everything I teach about succeeding online in ONE membership!

Your Comprehensive Solution

For over 15 years I have created products that help people succeed online. Over 23,000 members have been served, and we love serving our members.

Now I am offering a select few the opportunity to access ALL my current memberships, AND ALL FUTURE MEMBERSHIPS TOO, for one low monthly fee.

june 2017 UPDATE!

In April we added my Affiliate Marketing course to Master. That's a $197 value.

In May we added my Traffic course to Master Membership. That's a $497 value!


I'm calling it Master Membership because it will help you master the skills you need to succeed online.

If you know me, you are aware of some of the blessings we have received from working online.

  • Went from being a member of the Directory of Ezines to owning the company in less than 18 months.
  • Made a full time living from a list of only 12,000 people.
  • Became an Amazon best selling author in 3 days and on my first try.
  • Have been a top affiliate and JV partner for many of the online superstars.

I don't consider these to be "my" accomplishments. Without great customers like you we would not have a business. All we do is meet people's needs.

And I don't say these things to brag but to say I have done the work.

I teach what I do, not some theory that "might" work. Online business is what I do every day. And I'm talking about a "lean and mean" online business ... no big staff, no huge advertising budgets.

Now you can put my experience to work for you!

When you become a Master Member you will receive ...

  • Access to ALL of my current memberships. As of today, there are 16 of them.
  • Access to all future memberships, no matter what they cost.
  • Special access to ask your questions and get real help.

Read on to learn more about how Master Membership can help you. Or, if you know me well enough, just order now and my team will arrange access for you.

This is a monthly membership and you can cancel anytime. You are never locked in with us.

Build Your list and
make sales!

CS List Building


Mini Course Profit Machine

A $197 VALUE

Yes, the money is in the list if you know what to do with the list.

But to even have a chance, you need a list in the first place.

These courses will help you build that list ... fast.

Remember, when you have a list of your own you will not need to pay for advertising again!

By making only a few strategic choices, you will put time on your side as you leverage the value of any traffic you get.

Every person on your list is an opportunity to serve. An opportunity to learn. And and opportunity to earn.

I will teach you ...

  • How to build your list.
  • The best types of traffic for list building.
  • What to say to your list.
  • How to sell to your list.
  • And more!

Drive Traffic To ANY Offer You Promote

june 2017 UPDATE!

Master Membership now includes my
$497 Driving Traffic course!

You know the lifeblood of any site is traffic. But not just any traffic will do.

What you want, what you need, is highly targeted traffic.

You want visitors you know are already interested in what you have to offer.

When it comes to traffic you have two options ... buy it or earn it.

With Master Membership you will learn both!

You will learn to buy highly targeted traffic from ezine publishers and social media outlets.

You will also learn how to earn traffic by having a powerful content marketing plan of your own.

Our focus is driving highly-qualified visitors to your site so you can build your lists, build your influence and make sales.

If that is what you want, Master Membership will help by giving you access to these courses ... and more!

Directory of Ezines

A $197 VALUE

Social Sales Funnels

A $197 VALUE

automate your business and create true freedom!

Follow Up Selling Systems

A $970 VALUE

3 Page Profit Machine

A $197 VALUE

The true power of the Internet is not only its massive size and reach.

The true power is automation.

By using a combination of simple tools, such as a WordPress blog and autoresponder, you can build a self sustaining business that brings in sales without your involvement.

This is not pie in the sky. It's what I do every day.

My sites are designed to help you build an automated business that can make sales on autopilot.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, a product owner, or both, these systems are your path to true time and money freedom.

And freedom is a beautiful thing indeed!

Content Marketing For Non Experts

You already know that content marketing is powerful. Every Fortune 500 uses it. Online marketers and experts like Neil Patel sing the praises of content marketing.

But you still have not cracked the code and made it really work for you.

Let's face it, content marketing can be hard. Especially if you are stuck writing all that content yourself!

Happily, there is a better way. And I'll share it with you!

At CS Blog Blueprint we will build and host your WordPress blog for you.

At CS Blog Profits I will show you how to turn your blog into a money maker.

If you love to write, my CS Article Marketing course will reveal the exact techniques I use to create content quickly.

These are the same methods I have used to write thousands of articles, hundreds of videos, 12 books about Internet marketing and create over 20 information products.

Did you know you can save massive amounts of time by using templates to create blog posts?

It's true ... and SO liberating!

You will have access to my templates and every trick I know to get content out the door quickly and easily.

Another little-known option is curation. Curation, when done right, can do so much to help you.

My Curation Power course will show you how to ...

  • Ethically use other people's content on your blog.
  • Use only the best of the best content to help your readers love and respect you.
  • Get backlinks to high authority blogs by giving full and open attribution to your sources.
  • Cut your content development time by as much as 80% using the same methods as top sites like Huffington Post.

CS Blog Blueprint

A $497 VALUE

CS Blog Profits

A $497 VALUE

CS Article Marketing

A $497 VALUE

Curation Power

A $297 VALUE

Ongoing teaching about what's working now!

MAY 2017 UPDATE - Master Members can now access the new and updated Common Sense Academy!

CS Academy


Group Coaching

A $188 VALUE

Poll Profits


Headline Solution


Having access to the best courses in the world is great. But what about when things change, when new methods prove out and you need to learn them quickly?

For this, and more, we have the Common Sense Academy.

In the Academy I teach very specific methods that will add power to your marketing and your business.

Not everything I teach rises to the level of a full course like the Directory of Ezines.

Sometimes you simply need to know how to use an ad tracker or set up Google Analytics.

The Academy contains short, helpful lessons that help you get the job done. This is incredibly actionable "do this first" information.

Plus, the Academy includes my Group Coaching!

You will receive access to all prior group coaching calls as well as all calls in the future.

In these private webinars, I present on one specific topic that you can apply immediately.

And then the fun begins!

After my short presentation, I stay on the webinar to answer every question on ANY topic from any member.

That can include help with copywriting, reviewing websites, talking about traffic and conversions and more ... much more!

If you know me, you know my one-on-one consulting sells for $500 per hour. And we always sell out.

With Group Coaching you get the same access to me, only in a group setting.

You can literally ask any question you have and I will answer it live, right on the private member-only webinar.

make your plan and have it reviewed by charlie!

Over the years I have asked thousands of members about their plans, their goals.

I estimate that over 90% of them had no plan, certainly not a written one, and their only goal was to "make money online".

Here's the thing ... making money online is a byproduct of doing other things!

No one can just "make money" without selling something or in some way providing value.

The real question is HOW ... how will you make that money?

  • Will you be an affiliate marketer selling other people's products?
  • Will you create products of your own so you can recruit affiliates to sell for you?
  • Will you publish a blog and show advertising to make your money?
  • Will you provide a service for a fee?

The answers to these questions will guide you toward the success you want. All you need to do is answer them and then work with someone who can guide you.

I will be that guide!

Once you create your plan, I will review it with you personally and help you set up a system to keep you on track.

Success Roadmap


Success Timeline

A $197 VALUE


The combined value of all of these courses is $3502.00. That's what you would pay if you bought them one by one.

But you can access them all today for only $97.

After your first month, you will be billed only $97 per month for as long as you stay a member. You can cancel at anytime.

The value of courses I plan to release this year alone is well over $4000.

I know I'm supposed to write some long section about how this is the greatest deal since sliced bread. But I'm not going to do that.

I believe you are an intelligent person who knows value when you see it. And I believe you very much want to succeed online or you would have not read this far.

So I will simply say this ... if you see the value order now while this offer is open. You know I sell these products every day, so it's easy to understand why I would not keep this offer open long.


As you know, this is by invitation only. And I won't be able to keep it open long simply because we sell all of these products every day.

If you want this very special offer use the link below to get started. Once we receive your order, we will arrange access to all the sites for you and send them via email.

I hope to work with you on this.