The 60 Second Solution

Want to make more sales the quick and easy way?

Then follow this simple formula, and create a sixty second summary page for your readers!

The problem is all too common. Two competing factors are true at the same time:

1. Long sales letters produce better results.
2. People don’t have time to read long sales letters.

So how can you solve that problem on your website?

Easy … create a sixty second summary. After all, everyone has one minute to spare!

Here’s how you do it, followed by an example that is working now.

First, List The Benefits Of Your Offer

The key here is to list benefits, not features. A feature is something your product does, a benefit is something it does for me. Here’s an example.

Feature: The Directory of Ezines is a database of ezines that sell ezine advertising, publish ezine articles, and do joint ventures.

Benefit: The Directory of Ezines helps you save time when you are searching for ezines in which to advertise, publish articles, or do joint ventures.

See the difference? People could care less that the DOE is a MySql database driven membership site. But they do care about saving time. When you partner with remote, dba consultants provide you with the talent, tools and services you need to innovate faster, keep ahead of the competition, and demonstrate the true value of IT. You get the experts you need, when you need them, freeing you to focus on innovation.

List all of the benefits you can. The more you can say to a prospective customer about how you can help them the better.

Second, Create A Bulleted List

The best way to display these benefits is not by hiding them inside fancy words. After all, just the fact that someone might want to read a 60 second summary page indicates they are in a hurry. So give them just the facts.

People like lists. Simply list the benefits you created above in descending order, from the most powerful to the least important. Every one of the benefits you list will have impact to someone, but do remember to start with the strongest benefit you can offer.

Here’s the example I promise you. It will open in a new window.

Third, Test The Page

Now it’s time to read the page. Since these are words that you have written, you will read it faster than another person. I recommend asking a friend to read the page, and timing them. After all, you want to keep your implied “60 second” promise.

If the page is too long, either shorten each bullet point or remove some until the page is short and concise.

Fourth, Include A Clear Call To Action

The objective is to sell to people who are in a hurry. The last thing you want to do here is to give them your short yet powerful list and then force them back to your main page, where the order link might be hard to see. So, always include an order link at the bottom of the list.

You can safely restate your main benefit at the bottom of the list, but resist the temptation to say more. What you want here is action … now!

IMPORTANT: Send them from this page to your order form. If they read the recap and click the link they want to buy. Do not get in their way – let them buy now!

Last, Add A Link To Your Sales Letter

Now it’s time to modify your original sales letter and let people know you offer a 60 second summary.

I choose to do that at the very top of the sales letter for the sites where I employ this tactic.

Using long selling copy is smart, because long copy gives the reader enough time to feel comfortable, and you can tell the whole story.

Using short copy is smart, because people online are in a hurry, and many sales letters are simply too long for them.

Until now, you had to choose. But now, by using a 60 second summary, you can have it all!

And having it all is a beautiful thing indeed!

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31 thoughts on “The 60 Second Solution”

  1. I agree with John Corona, Charlie.

    You’re right about the advantages of long sales letters vs. the short ones. However, your 60 second solution is ingenious because it forces them to take an action…… way or the other.


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  5. Thank you very much for some of the most helpful and inspirational info.

    I was considering working with one of the “packaged” flexible website programs to initiate a website business as it seems these have a lot of work “in place”.
    I’m Considering: Ist Promotion or Plug-in-Profits offering.
    Which of these is a better way to go or are these “stale” in some way.

    Thanks for your insight,

    1. Thank you for your comments. I know people who are succeeding with both of the packages you mention. I don’t feel they are stale at all – in fact, I feel a pre-done site like this can be a great starting point. But do consider it that, a starting point. You will still need to get traffic to any site you choose so make sure to focus on learning how advertising works online. Paid advertising (pay per click, solo ads, banners, sponsored mailings) are the fastest and most sure way to get highly targeted traffic.

      Hope this helps.


  6. Barry Friedmann

    I agree with you 100% Charlie. I only wish that I had thought of this myself – a long time ago. However, I am going to now implement this on my longer websites and see if it improves ratios – I have every confidence that it will do just that!

    Kind regards,


  7. Hello Charlie,

    I am so glad I found you. Two weeks ago I had never heard of you, then one of the Top (IM) marketers in the world I follow, Highly recommended you and your products. That was a lucky day for me!
    The Best thing you can do in life if you want to be successful is, to always be learning from as many people different people as you can. Then, when you apply everything you’ve learned and (TA) Take Action… you’re success is virtually Guaranteed!

    Thank you Charlie, for all you do.

    Vic Boxwell
    Rockville, MD

  8. Dear Charlie, Thanks for your wisdom! It is like having the best of BOTH worlds. The slow, methodical person will be satisfied. The quick impatient person can also be glad to take fast action. He otherwise might not make it to the end of the long letter.
    Thanks again,

    Mark Zoutendam

  9. Hi Charlie,

    You’re right about the advantages of long sales letters vs. the short ones. However, your 60 second solution is ingenious because it forces them to take an action…… way or the other.

    Thank you,

    John Corona

  10. Bullet points are the real clincher when it comes to hooking your prospect. As you so rightly say people are short of time so they skim most letters and it’s curiosity bullet points which get them. Just read copy from the greats to see what I mean.

  11. Hi Charlie,
    They say the “first cut is the deepest and first impression goes a long way”. Your articles are always educative and to the point. You are there to help others succeed in life.. Can I get permission to publish this article on my blog? Thank you.

  12. Good idea, Charlie. Definitely worth testing. Would you recommend putting the link to the summary above or below the headline? I didn’t see it on your sales page, so wondered what you recommend.


    1. Jeanette,

      I like it below the headline and subhead. I’m not using it on DOE at the moment but have for years. Tracking proved it was very effective and I will be adding it back to my Directory of Ezines site once the DOE 2.0 is open.

      Always great to hear from you.


  13. Charlie I have read all of your e-mails I am not having any luck getting signups or people to my website will your program help me with the advertising,

    1. It sounds like that is just what is missing – advertising. I wonder how many ads you have bought and have you tracked results? Reading emails can point you in the right direction but sometimes you need something more (like more information or personal consulting) to really get going.

      And that is what my membership sites provide.

      Thanks for writing. I hope things improve for you.


  14. Thomas Leighton

    Good article Charlie. The one problem I have had all my life has been dyslexia. BIG problem for me. So to make this very short, I like to read articles that have nine or less words going across. I understand it much, much better. When I get to the point where I can be comfortable with writing articles, that is exactly what I will be doing.

    You really do have a way of explaining things well, especially for a person that has moved past the Social Security age! As I get older, I find if much more difficult with my comprehension.


    Tom Leighton

    1. Tom,

      I find that many of my clients with dyslexia really prefer the video format. I’m an auditory learner myself and love audio and video as well as articles.

      Thanks for writing.


  15. Charlie I have enjoyed your email for several years and always admired your honestly and forthright answers. I am bringing up my site and working with many of the issues you have addressed throughout your many emails.
    I will be using your services in the forseeable future to help with some of my marketing issues.
    Thanks for just caring and sharing.

    Harold Cain

  16. Great advice, Charlie, thank you.

    A list is not only easier to read but it also enables one to remember the points after just one reading – much like a shopping list!

    I’ve just sent a broadcast promotional email to my list and now I wish I had seen your article before I sent my loooong email. I just hope that one or two of them might read it!

    Will do better, in future.

    Thanks again.


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