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After over 15 years online and working with thousands of members I’m often asked “what does it really take to succeed online?”

While you might expect me to say “become a member of the Directory of Ezines” or “buy my Driving Traffic course” I’m not going to do that.

The reason I’m not going to do that is that these products, like most products, are only tools you can use to succeed.

They are PART of the answer, not the entire answer.

So what is the entire answer?

To my way of thinking there are five things you MUST have to succeed online.

And by succeed, I don’t mean “make $5000 this week with no experience” or some other silly claim. If you have been around very long you know that the hyped up stuff just does not work.

What I DO mean is the ability to sell products and make a full-time income (or better) using the Internet.

And I DO mean doing that in an automated way that creates free time so you can enjoy your success.

I’ve helped MANY people achieve that dream and used the principles you find below to do it.

I hope you like what you read. As you will see, it all spells APPLE – hence my APPLE system!


No matter what you sell online, and ultimately we all sell something, you will need to advertise. While there will always be new and “cool” ways to advertise, the key to real success is sticking to the basics and doing those very well.

So what are the basics?

  • Know how to write a great ad or find a great copywriter
  • Know how to place ads on the right websites – and do that strategically
  • Know how to use email marketing
  • Know how to build a mailing list of your own so you can advertise free anytime you want to

If you master those methods you will build a powerful foundation for success, and then you can experiment with things that might work.

Starting with what is proven to work is the best path to a successful start online. Leave the experimenting to those who can afford to lose money.


You’ve got to have the right product to succeed online. So what is the “right” product?

It could be anything from A to Z, but it will have these characteristics if you want long term success.

  • Something people want
  • Something people can afford to buy
  • Something well suited to being bought online
  • Something that makes customers happy so they appreciate your recommendation
  • Something that sets the stage for further sales without torturing the customer with endless “one time offers” and upsells

That’s really all there is to it. One modifier is this, it has to be something a LARGE group of people want or you will suffer from too much competition, lower profits and will work much too hard for every sale.

Even if you are doing what some people call “niche marketing” your niche MUST be large enough to provide sales every day.

The reason things like apartment buildings are not sold online (they are advertised but not closed) is that the people must be there to sign the documents. That extra step is to be avoided if possible if you want a truly automated online business.

If your product can be delivered digitally so much the better. Membership sites, information products, and products like MP3 files are wildly popular to sell online because the delivery of them can be fully automated.


Of course, people must be able to afford what you sell and must be able to buy it online if you want a truly automated online business.

If your product carries a high price tag you will probably end up using the Internet for lead generation, and that’s fine but you won’t be able to fully automate your online business.

So what is the “right” price? There are four guidelines I use when choosing price points.

  1. Will the customer receive real value?
  2. Will MY prospects be able to afford it?
  3. Does it pay enough for me to cover marketing costs and be profitable?
  4. Is anyone undercutting the price on auction sites?

Notice point 2 – YOUR prospects will have a price point profile. You must know what they are LIKELY to spend before advertising to them.

People forget that their commissions need to cover marketing costs AND pay them a profit. It’s a vital distinction.

Spending $100 and making $150 in sales often means you have actually lost money

And always, you must deliver real value.


Now we come to the holy grail of online marketing -traffic. There is so much hype about this that it makes one want to scream “stop– I want to get off the train!”Copyright © Charlie Page

But we can’t stop and get off, so we must try and understand.

There are only two sources of traffic:

  1. Free traffic
  2. Paid traffic

I’ve written about this at some length in my Quick Course on Driving Traffic. Feel free to check it out. It’s totally free and has been helpful to many.


Here’s something not enough people talk about, and fewer do. When a person is starting online, or taking the next step up the ladder of success online, they sometimes need someone to talk to who has been there and will show them the way.

Of course, this is the PREMISE of every book, teleseminar, information product and membership website out there.

But do they really deliver?

Have you had this experience? You buy a book you think is going to help you understand a topic and end up MORE confused after you read the book than before you started?

I have– and I’ll bet you have too.

The fact is, you need encouragement. You might not need a “mentor” or “guru” or “coach” but you DO need someone REAL, with real experience who will help you when you get stuck.

I’ve been doing that for years by answering my own email (a practice I’m roundly criticized for – by hey, it’s my choice) and giving world class customer support at all my sites.

Sure, it takes time but PEOPLE are what matter most, not profits.

If you don’t have someone to ask you can ask me using the ASK Charlie part of this blog. I will be happy to help if I can. I have some articles that might help you stay up as well and you can find them here.

We really do get what we think about, so be sure to infuse your mind with faith-filled thoughts every day. One of my favorite exercises is to literally list what I fear and replace that fear with faith-filled thinking.

If you keep your thoughts and words filled with the positive, regardless of what you see or feel, time will become your ally.

So there you have my APPLE formula. The key is really this– focus on the BASICS and master them and you will never need to fiddle around with all the new and unproven marketing techniques that seem to pop up every day.

You might want to try them for fun after you master what is proven  —  but by then your time will be your own, you will have money in the bank, and every day when you wake up you will see orders instead of offers in your inbox.

And THAT is a beautiful thing indeed!



Copyright © Charlie Page


Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Alan Jarrett

After literally more than a decade of spending ridiculous amounts of money on programs touted to be the answer to making money online, Charlie Page has risen to the surface. Like that cream we used to see on top of real milk. Well, Charlie is the “real deal!”

It’s a challenge to find something to say that’s original about Charlie, because so many have already said it. What a testimony to those who may be hearing, reading or having their first experience with D.O.E, Master Membership, or any of the other programs created by Charlie.

After just a few weeks as a new member, my first ever Mini Course is nearly complete. It is safe to say that I am closer than ever to finally seeing sustainable success on the Internet because of the experience and passion all the programs include. For the first time it all seems to be clicking. This is a perfect point to say at the young age of 71, it’s never too late!

For those who may be hesitating, you need look no farther than Charlie Page.


    Charlie Page


    I am more than honored by your kind words. It makes me so happy to see your progress. Keep up the good work!


Ken Pringle

Great APPLE system, Charlie.
I particularly liked PRICING.
That is an issue for many.

thank you,

Rodney O'Brien

Mr. Page I have a question about list building,when you have acquired subscribers what are the best ways to service them. In other words what type of information should I send to them.

    Charlie Page

    Hi Rodney,

    That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. It is always a good idea to send subscribers helpful information, but if you are wanting to sell a particular product then there is a different process.


Gehan Wijesinghe

Dear Mr. Page,

I do not think I should be adding any more to all the praises others have showered on you ( very justifiably so) already. I am in the process of becoming a member of the TFP ( waiting till PayPal verify my card ). As a newbie, who has been a total failure in the search for online marketing success, thus far, I am very uncertain about selecting ( actually from where to find good, quality products) a few decent products which would fit the criteria you have outlined. Also the fact that you have harped on another important requirement, where one should not try to sell what one has does not own/ purchased and used, bothers me. It would be very hard to own all affiliate products before I could promote them. This seems like a hurdle. These thoughts keep pulling me back and I am confused. But I am confident that I could find some solutions in the tested, no nonsense, tools you have introduced. Keep up the good work. May God bless you Charlie.
Gehan Wijesinghe/Sri Lanka

Barry Selk

You hit the problem that I have trouble understanding:

“… it has to be something a LARGE group of people want or you will suffer from too much competition, lower profits and will work much too hard for every sale.”

Now another marketer I watch says that you need to find a sub niche that has lower competition in a market, so you can make more sales with less competition, that was a year or two ago.

So anyway that’s why I signed on to Total Systems to learn and ask questions to an expert, which I feel is one of the best around. There’s got to be a way to recognize which direction to use and a plan on how to go about it. That’s my mystery I haven’t learned yet.
Another great post!

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Barry!

Daniel P. Warren

Charlie i have been a fan since i first bumped into your name, almost a year now, i just want to say mate, you are impressive, i love your class and style, and if the rest of the internet marketers out there had half your class the net would not be such a voracious shark pool. I know i have received much benifit from your wise counsel, so i am very happy that many others get to share your wisdom as well, thanks mate and keep up the good work.
Daniel P. Warren

Zama Zincume

Simplicity is indeed a virtue Charlie. Your article makes life easier for some of us who are bombarded with unnecessary information.

Graham Massey

Hi Charlie,
More solid gold information that is so simple anyone could follow it. I always find your articles both useful and informative.
Still on the fence with regards to Follow up Selling Systems but it looks like that is the way to go.
look forward to speaking with you soon.

Graham Massey


Thank you Charlie – your words are corresponding to my thoughts in these days… Encouragement, being in touch with ‘real people’ is so important as we are not only human beings able to write and read and think.
There are much more ways of ‘communication’ like voice, posture, gestures… which can be motivating and inspiring.

Wonderful article! A pleasure to read it and apply what you are saying 🙂

Chery Schmidt

Hi Charlie,
You really hit on some great points here, I always enjoy your technique in writing “Love the Apple System”
Taking action is a Huge mistake many Entrepreneurs have. We Train , buy info products, attend webinars and events.
We have notebooks full of notes and that’s where they stay. I guess this could come under the E- Encouragement Thanks for sharing
Chery 🙂
Love What You Do & Do What You Love

Deborah Schultz

Your advice is always right on and always very welcome. You simply point out what to do and how to do it and it works because of the simplicity. So many times we think that things have to be complicated, and they don’t. Thank you again for well delivered and simple advice.

Brian Jones

Thanks Charlie.
Sincere words as usual & much appreciated.
I am a DOE member


    Charlie Page

    Thanks for being a member. I love working with my DOE members!

Peter Phillips

Thanks Charlie,

This stuff is so good I’ve added it as a post on my blog so I don’t forget it.
(with due accreditation to you of course)

    Charlie Page

    Thanks for doing that. A link from your site to the article would be excellent as well. Probably better in order to avoid duplicate content. Thanks again.

janne buckley

Hello Charlie
I want to thank you for being so frank and honest. I hope that more people will see and understand the way you do things. And your blog is priceless thank you so mutch and may your god be whith you
My best
Janne Buckley


Charlie, just gold nuggets every time.

I remember when you bought the directory from Ruth
and I’ve been so happy to see not only what you’ve done with
DOE but in how you are teaching and delivering value.

    Charlie Page

    I doubt she would recognize it today. Even more so if she was able to see the new version we are releasing next. It’s totally different and I believe you will find it even more helpful. Thanks for being a member for so long and for your kind words.

scott jones

Charlie, Thanks once again for a great article. I am so glad I created a inbox of Charlie Page. I have been following for you some time now. In fact I don’t believe I ever miss an email of yours.Why? You Speak the Truth and nothing but the Truth!!! Thanks for being an inspirational influence!!! Scott M. Jones

William Snowden

I am on the fence about getting your Freedom Marketing Method I dont have a product to promote so I am kinda skeptical about buying.I need a system that has everything in a place every time a buy a product I am only getting either half the system or its formated in a way I dont understand the question I am asking is this system good for a newbie with no product or expeirence to use and get started with I am just tired of systems that dont work and full of fluff.

    Charlie Page

    I can understand the frustration. Follow Up Selling Systems does have everything in place to help you do the work but we are not one of those “we do it all for you” sites. We do build a host squeeze pages and provide pre-written email series because those seem to be the hardest tasks to get done for most people. So, if you want a site that teaches you how to build a real business and supports you in that objective then Follow Up Selling Systems is probably a good fit. If you want a site where you plug in some information and the work is done for you then we are not a good fit. Don’t get me wrong – I want your business but only if it’s right for you and would be profitable.

    I have four videos on the site explaining why a site like Follow Up Selling Systems is important and one video actually showing a tour of the members area. I did that so that everyone who bought Follow Up Selling Systems would know exactly what they are getting. Please take a look at them if you have time.




Hello Charlie,

This is really good information. You always share good stuff and this “APPLE” formula express some simplicity of this business;especially the LEAD—Yes I agree that there are only two kinds of traffic and how you go about getting make the difference. But it’s not difficult. Thanks again charlie and keep it coming.

Be Bless,


dave ailts

Hi Charlie

Imone of those old coots who never had an interest in computers until i retired. Ive been reading your posts for the last couple of years now. I am a menber of the directory of ezines. After buying a couple of bogus products i get more email offer than you can shake a stick at.. I just wanted to tell you that you are THE most honest and giving person out there and believe me ive seen alot of them.. Thanks for all the great info and down to earth writing. Keep up the great work. Your the best..


Seng Sotharith

Hello Charlie,

Thank you once again for your article. I learn a lot from you.
I am ready to be a member of DOE in the future.

Best regards,

Seng Sotharith

Tom Rett

Thanks Charlie. I hope to be talking to you soon!

Tony Marino

Love it Charlie! Be blessed, Tony

Simon Malcolm

Thank you Charlie – this article is why I look forward to every email I receive from you.

Mark M

Thanks Charlie, Great stuff as usual. Much appreciated.

David Miller

Hi Charlie! I like your statement, “when you wake up you will see orders instead of offers in your inbox.” I look forward to that day! If everything was working properly in my business I suppose the appetite for new offers, products, and stategies would be gone for good. At least they would surely take the back seat.

Steen P

Hi Charlie
If you were starting out today – what digital product would you choose?

I think that is one of the most difficult answers in starting up.

Where can I find:
What is super popular right now
– to the right price
´-the “whole” world want

Kind regards

Steen P

    Charlie Page

    Your criteria and mine are a bit different. If I were starting out I would not consider popularity but rather consider quality. I would not consider market size as much as the enthusiasm the niche has for the type of product I would promote. Once I chose my niche and product I would begin educating the market with articles, a blog, videos, social media and by answering questions.

    So I would never look at things like Clickbank gravity but rather focus on whether the product is good, meets the needs of the market, pays enough to support me and if it sets the stage for the next sale.

    Hope this helps.



thanks charlie, keep telling the truth man!

Lalitha Brahma

I really like the APPLE formula. It does work. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Dwight Anthony

Thanks Charlie, really good stuff. If there were more people starting off with this system, people would see results much faster. This is a great start, I’ll have to document the APPLE system as it’s an easy way to remember how to become successfule and build wealth online.

Dwight Anthony
Financially Elite Blog . com


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