Three Keys To Succeeding This Year

When it comes to succeeding online – whether that means starting your own online business, earning money as an affiliate, or something more, there is a world of confusion about what really works.

Create a content-rich site, some say. But that’s easier said than done.

Publish an ezine, say others. But what would you have to say?

Become a super affiliate we often hear. Again… HOW?

In the years I’ve been online I have been blessed to be able to learn what I needed to know to succeed online. Sometimes I learned from others examples. Sometimes I learned from watching others succeed online.

And sometimes I learned from painful (and costly) trial and error. Based on all of that, I’d like to share with you three keys that I believe can help you succeed this year, and beyond.


The good thing about the Internet is that there are so many different ways to make money.

And the bad thing about the Internet is that there are so many different ways to make money. 😉

So what’s a person to do?

Know yourself.

Respond to what feels right, what sounds right to you. Only do what makes sense to you.

If something you are considering does not yet make sense, learn more before spending your hard earned money.

Remember what you learned as a youth — if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Nowhere is that more true than on the Internet, where scams and snake-oil salesmen abound.

So, how specifically does ‘knowing yourself’ help you succeed online?

Here is my best advice …

Give yourself time to find what fits YOU instead of trying to make yourself fit into any business or program.

If you are losing sleep over the ability to pay your bills and need some very fast money, you may be much better off getting a second job for a while than ‘starting an online business’.

I know — that’s not the advice you are used to hearing. But it’s the advice I would give my daughter.

If you can’t find a job in your physical location consider working for someone online in order to make fast money. You would be surprised how many successful online business people don’t have time to do what they know they should do.

  • They should submit articles but they don’t because it takes too much time.
  • They should set up a YouTube channel but don’t because they are busy with other matters.
  • They know they should do more with social media but just don’t have the time.

There ARE situations where trading time for money makes very good sense – times where the efforts you make MUST bring a return or you will lose everything. In times like that risk is to be avoided. Doing what you know will bring in a return is the common sense choice.

This is exactly what I did when I was down to my last few dollars (literally). I wrote articles, sales letters, selling emails and more for whatever price I could get. If it put food on the table I would take the job. I wrote a 5000 word long sales letter once for about $100. We needed the $100 so I took the work.

You may be thinking “sounds good but I’m not a writer.” Don’t let that stop you. You have skills right now and the chances are there is a market for what you know or know how to do. Find that market and find the work if what you need is money this week.

A bird in the hand still beats two in the bush, and making any real money online when you are just starting out is hard. Very hard. Especially if you are in a situation where you can’t afford to spend time on advertising or other promotion methods. It’s a real catch 22 and sometimes working your way out is the best solution.

The truth you are not being told is that the “overnight success”stories are by FAR the exception… IF they are even telling the truth. Most “overnight successes” I know have been working at their trade for a long time before their name becomes “known”.

I’m betting you know these things “in your gut” so trust yourself when the voice in your head says “better think twice”.

Here’s another example…

If you are staying up until the wee hours of the morning viewing site after site that sound too good to be true then you are likely headed for trouble.

Someone is about to pick your pocket.

It might be with the promise of huge commissions or of doing all the work for you (why would they do that?) but one way or the other they are going to take your money.

When we are tired, frustrated and feeling a little desperate is the time when we make mistakes. We push on past logic and hope against hope that this site will be different. That this person might be your ticket out.

So be careful. Very careful.


What does that mean? It means stop looking for the next big thing and start looking for the next real thing.

Specifically, if a business you are considering does not make sense to you but is asking you to ‘trust them’ please don’t.

Business online is just like business offline. Those who stick with things succeed. Those who jump around don’t. Those who invest time and money in things that seem right and have worked for others do well over time.

Nowhere is this more evident that in affiliate marketing.  I’ve read, but not confirmed, that the average person starting out in affiliate marketing stays with the program they choose for less than 90 days.

My friend, VERY few people succeed at anything new in less than 90 days … especially if they are doing that business part time. Are there exceptions? Sure. Will you be one of them? I hope so but it’s not something one can count on.

How about this alternative? Forget the word ‘opportunity’ for a moment and focus on the word ‘business.’

Here are a few clarifying questions that might help:

  • Is the business you are considering delivering a real product?
  • Does that product help people achieve meaningful goals?
  • Do you understand how the business works?
  • Have you succeeded with the system you intend to promote?
  • Could you explain the business to your best friend and be comfortable?
  • WOULD you share the business with your best friend and still be comfortable in the friendship?

If you answered yes to all of these questions you are in a great position for success. If not the odds of success become much lower.


We touched on this above but it is so important that I want to hover here for a moment more. In fact, I’ve written an entire article about focus you might enjoy.

You can read it here.

To succeed online,  (or offline for that matter) you will have to focus on one thing at a time.

  • Focus your attention
  • Focus your resources
  • Focus your passion
  • Focus your time

If you learn to focus your resources in this way on one thing and prove that it is for you (or that it is not for you) you will succeed online faster. Period. Far too many people have three blogs and four affiliate websites and are in a dozen affiliate programs and trying to do article marketing and setting up their Facebook page and trying to build their lists … all at the same time. It’s just not possible to do the work of five people alone. Something will have to give.

Must better to give the marketing method you truly believe in your whole-hearted efforts for 90 days and then know that you know you did your best.

One last word – the fact that something doesn’t work the first time does not mean that it will not work. Very few things you do well today were things you mastered your first time out.

  • You had to learn to drive. Over time you became a good driver.
  • You had to learn to parent. Over time you became an excellent parent.
  • You had to learn your job. Over time you became an excellent employee.

It’s the same online. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of advertising where beginning advertisers wrongly think they can run one ad and have it succeed. Do some ads succeed on the first run? Sure. Can that be guaranteed? No way. If it could people like Donal Trump would buy up all the ad space and take their guaranteed profits to the bank.

Professional advertisers know that it takes testing – and patience – to make an ad campaign work.

If your first attempt at something fails, consider analyzing why and trying again before moving on to something else.

Use your focus to discover how to do better on the next try.

The list of people who failed on their first try and then went on to greatness is legion. If you have tried an online business and “failed” the odds are the business failed you much more than you failing it. Find something you believe in, make a strong commitment to learn what you need to know, give it time and I believe you will find the success you want and deserve.

And finding that is a beautiful thing indeed!


68 thoughts on “Three Keys To Succeeding This Year”

  1. Gordon Appleby

    Good article, Charlie. I like your emphasis on business vs. opportunity, and your emphasis on growing a business taking time.

    We tend to think the riches are in the product, and rush to make the money too soon. The money is in building a business that delivers value, in the relationship of trust and authority that you develop, and the sense of caring that you nurture…you guessed it…over time. I made a rule early on to never allow my customers to outgrow their need for me, to never depend on a single product and call it a business, and to NEVER be viewed as only wanting to take their money. OK, maybe that’s 3 rules…I suck at math, I guess! But those rules served me very well. And I got to sleep well at night, too.

  2. hi charlie
    i love what you teach,a question,i am from canada,quebec(mostly french)so i am more comfortable in french,that`s what i`ll do in the webmarketing,specially in the french comunity,a lots of things are missing,i use traduction to understand perfectly your posts,do you think the DOE will be good for me???

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  5. Prince Ade-Johnson

    Hello Charlie.
    Thanks so much for this insightful article.
    I have been a victim of some of the things you write about here.
    I need to visit this blog regularly. I believe I have a lot to learn form you.
    If I may ask, can I print your articles for a reprint?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m happy you like the article and thank you for wanting to use it. You can do that as long as nothing is changed, I remain the author and you include a resource box. You can put your affiliate link for the Directory of Ezines in the resource box if you like however.

  6. Another inspiring article Charlie. Much appreciated. I agree that jumping from one program to another does not help anyone’s chances of real success online. Unfortunately many people online are obssesed with get rich quick schemes. There is no substitute for hardwork to achieve longterm success.

  7. This is about Vic’s 48 Hour Cash Machine. When I first saw those 3 videos, the first two only kept me wondering what this guy was trying to sell. In the first two vids he is trying to lay the groundwork as to where the product in the 3rd Video (THE DOE) fits, as to its benefits, a very clever and tedious tactic and hence his immense success is sales of DOE. Moral of the story, relate the product to its probable benefits and you have good chances of selling the product. Nice Work Vic, however 48 Hours Cash Machine is not what DOE is, as Charles Page points out but definitely serves as a crowd pulling headline.

  8. Christopher J Hewitt

    Great Read….So True..,..Focus is Paramount. Hate to admit it it, but I’ve had to get off the ” opp wheel myself” love how your truth shines through and makes so much sense…..5iphon a good one very simple and easy to do.

  9. Thanks a lot Charlie,

    I cannot wait to joint you class for affiliate marketing. I am sure it will help everyone that’s new in the business like me. I am looking forward for that. Lanny Loreto.

  10. Charlie, thanks. You always share the wisdom of a sage who’s been around the block more than once. DOE seems like the once place you can go on the internet and know you’re going to get a good dose of the truth in plain English. Very much appreciated.

  11. I like your style Charlie. Open and straight forward,always ready to help others. That is a fresh encounter after many slimy and egoistic experiences I met on my path through the Internet. I love and hate it some times, just because of all those scams, which feel like ugly bums in the read.
    Plse continue doing what you do, that feels like an Oasis in the dessert.

    Thank you so much and although I just joined your company, I feel we will have a good relationship. I LIKE THAT

  12. Giveaway Power Contributor

    Hi Charlie,
    superb advice!
    It’s great that you emphasized focusing.
    You really need to find a great system or 2 systems, focus on them and
    make them work for yourself.
    Don’t try to do too much.
    When you start to earn continuous extra income, you can and you should outsource some or all of your routine tasks.
    Best of luck,
    Tim Pond

  13. Very insightful article. Enjoyed reading it. To understand that success has its laws just as gravity has his – regardless of whether you approve – is an essential first step. As I know from my own past, finding out that being successful is going to be much work, can cause people to settle for just being a loser.

    1. Beat,

      I appreciate your comment but would never characterize someone as a “loser”. We all win and we all lose, which are acts but those acts need no color our identity.


  14. Hi charlie,
    Your article never fail to amaze me. Thank you for your very useful advice. Keep posting and thanks again.

  15. Charlie, Great as always! Your articles are always right-on. I think the biggest problem is people have this notion that making money on the Internet is easy beacuse that is the way everything is promoted. I’m thankful for what you do and that you keep it real.


  16. Martin Findling

    Hello Charlie,
    Thank you for your great article, I really enjoyed reading it. What you are telling us is honest and so true. There is no overnight success, if there would be than everyone would start an internet business. Yes, the information overload and all the useless offers ending up in my inbox, it is a lot to deal with. But over time I have learned and I know quite good now which email is worth opening to have a read and which email goes straight in the bin. I strongly believe giving up after only a couple of month is not the right thing to do. Keep going, change strategies, learn and work hard will take you to success. When I started with my online business, I thought it would make me the most money if I sign up with as many programs possible. Wrong, I learned, got rid of the most and concentrate now on my core business only.
    Thank you again Charlie and be blessed. I am looking forward to read your next article.

  17. Forex Online Trading Information


    The more of your articles I read, the more I realise what a good idea it was for me to have joined your DOE. I really like and respect that you share such good information with your subscribers and offer suggestions for their improvement.

    In spite of the fact that your graphic has 4 keys in it instead of the 3 mentioned :-), I found this article to highly inspirational and helpful and appreciate everything you said. It makes a lot of sense, which is sometimes a problem when one is in this situation, as we cannot always make sense of our situations.

    Your decision to make your forthcoming affiliate tuition free is a great idea and I am sure that the quality will be top class. I sincerely hope that those that really need it will take advantage of this generous offer and put your teachings into practice and improve their lives substantially.

    Thanks again for sharing.


  18. Charlie, ya dun it again….Great article….it took me one whole year of an awful lot of learning and hard work to make my first sale. ($39.00 commission). Probably a pay rate of pennies per day but it is the first step.


  19. This post certainly spoke to me. With all the hype you hear about an “opportunity” it is so true what you have said. You have to know yourself and what You are capable of doing. We can’t all be like the big guru’s, if an opportunity is not suited for you then it just won’t be a good fit for the long haul. I also agree the opportunity has to be something you can tell your friend and not worry about scaring them away. I look forward to your next post.


  20. Hi Charlie, Another great article! It is refreshing to hear you tell it like it is…Thanks for the reminder to focus on one thing! It has been going slow for me, but I know I will make it. Once I get a handle on what I’m doing, I know everything will come into place. Thanks again for all of your expertise! God Bless.

  21. So True! I seriously appreciate you’re saying it out loud. It’s what we’re all feeling inside, I’m sure, but it validates our feelings and helps us to redouble our efforts in the right places and get on with it. Thank you!! I Needed that!

  22. Well said, Charlie. I think I was always afraid to return to an office job so kept plucking away at IM but you make a good point that the work can be paid work in IM, like taking on odd jobs to keep you going. This can help to keep someone until their dream comes true…

  23. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for this absolutely eye-opening article.
    I have to confess, I myself often lose focus on what I’m suppose to do and keep looking for get rich quick schemes. Your article is a good reminder for me to start focusing myself again. Thanks again.

  24. Thank you, Charlie, for another great article.
    I agree 100% with what you are saying. Much of it is quite obvious, but it’s so easy to start chasing the many ‘opportunities’ offered on the internet. It’s so useful to be reminded of these obvious things, and now i’m going to (try to) take your advice, I promise! 🙂


  25. Hats off to you Charlie!

    Not only is this another great article, but ALSO you take the
    time to reply to peoples comments on your blog, even when it involves
    taking the time to visit their sites and give feedback!

    AWESOME job Charlie, and any who’s thinking of joining any of Charlie’s
    sites (especially DOE!) do it NOW without hesitation. Learn from, in my
    opinion, the genuine guy on the web 🙂

    Carl Ashton

  26. Thank you again Charlie. Finally some common sense. I have been that person and need to narrow down my attention span, so that I can become good at one thing.

    Thanks for this and all your wisdom!

    Love and blessings,

    Caroline xxx

  27. Thank you, Charlie. This has really helped me. You are one of the most sensible voices I’ve heard around the IM business world.

  28. Dear Charlie,
    Thank you for this article. Its really hits me. I am one of them that jumping around from one site to another looking the right opportunity to catch the right “Golden Goose”. Could you please give any idea whether the affiliate marketing is the right way to do at this time?

    1. Lanny,

      I am coming out with an affiliate marketing course in the next month or so and have decided to make it free. I think that will help.


  29. As always Charlie, you give the best advise I have heard for years. I’m one of them that has been looking for ways to increase my retired wages. Like so many, lord knows I have tried them all. Appreciate your sound words and advise, right on the money, Thanks Charlie

  30. Raymond
    September 30,2011 at 9:12 AM

    Thank you for your call to “FOCUS”.
    Lack of focus has been the key element to
    most failures.

    You transparently laid out the facts.
    More grease to your elbows and more blessings.


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  33. That is great info Charlie, I have done my share of jumping and now am offering a service to make videos for other marketers of anything, sometimes you got to just work for a living.

    look forward to your next article

  34. Hi Charlie,
    Have made myself my own domain name website for over a year and a half ago and the first year had it with and 6months ago I transferred it to hostgator hopping to have this finally start and got the baby package for the year but since a year and a half and both places with my web site I made that I wrote at the place that your site had asked below the comment you ask people to put down and here is my web address again
    Well I am disabled and been hopping since I came out of my coma in 84 that my life would change and finally start, but with my short term memory loss every day and not seeing any success I wonder if I can do any of this. I have tried since 1997 the internet but this seems to hard. Can you tell me why my site is not working. I keep seeing at click bank all these people making all these millions $$$ but me not seeing a sent. I joined click bank in 2003 but all I’ve see there are $0.00 all these years and seem to be burnt out from reading all these emails and the stories of all these other people and download all these ebooks and all these other things that everyone ask you to download that I am burned out and need to know what you would do in my place. Will wait for your suggestion and help, thank you.

    1. The main thing I notice on your site is that there is no information to help people who visit. All I see are ads for products you want to sell. Sites like this don’t usually work too well. I suggest putting as many articles as possible on your site so visitors get help when they visit.


    2. Hi Denis,

      I am with Charlie on this one, you need to offer people valuable content. A bunch of links is not valuable content. They first need to trust you.Think about three things you can help people with. You don’t need to be an expert.

      I can think of two things already, reading from your post;
      1. How to deal with a disabilty. 2. How to deal with short term memory loss.

      Get the content articles up, make a free product (E-book), for example 10 tips how to live with short term memory loss. Start building your mailing list, then you are going somewhere.

      I can recomend some very good membership programs that wil teach you how to go about setting up your business properly.

      Let me know if you are interested just send a mail to

      Wishing you great success,

      Piet Hein

  35. Great advice, jotting them down now to put into place. can’t wait to see the new DOE.

    Dwight Anthony

    Financially Elite Blog

  36. Hi Charlie

    I am a DOE member and in fact it is quite some time since I logged in.
    This article is so true and I really appreciate you, writing in detail, your honest thoughts, experience and advice.

  37. Carlie, I love this article to its core. I’ve been failing for a number of years now and don’t plan to give up. However, I can see why I fail. Too many sites, not focused and not working on what has worked or is working.

    Thanks for sharing.

  38. Hey Charlie – Thank you.
    This piece just confirms what I already knew –
    you are truly one of the good guys out there,
    with the best interest of others your first prority.

  39. Charlie, these thoughts are so practical, so well expressed, and so powerful in their straight-forward simplicity. It’s about time the REAL truth was spoken, and it’s even more convincing when coming from an experienced warrior of the Business that you are. Keep on sharing STRAIGHT TALK ! Ernie

  40. Once again Charlie Page delivers accessible, straightforward, valuable content. Daily I delete dozens and dozens of emails. When I see an email from Charlie I open it immediately, knowing I will learn something I can draw on to help my team, enrich my understanding and enhance my business. Thank you for your down-to-earth wisdom and practical, no nonsense guidance. With Deep Gratitude, Linda

  41. I have been considering the GSC, since you have joined them and I have had a lot of respect for you. It all sounds good, but now there’s a 97 dollar fee plus 97.monthly, plus buying two domains. I don’t think I can follow computer -talk instructions very well, and I sure don’t have confidence to sell $997 and $1997. packages.
    You must have seen last night’s webinar. I tried to join, but somehow paypal didn’t process it…must have been my mistake—panic to try to join before 9 pm. I should know better, at my age. Sure enough I saw the webinar this morning.
    As far as joining up with you, I think I’m too old to learn all those things. I’m 75, and just looking for a way to earn money to help my daughter, that’s all. It’s such a struggle for the middle class these days.
    Since I’m replying to your email, I wonder if you have any suggestions for me. Thank you,

    1. Larry,

      I did not see the webinar last night but hope you enjoyed it. As I am not an active member of GSC I don’t attend the webinars. I’m busy creating my own products and serving members so time simply does not allow me to attend Vick’s webinars on a regular basis.

      I don’t know what their current offer is but agree that selling $2000 packages can be a challenge. Especially if one has not successfully sold lower-priced products before. Higher priced products mean fewer buyers and much more competition. Very profitable if you know how to sell online but a very hard place to start trying to make money.

      I want to clarify my position on Global Success Club. I am a member of GSC and have logged in a few times to see what Vick is doing. I did find that there is some great material in there and hope that members will avail themselves of the material Vick has gathered for them. I find that most members of most sites don’t really use what they buy to the full. I know I have been guilty of that many times.

      Vick, the owner of GSC, is also the creator of the 48 Hour Cash Machine. Vick has sold more DOE memberships that almost anyone in the last year. He has been one of the top DOE affiliates. In addition, his offer to help members build their own lists and make money by duplicating his 48 Hour Cash Machine (an offer open to GSC members) has helped many earn their first commissions and help others go on to earn thousands.

      This much is without question.

      I do disagree with Vick on some points and on some of the methods he uses and recommends. I would never in a million years name something “48 hour cash” because it creates an unrealistic expectation. No one is going to join DOE and make money in 48 hours in my view. It often takes longer than that to get ads placed, especially in better ezines!

      DOE is not a “money now with no effort” offer. We are a real resource and have been online 13 years because we teach a method of marketing that works and we help members succeed with that method.

      I will say that what Vick has said to me personally is that he named it 48 Hour because most of the traffic coming from ezine advertising happens 48 hours after the ad is sent. With this I agree, although not completely. Ezine advertising often offers a residual effect due to people reading their email days after they receive it. I’ve seen this happen many times.

      I also don’t believe safeslists or other super-cheap methods of driving traffic work. They certainly did not work in my testing and my consulting calls with DOE members bear that out.

      The testimonial I provided Vick that says “Over $10,000 a month in sales like clockwork” was a testimonial about Vick’s sales of the Directory of Ezines, NOT my sales of GSC. I’m very sorry he chose to display the testimonial in the way he did because it certainly makes it look like I promote GSC and earn over $10,000 a month doing so.

      That is not the case.

      I do not agree that you can’t learn what you need to know due to age however. We have DOE members who are in their 80s who are succeeding online.

      My suggestion would be to learn all you can about affiliate marketing from the little I know of your situation at this point. With affiliate marketing you do not need a site of your own to start (although someday you will want one) and you can buy paid advertising to drive traffic to the site you promote without any further involvement if you so choose.

      Sorry for the long answer but I wanted you to know the truth about my involvement with and where I stand on Global Success Club.


      1. I agree with you Charlie. Most people understand when you explain answers in detail.
        Back in the Mail Order days I spent an hour each day answering questions customers asked about products I sold. When I dove out in cyber-space, I still spend time answering questions. People need to know they’re dealing with a real person who cares enough to take time to communciate and give them real advice. Common sense is still important in out fast pace word. Telling someone “Thank You” should never be forgotten. I still get on my kids about simple things like this everyday. Ken Lewis
        Lewis Marketing Group USA

  42. sigh…so true. I HAVE been “jumping” around from site to site, investigating, perusing…and I know that IM is a “business”, and you have to learn what and how to do it. Fortunately, I haven’t been scammed or spent a lot of resources simply because I am VERY cautious…thus, my output has been very limited. Then again, so has my income…

    I WILL not give up. I simply know that it can be done. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Page for his inputs and insights…he is a bona fide, successful, internet marketer and he DEFINITELY knows what he is expounding upon.

    Thanks Charlie, for all — I have “boiled down” all the marketing info to a few — and YOU are definitely in my top 5. I have work to do, may not be able to afford what I need, but…I won’t give up.

    Regards and looking forward to all replies,

    Michael J Steeves

  43. Adolphus Osaroejiji

    Thanks Charlie,
    This is more like it, frankly this is the first time l have heard what l’d been wanting to hear about internet business. I am a very skeptical person and when l hear sweet stories about any thing l become wary of it. Charlie now l can go into internet business because l know what to expect. I hate the sweet song l’ve heard so far about internet business; to me their stories felt so much like bundles of lies coated with sweets just to collect money from curious newbies like me who is keen to start the business. Charlie, l would like to work with you if you promise to help me succeed in internet business I need information on the best form l can start with. Once again thanks for this very vital information.
    Hoping to hearing from you on a frequent basis.

  44. Hey Charlie, you sure hit the nail on the head with this article. I have really had a hard time
    getting started on line. What has saved me is “social security” i get enough to surive just
    nothing left over, and that holds me back, i think i could be a lot better place if i had some
    money to work with. anyway keep up the good articles, Charles D Hart

  45. Charlie, you are some realistic man, and I just loved this e-mail. You have hit the nail on the head with me. A famous writer advised me to go on a certain Webinar and sent me the link!

    I thought, I hope this isn’t just another Clickbank type product, which I had never had much success with. I was and still am feed-up with all the scams and want no more of them, it is true they just want your money and I spent enough of that in the last couple of years.

    I was truly hoping that someone would give me heads up on something I knew about and could work with a real Company, that was helping people out in this tough ecomony. Well it happened on this Webinar, the more I listened to it the more I realized I could be this kind of Consultant, because I sort of did this type of work in a Corporation I worked with for 20 years. I immediately understood the Consultants role in this Company, no pressure to sign-up either, they sent you a few e-mails with videos attached to get to know them and after a week or so, I decided it was for me! And, they are training us with videos and pdf’s and the first customer we get for the Funding Company, they will give us back our deposit!

    Say a prayer and wish me luck or whatever, because I think I finally found something that interests me, I can help people in these hard times, and run a real business for myself and my Family.

    I just had to tell someone about this news!

  46. Great article, Charlie. It’s so easy to become the person you described as doing 6 things at once. Thanks for the reminder to focus on one thing.

  47. Achmad Karno Widjaya

    Hello Charlie,
    I am really enjoy reading your post, hope this will motivate me for better.
    Although i understand all you mention but in real life as you said “easier said than done”!
    Achmad K W

  48. Charlie:
    Thanks for telling it like it is. The only “keys” are the ones that have ALWAYS been…
    1. Creating an compelling offer (compelling=offering value=answering the eternal prospect question…’can you help me make money?”
    2. Driving TRUCKLOADS of targeted traffic to your compelling offer 24/7/365
    3. Generating targeted leads from that targeted traffic
    4. Converting those targeted leads to sales.

    Nothing else or ever.
    Thanks for telling it like it is.
    Kevin Pritchett

  49. Martin (Australia)

    Hi Charlie,

    You really helped me in so many ways with your words, articles and the DOE. You give out goodness and I know that you receive goodness back to you.
    Thank you for another thought provoking article that I have printed out and added to so many of your other articles.
    Good things to you in all ways, Charlie!


  50. Charlie:
    Bravo on telling it like it is!!! Success in 90 days ….not likely..unless you have experience and are then leveraging years of that experience. Otherwise, its the basics:
    1. Creating a Compelling Offer
    2. Driving Truckloads of Targeted Traffic To That Compelling Offer
    3. Generating Targeted Leads From That Targeted Traffic
    4. Converting Those Leads To Sales…
    And THAT’S the truth ‘Ruth’
    Thanks for YOUR truth and candor…refreshing
    Kevin Pritchett

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