The Fatal Internet Marketing Mistake by Charlie Page

The #1 Internet Marketing Mistake

There is a gut wrenching mistake that many people who are wanting to succeed online are making. I made this mistake for years before I discovered how easy it was to correct.

I can’t imagine how much money I left on the table during those lean years. Ironic because I really needed to make money back then!

I was so busy trying this and trying that I ended up overlooking what would have solved my problem! Live and learn. When you want to increase organic search drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords, click here for more info

If any of these descriptions fit you then you may be making this mistake right now. If you are I will share with you how to fix the mistake in this very article.

Are you …

  • An affiliate marketer?
  • A person who owns a blog and gets some traffic but is not making sales?
  • Involved in MLM or network marketing?
  • Just starting out and trying to make money online?
  • Needing to build a real online business to replace your day job?
  • Out of work and needing to earn a living online rather than find another job?
  • A product owner who needs to make more sales from the visitors to your site?
  • Confused about online marketing, suffering from information overload and just not sure what to do next or who to trust?

If you answered yes to any of the items on the list above you owe it to yourself to discover and correct the #1 Internet Marketing mistake.

You can do that free right now, right here …

Let me cut to the chase. No need to beat around the bush.

When it comes to making money online there is one overwhelming truth…

You either have a list of your own or you are at the mercy of those who do!

I know that might sound harsh but it’s true. Having your own mailing list is not optional to online success, it’s mandatory.

Quickly think of three people who you consider the most successful people you know of online and I can almost guarantee that they all have lists of their own.

  • Prospect lists
  • Customer lists
  • Multiple buyers lists
  • JV lists
  • Ezine subscriber lists

These lists are quite literally gold online. They are an asset. Their lists make them money.

Your list can make you money too. Imagine wanting to promote and not having to worry about how to get traffic! You just send a message to your list!

You must have your own list, and you need it as soon as possible, which is why …


The logic on this simply cannot be denied. Think about it for a moment.

If your site is WILDLY successful, it will convert sales at a rate of about 5%.

That means that only 5 out of every 100 visitors buys something from the site.

This leads us to the most important question of all.


I can tell you right now what happens to them.

  • They forget you.
  • They get distracted.
  • They want to return to your site but forget your URL so they Google you and find other sites!
  • They spend their money on something else.
  • They buy a product like yours from someone else.
  • Bottom line – they do NOT buy from you.

The fact is this … on the Internet, it is the LAST SITE A PERSON VISITS who gets the sale.

This is why we MUST remind them to come back and visit again.

WE MUST REMIND THEM, not hope they will return. Now if all of this “lost sales” talk is getting you down let me tell you that you can be of good cheer.

There IS an answer.

The answer is to create an email follow up system.

According to, who is one of the premier SEO and link building agencies online, email is THE killer application of the Internet. Always has been, and still is today.

People can talk until they are blue in the face about alternatives like RSS or desktop readers. But while they are doing that, people everywhere are succeeding using what may be the most low-tech tool online … email.

If you are with me so far, and you think that creating a follow up system might be right for you, read on.

How To Create An Email Follow Up System TODAY!

Here is the five step formula you can use to create a simple follow up system. Using this process will help you create a basic follow up system that WILL increase your sales.


There are many ways to create a more sophisticated system, but this basic process works like wings, and is 100% better than no follow up system, you can also work with known companies to help you get into the right commerce, you could check out this Minneapolis SEO agency on the Chamber of Commerce and see if they can contribute to your vision.

Remember, you do NOT need to be a great writer to do this.

Something today is much better than the “perfect” thing tomorrow. Candidly, I have seen nothing more than “Thank you for visiting -I want your business” work very well

Step 1: Make a list of 10 reasons someone should buy your product.

If you have trouble with this, say it out loud like you were telling your best friend.

If you can’t come up with 10 reasons, come up with 5. If you can’t come up with 5, find another product! 🙂

Great “reasons why” are also called benefits. Things like getting more done in less time, losing weight, making more money or avoiding making a mistake all work well here.

Step 2: Make each of the reasons into a short message.

Here’s how to do that.

  1. Write one short paragraph of introduction. It can be as simple as “Thank you for visiting my site. I hope this information helps you”
  2. Write one paragraph about the problem your product can solve. If it’s true, tell them you have had this problem too. Connect with them.
  3. Write one paragraph of content, giving them a tip, shortcut or a multi-point list like this one. Make it something they can do so they can take action and see results in advance.
  4. Write one paragraph that summarizes your message.
  5. Write a short paragraph that asks the reader to take a specific action. Please note that being specific is the key. Tell them what to do next. Don’t hope they will figure it out.

Step 3: Now that you have your messages, you need a way to deliver them and get people to sign up.

Create an account with an autoresponder company or use the autoresponder feature in your shopping cart for this. Any reputable company will help you create a sign up form, and help you get it on your website or blog as well.

Any reputable company will help you create a sign up form, and help you get it on your website or blog as well.

I use and like ONTRAPORT. I suggest you use them too.

Step 4: Set your message to go out every three days.

Some argue for other schedules, but this one works and is a good starting point when beginning. You can ‘fine tune’ later.

Another method that works well is to send a message every day for a week and then send messages about twice a week. The logic here is that

The logic here is that people are most interested when they first ask for more information, so it makes sense to send more up front.

Step 5: Add a sign up box to every page on your website or blog, inviting visitors to ask for more information.

Why every page and not just the home page?

  • Because it takes TIME for people to get comfortable enough to want more information.
  • Because they might miss it on the first page.
  • Because repetition works on the Internet, and the more you ask, the more you get!

When you have time later, you can add power to this by offering a gift (also called a Lead Magnet) or using a squeeze page, but for now getting started is what counts.

If you have followed the steps above, you now have a basic follow up system that WILL help you make more sales.

As time goes by, you can add more messages, make the messages stronger, analyze which messages work best (and more) to make your series work better.

But hear me when I say that NOTHING you can do is more important than getting this basic system set up today.


I believe the answer is yes!

When you have a follow up system in place, you have the chance to make more sales automatically, and get a greater return on your advertising dollars than ever before. Now if you want that someone else does all this for you then you can contact SEO Richmond experts and they will help you.

You have a chance to make the most of every visitor, which is called in fancy language “maximizing visitor value”.

Best of all, you make time your ally instead of your enemy, and have the best possible chance of making more sales with less effort.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page Signature

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  4. Hi Charlie, I have recently started reading your articles which are really gr8. I have a website which is in the health niche. i am promoting a number of products from Clickbank + we have some banner ads from other networks. I am looking for other strategies besides SEO and social media to build more targetted traffic to my site. The issue is that since I have more or less fixed products, can solo ads help me? I am trying to understand how the flow process would run. My understanding is that solo ads typically target building a mailing list which can be used for new product offers. However, in a site like mine where the objective is not to change the offers frequently, but to build content around our existing products, how can I use solo ads and DOE to build my business? I would love to join up if there is some value for my business model. Hope you can throw some light, thanks.

  5. that’s really good advice Charlie. A lot of people talk about building the list but few people really understand the basics. Like you said you gotta have a lead capture page, you gotta have an optin form and you have to be able to offer value to convince people to want to give you their information.

    I ran a solo ad today just $55 for a hundred clicks. My conversion rate was 54 percent my average cost per lead was about a dollar.

    My CLTV is anywhere between $80-$300 for that particular product campaign.

    I have a 14 day aggressive follow up email campaign AND a 14-day more lax email campaign to convert a tire kickers.

    Im averaging 20-30% email open rates especially when using social proof linked to videos and pictures.

    This has worked for me for years, so I’m glad to see a leader like yourself teaching exactly what needs to be done to make money online.

    thank you Charlie

  6. Hi Charlie, been following you for a while now, and your info is always spot on. I think Orville B’s problem is the biggest internet mystery. I’ll bet that if he looks at is “sign-up” page they will not be a “call to action”, or some incentive to make it irresistible to sign up. As to his problem being on lists he didn’t sign-up for, something he did sign-up too has put him on a mailing list. Keep up the good work Charlie, I’ve learned a lot from you.

  7. Hey Charlie. Great stuff as usual. I’m going to start my own Follow Up System after reading this article. I hope it is as simple as you say to do this.
    Thank you very much for the free stuff you offer. Regards

  8. I have an Ebay store. Over the course of 5 or 6 years I have collected a list of several thousand actual buyers from this store. Almost none of them have signed up for my Newsletter, sent out by Ebay.

    I get dozens of Emails every week from people/companies that I may have contacted or even purchased something from but, DEFINITELY
    How do they do it? When I try that I am blocked because it is considered spam.

    1. Orville,

      I really don’t know the answer to this one at this time. As to people signing up to your newsletter, is the process automatic? In other words, do they get on your buyers list when they buy? If not, you might want to change that.

      As to the messages you receive, it’s impossible for me to say. Sorry.


  9. Hi Charlie. I came across your blog as I was browsing about internet marketing. I’m new online and I appreciate comprehensive posts like this. It is very informative. Keeping a mailing list can be tedious task but it is so very worth it in the long run.

  10. hi charlie, i think you are the most honest internet marketer. i am a life member of DOE and i love to read your articles. almost all of them are easy to understand and useful. you really write well.
    wish you all the best in your business and thank you. shan

  11. Hi Charlie,
    As I’ve said before,”I can’t wait to join DOE.” You answered a question for me that I had about list building. How awesome! I will have an instant list of ppl who are genuinly interested in what I have. Awesome!!! Can’t wait to work with you. God Bless!!

  12. Kanute Fleming

    Hi Charlie,
    I have been on your list for a short while (that’s the reason I’m here now), and I really appreciate your information. I haven’t my own list (yet), but I realize now that I ought to start one. Of course, people who “voluntarily” sign up for your newsletter will be interested in what you have to offer and will be more likely to buy than the average visitor to your website.

    Thank you for inspiring information!

  13. Kimberlee Edwards

    I really appreciate your straight forward and friendly style. I always walk away from your articles with a lot to think about. Thank you.

  14. Hi Charlie

    I want to thank you for the great advice and information. I hope lifetime memberships stays open long enought for me to join. Can’t wait to hear more information without being yelled at to get my attention. Hope to talk to you soon take care.

  15. Hello Charlie,

    I recently joined your DOE as a lifetime member and to my extreme glee the firt thing out of the box told me what I was doing differrently than others which in turn was keeping me from attaining the success I am seeking. I should have joined you long ago. Perhaps I would still retain some of the monies I have squandered foolishly with those who profess to be great coaches and teachers.
    I often wonder how many of these “supreme coaches and teachers” have taken courses themselves through an accredited college course and become certified as a bonified realistic educated teacher. Probably none or at best very few.
    It has cost me several bundles of dollars to find that most of them have a smidgen of teaching ability and a smattering of knowledge about the items or procedures they are purporting to teach. I for one shall read about methods of accomplishment by those who have experience in the methodology but I shall never invest in an internet course purporting to teach how to be successful. I believe my father had the best method of all.

    Gain as much information as you can find relative to the subject involved, then apply what you have learned among friend explaining that this is something you think they might be able to use to become more successful. If they are not successful, friends will always forgive but if they are successful, then you can use them to bolster your approach and you become successful by your friends making more friends for you. If that is not success….What is?

    I truly appreciate your articles and your approach to the common problems we all experience from time to time….

    Best Regards

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  17. Charlie:

    Thanks for the outline for starting a list. Now I just got to find a product to write 10 messages about. Thank you so much for giving the basic stuff that others seem to take for granted that everyone know!

    I would like to know more about how to use ezines to build my list. If you don’t already have an article on this, or plan to write one, perhaps I could ask you through the DOE as I’m a proud (new) member.



  18. Back to the basics! What great, simple down-to-earth actionable material. Thanks, Charlie for making it so clear and simple.

  19. Thanks for a great post. very informative. I totally agree with you, having is the right mindset is most important of all. I Have already shared this post with a few of my friends and they loved it.

  20. Partnership Dancing

    Thanks for the good information Charlie.

    Right now I am struggling with my conversion rate. I think I can get visitors.

    1. If you can get traffic I’m sure we can get it to convert. What is your current conversion rate? What is your source of traffic?


  21. Am having trouble increasing traffic to my website, where we sell disability and senior mobility aids.

    Maybe ezines are the answer, but I have hesitated to run ads, because we do not have people signing up for our newsletter.

  22. Martin P Kerrigan

    Hi Charlie,
    A great article that has changed my focus in internet marketing. Joining the DOE was just about the best purchase I have ever made. It is reassuring to find an ethical, helpful guru like Charlie Page who really helps. I am sure good things come to you because you give out good things to others.

  23. Hi Charlie
    Thank you for another great article; have been online for some 7 years, but never taken list building seriously! Have had Aweber for some 2 years, so must really make good use of it.
    I have been in MLM, OBA, Stone Evans Plug & Play, and many others, but made very little money, even to cover my costs. Going to Focus on Affiliate Marketing, and Blogging; which I enjoy very much.
    PAD said about “Clickbank”, I too get similiar problems with website claims. I put in for refunds, and have no problems getting my money back!! All these upsells; if they only told the truth at the start??
    Every blessing

  24. Hi Charlie –

    This is excellent advice! My problem is always knowing “what do I put in the follow up autoresponders” and your idea of the “10 things you would tell a friend why to buy” is brilliant! I’ll definitely be using this!



  25. hi charlie, you are a very honest person. i can say that even without meeting you personally. your intentions are noble. you want to sincerely help people make money online by writing articles which are simple and easy to understant by anyone. you highlight all the simple and common mistakes we do online that is denying us the rewards that we truly deserve for all our hardwork and money invested. everytime i read your articles and i feel so confident that i will make my millions online one day. i am already your lifetime doe member. i wish one day when i am successful online i would like to go to the poor countries and help the poor thru online. anyway keep up the good work and may god bless you for your sincerity and honestly in helping others.

  26. Anders Jacobsson

    Hi and Thank You Great Article as ALWAYS.

    I have thsi problem (me at least) – as a creative person it is very difficult to stick to routines and habits it makes you less a person and a leader as I am.
    A leader, CEO, is the eyes and ears out to the market and how cAN a cREATIVE Person Stick To Routines and Habits.
    That is my challenge
    Thank You
    and take care
    ANders Jacobsson

  27. Great article. I started building my list a few months ago, and it isn’t as easy as everyone makes out. But the trick is to keep going one brick at a time, and look at it as a long term investment.

  28. Hey Charlie,

    Always glad to see an email from you…because I know it is not hype and has terrific info.

    Cannot express enough the value your site provides for me on building my list and the one on one coaching alone is worth the price of admission.

    Please use the above in a testimonial if so desired.

    And to everyone else…no I am not related to Charlie!

    Thanks for all the help.


  29. It is true, many people tell newbies to start a list. Then do not tell them how to do it. This is good info on writing the auto-responder messages. INtering the messages into the autoresponder is the problem. Especially once you get past the first setup. Trying to setup the auto responder for a 2nd niche is a little more difficult and no instructions any where. Setting up the 1st, yes Youtube and the autoresponder system have instructions. But not the 2nd.

  30. This is really great articles. I am thrilled and greatly appreciate your help. Indeed you have answered for my main marketing problems. Just let me load some cash and I’ll be on my way!!

  31. Thanks very much Charlie!

    Why h I not implemented this years ago and built my lists consistently.

    I am a member who has not availed myself of you help.

    Now I am going to change that!

  32. Writing follow up messages is killing me right now and has been for a while. Your article was timely and helpful. I, recently, joined the DOE and hope that it can play a decisive role in my, upcoming, marketing champagne. I have four websites in various stages of completion and am about to explode with excitement.
    On another matter, I’ve wanted to thank and complement you. Sure, I would have joined the DOE as soon as I could afford it but even if I was opposed I would be a member, anyhow. You shamed me into it. You personify Zig Ziglar, “You can get anything you want in life by helping others get what they want.” You gave and gave and I was amazed at how much I learned and even, actually got what you were teaching. Kudos, also, for the, benefit centered, no pressure sales messages.

  33. I am one of those who ahs used a lot pf money with no results AND my list vanishies into thin air of someone elses pocket.
    This info helps me think differently.

  34. Hi Charlie
    After our initial one on one, I have been working toward developing a marketing plan and happy to say that I will be using your ezine program extensively to build my list.
    Thank you for all of your fine articles and continuing information.


  35. Thanks Charlie,

    Good article. I need to do this myself. Too all those trying to decide which auto responder to use. Aweber has been real good for me.
    This article reminds me to use lead capture in all of my websites. If not you’re leaving some money on the table.

    Again thanks for pointing out more essentials for making money online.

  36. Spot on Charlie. I just started list building seriously a month ago. And It’s not easy. The info you gave is awesome. Keeping things basic seems to be the most difficult and your Ideas for an autoresponder follow up are golden.
    BTW, I use Mailchimp as an autoresponder because of the great free option. Very interesting for bloggers on a budget. I like the service a lot.
    All the best,

  37. Hi Charlie,

    I have put off building a list for 5 years now, because I was intimidated by the whole process. I’ve always heard that the money was in the list, but no one has ever explained it in terms that made me realize just how important it was, until I read your article.

    Thanks for the GREAT article Charlie, and thanks for giving me the motivation or kick in the behind I need to overcome my autoresponder/list building paranoia, so I can finally start making some real money!


  38. Hello Michelle and thanks for this great post . I think that was the most compelling and motivational post i ever read and it will make me think long and hard about getting a list going . Up to now ive just been trying to get my name out there and improve my site so Google rates me higher so i get traffic . Im so-o-o close .

    Thanks for the nudge.

    Have a Great Day.

  39. You provided the mistake. But then you’ve also LOWERED THE BARRIER to creating a list.

    I can do what you described above.

    Thank you!

  40. Charlie – your content is always superb. Thank you for reminding me about the importance of capturing and building my list. Look forward to you reading more.

    Be well.

  41. Hi Charlie

    Nice tip, great stuff to use as starters. I am a member of DOE. I am starting to read and understand the business.

    As a newbie in this business, I purchased a software under e-business (ranking 3rd) in Clickbank . But when enter the next page of this purchase, it ask to upgrade and upgrade again, which I invested again, promising all will be installed and ready for “5 clicks and you are good to go”, but did not happen.

    My question is, why do they say one thing on their sales pitch, and you get something else where you are not told about i.e investing further on domains, hostings and the business is something else (re-selling of websites) and no mention of products from Clickbank when the headline in the page says so?? Further, the technicality is just over whelming with bits and pieces of videos shown how to build a website. There is no A-Z coaching for a start, as they promised will be given on 20 Jan., when earlier purchased but this did not materialize. It tells you that the team is always ready to help, but hardly answers the right things when a question is put to them.

    How could Clickbank protect consumers like me where I feel I have been taken for a ride? Refund could be a blacklist by Clickbank and I don’t know whether if one ask for a refund, the software company that I purchase from would return send viruses to my computer?

  42. Hey Charlie

    Great article, I will definitely share this with my IM friends 🙂
    I agree with you that having a list is very important, soemtimes it is just building that list that can make IM so difficult. I am a member of the DOE and love your tips and tricks, always helpful.
    I find a lot of people fail as well because they don’t have the correct mindset.

    All the best

  43. Charlie,
    Great info presented clearly and simply. I love reading your stuff. Thanks for being so generous with it.

  44. Great advice but crafting a good subject line is vital if you want your subscriber to open and read your email .

    One tip is to sign up to other marketers lists and see which subject lines make you want to open them. Then base your subject lines around those. Not all will work for all niches. It’s a matter of testing. Short ones work best usually.


  45. Hi Charlie,

    I am still here and trying so hard. We have about another month of doctors appointments and if all goes clear I can really try to get going. Don’t give up on me. I am 82 and not too swift on my computer but am trying and determined to succeed. I also am determined to get my writings going. I think my first stories will be called I REMEMBER – My life, your history.


  46. Nice article Charlie

    I nearly didn’t read it (I get so many “The money is in the list” emails) but I’m glad I did. You have brought up a different approach to creating email messages that I don’t focus enough on. Namely – find 10 reasons for people to buy your product. Succint and simple! So simple in fact that I have totally missed this point and am sending out informational emails with not enough call to action despite having been online for a few years – Doh!

    I will start editing forthwith 🙂

    Thanks again
    Wendy Owen (lifetime member)
    P.S I have a website question that I am busting my brains over, is it ok to ask you for help within the DOE?

  47. Yeah, I’ve been there Charlie. Been online, making a few hundred a month, for about 3 years, tried to build a list…halfheartedly, and got nowhere! Just a month or so ago I realized I need to do two things if I’m going to make any real money online. Build me a list, or some lists (I have 4 I’m working on, with more to follow) and create my very own products. I see that ship I’ve been waiting to see on the horizon…I really do!


    Loved the step by step information. I keep waiting for that moment when my website is “finished” and perfect before I market but I’m thinking I just need to jump in and get wet…
    Pat Gilbers

  49. Thanks Charlie for the great info. I have been doing direct sales for over 21 yrs with Avon but would like to be able to have more sales online for Avon and vitamark. I have a blog but I need to write more often and promote some of your articles on my blog.

  50. Hi Charlie
    As always, your just full of information that helps all of us. It would be nice if everyone was as helpful as you. I read and watch all your emails and videos. I’m one of those who have tried for years and spent many $’s trying to make it on the internet. I recently joined aweber and am starting to make a list of my own.
    Look forward to and appreciate any info you have to offer
    Thanks Much

  51. Earl Allbritton


    Charlie Page 101 continues… GREAT ARTICLE!!! I know we all wish we had a teacher/coach like you when we first started in network marketing. Speaking for myself I know I’ve picked up bad habits along the way which are hard to break, but since I became a DOE member and started to apply your proven steps, principles and philosophy… it gives me GREAT HOPE that I too can be successful!



  52. Great article, Charlie, as usual. My plan has been to go with AWeber for a while now. Seems to be everyone’s favorite for a good many reasons. Thank you so much for all the terrific information you send our way — always gives us a little hope that we might succeed, as long as we put things in motion and take some action.

  53. Hi charlie,
    Thank you, I found out about you Via another site called 48 hourcashmachine…
    You are step #3 , I was absolutely flabbergasted at finding out about Ezines
    all these years I have been studying IM and I just ignored the word Ezine
    how ignorant can a person get ? but I certainly am taking notice now and when I have done my usual research I think I will take advantage of the site. it sounds
    like I might actually try to make some money from IM now ( instead of spending it)
    I do not suffer from information overload I know many ways to make money from my computer I just love studying things….
    And am compiling a list of people who are IM gurus that can be trusted !!
    hence the studying for so long….I am happy to tell you , you are one who will likely be on my list, as I read a lot of forums and peoples comments!!.
    although I am retired and do not need to work ( been retired for ten years now)
    and am 63 (Yes lucky me) not !! I loved to work!! and loved my life working.
    Keep up the awsome work Charlie !!! I think you are one of the few really good ones .
    Thank you Charlie.

    Linda S Clark

  54. Learn to Play Guitar Fast

    Charlie, Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge.

    I have known about having a list, but have always had trouble writing content to put into an autoresponder, so have neglected this vital step, on and off, for a long time. I recently bought a product that provided information that I could use to send to my list, so I signed up with getresponse and set up my autoresponder.

    I am so pleased to confirm that I am on the right track to finally making some decent money on the internet. Like some of the others above, I am a lifetime DOE member, but have not done anything with my membership yet (I say embarrassedly).


  55. Right to the point Charlie.

    With all the information and sites out there, having a list is what will help you to grow your business online. Whatever you do. Follow Charlie’s 5 simple steps and focus on sending all the traffic to a capture page, so that you can grow your list.

    Once that’s done, learn how to develop your relationship with the people on your list. Charlie teaches this very well in his Follow Up Selling Systems.

  56. Hey Charlie,

    Your message couldn’t be more timely. I’ll be joining the DOE to start building my lists this year.

    Thanks for all your help.



  57. Charlie,

    Thank you, thank you, as a lifetime member of DOE and Follow Up Systems I am learning and implementing what you have taught me. You have been a blessing to me. Thank You

  58. Very useful information Charlie!

    We’ve all heard that the money is in the list and it is something that even newbies can do right from the start!

  59. Charlie
    I want to thank you for cutting through all the B.S. You are a stand up guy, I really appreciate that you actually let Members Of The DOE call you and pick your brain.
    I am moving forward quite quickly because of you.
    I took your advise and implemented it on my site.
    Its a major way to get people to sign up.
    If You allow it
    Charlie suggested that I install that, you will know it when you see it
    Tom Paige

  60. Hi Charlie,
    Just signed up with the DOE and trying to figure out how to get some adds going.
    I am looking forward to working with you. John Miller

  61. Hi Charlie

    Great article, it is truly worth it’s weight in gold. As you know I teach classes online. In the first class I teach people about getting organized and then in my second class I go right into what your article is about. And just in case you didn’t know … I also devote an entire class on the Directory of Ezines. That’s because I am also a firm believer in the Directory of Ezines and what you teach your D.O.E. members.

    Many good wishes!

    1. Frank,

      You have been a faithful friend to both me and the Directory of Ezines and I appreciate both.

      Be blessed!


  62. Thank you Charlie for your article! It´s helping me to know, how you did your successful internet marketing business! This is a great value for me, that you are sharing your experience of making money!

  63. Hi, Again Charlie

    As I submitted my comment, I got the pleasure of noticing that my picture poped up via gravitator, and i owe that to you Charlie. You taught me how to get that in one of your previous articles..Please keep-em coming Charlie..

  64. Marilyn Broomer

    Hi Harry,

    I know how much list building is important and for that reason I did receive some people from a program on VNetwork, I paid for the program and I believe some of the people came from Mike G’s List as he is very involved with this program. I just can’t seem to make the csv file work for me , so if I have to hand put them into my autoresponder, I should start right now as there are about 350 names.
    Thanks for waking me up to get going on this even on a Saturday night, oh well, my husband loves watching the hockey game so I am in the office tonight.

    1. Marilyn,

      There are people who can help you do this for a very reasonable fee. I suggest visiting and considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you import the names into your autoresponder. Getting in touch with these people as soon as possible is critical to developing a strong relationship with them.

      Hope this helps.


  65. Hi Charlie
    I aways enjoy your articals, I have been in the information over load for years.
    And I also know thats just a fancy why of saying that I’m not staying focused.
    I’ve made a new years resolution, to change that. I am just amazed at people that
    have only been trying to make money online, short periods of time, say for the last year or so and are doing quite well. And articals like this one are a straight forward approach to getting there…
    Thank You Charlie
    Howard Piesik

  66. Robert Littlefield

    Hi Charlie.I hope you had the time to read my last post I know your very busy. I appreciate the last article about clickbank affiliates. I was wondering and its funny because it seems that other people have never heard about it. I’m thinking,what a bunch of knuckleheads.Why would a man take his time and warn people about other idiots that dont know anything except taking the easy way out when it comes to making $$.I’m real glad you did.My question is after you get your link to an offer,if you shorten it with bitly,are you ok with that so your regular url doesnt get jacked? Does bitly protect you? Thank you

    1. Robert,

      I did see and answer your last comment. While there have been some issues with some link shortening services I can say in the main that shortening a *valid* affiliate link should not create a problem. I’m not being absolute in my answer because technology changes so quickly, which is why I do not recommend free services like bitly.

      Hope this helps.


  67. This message is so simple, but so powerful. If you are anything like me, then you’ll probably spend the first year or so, gathering information and educating yourself.

    I can only imagine what life would be like had I started building my list from the start. Thanks Charlie, people need to hear this.

  68. Hi Charlie,
    The answer to the question above asked: ‘if you had started building your list ——‘ is a definite YES. Even at this minute, I have been given prospects (10) with a request to make contact with them. I still have not done so. That is due to my ignorance of how to do it effectively. I do know now and will utilise the autoresponder route. I must say thanks for the 5 steps stated above and all of the e-mails sent to me over the past weeks. They have been very expensive weeks for me in that I have spent a fair bit of dollars to work on the Internet without absolutely any return. I am not unduly worried because the price paid has been worth it and I do believe that it has been money well (badly) spent. I am a much more discriminating person and a very determined one to succeed. That I KNOW that I will.
    By the way, I am a member of the DOE and on Stone Evans’ team. I am going through Stone’s course materials again just in case important areas that are disadvantaging me were missed and have also packaged all of your e-mails in one place so that they can be used as a useful resource. I do think that I am at the point where instructions given by yourself (and I do intend to emulate yourself) would be better understood and efficiently used.

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  70. I enjoy your information a great deal,it makes a big difference in how i understand things. I’m a slow study 🙂 I haven’t had a land line in quiet some time and it’;s been a real arse pain and cell phone service is nonexistent in our area. Anyways next week it will all change as we should have the new land line installed. I’m looking forward to few live pointers as I am a DOE member. Thanks for your help Charlie…………
    Ray Ducharme

  71. Always great information, Charlie. THAT is why I am a proud member of the DOE. As a struggling Internet Marketer for over a year, I always look for new knowledge.

    Rock on!

  72. Hi Charlie. I am enjoying your articles since I joined the DOE. I feel deep down using the existing lists of ezines is the best way to build my own mailing list through solo ads.
    I plan on taking advantage of your one-on-one help in the near future. This whole process is starting to come together for me after months of research, and purchasing some good info here and there.
    I am fortunate that money is not tight at this time, so my best bet might be to “buy” my mailing list. I have some ideas, but I have questions on setting up a good follow-up series of emails when I do start adding to my own list.
    I don’t want to start adding people to my list, and have no plan in place to maximize sales. My intention is to keep giving good free info to newbies to help them along, and also promote offers that will make me some money.
    I will be in touch, as I know you can help me get started on the right path. Thanks.


    1. Mark,

      Thanks for being a member. Be very very careful about buying a mailing list. In 99% of the cases these lists are a total rip off. The only way I know to buy a list is if someone is going out of business and that fact alone makes the quality of the list suspect. The real key with lists is that the person on your list is choosing to follow you, to subscribe to your information.

      You can’t do that well with purchased lists.

      Another factor, purchased lists are almost always sold to multiple buyers. The poor people on these lists think they are getting information from one source only to be blasted by 10, 20 or even 100 people who “bought” their name.

      My advice – build a list, never buy one.


  73. Charlie;
    There are two big reasons why people don’t start off building a list right away. First there is a lot of bad counsel out there that says you need a great website with tons of authoritative content to get people inspired enough to join your list. Secondly, when you setup your mailing, you need to deliver more great content on a regular basis. For those who struggle to put new and fresh content on their sites, it can be a challenge to develop new content for mailing as well. Any list that I join that starts with a barrage of “buy my products” will go bye bye in a hurry. So it requires a bit of skill that most new marketers need to acquire.

    1. Mike,

      I agree with both points. It’s sad really when you consider how easy it is. Using a product like Optimize Press or Squeeze Theme you can build a site in a day and populate that site, and your list, with great quality articles written by other people.


  74. Mr. Charlie Page…
    I know you have a white horse tied up out back. And, just like when you are writing these giveaway articles — both “giveaway” in that they are free, and “giveaway” as in you are always giving prospects a way to solve a problem you know they need help with — you, Sir, are downright princely in my world. And, just as soon as I can cut it, I’ll be hooking up with you at the DIRECTORY OF E-ZINES.

    Thanks again, Charlie

    Bobby Earle

  75. Hi Charlie – hope I can call you Charlie
    Great article and comes at an opportune time for me. I have just created the above site and was not sure whether I should add an opt-in to it.

    I am going to now.

    Thanks again
    William (Bill) Hobbs

  76. T. Marie Marshall

    Hello Charlie,

    Just want to let you know how much I appreciate these articles you write and send out, especially this one about having your own list. I have been trying to get this very point through to my daughter who is trying to sell a product without one. I’m truly hoping to email this article to her in hopes your message with get through to her.

  77. Charlie,

    You would think that everyone knows this stuff, but they don’t! I think it’s great that you wrote this because it needs repeating every so often. Yes, seasoned marketers know this, but there are people coming to the internet every day, and they do not realize the importance of a list and autoresponder.

    Fortunately, I learned this a while ago, and have implemented it, but I commend you on repeating something basic, without thinking. “Everyone” knows this. I’ll write about keyword research.”

    Oh, I am a lifetime member of DOE.


  78. Hi Charlie Page,

    i hope everthing is going smoothly for you.

    i have retired from my business and am internet marketing all the way.

    as far as the document review, You addresses alot of the issues and you are
    correct. I know the answers to my problems and have chosen to worked them out
    myself. I have been studying with Bill McREA and Howie Swartz. I have learned
    a great deal form the group studies. i have learned that i have not found my niche
    because i do not have the traffic to try much. I don’t trust many of the internet
    marketers who attempt to send crap as a friend just to seel you more crap.
    i came up on the automation side of the business and found the documentation
    supplied with the products, but that has been the biggest problem to success.
    the internet gurus promise the word and give it to you less the documentation.
    the best product in the business is not worth a dime without documentation to
    know how to operate the products. screwed once again. cliff smith

    i have learned there is only a few good people selling on the internet, that gives
    a darn about their IM buyers. just keep taking your money and laughing at their

    i enjoyed reading your document and think you are one of the most respected
    people in your business and outside of , also.
    best wishes for a great 2011. i not mad with world, just bidding my time for
    my boat to come on.

  79. William Roberts

    Hi Charlie,
    I am already a member of the DOE and the article makes sense. I have been trying to build a list for a while and have a few people in it. I have a lot of blogs and get a lot of traffic, but have very few sales. I have things for sale on all of them. I appreciate all of the information on the directory of ezines I will also tweet this page.

  80. I am a victim of those mistakes, this piece of work has completely changed my orientation. Thanks for sharing this information with me

  81. Great and extremely useful information that never gets old. Love being reminded of what you have already told us and with great directives or directions. You just cannot beat that Charlie

  82. Robert littlefield

    Hi Charlie,
    Hoping this weekends good to you my friend. I wanted to write back and say that your something else. I mean that in a good way.I hold a lot of respect for you you and your outlook and just all in all your total persona on the way you look at the wonderful world of Internet Marketing. I find myself searching through my emails hoping to find some informative and uplifting message from you.I’m truly thankful for all your help.I almost have my first site going!!whoo hooo!! Thanks again!!

  83. Hi Charlie
    Lately, I tend to read everything you write 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.

    5 steps – yes! I have copied them into a file 🙂 to keep track.

    You said: “on the Internet it is the LAST SITE A PERSON VISITS who gets the sale” – 90% correct. The other 10% is covered if you have a list 🙂 of course.

    I know the importance of a list … but this is the first time I actually hear someone (you) say “you are at the mercy of those who do”. That’s something I had begun to feel lately too – but now you said it clearly 🙂

    Thanks and with regards

  84. WOW! Thanks Charlie for the info. I have started building my list with an autoresponder company (not aweber though) but came bundled with a sponsoring system I use ( I need to learn more about Ezine marketing from guys like you. I am a lifetime member of DOE but have truly not taken a lot of advantage of the membership 🙁

    Thanks Charlie once again,


    1. Good article! I think this is mandatory! I may have some good products now.

      This week is filled by I will be back….

  85. Great Article. Every time you send me something, I learn more of your thoughts and what I can do with your site. I am a lifetime member, for sure. Will be using your advise and site on another website I am working on. Thanks Bob Moore

  86. Great article, Charlie. I haven’t gotten close enough to making money on-line yet, but still read everything you write. And when I establish a budget, I’m sure I will make money.

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