The Truth About Traffic

There is no more hotly-debated topic in the online business world that driving traffic.

It only makes sense really - without traffic even the best offer in the world can't possibly make sales.

But our rush to think we need a "massive" amount of traffic might actually be shortsighted. 

In this video I explain why that's true, and how you can profit from it.

I hope you enjoy it.

Prefer to read? Here is the enhanced transcript for your convenience.

Hi, this is Charlie Page. Welcome back. I want to share the truth about traffic with you. These are core principles that I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, in the last 10 years.

I don’t hear a lot of people talking about this. These are things that I know to be true. I want to share them with you.

Truth number one is that not all traffic is created equal. 

There is high-quality traffic and low-quality traffic.

Let’s look at each of them.

High quality traffic comes from things like article marketing, blogging and special reports.

You can distribute special reports whether you write them or not. There are webinars, teleseminars, video marketing and other sources.

Why are these things good?

They’re good because they give before receiving

When you give something to someone, what do they want to do? They want to reciprocate.

The natural thing to do is to give something back. That often means buying your product.

They’re not just selling. 

They’re not saying, “What’s in it for me? Pitch, pitch, pitch. Buy, buy, buy.”

They help people. That’s a good thing.

When you help people they will help you in return. People will reciprocate. They will pre-sell for you.

Pre-selling is the key. It creates a warm audience. A warm audience will buy from you.

What is a warm audience? It’s a group of people who know you, like you and they trust you because you’ve given them high quality, free information.

Let’s look at low quality traffic sources.

Low quality traffic comes from safe lists, traffic exchanges, free postings and auto posting or commenting.

This is software that you buy where you type in something like, “This is a wonderful blog. How did you ever get to be so smart? I hope you keep blogging. I’m going to bookmark it and return.”

Then that is spammed out to one hundred million blogs. It supposedly creates backlinks.

It does not work.

Guaranteed visitors also create low quality traffic. I want to be clear. These sources can create clicks but they’re low quality and they don’t buy. 

Why are these bad?

Here’s the reason. It’s very important.

These are bad sources because the visitors they create aren’t interested in what you have to say or offer. They’re clicking or visiting to earn traffic or get paid.

That’s very, very important.

Here’s a true story. I bought a half million guaranteed visitors from a very well-known site. It was not the cheap stuff.

I sent them to the Directory of Ezines, which is a page that I know converts very well. I’ve owned the DOE for many years, I know exactly what our numbers are.

The result was zero sales.

I lost $1,100 in that experiment. I don’t mind. I learned something and that’s good.

Here’s another true story about safelists which I think are not so safe. 

One client joined all of the top safelists. He spent five hours per day for three months sending emails.

He made an honest-to-goodness effort.

He sent 200 million emails.

It’s hard to believe.

He had zero sales and he made zero money.

His inbox was flooded with offer after offer. I spoke to him on the phone. He said, “I can’t read all of this email. I said, “Of course you can’t.”

How could this happen? How could he send 200 million emails and make no sales. It’s because the way that safe lists are supposed to work makes no sense at all.

People join safe lists for one reason. That is to send email, not to read email.

Safe lists actually teach you how to avoid reading the email you will receive by using a free email address. I know because I joined a bunch of them last year to test it out.

Here’s my question.

If everyone is using safe lists to send email but no one is reading the email then how is anyone going to buy anything?

The answer is that they don’t.

He lost about $200.

What is worse is that he lost three months of time. Imagine what he could have done with that time. He really wanted to try it. He wanted to give it a hard try. He did. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

Bad traffic methods hurt good people. 

It’s sad but true.

Here is truth number two ...

There are only two sources of traffic. 

There is traffic that you buy and traffic that you earn.

Let’s look at each briefly.

Traffic that you buy is powerful. 

It’s available to anyone with a modest budget. It comes from things like banner advertising, solo ads and pay-per-click, especially on Facebook.

It’s pretty cheap.

There are endorsed mailings, text links, CPV traffic and your own affiliate program. That’s a way of buying traffic. You are paying a commission.

There is re-marketing. If you don’t know about this it’s very powerful. There are also ads on your competitor’s site. That is another powerful method.

There are ad networks out there that will target only the specific websites where you want your ads to display. It is incredibly powerful.

There is traffic that you earn. 

That comes from things like article marketing, blogging and participating on forums, social media like Twitter and Facebook, viral marketing and search engine optimization. That is a mystery to a lot of people. It comes down to providing high quality original content. 

When you do that search engines will reward you.

Joint ventures are a way to earn traffic.

Publishing an ezine is a wonderful way to earn traffic. Webinars and teleseminars are very effective as well.

The secret to my way of thinking is in the mix.

When you combine proven free sources with proven paid sources you create high quality traffic.

These are the type of people who join your list. These are the type of people who buy the products you recommend.

These are the type of people who become loyal followers.

They reward you with repeat sales and by recommending their friends to you. I have an entire module about traffic inside Common Sense Email Marketing.

Here is truth number three ...

When it comes to traffic you need less than you think.

I know that’s a radical thought.

Everyone is saying you want massive hordes of traffic.

You want floods, waves, avalanches and volcanoes of traffic. You really need less than you think. I’ll tell you why.

It’s not how much traffic that matters but what you do with the traffic.

Consider this. If you sent 1,000 visitors to a site that converts at 1%, which is average, that means 10 sales.

You make money today. That’s good.

Now it’s over forever.

That’s it. It’s one and done.

What if you sent that same traffic to your lead capture page or squeeze page and 30% opted in to your list?

That is less than half.

Now you have a mailing list of 300 real prospects that have raised their hand and said, “I want to hear from you.”

?You can mail to them any time you want.

You’ll make much more by sending more often to your own list than blasting out to the biggest list only once.

It costs nothing to send to your own list as often as you want. It costs quite a bit to send to big lists.

Sending to big lists costs money especially if you want to do it over and over again.

With your own list you can send for other people and have them send for you in return.

That’s called a “list swap” or “ad swap.” It can be very profitable when done well.

You can have people approach you to do joint ventures.

Think about that for a minute. How cool would it be to have someone write to you and say, “I’d like to do a joint venture with you?”

People will approach you to do joint ventures because now you own the list.

 When you’re a list owner you’re in a different category.

If you added 300 people to your list once a week you would have a list of 15,000 people in a year.

How long have you been trying to sell things online?

 What if you’d been adding 300 people a week to your list all that time?

If you’re thinking, “That sounds great but I have no idea how to drive traffic.” then don’t worry. I teach members how to attract traffic to their sites.

You will notice that I say “attract” traffic.

We use the term “drive” traffic. That’s a misnomer. That’s a bad picture. You can’t drive traffic like they are cattle. You have to attract people who are interested in what you have to offer to your site.

I prefer the term “attract” traffic. 

What are you doing with the traffic you generate now? Do you send them to some sales letter and hope that they buy? Do you get them on your list and give them more reasons to buy?

There are a lot of reasons that people buy products. When you send prospects follow up emails then you can cover all of those reasons. If you’re sending them to a sales letter then you can’t. Do you remind them to return or hope that they come back? 

Many people are doing “just hope” marketing these days. The choices are partial profits or more profits. If you send traffic to any page but your own squeeze page then you’re settling for partial profits.

I want to help you create maximum profits. That’s why I made this free video series.

That’s why I created the Follow Up Selling Systems membership.

Anyone can do this. You don’t need to be a guru. You don’t need to be rich. You do need to learn this method of marketing. It’s different. If you continue to send traffic to low converting websites and directly to sales letters then you will be forever stuck trying to get traffic. You’ll never build a list.

There is a better way.

Do the work once and profit over and over again. 

We can fall for the hype. Many people have. 

You hear, “Click this software three times to make $1,000,000. Force Google to send you all the traffic you want.”

I don’t know anyone who can force Google to do anything. From where I sitting, Google does anything they want.

How about this one? “Go from zero to $100,000 in just 90 days.” Do what is proven. Do what is conservative.

Do what every successful marketer is doing now. Use follow up email marketing. There is no reason why you can’t do this or why it won’t work for you.

It works for those who work it. If you want to know more then click the charter membership link on this page.

If you have any questions or you like this video and want to leave a comment I’d love to hear from you. I answer every question myself. I read every comment myself.

I appreciate your time. I look forward to seeing you on the next video.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Carlos Rosario

Every time I come to your site, Charlie, I’m reminded of just how simple and just how true your stuff is.

I want to over complicate it, subliminally, I think because my brain has a hard time reconciling that it’s actually not that damn hard, lol.

Thank you for everything.

BTW…how come DOE doesn’t have stuff for things like B2B or like recreational stuff like, I dunno…Salsa dancing or dating?

    Charlie Page

    Hi Carlos,

    I know what you mean about wanting to overcomplicate it. I think we all do that. I’m taking some training right now that is SO complicated it’s hard to keep up with. But I’ll take the good from it and use it simply, Lord willing.

    As to the DOE, ezines in the salsa dancing type niches generally do not want to sell ads to others. They want to promote their own products.



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Hi, I’m new to internet marketing but love yr newsletter and this video. Is this method relevant to home business or work from home businesses? Nate

    Charlie Page

    Hi Nate,

    I’m happy you are here. These methods work equally well for home businesses or more traditional brick and mortar businesses.



Hi, yup this post is really nice and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.


Hey Charlie,
It’s a very practical suggestion for SEO. A lot of us waste time, not
being clear in our priorities.A great way of improving upon your
site ranking.Nothing like great content.Am following your guidelines.

Have stopped wasting my time with safe lists.Yes they are a great place,
to learn and develop your skills.

Am a DOE member.

A great and valuable post.


DJ Barrett

Hey Charlie, I’m currently attracting traffic to my website through re-visitors. What is your outlook on this method? I’m receiving targeted traffic, but to my website. Should I send them straight to my squeeze page instead?

    Charlie Page

    I love retargeting. It is a very powerful method of marketing that too few try. I like to send traffic to a squeeze page and then use a popup on exit of the main site. That seems to work well for me across several sites. I believe list building is all important, and am willing to forgo a few sales up front that might be lost in order to build the right list.

    If in doubt, split test the traffic 50/50 to your landing page and squeeze and see what you get.

    Hope this helps.

Donovan Barrett Jr

Great post, really impacted me and what I do, It shed a light.

Mark Mansfield

Hi Charlie, another great post. It all makes sense when put this way. I’m going to read your “Driving Traffic Quick Course” now! Thanks
Mark M

Victor Taylor

I have been reading your emails since last summer. I am very impressed with your knowledge. I’m sold. Your entire system is very good. I need it desperately. It can do wonders for my business. In about a week’s time I’m gonna start investing in it. Hope to become a full member of your various sites.

There’s something I wanna ask though. Once I paid for The Commonsense Blueprint, does it include a full website? You see, I have all my literature and pictures ready. I really just need the technical expertise to do it. I did some copywriting a few years back. I wanna start blogging again and promote my business through your systems.

I look forward to hear from you.

PS – Keep the good work going. A lot of people are benefiting from you. As you said provide good contents and give first and you’ll get the reward. You’re about to get mine. You deserve it. If only you know how much I’ve learned from you. I owe you so much. This is just the beginning.

Thank you very much.



Yes I also tried safelist and other traffic sources. What worked for me was Google search traffic. I think it is because of its targeting. I would very much like to try Solo ads and other sources. THough I tried paid ads when I started (6yrs ago), I lost money for lack of knowledge. I want to give it one more shot now which I think I am better than before. Thanks

    Charlie Page

    The only people who make money with safelists are the ones selling them. That has been my experience. Solo ads and safelists are SO not the same thing! I hope you do try solo ads. They work so well when you have the right fit.


Ted Greidanus

Charlie, I want to see what you think is the best approach for our business to go forward with you using solo ads and any other tools you recommend for delivering maximum sales. I have been reading and following your info for the past two months.

    Charlie Page

    Impossible to provide consulting here on the blog. Sorry about that. I would say that your product has almost universal appeal and so doing well with ezine advertising, not just solo ads, should be an easy thing to do for you.



Hi Charles,
I think I actually got connected to you by chance and i want so sure about you but I am glad I did. I just watched your video on the truth about traffic and it is really high quality content . I have not gotten your product yet as I have a lot of funds tied into purchasing and review products for my website.

Since we are on the subject of my website, I would like to tell you a bit about it. My team and I are looking to sell and promote only five products that really work in 4 categories ( newbie category, the drifter category, the Maintainance and the Bonus plus plus. We have already gotten 2 product we are going to promote hopping that your product will be in the Bonus plus plus category of the website.

The bonus ++ is a section of the site that will list 5 top products that can help newbies and experienced internet marketers acquire skills that will help them grow their list and add value to thier list.

The website is launching in 2 days. And hopefully I will be able to buy your product as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Carlos Rosario

Your thinking is so clear and sound.

You make so much sense without beating around the bush.

You’ve demystified the mysterious and are so darned helpful that its obvious why your site ranks for so many Query type searches like “does article marketing work” and such.

You have raised the bar for me, most certainly.

I am not sure where this content was the last 4 years, but I am truly astounded at how much information you are willing to GIVE away for free….but completely grateful.

Anyways, I absolutely love what you’re teaching, preaching and giving…and I am all ears.

Look forward to more great stuff from you, Mr. Page and hopefully can get an audience with you one of these days, soon?

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Carlos! I do believe that giving our best is the right way to do business online. I’m happy that concept resonates with you and that you are enjoying my blog.

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Kenny Taylor (a.k.a. Sugarbear)

Wow! That was one of the most informative videos that I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to! Thank you again, Charlie!
p.s. You know, I’ve been on this road of trying to establish a profitable & helpful online presense for years, and I can remember those first years searching for relevant information, and how it seemed that you had to pay out the nose for every tiny scrap of information, (and half the time, the info was mis leading). As one who has had to ride that difficult road, I can speak with all honesty when I tell you, “I appreciate all of the help that you offer! Its isn’t yesterdays worn out restrung info that produces little to nothing, your providing information that is relevant & profitable now, and your teaching me by example how to cultivate a healthy relationship with my prospective customers! Giving valuable quality information that helps one to acheive their goals does produce a solid customer that will come back again & again for the things that they need online! Thanks again, Charlie! Papa Sugarbear

Lawrence Gower

Great info as usual Charlie. Keep it coming.

Caryn Elizabeth

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for the informative video on follow up marketing. I especially liked your comment on the volcanoes.. it made me smile. You know Charlie, when I first came online my friend Mike told me about you. I was on your list. At the time, I had no idea what was up or down. Now, it’s been a couple years, and I so appreciate you. There’s something about maturity, calm, beauty, quality, focus and simplicity. Your site and content delivers that extremely well. I was thinking of creating a “keyword” each day for my life. Yesterday’s was “simplicity”. And with that, I have come to your site “again”. Actually my business partner mentioned you and reignited an interest. You sent me an email.. and here I am.
I’m just wanted to congratulate you on the power of your presence and message to the internet community. Blessings to your wife and family. What you have done has not gone unnoticed. CE


As always your articles and videos are interesting and informative. I just have one comment for this one.

I must have picked up some good habits from you as I am already ATTRACTING all of my traffic to my squeeze pages.

Will be doing a WSO launch for a new PLR product some time this week if we can get it scheduled in time. As soon as that is finished I will be joining you for your email followup system program.

Please keep the good information coming our way.

Dr. Clyde

greg robinson

this is excellent info! I’m one of your affillates, and about to hit the traffic hard to get some sells. this info helps, just like the rest of your info… thanks

Seng Sotharith

Hello Charlie,

Thank you so much for sharing wonderful video and tips of online marketing.
I am learning from these tips.

Seng Sotharith

Maria Jackson

Hi Charlie: I joined the original follow up system. I was not ready for the wealth of information you had and have to offer. As a massage therapist I work very hard. Yes, I am dedicated to helping others; but, reality says I must have passive income before I fall down dead. I have so much needed information to share. You just reminded me to get back in the game. I started blogging on word press. I have a personal page on face book and a fan page. I have 3 other websites representing products I am feel (deeply) everyone should learn about.

I definitely need help to get the word out. Thank you for what you shared in this video.


Thank you charlie, always iam feeling happy with your information and your video to me thanks again.

Paul Warner

I have learned over time that you learn just as much from people’s comments as you actually do from the post itself which leads to this complaint. I notice that on your comments there are no email addresses posted or some of these people’s site urls which I find very discerning. If somebody writes something in a comment that I find intriguing, interesting, and worth pursuing as to learning more about what they had to say, I have no way of contacting these people, which takes away from the knowledge I am trying to learn in doing this business, but also it detracts from my interest in wanting to post a comment myself, because if someone finds what I had to say interesting and worth talking to me about, I certainly would want to hear from them. Another point to this is that the fact there is nothing posted as how to contact them, takes away from the belief that these are actual and true comments that you are getting, and considering that you have to know that the Internet is fraught with lies, trickery, and underhanded thievery that I would think that you would be more open informatively as to the who and where your comments come from.
Just an opinion…….

    Charlie Page

    While your opinion is appreciated the insinuation that these comments are not real is not appreciated at all. I don’t list email addresses because spammers send out robots to blogs to harvest email addresses and spam them.


      Paul Warner

      I am sure that you probably wouldn’t like any insinuation that would be derogatory toward you, and the insinuation is not necessarily directed at you, however not being able to talk to someone who comments about your posts, or products you sell, makes it far less likely that we would or wouldn’t buy a product because, other than your word, we have no way to confirm whether a product is good or not, again this is not necessarily directed at you, but the market overall.
      Anyway this is not in deference to you because I have no doubt that you are ethical, that you probably do have in mind what’s best for your subscribers, and your experience is invaluable, but considering that these people come to your site and leave these comments it would be nice have a closer knit bunch of people who are able to communicate with each other with you being the common denominator.

      Charlie Page

      It sounds like you are looking for a forum where popular marketing topics are discussed. There are many good forums online where you can connect individually with the other members of the forum and interact on topics of interest to you.

      Hope this helps.


William Clinkscales

That was a great presentation and wardering if you would entertain the idea of presenting
you video in a conference room. I’m a member of GVO and they are launching MeetCheap
conference on the 23rd of this month. They have a module called that integrates
with FB and would like a copy of this video to post on Facebook, however, as a struggling affiliate
I would like compensation for any sign ups to your e-zines or some exposure, is this possible?.

I’m not a super affiliate and feel I need to associate with successful entrepreneurs like yourself in order to educate myself to attain my goals.

Here is my link to Meatcheap, I could use your support. I’m convinced this module could enhance your endeavors much more than mine.

Please go to the site and enlighten me as to your comments on this approach to advertising.

You can contact me below, Regards:

William Clinkscales
Supervising Independent Representative

    Charlie Page

    Thank you for asking. I’m sorry to say that time will not allow me to do this for now but I do very much appreciate the offer. I wish you well.


Dennis Hance

Thanks Charlie
We can get Click Happy all we want
But in the end we’re just trying to
Sell to sellers.

Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

Charlie, thanks for making the transcripts available for these videos. I am a bit old fashioned that way and find that I don’t track the videos as well as written word for most things.

Usually, I’m just impatient since I can read much faster than most people can talk 8=) There are some things that work better with video, like screen captures and how-to, but most presentations can do just as well in text.

Thanks again for the extra effort that you put in here. It is appreciated.

I also like your statement about attracting traffic rather than driving it. It is an important distinction and indicates your mindset. Thinking about people rather than dollars.


Thanks, Charlie! At last! Good news! Thank you for making transcripts of the videos. I am not able to see any of the videos, because I have a dial-up modem connection. Now for the first time this content will be visible to me. Thanks again!

Hrudendu Patnaik

great video.

If safe list does not convert,then how and why a solo mail to an ezine would convert.I am member of DOE,I have tried couple of times,they did not work either but surprisingly a solo mail to worked though not regularly.


    Charlie Page

    The reason that solo ads work better then safelists is that people who subscribe to ezines do so in order to read helpful articles and learn more about specific topics. People who are on safelist are there because they want to send email, not read email. That said, I do know that some safelists do create some sales. Experience still shows that safelists don’t work well in the main.

George Punchard

Happy to hear you and Family are moving back into your home,
your writings are fantastic , stay well. charlie, i thank you…

Wint Harris

Hi Charlie; I have really enjoyed your information and it makes sense. I have been working the online marketing into my life for about 9 months. I guess I have been studying online marketing for that time. What I have just read I feel like I can do much better than the blasting to everyone that you speak of. I am in contact with my Facebook friends regularly. They are really friends of mine that I know from my life. I am 54 years young and I seem to know a lot of people. The thing is that I know even more people than I have on my friends list. Not all of my people are on Facebook. I will be reading and listening to you. I think you know what you are doing. Thank you, Wint Harris

James Z

Thanks Charlie:

Good idea to make transcripts of your videos. I watch many tutorials, including yours, but don’t have a way to review at a later date. PDF’s are better for my tablet because video downloads take too much memory, too much power and too much time to watch.

Larry pelley

Hi Charlie

I listened to you…giving out great information
on this video…as always you deliver good
inspiring…get-up-and-go do-it…stuff.



cecil jackson

Thanks Charlie for showing me that there is still someone that cares enought to help people, Thats somthing you don,t see very offten anymore, thank you and may god pour his blessing down on you .


Great video Charlie. I loved it and look forward to the next.

Randy Swineford

Great video Charlie you got so much good information as always. Hope all is well after you Christmas mishap!
I have been thinking of what happened and seems as you just keep going forward no matter how bad it gets. You are are a great role model and someone to follow and believe in!
Keep up the great work!
Randy S.


Always enjoy you videos, Charlie. I have been wasting money for years I like your attitude, and information straight and to the point keep it up.

Linda Turner

Excellent and I am a member of Follow Up Selling Systems! You are so down to earth and honest! Thank you Linda


It’s good to listen to someone of your stature Charlie saying what most of us know is practical and common sense but unfortunately a lot of us tend to ignore the obvious.

Shama Kern

I really like your distinction between good and bad traffic. It makes perfect sense.


January 12,2012 at 8:07 AM.

Thanks for this very informative video,as always.
Incredibly without any hype.

Thank you once again and be blessed.

Seamus O'Sullivan

Another Great Presentation, Charlie!

My own blog gets quite a bit of “free” traffic (averaging 4,000-4,500 visitors a week) but I don’t get many sales from the affiliate banner ads I place on it. I am hoping you can offer a video explaining how to get a mailing list started and how to present an opt-in form on a blog? I would greatly appreciate this information.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful information. I can always count on you for accuarte information without all that sales hype and guru style jive. You’re the best!

    Charlie Page

    I will get to that. I teach this extensively in Follow Up Selling Systems. I visited your blog and can see that list building is not a big part of your design. I would suggest offering them something free in exchange for subscribing. As it is now you are saying “don’t miss an issue” but that does not tell them what they will gain. I might use a pop up as well – something like PopUp Domination would work well I think.


Adam Guzik

Thanks Charlie, I did spend 3 years with safe lists ….? I understand your message now.
I must work closer with you and follow you teaching.
Thanks again.

Frederic Wiedemann

Thanks again for your proven wisdom Charlie.

My question to you is this: how does your ENDORSEMENT OF SIPHON 5 fit in with what you are saying on this video?

(ie, is siphon 5 a good way to still go? is it the way to build my list BEFORE i would use your follow up system? how do the two systems work together, or not? etc)

thanks for the clarification,

    Charlie Page

    Siphon is a very good way to build a list in the Internet marketing, MLM or make money online space. What you do with the list after you begin building it is another thing. That is what Follow Up Selling Systems teaches. In Follow Up Selling Systems I teach list building AND what to say and how to profit from the list, no matter the size. So, Siphon is a good tool for list building in these niches and Follow Up Selling Systems teaches you what to do with the list once you have it, and how to build the list stronger and faster as well.

    Hope this helps.



HI Charlie,

Thanks for the useful video. There seems to be a lot of rehashed material on the web but you presented a fresh approach to gaining traffic. It seems many Internet Marketers are pushing commenting on various websites for back-links. Your the first person I have found that somewhat discounts this.


Thanks Charlie for a wonderful info. In particular, highlighting the truly valuable traffic methods is gem.

Tim Pond

Hi Charlie,
I wish I had seen this video a couple of years ago.

“People join safelists for one reason: to send emails, not read them.”
= the truth…

Have a fabulous day,

Zack Lim

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for taking the time to create this good video. I simply love the content that you share in this video.

I agree with you that it is the quality of the traffic that counts, not the quantity of traffic. Getting quality traffic will requires us to either commit our time or money. It is a good idea to have a marketing plan in place where there is a mixture of Paid traffic methods and Free traffic methods.

I personally think that there are many traffic generation methods and it will be better to stay focus on mastering one traffic generation at a time.

Looking forward to your next video 🙂


Tony Mitchell

Hi Charlie

Hope everything goes well at home.

Again, thanks for the video


Hey Charlie I will like to know what mic your are using you sound outstanding

    Charlie Page

    I use a Plantronics headset on my iMac or MacBook Air. Works very well and I bought it at Best Buy for about $70. It’s an “over the ear” type of headset. Ugly, but it works very well and has for years.

    Hope this helps.



Thank you Charlie for a well done descriptive and educational Video and the reminder of the money is in the List.


Joined DOE several years ago. You wrote three ads for me. Used them on
DOE sites with little success.
Getting back into Online marketing from scratch after not doing so for two
Thought your video was excellent and recognize the huge potential our observations offer. Keep those videos
Just getting back into the Online marketing world, I´m in need of product/service(s) to promote with our excellent mentorship.
Was doing Numis Network years ago. Leaning toward Market America now.
Would appreciate any ideas or recommendations you have. Thanks much.
Hope all is well. Take care.
Gratefully yours, Dennis Novak

    Charlie Page


    I think it is very important to promote great products. I teach this extensively inside Follow Up Selling Systems and believe that great products help customers, pay you very well and have stood the test of time. I am not at all in the camp of the “high gravity” products but prefer to buy the things that people need. There are so many great products that are overlooked by affiliate marketers but they are out there if you look for them and think about what people really need.


Juan-Pierre Schaper

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for making this video.

Much of what you said is what I have been suspecting for some time now. Especially the stuff about the safe-list e-mailing services and the traffic-getting-software.

I tried a safe-list e-mailing service once (fortunately it was a free service so I didn’t lose any money on it), and it very quickly occurred to me that if every member of this service is trying to sell, and nobody is buying, then this service will never generate any business for me or anybody else. I didn’t think these methods could work, and this video confirms it for me.

Thank you for speaking the truth.

J Schaper


Many of us continue to strive to make money online, but no one has revealed the truth about traffic. Thanks for sharing the truth about traffic.


Excellent video and content, as usual. Being retired and on limited income, I really need to drop back and get rid of all the high flyers that offer garbage. I am going to try publishing some kindle material because I enjoy writing and photography. But I do need to create some real and regular income. I am a lifetime DOE member, but haven’t figured out yet how that can really help me. I really need to start getting income sooner than later, so any advice you have to offer will be appreciated. As a born again Christian, I appreciate your values and work very much.

I think that I need to clean my computer files of most of the garbage that I have received — almost anything that uses the words guru, ninja, secret, underground, and outlandish promises I think I will delete. Much of this information is coming from the big guns that naturally already have monstrous mailing lists and are making millions. But their tactics of earning are sincerely questionable and close to being unethical. I find a lot of this coming from the UK by the way.

I have given up on the PIPS program, Stone Evans and much of Ewen Chia’s information. Farrell’s membership program is basically good, but has so much down-selling and questionable affiliate programs. I tried Avery’s site-build program, but as with many, they don’t follow up with service as promised.

I must admit that I find Blogger (Blogspot) sites so much easier to use than WordPress. Perhaps that is one of my fall down areas.

Sorry for the long winded discussion. I guess what I really need is a mentor or coach to get me set up and going with some ACTUAL income. But I’m not sure how to go about doing that, or how expensive it might be.

Thanks again Charlie for your excellent communications.

    Charlie Page


    Since you are a DOE member I will suggest logging in and watching my Common Sense Internet Marketing webinar. I believe it contains the most practical help I have ever created. Most people who take the time to watch it and then apply what it teaches are helped greatly by having a process to follow. I like Blogger too and don’t find that using them is a fall-down area unless you want heavy customization like you can do with your own WordPress blog. Candidly that is not necessary for most people

    Hope you enjoy Common Sense Internet Marketing.



Thank you Charlie, you are really doing a great job. This is mind-enriching and does a great deal of good in instilling confidence and giving direction in this hype-filled landmine field called internet marketing.

Thank you and God Bless you


I like your way of prezentation ,
how we do that ,
you have my full attention.


Goran Gjorgjiev


Hello Charlie,

Thanks for the awesome info, Your a good man. God bless you.

George Punchard

Charlie, you always come to point,, your Vidios are great and Very Educational,
we learn somrthing new every day, your teaching is fantastic…George

Bobby Earle

Hello, Charlie….

It is great that you got over the “holidaze” in one piece. I think I have just not sure yet… I came down with a serious lung infection and believe I am on the Road to Recovery… could use a beer though but it’s against my Healer’s rules.

You always recognize and speak about the problems we all run into trying to earn a living on the Internet. I, for one, am grateful that you are there for us.

I am also a subscriber to DOE and Freedom Marketing and once back on my feet will be bringing folks along with me.

Thanks, Charlie.

Bobby Earle

Maurice Boulay

Thanks for pointing out what cultivates traffic and what is essentially a waste of time. Your comments, advice and suggestions are always welcome. No hardsell. Its refreshing to see someone who practices what they preach.


Hi Charlie,

I’m a newbie, and has been so for about a year.
Constantly learning new stuff, good and bad.
What I have received from you, so far, is only good and has opened my eyes in many ways.
This video is no exception and I am grateful for your straight forward and easy to understand info.
Thank You!


Good stuff Charlie,

I have been building my list with tons of free information,but as soon as I send a email with something paid they don’t even open the mail.
I am stumped.

    Charlie Page

    Giving too much free information can actually backfire. Almost no one talks about that. When you give too much free information you teach your list to consume free information and to not buy since more free stuff will be coming.

    I teach a method inside Follow Up Selling Systems I call the breathing method of email marketing. It is basically this – send a helpful article to your list on a topic they care about and then three days later send a solo ad recommending a product that will solve the problem you discussed in the article. That is the short version of course but it really works very well.

    Hope this helps.



      Thanks Charlie,

      I never looked at things that way. That was a very helpful answer. I am going to have to tweek my approach and upgrade my Follow up selling systems acct. for 2012 so I can get past this hurdle… 🙂

Bob E Olson

Thanks for the information Charlie. As usual, It was fantastic. Just wished it would have came out
YESTERDAY before I sent out an email to learn by our mistakes Thganks again, and am looking forward to the next video.


Hi Charlie,

Thank you so much for this info. I am a member – can you please outline for me how to go from $0 – $100,000. in 90 days… please coach me on what do I do day by day in order to accomplish this. I am so overwhelmed with info – I always loose focus and got distracted because of so many good information on your sites. I studied but when time to implement – I panicked and totally get confused. I am learning this also as I go along.

Please help me. Will appreciate it very much/
Mahalo, Celia

    Charlie Page


    I’m sorry but I don’t believe it is realistic to think that a person can go from $0 to $100,000 in 90 days. I never said that and would never say that. There is someone online who claims to help people do that but it is not me.

    I would say this – one can earn very high amounts of income online by promoting high-quality profitable products using proven methods of marketing such as I teach on this blog and inside my membership sites. But I would never say to anyone they should expect to earn $100,000 in 90 days starting from $0. That’s just not the real world.

    The best place to start is my Common Sense Internet Marketing webinar inside the Directory of Ezines. Log in and listen to that and then use the free consulting that comes with DOE so we can develop an action plan for you together.


Paul Barrs

Hi Charlie,

Great Video. I’d love to republish it along with a direct affilaite link to your program and give it a permanent place on my Blog. Some things I feel are worth far more than just a “re-tweet” or a Facebook “like” – this is one of them!

Very nicely done.

I’ve submitted a support ticket for as requested on the affiliate page. Could you follow it up for me. Tanks,


    Charlie Page


    Great to hear from you. I’ve been out with smoke damage to our home (all is well now) but will reply to that ticket right away. I’m sure we can arrange this and appreciate your kind words.



Thanks for putting this into simple but logical perspective. We should all adopt this into our own personal common sense file (there is actually nothing COMMON about common sense, but we do build our own versions).

lloyd welberry

More common sense, honesty, and sanity, it’s so refreshing to listen to your teaching Charlie, i can honestly say that you are the only ‘ONE’ i have found in 15 months who is ruthlessly honest with every one.
With so many people trying to make a living from online businesses is there really enough to go around?

    Charlie Page

    There is more than enough to go around. New people come online every day and the people who are online now are buying more and more all the time. The key is to set up marketing systems that work based on proven principles and serving your audience.


Peter J

Hi Charlie,
Great information, brief and to the point without the hype and fluff. Thank you again for this and all the other information you provide to us on struggle street.


Great content!! I know you know it, but man you’re right on the money. I have wasted an entire year and a chunk of money. Like Lee Butler stated, “I’ve spent all together too much time being distracted by too many personal concerns.” I appreciate your honest endeavor to help us succeed. I look forward to learning this system and hope to focus more. Thanks again Charlie 🙂

Kris P.

Thanks so much, Charlie — great content as usual and very much appreciated!!

Johny Kastl

Hello Charlie,

I just wanted to say Thank You for another great and informative video.

I have been researching online marketing for about 3 years now. I am subscribed
to every major internet marketer or “guru” you can think of. This has always fascinated
me and I have wanted to get my foot in the door for some time now. To be honest, I am just
very confused by all of the hype out there. Everyday I receive new emails from all of these
marketers claiming that this “NEW” software or program is the “ONLY” one you need. They
just seem like such scams, some sound realistic, but most don’t.

Your articles and videos are very refreshing and different from most, if not all of the other marketers
out there and I really appreciate that. It truly gives me hope that there still are genuine ways
to make money online nowadays.

Would you please give me some advice as to where I should start or which one of your programs
that you recommend for me. I have never done any online marketing myself, but I do know a great
deal about it, the terminology, affiliates, clickbank, etc.

I really want to get started this year and since it is still the beginning of the new year, the time is now.

Please give me your advice about which one of your programs that you think would be the most suitable
for me or where I should start.

Thank You very much!

Johny Kastl.

    Charlie Page

    I believe the best product I have ever created for beginners is Follow Up Selling Systems. Of all the things I have ever done online building and using automated marketing systems have been by far the most profitable.

    Hope this helps.



      Hi Charlie.

      Thank-you so much for all the writing, products, and thoughts you put forward. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from your work. I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing. I j just purchased the Followup Selling System and it looks really neat.

      Thanks for everything.

    Rudy Reteig

    To Johny Kasti,

    If you are already three years trying on the Internet, it is time to re-conciliate and consolidate. What I mean by that is STOP READING ALL THE EMAILS FROM SO-CALLED GURUS. Take it bit by bit from here.

    Brainstorm, if possible with friends or family or just by yourself and come to aa conclusion from all that you have learned by now, what attracts you most. If it is affiliate marketing, so be it. Work that out to the bottom. Keep track of your results and tweak where necessary. If ypou reach a point where that you are getting results with that then look at another category to work out to the bottom.

    Don’t be confused with things like traffic, advertizing, blogging etc as those are not a business, just tools for what ever category of business you choose. With these tools you only need to focus on whatever category of your choice.

    If you are with the Directory of Ezines, stick with that, as at least you get honest advice from that source. Use the resources wisely and intelligently. Do not rush in everything and the same time. Remember, take it bit by bit.
    Put up banners and solo ads to focus on the category of your choice. Write targeted articles and blogs focusing on keywords of that same category of business. Measure your traffic, be it via Google’s adsense or what ever traffic tracking system do it and make SLIGHT changes at a time and watch the effect.

    I need to warn you though, some reports are very tricky. One is from a famous ranking site. This is very much influenced by your own traffic to your site. Want proof. Check it out go frequently to your site during three days and then stop going for three consecutive days and you will notice the swing in your ranking.

    Feel free to contact me if you want a partner in profit. You know my name you can find me if needed via Google.
    Stay focused on one thing before you tackle another one

Nicholas Wind

You are bang on Charlie!
It is amazing how many folks simply WILL NOT LEARN THE SKILLS NESCESSARY TO SUCCEED…….
…….in almost anything.
Where’s that one ad that will make me rich Charlie?
My niche is fitness and I teach it at 56 years young soon…online and offline.
You know what…We have a seriously lazy and fat society here in N.A.
That thinking and lack of action in fitness is exactly the same analogy as folks who come online.
They quit too easily and do not take their so called business or fitnesss seriously.
Look “you have to be bad to be good” at anything.
Online or offline marketing takes serious thinking and skills to “create our own economies.:
It will not be handed to us.
Thanks for your honesty Sir!


    It is amazing how many folks simply WILL NOT LEARN THE SKILLS NESCESSARY TO SUCCEED
    If we’re going to succeed in this challenging arena, we’re going to have to do it the hard way. … It’s truly amazing how many people think it’s o.k. to abuse other people, especially those they care … Many people simply want to fix, change, or control other people.This will insure you never learn anything new or useful
    many people get bogged down in planning and thinking and never get to the point of action. like

    Driving to work takes less physical energy, saves time, and it’s probably more convenient and pleasant than walking. Not a big deal. But if you drove everywhere you went, or spent your life on a Segway, even to go very short distances, you aren’t going to be expending any physical energy. Over time, your muscles will atrophy, your physical state will weaken, and you’ll probably gain weight. Your overall health will probably decline as a result.

    Your brain needs exercise as well. If you stop using your problem-solving skills, your spatial skills, your logical skills, your cognitive skills—how do you expect your brain to stay in top shape—never mind improve? Think about modern conveniences that are helpful, but when relied on too much, can hurt your skill in that domain. Translation software: amazing, but my multilingual skills have declined since I started using it more. I’ve now forced myself to struggle through translations before I look up the correct format. Same goes for spell-check and autocorrect. In fact, I think autocorrect was one of the worst things ever invented for the advancement of cognition. You know the computer will catch your mistakes, so you plug along, not even thinking about how to spell any more. As a result of years of relying on autocorrect and spell-check, as a nation, are we worse spellers? (I would love someone to do a study on this.)

Mark M

G’day Charlie, thanks for the great information. As usual, it’s up the your standard (High).


I totally agree, great stuff your information is bang on. I have tried all these methods only to fail. I think the only way to run your business is to provide useful information that will help people succeed, you create trust and repeat customers this way.

thank you for making the point.

Manny Reyes

I currently don’t have a website, I have thought about trying affiliate marketing. Watching and listening to your video, I agree with what you had to say. I’ve tried several things, not making a dime. My head is spinning from MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Programs, and especially with all the different types marketing methods for online marketing.

Frank W. Cartwright

Charlie –

I believe you have hit the nail squarely on the head. I had a suspicion that I was on the wrong track, but after your video above I feel that you have a lot of valid points contained therein. I will follow up with more of your videos. I believe my days of Safelists, traffic exchanges and building make believe lists are over. I am going to start on a path of new strategies from here on in. I noted you mentioned in your video that the GSC false advertisement of 100,00K in 90 days was mentioned. As I found out that is totally the 90 day program is a joke.

Frank W. Cartwright

Dean Fischer

I tell people this all the time, but sometimes it’s like talking to a wall. Many people waste time on classified advertising and traffic exchanges too.

Lee Butler

This is filled with wisdom and informed, well researched direction. I know about the ultra high quality of what you do Charlie, but I’ve spent all together too much time being distracted by too many personal concerns. I can’t afford that any more so you’ll see me around. I know high quality when I see it. (former college prof and a community college campus chief administrator and other stuff!


You just make so much sense.I have been jumping from program to program for way too long.I need to stop and do what it takes to make some money.

Rhoseanda Tookes

Hi, One mistake I have made with you Mr. Charlie.
I should have known better to purchase your follow up system when it was a lifetime membership. After I seen the quick video about what you offered inside your system I could I kicked myself. You give great value and content. I procrastinated too long. The next time you offer anything with a lifetime membership I will jump on it so quick its going to make my head spin. Anyway, you have truly blessed me with the knowledge you have in this industry. I greatly appreciate your wisdom. I just know if it wasn’t for you and your wisdom it would take me a long time to learn this industry along with my 10 hour day job.

With LOVE, Rhoseanda Tookes


Thankyou very much for sharing this and helping us, it’s sound and solid information. Great tips! Thanks : )


Another great video connected with an even greater resource. Good work (again) Charlie.

Richard Darnell

Hopefully, without sounding like one wanting a “poor-me party,” the reality of being retired and finding one’s self depending on Social Security for survival does genuinely limit the options.

What I appreciate about DOE is that your content is (and has been) high quality. I feel privileged each time an article is accepted and published. Thank you for your consistent high quality work.

The cost of membership has been more than I was able to do. But, I still have my saving plan working. The time it takes for that to bring the sum needed has been the problem for me.

Again, I am grateful for the quality work you put out.

Doyle Chambers

Thank You Charlie. Your vast experience rings true in your words. We all benefit from your great content. Doyle Chambers

Linda Basta

Hi Charlie
Great video as usual.

Tanja Passin

HI Charlie,

I was wandering what you think about traffic sources such as Craigs List and Back Page? I agree though the money is in the list as they say. Create a blog or website and build a list. I sent you an email through DOE a few days ago too.


Hi Charlie,

I enjoyed your video, and I appreciate all the good advice. Thanks!

Over the years, I’ve verified much of what you say about poor quality traffic sources. They just don’t convert. It’s a waste of money.

I look forward to the next video.

All the best,


Hey Charlie,
Great stuff as usual, I love all your information because you tell it like it is!
It should be a wake up call for many of us that are trying to make money online.
Thanks for the” REAL DEAL” internet marketing advice.


Thank you for your information, always valuable, and is good to remember the fundations.


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