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Unlock The Hidden Profits In Your Blog

Anyone who has a blog knows the drill.

You work hard to write the greatest blog post you can. You pour your love, sweat, and tears into the rascal.

And it’s good!

For a few days, it gets comments, social love, and the world seems right.

But then it ends up in … the … dreaded … archives!


  • No more comments!
  • No more likes!
  • No more warm and fuzzy feeling!

What if there was a way to reclaim the joy you had when you wrote that wonderous blog post?

Watch the video to find out!


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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Lawrence Mills

Hi Charlie,
I agree with the others. Info about the Google Analytics would be great, thanks.
Love your posts.

John Antaya

This was a great lesson on why and how to use google analytics plus increase visitors to your site as well. Always something to learn daily and
Thank You for teaching through your knowledge.


Thank you for your great stuff. You had prviously talked about LeadPages as being your go to landing page program. Now I’m hearing you promote Thrive Content Builder.

Pros and cons of each? Which way to go?

Thanks for the input.

Mark F

    Charlie Page

    Hi Mark,

    Great question. I use many tools because I like to test. And things change from time to time.

    So, pros and cons of Thrive vs. LeadPages? Here’s my take.

    Thrive is a 1-time fee. LeadPages is monthly.

    LeadPages had more templates. But does one really need them all? Thrive has great templates and Shane is always developing more based on testing. Plus, you can build from scratch.

    You can make much more money promoting LeadPages than Thrive as an affiliate if that is a consideration. But you have to be an active LeadPages user so that means a monthly fee.

    With Thrive you get full SEO benefit. I’m really not sure about LeadPages (or Ontrapages) on this front. I strongly suspect the SEO gets lost when tieing into a service via a plugin.

    With Thrive your tracking and analytics code are pretty much automatic as they are blog-wide. With LeadPages you really have to remember to put that code in there every time. Big factor for me since I use several tracking mechanisms at once.

    As to which way to go, I’m not sure for you since I don’t know your exact situation.

    But I can speak for me, and I’m going with Thrive. We are quietly converting all our pages now.

    And ALL the new DOE and Master Membership pages are Thrive.

    I hope this helps.



Hi Charlie,
I love your blog, just listened to the Google analytics tip – wonderful insight as always, and generously shared with us. I am just planning to start the blog and as a novice would appreciate the report on how to have Google analytics for the blog.

Many thanks Charlie!

    Charlie Page

    I’ll get that posted here on the blog as soon as I can do!

    Thank you for your kind words.



Hi Charlie

Thanks for the above tip, I can see the potential of doing this, i’m currently
creating my blog and your report on how to install google anyalitics would be
very useful I think, and I would therefore be grateful if its possible to get
hold of a copy.

Thanks in anticipation.

Bob Leach

    Charlie Page

    Hi Bob,

    I’ll get that posted as soon as I can. Updating it now.


Jim Arnold

Hi Charlie,
I really appreciate what you do for your business.

You mentioned that you can show the people who saw the above video how to install Google Analytics.
Would you please send me that report? I really need it.


Jim Arnold.

    Charlie Page

    Hi Jim,

    Will do. I’m updating the report and will post it once it’s done.



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