Is Niche Marketing Right For You?

If you’ve been online for more than 15 minutes you have probably heard about “niche” marketing.

You HAVE to be involved in niche marketing, they say, to make the really big money.

But the people who talk loudly about how their product will help you succeed with niche marketing often overlook one simple, but powerful, question.

What IS niche marketing and how is it done?

Niche marketing simply means targeting your marketing to a specific group of people who have a common need.

That might be people who like genealogy. It might be people who like to play tennis.

Or it could be people who are left handed or are Baby Boomers.

All of these are niches, and profitable niches.

Niche marketing works wonderfully well when done right. That’s why I recommend you master niche marketing.

And I know you can do that!

Now for some good news about niche marketing.

You understand the basics of niche marketing right now.

Do you doubt that statement?

If yes, let’s test your knowledge of niche marketing right now.

Here’s the test …

Let’s say that you are selling golf products.

Now let’s say that I will give you a full page ad in either Golf Digest (a magazine about golf with 1.6 million subscribers) or Bon Appetite (a magazine about food with 1.5 million subscribers)

Here again are your choices. You are selling golf products and I will give you a free full page ad in …

  • Golf Digest – A magazine about golf with 1.6 million subscribers
  • Bon Appetite – A magazine about food with 1.5 million subscribers


If you chose Golf Digest you are right. AND it proves that you have a natural sense for niche marketing!

Think about this for a moment. WHY did you choose Golf Digest?

Because it’s about golf, right?

You intuitively knew that it was smarter to run your ad to people who are already interested in golf that those who have expressed an interest in food.

KEY POINT 1 – Niche marketing works best when you match the product you are selling to a group of people who have ALREADY EXPRESSED AN INTEREST in that product.

One part bears repeating.

Target those who have already expressed an interest in the topic that matches the product you are promoting.

But what about this fact — golfers eat food too!

Some even eat too much food. 🙂

But you quite naturally chose Golf Digest instead of the food magazine to sell your golf products.

The reason you did that was common sense.

Common sense says that people who read Golf Digest will respond better to golf product offers than people who read a magazine about food.

Even though people who play golf eat food too.

KEY POINT 2 – Using common sense is the starting point for most successful niche marketing.

So now you know what niche marketing is and you know that you have a natural sense for what to do when it comes to niche marketing.

Next question – should you get involved in niche marketing?

My answer is yes. Even though we are not in the same room I can tell you that almost everyone reading this should do all they can to succeed at niche marketing.


I believe there are four reasons …

  1. Most of the work is done for you. You don’t build a niche, you discover a niche, observe their needs and then offer them products to meet those needs. So, less work!
  2. You can’t hit a target you can’t see. Because niches are so well defined you can see them clearly. You can find advertising sources easily in order to get your message to them.
  3. People in niches are incredibly loyal. Once you meet the needs of people in one niche they will buy from you again and again.
  4. Niche marketing is efficient – rather than having to learn a new marketing process over and over you can duplicate what you do in one niche in many other niches.

Let’s explore the last point more. This is incredibly important.

To master any niche you are going to need to learn how to reach them (usually with advertising) find great products to offer and build a simple sales funnel.

Don’t worry – a sales funnel is easy. It’s a squeeze page, email follow up messages and making the right offers.

All of that takes a bit of learning (all good things do) but here’s the beauty part.

Once you learn to do these things in one niche you can easily repeat them in as many niches as you want!

And that my friend is the power of niche marketing.

Look at the math for a moment.

If you enter 9 niches and make only $475 per month from each niche how much money is that?

That’s $51,300 per year!

Best of all, almost all of that money can be earned automatically.

See why I say you need to master niche marketing?

You may be asking “How long will it take to enter and succeed in nine niches?”

No one can say because that depends entirely on your efforts.

But what can be said is this — once you know the process of setting up a basic funnel and doing niche research new niches can be entered in days, not weeks or months.

Let’s summarize what we covered today.

  1. Niche marketing is the process of offering products for sale to people who have a common interest.
  2. You don’t create niches, you find them by observation and basic research.
  3. Matching the advertising source to the product you are promoting is very important in niche marketing.
  4. Using common sense will help you match the right traffic source to the products you are promoting.
  5. Niche marketing is powerful, profitable and something I recommend you master.

In our next issue we will cover five keys to niche marketing and then go on to cover how to master niche marketing.

Niche marketing is powerful. It can set you free financially and from a time perspective too.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page Sig

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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internet Reply

I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading very slow
for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end?

I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

Howard Piesik Reply

Hi Charlie, great post as always, I joined a few forums this morning for the very reason of this post.
So Charlie, when I make a post in one of these forums, at the end should I just put a sign up for more info,

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Howard,

    I would put a link but putting a form in there is going to be against most forum’s terms of service.

    Better to create a great squeeze page and send the traffic there in my view.

    Hope this helps.


Howard Piesik Reply

Charlie I can’t thank you enough, for the clarity of your posts. I just joined into about 15 niche forums this morning, on a social site, with this very post subject, in mind, I intend to get in there and make a few comments, and just see if I can get some people to sign in with me.
Thanks again Charlie.
Howard Piesik

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aida suarez Reply

Great post Charlie! Thanks! Looking forward for more… on the same subject! Now my silly poetry. By the way today is going to be circulating in and wait to hear the comments that follow.


When we do some good to others…
When we write something lovely-nice…
Or when singing we hit a high note…
Then we cannot control our joy.
We feel like boastings and shouting.
‘Cause we know– deep inside– that…
We already had accomplished SOMETHING!
But nobody is there to give us a pat on the back!
Then yes, we smiled sheepishly. As if we…
Deep inside are congratulating our self.
As for me, I dance or jump wildly.
Or hit anything close to me! So watch! Ha!
Or I let out and scream of satisfaction and pride.
But of course, I do all this craziness in private.
But enough about me! Enjoy what is following.

There is a guy I had not met personally,
But wishes he was my next door neighbor.
‘Cause he is a heck of a good writer!
He is a teacher… I read his e-mails almost daily!
I had already benefited of his great knowledge.
Most often reading his stuff I notice, that…
This guru emphasizes his teachings saying
Gently, at the end of every article or post:
“And that is a beautiful thing indeed!”
If we can follow the steps we’ll also prosper.
I am enjoying the ride of Internet Marketing
‘Cause Charlie Page, makes the road less bumpy.
I am old now, but healthy, alert and willing. Hey!
Billy Graham 95 tomorrow… and what a life lived for Jesus!
That all it counts for us Christians. God bless us all!

Fana Reply

Hello Charlie, as always thank you so much for your very informative articles (posts). I am a real estate broker and have raw email addresses available for me if I want to go one by one and collect them from our mls database. Aside from my real estate business I am also an affiliate to this wonderful “marketing genius” product. two questions,
1. Is it illegal or considered spamming?
2. would this be considered a niche since we, real estate agents as a group and individually need to market ourselves on a regular basis?
as always I appreciate your advise and input.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hello Fana,

    You would need to consult an attorney to determine if something is legal. I’m sorry I can’t advise you on that part of it. I would not do it personally but rather try to find a way to collect opt-in names. I believe permission is very powerful and never email anyone without their express permission.

    Real estate agents are absolutely a niche, and a profitable one.


John Antaya Reply

Hello Mr. Page
Thank You for this article on Niche Marketing. This was something that I wanted to do a while back and got side tracked unfortunately. This article was able to give me back a better perspective of niche marketing and my renewed interest again. Great Job

Phyllis Thomas Reply

Another good article, Charlie. Thanks.

obie jones Reply

Hey! Charles Pages this is my website my blog about exercise and weight loss.

Thank You!
Obie Jones

Tony Reply

Hi Charlie,
I enjoy your throughts on this article I do believe its all about doing your homework, and taking it; in a step by step approach. Also I do agree with you picking the right audience for your product.

Also Charlie I feel that people don’t have patience in any venture everything takes time.

So Charile have a nice day.


    Charlie Page Reply

    I agree about the patience thing. It’s sometimes hard to know who to trust and, sadly, too many are trusting the merchants of hype who would have you believe you can go from 0 to five figures a month very quickly. Just not the real world. It can be done, no doubts there, but not with a “one click” solution.


Paul Warner Reply

I am very shocked that you wrote about niche marketing, as I had mentioned it in my last comment, that this is the area of marketing on the Internet I wanted to go, and I just didn’t expect that you would write such a great post about it, and now I am really excited because I think I can learn from you about this. I have questions and I kind of hope you really get into this because I will follow you on this. I wish I had the money to buy some of your courses, and it is not that I won’t, it is just getting the money outside of my budget to do it. I am looking forward to all that you write on this subject matter. Paul

    Charlie Page Reply

    Happy to help Paul. You don’t ever have to buy anything from me to take advantage of the free information I provide on my blog. If my products are a good fit for you I know you will become a customer when the time is right. I’ve been here for a very long time and plan on being around much longer still.

    Thank you for your kind comments.


Wendy Reply

I am so looking forward to learning from you and getting some focus into my efforts.

Ron Reply

Hey Charlie,
I actually purchased Follow Up Selling Systems and never really persued it.
Your article(s) gave me that boost I needed. I am starting today. Your products are quality compared to what is out there. Too bad it took me time and $$ to figure it out.
Thanks, Ron

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Ron. I hope you love Follow Up Selling Systems. It’s a very powerful and effective course. Appreciate your comment!


Chris Reply

Hello Charlie: Thanks for the informative article on Niche Marketing. The information is welcomed. I find it useful at this time due to my interest in the subject matter. Always find your information helpful! Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Hakeem B. Smith Reply

Hey Charlie,
I have learnt so much from you today…indeed I have learnt so much from my association with that has profited me financially and spiritully. And yet I have not paid a dime! As for this “Niche Marketing”, I can’t wait for “next time”…! I would say I am into Niche Marketing already as the head of the team driving enrolment in the organization I work in. There is therefore the urgent need for us to combine this with your Follow Up Selling Systems. I want to learn and master them first for the good of my work place. Please hurry up on the next phase of this Niche Marketing….
Another issue: permit me to suggest that you find a way of simplifying your payments for your growing customer base in Nigeria. What works best here is the old fashion direct lodgments into accounts through paper tellers or payments with ATM cards at ATMs. Look into this to make payments easier for people like me. What do you think?

Mt Davis Reply

you are indeed belong to that handful of special marketers who are actually teaching those of us, things that are consistently useful and of extreme Value. Cant wait to order more of your training!
Thank you

Clive Simon Ojilong Reply

If there’s one person I have come across who is an honest, really honest Marketer in this web of 95% scam, it is you Charlie Page! You are a true role model from paying tithes and first fruits and everything else Marketing online. I hope to join your club soon. Keep up the good work and the testimony too…….

dan Reply

Great Article Charlie, lots of info covered within niche marketing, also downloaded your mindmap thanks for sharing buddy!



    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Dan! I appreciate your kind words.


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