How to actually succeed with email marketing

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How I Make Sales On Autopilot With Email Marketing

I will teach you how I did it so you can use it too!

If you have been online for more than 10 minutes you know that email marketing is powerful. It works. But you also know there are 1000 ways to do it and it can become confusing and complicated.

Using my system, you'll be taking the right steps from minute 1. And you won't only build a email series that makes sales, but you will also be using automation to create the free time you want and deserve!

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Why consider this course?

If you want email marketing to work for you - but that is not happening yet - then take 3 minutes to read this short message. You will be glad you did!

My name is Charlie Page. I'm the owner of the Directory of Ezines as well as over 30 other membership sites. I am also an Amazon best-selling author.

If that sounds impressive, know this ...

I have been where you may be right now.

I've had no list, no sales, and a family to feed. I've struggled to make sales, make money, and keep my head above water.

I've also sold millions of dollars of my own products online. And I've been a top affiliate too, winning computers, iPads and even Rolex watches.

The one thing that changed my business life more than any other has been email marketing.

To be more specific, one particular method of email marketing that I discovered during the darkest of times. 

I call it The Breathing Method. And it is exactly what I am teaching in this course.

I will show you the method, teach you how to do it to promote any product, in any niche, and even give you my proven email templates.

Why would I do this?

Because it works. And I know it can work for you too.

Because when I was at my lowest I needed a solution. I needed something to work. I needed something that would keep working.

And The Breathing Method was my something. 

Whether you have a big mailing list and are making sales now or are just starting your online journey, discovering this method now will save you time, save you money and help you sell more.

In fact, I'm inviting you to try The Breathing Method for a full 30 days before you decide.

Join me and together we will build your automated email marketing success story!

What is inside the course?

If you are like me you don't need a lot of hot air, fancy graphics and bells or whistles. You just want the information taught in a Common Sense way.


  • Something that makes sense. 
  • Something you can do.
  • Something that will work.

If you know me, you know that is what I deliver.

With that said, here is what is inside The Breathing Method.

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    A clear introduction to the Breathing Method
  • asterisk
    WHY does The Breathing Method work?
  • asterisk
    HOW does The Breathing Method work?
  • asterisk
    WHO can use The Breathing Method?
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    WHEN should you use The Breathing Method?
  • asterisk
    When should you NEVER use The Breathing Method?
  • asterisk
    WHERE else can you use The Breathing Method?
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    Using The Breathing Method for more than just selling.
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    Building your Breathing Method sequence.
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    Stacking and Balancing your messages.
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    Mistakes to avoid.
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    Action steps.
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    Message templates.
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We also provide you with helpful tools to get the most out of the course.

  • A Success Guide you can print out for exercises and notes.
  • Full written transcripts for every video.
  • Downloadable audio for every video.
  • And even more.

100% Satisfaction 30 Day Guarantee

Secure Payment

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