not thinking that it was true but a source of information to learn IM. When i receive/download the product and informed that to really be successful I should buy other software products I immediately request a refund. Clickbank is told the reason that the vendor is wanting to upsell. To this date Clickbank has given me the refund.
As a DOE member I doubt that I will have this problem.
Thanks for being there!

Clickbank Affiliate

Great post! The links are very helpful. Most people don’t understand how they will get paid when they sign up to be a Clickbank affiliate.

Peggy Jayne

This is a very good article. I feel very good about my having signed up with you. You…an honest man. I just had an experience of the sort you just mentioned. Yes, it was too good to be true, but I was hoping against hope. I bought for $37. and then was astounded by all the upsells for hundreds of dollars. I thought he was an honest man, because he is associated with Ros Gardner and I don’t think she is a scam artist. He certainly is one big hypocrite, if not worse. I am disgusted and immediately asked Clickbank for a refund. I am glad CB is cleaning house and I think they should start with him! Thank you so much for your honesty and integrity. People DO appreciate those qualities in an internet guru!

    Charlie Page


    I’ve known Rosalind for many years and would say without doubt that she is very much not a scammer. I learned a lot from her book and promote her sites often. I’m happy you are following her too although sorry you had a bad experience based on a recommendation from her.


Linda Basta

Thanks for the helpful advise, Charlie

George Fudge


Thank You! A Ture Marketer enough said!

Paul Warner

Very good article considering Clickbank has been around a quite awhile and this would not be a good time, not that any time is, to lose confidence in using it. There is enough bad news in the world today without having to add this to it, especially for those of us are trying to make the adjustment to doing something online because there is nothing offline that is going to change anytime soon when it comes to jobs.
Secondly, the online behavior of those who push this or that product is no different than the politicians who we have to listen to everyday. They create the dirt on the Internet, so much so that it is only making it tougher for those of us who would really like to do this ethically. Thankfully there are people like you who help keep the dream in front of us.

Tony Clingan

Hi Charlie

I think your posting on this is timely, Clickbank has a great track record for paying on time every time for many years and it provides a great entry point for affiliates as well

However it has knowingly allowed a group of marketers to promote products aimed at newbies that do not work, are dishonest in their claims and the personal stories get ever more ridiculous in their wild claims with every new launch

Many people who also operate outside of the IM field frankly cannot believe that it has gone on for as long as it has and Clickbanks name has become mud, in the words of a good friend of mine, that’s just for bottom feeders isn’t it?

Money cannot be the only driver, somewhere ethics must play a part, IM is on it’s deathbed at the moment with so many people going elsewhere for their business in niches that have credibility

It will be interested to see if the market has the strength to drive out the group responsible for all of this, personally I suspect not and I for one won’t be promoting much in the IM niche until it gets it’s credibility back

Thanks for sharing Tony

    Charlie Page


    Appreciate your comments and could not agree more about ethics mattering and money not being the only driver. Well said.

    But there are many wonderful products in the Internet Marketing field that are promoted off Clickbank (and on Clickbank as well) so don’t sell yourself short by leaving the field just because a few bad apples are in the barrel. That would be a mistake in my view. The IM market can be wonderful if you approach it right.

    It will only be by ethical marketers staying in the game and fighting for what is right that the tide will be turned and the bad marketers run off.



Very good post. I’ve been a member of clickbank since way back. Made a few sales way back when Ruth owned DOE. I still make some affiliate sales…but nowhere near what I use to.

I believe clickbank has taken a hit from the general IM crowd mainly from the amount of hyped up get rich scams that are advertised on clickbanks marketplace.

I agree with you…it is an easy to to make money without all the hassles of other payment processors.


Frank A Trueblood

Hey Charlie …

Great article! I agree with your opinion 100%. I hear way too many people using scam instead of dissatisfied. If they bought something from a store off-line and they were dissatisfied that’s what they would say. If you order a meal from a restaurant and it wasn’t exactly the way you liked it you would not say you just got scammed.

But …………….. heaven forbid, if that same person bought a product on-line – say through ClickBank and it wasn’t to their liking then they run around yelling they were scammed. In my opinion, those people need to check their reality meter.

Best regards,


As always, a great article that informs, enlightens and educates. Thanks my friend.

ed seward

I don’t consider clickbank to be a scam company but like you I believe they have been too lax in what they allowed to be sold there. It has been years since I sold anything personally at clickbank but I do promote so the products listed there.

As an affiliate promoter I have never had a problem receiving payment from clickbank nor resolving any other problems with clickbank. I have had some problems with a few of the clickbank vendors who cheated affiliates out of sales by various methods but that happens anywhere.

From the prospective of buying products listed on clickbank they have been outstanding. They try to get the vendor to work with you on a solution and if none can be found, promply refunds the purchase price if requested. From a vendor’s viewpoint they are probably too quick to refund a purchase but from a buyer’s viewpoint that is excellent service.

In the ten years I have used clickbank I have only requested a refund on three products, two of which outright lied on their sales page about what the product would do and third whose product did not meet me needs. So I am not a serial refunder. But in all three instances clickbank first referred the problem to the vendor for a solution. In the first and third instance the vendors requested the refunds after I told them why I wanted it, in the third instance the vendor refused to respond to my emails after I explained why I wanted a refund. So I notified clickbank and they issued the refund.

So from a customer viewpoint they are outstanding in their customer service but could do a better job in eliminating the junk products being sold through clickbank. As a vendor I might not be as happy with them for various reasons.

But none of the reasons would make them a scam company nor are they themselves scammers. Some of their vendors, yes, they are scammers and should not allowed to sell on clickbank. But clickbank itself is not a scammer company.


Thank you Charlie for an informative appraisal of clickbank. Net net, It is clear this institution is not a scam, although some offers seem pretty close to being one. I found, with experience, that clickbank was very good at getting refunds for unhappy customers although some vendors were trying their best to prevent it, or at least delay it as much as possible.

Steven about ClickBank

I also think that Clickbank is not a scam or anything close to it.
Yes, ClickBank is not an ideal Affiliate Network, but I believe that Clickbank will be better and better. I like ClickBank.


I actually use PayDotCom just because it was recommended when I first started acquiring my own products. I wished I had started with Clickbank because of the convenience especially with them handling the taxes and the distribution but I have learned a lot since then. I agree with your article, Clickbank does offer a variety of products and especially some that continue to try and get you to upgrade over and over once you make your first purchase of the product. It does pretty much insult our intelligence to a point.

But then again when there are marketers who use those tactics it gives us other marketers an opportunity to be different to stand out and stand up for truth, justice and the affiliate marketer’s way!!

Great article – Thanks!

Jerry Davidson

Thanks for spelling it out for us—I really appreciate your information.

Steve Shapiro

Clickbank is really getting a bad name recently due to all of these fraudulent claims made by some of their so called “super affiliates”. I cannot help but think that Clickbank does not want their reputation tarnished by a small bunch of unscrupulous crooks. Therefore, I feel confident that they will clean things up to the point where people will have confidence in buying Clickbank products again. These unscrupulous vendors will still find a way to “do their thing”, but they’ll probably have to either clean up their act somewhat or just find another place to keep doing what they’re doing.

Ron Williams

Great information as usual Charlie. One thing good about buying Clickbank products they always and I mean always give you a refund if you ask for it and in a timely manner which is huge for me.How can they be a scam when they offer and deliver refunds upon request? Ask and ye shall receive!


Great article Charlie

I’ve referred to Clickbank as CrookBank in the past, but really it was because of the vendors and their crazy claims and not Clickbank itself as a processor/sales engine.

Clickbank has a 60 day 100% money back guarantee on everything. As far as I know, it’s unconditional. If you ask, you get it. If you feel ripped off and scammed and you don’t ask for a refund, then you really shouldn’t be blaming others.

However, in regards to the claims that some vendors make, I’m surprised that the FCC has not cracked down on those vendors, and possibly even Clickbank.

Claims are difficult to police. I can go to a McDonald’s drive through right now and see an amazing hamburger on the order screen with all of these amazingly fresh looking toppings and want to order it. However, we all know that what we get barely resembles the fancy pictures.

Alfred Jones

Charlie, you have done it again…Produced an outstanding article. It will be very useful to affiliates, especially Newbies.


I could not agree more. That has been the main reason why I have stayed away from selling CB products because a lot of the products on there are very hyped up.
And you couldn’t be more right. It is not as easy as the so called gurus lead you to believe to make money with CB products.

Great post and always appreciate your honesty


While I’ve not been working with Click Bank in any length of time, I have heard, wonderful things about them, myself. I hear they pay on time, and do a great job, too. I also know from personal experiences, they also help with Refunds. SO I’d have to say NO, I do not think that they are a Scam at all.


When I was looking for a program I could join I wanted to assure that they, the program people trying to sell their way of making money, were in the cllckbank category! When I had a problem with such I could explain the problem to CLICKBANK and the money would be in my account usually within 3 days if it was not in perhaps an hour. I agree with what DOE has put forward.

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