Are You Swimming with the Sharks?

A number of years ago an incredible businessman named Harvey Mackay wrote a book called “Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive”.

The Internet is a lot like the title of that book.

The water is certainly full of sharks, all ready to take their $37 or $97 or $2000 bite out of YOUR wallet!

Before you become some online shark’s next snack and make your credit card scream “Not again!” let’s look at the things you will really need to succeed this year and beyond.

I believe you can make a living online, pretty much without regard to your age, experience or education level. I have seen 20 year old people do well and people in their 80s do well too.

And I think that having a successful online business can be a pretty simple thing to do if you have a great plan, make a strong start and maintain focus.

Let me also add that I’m not going to recommend anyone’s product or service, even mine. 🙂

Will you need to buy products and services along the way? Probably yes. But far too many today have spent their hard-earned money on junk products that promise the moon only to deliver yet another disappointment.

It’s a cycle that needs to end, and end fast.

So what DO you really need to succeed online?

The FIRST thing you need is knowledge, and plenty of it. But the trick is getting that knowledge without falling into information overload. That can be a difficult balance to achieve.

Please notice I said knowledge and not just information. Getting information is oh so easy. Knowing what to do is a different matter.

Fortunately, there are great resources you can tap that won’t cost a dime. This blog is one of those resources. Many other people share openly on their blogs and websites and in special reports as well.

Getting this free learning can help you make a solid start.

I think that when it comes to consuming free information one key is this – is the person trying to sell something or trying to share from their experience?

Most good business people know the value of giving helpful free information so that people can get to know and trust them. This can create an excellent free education for you!

Do these people want to sell things? Yes. Nothing wrong with that. Is that why they are giving out the free information? Probably. Nothing wrong with that either. We all have to eat.

But you really can get a very good basic education by doing nothing but carefully reading and listening to the right free resources.

That’s what I did when I started online. I can’t even count how many “how to” articles I read back then. I learned a lot, including what good article writing looked like! I went on from there to end up writing over 1000 articles and even teaching a course on article marketing! Learning by doing worked well for me. I believe it can work for you too.

So with that bit of background, here are the things I would tell any person wanting to “make it” online.

1. Know the Language

Imagine being dropped by helicopter into the deepest, darkest jungle you can imagine. The natives don’t speak your language and you certainly don’t speak theirs.

Welcome to the Internet! 🙂

The first thing you must understand is the language of the Net. You must become familiar (not an expert, just familiar) with things like …

  • Autoresponder
  • CPM
  • CPA
  • Ebooks
  • Ezines
  • FAQ
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • ROI
  • USP
  • MLM
  • Opt-In
  • PDF
  • And more!

The more you know, the more time you will save sifting through the offers you receive and the less money you will waste buying something you really didn’t want.

Here’s a tip — When you find a site that defines terms well, write down the definitions and create an “Internet Dictionary” for your own personal use. Soon you will know the language which will help you save time and avoid confusion. And that’s a good thing.

The truth is that nothing we do offline prepares us for working online. Just the language of doing business online — terms like CPM and CPA and solo ads — can be strange and confusing at first.

Note: For a good basic dictionary of online marketing terms click here.

It will open for you in a new window.

2. Avoid Confusion

Succeeding online requires some basic skills. Most people who really succeed online (and by “really” I mean they last longer than a few months) have learned how to do these things.

  • Choose profitable products to promote
  • Get traffic to the sites they promote
  • Place ads
  • Write articles to get free traffic
  • Create blogs to develop a loyal following
  • Build a mailing list
  • Using autoresponders to follow up

The problem is that there are endless web sites and “gurus” who are all saying different things about how to do these things. No wonder most people are confused!

Here’s a great way to avoid confusion. Make a list of the things you will need to succeed. Start with is the list above if you like. Once you make your list pay careful attention to the material you find about that topic and ignore everything else!

Yes, I said ignore the rest for a while. I call this “careful neglect”.

This means reading email once a day and not once an hour. It might even mean getting a new address for email you really want to receive. It means not clicking the links in emails and reading every sales letter. Sounds like blasphemy coming from an online marketer but it works and you deserve honest advice.

YOU set the agenda. Don’t let the email you receive or the latest product launch set it for you.

It takes a laser focus to succeed online. In fact, focus might just be the #1 skill needed.

So make your list and choose what your focus will be for the next week and then let everything else wait. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much progress you can make in one week if you focus.

Here’s a tip that works – Find one eBook, eCourse or ezine that deals with the subject you chose as your first area of focus.

Now, here’s the really hard part … you have to READ it. Read it all. From cover to cover. Pretend you are going to make a book report on it.

My best advice is this … never let yourself buy a product, book, course or webinar and then not use it. Use what you buy every time, and use it to the fullest extent possible. You will learn the skills you need and save money too. Now that’s a win-win!

3. Understand the Cost of “Cheap”

We would all like to believe that you can get everything you need for $37 and go on to make millions on the Net.

But that’s not the real world.

The fact is that you will need to spend money at some point. The real key here is to buy only those things that you really need and that have a good reputation online.

Another key is to avoid committing so much time to cheap “shortcut” methods that you end up not having time to learn what you need. If something you have been doing is supposed to work quickly but is not working for you then you are probably not the problem!

The good news on the low-cost front is that there are things that really do work and don’t cost a dime. Article marketing and social media are two great places to start. They work now and have worked well for a long time. There is no reason they won’t work for you too.

4. Avoid the Hype

If there were a magic formula, a “shortcut to success” or a way to make millions in 90 days everyone would be doing it.

The next time you get a “too good to be true” offer ask yourself if it makes sense for someone who makes a million dollars a year to be spending time sending YOU an unsolicited email. Or why they would be selling their secrets for $37.

Then hide your credit card for the next 24 hours. If you still want the product after cooling down, go for it!

5. Have a Plan

I’m NOT talking New Year’s Resolutions or time management here. I’m talking about sticking with something until you have the chance to succeed.

SO many people on the Web join a program, don’t make a dime in the first couple of months and then quit that program to do another.

No one can succeed this way.

If you opened an offline business you would not expect to succeed wildly in the first 90 days. Some offline businesses don’t make a profit in their first year!

Doing business online IS different that doing business offline.

People can and do succeed much faster online and with much less start-up cost. But the pie-in-the-sky situations where you make six figures a month just by copying what someone else is doing are not real. Never have been. Never will be.

The best advice I know is to find something that interests you, investigate it well, make sure real people (not just the super-promoters) are making real money and then make a commitment to it. How long to commit will come out as you investigate it.

Want to make this year your best year ever?

Focus on the basics of success, learn the skills we all have to learn, be persistent and I believe success will be yours!

Charlie Page Signature

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here


Incredibly good post. Thank you

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Cheers for the nice post, its refreshing and we have tweeted your site on twitter 🙂 xxx

Joan Jablonski

Am looking at joining DOE – just have to convince my husband to part with our very limited money. I sometimes think that the only way you can make money on line now days is to offer a really cheap (37.00) product and promise a heap of money with only three clicks of a button and you will make money – we are so gullible, but the scammers are raking it in. I personally couldn’t do it – I like to sleep at night. Researched via Warrior Forum about your product and 99% were favorable. However, no one – not one – mentions if they have made any money using the system you use. Why is this? Have watched your video training course and downloaded Ezine traffic formula and will now wade through the Ebook…..should I join DOE or not – that is the question I can’t quite answer. kindest regards to you – Joan

    Charlie Page


    I think to join or not join the DOE depends on a few factors. If you want to drive traffic using paid advertising then the DOE is a great choice. To be candid I just don’t know enough about what you want to accomplish in order to advise you. I’d need to know your budget, what you want to promote and how much time you have to work in your business. If you want to reply use the ASK Charlie part of my blog to send me a message. That’s a better place to exchange a private message.

    As to the comments on the Warrior Forum about people not making money with the DOE – I think you need to dig a little deeper or look at the comments on my own blog. We’ve been in business 13 years now, which is a very long time online. If it didn’t work people would not stay with us. I have no doubt about the effectiveness of ezine advertising when done right.



Andy Pitt

Great article Charlie

Affiliate Profits

Wow, talking about honesty.
I like you style. DOE rocks, by the way.
Thank you charlie!

Vera Sharapova

Very good advice Charlie. It’s so easy to be distracted especially online.
Focus! I have to remind myself again and again to focus on my plan.
Thank you for your advice
Best wishes


Hi Charlie! You wrote: “Please notice I said knowledge and not just information. Getting information is oh so easy. Knowing what to do is a different matter.” I never thought of that this way .. good writing.

Howard Mahere

Thanks a million times. I have not met you in person Charlie but I am not far from the truth to say I have come to trust what you say through your articles. Your contents hold great , great value to some of us who are still to make a breakthrough as internet marketers. Thanks once again, you are the real deal indeed you have come a long way and the result is WISDOM! Howard Mahere.


A few months back I read a good article about “Who Do You Trust”. Being new to internet marketing and still building, I did fall into the trap of “The Hype”. I have learned much since starting out, but most of all guarding my email addresses to only those I trust. Charlie, your on the short list and I have purchased your products. When I receive something from you, I read it. I truly dislike the term “Guru” and when I do receive an email from my Trust list I appreciate the fact that words like Ethical and Moral flash to mind first not skepticism. Thank you for your time and experience.

Tim Pond

Thank you Charlie, once more wise words and sage advice.
I’ve recently unsubscribed to most IM “gurus”.
Got tired of the bunch of them sending me even 5 emails a day,
using outrageous subjects etc. just to suck a few more dollars out of me.
I call that spamming.

Nowadays, I subscribe to and follow only a couple of IM coaches. You’re one of them.

Steen Rasmussen

You abselutly reigth we have to push the button ewery day work on the internet is like work whit a traditionel business, one of my fb freind show me this blog and i put on my wall as well


Thanks Charlie, you just saved me a lot of time and money

John Gaydon

Hi Charlie,

Having built most of my success piece by piece using a couple of comprehensive trainings, while spending a fortune on the glitz, only to never get the value back, I would have to agree with you.

I have put all my knowlege together to address this problem, yet the high profile scammers continue to make their millions, while I struggle to be seen in a sea of hype and promises. I may just go back to selling products and let everyone else find their own way! I guess it will always be this way. There are affordable solutions that build your knowledge step by step. Do your homework and follow someone that knows what they are dong and you can be very successful on line!

Online Flight Simulator

WOW is almost all I can say.

This is an outstanding article and explains so much to so many people. You hit the nail right on the head from start to finish. This has to be the real reasons why so many people fail to make money on the internet: They expect things to happen in 2 weeks and give up because it didn’t, they expect $37 products to make them rich overnight, they believe they can follow an unlimited number of plans and instruction sets and do justice to them all.

You advice above is solid and excellent advice. Those that follow it will be very much better off than what they are now. Thanks for giving away free something that has more value than many things I have bought in the past.


Great advice Charlie! Focus, along with it’s twin brother, Self-Discipline, are the two $ucce$$ principles that make all the others work. I love the DoE, your blog and your honest, common-sense approach. Can’t wait to get hold of your book. Have already started recommending you to my group.

BTW, I’m in Houston and my daughter lives in College Station, so we’re practically neighbors. I have a monthly live funnel meeting called The Internet Marketers Newbie Club, which is going well. I’m a Kennedy-style direct marketer who got dragged kicking and screaming onto the Internet, and am absolutely loving it.

Thanks for being the Steady Hand of Reason.

    Charlie Page

    I lived in Houston for 26 years so we have a lot in common. I was a direct marketer as well (owned a mailing company) and got into Internet Marketing when my health would no longer allow me to work outside the home. Thank God I’m much better now and thankful too to have found how to market online.

    Great to hear from you!


Andrew Gallop , Leadership skills

Hello Charlie, awesome article. The internet is nothing but a school of sharks. It is very hard not get eaten. You have great advice. Thanks Andrew

K. Logo

You always give out quality information. I must say that I do really enjoy every post you put out there for everyone. Thank you once again.


You’re so right Charlie! It is just so bad at the moment with (nearly) everyone seeming to try and out do the next big launch, the next big piece of hype. It really is a feeding frenzy and articles like yours help to balance some of the BS that is being published.

Willy Christopher

It seems a lot of the ‘sharking’ is in the selling of ‘peripheral tools’, which can be useful, but aren’t enough of a step-by-step to be considered a program or complete business model.

It’s like walking through the kitchenwares aisle of the grocery store and thinking you need to buy every cooking accessory on display, when all you really need is the George Foreman grill and a juicy steak to make a simple meal. The other things can be useful later, but right now, you need to eat.

Thanks again for keeping us in mind. You do a fantastic job of writing for your audience.

Dr. Bill Stillwell

Hi Charlie,

Excellent article and sage advice! Anyone just starting out will not even appreciate exactly how wise your advice really is, especially the difference between knowledge and mere information, the need to USE whatever you purchase and the maintenance of focus. Beginners might also not recognize that this article is a perfect example of the best way to promote yourself, by giving free, but valuable, content to start and build relationships. Great job, as always.

Cheryl Winter

Another awesome post! So glad someone finally said what I have been thinking all along! Wonderful advice! Thank you, Charlie!

Joe Bradley

Hi Charlie

Thanks for the timely reminder. It’s even more important with the amount of hype and dishonesty that abounds on the Internet today.



More calm, sensible advice as always – thanks Charlie.

I think if more people actually realised that starting an online business isn’t really that much different to starting a brick and mortar business (apart from the obvious huge benefits of not having to lease premises or pay wages), then perhaps people wouldn’t get ripped off so much.

Realistically in any business you’ve got to invest a whole lot more money (and/or time) than you’ll get back in the first year.

But people seem to think that because it’s online they don’t need to do that – and unfortunately there are oceans of sharks out there waiting to pounce (if that is what sharks do)!
As in anything – if it seems too good to be true…then it probably is.

Well that’s my view anyway. Keep up the great work Charlie.

Beverley Mott

Hello Charlie
I believe this article was written for me, I am guilty of most of what you write about.

I feel its an addiction, I stay focus for a few days or hours, then I am off again.
If its to hard or not working I move onto something else, and on it goes.
I have hardly read any E-books that I have downloaded.
I always mean to read but never do. So….much to read.
I understand every word you have wrote.
I must try harder starting from NOW.
Happy Easter!

Joyce Racine

Great article, as usual! I can never delete anything that comes from Charlie Page!

Jerry Moore

Hi Charlie.
Thanks again for, as per always, a very insightful and realistically-bounded and grounded input. I really needed it. I do know that the many dollars that I have ‘thrown’ away in purchases over the past months have been dollars well spent, because now, I am definitely a much stronger person, quite able not only to withstand further internet marketing knocks but also to detect what to steer clear of.
You have helped tremendously in that effort. Thanks.

monica kavanaugh

I have bought a lot of sites in the last 4 months but I have to say yours is the best, I have learned more from you in the last week then I have from any other program in the last 4 months. I would like to change email adresses to a new one I just opened because this on is to conjested, and your email are very valuable and informative and I would like to have them in my new email address, send me an email with the info on how to change email please. keep up the good work you are very good.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you for your kind words. You can change your email address easily by using the link at the bottom of any of the emails I send you.

    Thanks again,


Al Caccarile

Wow Charlie – Right on! So many internet gurus are selling you stuff for $39 and $49 while giving the impression that their course will turn you into a cash generating machine…the reality is that the gurus are the only ones making the money on that deal. You always outline the step-by-step procedures that actually work. Thanks. Al

Edwin Betancourt

Charlie, your insight into the human psyche is phenomenal. Yes, we all want to be rich right now and will jump at the first chance to do so if someone says buy my $37.00 program and riches are yours. Your suggestion to step back and let the adrenaline settle back down is excellent. Do not buy with impulse, it almost always fails.



I always agree with you, Charlie…BUT I do have a different opinion in response to your statement “nothing we do offline prepares us for working online.” Being a teacher for almost 30 years and my partner running a successful mortgage company for the same number of years has been invaluable in creating a successful online business. While my organizational and teaching skills and his people skills did NOT help us in learning the technical and uniquely online marketing skills, it has given us the ability to build relationships and have a thriving coaching business that are the key to online sales. Having a terrific funnel is great, but Internet marketing still requires being business savvy and relationship-focused.

    Charlie Page


    I agree with your point – having people skills and business savvy is a must. I was focusing more on the odd language of the Web when I made my comment. Thanks for adding value.



Great read . There are times when we need to put the brakes on and really see what we are getting into . Your articles do help.

Thank you

Joanne Eckton

Charlie, this is a lesson we all learn the hard way. The only way to get past the “getting started” mode and actually “doing” is to write down your goals, and then ignore every single email that does not help you advance your goals. It is so easy to get caught up in the email trap.


Hey Charlie
You just can’t say this enough! So true. I also think though that you do have to fail at a few things before you can succeed because there is a certain amount of “true” learning that takes plac through failure

ken from GTRfreebook

sink or swim Charlie

Patrick Sekhoto

Hi : Chalie
Thanks for the great post and your honest opinion about the Internet marketing Hype.
Every online marketer out there, are only interested returning the favor by cross promoting each others products and creating products after product in order to out
perform each other at our expense. The only problem is majority of newbie marketers
out there are lazy and encourage this type of behavior from the gurus because they do not want to learn the ropes of doing business the right way. Thanks for sharing and promoting honest and ethical marketing strategies. That the reason I will always be one of your student in the Directory Of E zines.


Hi Charlie,

From the start, I’ve noticed. Tryin, senior myself, to avoid what you say sharks-strategies.
Anchor or better still, anchorman… Much appreciated anyway, all the time.
Finding out my pace, enjoying what I do.
Thanks…and welcome.

God Bless…Ron

Vic Boxwell

Hello Charlie,

I always enjoy reading your stuff. Each time, I come away feeling like I just learned something of real value with no strings attached. Thanks for everything.

Vic Boxwell
Rockville, MD

chris palmer

hi Charlie;
this is chris palmer
you have a grate blog
i am a member of ezine can you tell me how i can link ezine solo adds (or maine page)
to my web site
thanks chris palmer.

    Charlie Page


    A solo ad is an email sent to the list of an ezine publisher or other list owner. You provide the ad copy and then send the ad for you for a fee. Since you are supplying the ad copy you can choose what link is included in the solo ad.

    If you have further questions please use the Consulting Center of the Directory of Ezines and I will be happy to help.



Thank you Charlie much appreciated.

You are the “SOLOMAN” of the cyber world!!!

Kind Regards



Thank you Charlie! What a great blog. After five years on ebay and struggling to make it pay on the web, I found Charlie’s ‘Directory of Ezines’ it has transformed my income. Using information gleaned from the directory, i am using a totally different approach to the web and i have found some success at last.
Thank you Charlie and your team.
Best wishes.

Jan Kaptein

Great article as always Charlie.
You are the number one for writing articles like these.
Thanks for sharing.
Jan Kaptein

Adrian Ling

Great post Charlie!

Best regards,
ps: Have a blessed Easter my friend!


Thanks Charlie, as usual you have hit the nail on the head. I am amazed at how many emails I get daily from people who have clearly gone for the “cut & paste” strategy because they come from 12 different people but all are exactly the same, even the headings – pathetic.

It’s always worth visiting your sites and reading your articles.




Agree with U, Charlie.

Yes, we can make money more quickly online and at less cost, but the real clincher is FOCUS, since most webpages we are on, have tons of distractions, so easy to click away from the task at hand, procrastinating, or hoping that next click will lead us to the pot of gold by taking yet another shortcut.

We are becoming so attention deficit disordered, it is scary.

Thanks, Charlie.


    Thanks charlie…..i apppreciate

Mike Johnston

A truly excellent article Charlie! Very realistic and eye-opening, that’s for sure. Thank you for sharing your insight into what we REALLY need to do to succeed online.

Marcel Siecker

Thanks for the info, I am a newbie and the amount of info to absorb is scary, but I will survive…


Hi Charlie,
I wish I met you many years ago. Your honest logic is wort it.

Most of your points in the above letter are my weakest habits, so I am still, after many years, the one which did not make a red cent on internet.

I know, you might be busy, as we are all, but I would like to ask you for a kind of help.
The web I wrote above is a new thing and I am very suspicious to procede with for a few reasons.
1.- I was asking Brain Host for a stamp collecting web, but they included also rubber stams and I think it might be better not to mix those two things… anyway
2.- Other more important thing is; The textual parts of my web are written by real writers, even with their links to their own web pages, which will drift readers to that direction – naturaly. For those people to come to that point I have to spend money on advertisding, or at least work for that without pay.
3.- I really do not see any possible way how to make money with this kind of website.
I might be blind, but if you can open my eyes I would appreciate very much.



    Charlie Page


    I’m sorry I can’t do a complete review of your site. I do that for DOE members but you are right about me being busy and time simply does not allow an in-depth look at your site. I did visit it however and it looks clean and helpful. I don’t personally mind the idea of using other people’s articles and giving them credit. I think many great sites have been built this way. If you don’t want rubber stamps on the site it should be a simple matter to have them remove that.

    The way you make money with a site like this is to build a mailing list of your own from the visitors to the site and then develop a relationship with them where they can get to know you and like you. Then you find out what they need and provide that to them as an affiliate. Or you could display ads on the site if you prefer that method. There are other ways of course but these two are very good starting points.

    Hope this helps.


Wendy Owen

I have finally learned how to tell the good products from the scams out there. How? Simply experience, there is no other way. This has taken me 7 years. Hopefully others will be able to do it sooner as the tide is now turning against the scammers. Best thing to do is unsubscribe from the junk and just follow those you know you can trust.

Thanks Charlie

Edward Larry

Hi Charlie, It is good to know your watching out for the newbies, Like myself learning from experience has got me focused, With your directory of online marketing terms, You really know the beginnings and have throughly taken the steps to keep us knowing the do’s and don’ts. And you answered a question I had long ago the affiliate content is with the clickbank promotion as you scoll all the way down, I can’t wait to learn more from your emails, Hear from you soon Charlie, Thank you.

James Z

For months now, I have felt like the prey that guru sharks have been feasting on but now I can sniff out bad products and get full value for my money.

There is no way of learning what works and doesn’t without trying and making mistakes. Don’t be afraid to swim with the sharks because over time you will become shark proof.


Jed & Mayh

A very informative article. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about internet marketing. It’s a timely advice for a beginner like me.

Laura Breite

Charlie, you are the man! Well written, well said. I have committed many of the mentioned mistakes and literally spent thousands. It is very easy to be distracted by every shiny object. You hit the nail on the head: FOCUS. It’s jsomething I have to remind myself of daily. Thank you for sharing such a powerful message.


Warren Breakwell

Dear Charlie
Your insights are the reason why you are on my important email list. Along with James Schramko,( a great Aussie) Charlie Page you are the best. Thank you Charlie. Your articles and advice have given me real encouragement to stay focus and keep pressing on.


Well I’ve seen every type of hype you can imagine, but one thing I know for sure I never get hype from you Charlie, you are the man. Great advise for the newbie, or the overwhelmed.
Thank you.

Steve Gray

Excellent article Charlie… some very good points to remember. I and probably other readers are guilty of making some of the mistakes you warn against.

An area not covered is the monumental amount of trash and outright lies that can be found on Google when trying to research a particular internet product or person. Most of these are shielded in the form a “review” while being nothing more than a new slant on the original product… probably by a customer or affiliate.

Col Croucher

The sharks. Mmmmmm, if only they could be named and outed, I could reel off
several right now, but if I did that I’d be slammed with a law suit by their legal
eagles. Yes Charlie, I have been a follower of yours for a long time, you talk a
lot of sense.
The Biggest problem for any online newbie is knowing what & how to do it, as even
seemingly small techie things can prevent you from moving forward.
Like most things you want to learn about, a mentor is the next best thing to having
someone by your side, showing you the way.

Rebecca Hadley

Charlie thank you for all the great articles. This year I sold $10,000 over last year in my Avon business. I did this offline and I am trying to do my selling online. Every day I learn something new. Monday I broke my left arm so it is taken longer to type. Thank God it wasn’t my right arm.

Derrick Bolden

Once again, great info from a real internet genius. As always, thanks Charlie.

Larry Acker

Hey Charlie,
I signed up to get your book above, but seems like I signed up sometime ago and can not get to your book. Charlie, can you give me access again or not .

    Charlie Page

    Sure. You can get a free copy of Ezine Traffic Formula here.

Steve Wurdits

Hello Charlie:
I purchased your full product -Directory of Enzine Marketing-October 4, 2010.
I received the info about your “Directory of Enzines” from “48 Hour cash machine”
( Vick). Vick’s info was excellent but after introducing me to Your program all info stopped.

I got as far as Selecting a product from Clik bank, Setting up my Bytly. Etc.
I even selected a Enzine to advertise the product. However after reading your
“Article Marketing Overview” and “Commonsense Marketing Overview’ I got overwhelmed
and started to look for a simpler program to learn, less complicated. As you gater I am a newbie, and scared to start with coplicated programs. However after all I believe I can trust you that you can teach me some at least part for start.
There is so much talk about no cost advartising,. can you teach me this ?
Enzine is ok to get front of a lot of people but can I capture the emails of readers and
resend them the sales letters several times without another Ezine advertizing to all the Ezine prescribers ? There of course may other questions I have if you decide to go on with me.
Steve Wurdits

    Charlie Page


    Don’t let fear hold you back. The DOE is not complicated at all if you take things step by step. My advice is to log in and go to the Member Only Webinar area and listen to a webinar I did for DOE members called Common Sense Internet Marketing. In that webinar I discuss 13 ways to get traffic with no money at all and 5 ways to get traffic using money instead of time.

    I know you mention that Common Sense is one thing you listened to but it sounds like you were trying to listen or read too much at once. If you focus on the Common Sense five-step process I believe you will end up with a real plan of action.

    As to future questions, please log in to the DOE and use the Consulting Center and ask your questions there if that’s okay. It’s private and much faster than my blog.



Charles James

GREAT ARTICLE CHARLIE! The only person that would not like this, would be someone that can’t handle the truth of the online jokes. Thanks, I’m new here, and have enjoyed everything I have read by you!

Charles James

Henry Nolan

Hi Charley:
I hear you, you are exactly telling the truth. Can your readers get together and confer on you a Phd in Internet Marketing Guidance, you deserve recognition.
Keep up the vigil, this is your watch you have earned it, the benefits will follow.

Henry Nolan

Ioane Fetu

I appreciate you for sharing this information. Also the Internet dictionary. It is very nice to know that people like you are still around. The rest of the gurus are concern about selling you something and forget about your interests. Thanks a lot. Ioane Fetu.

Lynda Hammitt

This is the most sage advice I’ve seen on Internet Marketing in ages … possibly ever. Thank you for this well-written and very much needed article.


That is the best advise I’ve heard in years.
Charlie is 100% right.
I dislike anyone that tells you that we need every product out there to be successful.
You don’t.
You are right also about tuning out all the noise to get things done. I wouldn’t get anything done if I listened to all the video out there or read all my emails.
Thanks for being truthful.

Fredrik Wallinder

Good points, Charlie. Went through your webinar on DOE today about the same. And thanks for your answer as regards ezines. I’ve ordered a few solo ads, banner ads to get going. It’s fairly easy to see which have enough quality.

Robert Palmer

well you did it again. We love to here from you because you are a great help to us all. We get bitten by sharks too much especially when a newbee. Thank you Charlie.

Ray Ward

Well what can I say Charlie, very true. I hjave being going from one opportunity to another with no success what so ever. I really do need to FOCUS on one and stick with it. Reading your article has brought this home to me with a bang.

Have a great day

Ray Ward

patricio espinosa

There is a lot of truthin the article There is a lot of confusion !!!! and chaos. Every moment someone has the next winning formula.
Overload is the word.
I like to take a few things to work till i find the sucsess im looking for.


Bob Edmonds

I’m still getting my new online wine distributorship put together. I can’t believe all the things I have needed to do just to be legal with the state alcoholic beverage control. Our new website should be ready next week for our review then we’ll have to add all our wines and related products. At least our incorporation is complete.
Best regards and thanks for your patience,

Anthony Wiley

Hi Charlie this is an article packed with very useful information for a newbie like myself. I will use article marketing more. I appreciate and am honored to learn from you, Tony.



You’re the Man! Voice of reason for every season. Thanks for all the good information and advice.

Dick B.

Leo Bookham

Hi Charlie,

Very wise words! It’s very unfair how these unscrupulous internet marketers prey on people giving us false hope of making a lot of money online and because we are desperate to make some money we end up putting in a lot of time into something that just does not work, time after time.
After failing so many times we then quit and our dream of becoming financially independent is squashed. I call them dream breakers!
Is there a way of sorting the good from the bad systems?

Linda Basta

Thanks so much for this. i need to read it again.
My main problem has been focus


Hello Charlie, Just wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule to say thanx for such timely information. Please continue to be a means of marketing insight to us who are working towards your level of success. Regards,Tony Horton


Right on Charlie. I had to learn a lot of this the hard way. That’s time I’ll never get back.

Tim Cronin

I hear what you’re saying Charlie, but I still think you should plug yourself ! LOL! Still, I wish there were 1 place i could research products and software for credible information. It really is a sharks world out here. Thanx Charlie.

Chery schmidt

GREAT GREAT STUFF 🙂 My first few months were crazy!!! I would read all of my
e-mails, then chat on facebook, do some tweets, go to myspace, do this all over again. I never really acccomplished anything. I am not sure about all the hype with social networking, it just seems everyone wants me to look at this or that. And it is very time consuming.
Thanks for the article.
Chery 🙂


Thanks, understand everything that was stated and appreciate your time writing these important facts about Internet Marketing..



Fantastic post about the sharks and what I like to call the whiz bang buying epidemic. The make a million dollars by tomorrow $37 dollar stuff needs to go…

I am sure the refund rates for this stuff is a nightmare for the folks down at Clickbank…

Thanks for your no holds bared post…

It nice to know there are still some ethical marketers in the game…

James J O'Connell

Charlie, I’ve been doing all of the bad things your warning about. I haven’t even used your help yet. And i’ve been a member for months. What days are you open to being telephoned? Thanks . Hopefully we’ll be able to talk.

Dr John Yeoman

“The next time you get a “too good to be true” offer ask yourself if it makes sense for someone who makes a million dollars a year to be spending time sending YOU an unsolicited email. Or why they would be selling their secrets for $37”

Very true, Charlie.

The first real Internet millionaire I ever met was Ted Nicholas. He ran a conference with me. He was genuine in every way- a truly nice man. The only other time I met a ‘real’ Internet millionaire (he was trying to buy my business and I did due diligence on him) he was not traceable on Google. Why? He was making so much money (chateau in Switzerland, etc) that he paid experts to keep him off Google. No, he did not want my $37. Just my company 🙂

Keep staying the way you are, Charlie. Lucidity plus integrity are very rare on the Net.

Martin Codack

Great information Charlie especially for a ‘newbie’ like me!

Best wishes,

Dennis Novak

Excellent logical content all online entrepeneurs can surely use. Keep me posted and sending these type of sweet tidbits. Hope all is well. Take care.
Gratefully yours, Dennis Novak

Joel Gray

Mr. Page,

Thank you for some wonderful insight, to many times money is spent for a product that is
downloaded then just sits in a folder. I certainly agree with the put the credit card up for
24 hours and then see if the product still have the appeal.

Thanks again,


Tom Mezgar


Great article. This is so true! Thanks for sharing!

Tom Mezgar

Steve Duval

So True Charlie, It’s all to easy to get information overload, it took me 8 months to realize what I was doing wrong, going from one thing to another and never getting anywhere.

Like you say, you need a plan to follow.

Top article Charlie as always.

Steve duval

Liz White

Wish I had this information when I was first starting out! Good advice on “careful neglect” this alone can save you lots of money.

Great tips thanks!


As usual a fitting article, I have just unsubscribed to a dozen email lists that just eat up time.


Excellent Charlie! The truth shall set you free!



Fantastic post about the sharks and what I like to call the whiz bang buying epidemic. The make a million dollars by tomorrow $37 dollar stuff needs to go…

I am sure the refund rates for this stuff is a nightmare for the folks down at Clickbank…

Thanks for your no holds bared post…

It nice to know there are still some ethical marketers in the game…

Looking forward to your next action packed post.


Michael C.Gonzalez

Thank you for your support.I’ll be in touch once the decision is made on what to promote and how to do it.I have expertise in Biological Fields and I wonder if this past experience would be a good place to write articles?Currently,just fishing around,learning my lessons the hard way.Thanks again!

Bryan Knight

Wise words as usual, Charlie. I look forward to recommending your advice to my target market through my new blog.

Jimmy Roos

Great article. thanks for sharing.

sergio alvarez

Charles, I absolutely admire your “calm sense of perseverance”!! You definitely have a sense of peace with all that is hype in the internet, right now. I know you’ve been through the ringer, and this is why I’m one of your loyal members. Please keep up the good work in this internet jungle we live in everyday. Very nice hearing from you. Sergio

Paul Ricci

Excellent piece for the newcomer and an excellent reminder for the
older folks too.

          Do your following a great favor. As soon as people sign up for the Directory Of Ezines, send them this article. And also send it at least once a year to all your membership.
          You will save your membership a lot of headaches and a lot of money.

Thank You. Paul Ricci

Brian T. Edmondson


Great article. I think you might be right about “focus” being the number one skill needed to succeed online (or just about anything else for that matter).

Keep the great content coming!


Lilach Bullock

Thanks Charlie for a great honest and refreshing blog post. Completely agree with your points.

Thanks for sharing.



    Do your homework, get the basics right and everything falls in place with consistent actions over time – Charlie, well done,

Adrienne Lee

Exactly.. right on Charlie. Always to the point, concise, and relevant!
I am joining one of your sites soon.. been putting it off.. it’s time.
Thanks for all your good advice over the years.
Adrienne lee

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