Who are your role models?

Working online can be a lonely experience. Most people who are trying to make money online are working in their home, often without the support of their spouse or loved one.

Many work at night, after having put in a long day at their main job. Others are overwhelmed by the flow of daily emails offering them the next “big thing”.

Is it any wonder that people are frustratedconfused and often struggling to make it online?

Success in business takes focus and clear thinking. It takes an enthusiastic outlook and having a solid plan of action.

Reading endless emails pitching the next “no effort” site or “three click” wonder does not support these goals, and, in fact, can sabotage your success.

More about managing email in another article.

In the roughly 30 years I have been self-employed (the last 12 being exclusively online) I have found great value in seeking out role models.

These high achievers inspire me. They encourage me by their success.

And, perhaps most importantly, they not only talk the talk but they walk the walk … they do what they teach and they do it well.

I’d like to share with you a few of my role models, and how I chose them, in hopes that my process helps you find leaders you can follow and emulate as well.

My first, and perhaps best, bit of advice is this – don’t limit yourself to only following online marketers.

The skills needed to succeed offline are often very similar to the skills needed to succeed online. Plus, people who work offline are often easier to observe accurately than those who work in the secretive world of the Internet.

The recent experience of a friend of mine points out just how different reality can be from perception online.

My friend had been subscribed to one online marketer’s email series for some time. For reasons of his own, my friend decided to unsubscribe from this marketer’s list.

Thinking himself to be courteous, he wrote to this marketer to let him know that he had unsubscribed and why.

What he received from the marketer shocked him, and me.

What he received was a profanity-filled rant that let my friend know that he would indeed fail miserably because he was obviously too stupid to remain subscribed to such valuable information.

No offer to help. No concern about why my friend unsubscribed. Just bitter hatred.

Sad really, and a teachable moment. Not everything (or everyone) in life is what it seems … especially online.

So how can you choose the role models you want to emulate? I use these criteria and offer them in the hope they help you as much as they help me.

1 – Do they do what they teach?

My #1 criteria is experience. I always ask “does this person do what he teaches or just teach what might work?” If a person can do something well, even if they are not a great teacher, I can learn from them.

But you can’t learn from someone spouting theory, at least not in business. Business is too practical for that.

2 – Is this person worth emulating?

Not everyone who can succeed online, or offline, is worthy of your attention. Bank robbers make lots of cash, for a while. The best jewel thieves in the world are skilled at stealing things. Are they worth emulating? Of course not.

The person worthy of your time and attention will be successful, be consistent over time and be someone with whom you would be proud to be associated.

Don’t settle for less. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. In fact, you were born for success. Why risk all that on some scammer who promises the moon and can’t deliver?

3 – Is what they do something you can do too?

This is a tough one. We are all gifted differently. Some people are big-picture thinkers while others love to dig in to the details. Some are linear thinkers while others are more visual in how they process ideas.

The key here is to find a mentor who fits your natural style.

Knowing yourself, and taking time to make a list of the attributes you have and want to emulate, will be incredibly helpful here.

While I could make this list much longer, I believe you will find these “big three” ideas are helpful when the time comes to choose the voices to which you will listen.

My Role Models

To be candid, I have many role models. I think of them as my coaches – the people I turn to when I need to learn or develop a specific skill.

Some I know personally while others I simply admire from afar. The great thing about having a process of choosing your role models is that time and distance don’t matter.

I’ve learned as much from people who lived 200 years ago as I have from the many books I have read.

Here are four of my role models that might be of help to you too, especially if you are wanting to succeed online.

Zig Ziglar – Living life with integrity

I’ve never met Zig but I learn from him every week. I listen to his podcasts while I work out, making the time pass quickly and leaving me more energized than when I started.

Zig walks the walk like no one else I know. But here’s something you might not know about Zig.

At 45 years old he was broke, overweight and out of ideas. Today he is an internationally known speaker and author. What a success story!

If you don’t know Zig my advice is to listen to his podcast AND read his latest book Born to Win.

For a real treat visit Zig’s site here.

Jeff Walker – The king of product launches

When it comes to selling things online without hype or high pressure I really admire Jeff Walker and what he has accomplished.

While there are many marketers I follow online (I buy and use everything to test and subscribe to hundreds of lists) Jeff’s advice is chock full of common sense strategies that really work.

I’ve bought Jeff’s courses, and used them, and know that his strategies work in a non-manipulative way to sell things very automatically. I like that and like too his focus on quality.

You can connect with Jeff via his blog.

Jimmy Brown – Small reports and automation

Jimmy is the king of the free viral report that builds your list and sells your products. I’ve known Jimmy for a dozen years and can say there is not a better man online in my view.

Jimmy is the real deal.

Jimmy has a bright mind that is always thinking of how he, and his followers, can do the work once and profit many times. I like that idea and teach it myself from my own experience.

Jimmy invented the idea of Fixed Term Memberships, where members pay for a certain number of months but keep access forever. I use that model at Follow Up Selling Systems and it is very popular.

When it comes to email marketing using autoresponders, and writing for email, few are better than Jimmy. His products are the real deal, they work and are easy to understand. You can learn more about him here.

Paul Myers – Copywriting and customer service

One of the best copywriters to ever work online, Paul Myers is also one of my favorite people. I owe much of my success in the early days to Paul’s helpful instruction and will never forget the kindness he showed.

One of the reasons I relate so closely with members now is because of how Paul helped me in the beginning.

Paul creates or promotes very few products. He doesn’t have to because he is a top copywriter who walks the walk. When he does promote or create a product it is of the highest quality and comes with unparalleled support.

Reading his ezine is fun and educational at the same time. I always learn something new from Paul, and it’s always practical and useable as well. And he’s been doing that for something like 12 years now!

The best way to get to know Paul (and you SHOULD know him) is to subscribe to his ezine Talk Biz News.

Here’s something funny – I just realized while writing this that I have never met any of these people in person. I have corresponded by email with them and used that ancient technology (the telephone) as well, but never shook their hand.

I hope someday to have that pleasure.

I hope too that this article has been helpful, and that is gives you a glimpse into the importance of having role models, and a bit about how to choose them.

When you go about choosing your role models well you will find that no question goes unanswered and no challenge unmet. You will have a team at your side, a team of proven performers who will help you succeed in life and business.

And success on every level, not just financially but in all of life, is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page Sig

P.S. Who are your role models? Please leave a comment below and let everyone know who you follow, and why! 

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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YOU are not the problem! - CHARLIE PAGE Reply

[…] might be hard, but you really need to find a person you can trust and who will help you individually. I know that can be a challenge […]

David J. Thorne Reply

Charlie Page a role model? Nonsense.

The man is a Legend, an Icon and my Hero and Saviour. Simpled as that.

Enough said.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am many things but not a savior. I believe Jesus is the only one of those. 🙂

    I am happy you are here.


Jean G. Antoine Reply

Hi Charlie,

Just another great piece of quality content.
Since I joined your list, I have peace of mine. Thinking about it, yesterday I curate an article on my blog about Profile of Top Internet Marketers, and you were in my mind. See the post here http://internetlegitmoney.com/top-internet-marketers/

Through you I get to know great people from whom I am learning a lot.

I remain grateful to you for life.

Jean G.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Jean,

    I saw that on your site yesterday. Well done! I really enjoyed reading on your site. You are headed in an excellent direction.

    And thank you for the kind words about me. You had me blushing!


thomas allen Reply

Hi Charlie thanks for sharing your insight on how to make it online. I have chosen you as my role model. I like your way of teaching. I have trained under others but I chose to trust you. I will be retired soon and plan to do this fulltime.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Thomas. I’m honored by what you said.


Joseph Mandell Reply

Role Models?? Strange you should focus on this. I really don’t have what you would define as Role Models. There have been many people whom I have admired and there are bits and pieces of their life activities which I’ve especially felt was important and to some extent have absorbed into my own personality and activities.

The great emphasis for me has been to help others and to be as good and effective a teacher as possible. To accomplish these two goals one must have your own large store of knowledge and learn how to be an effective teacher.

Consequently, I’ve earned advanced degrees, been a research scientist and have learned to be an effective teacher with experience teaching teen-agers, college undergraduates, and graduate students. Retired at 65, bought a violin, got a teacher, practiced 2 hours a day for 10 years and now play with a senior classical symphony orchestra.

The secret to being an effective teacher is learning how to see and explain the “obvious”. It has worked very well for me for all ages and it really doesn’t matter what the age level is or the subject. I’ve taught kids to play violin and graduate students the sensory systems of the human body! One other important characteristic is to inject humor and fun into the teaching! (I’m an inveterate punster. The students really have to pay close attention to catch the “jokes” and it helps them to remember!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Joseph,

    GREAT insights. I noticed your site is not working. Any way I can help?


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Ekene Afabuike Reply

You, Frank Kern and Vick strizheus are my role model. I have never got enough money to buy all your products but am working hard towards that and I believe I will soon make it!

sateesh kumar Reply

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Mark M Reply

Hey Charlie, another good post. I have two role models online and they are you and Mike G. You are both been doing stuff online for a long time, both very successful and very helpful. Sorry about using the word very so much but I can;t think of a better word for you guys. I just wish I was making enough money to be able to be in more of your programs. Thanks.

Howard Piesik Reply

Wow Charlie
Thank you for this post, I have spent the last couple hrs. going to the links.
All of these recommendations are fantastic….
Thank You Charlie Page….
Howard Piesik

Howard Piesik Reply

First Charlie I want to say as for online mentor it’s you…
I would like to say I bought your life time membership to the DOE yrs. ago.
Got flustered with the internet along time back, and dumped everything.
Not only did I move, and loose my e-mail accounts. I was Very pleased contacting support at the DOE
My membership was still intact, This is my little way of telling people how honest and trustworthy of a person you are indeed.
I think the first thing I bought online was Jim Cockrans, Silent sales machine. I was hooked. I joined the Silent Team
And from there I was introduced to you. And many others, John Thornhill, Marlon Sanders, Mark Jouner
And from there the list is endless..
I’m coming back and going to focus, as you have said all along. I’m still on a lot e-mail lists, and blogs.
And shiny objects still jump out at me, But I have a lot more reserve to not grab them.
As I writing this, it hits me kinda funny, I read almost all the comments on your Blog, and I can guarantee
I read very if any other blog, comments, although I do leave comments (as I learned form you yrs. ago).
Brad yourself every where you go,
Thank You Charlie Page.
Howard Piesik

Finding Online Success: YOU are not the problem! | CharliePage.com Reply

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Patti Grunkemeier Reply

Regarding your mentor post: YOU Charlie are one of my true mentors. I have subscribed to just about all of your programs and my greatest frustration at this point is just trying to get my online magazine done enough that I can actually begin to focus on marketing it. You always ring through as being real…I feel like I know your personally even though I’ve never met you. I trust you, that you are not JUST trying to sell me something but really want people to succeed. I also follow closely Rosalind Gardner and Mary Ellen Tribby. I have a few others as well that are a support to me and I love the late Zig Ziglar. Brian Tracy and John Maxwell are superior. Thanks for all the good stuff you provide. Patti

Mark Kohr Reply

I have checked out a few of the guys out there but didn’t really believe in role models until I opened one of your emails Charlie and decided to make YOU my role model. Thank you for your time and expertise Charlie and am looking forward to working with you. Peace.

Cornell K. Nicholson Reply

Hi Charlie , Cornell here . Thank you for this post for it was very informative. Good positive role models are so very important for the success of those watching , learning, and wanting to experience the same success as well. The role models that you mentioned are very good. i have read from Zig Ziglar , Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale, and I happy to say I read from you everyday now and look forward to receiving your emails to. In your defense an earlier comment on this post was made by a very nice man ” you forgot to mention your self as a role model” and I agree . Charlie is a very humble man of integrity and would never ” toot his own horn”. I have also been distracted by the many emails and offers because I’ve wanted online success so much, but I’m focusing now and I’m choosing you Charlie as my mentor as well as Jimmy D. Brown and will be joining this family of marketers and ” Soar With The Eagles” through your programs D.O.E. ; F.U.S.S. and the Common Sense Blog Blueprint. Oh , by the way, you mentioned in an earlier post about what you learned from Jimmy Brown . I would also arrange my schedule to attend a live seminar with both you an Jimmy Brown as speakers. I know you both through email and I have the highest respect for you two as leaders in this internet marketing industry and men of integrity. Thank so much!

Paul Warner Reply

This is a great post, but when you asked the question as to role models I have never had role models as to normal life or this business. I play guitar and I have role models I follow, and I play tennis and have had role models there too, but when it comes to living my life I have none and doing this business, I am just not sure. I thought Chris Farrell, who was the first one I was introduced to when I started this, but he has sought of changed his business and I don’t consider him the role model I need. I like reading your posts and the advice you give, but a lot of your business is wrapped around memberships which I am not sure I have an interest in. I like the idea of selling physical products that help people overcome issues they have, but I am not greatly keen on the IM market.

    Charlie Page Reply


    You are describing mentors, or leaders, more than role models. A role model is someone you admire so much that you want to be like them. For me, it’s Zig Ziglar.


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Richard Teare Reply

Great article Charlie – I follow Zig (and the late Jim Rohn) and have seen some of Paul Myers work. Finding a select few mentors is the key – you’re on my list for this marketing stuff! Thanks.

Charles Holmes Reply


I’ve never heard of any of your mentors, other than Zig Ziglar. I will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for sharing your story and views in this great article. Have a nice day.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Happy you enjoyed it. There are lots of great voices out there. I hope you enjoy those I listen to as much as I do.

Simon Malcolm Reply

Hi Charlie. My #1 mentor is you. My other mentor is Lewis Howes. I decided to simplify and thin out the endless list of voices. When it comes to who to listen to now it is a lot easier – if Charlie or Lewis recommend someone, I then pay those people an online visit and see what comes from that. Thanks for another great article and for introducing these great people. I feel like I’m already a little connected to Zig Ziglar as a client of mine, Dr. Peter J. Daniels, is a friend of Zig’s and I have benefitted a lot from hearing Zig over the years. Have a great week Charlie and thanks again.

How to Get Fit Reply

Hi Charlie, This is a good list to start off with, but you missed one of the most important mentors to follow – you.

I have recently been on a ‘vendetta’ of unsubscribing from the many lists that I had subscribed to over the years, for various reasons. Needles to say, your list is not one that I will be unsubscribing from.

There is one other person that no longer works on the internet, but who also provided great support and assistance to his customers, and that is Ian Traynor. He retired about a year or two ago, but was also always happy to help anybody with some advice and just old fashioned caring and sharing. Reading your articles reminds me so much of him 🙂


    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks for saying that Barry. I seem to remember Ian’s name but can’t place the context. I’m so happy you like my emails and thank you for opening and reading and leaving a comment. We’re all in this together!

Jon Winker Reply

Hi charlie, I got to say since becoming a member your getting to be one of my favorites it is no wonder your doing well. But I got to say I have a list of favorites,Rod Stinson my favorite,I can listen to him all day. Real quick your link for Jeff and zeekler are not working I’m not sure if it is on my end or yours. My favorite Zeekler statement is (I was 70lbs overweight by choice because I never put anything In my mouth on accident) But I have to say Rod sent me to you and I’m glad he did,your videos and other common sense information is very pleasent helpfull.Best luck to you,you deserve it thanks.

    Charlie Page Reply

    The links seem to be working. Sorry if they are not working for you. Not sure what’s happening there. Rod has lots of fans for a good reason – he delivers. When you join his team you get lots of support and real help. I’ve watched him work for years. I’m happy you are connected with him.

Terry M Davis Reply

Howdy Charlie,

Like you, I have learned so much from so many, including a lot of the same people you have such as Jimmy D Brown, Paul Meyers, and Jeff Walker.

Others include J.F.(Jim) Straw, Jeff Johnson, Jonathan leger, and Alex Sysoef.

However, when it comes to those I have looked to as real mentors, you and Tiffany Dow are tops in my book because you’re both fellow Texans 😉

No, just kidding. You two really practice what you teach. Notice I did not say preach. I said teach because in the internet marketing arena, I compare it to the religious arena… there is too much preaching, and not enough teaching.

You and Tiffany rock as mentors/teachers!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Terry. I agree with the distinction between teach and preach. There is a time for both of course but what people trying to build an online business need is the teaching.

Eileen Melton Reply

There are not many people I look up to for advice at least online but, there is one that in which I would trust, no questions asked. This person has the hold package with out a doubt. Knowledgeable, sincere, smart, giving of time, successful, loves his work and helping people, etc. etc. etc. Definitely walks the walk and talks the talk. I have been online for over a year now and never made a cent. I’ve been searching for someone to give me g . Distraction is my worst enemy. The emails I receive from marketers each day is off the chart. I find myself trying to open as many as possible which I have realized is not the best decision. The information overload will make you crazy. In realizing I must concentrate on one thing at a time to keep my mind clear and listen to the person I know will lead me to my gold. That person is you Charlie Page. No more distractions. You are the man! I know soon I will reach my gold of making money online. You, with your Directory of Ezines are “My Role Model”. Sincerely Charlie, Thank you.
Eileen Melton

    Charlie Page Reply

    I’m humbled by your kind words. Thank you for taking the time and for your kindness.

Herman Reply

I think I now have to add Zig and Paul to the lists I subscribe to and unsubscribe from others. Charlie,count yourself as another role model that is able to cut through the BS and provide clarity in your explanations.

    Charlie Page Reply

    That is exactly my goal. There’s enough bs out there as it is – no need spreading any more. Plus, telling the truth is just more fun and easier! 🙂

Kevin Despiau Reply

I really appreciate your thoughts on mentors and an online business, I find your perspective to be very enlightening and true. I look forward to hearing more about business online for I have had a rough start and I know first hand about false leads and or mentors, I am a member of directory of ezines and I will try to follow more closely. You have given your readers a true sense on what they can expect if they pursue this path.
I would like to say thanks for sharing and I hope to be able to share my experience with you one day soon.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind comments. I had a rough start myself so I can relate to where you are. But be encouraged – you can do this if you give it time and follow proven principles. I hope the DOE is part of that success.

Forex trading tips & Powerful Technical analysis strategies Reply

There are some valuable lessons learned here I for one I have manage to pick up the following:
Never ever compromise, when it comes to choosing a mentor to guide and help you do things first time right all the time.
Do the work once and profit many times.
Don t try to manipulate people in order to sell your products.
Concentrate on promoting products of high quality standard and as well as the ones providing unlimited support.
You must spend some money buying motivational products to keep you going, everyday.
I just write them down so that I could plug them next to my computer to help me focus everyday.

    Charlie Page Reply

    That’s a good list! We would all do well to keep such a checklist by our keyboards. I would add one more — don’t buy anything new until you are fully using what you have bought already.

      ord Reply

      Charlie Thanks for sharing the suggestion you’ve given in this post
      -don’t buy anything new until you are fully using what you have bought already.
      I will be using that approach to building my business, in service to others.

      Charlie Page Reply

      That’s a rule I live by. It’s hard sometimes. I have an article coming about how to make maximum use of what you do buy. I hope you like that one too. Thanks!

Rui Santos Reply

Hi Charlie

Just wanted to say thank you on such a clear and lucid article with a great message for anyone let alone newbie online marketers like me who are at the point of frustration with so much noise to filter and pitches to hear from the 100’s of emails that start to pore into your life once you sign up pretty much anywhere for anything.

I’m also a fan of Zig and will take a look at your other suggested role models. I came across your site from my sponsor with Ariix my primary business and am really thankful for her link to your blog.

Good stuff and look forward to reading more.

Rui i

    Charlie Page Reply

    Glad you are here! I’m writing an article this week about how to handle the email overload. I hope you like it and find it helpful as well.

Annerly King Reply

I don’t really have a role ,model as such, just an idea of what I want to acheive. I have also had nasty messages from people when I have tried to unsubscribe.
I am looking forward to your article on manging email.


    Charlie Page Reply

    It all ultimately starts with an image of what we can become. Make that image clearer and clearer as time goes by and you will move toward it naturally.

Marzell Hall Reply

Hey Charlie,
Here’s two people that inspire me the most,
Robert Kiyosaki–Ever since I was in high school, I always knew most of what I learned wasn’t something I would need later on in life.

I knew I wanted to be a entrepreneur and that’s something schools don’t teach, teachers are employees not entrepreneurs. They can only teach you what they know. After reading Robert’s books, he validated what I had been thinking all along.

What I like most about Robert Kiyosaki is how he talks about change in our education system and the importance of financial literacy.

Les Brown–He’s one of my favorite motivational speakers. I grew up around negative people and all they ever did was saw the worst in me. For years, their opinions use to affect how I feel and think.

One of his famous quotes is something I live by, “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality”.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I love both of these guys! I’ve been watching Les closely lately as it looks like he is going to launch a product (or already has) and that will be quite exciting. What an incredibly positive person. He is on my list as well.

Daniel Reply

Well Charlie i’m a definate believer in role models, my most oft considered is Don Qiote, ” Dream the impossible dream, reach 1″ past thy furthest grasp” and Edward De Bonnia, a Bi laterial thinker, when i look at my life and compare it with my siblings, ‘ie same socio and enviromental influences” its easy to see the effects role models play in our lives, as a Youth my foundations where formed by Louis Lamor, and Doc. Smith, lol we are of simular generation, so i presume you would know both these authors! I also tend to utilise yourself in my current adventures, sadly to say i think shortly i will be forced to test the nature of the beast, and that my friend is the only negitive about Role Models, when they fail to meet expectations the resultant loss of faith is so much worse. Anyway Charlie, always good to read your thoughts, be talking soon.
regards Daniel

    Charlie Page Reply

    I do know those authors. I hope your upcoming test only works to bring you higher.

brandjontan (Jon Tan) Reply

“Priceless Advice”, Charlie. And advice that can prevent many “Self-Doubts” from creeping into an aspiring person, and burn out the initial strong desire to succeed. What I like most, is the great need, to first evaluate and acknowledge our individual “Natural Giftedness”, and then to fulfil the individual’s naturally-gifted role. This adherence to Personal (Brand) Integrity, in “Honoring the Self”, not only brings one true happiness, via the individual’s naturally-gifted role…One’s credibility will show up much more to one’s target audience (and the world).

    Charlie Page Reply

    Integrity and personal branding — you said a good thing there. Thank you for your comment.

Bobbie Reply

Charlie, great article! I have many role models; You are one person that when I get your emails I find the time to read them; Dan Kennedy, I love his stuff; Eben Pagen, Jeff Walker, Brendon Bruchard, Eric Worre and Jonathan Budd are just a few that I truly watch and try to emilate!

    Charlie Page Reply

    That’s a great list. I’m honored to be on it and that you take the time to read my emails and leave comments as well. Thanks!

Dan Street Reply

I have dabbled in online marketing for a couple of years with very limited success. I discovered DOE a few months ago and I am now focused. You are my #1 mentor. You have helped me make sense of this crazy internet world and pointed me in the right direction.
Thank you

    Charlie Page Reply

    Dan – you made my day! Helping people focus and cut through the clutter is exactly what I want the DOE, and my other sites, to do. Thanks!

SEO Monett MO Reply


As always, your advice is sound and makes a lot of sense without a lot of hype. I’d like to say that you are one of my favorite role-models! I look forward to your letters and if I’m blazing through my email deleting messages, I’ll keep yours unread for a later time.

Another of my favorite role-models is John Flynn (Creator of Maps Marketing Hack) http://mapsmarketinghack.com/. John is an offline marketer that also happens to know how to produce great products. He is rock solid, and I’ve found that being part of his elite mastermind group that he is also very approachable and active in the group.

One more of my role models is Willie Crawford. Willie is the one that told me about you! Willie walks the walk and talks the talk, and has been responsible for some of my success too. As with John, I was surprised at how approachable Willie was.

You’re right about needing role models that are consistent and that actually do what they teach. I also find that the best role models seem to be full of respect, which makes me want to be more respectful too.

Thanks again for the great post, I look forward to your next one.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Willie is a great guy. He is interviewing me soon and I am really looking forward to that. He is one of the most approachable and down to earth people online. No games, just real help. Thanks for sharing.

Luther Wood Reply


I am 76 yrs. old and I have had many role models in my life.

To start with, My dad. He had very little formal education but was an
entrepreneur before the term was coined. I worked with and for him until he passed. I still miss him after all these years….

My second role model was Mr. A.M. Terry. He was my first boss after my dad. Mr Terry was a Christian business man who began each day at the office with prayer. He too me under his wing and taught me a lot. He was a great influence on me.

I will name a few men that I became familiar with through their books, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Norman V. Peale, and Ziz Ziegler to name a few.

A year or so ago I found Your website and I really appreciate the way you, Charlie Page, do business; one of the few online marketers that I trust and believe to be honest and sincere about helping we newbies.

Outside of eBay I have yet to crack the internet code. I would like to correspond with you and get a plan in place to change that. I am a DOE member.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Luther – I look forward to helping you make that plan. Just use the Free Consulting form in the Rewards Center of the DOE and let’s get to work! I very much appreciate your comments and being included in the many great names you listed.

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Jack Reply

Hi Charlie,
How can I communicate with you by email ?
Or do I have to be a members of DOE before that can happen ?
Kind regards,


Jeanette Cates Reply

I would agree with you, Charlie, that it’s so important to choose your mentors (role models) wisely. And online that seems to be a difficult choice sometimes.

However, I will disagree with you on your first point. In fact, we had a lively discussion on the topic of whether or not you need to DO in order to teach on my blog recently. There’s a slight twist in the criteria that I think you’ll appreciate.

I agree with your choices with Zig, Jimmy, and Paul – and I have had the privilege of meeting all of them in person. Powerful!

I would also add Armand Morin, my mentor. Armand has been online as long as we have (I started in 1996) and has built a very successful business. I enjoy his teaching style and have made money every time I’ve followed his advice. Now as a member of his Platinum group, I have the pleasure of spending time with him several times during the year – and he is just as genuine as he appears. He cares deeply about the success of those who buy his products and attend his seminars – and that comes through.

So that’s one of my additional criteria – having a role model who can foster and inspire success in you. I don’t care as much as their success as I do mine – and that’s why I want role models.

Keep the great content coming, Charlie. Always enjoy your posts!


    Charlie Page Reply

    Sorry I missed that discussion. Sounds like it was interesting. Armand is a true leader online. I think people overlook him in part because his name is so well known but his products are rock-solid and what he teaches works incredibly well. I’m on the cusp of buying two of his products right now in fact. I’m sure being in his mastermind is a blast. You do great work online Jeanette and I have long appreciated all you do for your clients.

Susan Reply

Thank you for this post. I always read your emails because they bring information that is useful, and they are also meant to help us along the IM journey.


    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Susan. About the highest honor an online marketer can get is to hear that his or her emails are open and read. I’m so happy you find value in what I am sharing.

Gordon Appleby Reply

My big takeaway from your post today was the need for MULTIPLE role models…very wise advice, Charlie. Everyone has their special gift and talent, don’t they? All the successful people I know humbly and relentlessly rely on multiple mentors, and give credit where credit is due. Only the mind of God could know and understand it all. With us humans, it’s a committee project. BTW, offline, I read and listen to everything of Dan Kennedy I can get my hands on. The “Professor of Harsh Reality” certainly tells it like it is, and his advice definitely has the ring of coming from the trenches, not the classroom or the tower.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I heard Harvey MacKay say one time that he had coaches for everything. A coach for golf and one for public speaking and other important aspects of his life. Harvey is one of my role models as well (he got rich selling … wait for it … envelopes!) so when he talks I listen. I liked the idea and began applying it to my life and now I have this guy I listen to about one topic and this woman I listen to about another and so on. And it works. I’m happy you saw that point. I agree too that Dan is indeed the man!

Dave Anderson Reply

Well, surely everyone will say they follow Charlie Page first?
I will, for sure, and I also like Jeff Walker. Frank Kern is great, but he has always been too expensive for me.
I have to say Chris Farrell and Jo Barnes also. I could probably think of many more. I guess that what show how I jump from one to another though, wouldn’t it?
As the years have passed though, I will say one thing I have learned is one must focus on one task at a time, or overwhelm is bound to take over.
Love your work Charlie! Please keep it up.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind words. Focus is indeed a major key, as is listening to voices that make sense to you and that are teaching from experience. I’m honored to be one of those voices for you.

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