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A few months ago I found an opportunity that looked fantastic to me.

After 16 years online, I can be somewhat skeptical so I knew I would need to check it out thoroughly.

One of my rules in business is this ... I do not present my customers with an idea, business or tool if I have not validated it in my own experience.

It's my way of protecting customers from the vicious cycle of disappointment that I experienced early on.

So I bought the product and began giving it a thorough test. And I do mean thorough.

You can read exactly what I did a little farther down the page.

For now, let me summarize why I am so excited about this for you!

Here are the reasons to say YES today!

  • You get Lifetime access to all 10 of the sites!
  • You get paid instantly when your members upgrade.
  • You have five ways to get paid by giving away Silver memberships!
  • You can build your list quickly by giving away free memberships!
  • Sites in different niches, creating multiple streams of income.
  • This is truly done for you!
  • You do not need hosting to do this!
  • Marketing materials are provided!
  • You save $500 off the price when you order now AND get $500 in consulting free as well!

Package value $1500.
Yours for $497

Tired of struggling to make money  online?

You know this already, but it is worth saying out loud. Creating a true online income is hard ... darned hard.

As the owner of over 16 membership sites, author of 12 books, and a marketing consultant, I can tell you from experience that there are too many steps for most people to succeed.

And so, we need a shortcut. We need most of the work done for us so we can focus on those key things that really make the cash register ring.

Sure, you can outsource, or hire staff, if you can afford it. But who can afford that?

Just look at this partial list of what must be done to make it by selling products online.

  • Have the idea for the product
  • Create the product
  • Write a winning sales letter
  • Build a funnel that converts
  • Host the membership site
  • Deliver the product
  • Provide customer support
  • Update the product
  • Create upsells for the offer
  • Recruit and train affiliates
  • Collect payments
  • And even more

With this package you will do
NONE of that!

If you are like me, you have heard "done for you" before. 

And you may be wondering if this is REALLY done for you. So let me give it to you straight.

This is as done for you as I have ever seen!

Here is a list of what you will NOT need to do

They do all this FOR you!

  • Create great products.
  • Provide customer service.
  • check-circle
    Run the membership sites.
  • Do the follow up marketing.
  • Update sites and products.
  • Pay you instantly.
  • Host the sites.
  • Provide technical support.
  • check-circle
    Provide marketing materials.
  • Create and test upsells.
  • Collect and pay you via PayPal.
  • And even more!

Here is a list of what you WILL need to do

  • Log in to each site you want to use or promote.
  • Add your payment information for Clickbank, JVZoo, and PayPal.
  • Register as their affiliate so you get paid on all their products.
  • OPTIONAL: Upload three banners to be displayed to your members.
  • Use the promotional tools they provide to sell or give away memberships.
  • Choose the page your members see when they exit the membership area. (This can be huge for you!)  [I will show you how it works]
  • Promote the sites you want to promote by giving away free memberships (or you can sell them)

But wait ... there's more!

As if all that wasn't enough, just look at the marketing tools they provide you free! Each site comes with the following.

  • A professional squeeze page.
  • cog
    11 articles you can use on your blog ... or anywhere!
  • cog
    8 banner ads you can use any way you like.
  • cog
    2 promotional emails / solo ads.
  • cog
    Pre-written tweets for social media.
  • Promotional tips and advice based on experience.
  • Keyword suggestions for SEO marketing.
  • cog
    And even more tools and help added to the sites!

Let's talk about how you make money with this situation.

It's only right to say up front that I am not guaranteeing you will make money.

No one can do that.

What I am saying, based on 16 years of experience (and on having used these sites) is that this is the best chance for someone who is not making enough money now to actually start earning a passive income.

So, how does it work?

You actually have several ways to earn with this offer. Let me cover each one.

Click the tab to see the Path

  • Path 1
  • Path 2
  • Path 3
  • Path 4
  • Path 5


GIVE AWAY Silver level memberships.

I'm not talking about only "free with purchase". 

I'm talking about giving away Silver access to these 10 sites (any of them or ALL of them) completely free.

Imagine the power of giving away an entire membership and still making money from the members!

I believe this is the smartest way to go.

After all, people love free things and you can now offer immediate free access to 10 amazing sites.

Of course, you will be building YOUR list when doing this (using their pre-written squeeze page) and so you will absolutely be able to market to that list later.

But right up front you are in a position to profit SEVEN DIFFERENT WAYS (see below this box) by simply giving away Silver memberships.

If you do NOT currently have a profitable mailing list I recommend you use Path #1 as you will build your list AND make passive sales as well.

This is what I would do if I did not have a profitable list of my own.

Do you believe you can GIVE away a valuable membership successfully?

I know you can!

Package value $1500.
Yours for $497

There are SEVEN INCOME STREAMS from every customer you get

  • When customers upgrade to the Gold level you earn 100% of what they pay! And you are paid instantly in your PayPal account.
  • When a customer upgrades the the Platinum level you earn 50% of what they pay. That's $248.50 per sale and is paid to your PayPal account. These commissions are paid monthly.
  • When your customer buys a product recommended inside the site you earn a commission on that sale!
  • dollar
    You can place up to three banners inside the membership area. These can be for any product you promote! (This is easy to do!)
  • dollar
    If your member responds to an email sent by the owners of the site you get paid the commission! (Don't worry - they don't overdo this)
  • dollar
    You choose the page your members see when they leave the site. This "exit page" can be any page you promote. This is a huge benefit!
  • dollar
    The people who take up your free membership offer will be on your mailing list! This means you can follow up with them (automatically, of course) and offer them even more options to solve their problems!

These are beautiful sites, totally updated for 2017!

Affiliate Marketing Action Plan For Total Success!

Most people wanting to make money online start as affiliates. And yet, they struggle.

This course will help your members go from hype to hope.

It will give them the solid foundation and proven plan they need to create real results in their lives!

What does EVERYONE want?TRAFFIC!

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10 PROVEN Ways To Make Money Online

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This course is important because it gives your members what they want ... options!

How To Keep More Money In YOUR Pocket Every Month!

It's not how much you make that counts ... it's how much you keep!

This course covers conservative financial information we all need in today's world.

From debt reduction to real-world budgeting, your members will love this!

How To Write Copy That CONVERTS Into Leads And Sales!

The words we use online are what make the difference between success and failure.

Persuasive words build lists and make sales.

This course will give your members the boost they need to make their copy work better and convert more.

Email marketing and list building made easy!

Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing online, often offering a 40 to 1 return on investment.

This course will help your members get started building their lists, and profiting from them, with simple step-by-step lessons. 

Advanced Marketing Methods That Work In The Real World!

This is THE PERFECT UPSELL if your members have already taken the Web Profits course!

Your members will learn advanced methods to multiply their existing success.

They will also learn to create powerful sales funnels plus how to use tracking and testing to achieve even higher sales!

Success ... Planning ... Mindset!

Without goals and the right mindset we are what Zig Ziglar called a "wandering generality."

This course will help your members get focused, make a plan of action and stay on course. All while developing a positive, powerful mindset.

Having Your Own Product Is The Ticket To Freedom And Automation!

When you own your own product you have the world by a string! You can recruit affiliates to DRIVE TRAFFIC FOR YOU!

You can also participate in Joint Ventures, keep ALL the money on your own sales and more. This course shows you how it's done!

Earn Monthly RECURRING INCOME From Your Own Membership Site!

Having your own membership site is life changing!

I know because I own 16 of them.

This course will teach your members how to set up a membership site the easy way.

From tech to billing to content, they will learn what they need to get going fast!

Package value $1500.
Yours for $497

I proved the concept
for you

Let me tell you what I mean by "proved the concept" for you.

When I first encountered this information I could see the quality was there. But ...

I wanted to use it differently than just giving free Silver memberships, or selling them.

After all, we have a well-established customer base and strong brand. So, for me, providing content under my brand is a key.

So I contacted the owners and paid an additional fee (it was not small) and was able to use some of the content INSIDE my membership sites.

To be candid, the day I released the first site containing their content, I was nervous. After all, people have been used to hearing my voice for about 15 years now.

Happily ... customers loved it!

I knew then that I had to make this offer available for you to sell and keep the profit.

Unlike me, you won't have to create a membership site or upload and videos or do customer support.

All of that is done FOR you with this!

And so there was ONE more step for me to take. I needed to USE the sites as a buyer. I wanted to know for sure what YOUR customers would experience.

Here's what I did ...

  • I logged in as a customer.
  • I contacted customer support (as a customer) and asked some basic questions. They were excellent!
  • I registered as an affiliate. (Piece of cake)
  • thumbs-o-up
    I gave access to my staff and asked for feedback. All was very good!

The product, the service, the quality, and the opportunity to earn passive income all passed the test with flying colors!

A happy surprise was when I earned passive commissions just from what I had already done!


You are on this page by my invitation.

I very much want to see you do this and am willing to help you get going.

Here is what I can do to help.

When you order today, use coupon code MYPATH and you will save an immediate $500.

In addition, I will give you one full hour of consulting to use any way you want to use it. You can even wait as long as 6 months to redeem your consulting bonus.

My consulting sells every day for $500 per hour, so this is another $500 value.

That's $1000 in extra savings and value when you order today!

Remember, you get Lifetime access to all 10 sites.

You can give away the Silver level to any, or all, of them, or you can sell Silver Memberships.

Is this right for you?

That is the only question that really matters, right? If it is right for you then it's time to jump in and work with me on this.

So how can you know?

This list can help you decide.

A good fit IF ...

  • You want an online income.
  • You have limited time but still want to make money online.
  • You do NOT want to do technical work.?
  • You want to build your list the easy way.
  • You want multiple streams of passive income.
  • You want someone else to do the selling for you.
  • You have a PayPal account and can receive money.
  • You have a Clickbank nickname. (or are willing to get one free)
  • You have a JVZoo affiliate account. (or are willing to get one free)
  • You want to pay a one time fee and sell these sites for Lifetime.

Not a good fit IF ...

  • You want to get rich quick.
  • You are not willing to take time to register with the sites. (Takes about 2 hours)
  • You are not willing to play by the rules.
  • You intend to spam or use black hat tactics.
  • You are "just thinking" about an online income but not serious enough to take action.

Package value $1500.
Yours for $497

Once you are set up, you can give away memberships, or sell them, and begin earning passive income as the sites do the work for you!

I hope you join me.

This is a very real opportunity to break through and create a real passive income while building your list (and entering new markets!) at the same time.

And those are beautiful things indeed!