Thank You Veterans

Today is Veteran's Day in the US.

Today is the day we all take a moment to turn our attention to the veterans, the brave men and women who risked life and limb to keep us free and safe.

We thank those we can thank.

We remember those who are no longer with us.

Having an official holiday is good. But I believe we can do more.

I believe that EVERY day should be Veteran's Day.

After all, without the sacrifice of these brave souls, we would not have our freedom.

And freedom is a powerful gift indeed.

Think about these freedoms for a moment ...

  • We are free to vote
  • We are free to speak our mind
  • We are free to choose how we live
  • We are free to choose where we live
  • We are free to dissent
  • We are free to worship as we choose
  • We are free to assemble and peacefully protest when we don't like how things are going
  • We are free to work and earn a living, even open a business if we so choose

All of these freedoms came with a price.

The men and women who fought, bled and died did not want to fight. They did not want to suffer.

They did not want to feel the fear that all feel in the moment of battle.

Yet they pushed past the fear and served. 

And, get the depth of this please, they volunteered for this duty.

They volunteered to risk it all (quite literally) for you and me. 

For that -- for their bravery and dedication -- for a free country that does not want to fight but will not run from one either, I am eternally grateful.

Not just on Veteran's Day but rather every day of the year.

Every day I breathe free air I am grateful to those who serve.

Join me today in thanking our veterans.

Join me in saluting their dedication, their bravery.

And join me today in thanking them for the many freedoms we enjoy.

Thank you veterans -- YOU made my freedom possible.

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Nandi Reply

Thank you Charlie Page for your gratitude for the veterans. Your words are emotional and powerful and I agree with you. We wear a poppy, which the money goes for the veterans, also have church services on this Remembrance day.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for remembering them too.


John Antaya Reply

Mr. Page

I really appreciate your patronage to those who have served in the armed forces. Even though I was born in another country but also grew up in the U.S. of A. through the summer and am still proud of that fact. I also served here in Canada and realize that this is North American and both countries are really home to the brave. It is so unfortunate that so many gave their lives for our freedom both the U.S. and Canadian troops and that a lot of people really take this Freedom for granted. I’ve often wondered how many generations of people were never born because of soldiers who lost our lives for this Freedom in both countries that we are both proud of.

God Bless and Take care

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi John,

    I agree that many of us take far too much for granted. Being grateful every day is one key to a happy life.

    Thank you for your service in the cause of freedom!


Jim Reply

I appreciate your gratitude, Charlie. It was 43 years ago today I left my hometown of Dunkirk, New York to get on a plane from out of Buffalo to Texas for my first day of training in the USAF. It still seems like not that long ago.
But it makes me smile that the nation recognizes us on this day. And I want to tell you, Charlie, that I look up to you on a very high pedestal for all you do for this world.
We, as military members protect the nation and other friendly nations. But, you, my friend, move the world forward with personal and financial freedoms. And for this, I thank you very, very much.
Keep up the good work. The world needs more people like you.

You are irreplaceable,

Jim Arnold.

    Charlie Page Reply


    Thank you for the very kind words. And thank you for your service to our wonderful country. My brother was in the Air Force so very long ago and he loved it.

    You are on the pedestal, my friend. You answered the call.


Bob Reply

‘Their names liveth for ever’

Bob UK

Peter Reply

Charlie, I respect all veterans who fought for us – yes, I did have my moment at 11 am in a dollar store with other patrons who respected the moment. it was an awesome moment I will always remember. Have great days ahead of you!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for sharing Peter.


Mark M Reply

Hi Charlie, we also have a day for remembering all the people that fort in the wars to
keep us free and safe in Australia. It’s on 11th of the 11th every year. We call it
Remembrance Day. We also pin on poppies on and the money goes to the soldiers who fort
for us in many wars. We also recite the below in Australia.

“They Shall Grow Not Old As We That Are Left Grow Old
Age Shall Not Weary Them Nor The Years Condemn
At The Going Down Of The Sun We Shall Remember Them
We Shall Remember Them.”

Mark M

    Charlie Page Reply

    That’s a beautiful statement. Many countries have days of remembrance like your country and mine, and I believe it’s a good thing.

    Thanks Mark,


Robert Halcomb Reply

Thank you Charlie for the tribute to us veterans. I had a free breakfast today at Denny’s, a free lunch at the Carrollton Senior Center and will have a free dinner at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner in Plano. We haven’t always gotten recognition for our service so it is really nice that now we do. God Bless America.

    Charlie Page Reply


    I’m so happy you had that kind of day! My hope is that appreciation for veterans only grows stronger as time goes by.


Eileen Reply

Thank you Charlie Page for your words and you are truly welcome. As a veteran what you said really touched my heart. I must admit, I teared up a little reading it. Proud to have served, and PROUD to be an American. From my fellow brothers and sisters in Arms , You are truly Welcome!!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Eileen. Your service is valued and you need to know that.


Kyle Robinson Reply


Wow! What a great short article, and I couldn’t agree with you more. We have so much more to be appreciative for that we state or show on a daily basis.

Thank you for sharing!!

Kyle Robinson

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Kyle.

Karen Reply

Thank you, Charlie! I myself am not a veteran but I come a family full of them. I am so proud of each of them for their service through the years as part of the military. Have a great Veteran’s day!

    Charlie Page Reply

    You too Karen. Thank you for sharing.


John Antaya Reply

Hello Mr. Page
I wish to Thank You for this piece on Veterans. Here in Canada and having served myself, am part of a Veterans Organization. This time of year we pin poppies in order that the people do remember our fallen soldiers both men and women. We attend Remembrance Ceremonies if able, regardless of the weather to pay tribute to those who so much deserve our Remembrance and Thank You for their unselfish bravery and not just for one day per year but for every day that we are able to wake up in the morning and be part of as free country. Their Sacrifice gave us our Freedom of choices here in Canada as well as in the United States. Yes!
“They Shall Grow Not Old As We That Are Left Grow Old
Age Shall Not Weary Them Nor The Years Condemn
At The Going Down Of The Sun We Shall Remember Them
We Shall Remember Them.”

Thank You For Remembering

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