5 Ways To Drive Traffic Without Spending Money

Is your money tight? Most people would answer yes ... especially when it comes to spending money on advertising!

The fact is, no one can guarantee results with advertising. So your money is at risk. And not many of us have "risk cash" just hanging around the house.

So what is a well-meaning entrepreneur like you going to do?

  • You innovate.
  • You adapt.
  • You overcome.
  • And you never surrender to circumstances!

You were born to win so let's look together at FIVE ways you can overcome the "no money for ads" problem and drive some real traffic to any site you want to promote. 

PERSONAL NOTE: I well remember what it's like to want to drive traffic only to find out that you just can't afford what you need. 

It's not a great feeling. 

But I can also tell you that YOU CAN OVERCOME this and not only survive but thrive. I know because I've been there. I'm living proof. 

You see, around the year 2000 we were having very difficult times.

I remember driving through an ATM once and discovering that I had $17 to my name. Not a happy memory.

I was about 45 years old with a wife and two kids to provide for at the time.

Talk about pressure!

I had to work online because I could not work anywhere else or take a job. I was unemployable and in very poor health.

I say all of that only to say I understand a limited budget.

Now let me share five specific methods that helped me in hopes they help you too.

Some of the sites have changed but the techniques are the same.

Most of these methods take effort and lots of it. But if you use them consistently I believe you will build multiple streams of highly-targeted traffic.

And that really is the key. Not one large source of traffic but instead many smaller flows of traffic that can't be stopped.


Social media is free to use and more powerful than any of us imagined it could be.

The big five seem to be ...

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Pinterest

Some will disagree with that list and that's okay. But Facebook is the 800 pound gorilla whether we like it or not.  

No matter which platform you choose, you need something valuable to say.

This is the stopping point for most people.

Happily, you don't have to be a writer to have good things to say!

Here's why ... social media is about being social AND about doing business too. 

You can lead with being social and then work your business into the conversation.

So if you have ever been to a movie and then seen a friend and shared a few reasons why you liked (or didn't like) the movie then you have what it takes to succeed with social media.

I believe the key to social media is what I call "sharing with a strategy".

None of us is going to be able to compete with Taylor Swift or Ashton Kutcher when it comes to number of followers (unless you know certain tricks of the trade).

But we can compete when it comes to the quality of what we share. We can compete when it comes to providing value.

One key with social media is to share often and spontaneously.

Are you reading a book and found a great idea?

Tweet it out or post about it on Facebook. Don't wait. Do it the moment the impulse strikes.

Technology like the Kindle (or Kindle app) actually let you do this with one click!

Another key to social media is to tease readers into joining your list by providing helpful information that leaves them wanting more.

One actionable idea is this - buy a Private Label Rights product that you can give away and create a Facebook page that gives the product free to people who "like" you.

This one method alone can unleash a viral avalanche and help you build your email mailing list at the same time.

After all, how many PLR reports and products do you have on your hard drive right now? 

Let's put 'em to use!

A win-win!


It has always been true that people have questions.

This is why Ask Me Anything (AMA) podcasts and Facebook Live events almost always draw a big crowd.

What is different now is that they ask "the cloud" instead of asking family and friends. 

And so sites like Quora exist to fill the need. 

The good news is that anyone (that means you too) can answer questions on sites like Quora.

The key is this - find ONE area where you can answer questions and become known as an expert.

Once you do that, you can easily convince people who read your answers to follow you on social, visit your blog, join your mailing list and buy the products you recommend.

Remember that process because it's important ...

Follow ... Visit ... Join ... Buy

Another benefit - you build trust with an audience that Quora pays to gather for you. They do the work of getting the traffic and you harvest the crop with your hard work.

Other sites like Reddit provide similar opportunities.

One word of warning - some of these sites can contain "adult" posts and wording.


Commenting on blogs in your niche is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get links from high traffic sites. And it works!

The key here is a to make a comment that shows you have read the article and one that extends the conversation. That's the key - extending the conversation. 

While it's fine to say "I love this post", short comments like that (even if they are affirming) are often seen as spam and are deleted.

So make your comment a bit longer, and feel free to ask a question too.

Much like social media, commenting on blogs is all about the conversation.

One major mistake is trying to "automate" the process.

Don’t use software that sends out 9,000 comments to different blogs. You never read the posts. You’re just commenting on them. Those things don’t work.

I rarely say to NOT automate but this is one area where automation can make you look like a spammer so be careful.

That’s cotton candy short-term stuff and not for you. You are building a real business.

Finding blogs in your niche is easy. In fact, even Google has a blog search feature.


While answering questions and making comments is good, sharing from your knowledge and experience is even better.

The good news is that you can start on a free platform like Medium if money is tight.

Medium is an incredible site that allows you to post your content free. They then show, and even promote, that content to their massive audience. 

And massive it is. According to Alexa it is one of the top 250 sites in the WORLD!

This is very good news for you!

It means you have a chance to find an audience of your own, in almost any niche you can imagine, and develop a relationship with them without spending a dime!

And that is power, especially when money is tight!

Once you have been posting a while, and after you have a blog or sales funnel of your own, you can invite them to visit!

And visit they will!


This is my favorite.

This is the thing that turned me around. I love article marketing so much that I actually build and host blogs for my clients!

If you need a blog built and hosted by me - along with help succeeding with blogging - click here.

When I could not afford paid advertising methods I wrote articles and sent them to the ezines that I found in The Directory of Ezines. It created a strong flow of traffic.

What I did not know at the time is that the article marketing created would be so interested. They felt like they knew me, and wanted to know more.

That was a beautiful thing at a time when I needed something good to happen.

In a few short weeks, I went from no one reading my writing to hundreds of thousands of people reading my writing.

This was before there were blogs! Yes, I'm that old! 🙂

Today, I would have done the same thing but sent them to my blog to get more free content. That's because content marketing works!

Why is having your own blog important? I believe there are three reasons.

  1. It gives you a "home base", somewhere to send all visitors so they can learn more. Having one site to which you send people matters, especially if you are an affiliate marketer who might promote a variety of products over time. Sending all traffic to your blog makes your advertising and promotion evergreen.
  2. It empowers you to build a list of your own. Using tools like Aweber's list building widget or a pop up from PopUp Domination you can build a list from your blog visitors quickly.
  3. Blogs create high-quality free traffic from the search engines. Search engines exist to do one thing - provide people who search relevant content. When your articles are relevant to what people are searching for search engines will send you traffic free.

One key to article marketing is to write useful but incomplete articles.

What does that mean? It means your article helps people but does not try to be an entire course.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re promoting an autoresponder.

You could write an article that says, “The three best ways to use an autoresponder are to sell things, to follow up with customers and to recruit affiliates.”

Those would be the three points of the article.

That’s useful but it’s incomplete because there are actually MANY ways to use an autoresponder. 

That is the basic method of writing an article that is useful, but incomplete. 

Here is why this method works so well... 

  • It’s useful and they appreciate it. 
  • They want to reciprocate.
  • It’s incomplete and they want to learn more. 
  • Now they’re clicking your link.

There are many more ways to drive traffic without spending money of course.  

You can link to my driving traffic section here.

If you consistently use these methods I believe you will build multiple streams of highly-targeted traffic to your site.

And when that happens your sales will become automatic and your income will become reliable.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Femi Louis Ogumah Reply

Charlie, you’ve always been delivery facts and ways of escape from rat-race. Thank God for your wisdom and thanks to your for sharing and not been selfish.
I pray that God will continue to impact you the more so as to keep delivering.
Remain blessed.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind comment. You made my day!


Lee Reply

Hey Charlie, awesome post! I visit your site whenever I need a little boost to get my online marketing efforts in gear. In regards to sharing knowledge, how much value shall one offer? I believe I have experience that can help readers but I get stuck on how much value to offer. After all, we’re in this game to monetize and earn a healthy living.

Thank you!


    Charlie Page Reply


    It’s true we are in business to do business. It’s equally true that those who give the most get the most. For each person, the “free line” will be in a different place.

    There is no one answer to this but I would say give as much as you can. As long as you are not diminishing the value of your offer you should be in good shape.


Alvina Reply

Hi Charlie,

thank you for the fabulous valuable article.I find your opinion quite interesting.

LM Reply

Hi Charlie, I enjoyed your article and it provided some good insight (regarding some basic marketing aspects that I understand) I’m very new to marketing it’s like a foreign language to me and learning more about it is crucial to our success and my life and my families life depends on it. My father and I are entrepreneurs I’m the mentee and he is the mentor. We have a small production company catering to small mom and pop restaurants and a life coaching business on the side that’s trying to get off the ground. I want to market my father’s coaching business but I don’t know how to go about that with a modern approach being that our marketing techniques are super old school and not very effective and work for getting restaurant clients. Some examples that we are implementing for getting some coach clients are craigslist, meet-up, and passing out flyers and business cards. Meetup and Craigslist are effective for a very short period of time but dry up like a well. And being that my father is getting older and tired and with that comes pessimism, laziness and on top of that he hates social media and doesnt believe youtube is effective for unknowns and people with no marketing budget. I feel as though I’m going through a cycle of patterns, negativity and ideas that don’t work or aren’t very effective and I’m looking for something different. And I honestly have no idea what to do how to approach it or what product I can sell along with coaching other than an ebook with hardly no time to write it. And being that my father and I are a one man band and do everything ourselves (regarding our small production company and coaching business) and finances are drying up and time is running out….what can I do what should I do? Sorry I just totally blabbed. lol but an answer to this question would be very helpful and I would appreciate it very much. Regards LM

    Charlie Page Reply


    No problem on blabbing. I do it all the time. It just means you are a good communicator and have passion. Both good things!

    As to a plan, here are my observations. Bear in mind I know nothing more than what you have said.

    First, Your Dad is going to have to get past his dislike of social media. Social IS the right place for you on this. I would start with Facebook and Twitter and then incorporate YouTube. And, for the record, social media is MADE for people with no budget. If you do it well it can be what you need to get the cash flowing and then be able to invest in other promotional methods.

    Second, HOW can you get people involved with you?

    The answer to this is pretty straightforward. You have to know how you can help them transform and then show them how you do that free so they will know, like and trust you. Once you provide a small amount of transformation those who want to go farther will buy from you.

    You will need to share openly and realize that some people will simply take what you have free and move on. That’s okay. You have been a blessing to them and that will come back to you many times.

    Here are three other ideas, since space here is limited.

    1. Post your best ideas on social and set a goal for engagement. People commenting and sharing is what you want.
    2. Write a short report and use it as your lead magnet. I would make this some sort of self-assessment if I were marketing coaching, which I have done but my consulting practice is currently closed. This works for everyone. You get detailed data. They get a reply from you with suggested actions. You get to continue discussing their needs with them.

    3. Create a great squeeze page to give away the lead magnet and funnel all traffic there. Building your list is vital.

    If your father will someday quit working (you mentioned he is getting older) and you intend to take over then making these moves now will help you, and him, get your content out there widely and be able to bless the most people WHILE buidling your business.

    I hope this helps.


Kaitlyn Reply

Thanks for sharing so many useful ideas! It’s great you still use all of these methods and share your wisdom with others!

Angela Reply

I’ve just been on a 2day course on List Building but your blog which I’ve just read is much more informative.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Angela!

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Kenny LeOng Reply

I have been trying for few years, gave up for a while and I’m back again. This time around I saw more successes than before. All thanks to one of your articles about putting ads on ezines and buying solo. Seen increase in sales almost overnight. Only recently that I began to start my own blog to share my experiences and mistakes for newbies as case study. Basically I’m just building back links but realized its a slow process coz good blogs in traffic generation niche are not easy to find. This blog of yours has given me new directions once again.

    Charlie Page Reply


    I just read your article about letting your list get cold. Good insight. It’s a mistake many people make.


Anastacia Hauldridge Reply

I just found this post through a referral within our SFM community and I have to tell you honestly after reading it really helped me understand blogging a bit more. I seen some very helpful “Golden Nuggets” of value here and I will be coming back for more. You are a great writer by the way and I like your style. Thanks for all that you do Charlie!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Welcome and thank you! I’m happy you are here.


Jaye Carden Reply

Love the post…..had to say that in response to your comment on short comments! I have a blog myself, and I can believe what you say about using them for traffic. However, I had to get a plugin to filter all the spam comments like you mentioned, because I was getting about 100 of them daily. Many had no relation to the post. I actually would love to know more about forums, or if you know how one could learn more on using forums. I have not used a forum before, and I see it as why not….good read and worth the time!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Jaye. Noticed when I visited your site that your webinar replay is autoplaying in two locations. Thought you would want to know. For forums I like bbPress. It’s by the people who make WordPress, so that’s a good thing.

    Spam comments are a hassle but Askimet takes care of them nicely.

    Hope this helps.


Rose Reply

I have written articles up the gazo, posted on my blog and nothing. i have no money to advertise. I have this really dumb idea that feeding and housing and clothing my grandkids is somehow important so I work about 70 hours a week. illegal for me to work more. Doesn’t mean I don’t. I am at the end of my rope. i am seriously thinking of taking the blog down as I can use that money I spend every month on dumb stuff like milk.
Your stuff is so much better than most out there,Charlie. It really is. I have learned an enormous amount from you and those who post here. i just can’t seem to make it work for me. I have no desire to be a coach or do a bunch of pod casts etc. i just want an online business so I can slow down. At 72 I think I may need to.

    Charlie Page Reply


    I’ve visited your site, read a few articles and looked at every page. Here is my take.

    I did not see one place on your blog where I could have bought something if I wanted to. If a blog is going to make money it needs to ask readers to buy things. If you don’t have a product of your own to sell then consider running ads in the sidebar, reviewing products in posts or in some other way getting a “call to action” into the picture.

    To build a list from visitors to your blog you will need to make your offer for joining the list more obvious. I only found two forms and both of them were are the bottom of pages I had to click to get to. I have some articles here that might help you. If you make your opt in form more obvious you might get better results.

    List building articles

    Hope this helps.


Kim Bethell Reply

Great advise. Thank you Charlie. I have been struggling to get my business off the ground due to a serious lack of funds. I had to stop work last year when my son was diagnosed with leukemia. Your article has confirmed and rienforced what I thought I should do but was unsure.
PS Your course has been a Godsend.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Kim! I’m sorry to hear about your son. Will be praying for your family. Sickness is hard on all. I’m so happy you are here and look forward to your progress.

    When I started online I had no money to spend. None. We have been blessed to build a solid business from that humble beginning, and I know you can do it too!


Viola Reply

First off thanks for the reminders. I tend to forget about blog and forum commenting.

I always added one of my websites when leaving a reply only linking to the home page.

It just dawned on me that I should try linking to a post I want to promote.

Not sure if that is OK or helpful. I am actually trying it in the reply.

Thanks for constantly sending us helpful tips.


    Charlie Page Reply

    That is the way to do it actually! Sending people directly to a post of yours that is relevant to the post you commented on works wonders. Thank you for your kind words and comment.

Mareeleesa05 Reply

Thanks again Charlie Page!!! I think another beautiful thing is about to happen,thanks to how well you cover everything and sum up all of your knowledge into something small and sweet.Hopefully you can take a look at my web page which is through wordpress,which is one of your recommendations,and I only found that out when I read your article on having your own membership site,so I am pleased to be with wordpress.I will be sharing your information to my connections as it’s very useful to people who are just starting out in this field of working online.Thanks Charlie Page!

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Mark Mansfield Reply

Hi Charlie, I see you updated your little bit about you at the bottom of this article. Very good stuff here, I looked up Jimmy D Brown as well. Very interesting. It might take me years to get all that’s in this post, but I’ll try & give it a go. Thanks. Mark M

Shanita Reply

Thank you so much charlie for this wonderful information! I’m so relived that you didnt mention google ads, because alot people dont understand that not everyone starts off with money to risk and lose. In fact people with little to no budget is in it for all or nothing.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I remember well having zero, and I mean zero, money for advertising.

    That is exactly why I did article marketing so aggressively. And it still works!

    Thank you for your kind comment. I’m happy you found my article helpful.

zora blume Reply

Thanks Charlie ,Great tips you help me decide on something i was going to do.

John Miller Reply

Read the article and realized I needed the reminder. I wrote several article 3 years ago and still get an occasional lead from that work. I just think about what if my writing had been consistent for that time. How many leads would be the result?

    Charlie Page Reply

    Exactly so. I often ask this question of consulting clients who are not getting enough traffic.

    Consistent effort is the name of the game.


      John W Miller Reply

      Charlie, Your sites are sure getting me into the game. Thanks again John

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Alex Reply

what is the pricing of these ads in ezines?
And where are these ezines visible to the public?

    Charlie Page Reply

    The price to advertise in ezine varies widely. Solo ads can go from $50 to literally $5000 depending on the size of the list and the quality of the publication.

    You can use Google to find ezine ads to buy. Or you can join the Directory of Ezines and let us do the research for you! 🙂

Antonio Reply

Power 150 has been shut down

Your friend,


    Charlie Page Reply

    I saw that too. A sad day but their reasoning is sound. Thanks for letting us know.


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[…] having a business that creates multiple streams of Internet income that creates true time and money freedom. From small and steady streams a […]

Virginia Reply

Big question here: If I could only sign up for one program which should I choose? DOE or Follow Up Selling System?

    Charlie Page Reply

    That’s a good question. The answer depends upon your goals. If you want to set up an automated online business that creates passive income then Follow Up Selling Systems is the best choice. If you want to buy ads in ezines and want the widest choice of ezines then Directory of Ezines is the best choice.

    Hope this helps.


debbie Reply

Very good information..
As far as posting on blogs what is the best method in locating these blogs?
I have only seen blogs that do not allow comments..

Chuck Kalill Reply

Hi Charlie:

I am always amazed at the kind of help you offer and wind up
scratching my head that I never thought of some of these great ideas. I know Article Marketing works well, BUT, so far I haven’t figured out quite how to do it. Now i believe following your kind advice, I plan to work on it till I get it down pat and begin using it as one of my tools. Thanks for your friendship and most helpful tips for a novice like me.

Chuck Kalill

Gilbert Paul Reply

Hi Charlie, Thank you for another Great article who’s timing is perfect for me. I too am unemployable due to health issues and still battling government red tape for that. In the meantime I am still trying to learn as I go on the internet. Where would you recommend to look for forums and blogs on affiliate marketing? I am trying to drive traffic to my site but it’s not easy. Thanks again, God Bless.

James Blackstone Reply

Article writing for ezines is my next move. I know its powerful. I have used ppv with some success but would like a better conversion rate. 1.25 per lead is about my average.

My real shortfall is creating followup messages that work.

I will sure take a look at your followup selling systems.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I would be thrilled to pay 1.25 per lead for highly qualified leads. When your email follow up system is working then that price is a bargain. I love to get subscribers for 10 cents, and that happens occasionally, but a buck twenty five for a qualified lead is a bargain in my view.

Hazyl Lee Reply

With PPC traffic you often want to use a longer squeeze page than with strategies like solo ads, but do focus on list building using PPC.

Hi, what do you mean by using a longer squeeze page?

    Charlie Page Reply

    I mean that most ideal squeeze pages are very short. A headline, sub-headline, five bullet points and a call to action will do the trick. But with PPC a “reverse” squeeze page often works better. That’s where you give away some information first and then get them to subscribe to learn more.

Charles Holmes Reply

Great post, Charlie. These are some wonderful ideas. I use all of them myself. My favorites are the blog commenting and pay per click. These are very easy methods to generate a tsunami of traffic. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Gina Reply

Thank you for the info! Great reminders and awesome new ways to get traffic!

    Gina Reply

    By the way – I was just introduced to WSO and asked, “what’s that?” So your post was perfect timing!

Lawrence Gower Reply

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for reminding me about Google’s blog search facility and you can set up Google alerts to keep up with the latest blogs in your niche as well.

    Charlie Page Reply

    One of the things I like about what Google is doing now is that they are making it super easy to set up an alert based on your search. That is a good change.

      Antonio Reply

      I have Google Alerts, I need to learn how to refine it, because I keep receiving generic results on the niche that I want to keep up with

      For example: I am in the energy saving niche targeted to diy homemakers, but I keep receiving info on government laws and issues which are irrelevant to what I want

      How can I target those alerts within a niche?

      Your friend,


      Charlie Page Reply


      You can narrow your search with Google’s standard advanced search tools. For example, putting a phrase in quotes means that all the words in the quote have to be there. So the phrase save on energy becomes “save on energy”. When you put it in quotes, all the words must be there so your results are more relevant. Instead of finding all the sites with the word save or the word energy Google will return only sites, or sources, where the entire phrase “save on energy” is present.

      Hope this helps.


Tim Pond Reply

Hi Charlie,
thank you for another fabulous valuable article.
I usually get most clicks and traffic from Twitter.
Have an insightful day,

Jim Collier Reply

Thanks for the great information. I am not familiar with Facebook pay per click so I’ll check it out. I have a question about Google pay per click and using a squeeze page – is that allowed? Can you send traffic directly to a squeeze page?

    Charlie Page Reply

    You can if the squeeze page contains information that Google deems will help the visitor. For this I would recommend a reverse squeeze page strategy.

Frank Noel Reply

Thanks for writing this excellent article. I published many articles, but I don’t see any backlink to my website if I go to Alexa. The only backlink is from your Directory of Ezines.

    Charlie Page Reply

    If you find helpful blogs in your niche and leave comments that are approved you will get a link from that blog to your site. That’s one way to do it.

Dean R. Black Reply

Charlie what a great article. We love article marketing because we are on a tight budget and it gives us free traffic to our blog on a continuos basis. We have a bunch of article ranked very high on Google and we get traffic from those every day. We put out content daily so it is always fresh and new.

Another area that is free to use is youtube. Make videos and post them on youtube. We do that also and drive traffic back to our blog or another capture page.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your comment. I’m going to cover video marketing very soon.

Dwight Anthony Reply

Great, thanks for the tips Charlie. Article marketing definitely works as a long term strategy as well as the others. I use each one of these strategies and can attest to their effectiveness.

Dwight Anthony
Financially Elite Blog

David Hill Reply

Charlie, that was interesting and informative. I had never considered some of the points you projected.

Ronny Reply

Thanks for the tips! How effective are guest articles in newsletters that are niche related? I see you suggest that as opposed to submitting articles to article directories. Thanks.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Very effective in my experience. I remember the day I went from knowing that very few people were visiting my site and reading my articles to having my article published in an ezine with 300,000 readers. That was a good day.

Seng Sotharith Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thank you once again for sharing these great tips. It is useful for me as new affiliate.

Best regards,

Seng Sotharith

Randy Reply

Once again Charlie great topic as we all need free help and advertising. You never cease to amaze me. Keep up the great comments and your the best!



Hi Charlie. I agree with link building exercise with blog commenting. But how to get the blogs which have Do Follow so that you do get your backlink after leaving your comment there?
I agree with your view that one should not use automated blog commenting.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I don’t personally worry about the do follow as much as contributing to a conversation and moving the conversation forward. My goal is more to help people and make connections than to get only links.

Linda Wainman Reply

Hi Charlie

As you say there is so much out there for beginners and the correct way is to stick to one mentor and consistently follow through. It is a challenge as the need to earn money quickly is always uppermost. The temptation that something newer will be faster is ever present. To focus on one system has to be the best way and I am busy with FREEDOM marketing.

Thanks for your help and advice.

wendell grant Reply

i always enjoy your comments on marketing

zora Reply

Hey Charlie,

I’m back seems I was here before Thanks for inviting me back Its been a long while back .
So I read it again and it still good stuff .
Glad I got to refresh on these great ideas on shoestring budgeting it .
Good job.

Bob E Olson Reply

Charlie~ Just a quick note to thank you for the great content and training you supply us of the DOE with. Since funds are tight, much of your information is very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Bob E Olson

LeRoy Lennander Reply

Thanks Charlie

I just joined the DOE as lifetime member a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for all the good advice and I do like your easy approach. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the boastful methods others use. I have an ebook that I has given me good result with a couple of list owners I used before joining DOE. I forward to using your ezine list to find lists promote it. I believe it is not only what you say but how you say it.

Thanks Again

lloyd Reply

You bless me Charlie you really do. i feel nothing but love and gratitude for you.

ken from GTRfreebook Reply

Hey Charlie can we have a video next time please much better when things are explained

    Charlie Page Reply

    How funny. This actually was a video but had some inaccurate information about my offer for DOE membership so I’m rerecording it. I will post it as a video and the article both as I did with the Truth About Traffic.

Al Garretson Reply

Always refreshing to read your e zine,newsletter,and blog. You are really someone
that talks the talk and walks the walk.

Your contributions to IM will always be legendary as you are someone that does care
about peoples success.

Marketing has changed some over the years but the fundamentals that worked then
still work today One thing that happens to a lot of people,they become distracted by
all the bright shiny objects that flood there inbox everyday, that seem so much better
than what there working on and they by into that never finishing there goal.

A question one should ask themselves when buying something else is how can this
help my business model? Results take time,set a goal,pick a niche, do what has
always worked and there will be positive results.

One thing that I have learned, Trust is sometimes freely given but more often than not
isn’t really deserved. Charlie Page is that someone that you can trust (WHY) because
to him helping people obtain there dreams and goals means more to him than money.

Your insight,honesty, and dedication, what internet marketing should be.

                                                    Kindest regards
                                                      Al Garretson
AffTurn Reply

Hi Charlie

Thank you very much for your enlightening articles. I hope to join your course F.R.E.E.D.O.M. marketing
in March and am looking forward to learn more about autoresponders, ezine solo ads for rent etc.
You have my full support.

Best regards


Rhonda Woodworth-Tardif Reply

Hi Charlie: Your information is top notch, as usual.

I’ve never done much with Facebook, but your actionable plan sounds fantastic. I’m looking forward to doing that and I have just the product for it.

It was encouraging to hear you say to use Pay Per Click because it seems like we’re always hearing that you need so much training. I definitely plan to implement that. I see someone posted a link to your site for training. I’ll certainly check that out.

I’m a member of the DOE but haven’t spent a lot of time there as I’m working hard trying to get my product ready. I’m rather slow, I guess.

I appreciate your training. It’s so easy to understand and no hype.
Rhonda Woodworth-Tardif

Jim Shook Reply

Charlie your the best.Thanks for all your usefull content.

caleb Reply

I do all of the above except submitting articles to ezines which is ironic considering whose blog I am leaving this comment on 😆

As for ppc I am about to get back into it due to some new changes made by Google along with the fact Facebook has entered the game.

Tom Kucan Reply

Great advice as always. You provide information that is to the point without the fluff and goofy chatter that other internet marketers use. I feel like I have action items now. Great stuff.

Tom Kucan

Susan Reply

Your article “No Money For Advertising? Here Are Five Solutions” shows that you know first hand what it was like to be at the bottom of the bank account, wallet and pocket — to be unemployable and ill. Yet, to have the determination to rise above it!
A wise quote: “A man with an opinion is at the mercy of a man with an experience.” You have had the experience rising to the top from the bottom and now you are merciful/kind to teach others.

Your statement: “One key with social media is to share often and spontaneously” is one I find to be most difficult. When singularly running an online business, keeping a structured schedule of going daily to the social media sites is a tough one. Perhaps I will try marking certain days in my schedule book and do it first thing to make this work. And definitely I’ll use your “Actionable Idea” to post products that will attract buyers.
Thanks!! –Susan at VectorCentral

Enstine Muki Reply

Hi Charlie,

I can really confirm forum activities work because I’m doing it and seeing results. I also do some commenting and the result is very positive. Thanks for sharing

Jay Reply

Charlie, that’s a great writing strategy in saving the best tip for last! : )

I definitely think that article marketing is excellent for both building your brand and building backlinks. I also think it’s a much safer strategy to pursue especially for beginners.

FB and PPC are great as well; however, IMHO, they actually require that one knows how to market. The key phrase being “knows how to” – and lot’s of people don’t; especially on those venues. I’ll also caution folks about sending FB traffic directly to squeeze pages as it will likely upset your visitors.

Instead consider using the “reverse squeeze page” approach. This is where you give your visitors 2 or more “useful but incomplete” pieces of information in writtern form or video or whatever. After your visitor consumes the first piece of information for free and with no opt-in — you then offer the 2nd or 3rd piece in exchange for the opt-in. The results are better qualified leads. ; )

Dennis Reply

Charlie, thanks for sharing this information. It’s probably one of the questions I see most often across the internet. Some people are simply strapped for cash and need some alternatives. This shows that there is no secret sauce, and people can do well with some “tried and true” methods of generating traffic. Of all the ones you shared, I use forum marketing the most. I really do it without trying, as I’m just engaged in conversations and helping people when I can. The click thrus are just a bonus!

John Yeoman Reply

Yes, I agree that Facebook ads are far more cost-effective than Google ads. They also bring in a better qualified prospect. Banner ads – even on well chosen sites – are not effective at all, as folk do not know what they’re clicking on. Animated banners are worse – like a duck shoot. They attract only kiddies. In my experience, forum postings are the most time-efficient source of traffic, and that traffic converts wonderfully well because people already know something about the offer.

Article marketing? Hm… I did some pretty rigorous research on this. Article marketing, old style – articles dumped in directories for indiscriminate publication on sites that are mostly garbage – no longer works as a source of direct traffic. But guest posting on chosen blogs is the finest way of all to gain customers, bar none.

Ezine posts are also very good. Memo to self: I must check out that ezine directory Charlie keeps talking about…

Clyde Reply

You never cease to amaze me sir. To be honest when I first started reaing this post I thought, this is not new. However I realized it was probably new to a lot of people. Then I got to the article marketing seciton and thought, yes charlie, that is good but it is soooooo slow.

But when you mentioned submitting articles to the ezine owners listed with DOE the light came on and I felt like kicking myself in the rear. Why had I not already thought about that? Submitting to articles directories is good but like I said it is slow however, submitting articles to ezines, that’s sheer genius. No wonder I subscribe to DOE and your blogs.

Thank and PLEASE keep up the good work for those of us who miss the obvious.

Many Blessings,
Dr. Clyde

Charles Holmes Reply

Great post Charlie. I believe that social media has the greatest potential, when used properly (like you mention). If you can’t get people to come to you, go to the people. Most people visit Facebook several times each week, that is the best place to start. As always, great post. Thanks for sharing.


Tara Clark Reply

Dear Charlie,
Thank you for useful tips and information just to the point.I should try article marketing your DOE membership.
I have tried few programs and opened and closed 2 websites within a year time.Affiliate marketing without promotion is a waste of time.I should try ezines and may be will be able to sell my very first affilliate Clickbank product.
Look forward to receiving useful tips!

John @ Project Fast Payday Reply

Hey, Good points to help people with little capital advertise online. Even if you do not have any money to invest in advertising you can always utilize article marketing. The saying “time is money” is correct. You are investing your time writing instead of opening up your wallet. I also like article marketing because you get to learn a lot about your self. People do not give themselves credit for the things they can do. Thanks again

Judith Norris Reply

Wonderful advice, Charlie! You are spot-on and your recommendations ring honest, forthright and definitely from your own experience. I have tried some social media and blogging. Article marketing proved challenging to me for I did not seem to be able to follow the directions accurately. Perhaps another venue would better. I have heard Directory of Ezines is a possibility!?! Thanks again for your terrific advice!

Tony Ejem Reply

Hi Charlie,

I have met several amazing people online who became my mentors.
They are honest, genuine and trustworthy. They have all my respect.
You are definitely one of them.

I became a member of DOE and can’t say enough about the value
of the membership and your generosity. I feel very fortunate to be a part
of your team. Hope to meet you in person one day in the future.
Thanks for everything, you are changing people’s lives.

Tony Ejem

J.R. @ Affiliate Video Blogging Reply

Great video Charlie. All these methods are really great for attracting people to your Blog or Website. Forums are really great. I don’t think people know just how useful forums can be. They are fun and can get you a bunch of targeted traffic.


Bruce Ferguson Reply

Advertising and Marketing your products and/or websites can be a frustrating and confusing task. Your video puts the starting line-up in a clear and concise list of what to focus on. I feel like I have been digging a hole of debt to pay for lots of advertising and haven’t given the free things (or less expensive) a chance. I think someone said something about trying all methods and exposing yourself to many different avenues of marketing. I appreciate the straightforwardness of your list.

Now on to the application of what I have just learned.

neal Reply

Hi charlie want to thank you for your advice and your videos and i ben watching for your email; for all the marketers that i have come contected with and also have set up website”s with: even as a afiliate, I still look forward to all of your email”s thank you.so please don’t take me off your list thank you again helps me alot

Gjyl Stenet Reply

I have found a small number of good guys on the web such as your self, Jim Cockrum, John
Thornhill, Dave Nicholson, Stuart Turnbull, Chris Farrell and some others whose names escape my mind for the moment. I do make a distinction between the few that can be trusted and all the many people who have turned by my email into a daily horror and from whom I cringe. I find the need to separate people into groups. Those I can learn something useful and
those from whom I must defend my mind and purse. From our first meeting I knew I could learn from you Charlie Page I appreciate your teachings and I thank you for this.

Steve Marx Reply

Hello Charlie,

I’ve been reading on your site in various areas. You are highly recommended in the online arena and I appreciate good quality information that your known for.

Please know you have my recommendation too!


osman vieira Reply

Hi Charlie! great video, great info.. i just started with article writing and will soon become a Ezine to help promote my new business. http://buzurl.com/ck03

god bless you,

Earl Reply

Charlie, Nice video. Thanks for the great information. I was really interested in the article marketing segment.

Terri Reply

Thank you very much for the free information on your video. I look forward to becoming a member as well as learning how to promote my new business, http://www.petidalert.com. Thank you again.

Donna Greenman Reply

Charlie, As soon as the cash flows I am in. I have been itching to join! I am a massage therapist/holistic consultant with lots of great info to help others and like all interested in “financial freedom” to be freed up to do more. Thanks for all your info. Looking forward to working with you! 🙂

Donna Greenman Reply

Charlie, I am so on the verge of signing up! Just awaiting the cash to flow and I am in. I have such a wonderful product to share that boosts the immune system and can help with so many issues people suffer from. I have had issues with hypothyroid for a number of years now and do take lots of supplements but this new one is it! I have used it for 3 months or so and am “warm” like other folks for the first time in so long that it is an exciting to me as I know that I am recovering! Yay. Still taking my other products but this addition everyone should enjoy!
I am a massage therapist/holistic consultant and going strong at 66. Thanks for all your input and I am there soon! 🙂

Mike McKibben Reply

I like your idea about PPC. I haven’t used it yet, but I plan to. To provide advertising cash, I first started doing online surveys, and Mystery Shopping. For those who aren’t aware .. yes, they are real, and they work to bring in cash. The caveat here is that they aren’t a career by themselves. A person could not live on the income generated from these ventures. But they do provide enough cash to get your online marketing in motion. Charlie, I would like your opinion on Spinning Software. By generating unique content, does it really help SEO ratings?

    Charlie Page Reply


    I don’t believe that spinners work. They generate articles that might be SEO friendly but don’t help the reader. I like to focus on helping people

Teresa Castellon Reply

Hi Charlie,

I really appreciate your information. It is very helpful for new marketers. My budget is super-limited and haven’t been able to come out of the hole, but I keep working on it and will succeed. It might take me longer, but I’ll get there. Thanks again,

Teresa C.

Gail Reply

Hi Charlie,

Great advise. I am new to IM and I am a member of a club that provides complete training to get your own business off the ground. It has been wonderful. Part of our training was to check out the DOE. It did not take me long to realize the value in being a member. I am indeed a lifetime member of the DOE. I highly recommend it. Thanks again Charlie.


zora Reply

Hi Charlie,

Hope your health is better now and you’re getting along ok. In your great video you sounded like you’re doing well. Keep up the wonderful free content I learn new and very helpful things from all of your marketing tips. They are really appreciated.

Thanks and To your continued success

Anthony Wiley Reply

Hi Charlie this is very interesting. Appreciate take care, Tony.

Samuel Rogers Reply

Hey Charlie,
I am glad to have heard this presentation again. I am a member of the DOE and
appreciate the teaching you do and the help you have provided threw these methods
and by phone on the personal help calls. I am starting to use the PPC on Google
with the help of google research and their free advertising help and the $50 dollar
get started helps. The blogger dot come site is a good place for me to get free
advertising as well as writing articles… Thanks again for you insights and look forward
to more of your helps.
Sam Rogers

Thomas Dull Reply

This last video describes my current position ! I certainly will get started with your methods
in my DOE MEMBERS area!!
Tom Dull

Janice Reply

This is useful, simple and sound advice; thank you, I’ve heard or read most of it before, but hadn’t heard about the warrior forum, so I’m going to look at that now.

Andrea Blowers Reply

Charlie I have learned so much from listening to your videos. I just wanted to say thanks and keep them up. I am a DOE member and continue to learn daily from your sites. Oh and I like how you say PPC not GOOGLE PPC. There are so many options for ppc out their, Google is not the only ppc around and most think of google when they hear ppc. Facebood has ppc and so does many other advertising sites.
Thanks again Andrea

Raymond Ebbeler Reply


Watching and hearing this video for the first time gave me crystal clarity; first and foremost; I love to write and i have written blogs and a few articles on blog sites (wordpress) and articles (ezinearticles); but I never though about going to the Directory of Ezines because well as your video touched on I am somewhat on a limited budget and I am in survival mode. However, I have discretionary income to consider online ventures and desire to be part of this incredible opportunity. Thank you for your persistence in allowing me to be more diligent and discussing with loved ones if i should center my energy on ezine article writing, advertising, etc. If you were to attend to my videos, I am an inventor of the PyramiTronix Resonator a pyramid mind machine for meditation and health; and my topic of interest stems from over twenty years in health and medical services as a military enlisted man and a civilian. However, since becoming an entrepreneur through the Internet, i have promoted other health products and I am involved now with silver and gold coins (a very hot topic). Naturally I would like to be a member of the Directory of Ezines; but I am not your average John Doe; I am very interested in to addressing the decline of the US dollar because America is headed in an area that will eventually be a depression. So thank you for allowing me to address this as topic of interest if it has not already been addressed. I look forward to becoming a member on or about 04/26/2011.

Elizabeth English Reply

Excellent video Charlie. I loved the fact that it teaches the same things that I have
learned at millionaire bootcamp at Worldproft.

Collins Hyacinth Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thank you as always for you useful tips and Infos on all aspects of network marketing.

Your service to our members is priceless.There are very few men of Intergrity and reliability in network marketing like you.
Please keep it up.
Cheers! Collins.

Mike Gordon Reply

Charlie Thank you for all that you do for this community. Your focus is on the success of those around you and that brings the reward back your way. I look forward to working with you

Mike Gordon

Joe Reply

I found this video useful as it confirmed things I have been hearing. I am a member of the Directory of Ezines and truthfully have not utilized it yet. Being a very private person and I am sure there are others like me, (well maybe not) I will not use the social media at all. I don’t post private and personal information and will never do so. I like the old fashion method of picking up a phone and calling someone. I believe, for people like myself, the Directory of Ezines is the best marketing system for me and I soon will be calling Charlie for his advice.

Thanks for the information.


Buzz Hill Reply


I am a lifetime member for about 3 months now and I have not taken you up on some of your member benefits. I just made a note to set up the call with you and post my links too.

Thanks for the personal effort, not many program directors offer this kind of service to thier members.

Take care,

Buzz Hill

Richard Lynch Reply

Thanks Charlie,
I have been an eBay power seller for a couple of years using a drop-ship business model but it is really labor intensive and aggravating sometimes dealing with customer service and returns of physical products.
That is why I recently joined DOE and am working toward an affiliate based business to start with and then my own information products later on.
I have studied several marketers advise and article marketing always seems to come out near the top of everybody’s list for great return for investment of time and effort.
I appreciate your availability to your members and will be in touch soon.
Thanks again and Keep up the good work.

Jim Colston Reply

I very much appreciate these e-mail & video’s i recieve from you they are full of good skills & knowledge.

Many Thanks Charlie


Robert Reply

As an older guy trying to get a toe hold on internet marketing I can hear where you are coming from. As usual Charlie, you deliver ‘news you can use’. I going to check what I’m doing against the advice in this video right now.

Howard Mahere Reply

Wow…You have a simple and effective way of putting your
message accross. You see, I am still learning online marketing
and all that you said was what I needed to hear. I will join as
a member soon. I am selling a good product but I have a very
very tight budget, but you seem like you have provided a solution.
My blog is http://wwwhowieblogcom.blogspot.com

Reuben Reply

Thanks Charlie for the refreshingly clear and concise information. I really appreciate the patience you have with newcomers. That must come from the fact you really care and want to genuinely help people succeed out of the “black hole” of no income. Your commentary and advice is down to earth and makes sense, giving the feeling that “We can do this!”

AnnaLaura Brown Reply

Great stuff Charlie. Article Marketing and Forums are the most underused methods but they really do work. People have gotten so much into video and social media that they forget these two basic methods that can work like crazy.

Gerald Smith Reply

Hello Charlie:

Still haven’t joined DOE as yet…budget issues. However, I do want to complement you on your e-mail tips and help. You have a great follow-up system. You sound far more sincere than most. I wish I had heard of you 2 years ago before I blew my “wad”, so to speak, on a zillion products, programs, coaching, software (you name it, I probably have it…somewhere, lost in the confusion of my hard drives). I am, unfortunately, the epitome of “being overwhelmed,” confused and gullible but blessed with patience and persistence…I will get there!

Thanks for your persistence and guidance.

Gerald Smith

Graham Massey Reply

Hello Charlie,
i have recently joined DOE and have been busy with all the information available. Excellent video for anyone working on a limited budget – like myself. I particularly liked the way that you did not start with the usual rags to riches story but also explained that you had your own personal story. Now to get down to the nitty gritty and follow advice from someone who has been there but is prepared to use his own experiences to help others.
Thanks again,

Partnership Dancing Reply

Hello Charlie,

Thanks for these presentations. I have been listening to them. Like the idea of giving informative, but incomplete information.


Wilbert Marlor Reply

I just thought I would tell you that I landed on your page twice this week searching for completely unrelated items… Talk about weird….

Jeannette Noding Reply

Hey Charlie,
Excellent video and great ideas. Loved them all except the ppc part. I tried this a couple different times and got burned hard. Otherwise I will be implementing the other ideas. Have already started a couple and so far, WOW!
Will soon be able to buy your DOE. Look forward to working with you a lot.

Thank you so much for all you are doing.

God Bless

Marvin Reply

Enjoyed the video Charlie. I’m new to this computer stuff, but will be checking out some of your suggestions. I just signed up with the Warrior Forum, I’m checking it out now. Enjoy all your videos.

zoulika Reply

I really, appreciate your videos.

Thank you so much.

Patrisha Reply

Hi Charlie, very good as usual. So informative. I guess I will start with PPC to advertise…what else..the DOE!

For those who may not have seen it, or for those who may have forgotten, one can learn so much about PPC Ads here. https://charliepage.com/how-to-write-a-great-pay-per-click-ad This is just another thing I really like about your site, if it’s something that has not already been featured, we can go to you for help. What more can one ask for?

Thanks again.

Giorgio Garzia Reply

Hey Charlie

Talking sense once again. I will be phoning you very soon about a few ideas which I have.

Speak soon.
DOE Member

Mike Johnston Reply

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for the insight on those methods. I’m in that ‘limited’ category at this point and those were good reminders. I especially appreciated the PPC and Ezine article posting suggestions. I recently started posting articles to my blog and am going to look into posting articles on Ezines. Being a lifetime DOE member will make the task much easier.
Thanks again,

Lorna Landis Reply

Thanks Charlie,

I make sure to watch all your videos. Just before I clicked on the link to watch your video, I had clicked on another video and I have to say the contrast between your voice, which is calm, sincere and sounds like a “real teacher”, and the one who was “all but yelling”, bragging about himself, you know what I mean, was truly a stark contrast! I could listem to you all day long.

Also, thanks for the message about articles, I was starting, but now will get one done!

Kevin Owens Reply

HI Charlie,First,I wish to Thank You for everything you do for your Members!.I have not started making the big Bucks as of yet! that too; will also come in time.But more important. I have NEVER even considered trying to create an online business.and mostly because of my education level.BUT! With your SUPPORT,the benefits of being a Affiliate is invaluable. even DUMMIE’s can LEARN AND APPLY! and I will love to let everyone know that. how can i summit my article to you for review?

Darrell Rigley Reply

Charlie loved the video, very informative and straight to the point. Very good.

David Williams Reply

Great Video Charlie,
These are wonderful videos and very helpful. I am a DOE member and I am using your information and website to help start my website.

George Stemwedel Reply

I enjoy all of the videos you do. I joined the DOE several weeks ago.
I have one question.
What products or programs were the ones that go you going?
I am still trying to figure out which programs to promote or affiliate products to sell.
I definitely enjoy the way you present everything without the loud hype.
Have a Great Day!

    Charlie Reply


    Great question. I like promoting things people will use over a long period of time and are proven effective. If they offer residual income so much the better. I promoted Aweber, Hypertracker, hosting and several site building sites back when I started. And the DOE of course! 🙂


Michael Welch Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the video, I keep seeing your Directory of Ezines different places I go looking for information. I guess I am going to have to sign up for it to find out what it is all about. I have been on your list for a while now, and I have to say you have some pretty good content you send out. So I am going to try it, thanks for your valuable content you send out.


Raymondr Reply


I have read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and I can see how you are helping so many people. I have been in MLM for a while and love to help people, so when I came across your page it was a fresh air to the things that are out there, You are truly helping others thanks.


Annette Reply

I loved your video! Thank you for teaching the basics while motivating and encouraging the beginner. This is exciting, and your own story is inspiring.

Carolyn Quinn Reply

Dear Charlie:

Have been following you now for a few days and I feel I have learned a few things already. I am in a unique situation where I am not able to find a job yet I do have a few dollars to invest in online business. I do not want to be foolish but it seems I am backed in a corner and have to do something. I believe my story is similar to yours. To be truthful I would be taking a risk if I tried to find a job and the last one I had only paid about $8.00 an hour. So you see if I could just learn how I could make some money online in about a month or so. I could do o.k.

Tom Kucan Reply

Another great video. I have personally used Article Marketing for a little while now and it really works! Love the guidance and the videos. Keep them coming!
Take Care,

Lavonda Thigpen Reply

Hi Charlie,

I just found your blog and watched your video. I have just created my first real product and I will be using your techniques to try and get my site seen. If you don’t mind, I would love to send you an email, and “pick your brain” about some trouble I’m having. I would also like you to take a look at my site and let me know what you think.

If this would be ok, would you please send me an email and let me know. I don’t want to impose.

Have a great weekend.

    Charlie Reply

    I would be happy to visit with you. Just use the “Ask Charlie” link at the top of this page to ask me a question directly.


Pat Stevens Reply

Hi Charlie,

This is the first video I have seen of your and I found it very insightful. I can relate to your story and you also reminded me of a staple of advertising: Spread it out across several different medias.

Looking forward to more from you


Marcel Reply

Hi Charlie,

Again a fantastic video with real life information, not just some hype. I love being a member of the DOE, the resources are just so useful, to the point and of real value. Please keep up your work Charlie, I don’t know anyone out there that is as committed as you are to us “newbies”.


John Powell Reply

I appreciate your information very much Charlie. You are one of the people online that I trust. I think that is a reflection of your character. Your information is always presented in a very simple, easy to understand way. I got motivated to write an aweber article.
Keep up the good work,
John Powell

Michael Reply

Hey Charlie-
Thanks for the video. Have been researching DOE for awhile now, and am putting a plan in place. I believe the internet is one of the last frontier’s as far as a global reach to accumulate wealth. It is nice to know that there are others who have their own stories but are traveling a similar path. And for those that keep at it, will eventually “Crack the code”, and then we can say that it was worth it! All those painful lessons along the way only serve to make us stronger and wiser. Good luck to all!

Jordan Reply


Your content and life story is awesome. thank you for everything you add to the community. This slide show is so simple yet so precise. It’s amazing how many new marketers don’t learn or know at least one method of generating leads. Once you get at least one method and one lead. you can progress from there.

Jordan Crouter
http://www.TheMLM Resistance.com

Robert Deveau Reply

Oh, this post shows great insight, I think you should write more about this topic.

Ha, just joking with you. But seriously, your videos and other information show us the truly what Zig Ziglar meant when he said, “you can only get what you want if you can help enough other people get what they want.” or something like that.

Ralph Klassen. Reply

Hi Charlie;
I really enjoyed the video.Thanks for the helpful tips.
Keep up the good work.


Scott Love Reply


I have started to lurk on the Warrior Forum. Pretty amazing group there so far. I must say though that the high point of this training was the part about “useful but incomplete.” I have been writing the entire article so far and have seen limited results. I now understand why.

Thanks for your training,

Preston Reply

Hi Charlie,

I think this may be my first post, but I’ve been a member or your programs for a while now and LTM of DOE for a few months. I really appreciate your informative emails and videos. I must say that I haven’t yet fully utilized DOE because I’m not quite sure where to start. I appreciate this video and ideas you gave on how to get going with a limited budget.

I hope to use DOE more in the very near near future and take advantage of one of your free counseling calls.



    Charlie Reply


    I wrote a Quick Start Guide when DOE 2.0 opened that will help you get started quickly and easily with DOE. We do offer a lot, which can be a mixed blessing. That’s why I wrote the guide. It offers a very clear step-by-step path to using the DOE from day 1 forward.

    Just log in and you will find the Quick Start Guide on the member home page you see in DOE 2.0.

    Thanks for being a member!


Tim Biggs Reply

Charlie – Great video. I must get 200 emails everyday from online marketers trying to sell me thier products. Most of them I just delete,l except yours. All of the messages above say it right – you are honest and trustworthy. I do enjoy your thoughts and guidance.


Passino Reply

You know, it?s much easier to build good relationships, build evangelists and have them help you market/sell your product/service! Sure it might require that you give a lot of yourself (and knowledge) over and over again and often times for free? But when they evangelize, boy do they evangelize and refer people to you almost without even thinking about it! And that?s?well, that?s just magic.

Tim Reply

Charlie Page and Perry Marshall are the only honest ones I can find.
Unfortunately, I got scammed by some crooks for 2k and now I have to shut up shop because I have no money left for advertising. These so called mentors whose biz name starts with an ‘R’ and ends in an ‘S’ lied to me to get my money because they told me all I would need to pay is hosting and domain name fees. You need at least 2k to get the ball rolling and maybe 10 hours a day, 6 days a week at the computer for the rest of your life. I should have listened to Charlie first.

Anastasia McCune Reply

Hi Charlie,
I’m always appreciative of the to-the-pont, honest, and not-too-long videos you give out for free. Truly an embodiment of the concept of attraction marketing and giving away value. I appreciate your thought about PPC… I hate running PPC campaigns because of the time required to properly test, maintain and tweak over time, but you’ve reminded me of why it is a good way to go. You’re right that many, many people overlook ezine articles.. myself included. Time to rectify that. Many thanks, Anastasia

Michael Nair Reply

Hi Charlie,

Tina Turner coined a phrase in a song that aptly describes you

in a market full of hype and cons.

‘You’re simply the best…better than all the rest”!! 🙂

Thanks for all that you do. I hope to one day help people and make money at the same time like you do.

God Bless You Charlie.

Charlie Reply

Thanks for writing. I look forward to working with you.


Craig Wilson Reply

Charlie, I love the way you tell it like it is…About the part where you said to some people, you need a job to make the money to then advertise…That’s keeping it real and anti hype…I enjoy your videos because you have a great way of presenting your ideas to your readers…I’m a pretty accomplished online marketer and have ben for years now, but I still enjoy hearing what you’ve you got to say…

Scott Seales Reply

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for another great video. I really appreciate the information you keep getting out to everybody. I am looking forward to being a lifetime member, well, for a lifetime! Thanks again.

Daniel K. Voyles Reply

Hello Charlie,

Thank you, that was some great information. I really do like the kind of information you put out, it makes a lot of sense and is very useful. Thank you again.

Wyteria Jacobo Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for an informative video. I feel like I am on the verge of a breakthrough finally. For so long I was trapped in information overload and procrastination held me back, too. No more. I am taking action now! I look forward to paying it forward as you have done.

Russ Smith Reply

Hi Charlie: I enjoyed your video. I am one of the millions of wounded neworkers who have tried dozens of those “Even my eight year old daughter can do this” programs, got buried in an avalanche of even greater offers from the same source while I was still trying to figure out the first one, dropped it and moved on to another one. After years of failing I have come to understand “The fortune is in the list” Don’t worry whether or not anyone makes money with any particular program just keep pumping out great offers to a huge list – enough suckers will buy. I am standing at the crossroad. Give my lap top away or try one more time. With what?

    Charlie Reply


    While I do not share your sentiment about “pumping out offers” and “enough suckers will buy” I do agree that the list is the primary thing online. The fortune is indeed in the follow up, which is why I created http://www.followupsellingsystems.com

    Don’t throw out the laptop – focus on one thing (one product, one marketing method) and do only that for 30 days. Only then will you be able to evaluate results.

    I wish you the best,


Linda Hurst-Strayhorn Reply

Hi Charlie,
I realy appreciate all the help you have just given me in this video.
I need to learn so much that I get bigged down trying to keep it in my head. I have been blessed by your videos every time I get to watch them and all the other training and help you offer for free.
Thank you.
Linda Hurst-Strayhorn

Mike Robbins Reply

Good short video. You’re right I think it was Jimmy Brown who coined that phrase.
Another great way to write an article is to headline it as “five tips” and only list three.
You got to sell the click. Keep up the good work Charlie!

John Foster Reply

Charlie, You quoted my story almost word for word, up until you got to the I made a lot of money part.
I appreciate the advice and will apply it as I am able to.
By the way, I do intend to complete my story in the same way you have.

Clara Nolt Reply

Hi Charlie, thank you for another great video! I’ve been a member of the DOE for several years and I love it! I always go to the Directory of Ezines to find a good place to advertise whatever it is I am promoting.

I am just learning to do some social networking so I especially liked what you had to say about that.

Thanks Again!

Lalitha Brahma Reply

I liked the honest advice- “Don’t try to do things online with zero dollars”
After watching your video, I am now motivated to do PPC advertising(that I was putting off)
Great insight about WarriorForum. Thanks for providing great Value.

Sue Knapstein Reply

Thank you Charlie for another great video. I’ve become very enthusiastic about social media marketing. You have just affirmed me enthusiasm since I am one on a limited budget. I have not delved into article writing as yet, but will follow your advice and get started. Thanks again for your support.

Nigel James Reply

Hi Charlie,
Just started listening to your audios, and would like to say they are fantastic.
By that I mean the content is very useful, the clarity of the audios, second to none, and most of all, not too long, very concise.Will definitely continue listening, and can’t wait to start working with you in person.Signed up for your consulting offer a few days ago, so speak soon.
Nigel James

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