Is Your Site Losing Visitors?

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There is an old saying that goes like this ... "fix your leaky bucket BEFORE you go to the well for water."

That is a very common sense sentiment. If you use a leaky bucket it will take many trips to and from the well to get the water you need.

But if you have a good bucket, all the water will stay in and your work becomes easier.

Blogs and marketing funnels are just like that. Most of them leak terribly.

The Myth Of More Traffic

If you ask most people online what they need they will quickly answer "more traffic to my website!" 

And that's true, in part.

You see, what you do WITH the traffic you do get is far more important than trying to get more and more traffic at any cost.

What you do WITH the traffic you DO get is far more important than trying to get more and more traffic at any cost.

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If your blog is leaking visitors - in other words, they come and go without subscribing or buying - then your first most important priority is to fix your leaky blog.

After analyzing thousands of blogs for clients, I can tell you ... most of them do not need more traffic as much as they need to DO something great with the traffic they get.

I learned decades ago that if you take care of the people you do have they will make sure you get new visitors. And it still works today.?

Let's look together at four ways to plug the traffic leaks in your blog.

That way you can build your list faster, sell more and automate your business so you have more free time too.

Method 1 - Better List Building

Having a mailing list of your own is required for success in today's online world. No doubt about it. 

You simply will not find a successful online business, or individual, who does not have a list of their own.

In fact, most will tell you it is their #1 online business asset.

I know you've heard it before, but email marketing really does create the highest ROI of any form of online marketing. Just look at this from Venture Beat.

In addition, email does a better job of helping you convert strangers into new customers quickly.

Plus, you can automate your email marketing which means you do the work once and profit many times. 

Now that is a beautiful way to work!

Happily, building a list is not that hard. But it does require a few specific actions.

  1. Add a signup form to the right sidebar of your blog. Look at the right of any page on my blog and you will see mine. It converts very well.
  2. Offer a "lead magnet", not just a "signup form". A lead magnet is a gift you give people for joining your list.

    If you want to know more about creating and using lead magnets, click here.
  3. Put an offer for people to join your list in EVERY blog post. Yep ... every one of them. And in at least three places.

Want me to set up your list building FOR you and help you with traffic too?

Click here to make it happen!

Method 2 - The Dreaded PopUp Window

Ah, popups. The marketing tool we love to hate. Problem is, the darn things work!

I have often witnessed, and experienced, dramatic surges in list building from using a simple pop up.

The good news here is that popups do not need to be annoying or intrusive.

They just need to be used strategically.

Here is but one way to do that.

Let's say your blog is about weight loss. And let's further say you cover both diet and exercise for losing weight.

And let's also say you have a smoking hot lead magnet about how to lose inches off your waist by doing simple exercises. We'll call it "Lost 2 Inches In 10 Days"

To use popups strategically, you place a popup on exit intent on all posts or pages about exercise. That popup offers your lead magnet "Lose 2 inches in 10 days"

Since you know the person reading posts about exercise is interested in exercise, and since you know that people on your blog want to lose pounds and inches, this popup should convert like crazy.

Why? Because you are giving them what they have already said they want ... a way to lose weight with exercise!

For my money, the two best options for creating strategic popups are Thrive Leads and PopUp Ally.

I use both and love them.

Method 3 - In Post Ads

An in-post-ad is simply an ad appearing in a post for a product you are promoting that is relevant to the blog post.

This method works like wings. And it is perhaps the most often overlooked marketing method of all.

You saw one of my in-post-ads in this very post. It was the red box above offering my Done For You list building service.

Creating these little ads is easy and highly effective.

What you need to get the job done is a way to make good looking images quickly and easily. And cheaply!

For my money, the best two options today are Canva and Snappa. Between them Canva is my favorite.

Method 4 - Lower Your Bounce Rate

"Bounce rate" simply means the percentage of people who leave your site from the same page they enter your site.

Here is what I got when I typed into Google "what is bounce rate?"?

What we want is for people to stay on our sites. We want them clicking around, finding what they need, joining our lists and more.

But what FAR too many people get is someone who comes to a blog post, stays 23 seconds and then leaves the site from that page.

And this is a bad thing. Bad bad bady bad.

So how do you fix it?

While the exact "here's what to do" is beyond what I can include in this article, there are three simple things you can do to lower your bounce rate.

Remember,  a high bounce rate is bad and a low bounce rate is very good.

So here are three actions you can take today that will help.

  1. Use Google Analytics to know what your bounce rate really is. GA is free and they have very good tutorials now. So don't be shy about trying it.
  2. Give visitors to any page a reason to make a click. This is the real secret sauce. If you know who your avatar is, and what they want, this should be easy.

    Just offer them a link to an article or a report that will help them.
  3. Use a dreaded popup on exit intent to get them to click to go to another page.

    You would usually use a popup for list building. But in this case you simply want them to stay, and to click. A popup works great for this.

So there you have it - four ways to fix your leaky bucket. And start building your list in the process.

Remember, the money IS in the list and what you do with it so please do take action on this today.

Because having a list means freedom. The freedom to help more people. The freedom to promote at no cost. The freedom to automate.

And those are beautiful things indeed!?

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