Paid Traffic: 20 Methods That Create Fast Results

In a previous post we discussed 22 ways to get free traffic, in this article we will discuss the other side — paid traffic.

At the end of the day we all have the same choices when it comes to traffic – we earn it or we buy it.

Smart marketers do both continually by doing things like building their list from the traffic they get from sources like paid advertising.

That’s a smart tactic that creates true marketing leverage. It creates leverage because having your own list is perhaps the #1 key to succeeding online. This is why you often hear experienced marketers say they always drive traffic to a squeeze page and not a sales letter.

They want to build their list and then send the visitor to the sales letter, knowing that some people will just leave and they might lose a bit of business. But the prospects they gain are much more interested and likely to buy. This is one sure way to increase conversion.

But let’s save that for another article!

Today let’s take the big picture look at paid traffic, just like we did with free traffic methods.

When it comes to paid traffic, I believe there are three “themes” just as there are with free traffic. To refresh your memory of the themes, they are …

  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Collaboration

If you want to know more about each please visit my post Free Traffic: 22 Methods That Really Work.

The major difference between free and paid traffic is that when earning free traffic you are doing the work but with paid traffic you are buying ads on places where others do the work. 

For example: You might notice that forums are on both lists. For free traffic from forums you need to spend time participating.

To get paid traffic from forums you simply buy ads on the the forum itself (most offer advertising) and you can skip all the time it takes to post and participate. It’s still a good idea to participate but with paid advertising it’s not necessary at all.

Now let’s look at the big picture of the paid traffic world.

First, here’s a little mind map I drew for you about paid traffic. As before, you can ignore this if you are not into graphical thinking or mind maps.


Now on with the show! Rather than grouping them by publishing or broadcasting or collaboration I thought it might be more useful to list them and then share a short insight about each.


Running your own affiliate program can be a dream come true. It’s no guarantee of success however since affiliates can misrepresent your product and cause you headaches. Believe me, I know.

But if you develop a strong army of affiliates and work with them to promote your product for a commission you won’t have to worry about traffic againJimmy Brown has famously said that his affiliates send him all the traffic he needs, and I believe him.

Email Marketing

Email marketing and ezine advertising are similar but a bit different. The difference is that there are companies with very large lists that will sell you solo ads but they don’t publish an actual email newsletter. These companies range from the very large to smaller players, so you need to know who you are buying from and avoid spam complaints. But solo ad sends to these lists can work very well.


Many large sites, often blogs, will sell you a review on their site. The costs and effectiveness varies, and these site owners won’t fib and say a product is great if it’s not in most cases. Getting a paid review amounts to an endorsement in most people’s eyes, so the value here can be huge. Find a top blog or site in your niche and see if they offer a paid review.


Many forums sell advertising space on their forum site. This is highly targeted advertising, especially if the forum you choose will let you buy ads on a sub forum. These ads are usually banners but they can take other forms as well. Some forums will even send email for you to their registered members.


Not sure why people don’t use banners more often but they should. A well-placed banner can bring in huge results, and the costs are quite low. Banners are often sold on a cost-per-thousand impressions basis so it’s very important to know where the site gets its traffic. If you target correctly, and if your banner creates intense curiosity, you can do very well for a low fee.


There are a few ways to pay and get traffic with webinars. You can host them of course, but that’s hard for most people. Some webinar hosts will actually sells ads that show during the webinar. I know of no clearinghouse for this but there should be one. I predict this will become a big trend. Another way to use webinars is to pay someone to host a webinar for you. This is best done as a joint venture but can work well.

Guaranteed Visitors

While I’m not a fan of guaranteed visitor programs (the traffic is usually of very low quality) there are situations where some reputable suppliers can send traffic that will help you. I personally believe this is best only for list building. Let them join your list first so you can sell them later and then send them on to the sales page.

Ezine Advertising

This is one of my favorites, not because I own the Directory of Ezines or because I publish an ezine but because it just works so well. When you match the product you are promoting to the interests of the readers of the ezine very good things happen. It’s vital to pay attention to this prospect matching idea when doing any form of advertising.


Simply put, you pay for every 1000 impressions (or times you ad is shown). While some use the term CPM differently, it began as a way to express cost-per-thousand and is still used that way today. CPM advertising can be very profitable and is excellent for list building.


So many online marketers overlook offline methods completely. That can be a mistake. The key with using an offline/online mix is to either create curiosity in your offline ad or pre-qualiy a reader or listener and then drive them to a site where they can take the next step.

Social Media

Social sites like Twitter and Facebook can be fun and profitable both. They can also be hugely time consuming. So why not skip the hard work and just buy ads on the sites? While this is very limited with Twitter as I write this, Facebook and other social sites like Digg do offer on-site ads that work well.


Not ready to shoot your own video? How about buying ad space on videos about the topic you want to promote? YouTube had offered this for some time and other video networks are getting on board. The key here, as with most advertising, is to create curiosity and interest, not try to close the sale.


Ad networks can be huge time savers if you have a larger budget. Many ad networks let you get started for only a few hundred dollars (others start at $10,000 or more) and they can place all sorts of ads for you on all sorts of websites. Highly targeted and you can control costs too.


I heard the founder of a large technology company say the other day that Cost Per Action was going to be the only model in the near future. While that might be overstating it, CPA can be a wonderful way to get new clients while controlling costs. For example, if you know a customer is worth $100 to you and your conversion is high you can afford to spend enough to really zero in on your target market. Since you are not paying for tire-kickers you can feel sure your money is well spent.


Many blogs accept advertising right on their site. Blogs often offer banner ads, in-post ads and more. Some blogs will email their list for a fee or, as mentioned above, do paid reviews. Identifying top blogs in your niche and following them makes good sense. Here is my favorite blog. 

Pay Per Click

Pay per click has gone through many changes. Affiliate friendly at first, many PPC providers turned on affiliates with a vengeance. Added to this is Google’s habit of canceling accounts without any notice or recourse and you can see why many feel PPC is not an option. But it can be if you do it well. My favorite voice in this world is Perry Marshall.


Advertising directly on almost any site you want can be done with Google AdWords. Many people don’t realize they can target a specific site but it can be done. It is often easier to use an ad network for this however. Another option, take a look at a site you want to advertise on and look for an “advertise” link at the bottom of the page.


Some physical product companies offer what is called co-op advertising. This is where the company rewards you for sales by purchasing advertising for you. While this does not apply to any online products I know of, if you are marketing a physical product online then ask the company about their co-op program.

Press Releases

Press releases are great if you have something that is actually news-worthly. Unfortunately, press releases are often taught as a good traffic-getting strategy by people who have never used them. They sound good, and are easy to do, but in my view don’t work for most people and should be avoided. Remember this when doing a press release – the people reading your release will mostly be reporters looking for a juicy or otherwise attention grabbing story. So be sure to give them one if you can do that ethically.


Re-marketing works well but most don’t know about it. Here’s how it works. You set up a RM campaign and when someone visits your site (this works best for site owners) a cookie is set. Now when that visitor goes to a website that is within the network of sites your re-marketing company works with your ad is shown to that visitor, in essence reminding them you want them to come back to your site.

There you have it – a view from outer space at the big picture of paid advertising. Sorry it’s long but there was a lot to say!

In future posts  we will dig deeper into each of these methods.

Hope you enjoyed it. Please do leave a comment below or share with your friends on the social networks.

Be blessed,



Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Carlton J Bruce sr Reply

Love that mind-map graphic!
As great to admire as your detailed steps to make understandable what could otherwise be a “fire hose” of information. Thanks Charlie.

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jim Reply

This is a great article and really puts into perspective the online advertising models out there today. Does anyone know of any decent ad networks to use? I’m under the impression that this would be the easiest solution as they would take care of most of the steps outlined in this article and if it only costs a few hundred bucks then why not?

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Rod Reply

Thank you so much for this very informative post.

Sincerely it looks like the pay way is pretty much the only way. I have had bad experiences now at forums. For some reason I keep getting kicked out of them… And trust me, I am not sales pitching, only putting a link back to my squeeze page on the signature. And I post only where I really think I can be helpful to people. It’s been depressing…

Catch 22, like we all know.

Anyhow, I’ll keep on fighting. I know I can help people sooo much… And I will, at some point,
things must start working.


Rod Caceres

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737 Flight Simulator Reply

Thank you for this interesting post, I recently tried facebook but the results were rather not consistent when I paid for clicks and for impression separately. When I paid for clicks my CTR was 6%, when for impressions 0%. I was basically ripped off by facebook.

    Mike Reply

    CTR really means nothing. You need to have conversion tracking tools that tell you if the lead ended up on whatever your end goal is. Don’t be distracted by CTR.

    BTW, I grew a list from 500 to 7,000 in three months with Facebook ads. The advertising paid for itself with offers to the list. They do work.

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Adam Harding Reply

This post has got a few exciting ideas floating around my head for new ways to get my daily traffic and subscriber count up!

Till now I have been focusing on SEO and content marketing for free traffic, but looking to delve into more of the paid ads site of things to scale quicker.

Solo ads is something I am making a more consistent strategy now (I highly recommend people check out the listings in the DOE!) by re-investing profits.

I guess with paid advertising that the hard part is not actually getting the traffic, it is getting conversions and thus being able to afford to buy more and more traffic.

Ensuring that the product is a high enough price in order to be able to realistically break even, or having a high ticket item as part of a sales funnel, would be an important thing to have as part of these paid ad campaigns I would think.

Nick Reply

Thanks so much for this excellent post Charlie! It’s so refreshing to read something that is all about providing value! I personally love both paid and free traffic, and I implement both. Paid Traffic is very valuable. The reason most people fall down is that they don’t know their basic metrics, such as cost per acquisition or even conversion rates. At the moment, I’m diving into PPV which has been very interesting. Thanks again!

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Paul Warner Reply

I liked the article very much as it is extremely informative and worth reading two or three more times to help it sink in, but it will be bookmarked for referencing back to.
I really like the logo at the top of this site and I am curious if you outsourced to have it designed??? I also like your mindmap and I am as curious as to where you get this from???
I am like others who have commented that everytime I come back to these blogs I find new and interesting things to read and learn from, and that I thank you for immensely. I have a brother who drives a big rig across country who I am seeing in December to sit him down and map out a plan for us to do this stuff, which will be hard because he does not believe in it, but one of the sites I will be referring him to as proof that this stuff can be done profitably is yours, which tells you that I am getting there too as to believing in somebody being honest, sincere, with the best for us in mind. Thank you, Paul

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Paul. Your kind words mean a lot.

    For the mindmap I used a software from Tony Buzan (pretty much considered the expert in mind maps) called iMindMap. You can learn more about it here. Not an affiliate link, just a recommendation. I have also used and like MindJet and MindNode.

    The logo was done by my graphics designer, Dairrell Ham. He is the person who has designed most of what I do online. Great guy.

    Hope this helps.


Criss Reply

Awesome content & loved your favourite blog , very well displayed & organised ( clear as)

Steve Marx Reply

I enjoy your blog and content very much Charlie!
I’ve always been interested in solo’s, never have but you’ll be the one I can count on in that area 🙂
Thanks for all you share!

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lester Reply

I have been told by many so-called guru’s that there are only 2 way to get traffic lol.

Clearly that’s not the case,and coming from you Charlie,i would rather listen to you the buhu’s lol.

Absolutely awesome stuff especially the ad networks,i’m going to implement a.s.a.p.

Thanks a lot man.

Keep me posted.

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Jack Sarlo Reply

You’re a pro! At last I’m learning something that makes sense other than seo 🙂

Lena Reply

Thank you Charlie, I am reading all of your emails & absolutely love it. I found so many powerful techniques of getting free traffic here

Thank you,

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ShelleyN Reply

Hello Charlie,
Thanks for all the great traffic/marketing ideas. I’ve just started using solo ads myself, ran my first one and got a couple of leads. Will be testing that again. I didn’t think banner ads work very well but they must, since I’ve been hearing quite a lot of them lately so I’ll be rethinking that method. Will be keeping some of your comments in mind as I work on these methods.

Charles Holmes Reply


You never cease to amaze me. This is a great post with awesome information. I am going to explore the banner advertising with several prominent websites to see what kind of deal I can get. Thanks for sharing, brother.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Always happy to help. Thank you for your kind words.

Rick Reply

Very nice list. Thanks this should help thanks Charlie.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Glad you liked it. More specifics to come soon!

Lawrence Gower Reply

Hi Charlie
The more I browse your site the more I learn ….. Brilliant!

Seng Sotharith Reply

Hello Charlie,

Thank you once again for great information. You always share useful tips to me.

Best regards,

Seng Sotharith

Susan Reply

Thank you, Charlie, for the excellent presentation of useful information. I even took a sneak peek at your favorite blog, and I bookmarked it.. Again, thanks for the wealth of information you give so freely.



    Charlie Page Reply

    Glad you looked. You will find so much there that really works. I read it, and quote it, often.

Dwight Anthony Reply

Really great write up Charlie, I’ve used quite a bit of these methods so can attest to their effectiveness. The re-marketing was a new one to me.

Dwight Anthony
Financially Elite Blog

Martin P Kerrigan Reply

Thank you Charlie. I always read your emails because you provide some of the best information on the net. Plus, being a member of DOE has been a very successful asset to me.
Good on you Charlie. 🙂

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks for being a member and for your kind words too.

Celia Reply

Thank you Charlie for all your help. Now I just have to learn and implement this information to better my situation. You are always giving so much.


    Charlie Page Reply

    Celia – I know you will get there.

Ric Brothers Reply

I seldom do this. Mainly because, as long as I’ve been online
I received some of the worst information ever from some
so- called experts.

But after reading your email, I REALLY DO FEEL BLESSED!

Thank you for your email. It was great, and for the first time
in my life, I received an email that actually had information
that I could use.

God bless you, Charlie; but from now on I think I’ll call you
Mr Page!

Thanks again
Ric Brothers-Affiliate Business Building

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy you liked it and found it action-able. That is the key – knowing is one thing but the person who does something with what they know is the one who wins in business. Blessings to you as well.

Mary Sloane Reply

Wow Charlie what a great overview I am always looking for check lists to make sure I don’t over look something .

You just did it for me 🙂

I am always blown away by your generosiity with what you share

    Charlie Page Reply

    Mary – it’s my pleasure to share. I like lists too but my lists these days are more graphical, hence the mind map. I will be expanding the map soon to share more details.

Jimmy Morson Reply

Thanks for this content Charlie. I truly appreciate your generosity, wisdom and experience! Keep doing what you’re doing.



    Charlie Page Reply

    They say writers can’t not write. I have found that true … so I will happily keep sharing IF you will keep reading! 🙂

Kishore Dharmarajan Reply

Remarketing is a great way to get cheap traffic. A 6% conversion rate and .0.10 cpc on Adwords through remarketing is quite possible. The only downside is you can start doing it after 500 conversions for each campaign.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I agree about remarketing. It’s a great way to go in certain situations and can be very cost-effective. You’ve got to be careful if you have affiliates driving traffic however because if their traffic sources are super-cheap (not targeted) you end up paying remarketing fees for bad traffic. I’m going to do more on that later with some specifics about remarketing. I appreciate your comment and your sharing.

Aileen Reply

Great article Charlie…brilliant summary of all the paid methods of advertising. Well done!!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Glad you liked it. Thanks!

Isaac Jon Reply


The banner is still running because, due to the Website terms (it’s a very targetted website)…I was “locked in” for the duration of the month.

I’ve tried 3 different Variations of both banner design and copy, the third variation uses the same design as my first variation but to the exception of different copy.

It is doing the best of the 3 so far.

But in reality, I don’t think it’s done that ell to be honest, I mean…it’s pointed at a Squeeze page and it’s doing “ok”…but that is about as far as I’d go…just about “acceptable” for the $2k it cost.

As far as offline Direct Mail is concerned, yeah it is definately one of the BEST mediums for traffic out’s a bit old school.

I think what puts most people off, is the amount of Financial commitment involved to actually do Direct Mail.

I think Direct Mail should only be considered, once you have proven copy, I like to test that copy online first, before I bring it offline, simply because I want to be as sure as sure gets, that it’s going to work.

As far as CPM..yes..I’ve played with it..but the trick is to test your Ad copy and Squeeze page using PPC methods first.

I want my communications in both Ad copy and Onpage elements to be as optimized as I can possibly get it, before I’d even consider going CPM with it..because CPM burns out I want as high a CTR as I can get…and a high CTR to Conversion as I can get too.

CPM is not for the Faint hearted…same goes with PPC…but saying that..get it right and it does very well.

Bottom line is: All the paid traffic mediums you have spoken about in this post work, the trick is to Split Test…and so many people miss this step, in fact…not enough people talk about it (that includes Marketers).

I think your one of the few people Charlie who I’ve seen make a point of it…that being said…my mentor in the UK is quite tough on Split Testing too.

I’d be very interested to see your CPM test using Jonathan Mizels method…is that using Media Buys and/or Second tier PPC networks Charlie?..or is it via convention FB and Google PPC?…

    Charlie Page Reply

    I’ve been locked in before. Not fun but it happens. One thing I’ve tried when locked in is taking a completely contrarian approach the site. Something that creates a disconnect in the mind of the viewer long enough for them to look. Simple things like “Is Obama ruining the economy?” with a Yes or No box works well in some cases. Please note – that is not meant to be a political statement as that’s not what my blog is about.

    I agree that CPM runs fast and that optimized copy really matters in all cases. Good points. There is a lot of power in what you said here …

    “I want my communications in both Ad copy and Onpage elements to be as optimized as I can possibly get it”

    Amen to that! Optimized communications are the name of the game.

    I’m doing mostly media buys from Jonathan’s course. I will be reporting inside my membership sites – Directory of Ezines and Follow Up Selling Systems for now – on the results soon.


Ales Vrto Reply

I’ve never heard for Re-marketing.I need to check some day. Tanx for info.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Remarketing can be an excellent source. I learned about it from Jonathan at That’s not an affiliate link but it is an endorsement of the quality Jonathan offers.

Tony Marino Reply


As usual, your insight and willingness to share are relevant and should be counted as quite valuable for all who aspire to build and sustain a profitable business model using the power of today’s Internet.

Thank you!

Be blessed abundantly,


    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Tony. You are a faithful friend and excellent publisher. I appreciate you.

marvin Reply

Great Ideas! I joined DOE a while back and haven’t regretted it. I just started doing some CPA.

keep the good info coming

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks for being a member. Happy you are trying CPA and hope it goes well.

make money online with kelly Reply


Hi, how’s it?

Great overview of advertising strategies. I personaly use video, blog, website, email marketing, forum, and ezine advertising. For the paid, if people are struggling… one option for them would be to build some websites to get some cashflow coming in. Or an off-line job.

Of course this is what I’m doing and what works for me.

To your success in 2012,

    Charlie Page Reply

    Good points. The reason I started with the free traffic article is that many people need to start with free and then invest what they earn in paid. Glad you are on a good track.

Stanley Kowalik Reply

Your Favorite Blog does not connect. thanks Stan

LeRoy Lennander Reply

Charlie you always give excellent information. I joined DOE a few weeks ago after receiving information from you for some time. I have been paying for ads and have had some success. I have a very small list some what responsive but not much for sales. Yet

Regards LeRoy

    Charlie Page Reply

    Leroy – thanks for being a member and congratulations on your success with ezine advertising. It is a process that, once learned, can be repeated many times.

Engin Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the enlightining and excellent articles. You always deliver!

My question is; how does Traffic Evolution, that you have been promoting recently, fit into the paid traffic scheme? Are they still a valid and viable way doing business online?

Thanks in advance.



    Charlie Page Reply

    Good question Engin. I have had great results promoting Traffic Evolution. I was interviewed for the course, and have been friends with Jonathan for about 12 years, but that’s not why I promote it. I promote it because it works. I found resources, and ways of thinking about paid traffic, inside TE that were new to me. I liked that and what I learned worked when I used it. And Jonathan is an excellent teacher. So, TE is a great product to use and to promote to a traffic-getting hungry audience and yes, I feel it works quite well as a product to use and promote. Thanks!

Isaac Jon Reply

Yeah, I’ve investing a fair chunk into Banner Advertising Charlie.

It’s interesting because I’ve got a really expensive banner running right now that I’m paying the best part of $2,000 per month for and it’s not doing that well…but by the same token I have cheaper banners @$50-$100 per month range that is out performing my expensive banner. My $2k banner is the most expensive banner I’ve ever run to date.

As far as CPM goes..yes, it’s an option..but it only works if your sole objective is to get as much traffic as possible, that said, I only use CPM when I’m split testing different variations.

One of the big ones in your post is offline advertising..I do direct mail here in the UK and that pulls an awful lot of traffic…works very well.

    Charlie Page Reply

    It’s so hard to get online marketers to look at offline methods. But they work, and work well. I owned a direct mail company before going online and still use those skills every day. The 2K banner sounds expensive but you clearly know what you are doing so it must still be running for a reason. Are you split testing copy? That is the best way I know to make a choice about an expensive buy. I split test two very different approaches (usually one promise of gain and one fear of loss) and then determine the winner and use it as my control. Have you used CPM for list building? Jonathan Mizel has a method of “laundering” cheap traffic that is working well for him. I’m going to be testing it this month and hoping it works as well for me as it has for him. Thanks for writing!

steve Reply

This is all very helpful info to know. Now I just need the money to use some of them.

    Charlie Page Reply

    The reason I started with the free traffic methods in my first article is that I know it’s tough out there. Starting with free methods can work well if you are focused and have a great game plan. Hopefully you can use the free methods to earn a bit and then invest some into paid methods to increase response. Thanks for commenting.

George Kosch Reply

Wow, thanks again for the excellent complimentary article Charlie. Keep em coming!

    Charlie Page Reply

    I’m hard at work on the next one! Thanks for writing.

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