My #1 Affiliate Marketing Tool

In my last article I offered suggestions about skyrocketing your affiliate commissions. I shared the same techniques I have used for over a decade to earn affiliate commissions. In that article I promised to share my favorite affiliate marketing tool.

This post reveals my favorite affiliate marketing tool.

When it comes to affiliate marketing you need an edge. You need a way to convince buyers to buy from you instead of other affiliates. You need a way to make your offer so appealing that buyers spring into action, click your affiliate link and then buy from you immediately.

When it comes to selling things online, whether as an affiliate or selling your own product, you have to remember that people will buy for one main reason.

People buy because of what’s in it for them.

The more you can offer them the better chance you have to make the sale.

Simple really. Rather than using some trick or unethical cookie-stuffing scheme, you simply add value for your customer and create a win-win situation.

One key to successful affiliate marketing is knowing who bought from you. When you know this you can follow up. You can say “thank you”. You can deliver any bonuses or gifts you offered.

And you can begin a relationship with your new buyer that can lead to all sorts of good things.

But if you don’t collect the buyer’s name and email address none of that can happen.

No contact = no relationship

This is especially a problem if you promote Clickbank products. Since Clickbank refuses to let affiliate marketers know who bought from them, it’s up to the affiliate to take action.

Happily, there is an affiliate marketing tool designed to do just that.

Now you can promote Clickbank products and build your own list at the same time. 

This affiliate marketing tool will let you set up the delivery of product-specific bonuses on autopilot. You can literally set it and forget it.

That’s called marketing automation and it is one major key to experiencing real freedom in your online business. I’ve tried a lot of tools over the years and this is the one I bought and use.

This is a direct link to CB List Automator – not my affiliate link.


Here is my affiliate link if you prefer that


This is the tool I have used for years to deliver product-specific bonuses to buyers when I promote Clickbank products as an affiliate. This review is meant to inform you, not to earn me affiliate commissions so I have included a direct link above as well as my affiliate link.

I love this product for four reasons.

    1. The man who created this product – Adrian Ling – offers world class customer service and is an excellent person. One of the best guys online in my experience.
    2. The product is regularly updated and fully supported.
    3. The product is very easy to use. Although I have many sites I’m not personally very good with technical things. But even I can use this product without hiring a techie!
    4. If you need the product installed Adrian will do that for you for a very low fee. He wrote the program and he installs it too!

Check out CB List Automator when you have time. I know you will love it as I do. And check out Adrian’s other products too. They are all excellent and well-supported.I hope this helps your affiliate marketing.

Until next time

34 thoughts on “My #1 Affiliate Marketing Tool”

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  5. I appreciate this article. Really helpful. I’m trying to figure out how to market clickbank. I’m sure I’m making it harder than what it is but I’m just not getting any bites on my site. Really want 2014 to be a banner year online and I was wondering if you have any articles on how to “market” clickbank products online. Thanks.

  6. Thank you again. I’m so eager to get started as an affiliate marketer and so thankful I have the privilege to learn from the best of best.

  7. thanks Charlie, i am learning a lot from you! And I know one of this days I will be ready with the money…. pray.

    1. I know you will too. We’ve been here since 1997. We will be here when the time is right for you.


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  11. Hi Charlie,
    I have never come across this site. We thank the Lord that he gave you a heart of giving. “Blessed are those who give and they shall receive more” and you are one of them.
    Definitely many would find this handy.

    I remain humbled!


  12. Hello Charlie, I have been doing Affiliate Program but Ezines disappointed me. I need discount to be a member, may be I can make some money with your guidelines.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    God bless you.

    1. I’m sorry you did not have success with ezines. This is exactly why the DOE exists. We teach members how to find the right ezines, and our ezine list is very clean.

      We do not offer discounts to the Directory of Ezines. We offer a huge value and keep our price very low. We will be there when the time is right for you.


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  14. Hi Charlie, thanks for sharing this great tool with all of us and I will be buying it shortly, but something really puzzles me. I don’t really understand why you would not use an affiliate link. I mean this is how we all make money online……right. When I sell products from my blog or in an email follow up, it’s always an affiliate link, unless I am giving away FREE information to my list which would be PLR products. What I’m trying to say here is use your affiliate link when recommending products. I mean, the product is not going to be more expensive because of a commission you would earn if we bought through your link. It really does not matter, I buy products all the time through affiliate links, so next time, let us help you earn a commission on what you recommend….OK….COOL!

    1. I did not use my affiliate link because I did not want people to think I was doing the review for the commission. Since a few have asked I added my link. I do many things in my business that are not meant to create direct profit but more meant to help readers. It is my way of giving back.

      1. SO MUCH APPRECIATE IT AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO CHARLIE, Just make sure I will buy this product through your aff link. All readers must standing ovation. One good example by not undermining our money, the nobs.

  15. Thanks for the tip Charlie. I am going to check it out. Would like your thoights on link cloaking. Thanks, I look forward to your next article

    Brian Lewis

  16. Hi Charlie
    Every time l read your articles and posts there is pure sense of integrity and honesty that shines through. Its becoming so rare these days…
    Thanks again Charlie

  17. Awesome Charlie; I love a tool for automation without the hype. I remember in a previous post where if a product sales video does not describe what it does you should get out of there immediately.

    I respect your work.


  18. Hi, Charlie!
    Thank you for this recommendation. I’ll be purchasing soon. However, like Harvey Bearinger said – I would rather purchase through your affiliate link as a small way to thank you for all you have done for us.

  19. Thanks for the information. I have not yet checked it out. It’s on my list of things to check out in the next 30 days.

    I wanted first to say that I would actually appreciate being able to use your affiliate link as a way of thanking you for everything you do for all of us. You can send it to me if it’s not too much trouble.

    Thanks again

  20. Hi Mr. Page,

    O.M.G. I am totally overwhelmed and so VERY thankful. I did not know (until now) how to solve this dilemna. Thank you soooooooooo much Mr. Page!!!!!


      1. I thought the same thing at first. Even though you said, “this is a direct link”, I didn’t realise it was a link because it is the same colour as the rest of the text.

        I just watched a great video on about increasing conversions by using “action colours” for your links that are different from any other colours on your site. Worth a look.
        Back to the subject. It is interesting that you say that this product is easy for the technically challenged. I have an alternative script that looks anything but easy to set up which is why I haven’t used it yet. It is free and comes with no support or updates. Might be worth spending a few bucks for something reliable.


      2. Good observation. One thing I don’t like about my WordPress theme is how it handles links in larger fonts. But it’s easy to correct so I have done that.

        Thanks for mentioning it.

        The product is very easy to use. I’m moving servers and so my install is being moved or I would make a video of me using it. I will probably do that in the future. One good thing too is that Adrian will install it for a small fee. Since he wrote the script he knows it better than anyone and his install will be perfect. After that using it is incredibly easy.


  21. Hi Charlie,
    This is the first package I’ve seen that doesn’t use obnoxious looking “intercept pages” for fulfillment. I really appreciate passing on this information.

    You’re still the Internet’s nice guy.

    My Best,


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