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Order before the timer runs out and get 12 one-hour

one-to-one coaching calls with Charlie.

MONTHLY Master Members now get THREE

private calls with Charlie!

Get group Coaching Calls with Charlie so you can get YOUR questions answered!

PLUS ALL 42 of My courses

PLUS access to my marketing platform

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New Marketers

Experienced Marketers

Professional Marketers

what am i offering you?

Literally everything I know ...

It may sound crazy ... but it's not.

I am taking literally everything I know about succeeding online and adding it to this membership.

That means you get instant access to all 42 (yes, forty two) of my teaching courses.

And all future courses.

And private group coaching sessions with me (not some hired coach).

But there's more.

So what is NOT included in Master Membership?

The only things not included are:

  • Our done for you services like Common Sense Blog Blueprint.

  • One to one consulting with me.

  • Our Turnkey Membership Funnels.

  • Our done for you list building service.

While these are not included (they all carry hard costs to fulfill) you do get a 25% discount on any of them you need!

Other than those three items, you get access to the entire catalog of products I have created, including valuable downloads like my 10x email templates.

These are the email templates that I use to sell every product that I've ever sold, including affiliate products.

They're tested, they're ready to go. All you have to do is download them, add the link you are promoting, and send them out. Or put them into your autoresponder as a follow up series.

Then let them do the selling for you.

That's just one of the six downloadable products contained inside Master Membership.

What will you be able to access?

You get instant access to all of this ...

  • 10X EMAIL RESULTS - Download and use the same email templates I use to sell any product, including affiliate products. (VALUE $499)

  • 30 DAY MARKETING TURNAROUND - Specific steps to take each day for the next 30 days to stop frustration and supercharge success. Calendar included (VALUE $499)

  • AFFILIATE MARKETING PLR - My best selling affiliate marketing course can now be YOUR product. Sell it or use it to build your list. Either way, you win! (VALUE $499)

  • ALP LIFETIME LEAD MAGNETS - Get two new lead magnet packages every month, including a squeeze page, special report, and follow up emails! (VALUE $499)

  • AUTORESPONDERS THAT CONVERT - My best teaching on how to set up and use your autoresponder like a ninja! I made my living for years using only this method! (VALUE $297)

  • BIG PROFITS FROM SMALL LISTS - Even tiny lists can be wildly profitable. I made a full time living from a list of 8000 for years! Now I'm teaching you how to do it too! (VALUE $297)

  • BLOG POSTS THAT CONVERT - Blogging can be wildly profitable when you know how. Just ask any major marketer. I'll show you how to create content that sells! (VALUE $297)

  • COMMON SENSE BLOG PROFITS - From setting up your blog to posting to showing ads (and more) this course teaches you to turn your blog into a money machine! (VALUE $499)

  • COMMON SENSE CONTENT MARKETING - There is more to content marketing that just blogging. Learn to get your content on huge sites for a traffic surge! (VALUE $499)

  • COMMON SENSE LIST BUILDING - The money is in the list. If you want the money, you need to have a list. This is how you do it step-by-step. (VALUE $297)

  • COMMON SENSE SOCIAL SALES FUNNELS - Learn to tap into the biggest pool of prospects on the planet and get them to your site without buying ads! (VALUE $297)

  • CONTENT MARKETING THAT CONVERTS - My second content marketing course focuses in on one important factor ... conversions! Learn the process and earn more than ever! (VALUE $297)

  • COPY THAT CONVERTS - Some people love to write. Others hate it. But we must all do it! From ads to emails to full sales letters, this is the process I use to create results. (VALUE $297)

  • CURATION POWER - Why struggle to create original content when others have done the hard work for you? Curation allows you to ethically borrow other people's content. (VALUE $499)

  • CURATION THAT CONVERTS - My second curation course focuses in on how to cause your curation to convert into sales. Take this course after Curation Power. (VALUE $297)

  • DRIVING TRAFFIC - Getting traffic to the sites you promote, or own, is the #1 challenge most people face. I created this course to solve that problem for you! (VALUE $297)

  • EMAILS THAT CONVERT - Email marketing is my favorite way to sell. Good thing too because email returns $40 for every $1 spent! Let me show you how it's done. (VALUE $297)

  • FREE SOCIAL TRAFFIC - Getting traffic from social is easy, especially now. Learn how to fill your funnels from this highly converting traffic source. (VALUE $297)

  • FUNNELS THAT CONVERT - Today anyone can build a funnel from a template in an hour or less. But just having a funnel is not enough. You have to make it convert. I can help. (VALUE $297)

  • HEADLINES THAT CONVERT - David Ogilvy was right - the headline is the most important part of your ad. Learn how to write headlines that suck readers in like a vacuum cleaner! (VALUE $197)

  • LEAD MAGNETS THAT CONVERT - The key to list building is having the right lead magnet. The key to having the right lead magnet is inside this course! (VALUE $297)

  • LIST BUILDING THAT CONVERTS - Learn a dozen ways to build your list including solo ads, co-registration, blog list building, and more! (VALUE $297)

  • MINI COURSE PROFIT MACHINE - Nothing builds your list and makes sales faster than a mini course. In this course you will learn how to set up your own profit machine! (VALUE $399)

  • MINIMUM VIABLE PROMOTION - Have you ever wondered how to make money online with the LEAST amount of effort? This course shows you the lazy way to profit! (VALUE $297)

  • NICHE MARKETING DOMINATION - The riches are in the niches ... and the sub-niches! Learn how to identify and analyze the most profitable niches so you can profit quickly. (VALUE $297)

  • "NO BLOG NEEDED" MARKETING PLAN - Some people love to blog. Others just don't want to blog at all. If that's you, this course will set you free! (VALUE $197)

  • OFFERS THAT CONVERT - A major key to succeeding online is making the right offer. Learn how to create your winning offer, even if your an affiliate marketer! (VALUE $297)

  • PERFECT MARKETING MESSAGE - The right message means fast results. The wrong message means no sales. Learn to craft the perfect marketing message for your offer! (VALUE $197)

  • PRODUCT CREATION SECRETS - Creating your own product means keeping 100% of the sale price AND the ability to have affiliates promote for you. Learn how to do it the easy way! (VALUE $297)

  • SUCCEED WITH PLR - My first success online came from a PLR product. I still use PLR in my business today! Learn how to buy and use PLR products to build your empire! (VALUE $297)

  • SUCCESS ROADMAP - If you have ever been confused about what to do next, or first, this course is for you! You will come out with a proven and winning roadmap for your success! (VALUE $297)

  • SUCCESS TIMELINE - The right timing is everything! This companion course to Roadmap will show you when to make the right moves you learn in Roadmap. (VALUE $197)

  • THANK YOU PAGE SECRETS - If you use an autoresponder you need this course! Stop sending traffic to the wrong thank you page and start making sales instead! (VALUE $197)

  • THE BREATHING METHOD - This is the method of email marketing that set me free! Subscribers will love you when you use this method, and they will buy and buy again! (VALUE $397)

  • THREE PAGE PROFIT MACHINE - Discover the only three pages you need to build your online empire. You will love the simplicity and ease of this method! (VALUE $497)

  • TRAFFIC TROUBLESHOOTER Have you ever bought an ad or run traffic and been disappointed in the results? Traffic troubleshooter will help you diagnose what went wrong and fix it! (VALUE $197)

That's over $11,800 worth of teaching and downloads!

As you can see, I've been a busy boy! The good news is that you get access to all of this AND my new courses AND live teachings AND access to a private member only community.

Why not order now and let's get to work writing your success story!

Why am I doing this now?

It's time to help more people ...

Here is my life in a nutshell ...

  • Married at 19. Still married to the same woman.

  • Never went to college. Too busy earning a living for me and my girl.

  • Have been either straight commission salesman or self employed all of my life. (Yep, 51 years without a salary)

  • Joined the DOE (Directory of Ezines) as a member for $30 and bought the entire company 18 months later.

  • Was featured in Robert G. Allen's book "Multiple Streams of Internet Income".

  • Am a Amazon best selling author.

  • Have had over 3000 one to one consulting calls with clients across the globe.

  • Have created over 65 courses on my own and even more with or for clients.

  • I'll spare you all the awards (like Clickbank Platinum) but they are there.

Fast forward to today ... I'm 68 years old and I LOVE what I do. I have no plans of retiring or quitting or selling out.

But I have ONE regret.

To learn EVERYTHING I could teach a person they would need to buy over 50 courses and spend over $11,800!

If there is one thing that my 22 years online have taught me it is this ... people need to learn how to do online marketing from someone who has been on the front lines.

Someone who does marketing every day for themselves AND for clients, not someone who watches a few YouTube videos and then claims to be a "guru".

So I have decided to be that someone to you, if you will have me.

By putting all of my courses under one roof, and by being available to answer specific questions in the private Facebook group and by email, you get the best of both things I can offer!

What will you learn?

Experience based methods that work in the real world ...

For many years, I have followed a method I call LDT for creating courses.

LDT simply means this ...

  • I LEARN all I can about a particular marketing method or business strategy.

  • I DO what I learn how to do until I can do it successfully on command. I make sure I succeed with the method multiple times before considering whether or not to teach it.

  • I TEACH others how to do the same thing in a very step by step way.

The courses I have created so far center around these topics ...

  • Email marketing - including list building, selling affiliate products, email copywriting, sending strategies, avoiding the spam folder, and much more.

  • Affiliate marketing - including choosing the right niche, finding profitable products, email marketing for affiliates, and much more.

  • Content marketing - including blogging, curation, bridge pages, creating mini courses, niche marketing content, using PLR, and more.

  • Funnel and site design and building - including squeeze pages, mini courses, membership funnels, challenge funnels, surveys, social media funnels, and more.

  • Business strategy - including my 30 Day Turnaround course, niche marketing, my Roadmap course and my Timeline course too!

  • Driving traffic - including the world famous Directory of Ezines, driving traffic from social media, avoiding bad traffic sources, and more.

  • Increasing conversion - including the world famous Directory of Ezines, driving traffic from social media, avoiding bad traffic sources, and more.

  • Copywriting - including writing blog posts, email copywriting, writing sales letters (like this one), writing articles, writing headlines, and much more.

As you can see, you will have access to a wide variety of important topics. You can use this information to master digital marketing from A-Z or you can just dive into the area where you have the most need now.

Either way, you win!

Why you want this

Say goodbye to shiny objects and hello to results!

The most natural question humans ask is “what’s in it for me?” After all, we are talking about YOUR time, YOUR success, and YOUR future. 

Being a little selfish about making sure you get massive value for your dollar is the right thing to do. 

Here is my answer to the “what’s in it for me” question …

  • You want this if you have ever given in to “shiny object syndrome” and purchased a product you didn’t understand, didn’t use, and now regret buying. 

  • You want this if you are sick and tired of being tempted by every email promising things you know are too good to be true but you still feel compelled to “check it out.”

  • You want this if you are confused about the process of online marketing and need help making sense of the technology like funnels or autoresponders.

  • You want this if the idea of having a single source of core knowledge from a person you trust appeals to you. 

  • You want this if you want a complete digital marketing education at your fingertips for just over $3 a day. 

  • You want this if you want the ability to ask an experienced marketer YOUR question and get a direct answer, not one that is staffed out to some junior coach or VA.

  • You want this if you are NOT making money online now and want to start as soon as possible. 

  • You want this if you ARE making some money online and want to make much more by improving your marketing and taking full advantage of the momentum you have created. 

  • You want this if your business is very profitable and you want to go to the next level. (Example: from six to seven figures per year)

  • You want this if you want continuing access to everything I will be teaching and want it for a ridiculously low price.

  • You want this IF you want to go from where you are now to where you want to be as quickly and easily as possible.

Does what i teach work for real people?

Hear it in their own words ...

Of course! 

In fact, I have been helping people improve THEIR businesses from the very start. 

Take the Directory of Ezines for example.

You might know that I joined the DOE as a member and bought the company a little less than 18 months later. 

What you might NOT know is thisduring those 18 months I was helping Ruth (the founder of the DOE) triple her mailing list and double her sales. 

In fact - and I will never forget this - I remember her tearfully telling me I was the ONLY person she would sell the company too because I had proven to her that I could make it work. 

She wanted her baby, her legacy, to go on even if it was time for her to stop working. 

And I have honored that commitment to this day. 

So yes, what I teach works. 

You can see a few examples of unsolicited testimonials on this page. On other pages we have hundreds more just like these.

One idea will 10X my business, and I didn't even know it existed!

Professor at Columbia Business School | Ted Talk speaker and author

Director of Digital Marketing at

Bill retired from the income we generated together!

common Sense solutions to real problems

Literally everything I know ...

Over the years I have asked clients if something I was saying to them “made sense” about 10,000 times. Or so it seems.

I estimate that 99% of the time the answer was yes. When it wasn’t yes, I took the time to explain it until things were clear. 

If I’m known for anything at all, it’s for being a person who has and uses common sense, shares openly from my experience, and teaches in a way that cause people to be able to take specific action.

If you have ever taken any of my courses, you would probably agree. (I hope!)

What you can expect inside Master Membership is that same teaching style, based on deep research, learning, and DOING before teaching ... across today's hottest topics.

if buying things was all you had to do ...

You would be filthy rich right now!

It’s a hard truth but one worth hearing … you will not succeed online by simply buying things.

Listen, I was in the same boat, so no judgements here.

We have ALL:

  • Bought multiple autoresponder accounts and not built a list.

  • Bought and even downloaded great looking PLR (Private Label Rights) products but never used them.

  • Bought courses we never took.

  • Built blogs (or had them built) but didn’t publish to them.

  • Set up social media accounts and only posted once or twice.

  • Registered for webinars we didn’t attend.

You get the point … SUCCESS COMES FROM DOING.

And what I do better than anything else is help good people like you know how to do the things we must all do in order to succeed online.

And when friends like you run into something they can't do, or just don't want to do, I help them outsource that so their progress is not stopped.

If that doesn't work, I get my own staff involved in solving the problem.

Step by step, very methodically, through a combination of my courses and occasional live group coaching sessions, I will help guide you to the success you want and deserve.

If that sounds like what you want, go ahead and join me now.

who is this right for?

Literally everything I know ...

I'm offering you access to all 42 of my teaching courses plus access to live teaching that I will do every week.

Plus access to downloadable assets that will help you make progress in your business faster.

For example, you get my 10x email templates.

These are the email templates that I use to sell every product that I've ever sold, including affiliate products. They're tested, they're ready to go. All you have to do is download them copy them out, and your information about the product you're promoting and your name and your link and things like that. Put them into an auto responder or send them as broadcasts and let them do the selling for you.

That's just one downloadable that you get in addition to that, you get others that are wonderful.

what if it's not for you?

You are protected by my business model ...

In my 23 years online, I have sold many products to many people using many methods. 

But when it came time to create my Master Membership, I wanted to both set the price and terms carefully so that it is a win-win situation. 

After much thought and prayer, I decided to offer all of my teaching courses for one small monthly fee. 

And I further decided to NOT lock any customer into any contract or commitment … ever.

So if it’s not for you, just cancel by writing to my support desk and we will cancel your account. You will never be billed again. 

Let's work TOGETHER to create your success

Here is why I know you will love this ...

Over the past 22 years I have been blessed to work with some wonderful people. And I've also been blessed to have the energy and experience to create over 60 courses and serve tens of thousands of members.

If there is one thing I have learned from those years it is this ... CONFUSION is the enemy of your success.

Confusion about who to trust.

Confusion about what to do first.

Confusion about what to do next.

If you have ever purchased a product and thought "I wonder if I should have bought that other product" you have experienced what I'm talking about.

I created Master Membership to break the cycle of confusion for my customers.

I do that in three ways.

  • Everything you will learn in Master is taught by me personally.

  • Everything I teach comes from my own actual experience.

  • I personally support Master members with ongoing teaching, webinars, email support, and more.

  • I personally support Master members with my availability by email and phone.

If you are tired of being confused, of feeling pulled in every direction and not knowing what to do, what to buy, and who to trust, then you owe it to yourself to try Master.

If it doesn't work for you simply cancel. I will wish you well and hope that you find the voice that makes sense to you.

In the next section you can choose between a monthly or annual option.

If you know me and like me, and if it's in the budget, the annual is a whale of a deal. If not, choose the monthly and access both me and my teaching for only $3.18 a day.

Either way, I hope to work with you and thank you for the time you spent with me today.



(That works out to $1.36 per day for all of this)

  • 12 one-to-one coaching calls with Charlie. These one hour long calls are private and normally sell for $500 each. You get the call, the recording, and the transcript. Let Charlie help build your business! ($6000 Value)

  • Private affiliate program pays 50%. That's $250 (or more) in commissions!

  • SCALE Level access (the top level) to my entire marketing platform ($3564 Value)

  • All 42 current courses ($11,800 Value)

  • ALL new courses ($3000 Value)

  • Private member community (Priceless!)

  • Private group coaching webinars ($1200 Value)

  • AMA (ask me anything) webinars (Priceless!)

  • 25% discount on done for you services (Priceless!)

You get $25,564 in value!

Are there bonuses?

Literally everything I know ...

AMA Sessions

Have you ever needed to do a certain thing and just could not get a straight answer about how to do that ONE thing?

All the course sellers out there will tell you do “use the course” or “study the course” And that’s fine if you need to know everything about a topic. 

But what about when you just want to add a video to a blog post on your blog?

Facebook live

what is your guarantee?

Literally everything I know ...

I'm offering you access to all 42 of my teaching courses plus access to live teaching that I will do every week.

Plus access to downloadable assets that will help you make progress in your business faster.

For example, you get my 10x email templates.

These are the email templates that I use to sell every product that I've ever sold, including affiliate products. They're tested, they're ready to go. All you have to do is download them copy them out, and your information about the product you're promoting and your name and your link and things like that. Put them into an auto responder or send them as broadcasts and let them do the selling for you.

That's just one downloadable that you get in addition to that, you get others that are wonderful.

Mine Course Profit Machine

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