The DBV Time Management Method by Charlie Page

The DBV Time Management Method

Want to get more done in less time, without working harder?

How about going from feeling frustrated and a little burned out to feeling invigorated, with the absolute certainty that you know what to do next and next after that?

Now what if this could happen for you beginning tomorrow, and without you spending one thin dime or learning some new complicated new “system”?

If Purchasing Tips sounds good to you then let me introduce you to the way I work. I call it the DBV Time Management Method. Also, getting a property manager is not that bad. You can find it at naples fl property management directory, a lot of experienced personalities that you can find there, contact them.

This plan is the heart of simplicity itself. I’ve used it for years and it works just as well today as it did the first day I used it.

But first, I have two confessions to make.

First, I used to be a time management system junkie.

I was a very faithful Day Timer user. For the record, their product is excellent and I used it for many years.

But it became tedious for me to carry the big notebook everywhere I went.

I tried David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Really tried. I mean I spent hours getting everything into my inbox. Hours more putting it where it needed to go.

But I felt trapped within the system. Great system, just not for me.

I can’t tell you how many time management systems I’ve bought over the years.

Each of them had merit. Each worked for me, in part.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, brought focus and direction like DBV.

Second confessionthis is not my own original idea.

I use this idea, and have refined it to my own life but the original idea came to me from the one and only Zig Ziglar.

If you don’t know Zig, you should. No one person has helped me more than Zig. Even though I’ve never met him, and likely won’t meet him until Heaven, he has meant more to my career and life than any other figure.

Visit Zig’s site here. You will be so glad you did.

Now let’s get into the DBV method.

First things first – what does DBV stand for?

It stands for Day Before Vacation!

Almost all of us have worked at jobs before. And almost all of us have had vacations while working for others.

Now think back to the day before your last vacation.

Were you focused?

You bet you were!

Did you move with purpose?

Your coworkers almost had to dive out of your way!

Did you get more done in less time?

If you are like most people, the answer is a resounding yes!

Why is that?

I’m no psychologist, and I don’t play one on TV, but I would say this.

On the day before vacation three things are true …

  1. You know you have finite time – You have one day to get it all done.
  2. You don’t try to do too much – Because it’s vital that the important things get done you naturally prioritize what is important.
  3. You have something to lose – Most of us have felt the fear of not getting that project finished and having to delay or cancel our beloved vacation.

Now how about this thought …

Do you know more on the day before vacation than you did the day BEFORE the day before vacation?

Did you sit up all night studying the procedures manual from your company so you could do things just right?

Likely the answer is no.

So what did you do?

You used your natural ability to prioritize to focus on those things that matter most.

You see, I believe that we all know what to do. It’s just hard sometimes to actually do what we know we should do.

You get the idea.

Here’s another thought …

What if every day could be like the day before vacation?

It can be!

And there are five steps to make it so.

One – Get a sheet of paper or open a note taking document (I like Evernote)

Two – Write down the things that must be done tomorrow (must, not could)

Three – Prioritize the list – what gives you the most return?

Four – Do the hardest one first! After that, it’s all downhill. What a feeling!

Five – This is my twist – Have a second document open. When thoughts of what you could do come to you during the day write them down and forget them. Then keep moving!

I know this sounds simplistic. But I suspect you have used this method and know that it works.

If that is true, or if this is the first time you’ve heard it, start using it tomorrow and see what happens.

Why not open Evernote right now and get going on tomorrow’s list?

If you do this for one week I believe you will never go back. Never.

  • You will get more done in less time.
  • You will become the “go to” person because you get things done.
  • You will have more free time and more peace of mind.

And those are all beautiful things indeed!

49 thoughts on “The DBV Time Management Method”

  1. Charlie … Simplicity is chock full of its own special beauty, as is this article. Thank you so much. THIS is a strategy I can use … and that’s a beautiful thing! 🙂 Shalom!

  2. Wow and thanks Charlie ! I do put this in practice, as I’m overloaded in daily basis. I’ll let you know how it works 😉

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  6. thanks Charlie,

    amazing how DBV changes your mental performance(ie.thinking)…great mind trainer
    I’ve been using write down the 6 most important things and start with number one
    this is a great tip..

    cheers, tom

  7. Thank you Charlie! I was just thinking about going back to Covey or GTD and you reminded me of how much didn’t work about both. I will try this approach this week!

  8. Solid advice, Charlie. Looks like you & I have had the same journey with time management systems, & you’re right, they all have good points but are not quite designed for the entrepreneur, who has a very different mindset & personality. Managers, yes…entrepreneurs, too structured, labor-intensive and restrictive.

    Your strategy of using 2 documents, one to jot ideas down rather than chasing rabbits, is brilliant. I discovered this about a year & 1/2 ago, and for us ADD/creative types, it allows us to focus but still not lose those ideas that pop into our head. Using Evernote lets us put them all in 1 place, vs using scraps of paper that then get lost. Those of us who write content, create product, write copy, etc. are more prone to “rabbit-chasing” because we exercise the creative muscle in our daily work. Having what Joyner call a Dreamcatcher (I call my list The Perculator) is a great tool to keep us focused and still capture those ideas as they come to us.

    FYI, I sold my business earlier this year and am now launching a new venture, so the Perculator gets a real workout these days. Since my “retirement”, I’m busier than ever and having a ball.

    Thanks for sharing, Charlie.

  9. Great article. I had the privilege to hear Zig Ziglar speak in person as well as owning and listening to a complete set of his tapes (guess that dates me doesn’t it) several times years ago and he was truly a very interesting, motivating and inspiring person. The DBV method does sound simple and it certainly makes sense. Thanks.

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  13. Hi Charlie, this is unbelievable. I have recently decided to try my hand (for the last time) at Internet marketing to earn a residual income. I never know “what to do next or where to start” so I decided that I will read through your emails (as I am joining DOE) perhaps that will give me an idea what to do next. I came across this DBV article of yours and WALLA!! The penny dropped. I am now making my list for tomorrow and at the very top is “JOIN DOE”. I just know I will get more insight, motivation and perhaps a bit of mentorship from you and your program.

    Thanks for all the emails and quality advice thus far.

  14. Hi Charlie,
    Another great article. In these days of information overload, and with our busy lives, we all need some sort of system to prioritise what we spend our time doing. Your solution is a simple, but practical, system that should be easy to implement. I have felt for some time that I needed to organise what I do when to improve results. Your article and solid advice is just what I have been looking for.
    Thanks again.

  15. Thanks Charlie – as soon as you told me the meaning of the abbreviation DBV, I knew exactly what you would be saying. It makes so much sense and it is so easy to implement.

    Now if you could just help me out with creating the same feeling of urgency on a daily basis that would be great.

    1. Motivation and urgency are highly personal items. But I would say that having a burning desire matters. If you have a true dream, and not just wishes, your dream will drive you to accomplish it.

  16. Thank You for this article Charles. I do have Evernote installed and have used it to some success. For me I found it a bit cumbersome so now I am using Easy Noter Pro.


  17. Hi Charlie,
    Great article once again…..I struggle with procrastination and I can identify with checking email every 15 minutes…:)….my question is though I’m a member of the DOE and an affiliate. How do I share this article with others but also have my affiliate link in it so if people end up getting a membership on the DOE (as every one should) so I could get a commission and point people to a valuable resource?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Michael,

      You can’t drive traffic to this article and use your DOE affiliate link at this time. Sorry about that. This is a Clickbank limitation. For some reason they will only allow one sales page per account. I’m working on some major changes that will fix this.

      For now I would recommend driving traffic to the DOE home page using your affiliate link.

      As to the article, while you can’t reproduce it on your site you can comment on it (curate it) and then link to the article if you like. That is the only way to share my articles at this time.


  18. Charlie,

    Is there anyway that someone can help me out by assisting me with ways to make money like your example states freedom marketing? I have an Associates Degree and to much debt that has haunt me since August 2011. I have been in an auto accident and greatful for the help I recieved by Melaleuca as they have helped me gain back some strength with my right arm and leg. I am unemployed and have been struggling to keep my strength up to walk to the bathroom or stand long enough to do dishes or work.

    May you be able to help me gain some income so I could have a piece or more of my mind to ease the helplessness? I am also a mother and grandmother. Newest grandchild was born in August 2012. I would love to be able to go meet him as he lives in Sleeper, Missouri and I live in Milan, Illiois.

    1. Congratulations on the new grand baby! Babies are wonderful people. So full of promise. I’m not sure what type of help you need but do know that we offer lots of help to our members. I share lots of valuable information free right here on the blog as well.

      If you want to promote the product you mention the best way is to follow their guidelines carefully and set up a squeeze page and use email to do the marketing automatically. That’s what I teach members to do at Follow Up Selling Systems.

  19. Charlie…I laughed so hard when I read this! And it’s so true. Even though I’m great at planning and getting things done, why is it the list on the DBV is not only big but essential stuff that must get done?

    Great article!!!


  20. Thanks for this advice Charlie. I have a problem of having to read email as soon as it comes in, this really disrupts my concentration and is a waste of time, but I can’t seem tp stop doing it.
    Also thanks for the Evernote recommendation.

  21. Hi, Charlie,

    Another great article of yours! Did you write it one day before vacation? (Just kidding, if I may)
    In fact, the right strategy for acquiring the necessary mindset is a must, if we want to achieve the right results in time.
    Gladly, you shared this one with your readers; so, many people will benefit from the sharing. Those who are smart enough to apply it, I mean…
    Best wishes to you. They are well deserved.

  22. Thanks Charlie,
    A very useful tool it seems, and with my time just seeming to be slipping away from me, I will try this and see how it goes.
    Regards N.

  23. Hi Charlie,

    Great information! I always do better at getting stuff done just before I leave for a while. Not always before vacation, as I have not really taken one in years, but before I go on a training tour to my customers.

    Thank you! And yes, I know I need to take a vacation and will do so soon.

  24. Thanks for the reminder of what we should be doing Charlie. I’m pretty good at what needs to get done today but the thing I’m not good at (and your 5th point drives it home) is writing down something that comes to mind and then I can’t for the life of me remember what it is later. Frustrating to say the least.
    Great words of wisdom Charlie, Thanks again!


  25. Charlie,
    I swear you’ve got a crystal ball; reading my mind. Recently I’ve been going to Amazon to check up on the “Overcome Procrastination” and all the other “Time Management System” books. Once I’ve read the glowing reviews and ESPECIALLY the negative ones, I head over to my library site and place ‘holds’ on the ones I want to read.

    I’ve got Neil Fiore’s “The NOW Habit” on my nightstand and Rita Emmett’s “The Procrastinator’s Handbook” ready for pick up.
    Oh, I’ll still read them. That’s just me – I’m a dedicated student of life.
    But so far I’ve yet to hear of or read ANYTHING that makes as much practical sense as what you’ve shared with us here WITHOUT creating any extra ‘work’ that many of those other systems do.

    OK, my two ladies are off doing their Saturday afternoon ‘lady thing’ which means I’ve got the whole house to myself for the next six hours.

    Two new pages of open in Evernote

    Let’s git ‘er DONE!

    All the best from Toronto,

    P.S. Thanks for sharing about YOUR heroes and mentors like Zig. For anyone reading this, I’ve adopted Charlie Page as my main mentor quite some time ago and it’s important for all of us to remember that our favorite mentors HAVE MENTORS, TOO! That’s why I love Charlie; humble and always giving credit where credit is due.

  26. Charlie, I have been in a rut for 2 years. Didn’t know why until I read your DBV method of prioritizing your day.
    A method but by a different process. The Dale Carnegie Course on How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.
    I want to thank you for your article on DBV, as I had lost focus on how to get things done. Both systems are automatic organizing within your brain when putting into practice. I am now back at the paper listing of things to do for today, and doing the most important.
    With your permission and the Dale Carnegie Institute I will post something similar that I used for many years to organize my life.
    Again, thanks for this timely post.
    Faithful follower of your journey for several years.
    Wallace Johnson

  27. Hey Charlie, I tried to use the social buttons for this article but the link they provided just led to a “problem loading page” page. So I created a tinyurl and shared that way, but thought you might like to know.

  28. Great info Charlie. I think everyone can relate to the feeling of “sense of urgency” and its’ seemingly remarkable ability to turn us from procrastinators to pro “git’r doners” I also believe the key is in the list and our willingness to prioritize and concentrate on what needs to get done and what can really wait. I also think that when we are in superman mode the DBV, our synapses are synaping at an even higher rate than usual and our brains can become inundated with those random thoughts of “what you could do” while you are trying to accomplish what you need to. Therefore, I really like your twist, point 5 of documenting them and then being able to put them out of your head for the moment and staying on track, knowing you can revisit them at a later time. Like you said we have all probably experienced this but never realized we could customize it to our daily lives thereby creating a more efficient and effective way doing things. Excellent post, thanks as always.
    P.S. I say these things, because I have experienced it, just haven’t turned it into a good habit, so I know what you have shared with us truly does work. Thanks again.

  29. Hi Charlie,
    Love your articles & advice, but what happened to the Curation course? I was all excited about it and couldn’t wait for the next chapter.

    1. There was some work I needed to do behind the scenes to get ready for the rest of the course. That’s about done now and I’ll be finishing the course next week.

  30. Nothing is more frustrating than having an idea pop into your head while you are doing something else, and then later on can’t remember what the heck that idea was. Evernote seems to solve that problem once and for all.

  31. Hi Charlie,great information as aways,can also use in your person life,Sorry you haven’t heard from me for awhile,I have cancer,been treated for about a year now,so I had to side line my business,all In the hands of jesus,I would love to here how your Brother in law is doing,he is in my prayers.And I pray jesus will bless and prosper your business and personal life.thanks Charlie

    1. Belin is doing wonderfully well. Thank you for asking. He is cancer free and the prognosis could not be better.

      We will be praying for your healing and recovery as well.

  32. Charlie – Thsanks – clear, simple and powerful. I too have tried many systems and have read this one before in Zig’s book See You At The Top. Must give it another try!

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