Why Do Quizzes Work So Well?

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Do you want to sell more without being pushy or “salesy”?

If you answered yes, you want to know about quizzes! 

Most of us have heard about the ASK Method by now. Asking is as old as the hills but the Internet has modernized the process so that anyone (yes, anyone) can use it to sell more. 

Who will quizzes work for?

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Network marketers
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Physical product sellers
  • Digital product sellers
  • Membership site owners
  • List builders
  • And … YOU!

Yes, quizzes will work for you. Best of all, you can do this totally free! In fact, I give you specific resources in today’s video.

I hope you enjoy it.

Prefer to read? The enhanced transcript is below for you convenience!

Have you noticed how everyone is talking about selling more by using online quizzes? Asking questions, getting people’s opinions, taking polls. It really is very, very powerful. So, what’s up with that.

Well, here are the facts.

Quizzes do work and they work very well. Very easy to do. Very powerful for your marketing.

  • They work for affiliate marketers. If you’re selling someone else’s product for a commission, this will work for you.
  • They work for network marketers. If you’re in a multi tiered program, this will work for you.
  • They work for coaches and consultants very, very well. This will especially work for you.
  • They work for product owners like me, too. People who sell digital products. People who sell physical products.

Why do they work and how can you use them?

That’s what this little short video is about.

Quizzes work for many reasons.

The main reasons are that selling is not only telling.

You know, it’s great to have a great sales letter. That’s very important. It’s important to have a video sales letter. We teach people how to do all of these things, but the fact is, it’s not just who tells the best story. There’s much more to selling than just telling.

Also, people value their own opinion.

This is incredibly true wherever you go. People value their own opinion. They want to share their own opinion.

Quizzes show that you value their opinion, too, because instead of just making a sales pitch, you’re asking them their opinion. You’re asking them questions and people love to be asked questions. They love to be asked their opinion.

It’s a natural process.

It’s very much like dating. You don’t walk into a party and see a beautiful girl and say, “Hey, let’s get married.”

You introduce yourself. Maybe you have coffee. Maybe you go to a movie and then have dinner, and things like that. And over time, you get to know each other. You get to like each other and trust each other. Then, the relationship can move forward.

Quizzes do the same thing for your online business. It’s a warming up process, but it’s a beautiful warming up process because what you’re doing is asking the person more about themselves.

That’s music to their ears. Not that they’re narcissistic or ego-centric. It’s just that people want to share their opinion.

It builds anticipation for the result.

When a person is involved in a multi step quiz, where there are three or four questions, the closer they get to the end, the more anticipation that it builds. They’re going to keep going because they want to see what the result is.

Also, people compare themselves to others.

This is just how it’s been since the garden. I mean, I just think people compare themselves to others all day long. As you observe people out in public, this is something that happens all the time in every setting.

It doesn’t matter if the person’s a millennial or if they’re a World War II veteran. People just compare themselves to others.

If you ever doubt that, visit a gym. You don’t have to go workout. Just visit a gym and watch people watch each other.

You win by participating, not by being right.

Now the person, I’m talking about the person who takes the quiz. They win simply by participating. They don’t have to have right answers or wrong answers. All they have to do is share their opinion. Easy for them to do.

Also, the person who takes the quiz gets a personalized result.

This is something that’s very important. Our customers don’t want to feel like they’re buying a cookie cutter answer. They don’t want to be buying a one size fits all solution.

We live in a world of extreme customization.

When a person gets an iPhone and they take it home, they’ll spend hours just getting the right apps on it and arranging them all, and making sure that they work the way they want.

I’ve actually seen articles by business people who are talking about how they set up their iPhone for maximum productivity.

  • We personalize our desktop.
  • We personalize our day planner.
  • We personalize everything.

And so, how beautiful would it be if you could deliver to your customers a personalized piece of marketing?

A quiz can do that.

How do they work for you if you want to sell things online?

How do quizzes work for the seller?

We’ve talked about what’s in it for the person who takes the quiz. What’s in it for you?

Well, number one, and this is huge. This is so big, I couldn’t even put it in big enough caps.

People self select.

This is so important. Instead of you pushing a product at a person, you’re simply saying, “Oh, you said you want this. Here’s the solution.”

The people who take your quiz, they are self selecting. They’re telling you what they want. Very, very important.

They’re actually telling you what they want to buy.

Not what they need, because let’s face it, people don’t buy what they need. If we bought what we need, we’d all have safer cars and more life insurance and things like that. We buy what we want.

People who are answering quizzes are telling you, the seller, “This is what I want to buy.” If you present it to them, what do you think the result’s going to be? It’s going to be increased sales.

Also, your marketing becomes based on their answers.

You’re giving them a tailored, personalized result. You’re presenting your product, the same product you’re selling to everybody else, in a very specific light, based upon their response.

You can do list segmentation, which is huge.

It simply means that you email to people who already want to hear from you, information about what they want to hear about.

You’re not broadcasting this offer to everybody, regardless of what their interest is. You’re segmenting your content directly to people who have already expressed an interest. That is important.

You can also do list hygiene, which means this.

People who aren’t interested in a particular product, they just never hear about it.

  • You send them less email. It makes them happy.
  • You pay for less email to go out. That makes you happy.
  • You get higher opens, higher conversions, higher click throughs. That makes everybody happy.

List hygiene is very important. I have information about that on my blog. Super important topic. It’s not talked about very often. You can do it easily when you do quizzes.

How can you do this?

How can you do a quiz? All right. First of all, you can Google it. How to create a quiz gets 53 million results, so I don’t think you want to sort through all that. And look how much advertising is on there.

Here’s what I want to do. I want to share with you some free resources, some paid resources, and make a couple of specific recommendations, so you have a starting point. All right.

Let’s talk about free stuff.

Don’t you love free stuff?

The very best free resource I know is Google.

Google Docs will allow you to create quizzes with Google forms. You just distribute the link in your advertising, on Facebook, in your email, and people can go and take your quiz.

Here’s a great thing, all of the results just get popped right into a Google sheet, a spreadsheet. You can see them at a glance. Totally free, very easy to do. They walk you right through it.

If you’ve got a Gmail account or a Google account, you’ve got what you need right now, 100% free. That’s kind of nice.

Typeform is a service that I use.

I really, really like Typeform. They have a free level to start out. That’s very nice because what happens is, if you’re like me, you like to start with something free, because why spend money when you don’t have to. Then if you get a great response, you can upgrade. That’s exactly what I did.

I use Typeform every day. I started out with the free one. Then I got more response than their free system allows, so I just upgraded to the next level. It’s inexpensive.

Typeform walks you right through it. They’ve got templates. They just take you step by step through the process.

Here is an example of a very clean page on my site for my consulting.

This is a Typeform page. It says, “I’ll help you get results. Survey takes under a minute. Click start.” When you got there and you click start, you’ll see my quiz. It’s step by step by step. Very easy to do.

There are WordPress plugins that do this.

I’m sure there are 50 of them, but I’ll tell you the gold standard. The gold standard is thrive themes.

It’s called Thrive Quiz Builder. Now, at Common Sense Blog Blueprint, we build blogs for our clients and we install the same package we use on our own sites, the CharliePage.com Directory of Ezines and more.

This is what we use, Thrive Quiz Builder. It’s fantastic. You buy it once. You never pay for it again and it works and works. It’s very flexible.


There are paid services, too. Typeform, as I mentioned, does have a paid level, so that’s good.

Then there’s one called Lead Quizzes. Lead Quizzes is extremely powerful. They work with you closely, so if you’re serious about this type of marketing, they are a great resource. Lead Quizzes.

Please use quizzes in your marketing. You’re going to love it. Especially if you’re an affiliate marketer. It actually works for everybody.

Please share this video while you’re thinking about it.

Give me a thumbs up or say hello in some way. Leave a comment. I’d appreciate that.

This is Charlie Page. Thank you for watching. I hope you have an excellent day.

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