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Have you ever wanted to find an easier way to sell things online?

I’m hearing a massive YES right now!!

I have too. So what I did was turn my marketing upside down and approach it from an entirely new angle.

The results?

A 250% increase in sales to our existing audience for an existing product.

  • No product launch.
  • No affiliates promoting for me.
  • No JV partners pushing it out there.
  • No advertising money spent at all.

Just sweet results for us, and more customers helped, with one simple change.

Ready for change? Watch today’s short video to see how we did it.

I even share a free resource that will help you get the job done!

Hope you enjoy it.

Prefer to read? Here is the enhanced transcript for your convenience.

Hi. This is Charlie Page, and I want to share with you how to make sales the easy way.

Most people are working far too hard to make sales online. I get that because I was doing it too.

We pick a product and we try to convince people to buy that product instead of figuring out what they want and offering them that product instead.

The fact is, people buy what they want.

They buy based on emotion, and they justify their choice with logic.

If that weren’t true, we would all live in the same style of house, just enough house to be safe, super energy-efficient, and costs the least amount of money. But we don’t do that, do we? No. Not at all.

We would also drive the same car, the safest and most fuel-efficient model on the road, but we don’t do that either. In fact, there are about 270 car models to choose from. I went to a place called Statista, it’s a statistics portal, and pulled this up.

Take a look at that box on the right, 225 existing and 45 new car models. That’s a lot of choices.

How does this help us sell more online?

By moving our focus from promoting based on a product and more based on what people want.

We want to promote based upon what people want to buy. Much, much easier to do and much more logical.

Here’s an example from our business. Three weeks ago, I sent a simple survey to my list. It was a one-click survey that looked like this.


Now, this is a screen shot of the actual email I sent, “I have a question for you. Please click the right answer below. Is your blog profitable?” That’s all I wanted to know.

One click registered their opinion.

In this case, it was email, but it could have been Facebook, or Twitter, or a solo ad, or a post on a forum. There are a million ways to do this. In other words, you can do this without a mailing list of your own.

I used a service called Yes Insights to do this. Wonderful service, very, very easy to use. It costs me $20 a month to do this, and I can get up to 1,000 responses, so that’s very nice.

They gather the information for you and that type thing. Here are the results. You’ll see the results screen here. This is from Yes Insights. I took the screen shot today.

Look down on the bottom. 8% said yes, they’re making from their blog. 35% said, “No. Got a blog, but I’m not making money.” But look at this. 57% said, “I don’t have a blog.” Now, I knew that they would want to have a blog because they are on my list and they follow me on social, and I’m about content marketing and blogging, so I felt it was pretty logical to think they would want to have a blog.

How did that turn into money?

How did that one little email, and I sent it one time, how did that turn into money? Well, I chose to promote my blog-building service called Common Sense Blog Blueprint, this is where we build and host blogs for our clients, on my own blog, and to my list, and on social.

The results were excellent.

We increased sales for this product by 250% in the first three weeks over any previous best month.

We’re not even a month into it yet.

Why did this work?

Actually, I misspoke. It’s two weeks.

Why did this work so well? Well, we’re offering a solution to a known problem.

We know that 57% of the people don’t have a blog, and that’s a challenge for them. I mean, let’s face it, building a blog can be tough. People will buy what they want, so we just offered them what they want.

I knew they wanted to make money from their blog because the nature of my content, which they’re consuming, blog posts, and Facebook posts, and emails that I send, is about making money online and from a blog.

They wouldn’t have bothered answering the one-click survey if they weren’t interested.

How does this apply to you?

Well, consider running a one-click poll of your own.

Ask people what they need right now, and then offer them that. Just go find a product, become an affiliate, and make an offer instead of any other offer right now. Just for one week, just focus on that.

This works very well for affiliate marketers and product owners too.

If you don’t have a list, it’s not a problem.

You can use social media for this. Twitter’s very good for it. Facebook is very good for it. LinkedIn is extremely good for it, or you can use posts in forums if you’re part of an affiliate marketing forum or any forum in your niche, weight-loss forum, anything, woodworking.

Whatever your niche is, you can post in these forums and just ask the question. Any place you can ask a question, this will work. You simply as the question, tally the results, and make an offer. This works over and over again because people’s needs change and grow as they change and grow.

If you want a free solution for the survey, by the way, use Google Forms. It’s totally free, and it’s easy to use. They even have templates.

All right. There you have it. This is the easy way to make sales online.

Rather than take a product and push that product, it’s much better to find out what people need and present that to them to let them buy what they want. There are going to be a number of people who are ready to take action, and if you present it to them, they’re going to take action.

A marketing method that works, it’s free to do, and you can begin doing it today. 

Please take two seconds to find the sharing button and click it, and share this video while you’re thinking about it.

This is Charlie Page.

Thank you for being here. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you have a great day.

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