What Map Are You Using To Find Success?

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I asked the question and got back only silence …

How much money have you spent trying to find success online?

The answer finally came – $30,000

I hear this story more than you might think. Well meaning people, who can’t afford to lose the money, end up losing a small fortune on business opportunities. 

Here are some of the numbers I recall from over the years and from over 3500 one-on-one calls. 

  • $500
  • $15,000
  • $62,000

Yes, $62,000 gone forever on what amounted to smoke and mirrors. 

Is there a solution?

I believe there is. And I believe it starts with having a rock-solid plan of action. 

A map if you will.

Today’s video shares five ways to do that along with some practical thoughts about creating YOUR map.

I hope you enjoy it.

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