Six Ways To Profit From Resale Rights Packages

Have you seen these resale rights packages that are floating around the Internet?

You know the pitch. It usually goes like this …

Get 792 eBooks, 312 videos, 843 audio files, 19 pieces of software and access to five powerful membership sites for only ten bucks!!

Usually, there are literally thousands of “special reports” thrown in the deal as well.

Often, it sounds so good we can’t pass it up. So, we pull out the Visa and spring for the $17 or $27 or $47.

Sounds great, until you discover that it’s practically a full time job to download and organize the stuff, much less actually read it! Then you have to edit the HTML page (who has time for that!) and upload it all to your web server using FTP … ARG!

So it just sits there, gathering digital dust on your hard drive. Another $47 bucks down the tubes.

If that sounds familiar I have good news for you today. Now there is a way to recover your investment in that resale rights package, and even profit from it as well.

And it’s not selling the package to someone else!

These techniques will work for you whether you own a website and sell your own products, publish an ezine, or sell as an affiliate.


What you do here is find those products within the resale rights package that compliment your site and offer them as a bonus for ordering your product. You stand out from the crowd and will see an increase in sales because targeted bonuses almost always increase sales.


What you do here is find every eBook, audio, video, or report having to do with a specific TOPIC and then sell the package as a product to people who want that product.

Since most resale rights packages are topic-specific this is actually quite easy to do. How do you choose a topic? My advice is to stay with big themes like these.

  • Health and Fitness
  • Making Money Online
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating and Selling Products
  • Sports
  • Family

After you create broad-based packages like this you can then “niche” them down to very specific topics like …

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Building your first website
  • Raising kids with ADHD
  • Tennis for beginners

By creating both the broad based and very specific packages you can have more products and appeal to a larger audience. Advertising your bundles with pay-per-click and ezine advertising works very well since both are so targeted.

Another great way to sell your bundle is to visit forums and make special offers.

If you don’t have a product to sell yet this is the fastest and easiest way to create your own product, and is what many of the “how to create a product” courses teach.


People love to be surprised. What you do here is put a note on your website that you are including an “secret bonus” when people buy your product. Retailers have done this for years and called it a ‘grab bag’. Then add one product a week for about eight weeks to your follow up series for clients.

Your clients will love your generosity and you will see your refund rate drop like a rock. A win-win.


What you do here is to offer an eBook, video, audio, etc. in exchange for subscribing to your ezine or information. This one works! Most smart marketers know that people want a little extra, and here you are giving them that extra while getting what you want.

The key here is to choose a product or products that support or compliment the messages you will be sending.


You know that people always want something for free, right? One great way to use that to your advantage is to spice up your page with a free offer and include that in your pay-per-click advertising.

People who view pay-per-click ads often scan those ads looking for freebies and then visit those sites first. Using products from resale rights packages as giveaways gives YOU the edge when it comes to pay per click.

HOT TIP: Include the fact that you offer a gift in the headline of your pay per click ad. People scan headlines first.


The Google AdSense model – having a content rich site and making money by displaying ads – is automatic and effective. But it takes lots of content, and that’s where resale rights products come to the rescue!

In most cases you can disassemble these information products and REPURPOSE the content as information for a website. Best of all – you don’t run the same risk of a duplicate content problem like you do with private label articles.

That’s because VERY few people have had this idea, and even fewer have acted on it, and fewer still will choose the exact product you choose to use.

So grab some resale rights books, take them apart and make each chapter of a resale rights book a page on your new website, and then display context sensitive ads (like Google AdSense) and make some automatic money!

Fast, easy and oh so automated — a true win-win!

There you have it: Six ways to make your investment in resale rights packages pay big dividends.

Just like finding an old coin on the street only to discover it’s rare and valuable, dusting off a resale rights package and turning it into pure profits is smart marketing and a great use of your resources.

And that’s a beautiful thing indeed!

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 44 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 16 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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  • […] actionable idea is this – buy a Private Label Rights product that you can give away and create a Facebook page that gives the product free to people who […]

  • Catherine Quel says:

    I was told by the owner of a PLR/Resell Rights Books club that if I wanted to take apart the ebook and use it on my site as articles, I would have to purchase an ebook that has plr rights and not re-sell rights. Is this true?

    Catherine Quel

    • Charlie Page says:

      Probably yes. But the rights conveyed are not completely standard in the industry. Strictly speaking, PLR rights are a type of resale rights.

      It is important to know the rights being conveyed with the product you want to use, and the product seller should clearly disclose them.


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  • Musonda says:

    Very useful information Charlie. And I think I will try your content rich site suggestion. Seems to me that I can have that up and running in a weekend. I always feared duplicate content penalties with this method.
    As a 7th idea, I think, you can also use resale rights products to create an ezine. Just load themed content, for example traffic generation content, into an autoresponder and you could have a year long ezine in a couple of days. I was supposed to end that sentence with an exclamation mark but the darn key is not working. lol.

  • I really hadn’t thought of the different ways we can make best use out of re-sale rights. I’ve used a number of your suggestions up to now but unannounced gifts is something I may try on my list. Thanks.

    • Charlie Page says:

      Unannounced gifts work so well because it’s a pleasant surprise. It strongly encourages people to open your email to see what’s there. I think it is an integral part of a successful email marketing campaign, even if the goal is to make sales.

  • SuselsNatural says:

    Hi Charlie,

    What a great idea, for those PLR just siting in the hardisk.
    Thank your for your unselfish sharing of idea to
    anybody and most of all its free.



  • andi says:

    This is a great a I article! Really have to do something with all that PLR junk I got. I especially liked the adsense site idea. I’ll try it out straight away.
    Thanks Charlie

  • thelma says:

    I enjoy reading your articles Charie. Thank You very much for sharing.

  • Abu says:

    Hi, Charlie,

    I really appreciate the very clear option for action on how to deal with this little collection of mine on this ebooks / plr and MRR stuff . Thanks for the guide that are always useful for most newbies.

    You are just great on Internet.


  • jude onyeze says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for all your efforts with newbies like me . The info you give away for free is just so unbelievable.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Jude Onyeze.

  • Melody Blake says:

    Hi Charlie.
    I found your article to be most informative. All the stuff that they put out there, just makes your

    head swim. I believe the best thing I can do is go with a site that really helps a person get going.

    I have read a lot of your stuff and I find that you are truly a person that likes to see people succeed.

    That’s why, when I get done writing this, I am going to join the DOE. I need help with this and

    everyone else I have talked to wants to charge me $400.00 or more, but these are the mentors and

    and the guys that call you after you purchase program.

    Melody Blake

  • Chuck Manning says:

    Great advice,Charlie. I will be taking your advice and try to expand my profits ( which is assured )

  • Nicholas Wind says:

    Great advice Charlie as usual.

    I leanr much from your blog here and there.

    Thanks for leading.

  • Charles Kaluwasha says:

    Hi Charlie,
    This is a good reminder, I have downloaded a lot of ebooks, but I do not make use of them. And I did not know that I can even tear them apart and create content for my website.

    You are always full of ideas to help everyone make a living online!



  • Lillian Swanson says:

    Hello Charlie,
    Thanks for another insightful message.
    Well written and full of ideas to get the creative juices flowing!
    I especially like the fact that, like most of your writing, this material
    zooms in on the “how to” and produces more show and tell and less show.

  • Dave says:

    l have all tha,t but l don’t have any idea how to go through the proceedures to do it ?.
    Final straw money in the bank HOW.

    Remember the bouncing pig pong ball that we used to follow in sing along,

    Have you a video telling the right way to do this A to Zs
    Does this make sense to ya ?.

  • Norma Pealing says:

    Thank you. Great ideas. I agree with all the above comments but was particularly interested in #6 as I hadn’t thought of that. I presume by REPURPOSE that you mean use sections from the book but, because they are resale rights not PLR, they have be kept the same? ie Can’t be rewritten. Am I right?


  • Joyce Racine says:

    Great article as usual! Your material is the best of anything out there!

    I’m floundering around with all kinds of pots in the fire, but the time has come for me to get your help so I can get focused!

    Thanks, Charlie. You will be hearing from me.


  • Wyteria Jacobo says:

    Charlie, I’m so glad I read this as I have a couple of Adsense sites. I was looking for a way to add fresh content without having to create it myself. I will definitely be using tip #6! Thanks again.

  • Nicki Goff says:

    Thanks again, Charlie. I’ve been thinking of more ways to use some of the e-books and article collections I’ve garnered over the past couple of years, and you came up with just what I need.

  • Margaret A Russell says:

    February 9th, 2010
    Hello Charlie;
    How are you doing?
    You are right as usual, I believe we all have a ( bunch of packages)
    tucked away inside our computers. The thing is when are we going to use them?
    I must start being more selective about what I put into my computer,
    as the computer is only as good as the person running it!
    Thanks for the information Charlie. See you soon.

  • Clifford smith says:

    You hit a homerun with this article. I really appreciate these tips or may I say Goodies!

    This makes resale rights much clearer and that they have great value. I thought
    they were were junk someone else was trying to stick me with.


  • Sue Painter says:

    Very useful article, Charlie. Thanks for outlining the options so clearly.

  • Roger Due says:

    I have started to catalog all the PLR products I have on my hard drives. Your article has some very good advice on how to use this. Thanks.

  • Andre Arnett says:

    Hi Charlie,

    it is as if you went in and checked out my hard drive. I can tell you I thought you were writing this article specifically for me because “I resemble that remark.” I can tell you that i use to be the same way, always looking for more things to add to my drive. I have gotten better about what I buy or even get free form giveaways, make sure I can find a use for it now. really makes a difference. Thanks.

  • Tim Adami says:

    thank you for this article. Yes I have many of these collectors on my
    hard-drive just waiting for new homes to invade. I plan to offer them
    out to build my lists.

    Here’s hoping that many have yet to see these jewels and join my
    list to do so.

  • Charlie,
    These are some great ideas. Yes, I have a lot of PLR sitting around which I did not know what to do with as it takes some computer skills to change everything and upload to your site. Thanks for the advice and I will think of you every time I do one of the methods.


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