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Solo Ad Success Checklist

Part of succeeding is knowing what success looks like

As the owner of the Directory of Ezines I am often asked"what does a profitable solo ad look like?"

People who ask believe that modeling something that has worked will give them an edge; that knowing what success looks like and doing something similar will lead to better results.

And they are right!

Today I'd like to share with you a very profitable solo ad.

If you know me you know that I never talk about money in specific terms and never ever show my Clickbank screenshots or other "proof" of my sales or earnings.

So I won't be getting into the "this ad pulled in $125,000" or any of that.

What I will say is this - when I was promoting my Directory of Ezines membership site, this ad was responsible for more sales than any other ad I ran.

I tested five sets of solo ad copy for a specific Directory of Ezines campaign and the ad you are going to read today was the clear winner.

I suppose you could say that it was in indeed a profitable solo ad!

So let's look together at the original ad and then pull it apart to see why it worked so well.

Read through it and see what you think.

I will duplicate it below and then we can examine it section by section.

PLEASE NOTE: This ad was a plain text ad. That means all I used were words - no bolding, no images and no special characters or italics.

This empowered me to run the ad in any ezine or to any list I wanted and ensured the ad would look great.

I'm not saying to only use plain text ads; I'm just saying this ad was plain text which is why it looks unformatted below.


What They Are Not Telling You About Solo Ads!

I'm sure you have heard about solo ads by now.

It seems that every business opportunity or Internet marketing course out there all say the same things.


Know why they say to do that?

Because solo ads work!

But here's what they DO NOT tell you.

  • They don't tell you HOW to write them.
  • They don't tell you WHERE to place them.
  • They don't tell you HOW MUCH to pay for them.


Click here to learn how it's done!

In fact, I spent 2 HOURS on Tuesday night TEACHING Directory of Ezines members HOW to write a solo ad!

The GOOD NEWS is that anyone can write a solo ad.

The BETTER NEWS is that I'm working with DOE members to make the ads they write the BEST they can be!

** And I want to do that for you too! **

Click here to work with me on YOUR ad!

In fact, let me GIVE YOU a secret that I shared on that call.

There are SIX elements to a profitable solo ad.

Miss ANY OF THEM and your ad will be weak.

And weak ads don't get clicks.

Here are the six parts of a solo ad.

  1. The headline
  2. The claim
  3. The benefits
  4. The reason why
  5. The proof
  6. The call to action

Now ... HOW do you use those to YOUR advantage?

You can find out RIGHT NOW in the member's center of Directory of Ezines.

Is Directory of Ezines worth the money?

Only if you want your ads to work.

I hope you join us.

Charlie Page

P.S. Do you know WHY a P.S. is important?

You will when you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Directory of Ezines members area and access the Learning Center. 

Click here to join us.


Now let's see why this ad worked.

I'm going to show you the ad again and make notes showing you why it worked.

Pay careful attention to these "reasons why" and you will be able to apply them to your own ad writing.

After we take the ad apart I will share three keys that you can apply to your own ad writing beginning today!

Here is the ad again with my notes about why it worked.

My notes will follow the part of the ad we are analyzing.



What They Are Not Telling You About Solo Ads!


The headline is the most important part of the ad.

In email marketing, the headline is the subject line of the email and primarily determines if the email gets opened.

Here I am using fear of loss as a motivator.

Many people believe there are "secrets" they are not being told. 

This headline works with that thought process to make the reader want to know the secret.


I'm sure you have heard about solo ads by now.

It seems that every business opportunity or Internet marketing course out there all say the same things.


Know why they say to do that?

Because solo ads work!


This is my CLAIM ... solo ads work.

But here's what they DO NOT tell you.

Now we are getting into one of the most powerful parts of the ad.

Telling people that there are things they need to know but not telling them what those things are is a failed advertising strategy from long ago.

The key online is to be transparent and give as many details as you can so people will want what you are offering.

  • They don't tell you HOW to write them.
  • They don't tell you WHERE to place them.
  • They don't tell you HOW MUCH to pay for them.



What I have said so far is "people are succeeding with solo ads but not telling you how to do it.

I will show you what they refuse to show you - exactly how to do it.

And to prove that I'm telling you three things I know you need to know."

This is the basis of "insider secrets" advertising. This was a very powerful part of the ad.

VERY IMPORTANT! Every time there is an emotional peak in an ad it is vital that you immediately offer the reader a call to action.

Your ad has brought them to the point of saying "YES, I want that!" and now you have to show them how to get it.

Putting a call to action immediately following the emotional peak will increase clicks dramatically.


I spent 2 HOURS on Tuesday night TEACHING Directory of Ezines members HOW to write a solo ad!

Notice the specifics here. "Two hours on Tuesday night" works better than "call three covered ..." Be specific in your ads when you can.

It helps people connect with you as a person and not as someone "hard selling". 

The GOOD NEWS is that anyone can write a solo ad.

The BETTER NEWS is that I'm working with Directory of Ezines members to make the ads they write the BEST they can be!

MORE BENEFITS. As much as possible be positive and share only good news in your ads.

This is actually a fear-based ad (not my normal style) but putting something positive in helped soften the sound of the ad.

And I want to do that for you too!

EMOTIONAL PEAK #2 - I will do something for them that other people will not do. Remember what comes directly after the emotional peaks?

Become a member today!

In fact, let me GIVE YOU a secret that I shared on that call right now.

THIS IS MY PROOF. If I did not know what I was talking about I could not share in such detail or offer any "secrets".

There are SIX elements to a profitable solo ad. Miss ANY OF THEM and your ad will be weak.

Talking about weak ads reinforces the "fear of loss" theme I established in my headline.?

And weak ads don't get clicks. Here are the six parts of a solo ad.

  1. The headline
  2. The claim
  3. The benefits
  4. The reason why
  5. The proof
  6. The call to action

Now ... HOW do you use those to YOUR advantage? You can find out RIGHT NOW in the member's center of Directory of Ezines!

EMOTIONAL PEAK #3 - You can have it now! Immediacy is a very powerful tool to use in your advertising. I know you know what comes next! ūüôā

CALL TO ACTION #3 - Never neglect to call for action immediately following an emotional high point.

Is Directory of Ezines worth the money? Only if you want your ads to work.

THIS IS MY REASON WHY. Why would you want to buy my product? So your ads will work better.

The "reason why" can be the reason why you can deliver something OR the reason why the prospect should take action.

Using a reason why satisfies the logical side of the brain. The transparency and benefit statements satisfy the emotional side of the brain.

When both are satisfied people take action.

I hope you join us.

Charlie Page

P.S. Do you know WHY a P.S. is important? You will when you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Directory of Ezines Learning Center!

EMOTIONAL PEAK #4 - The peak here is pure curiosity.

Notice how I actually asked a question and then did not answer the question. That leaves the reader needing to know the answer, and needing to buy my product to get the answer.

Some people call this an "open loop".

This particular link generated big clicks, as we often find with links in a P.S.

In fact, the P.S. is one of the first things people read so putting your hanging question here is a good strategy.

CALL TO ACTION #4. I never waste an emotional peak, even if it's in the P.S.


Key Concepts To Take Away From This Article

Why did it work? Because it does TWO THINGS well.

  1. Uses a Super Motivator well ‚Äď the fear of loss motivator runs throughout the ad
  2. Calls for action at emotional peak points ‚Äď this is very important for getting more clicks.

I want you to be able to use the information in this article, so let me share with you the three keys I feel are most important.

  1. The headline matters most.
  2. Your copy does not need to be long ... but it does need to be powerful.
  3. Tell them what to do early and often.

I hope you enjoyed this analysis of a profitable solo ad. Feel free to copy the ad and change the wording in any way you like to make it fit the product you are promoting. If you did like this article please leave your comment below and take a brief moment to tweet it out as well.

Thank you for your time!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

Chuck Bradford

Terrific ad – terrific analyis.

Thanks, Charlie

Martin Cole

Great article! Thanks for sharing so important details.
What is your favorite place to buy solo ads? Like facebook, Udimi, soloadss or someting else?

    Charlie Page

    The Directory of Ezines of ezines of course!


Lee Gantz

Hi Charlie,
Great post! I was planning on doing two solo ads tonight after not having done one in years. Then I read through your email about solo ads and am
so thankful for your impeccable timing for my plans! Now I can dig in and expect much better results than I had hoped for without your input.
I am already a DOE member and always appreciate your emails.
Lee Gantz

    Charlie Page


    Perfect timing! I hope your solo runs go well for you and am happy to have helped.


Gordon Appleby

Great article, Charlie. You hit all the key components perfectly.

Here’s another reason the ad worked so well, IMO: simplicity. You simplified the problem AND the solution. That satisfies both logic and emotion. There’s something emotionally liberating and exhilarating about seeing a seemingly insurmountable problem simplified, and then the simple solution revealed (Problem: 3 specific things “they won’t tell you” that you absolutely must know; Solution:but I’m going to tell you right now in DOE).

If “they” are not telling you how to write them, where to place them or how much to spend…face it, that’s everything they need to succeed with solo ads. But you’re going to tell them. Yes, you stacked more value with calls and writing the first ad for them, just to make it an irresistible offer. But simplifying the problem and solution was the foundation to make value-stacking work.

You’re a master at solo ads, Charlie. Thanks for sharing.


    Charlie Page

    Thank you Gordon. Look forward to our lunch!


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Srecko Butorac

Absolutely amazing article Charlie. I really like your style. By giving great content like this for free certainly makes potential buyers wander how good your paid products must be. ūüôā

I’m DOE and FUSS member for more than a year now. And yes Charlie’s paid products are great. Keep up the good work.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you! I appreciate your kind words very much.

Edwin Newsom

Great stuff Charlie! I love Directory of Ezines, but haven’t done much with my marketing lately. You are inspiring me to try again. Remind me to take you out for a steak next time I am in College Station.

    Charlie Page


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Ake Hedman

I really appreciated your analyses, now my problem will be to remember all the good parts.
Thank you


Thanks Charlie,
I am a DOE member, and am looking forward to making solo ads a part of my business. Right now I’m working on a few necessary “foundational elements” to be sure I have something of value for my customers. BTW- I hope your “health challenges” are getting better!
Take care,

    Charlie Page

    Doing much better. Thanks for asking. Thank you too for being a member and for your comment. I look forward to hearing of your progress with solo ads!

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Kiran Mal

This is a great article Charlie. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with vital, honest and clever details as to how a Solo Ad works. The mark of a true professional ūüôā I have learned so much from you in such a short period of time and I’m eager abe excited to learn more. Thank you.

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I do not know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering problems
with your blog. It appears like some of the text within your posts are running off the screen.

Can somebody else please provide feedback and let
me know if this is happening to them as well?
This could be a problem with my browser because
I’ve had this happen previously. Appreciate it

Visit my web-site; why not try this out – Landon


Amazing ideas you just shared with us. I just bookmarked this page to help go there everyday.

However Charles, I sent you emails about my niches yet all mails unreplied.

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Jenelle Livet

Great article Charlie I have shared it with all my list and also my twitter followers. I just wanted to know if you DOE membership is a one time payment and if you have some stats I could take a look at. You can contact me viz my email.
Thanks Charlie

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    Charlie Page


    Doing business online is very much like doing business offline. You place your ads where your target market will see them, be a blessing to them with high quality free information and then offer them a product that meets a real need they possess.

    Thank you for your comment.


Ann Batten

Thank you so much Charlie. This is by far the most valuable information regarding solo ads I have come accross. I have done a few with mixed results. I look forward to trying again with renewed enthusiasm.

    Charlie Page

    I’m happy you found it helpful Ann! Don’t give up on solo ads – they are very effective when you get the right fit.


Mark M

Thanks again Charlie, awesome!

Ray Crean

Thank You So Much, Charlie, for this very helpful article. And indeed I may an edited version of it, in my Marketing Campaigns using Solo Ads. Indeed at some point, I may well be requesting to join your Directory of Ezines, in the not too distant future.
Thank You,
Ray C.

    Charlie Page

    Hi Ray,

    Feel free to use part of the article in a curated sense as long as you don’t publish the entire article and you do provide a link back to the original article. You might want to add the Directory of Ezines to your list of recommended products as well. I visited your site and noticed you were recommending several products in ecommerce but not the DOE. The DOE would make a great addition to your list.

    Thank you for your comment.


Laurie Mills

Wow Charlie,
This information is so important and needs to be followed all the way through.
Thank you very much.
Laurie Mills

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Laurie. I’m glad you liked it and appreciate you taking time to comment.



Thanks for the informative post Charlie. There are many factors in having a successful solo ad campaign. You really broke it all down for us.
Thanks again.

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Adrian!

Mike Potter

Hi Charlie,

There are only a handful of marketers I follow these days and you are up there at the top. Always impressive and no holds barred information.

I just signed up for some personal coaching so not able to sign up to DOE just yet, but I will be soon.

Peace and love,
Mike (from London UK)

    Charlie Page

    Thank you for your kind words. I will be here when you are ready.


Joe V

Wow Charlie, I learn more in your e-mails then some products that I have Bought!!
You Really have a knack for getting an idea across in a way that really adds value to each e-mail you send. Mind blowing is that you are giving this, I really have to take a closer look at some of your products, I imagine that they are priceless and I would really gain a better understanding of the subject.
Joe V

    Charlie Page

    Thank you Joe. My goal is to give back and share openly. I’m happy you are enjoying what I am sharing.



Hi Charlie,

Thanks for this great post for a while I been looking for someone to help me with upcoming solo ad project I know that I found the right person, I did enjoy your tips.

I feel that it just a little patience and doing your homework. So Charlie thanks again and have a nice day.


    Charlie Page


    All things take a bit of patience and learning. Solo ads are no different. I look forward to helping you succeed with solo ads. They are incredibly effective when done well.



I’ve been in affiliate marketing for about 2 years now Charlie, and I make a decent living, whilst I haven’t bought any of your products (yet!)……you are one of only 2 marketers who’s list I am on, there are a lot of people out there who would charge a lot of money for the information you share for free!

Simply put…your a “top guy” as we say in England!

Keep on keeping on!


    Charlie Page

    Thank you Simon. I appreciate the trust and time you spend reading my emails. I’m so happy you are finding value in them!


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Steve Schreiber

Hi Charlie,
It is refreshing to find someone who is willing to give such valuable information and insight without any strings attached. I look forward to taking what you teach and sharing it with my list.


I also think it worked great because you’re not actually selling anything – you’re just pointing them to a solution to the problem you clearly mentioned in ad.


I feel like I just finished a master’s copywriting class after reading this post. Thank you for taking the time to publish it

Now, my homework is going to be to practice adapting the solo ad for my niche.

Thanks again.

    Charlie Page

    So happy you found it helpful. Thank you for your kind words.

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I’d like to see you do the same for one of your profitable classified ads. Thanks for sharing Charlie.

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Hey Charlie I was curious to know. When will this program be available again?

    Charlie Page


    The Directory of Ezines is open now. If you mean the 123 ad writing package I suspect it will be July before we offer that again.



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Hi Charlie!

Nice blog you have.

Would like to know if you offer to run solo ads for me and i’ll pay you based on the sales generated from the incoming traffic?

Thanks for your early reply!

    Charlie Page

    I’m sorry but I don’t do this. There are many publishers who sell solo ads in the Directory of Ezines. To be candid I don’t know of any publishers who will take this “I will pay you after I make sales” offer however because there are just too many risks for them and because they sell ad space for a living.

    Everybody wants this type of thing where someone runs an ad for them and takes all the risk and gets paid only a part of the commissions but that describes a joint venture more than it does solo advertising.

    If you own your own product and want to make sales using this “run ads for me and get paid when sales are made” model then I would suggest trying to line up some joint ventures.


Vonda Egert

Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!


September 9,2011 at 11:08 PM

Thank you for sharing this gem of information.
God Bless.

Jo Barnes

Hi Charlie,

What an excellent article! Thank you so much for the detail you have given us here. I’m just putting a presentation together to my students about Solo Ads and as someone who’s pretty new to solo ads myself, I shall be pointing them all over here! (I never pretend to know something I don’t!)

I look forward to exploring your site further!

Jo ūüôā


Hi Charlie,
yes I join the big group in thanking you for all you are offering us. I am a very big Newbie, but very big on learning new methods and ideas about this exciting field.
I do want to test the market with some affiliate products, before i place solo ads.
Please let me know how we can connect via the telephone, so i can ask you about
about organizing my work more efficiently. I am so glad I found you through Vic and his Global Success Club and am looking forward to our working together with the DOE and all the help I will find there
Thanks again

    Charlie Page


    DOE members can set an appointment to talk with me by phone. I’m sorry that time does not allow phone calls from non-members at this point.

    I wish you well.




Thank you for the tips. I am thrilled to finally hear someone actually reveal the secret to the problem at hand. I can’t count the times I have read something and became interested in hearing the truth or the clue, or the tip they are talking about and read through their whole add looking for it and it’s not there. That is very frustrating, and I’m not impressed.

Thumbs up!!! Sandra

P.S. If I had the money right now I’d probably join your membership.

Willy Christopher

‚ÄúThe essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.‚ÄĚ S. Gudder

Charlie does a fantastic job of breaking down the art and science of an effective solo ad. In doing so, he shows his true genius.

In his predictably generous way, he’s done this for his readers so they can find their own success.

For that, I and many, are very thankful.

Lida Rios

You know Charlie that I paid the rich boy guru $47.00 Dollars for a program that supposed to teach me what you teach me free? and till today I have not learn anything from his program, because he want more money before get in to the real program, that’s an scam.

Dwight Anthony

Great breakdown of a solo ad Charlie, I really learned alot. In fact, I need to take you up your 15 minute consult sometime so that I can write my own profitable ad.

Dwight Anthony
Financially Elite Blog dot Com

Georges Teissier

Thanks Charlie.

This is really POWERFUL!!! I will apply this method from now on…

Thanks for sharing with us.


Awesome step by step advice Charlie
Best practices remain (as always) your middle name.

Great post and copy writing lesson, thank you from Australia.
Cheers mate

Joan Harrington

Hey Charlie just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this article and want to share it ūüôā I am always willing to learn how to do anything better! Thank you!


Thank you Charlie….and you ARE SOOOOO right…solo ads done correctly…simply cannot be beat for time invested and cost vs R.O.I…..

Thanks for keepin it real


Charlie Page,
Never heard your name until today, and I’m so sorry. I appreciate your clarity and that “to the point” approach. Like many others, funds are in short supply right now, but thanks to your instructions, I intend to change that real soon.

Thank you for being willing to share. The way you walk me through the exercise, and the explanations you give are … well, I hardly know what to say. To say I’m in awe would be an understatement. To say you do what almost no one else does would be redundant.

Keep up this kind of work and instruction.


Jim Smith

I have been looking for this kind of information for three years.
I think I will start making money now.

Troy Boydston

Hi Charlie,
I have been working online for about three years now…..or at least trying to. I knew sooner or later I would find the tool(s) I really need to be successful….today I found it…..DOE!. Which I signed up for today…..thank you for your articles, knowledge, and your willingness to help others (like me). Thank you, Troy Boydston

Kathy Williams

I’ve just become a member of the DOE and am starting to use Solo Ads. I could use all the information like this I can get. It was wonderful!

Thanks again,

Graham Massey

Hi Charlie,
Great article covering what we need in easy to follow steps. As I was reading through the article i could see how it could be used for my own solo ads. I have not tried solo ads as yet, but all ezcuses are gone now.
Thanks again.


This is a great article. It brings me inspiration to try and do some things – for example, translating few of those concepts to websites that promote real products. I know the the “fear of loss” works great on my when considering offers for generating money. I wounder if it can also work for real products.

Clive Sabin

This is really useful and helpful information Charlie and emphasises the point that writing really good articles that make people want to take action is as important, or even more important than where you place it, even if it is in the most popular ezine with a huge audience.
Thanks Again

Michael Smith

Thanks Charlie,
This was a fantastic article. I really learned how to build a Solo-Ad.



Once again you show everyone why you are the best. No one out here gives more of himself than you. My 20 free solo’s do well. Now they are going to kick butt.

Many, many thanks


Linda Sophia Clark

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for all the info on writing ads very useful, I would love to sign up !!
Have been taken to the cleaners so many times on things that are supposed to work
and do not !! that I am scared to invest that money untill I am sure it will work or can be done… I have no website and no product !! so what can be done ?? can I use an affiliate site and go from there and what is the best to promote??.
as you can tell I am very unsure ( I am scam scared!!) for sure.
But from what I have read about sound legit !!…


    My advice in these situations is always the same. Never spend money online until you are 100% certain you can trust who you are buying from and you will fully use what you buy.

    And realize too that there are no magic methods or “secrets”. It simply takes learning the skills needed and sticking with a thing long enough to find success.


Kevin Perkins

Quality information as always Charlie. Thanks for all the value you provide for free. I enjoy getting your emails because you really care about helping people succeed online with your videos and messages.


After reading this, Charlie, I think I will give the internet 1 more go. I have a product website that does well, but would like to get some info material type going

Tony Profit

Hey Charlie!
Long time no see… I am glad a visited again…

AS ALWAYS, your posts are knock em out the park GREAT!

Love your articles… VERY EDUCATIONAL!

My Goal is to Assist you To Reach Yours!‚ĄĘ

Hamant Keval

Hello Charlie

You are an absolute genius when it comes to copy writing and solo ads.

I joined the lifetime membership some time ago and really only just getting started with it.
Previously I was always a paid traffic guy but from all that I have seen – It’s definately something that I must make use of a lot more and I will most definitely look at the Live Membership in the future since I am a super dunce when it comes to creating copy

Many thanks for that article – and the real insights on the psychology of the way you write a solo ad and the motivation behind it.

Thank you


John Langston

Hi Charlie.

Many thanks for that excellent article, and how to write a great solo ad.
Hope to make good use of the information very soon.

Like your membership site, but no money coming in, so no money going out!!
Wasted too much money on products that haven’t worked??


Ivy Wong

Dear Charlie,

I am very impressed with your Solo Ad writing skill. I am a newbie too, who is trying to enter into this lucrative business – Internet Marketing. I would very much like to engage your service as I know this will get me faster on track. As I am having some financial problem, I will when I am really able to afford. Any way thank very much for your advice.

Ivy Wong form Malaysia

Tim Pond

Sage advice, thank you!
Solo ads can be very powerful when you find the right ezine and its subscribers.

Thank you,

Wayne Hansen

Awsome, Awsome, Awsome!
I did not know this science until now and I understand the power behind emotional peaks and how important it is to provide the link at this precise point. Im going to live by this blueprint and put this great knowledge to good use. Thanks a lot charlie I truely appreciate this. And…

P.S. I just want to let you know that I plan on signing on with you ASAP…
Im taking a lot in right now and im working hard on everything and the only reason I havnt signed on yet is because I dont want to get things too confusing and get overwhelmed with information overload. But I definately look forward to our business venture together. You’ll be seeing me soon. Thanks once again!

Wayne Hansen

Beatrice Johnston

Charlie, This makes for great content for a sales page as well. It can be as short or as long as we want. Thanks for sharing, this is a great resource!



Solo ads are extremely powerful way to get traffic; I used them extensively when I first got started online.

This was a nice reminder that I should be using them more often; thanks for sharing one of your most successful ones with us; lots of good points to consider when I write my next ad!

Brian T. Edmondson


Thanks for the great info. For sure this sort of analyis is hard to come by.

Much appreciated.


Marilyn Broomer

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the above with respect to SOLO ads…I will consider doing this to sell my breast cancer book! It appears that people are taking the FREE Report but not purchasing the book! I believe I should be advertising the book first and let them find the free report! I believe I can easily use your solo and make it work for my book. Thanks a great deal, you do give a whole lot in the Lifetime Membership, I am happy to have signed up a year ago, all the best!

douglas ross taylor

I like all your emails and vidoes and may join someday when I get a little more worldly and wise and wealthy. I’m just starting out and there is so mutch to learn I do not know in which direction to go. As you say it’s very overwelming and frustrating. thank you.
p.s. keep up the good work and have a good one.


As always excellant delivery and thank you for it, I’ll implement it right away!


Thanks Charlie , this is great article i really like your step by step
breakdown of how each part article worked . these steps give me
a template and structure to follow wile learning, practicing and earning
my copy-writing skills .
I really thank you Charlie for all the great info
you share with us with the doe .

thanks again!!

send us more !!

That Dog Guy

Thanks Charlie,
I’ve been a DOE member for a while now and I have really come to appreciate
how well you deliver on your claims to help others in their journey to do what they
have a passion for. Thanks for taking what some so called “Gurus” often make complicated and confusing, and laying it out in a simple yet sensible manner.


Hi Charles,

I really enjoyed this article, I Am a huge fan of solo ads and this really helped allot. That free ebook is really really good, thanks for that as well.

Eruwan Gerry

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the great breakdown of how to create a great solo ad.

I guess it really ties in to your copywriting skills. The better your copywriting skills, the better your solo ad.

Thanks again for this great sharing.

Best regards.

-eruwan gerry

Howard Piesik

Hi, Charlie
First of all I would like to thank you, for the first part, of this post. I’m really tired
of seeing all of these new, Clickbank how to’s, streaming 3/4 of the adds showing there Paypal and Clickbank accounts.To me that’s like saying Hey look at me, I work at the local grocery store. And just look at my bank account. from my pay checks. (personally, I’d bet if you did showed yours Charlie, (I’m glad you don’t) That it would be (none made up) and put theres to shame!)
And now for my take on the main point of this artical, I love how you break it down. I really didn’t know that there were in fact 6 points, that got me to join DOE. LOL.
Many Thanks Again, Charlie

Ramon Polo

Great article, Charlie!

My school recommend me to you to learn about ads, and this is powerful stuff.
I didn’t have idea about how to write and ad, but now I have the ads perfectly structured thanks you.

– Ramon Polo.

Andreas the Greenleaf

Great post Charlie!
I’ve been digging into copy writing lately and your article is gold to me.
I presume this anatomy would work for email marketing as well.

jim colston

Thanks Charlie for the step by step breakdown of the solo ads. very much appreciated.


Thank you Charly,
I will use it to help piano student get more value
from Mastering Piano Now blog.
What I love about it is that it directs attention of
the reader to the benefits. And that good for the reader.
Thank you.

Wayne Cooper

Hi Charlie

Thanks for such great information. I have learned a lot today and will soon implement this knowledge.


ray aires

Charlie you are one of the internet’s treasures
Thank you


Thanks Charlie. I have already purchased your product and was about to send out my first solo ad. This will help me fine tune it before I send it.

Aerion Miles

Hey Charlie, strong information. One question, do you also incorporate shorter solo ads? I seem to have a better response with shorter ads as far as getting clicks to my squeeze page. This ad seems to be a bit long (something I would use in an autoresponder) although you said it worked, which I don’t doubt, but just wondering from your experience if short solo ads work for you? Thanks for your time……Aerion


    Great point. I use short copy often. Next week I will have an article on this point. In this article I used long copy to illustrate a point.

    Both long and short copy work well in my recent testing.


Marketing Minds

You really out did yourself with this post. I’m currently a member of the DOE, and still found this extremely helpful. It’s a rare occasion to see someone actually share a real life case study.

If you are not a member of the DOE, then what are you waiting for.

Thanks Charlie

Wedding Videographer

Thanks Charlie, I love the stuff I’m learning from you. I’ve already become inspired to write my first solo ad!



Oh Clarlie many thanks for everything, this will really speed up my success
in this type of marketing!!!Thank you once again and I look forward to working with you!
Best regards to you, and cheers to your success.



Thanks for sharing them wealth! These tools are far more precious than gold and the great thing is that they are coming from the best of the best! ūüėČ


Jaron ūüėČ

James Gedin

Every body talk about the headlines of the ads, but no one speaks about the emotional & other key part of the ads.

Thanks Charlie,

Leon Edward

Thanks Again Charlie for the step by step breakdown behind why you have a midas touch in solo ads.


charlie you have done great. i like explanation and am excited every time i see your new article or videos it helps alot to explain more keys to succeed online and it tells the truth about every thing . am looking forward to join D.O.E soon . thanks.


Always appreciate your gifts Charlie. We can see now how and why Solo Ads are
so important for success in the Affiliate Marketing business.
Thanks again

Martin P Kerrigan

Very useful information as usual Charlie. I am a member of DOE and consider it one of the best investments in online marketing I have ever made. You care. You show you care and you give freely. You are a wonderful example in ethical online marketing. Thankyou Charlie.


Charlie ,as usual you offer expert information.
Thank you for an inspired article.It gave me a lot of knowledge regarding writing
successful ads

Connie L. Drumgold

The clarity and focus of your advisements are so well tailored it makes my membership in the DOE an absolute pleasure. I have been focused on marketing through my affiliate relaitonship with Clickbank trying to make some progress through several packaged relationships to monetize my effort. I plan to use the affiliate relationship I enjoy with the DOE to propell these efforts as well I will use this information as I develop my marketing campaigns. Because of budget constraints, my priority right now is to bring as much “free” traffice as I can to the effort!
I am due an infusion of capital which I will direct into Vic’s-48 Hour Cash Machine marketed through the DOE and its captured subscribers. I will use the SOLO add outline you have presented in those efforts for sure.
I am participating in a series of webinars trying to learn the fine points of this awsome marketing challenge.
Thanks Mr. Page!

A Newbie trying to find his way

Craig Stringham

Hello Charlie,
I have been a follow of yours for a while now and I have to say that your help has benefited me and others tremendously. As always it does not matter if one gets the golden nuggets of Internet Marketing if they do not use them. But I would like to give a vote of thanks for those of us that put these tactics to use and have them working for us.Your information is helpful to those that do so please keep up the good work.


very clear and to the point presentation! thank you.

Seng Sotharith

Hi Mr. Charlies Page, Thanks so much for your guide. I read it in detail, but now I can not available to pay for your service.


    We will be here when the time is right for you.


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richard flynn

Thanks Charlie, I could feel the emotion as I was reading your text, and explination of how it works.


Charlie, fabulous information, thank you for stepping us through the process. Valuable, will definitely use your formula.


Actually you are very right ,most money making courses and ebooks have only told me how long my ad should be but they never say how to write. This was a very helphul tip. thank you so much

Jerry@Persuasive Writing

I’ve been looking for info like this for sometime, and you know what?…you just can’t find it!

I’m planning on amping up my solo ad placements in the near future, and will be back here over and over again when writing my ads.

Thanks a lot Charlie,

Willie Crawford

Nice Job Charlie.

A lot of people are using outdated models for solo ads, so
they get dismal results. Thank’s for sharing what actually
works now.


Don Monteith

Thanks, Charlie…

Nice job explaining the copywriting experts methods.
Appreciate your gift and willingness to share.

Best regards,

Don Monteith

P.S. BTW… coming to JValert in Orlando next week?



    Thank you for your kind words. Sorry I won’t be seeing you in Florida but hope you make some great connections!



This is Gold !

Carolyn Skipper

I am a TOTAL NEWBIE!! I know Jack… about affiliate marketing. I have been interested in it for a long time, but put off getting into it because it seemed to involve so much cost and talent. First of all, I am not well financially endowed – that is the biggest drawback. I know Jack… about writing an article. I still don’t know a lot, but thanks to this article, I know a lot more than I did and I would like to thank Mr. Page for his very helpful article. It has given me a starting point for my affiliate marketing ads. At least now I know where the beginning, middle and end is. Thanx Mr. Page!

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