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We will never forget them!

It’s Memorial Day here in the states. A day when we stop to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. They gave it all. Their very lives. What Abraham Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion”. There are few things I hate. War is one of them. Today we honor those […]

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This Customer Inspires Me

This Customer Inspires Me by Charlie Page

As I write this we have about 23,000 paying customers. That’s a lot of people, and I feel incredibly blessed to have earned their trust. If you are one of them, thank you. You mean more to me and my family than words alone can say. Over the years (about 14 as I write this) […]

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What Is Your Daily Routine?

I’ve been working on the idea of having a very set daily routine. Not one that becomes a prison but one that brings more balance to my life. In over 30 years of self-employement, one axiom has been proven true time and time again. Work will expand to fit the time available. It’s true – […]

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Too Many Ideas?

Too Many Ideas by Charlie Page

I don’t know about you but I am an idea guy. It seems I am always coming up with something new we can do at our company. We could write an article. We could write a book. We could create a product. We could create a membership site. We could create a new blog. The […]

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Eagles Are Never Confused

Eagles Are Never Confused by Charlie Page

Humans are complicated things. We have some unique qualities that make us human. Our brains are amazing. More amazing than we know. Our hands are flexible and have a powerful grip. Humans can extend their thumbs to touch their pinky finger; animals (even those with opposable thumbs) can’t. Humans wear clothes (most of us!) and we blush. Both […]

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Get More YES In Your Life

Get More Yes In Your Life by Charlie Page

It’s ironic but true that getting more “yes” in your life comes from knowing when, and how to say “no”. But saying no is hard. We want things. New things look so shiny and fun. It’s exciting to be brimming with the enthusiasm that this purchase is the one that will take us to the next level. […]

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The One Thing You Can Control

Do you ever feel out of control? Like circumstances or other people or life itself is forcing you in directions you just did not want to take? If you answered yes, I can relate. I’ve been there myself. It’s all too easy to feel out of control. Today I want to share with you how […]

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The Four Vital Skills

When it comes to building a real online business, and making money from that business, there are often more questions than answers. What should I do first? What niche should I enter? What product should I promote? These are good questions, and each needs an answer. But there is a vital factor that many people […]

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