What Does Successful Marketing Look Like?

One of the problems with working on the Internet is that most of us do it in isolation.

Instead of the usual give-and-take of office conversation, we have email, a decidedly one-sided way to communicate.

Or social media, where the opinions can be quite loud but not necessarily based on actual experience.

Instead of the usual boss evaluating our progress and letting us know how we are performing (often in no uncertain terms) we are on our own - accountable only to ourselves.

Which is good and bad at the same time. 🙂

  • No boss looking over your shoulder is a good thing.
  • Having no one to ask questions of when you need help is not.

While working on your own in an Internet business can be incredibly rewarding, it can be lonely and frustrating as well.

One of the big frustrations is NOT knowing what successful marketing looks like.

  • Do you really know how many visitors is good?
  • Do you really know how many first time visitors should buy your product?
  • Do you really know how much money is realistic to earn online for someone who is not Dan Kennedy or Yanik Silver or Frank Kern?

For many who are reading this now, the answer is ... 'not really'.

Not knowing what to expect, or if we are doing well or poorly, can lead to real frustration and more isolation.

Here is my opinion based on 18+ years of experience.

I believe that any person of average intelligence who works 4 hours a day at their online business, and follows a proven marketing plan, should be able to earn around $5000 per month almost completely automatically within 6 months of starting.

I know that is a bold statement but it is also completely supportable.

To be clear about it ... not $5000 in a month but $5000 a month almost EVERY month.

And that income should only grow from there.

Can anyone guarantee this will happen? NO.

But I have helped many people get there and can tell you that the ones who did get there did three things very well. 

  1. They followed a proven plan. 
  2. They stuck with that plan, avoiding the tendency to go for the quick buck.
  3. They were NOT distracted by the shiny objects.

The more focused they were the faster their results came.

Having the somewhat unusual perspective of having worked online for many years, and having worked with many of the top online marketers, allow me to share with you what I feel online success looks like.

After all, when you know what the destination looks like it's much easier to plot a path and be aware of the signs of success along the way.


Why do people work online? Mostly it's to make money.

Some want a better work environment (home!) while others have lost their job and can't find another. So, for most, the goal is income.

If that describes you, and if you are just starting out, then you need to know a few things.

First, the idea of spending $40 and making $1000 on your first try is just not the real world. 

Spending your last $100 and expecting to "roll over" the profits just never works. You would be better off buying lottery tickets. (Please don't do that either)

But you SHOULD expect your advertising efforts to pay you back and make some profit so you can reinvest once you know how to drive and convert cold traffic.

That is a reasonable expectation most of the time.

No one wins every time when marketing online. But the winners should be more than the losers and the winners should be profitable enough to help you do more promotion.

As I mentioned before, I truly believe that person who is willing to work can build up to a $5000 per month income in about 6 months if they avoid the all-too-common mistake of losing their money to scammers and follow a proven marketing plan.

I'm hearing from far too many people who now have no money left to do real marketing because they fell victim to a get-rich-quick scheme.

What that is sad (I've been there too) it can be overcome so don't lose hope! 


The reasons to have a list of your own are many and are covered in other articles on this blog.

But let me give you perhaps the #1 reason to have a list of your own ...

... when you have a list of your own you have UNLIMITED FREE ADVERTISING anytime you want it. 

  • If you had a list of 10,000 people you could send a solo ad to them right now and would almost certainly make sales.
  • You could swap solo ads with another list owner and build your own list faster while still making sales.
  • And you would be a perfect prospect for someone to want to joint venture with you.

For these reasons and more, the successful marketing I have seen over the years puts a strong emphasis on list building.

If you follow a proven plan and use a great squeeze page you should be able to convert about 1/3 of all visitors into subscribers.

Some can convert more, some less.

The real key is to send all the traffic you generate, from all methods of marketing to your own squeeze page and not directly to a sales page.

If you use a pop out on exit you will convert even more as you offer those who were going to leave one more chance to see what you are offering.


Working online is very different from working offline.

When you work online you have a chance to create real freedom; both financial freedom and time freedom as well.

This is where following a proven plan is important.

If all of your marketing efforts are aimed at producing results while automating your marketing then time will become your ally.

Let me give you an example. The names are changed to protect members.


Joe sent about 1000 visitors to the sales letter of a "high gravity" product because he heard that is what works.

He made a few sales and actually created a small profit. Good for Joe.

But once those sales were made his ability to earn was over.

While a few sales might dribble in over time Joe received 99.9% of what he will ever receive quickly.

Joe used "one and done" marketing.


She took the time to have a squeeze page created (she used Clickfunnels?) and sent her roughly 1000 visitors to that page. 

About 300 of them opted in to her list, and some even bought immediately.

But because she had a follow up system in place (only 10 messages) she made more sales over time and surpassed Joe's results.

Plus, she now owns a list of 300 people who have raised their hands and said "yes, I want to hear from you!". 

If she handles that list right, if she nurtures them with high-quality content, and if she continues to send all traffic to her squeeze pages, she will build a real online business and be on track for the six-month goal we set together.

It won't surprise you that I feel Jane did the better job.

She made sales now, which is important, but she also is building her list and can sell people on that list many things over time and will never pay again to reach that group of interested prospects.


The odd thing about promoting products online is that sometimes your promotion hits and sometimes it misses.

We will all have hits and misses.

But generally speaking, the promotional methods that work for you once should continue to work for a very long time.

While it's true that specific tactics change, the basic ideas behind good marketing do not change.

  • Provide helpful information.
  • Meet people's needs.
  • Promote only great products.
  • And always treat people with respect.

The key to highly repeatable success in marketing is NOT to use every method under the sun and hope they all work in some magical way to create results.

The key is to use methods you understand and keep using them, refining your skill level as you go along.

That's what I did with article marketing.

The first article I ever wrote was ... weak. Now I can write better articles in much less time because I have written so many.

I believe the key here is to find marketing methods that you like and understand and then sharpen your skills along the way.

If you do that you will make time your ally and you will be stronger, and more independent, next month than you are this month.


In my view, trust is the most important asset one can have online.

There are certain marketers that are just almost impossible to believe.

They use hype to sell their quick-fix solutions, knowing that few, if any, buyers will actually benefit.

Then there are those that are so solid you just believe everything they say.

For me, Paul Myers is a good example of trust. 

Paul helped me tremendously when I started out online and I will never forget it. I've read his ezine for a dozen years and suggest you read it too.

I believe there are two major keys to building trust online.


Give out high-quality helpful information (whether you write it or not) with the singular goal of helping people.

Be it on your blog or in your ezine or follow up email series (or all three) aim to help people and they will reciprocate.

I've seen it happen for many many years now.


It's sad but true that so many of the emails and ads we see today are promoting products that are so hyped up that it becomes a turn-off.

If you are like me you want to scream when you hear that someone has "cracked the code" or that some super-secret video has been "leaked". Give me a break!

If you commit to only promoting top quality products I believe three things will happen for you.

  1. You will create happy buyers. And happy buyers become repeat buyers.
  2. You will keep more of what you earn as you see the refund rate for the products you promote plummet.
  3. You will build trust and gain credibility in the marketplace and with those on your list.

These are all very good things indeed.


Most of us have fallen prey to the "I don't understand how this works but it sounds SO good I have to try it" syndrome.

Slick sales letters and Hollywood-style sales videos convince us to take a chance on the latest three-click wonder even when we know deep down it sounds too good to be true.

After all, we can always get a refund, right?

Yes, but what about the WASTED TIME?

You can't get that back.

I'm sure you know by now that there is no magic bullet and that no one is going to force Google to do anything, much less send them "all the traffic they want."

I know that many people want someone to say "just do this" and then the money comes tumbling in. But that's not how business works online, or offline either.

While there are blueprints you can follow, and while there are real shortcuts you can take, the add-water-and-stir solution is a myth.

So the thing to do is to choose the thing that makes the most sense to you.

That might be solo ads, it might be building your own list, it might be pay per click or article marketing. Or something else like social media.

My advice is to make a list of possible ways you could market given your personal budget of time and money and then learn more about the one that seems most logical to you.

One important key is to choose something you enjoy. That might be blogging or it might be posting to Facebook.

Either can be wildly profitable when done well and constantly.


Creating a successful business online takes hard work, time and focus.

It does not take much money, however, and that's good news for most of us.

When I started as a member of the Directory of Ezines it was a real strain to pay the $40 fee. But we followed a good plan, worked hard and it worked out.

Less than 18 months later, I bought the company.

If you create a good plan and follow it you can expect three things in my view.

  1. An income that happens whether you work today or not.
  2. Growing confidence that you can try new things (promote products, launch products, new marketing methods) and have them work. Success breeds success.
  3. More freedom and peace of mind than you might now hope to achieve.

Working online is work, plain and simple. But unlike working offline, working online empowers you to build a real and sustainable business using nothing more than the sweat of your brow and the keyboard on your desk.

Working online can create both time and money freedom too.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page Signature

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Kyle Robinson

Charlie — Another great article that breeds real hope for those of us that are working diligently and focused to launch a successful online brand and business. Thank you again!

    Charlie Page

    Thank you Kyle. Sharing hope is my goal!

Brandon Cox

Sweet post, Charlie! I’ve been around the social media side of things for over a decade but have never really been into selling products until recently. This is extremely helpful! Opened a bunch of your links to do some more reading.

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Brandon!

Donovan Barrett Jr

Another great article Charlie


Is the click here button for the Freedom Mindmap above suppose to be clickable?

    Charlie Page

    I don’t recall a MindMap for this post.

    The image for the F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Marketing Method should be clickable and take you to the free information on Follow Up Selling Systems.

    We do make extensive use of mind maps inside the course.

    Was working when I checked it.


Rod Caceres


I can now buy one of your products. Which one would your recommend for me to start with?

I have a blog (startup blog), I have a couple months experience falling prey to scams and buying and buying programs… But experience nevertheless with creating squeeze pages, working with wordpress, emailing with AWeber, etc.

My biggest challenge is getting the Traffic, and for this reason I was thinking of getting the DOE.

But then again, maybe the Blog Blueprint is better…

I do not have a lot of time nor money to spend (after buying one of your products). I can make the time, actually, I am making it (waking at at 4 am each day to work on my stuff before heading off to my job).

But the money… that’s kind of limited now. But my strategy is I can invest this month one of your products, and then next month invest on Traffic generation sources or whatever is needed, little by little, month by month.

Thank you, I would love to hear your reply.


Rod Caceres

    Charlie Page

    Good question, thanks for asking. Please visit my support center at https://charliepage.com and enter a ticket outlining more of what you want to accomplish.

    Once I see that — support is more appropriate for that conversation than here — I can advise you.


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Hi there, I would like to subscribe for this
web site to obtain most up-to-date updates, thus where can i do it please

B.J. Henderson

I had a friend ask me about making money online today and how to get started with little to no money. I will definitely direct them to this article. To add…also having a mentor is great, but you have covered that in other articles. Nice post!!!

Vasiliy Neo

Great article, Charlie!
I like your plain simple straight forward style; Internet need more people like you, who provide value without any hype. Too much of it is just sickening. Thank you again!

Gehan Wijesinghe

Hi Charlie,
Hats off to the imparting of wonderfully beneficial wisdom, which you have gained over the years. As a follower of your advices, I have now given up on these flashy projects of maiking money online ( after having exhaused almost all what I had earmarked for online marketing effort), and com down to building a list of my own. Since, I belive that I have some ability to write ( have written a dozen of so blogs on Empower Network blog flatform) I beleive that this could be the way to go forwarde for me. But I am not sure. I do not know if I should need to blog in order to do marketing though articles. I do not know the subtle difference. I would be a member of your TFP soon ( a technical problem holds me back from making the payment and your support Hope is working on it, I believe). Can I do article marketing without a blog? May be the answers are in the TFP, and I have to be patient. Am I write?. Charlie, I have so many grey areas in this field, even after having read and read so many articles on this for the last two to three months. It is only now that I have settled down to earth and look for a sustainable marketing efforts, thanks to your inputs.

Read Full Article

Thanks for sharing your neat webpage.

Barry Selk

Charlie, another great post. Out of it I got 2 pieces of information:

  1. Thanks for the tip on Optimize Press, need to look at that.
  2. Exit Splash – I heard about this in 2010, but I never acted on it. I had the email for the video access back then, but guessed I didn’t quite know if I needed it then. It is definitely one the products I’ll use in the future!

This is a great example for reading all the emails from Charlie!


    Charlie Page

    Thank you Barry. Those are both tools I use every day. I will say that Optimize Press 2.0 has a pop out on exit built in so you might look at that before getting both. I love Exit Splash, but if using OP 2.0 you might not need it there.


Steve Marx

Great post Charlie, and I came back to finish it.
It’s really funny and interesting to see how people market to you
in your email. Like “your account will be terminated” or “need your updated PayPal acct to deliver your commissions”. I see all kinds of these and really, they are fishing…… I can only get a laugh and hope they learn to market properly and helpful to others.

Thanks for your helpful posts for all.

    Charlie Page

    You’re right — they are fishing for someone who will fall for their scams. Good for you not falling for that hype.


Suresh Bist

With all the Google updates happening, having your own list is a smart thing to do. Having said that, I have always found it easier to sell Clickbank products through a list, compared to Amazon products (cameras, guitars).

    Charlie Page

    I agree. Selling Amazon products is SO much more challenging than people make it out to be.


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Charles Holmes


Thanks for sharing your wisdom. It does boil down to building a list. I’ve spent most of my energy trying other things, but whenever I build a list, I am happy with the results. I will definitely bookmark this page.

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Patty Scheeler

Charlie, thanks so much for all you share. I always learn something from your posts. I have been a member of DOE for a couple of years now and love it. You are always very honest and straight forward with your content. I found that having an “accountability partner” has been one of the best methods for growing my business. We check in a couple of times a week with what is working, what’s not, I need help with, I am going to get this done kind of conversations. Thanks for your post!

Gwyndaf Jones

Hi Mr Page ~ I’d like to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2012
I am a DOE member and promote your affiliate links.

The information you provide is always worth reading ~ the content is excellent.

I would like your permission to use the article on my blog ~ I will not change the content and will provide your link ~ If this is acceptable ~ please let me know via the above e-mail
Thanks Again & Warmest Regards
Gwyndaf Jones

    Charlie Page

    That will be fine. Thank you for using the article and please do feel free to make the link in the resource box be your DOE affiliate link.


      Gwyndaf Jones

      Thanks ~ that’s very considerate of you

Paul Kaliher

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for another great article.

The basics always work, if you’re willing to do the work instead of looking for the next “instant money with no work” plan.

I would like to become an affiliate to promote your Directory of Ezines, and I would also like to post some of your articles, including this one, and your article on “focus”, on my blog at: http://www.myperfecthomebasedbusiness.com/blog/blog. Are you OK with being a “guest blogger”? How can I become an affiliate? I think the Directory of Ezines would help some of my readers who are trying to build a successful information products marketing business.

Thanks again Charlie.

Happy New Year.


    Charlie Page


    The affiliate center for Directory of Ezines is at http://directoryofezines.com/affiliates I would be happy for you to use a few of my articles as long as you don’t change them in any way and provide a link back to my site as well. If you want to use more than 2 or 3 articles please let me know.



cecil jackson

Great report charlie i hope i can get things up and running soon.

Nicholas Wind

Really great article Charlie.
It does take discipline just like my niche of fitness.
Get the head right….daily. I am almost full time Charlie at 56 and started 4 years ago and every day I must work on my mind set to start my day.
I like to impart discipline on myself daily with my fitness routine which I’ve started teaching online.
Imparting discipline from one area helps with discipline in other areas I find.

Mindset is critical. The mindset of being in a “program that works” is completely ignorant after about 2 days “REALLY” studying how internet marketing works.

Most people refuse to lose that old mindset that will forever keep them making no money.
Add lack of discipline to that and most fail.


Thank you Charlie. Looking forward to the NY 2012 to really make a difference, especially with you as a mentor.


J.R. @ Affiliate Video Blogging

Great article Charlie. I totally agree with everything you have said. Having an online business is work, but it’s better than roofing or going to an office even. : )

Kanute Fleming

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for this great article. I know that all of it is true, but I need a reminder every now and then. I look forward to your emails and blogposts – it’s always useful content there, so keep up your good work!


Peter S

Hi Charlie,
Happy New Year! All the best to you and your family.

Like many of your followers I am still trying to catch that wave for success on the internet.
Your emails and services have enabled me to focus on one project to completion without jumping to the next shinny object to get cash quick.
I spent enough on promises already, the common sense and measured approach you provide is the answer.
Thanks for being there for me and your list!

Nicki Goff

Another great article – thank you, Charlie. I’m a long time member of DOE, and always get valuable information from your emails and websites.

Scott Borras

Hi Charlie,

Its posts like yours that keep me from never giving up! I am also a member of the DOE and I think the advice you offer is a great help to people who want to become a wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Hi Charlie,

Its posts like this that keep people like me and others who are still trying to make it sane!! When we sometimes feel so frustrated that we want to give it all up, Your words and advice keep us going and give us the altitude NEVER TO GIVE UP!

Thanks for posts there always a pleasure to read.



Raymond Richard


I have read every email you have sent to me, I thank you for leading with helping people. I belive if you give great information and it helps build people business it will build trust, and when we build trust people listen to what we have to say. : http://www.mybwbsite.com/4627666

Michael McMahon

Hi Charlie.
Happy New Year and thanks for a down to earth article that gives us a realistic idea of the type of results we newbies can achieve and how to do it.
After all the hype from others, your approach and information is so refreshing and realistic.
Many thanks.


Great information as usual.It’s nice to get the nuts and bolts of internet marketing without all the hype.It’s not what a lot of people want to hear but its what they need to hear.Thanks for all you do for your list!

Melanie DeRoo

Thanks so much for your practical, believable, achievable advise. My biggest problem has been not knowing how to separate truth from hype when it comes to online marketing or which products will deliver the best service. Or the other problem has been that the information is completely “over my head” in terms of “techie language.” It’s embarrassing how much money I’ve wasted by my ignorance. Your advise and council has always been sound, completely void of hype, and written in understandable terms. I’m a big fan. Thanks again.


Excellent analysis of marketing principles. Those tried and tested methods that have always worked will continue to work because marketing involves people and most people aren’t totally stupid or naive. As for the “shiny objects/magic beans” stuff in the “make money online niche (several being launched as we speak) one only has to search the CB marketplace to see last year’s and the preceding years’ “shiny objects/magic beans” stuff with their zero gravity scores to see reality. Very few IM products stand the test of time and with so much quality tuition available online for free why bother with the time wasting ‘one trick ponies’ that gurus dream up? As for those lazy affiliates that send emails with CLICKBANK or PAYPAL as their email address together with juvenile one-liner content they deserve to drop into the SPAM folder.

Pete Moring

Hi Charlie – I always look forward to your E-mails.
They always bring Calm and Common-sense back into the equation 🙂

This was a good one for the start of another new year.

Cheers …. Pete.

Dr. Raphael Rettner

Dear Charlie:
A few weeks ago I wrote you and haven’t heard back. I asked what software you recommend to do an ezine on a Mac. I would love an answer. Thanks, be well, Dr Rettner

    Charlie Page

    I actually did reply at the time. Sorry you did not receive it. You don’t really need anything more than either Pages or Text Wrangler to create an ezine. Ezines are simply text that is transmitted via email. Depending on which autoresponder company you use you might not even need an app on your Mac as most better providers (like Aweber) provide newsletter templates you can use online.

    Hope this helps.


Mark M

Thank you very much Charlie, a good educational write up.

Lisa Zaslow


Great article! It’s so true that you don’t always know what to expect when you’re a newbie. It’s good to have some benchmarks to start off with.


Thanks for sharing so much insight into marketing for success. I’m new in this area of home business and marketing seems to be the tough part.

Frank Demming

Wow Charlie …great article.

I know first had that creating a business online is GREAT, however we all need to know that it will take work to be successful in this “game”

On of my mentors said it best …”the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary” …and that is so true.

Thanks for a great post …I am sure that it will help a plethora of people.

Continued success in 2012 Charlie.

Be good



Thank you Charlie!
Always great info from you. Everone should have you as a mentor.

Achmad Karno Widjaya

Hi Charlie,
Thank you, this is an enlightenment article for me that i must follow!
Best Regards,
Achmad K W

Wendy Owen

This totally makes sense, especially the part on promoting only quality products and treating your customers with courtesy. I have been online for a few years now and still not made $5000. I think I have been concentrating too much on adsense and other low income producing methods. 2012 is the year for change!

Thanks Charlie


Really good stuff Charlie, if you have never been ripped-off by those who claim quick riches you haven’t really been trying. Unless, you are lucky enough to have read Charlie’s blog posts or signed up for his newlstter from the get go.

Charles Lemon

Thanks Charlie,
Good stuff. Much needed to hear.


Great article. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to more.

Tanja Passin

I totally agree with you Charlie. Working online takes work and consistency. There is no magic formula but if you find a business mode you enjoy whether it be affiliating, reseller of a site, joining a home business… whatever it be, you MUST stick to it and market it consistently everyday. Use one or 2 marketing methods ( one paid and one free) and stick to it for 3 months before using another method. Get good at your chosen marketing methods and remember to market everyday. You’ll soon see results if you don’t give up. I find it’s best to get my marketing done everyday first thing before moving onto other things such as commenting, emails and so on.
It’s also best to just stick with one business model and get results before jumping from one business model after another hoping for a quick way to make cash as it doesn’t exist no matter what you do. http://webbusiness4beginners.com/home-business-ideas-that-work-to-make-you-money-from-home/

nicole collins

Thank for the great info, I will be looking for more to come!


Rodney Brazier

Definitely very well written and informative.Thank you again Charlie for taking the time to share some very important and useful information.

Chantal Ouellette

Thank’s for putting a number and a goal to look forward to with the 6-months-4-hours-a-day example!


Good solid stuff Charlie. As a D.O.E. member I appreciate your down to earth personal approach.

Carol Clifford

Hi Charlie,

Wonderful advice, as always. I actually admire your writing style as well and appreciate the way you project a solid, honest and stable approach through your selection of well phrased information which delivers the exact impact you want it to and when. I always appreciate solid advice better when it is well written.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Howard Mahere

Useful information. Thank you very much.

Larry pelley

Hi Charlie

I enjoyed you article above…as always.

take care


Thanks once again for the valuable information. You always give good, straightforward information that I can put to immediate use.

Success Without Limits,

Sela Tupou

Thank you Charlie, for so many articles. It’s absolutely true and I could’nt agree with you more. Isolation is my biggest problem, I found myself helpless at so many times, when I’ve needed help to answer for my questions, I could’nt get the right answer, or I would be directed to other site or issue a ticket and someone will get back to me, within 24-48 hrs, and so I would receive a message later on, directing me to another site where it only get more confusing and more frustrating, and so my problems is not solved yet up to now!

However, I am still trying and wont quit until I get results, thanks again!

Sela T.

Stephen Kemp

At the present time I am using postcards (Direct Mail) with a low return on my investment, What marketing method will most effective. We are a B2B type business.

Thanks, Long Time Member

Deborah Schultz

I believe the key point of this article is to pick a strategy that you are comfortable with and keep doing it until you succeed well. I have lost too much money on things that look good, but are out of my primary area of expertise, which is article marketing. Thanks again Charlie for well written advice that I know works!

Bob Hilsmeier

Thanks Charlie, your information is always so practicle that someone “uneducated” can understand.

Sue McDonald

Hi Charlie

Success online is what a lot of people are looking for but it does require action and knowledge. Some people experience a lot faster than others.

It is good not to have a boss, but you have to stay focused.

To YOUR success



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