Sell More With Multi Dimensional Marketing

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Can you sell more with Multi Dimensional Marketing? Read on to see why this is the future of marketing and how it can literally save your online business.

Today's marketers have a problem.

And I mean ALL marketers, including big brands, small businesses, and individuals trying to make money online as affiliate marketers. 

See if you can relate to these symptoms and then let's give the problem a name. 

  • Low conversion rates.
  • Low email open rates.
  • Very few returning visitors.
  • No comments on your blog.
  • Low engagement with your marketing material.
  • Low time on site metrics. (People leave quickly)
  • High bounce rate on blog or website.
  • Social posts do not get shared.
  • Social media following not growing.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. 


We are all suffering from the same problem ...

Our readers and visitors are Distracted To Destruction.

Their distraction is leading to our destruction

But don't lose hope because there is a solution. 

The solution is so simple it might startle you.

Like most great solutions, this one does not require than you make major life changes or spend loads of money you don't have.

And it does not rely on massive injections of new traffic.

In fact, this solution focuses on getting the most out of the traffic you do have first and then leveraging additional sources of traffic!

How Did the Problem Start?

It started simply enough. Smart marketers discovered that they could automate their marketing and sell more. 

This led to a mindset that said we can put on our marketing on "autopilot" and literally "set it and forget it". 

I have been as guilty as anyone of using those phrases without qualifying them, and that was not ideal. 

Can automation set you free?

YES! Automation is a beautiful thing. 

Can you automate your marketing and never respond to the changing nature of today's buyers?

NO. And that is where the problem developed. 

This problem developed because people are still using (and teaching) methods first developed in 2006.

Today's buyers are not 2006 buyers!

In fact, the changing nature of the way people buy today presents both the problem and the solution to your struggle to sell more.

One visit to Amazon alone shows you just how much things have changed.

Another way in which people have changed is bookmarking.

Remember when you used to bookmark sites so you could return? Books were written about how to keep bookmarks organized. 

That was then. 

Fast forward to now and what people do is much different.

They do not bookmark and return ... they Google and click one of the first page search results. 

If you are not listed high on the first page, the odds of you getting those visitors is slim.

Solutions That Failed

Some time ago, some big marketers noticed that they were not selling as much as they were before. 

Skyrocketing growth curves flattened out and suddenly a year-over-year increase in sales was not something on which one could rely. 

Many marketers were stuck. They could not break free from the level they were on at the time and that became a problem for them. 

To be clear, many of the bigger marketers were stuck at $1- 3 million a year in sales or more, so we can't cry too hard for them

But stuck is stuck, whether you are a new affiliate struggling to get traffic or Warren Buffet. 

So they sought solutions. 

Like most of us, they believed if they just did more of what they were doing the problem would be solved. 

So they did things like ...

  • Send email more often up to three times a day, every day of the week.
  • Post more often to their blogs.
  • Post more often to social media. 
  • Use "forced continuity" to create cash flow.
  • Provide free memberships and load them up with ads inside the membership area.

What was happening became noise ... the message was simply not getting through.

Sometimes more is not better, it's just more.

While these methods did work for a while, they never really created the loyal base of customers the marketers wanted. 

So they had to get more and more traffic to make fewer and fewer sales.

The #1 way to fail in business is to get an increasing share of a shrinking market.

Ask the buggy whip makers who swore that the automobile would never be popular.

They did not adapt and therefore they went out of business. 

And the number of people who will truly engage has become a shrinking market.

A Solution That Works

Happily, there is a solution.

A solution that works for big brands and solopreneurs alike.

I call it Multi Dimensional Marketing.

Here is a ming map showing the different parts.

In future posts I will explore each one and help you build your system.

The method is simplicity itself. In fact, I can explain it in a nutshell.

Instead of pounding away using only one method of communication too much, you use many methods of communication but use each one less often.

First some examples and then we will dive into the "how to" aspect of the method in another post.


  • Instead of your customer getting 2 emails a day they get 1 email and 1 Facebook Messenger message.
  • Instead of using a traditional opt-in form you let people subscribe via Facebook messenger with one click.
  • Instead of using the same old "one time offer" page everyone is using, deliver a limited-time offer via SMS text.
  • Instead of delivering your lead magnet on a thank you page, deliver it via Facebook Messenger and then follow up with email.

This works because relying on one or two methods no longer gets the job done. People are distracted and moving fast.

People move quickly from one communication app to another and you are simply losing their attention.

I am an iPhone minimalist by choice. I dislike distraction but, like you, I have obligations. 

To meet those obligations, I use the following apps.

  1. Email.
  2. Chat.
  3. Calendar notifications.
  4. Voice mail.
  5. Help Scout (my help desk of choice)
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Facebook
  8. Twitter
  9. Pinterest
  10. Instagram
  11. Skype
  12. Podcasts

Just look at that list for one moment. 

How many ways would smart marketers use to reach me if they could?

I count NINE WAYS that marketers could send their message to me if they tried. 

But instead they email me over and over and over again. 

What Is Marketing Anyway?

It's important enough to stop and answer that.

Marketing is the process of communicating the WHY of your product to your prospective buyers.

Marketing is communication. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

It is a process of consistently communicating how our product or service can move a person from a less desirable "before" state to a more desirable "after" state. 

So why do we limit our communication to only one or two methods?

Does This Mean Email Is Dead?

Not at all. In fact, Multi Dimensional Marketing will give new life to your email marketing!

We know that the more you email the more you sell. But that's only true to a certain degree

While selling via email is the #1 marketing method online, and will be for years to come, the fact is that mailing more can also mean lower open rates. 

The solution to low opens and clicks, in part, is using other methods to support your email marketing efforts!

NOTE: I say "in part" because your emails need to have life in them these days.

To be an effective email marketer includes using methods like:

  • Seinfeld Sequences.
  • Best use of images.
  • Soap Opera Sequences.
  • Nurturing Sequences.
  • Welcome Sequences.
  • Engagement Sequences.
  • Re-Engagement Sequences.
  • Open Loops.
  • ASK Campaigns.
  • And more.

We will talk much more about how to do email right in upcoming posts. 

Will Multi Dimensional Marketing Work For You?

By now I hope you are at least interested in what this can do for you. 

If you want to know more, I want to help by sharing more free information with you.

As you know, I sometimes take an unorthodox approach to marketing.

For me, the process of communicating with you should be personal, not canned.

That is why I still answer emails and do support, even though everyone tells me to outsource it.

For me, your permission is of paramount importance.

I also know that I go fast sometimes and I don't want you to feel like you are "drinking from a firehose".

For these reasons ...

Here is how I am asking you to respond.

Send an email to my support address and let me know you want to know more. 

That address is support @ (remove the spaces to make it a real address)

Once you do that, I will share a page with you where we can go deeper together.

The information is free but I am limiting it to those who are actually interested.

ANOTHER OPTION: If you know right now you want to use something like this in your own marketing, and know you want to work with me personally, click here for my consulting page.

Today's post is just the beginning.

I will be sharing much more about this method of marketing, and all other marketing methods, here on the blog. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you are as excited as I am about what this method of marketing can do for you.

If you are, you can look forward to ...

  • Needing less traffic.
  • Making more meaningful connections with customers.
  • Spending less while selling more.
  • Helping customers make actual progress.
  • Automating your processes to create free time.
  • Building a business you can sell or pass on.

In my view, these are very beautiful things indeed!

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