Three steps to happiness

How often do you look at your success story? If you are like most people, it’s not often enough!

We all have a success story you know.

Even if you have been cheated, abused, ripped off and worse, you have success stories to tell. The key is to not let your low points overwhelm your high points and make you feel like you are failing.

For example, most people who want to make money online have spent plenty but have never made a single dime online. Does this mean they should give up? Never!

But it can be discouraging and that discouragement needs to be chased away. You do not have to live with discouragement!

Happily, there is a sure cure for discouragement. I discovered the cure many years ago and use it every day. While I have faced many a hard day (death of my brother, both my parents and other countless challenges) applying this simple technique keeps me looking up and looking forward every day … regardless of how tired I am or how many challenges I face.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice. It’s just what works for me. If you are truly depressed please see a doctor to get the help you need.

You can begin using this method in the next 10 minutes. I hope it works for you too.

Step 1 – Make your top 10 list

In your lifetime there have been high points and low points. We all have them. It’s time right now to focus on your high points and make a “top 10” list of the things you have done right.

While you are making this list your mind might fill with negative thoughts — thoughts about what you have done wrong or where you have failed. If that happens just say a gentle “no” under your breath and focus again on your victories.

Here is my top 10 list. This is highly personal and a little bit chronological. Your list does not need to be chronological but it’s okay if it is. There is no wrong way to make your list. This is your personal achievement list so any order will do.

Just put the most important item at the top.

  1. Accepting Christ as my savior
  2. Marrying my wonderful wife when I was just 19
  3. Having two wonderful children when we were told we never would
  4. Sending them both through college without borrowing any money
  5. Starting my own business at 31
  6. Overcoming a terrible illness and being restored to health
  7. Buying the Directory of Ezines after being a member only 18 months
  8. Beginning to write books
  9. Discovering how to automate my business to create free time
  10. Losing 35 pounds and keeping it off for a year

Step 2 – Print out your top 10 list

Be it printed from a word processor, in your own handwriting (this is better) or on your phone, keep your list where you can get to it at all times. I started out putting mine on a 3 X 5 card and kept it in my pocket. As time and technology progressed I’ve had it on my screen saver, my Palm Pilot and now on my iPhone.

The key here is to have it handy at all times. In the beginning you will need it more than after you have practiced how to use it and have it memorized.

Now, here’s one way to use your list. There is no wrong way, this is just my favorite one.

Step 3 – Use the “yes, but” technique

This idea is simple but powerful. If you do this for seven days I believe you will see a dramatic improvement in your outlook and get more done too. That’s a win-win!

Every time you have a negative thought about yourself (or someone says something negative to you about yourself) take out your list and say to yourself “yes, but look what I did here!” And then spend a moment reliving one of your top 10 victories.

If you choose one of your victories that relates to the current negative thought so much the better. But it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you learn to respond to any and every negative with a positive.

It’s sad but true, the world seems designed to beat us down. Many people only feel they can win when we lose. The news is full of mostly bad stories. So it is our job to overcome those things and keep our thinking right and our attitude up.

When we do that we can break through to new levels of achievement and personal power that we never experienced before. And that is a beautiful thing indeed!



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86 thoughts on “Three steps to happiness”

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  2. Thank you very much for this and all of your blog posts Charlie, I’ve written down my 10 positive things I’ve done, a great idea. Mark M

  3. I, myself, have accepted Christ as my savior, and that is a beautiful thing, and is at the very top of my list! 🙂

  4. Very positive staff Charlie! We have to be assertive at all times! I have to make that list! And yes JESUS have to be number one in our priorities because this life is not forever! The second part continues after we’re gone. The Bible is our #1 book! And yes there are many others self help books! My cheer leader in this department is Og Mandino. Have you read his books? What a life! I wonder if Simon Porter continues to be his alter-ego… or was it he an angel? Wao! Anyhow….. May God continues to bless your life.

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  7. Charlie, thank you very much for the post. It just come in time that I needed. As a life member of DOE I always follow your advise and it works! Again Thank you

  8. What an emulative stuff, Charlie you are special and God the father, son and the holly spirit will continue to be with you always . I most ly try as a Christian to plough through or find a way around Every Obstacle; while one has got to be bold always as Mighty Forces will surely come to Your Aid! Thanks once again .

  9. Linda Sophia Clark

    I do not like to think I did anything wonderful here just a human gut reaction!!
    but one time I came across a young mother of three small children who had no money for food as her gov check had not come in because of an administration era , long weekend
    nothing left to eat, so she had hawked her wedding rings for food so her children would not go hungry, I knew my husband and I would not miss the money so I gave her some cash to get her rings back ( not a loan); Her husband asked her what we wanted?? nothing she said!!
    He was so suspicious of us!! I felt Sorry that the world had taught this man to question a small gesture like this!!… RAK “Random Acts of Kindness” if every one did one at least every week think how much better the world would be !! And one each day !! well I think
    The whole world could be smiling in no time !!!….
    Thanks Charlie !!!

  10. Thank you Charlie, I am also a christian. Love to know you are too. Give God glory & honour for all we have in life. Always thank God for my family and to know He is always near just when I need. Love receiving emails from you. I don’t know you personally but listening to the videos you send to me, has made me to believe you are a genuine person that I can follow & trust. God bless you heart, home, business and the lives you touch.

    Great day from sydney

  11. Well said. And I MUST admit, with God all things are possible. Just as suffering strenthens us, trial and error (experience) teaches us. I will not give up, but keep going and keep working at it.

  12. Guys… I’ve had the honor of doing a joint venture with Charlie, and just want to share what an *amazing* person he is all around. I mean it wholeheartedly. I can’t say enough good things about him. If you’re looking for somebody who genuinely cares about you, and your success online or off, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to go wrong with Charlie’s products, services, and advice.

    -Bryan Winters
    P.S. Accepting Christ as my savior is my # 1 as well. God bless.

  13. Thanks for the uplifting advice. I just finished reading the book “The Secret” and your message is right on track. I just found your site this a.m. and will be back to see more
    Thanks again!!

  14. Made my list, recorded it and use it for my visualizations. I even loaded it into my MP3 player and fall asleep with that positive reinforcement playing in my ear.

    Since this article came out, my wife and 8-year-old daughter want to know my ‘secret’ for becoming ‘so much nicer’ over the past couple of weeks. 🙂

    I’ve used other affirmation tapes with all kinds of fancy subliminal technology. Nothing – absolutely NOTHING – works as well as what Charlie has shared with us here. Yes, my wife and daughter notice it… but *I* also feel, think and act a whole lot better, too!

  15. Once again Charlie, great words of Wisdom, I have been using a similar tools for years ! Keep it coming, I enjoy it alot.

  16. I have always been a positive thinker and someone who does not let things beat me. I may stumble and fall, but I get up, learn from it and start again!! Your list is great! I think everyday how fortunate I am and how much I have accomplished and am grateful for it. All things are possible if you believe!

  17. +Thanks for the wonderful information. I was raised in a very faith filled home and have always been a Christian. One thing I would like to share with you. Just before a good friend passed she said something to me about never finding fault with anyone or anything. A few months ago somebody else said the same thing. I kinda woke up and took notice then. I have always tried to practice that since so many people are always finding fault I am thankful for so much and try to stay positive. Guess I am succeeding. I am going to be 83 this month. “Ya know Charlie, it must be you are a Christian that I have felt drawn to you. I really believe some people have a different type of aura that feels kind and comfortable. Nothing about the bar crowd interests me. My Dad had multiple problems from Traumatic Brain injury from WW 1. Very traumtic being raised with that but instinctively, I just knew my Dad didn’t understand so much and made the best of it. He didn’t really do anything purposefully.


  18. List Building Super Octane Highway

    Hey Charlie,
    I just loved your post. Insightful advice, thank you.
    I can also recommend writing beforehand the five highlights of your future life. See Five Wishes by G. Hendricks.
    To everybody’s happiness,
    Tim Pond

  19. Martin Findling

    Hello Charlie,
    Great article and great encouragement. Just what I needed today. I am a born again christian and love the Lord too. My hope is in Him. I am lost without him. I will follow your advice and will create my own Encouragement List. Thank you Charlie.

    May God Bless You All.
    Martin Findling

  20. Hi Charlie! Thank you for a wonderful article about happiness! It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Blessings!

  21. Thanks Charlie,
    I recently was introduced to a wonderful group of people who, like you, are very upbeat and positive. That is what attracted me to the group. I have also found positiveness since becoming a member of your group, Charlie. Positive thinking has helped so much in my life and I have only been involved since the first week of July 2011! I love the power I possess now. I can defeat negativity and feeling depressed by bouncing back and recovering with a word or two of positiveness and strength. Life is a lot easier to deal with this way. I wish I knew why I didn’t pick up on it earlier. But I refuse to dwell on that either. I have many tools to use now and a great group of positive people. Thanks again, Charlie.

  22. You did it again. What a great article and when I wrote my top ten I was amazed at how amazing I am!!! lol:) We forget so easily don’t we? Thanks again Charlie, you are amazing too!

    Namaste from Sharyn

  23. Thanks Charlie, I always – (well nearly always) start my day by giving thanks for being given another day, for all the blessings I have had, for alll the blessings I have and for all the blessings to come.

  24. Charlie, your goals and achievements look kinda like mine. However, it took me 50 years to wake up and become an adult. The free gift of the last 25 have been the best in my life.
    Life is like backpacking….Sometimes the terrain is flat or mildly down hill, other times you are on an 800′ vertical switchback and 2o’ at a time is progress. But you keep going.
    Keep up the good work friend and may God Bless you as you encourage others.

  25. Charlie

    Thanks very much for strengthening my confidence with what I preach to myself everyday. I am encouraged to see that my approach is endorsed by a person of your caliber. Thank you once more for sharing this , it is really GOOD STUFF.

    I love what you are doing.

  26. Charlie, as is the case with all your articles, this one is timely, or perhaps, timeless, and most appreciated. I also like the way you teach people without belittling them. May you continue to have great success in your business life and your personal life.

  27. Steven Rutherford

    Hi Charlie, excellent article I enjoyed reading it, It is very true that if you really want to change something or just remember something that is important to you, you have to keep it at the forefront of your mind and the best was to do this is with flash cards or memory triggers like a note in your pocket so when you reach in to get your keys out you feel this card and it will trigger that memory for you.This works excellently for me. Thanks again.

  28. Thanks for sharing your story Charlie it’s been my joy to read it I think I will try your 10 lists of positive success so I could bring positive outcome not only to me but to people whom always around me too… I am sure great positive attitude and optimistic side will come

  29. Thank you Charlie, that is a great article! I do admire those who publicly proclaim their commitment to Christ as number 1 priority. I do believe that our Savior taught us to overcome negative with positive. All too often we overlook these nuggets of wisdom.

    Thank you again for reminding us!

  30. Hi Charlie,

    Thank you very much for that. My first point is the same as yours and so is my second one, except I was 59. Point three, we have 3 beautiful daughters.

    I will continue with this exercise as I get discouraged with my IM efforts but will not quit. I have to make it work. My three girls need an education and at age 68 I am unemployable.

    Thanks again and be blessed,


  31. What a fantastic way for staying positive…

    I very much like your use of your mobile phone for keeping your positive achievements always to hand… and if you don’t mind, I think I’ll start doing the same.

    Many thanks for sharing your top 10 positive things in your life. It’s great to see a real life example.


  32. Maurice Thrower

    Charlie, as usual you are as good and basic a pair of well worn shoes. I echo Martin, you are a force of good in this world. Keep at it!

  33. Great Article Charlie! Again..

    Your top 2 are almost exactly the same as mine, except that I 26 when I Marrying my wonderful wife. lol



  34. Very good! With me I am always alert in the morning so a long time ago after a long set of tragedies I decided to give my best to my Jesus so the first thing I do every morning is to visit with my friend and the Holy Spirit! Bible Gateway on the computer is great! My Friends keep me out of trouble! Then I have a Bible study reading Charles Spurgeon and this gives me the start. I am writing my second book, taking care of my wife who suffered a tragic traumatic brain injury and I have found character in taking care of her! God is good! My closest friend is my Holy Spirit and Charlie you are a blessing in I am now following your sales program and it has given me a good start on my business.

  35. Hi Charlie,
    As always, more inspirational information that will help me to become a better person. I always look forward to an email from you! I have saved every bit of information that you have sent to me and always will. Thanks so much for your valuable advice! You are an important ” Page” in my life!

    Yours truly in truth,

  36. Hi Charlie, Thank you so much for the sharing. I’ve gone through so much myself and sometimes don’t know which way to turn. My positive side seems well in order, but my challenges seem to be very overwhelming. I try to do things on my own and hope things work out, but I get knocked down again and again. I feel like I’m climbing out of a hole but keep slipping everytime I try to reach to the top. Very fustrated and don’t have much to hold on to. Sincerely, Betty

  37. Hi Brother Charlie

    I was just wondering whether you could allow some us who have for a long time wanted to become D.O.E members, the chance to do so by paying in installment, say over 2 to a maximum of 3 months.

    Just a humble request and thought.

    I hope you will consider my thoughts positively!


    Howard Mahere
    New Zealand

    1. Howard,

      I wish I could do that and get this request often. Let me share with you why it’s not a practical solution in my business.

      At the Directory of Ezines we sell more than access. We are performing services for members from almost day 1. In the first 30 days of membership we write ads for members, create a link to their sites and send a message out for them to my Twitter lists. My staff does all of that and they must be paid. In addition, members can call me on the phone for individual help. Most of these things cost me actual money in the way of staff time. So if we did a payment plan we would either have to delay these things to members (seems unfair) or not provide them or lose money (literally) in the first two months of their payment.

      By the time a member reaches 90 days with us I spend almost as much on members as I take in if you count staff time and copywriter’s fees alone. If you factor in my time I “lose” money by choosing to offer free consulting instead of selling my time for a fee I know I could get.

      And don’t forget that we pay a 50% commission so in many cases I’m not collecting $197 but half of that amount.

      Don’t get me wrong, owning the DOE is very profitable but there are in fact hard costs that have to be covered and that’s why we don’t do a payment plan or $1 trial.

      Hope this helps.


  38. Charlie,

    I like you #1 priority. Accepting Christ as your Savior. That’s my #1 also.

    Keep up the good work,


  39. Dear Charlie Page:
    Excellent! Each day I write ALL the Good things that happen to me or to my family. So I have a very long updated list of good things. I dont write the bad ones. I just use POSITIVE PSICHOLOGY.
    Best regards. Jorge l krasuk.Buenos Aires.Argentina.

  40. Jesus said “If anyone acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will openly acknowledge that person before my Father in heaven. Matt. 10:32 (NLT)

    It’s refreshing and admirable and almost rare that a public individual will actually admit to being a Christian. In my opinion, Christianity is a lifestyle, not just a Sunday go-to-meeting habit. So thanks for standing up for the one who gave his life for you and me.

    Great idea, not new but came at a good time for me. I will make me a new list and keep it handy and actually use it.



  41. Great job at explaining the simple things to keep us on track for success, which was said by Churchill — “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” .

  42. Hi Charlie, Thanks for these encouraging thoughts. I commend you for your witness as listing #1 Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. We have a few other things in common. I married my wonderful wife at age 20 who worked to put me through my last 2 years of college. We have four daughters, eleven grandchildren, and five great grandchildren and in Dec. Lord Willing, we’ll celebrate 63 years together. This blog was well timed of the Lord as I’ve been going through some discouragement in my Network Marketing Business. I’m with a great company,wonderful products, great support so I know the problem is ME.
    Thanks again for a reminder of “sure cure for discouragement” Keep up the your great work. Bob

  43. Thank you Charlie for putting everything so simply and clearly. I guess most people know they must think positively but are not so sure on how to get going with the process.

    Great post!

  44. If everybody had such a list they would be content with what they have and not try to have what everybody else has.Such wise words Charlie and thank you.

  45. Charlie

    Thank you for this post, it couldn’t have arrived in my mail box at a better time and I shall be using it.


  46. Charlie, I love your consistent optimism and your always actionable advice. It really helps me keep things on track, even when they seem like they never would! Thanks, I am a big fan!

  47. Seamus O'Sullivan

    Another Excellent Article, Charlie. Thanks.
    So, you’re a Christian eh? I knew there was something extraordinary about the way you write your articles. You have expert help writing them, to be sure. Praise God
    Can’t wait to read more.

  48. Great advice for any one who has things kicking them in the teeth lately.
    Trying to stay upbeat can be extremely hard during trying times and
    most of us have been there from time to time. How others manage
    those times can be very helpful to those facing another bad moment(s).
    My way has been similar to yours but yours is much more workable.
    This from a guy unemployed 18+ months with no real prospects now.

  49. Thanks for sharing, Charlie. I know everyone has their own set of beliefs and I certainly don’t want to offend anyone with a different set than my own, but as born again Christian I doubly appreciated your statement of faith which takes courage anymore in these politically-correct days. I’ve often wondered how people face the really hard stuff without the strength that only the Lord can give. Thanks again for all you do! You’re an inspiration 🙂

  50. Charlie, Easy to see why you have accomplished so much, on your ‘Journey to your Seccess’ …You are a man after my own heart! Keep using (and sharing) your technique — It is right on target.

    I have been in my onw businesses for over 45 years, and I can confirm that your technique does actually work – Remarkably well, IF used day after day, continually.

    I would like to offer a Free Report at my website, that can be used in addition to your excellent advise (I value all your advise very highly), go here:

    Click on Free Report at top left side of page.

  51. Wendell Wilkins

    you are one in a million who would bodly mention our savior Jesus Christ as your number one accomplishment. That’s great. I think you and Dani Johnson would be two of the few who would so bodly proclaim Him,in your business arena. Thanks so much. and kudoos for remaining happily married to the same woman as a covenant to God, your wife and family, and the world. Love you Charlie. Can’t wait for the new D.O. E. update.

    Be more bless brother,

    Wendell Wilkins

  52. Charlie: Nice article once again! Earl Nightingale taught us several years ago
    how to keep our mind occupied with positive thoughts. Yours is another way
    to do it! Great Job! Do not stop ever giving us precious gems like this one.

  53. Herbert Thompson Jr

    I find it strange the “connection” I have with you Charlie, it seems to me that you say the Right things at the right time! Thanks for sharing this with us Charlie, I’m listening(reading)…

  54. Thanks for you uplifting and praising God for your life! The #1 thing I have done in my life is to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, too!

    God is blessing you because you are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you my brother in Christ! Love ya in Jesus’ Holy Name! Amen!

  55. Charlie …
    This post arrived in the “nick of time.” I was about to despair (once again!) over my seeming inability to complete the eBook series I’ve been working on ad nauseam. I happily put to good use your suggestion to provide “Updates” to my subscribers instead of trying to cram EVERYTHING in at one time.

    You cannot imagine my delight this morning in reading your “Three Steps to Happiness.” I have added “Yes, but look what I did here!” to my arsenal of Potent-Pick-Me-Ups. I’m always looking for positive reinforcement against the inevitable negative chatter (external and internal) that everyone on the planet experiences. As a woman of faith, I like to blend spiritual and practical “Helps” to deliver a “two-fist” punch when I need to. I see many a TKO in my future, using your “3 Steps..!” Thanks, Charlie. Shalom!

  56. Hi Charlie,

    I agree wholeheartedly. For some reason the negative seems to command attention so much more easily. That’s a great technique to make sure the positive stays front and center. Winning does have to do with persistence and it’s hard to continue in the face of too much disappointment.

    I’ll be making my list today. I like the index card idea. Being raised in the 50’s I still prefer my own handwriting and something I can hold vs. the computer screen.

    We all have our own techniques. One I use is to try to turn every setback into some advantage. I ask whether I learned something that will now lead to an improvement. Maybe I learned something about the business environment or other people that I needed to know. Or, did that setback change my course, that will now steer me toward some success?

    It takes conscious effort but I tend to pull forward on the discouragement instead of letting it push me back. I appreciate you sharing your method. I’m going to start doing that too.


  57. Richard Darnell

    thanks for a great article. Thanks for the reminder that simple things in life are most important. Accepting Christ as your Savior made all the other victories possible. Giving yourself to Christ to be His voluntary slave will bring the next level of peace, joy, and success.

    God bless you, Richard

  58. Glenna C ottrell

    Hi Charlie,
    That was very good advice.Since i sat down at the pc, the first email was information directed at me with good advice. Yours is the 2nd also with good advice. Both were what i needed today.I would say God directed 2 people to help me today. Neither was selling anything.I feel blessed because of you 2 people.
    Thank you Charlie.
    p.s. I need to send another email.

  59. Charlie,
    Great advice and insight as always! I love your message! I am a motivational speaker and I constantly sharing with others that is one attitude not their aptitude that determines their success! Thanks again Charlie!


  60. Good Morning Charlie,
    I enjoy your information so much. You always seem to find just the right words
    to say at the right time. We all have bad times but also we can find so much to be
    thankful for. I too have lost loved ones but I am so thankful for the family I have left.
    Thank you and God Bless Have a great day. Cheers Millie

  61. Charlie,

    Thank you for the token of wisdom. It is always good to be reminded that we are doing the right thing when taking a leap of faith and suspending disbelief about earning an income from affiliate marketing and such. I have recently ventured into this business and am grateful I did. I have bad days as I try to weed through the junk and debris to unfold the nuggets to increase my success and prosperity.

    Anyway, I see the great benefit to being a member of DOE, unfortunately my membership will be delayed to costs. Once I have developed a little more income, I will sign up faster than anyone; but right now, it is hammering away at free resources until my successes increase.

    Thanks again and see you soon.
    Jay Buick

  62. This resonates because my dear boyfriend has used the “yes but…” as a habit, only his is the opposite way. He uses it for beating himself up (even his friends notice it).

    We joke about it, but I am going to show him this article and hopefully, help him turn his thinking around.

    Thank you for a nice start to my day –

  63. Good stuff, Charlie! Thanks for sharing that. Your method is very similar to another technique I’ve discovered – making a list every day of things I have to be grateful for. When you’re focused on the blessings in your life – instead of on the disappointments and the things you don’t have – then your outlook is much more positive. Now I just have to remember to do it regularly!

    1. Yes, Deanna I do write things that I’m grateful for, just the simple things, and they are countless things to be thankful for.

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