[URGENT] Prayer Request – Update on 8/3/15

Here is an update from Donna …

Hi everyone,

I am the person you have been praying for. I wanted to post my utmost gratitude on Thursday when all of the prayers and healing thoughts were rolling in but I was so deeply moved that I couldn’t type through my tears.

I am very thankful to each and every one of you for all your kind, thoughtful words. My surgery yesterday went very smoothly. I knew that I was in God’s hands and the surgeon and staff were all being guided. The pathology reports won’t be back for another week, but I know I am back on the road to perfect health.

In reading all the posts, I see that many of you have or are currently going through situations (health or personal) that are much more difficult than I am going through. My prayers are going out to all of you as well. I have been deeply touched by your kindness, your prayers, and your healing thoughts. It means more to me than I can express. I am truly and deeply grateful for each of you and I am certain all your prayers made yesterday go so perfectly.

My prayer when I received the diagnosis was that I be guided to know the next step I needed to take to regain my health. I was. I pray that whatever struggle you may be experiencing that you feel and know God’s presence and that you know and trust the next step to take to move past or through your situation.

And I also want to thank Charlie and Sonia. Charlie, I have learned so much from you as I begin to develop and grow an online presence. You share solid, real information that’s so very helpful. More importantly, you have shared your faith and prayers with me and your online friends. You are truly a gift from God, and I thank you.

With much love and blessings,


You know that I am a person of faith. While I try to never “preach” to my readers, I do weave the concepts of faith into much of what I write.

What you might not know is that Sonia and I pray for you, our readers and members, almost every day. It’s part of our DNA now (after 14 years) to care about, think about and pray for readers and members.

Today I have a special request. 

We have a dear member and friend named Donna. I can’t give you Donna’s last name because she does not know I am posting this. 

Donna is a wonderful person. Sweet, kind, always ready to help. And always ready to give of herself. 

In fact, Donna has overcome several major health challenges. And when it came time to choose a niche for her blog what did she choose? Health, energy and overcoming health challenges! That’s just how Donna works.

She gives back. If she knows something that will help you, she will share it and try to help.

Now it’s time for us to help her.

Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer this week.

She undergoes surgery tomorrow, Friday 7/31/15.

Please pray, hold a good thought, and send your well wishes Donna’s way.

I will be monitoring comments on this post closely, and will share your well-wishes with her.


I know you have needs too. And I want to pray for you specifically.

If you have a prayer request, please leave it in the comments below, and let us know of your need. We will pray, and many in our audience will as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for being a reader, client or both.

Tomorrow I will be back to posting about making money online, writing great copy, blogging and all the thousand other things attending to an online business.

But today is about Donna … and you.

Be well.

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Charlie Page

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Dianna Booker Reply

Please pray that my boyfriend, Lucky takes me back & gets over his commitment issues. We love each other very much, but he is scared to stay in a relationship over 4 months because his former fiance committed suicide over 2 yrs ago. Please pray that he realizes that we are worth fighting for. I’m Jesus wonderful name. AMEN!!!

    Charlie Page Reply


    We will be praying for you both!


Pekka Lappalainen Reply

Please pray for my mother in law? Mother in law has lung cancer. Mother in law is a believer. Please pray for a healing for mother in law who is dying. Please pray for my wife. She is suffering from depression, anxiety and panic disorder.

    Charlie Page Reply

    We will be praying for them both and you as well.

Mark Mansfield Reply

Hi Charlie, just rereading this post, I would like you to pray for my sister-in-law who is having spot chemo on her liver today our time(2:15am your time) Much appreciated.
Mark M

    Charlie Page Reply

    We will be praying!

Bert Perbi Reply

I am sorry to hear you are not well.Well, Donna, in all things give thanks to God. Hopefully, Psalm 118:5&6 will help.It says

From my distress I called upon the Lord; The Lord answered me and set me a large place.
The Lord is for me; I will not fear; what can man(cancer) do to me?

Hopefully, it helps. Emmanuel.
Bert Perbi

Ed Matechuk Reply

I will pray for Donna and I wish her a speedy recovery. I’m well aware of Breast Cancer. My dear wife fought it for 20 years and finally lost the battle on My 11 2012.

So, there’s hope that a “breast cancer” patient can still survive for many years after the first discovery.

Wishing you all the best Donna, God Bless


Josephine Reply

Jesus said – whatever you believe, let it be done unto to you. As you believe in total recovery so we ask the Holy Father in the name of his son Jesus Christ to stretch his healing hand over you, and so let it be done unto you.

John Antaya Reply

Yes Mr. Page our prayers are with Donna for her speedy recovery. God Bless


Johnney Pauley Reply

My prayers and thoughts for Donna for positive results and speedy recovery. In the past two weeks I have had two friends whose Drs. have found a lump in the breast and they are awaiting further tests and results. My Aunt is also a breast cancer survivor.

A quick prayer request: I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc and
have been told by neurosurgeon that back surgery is only option. I am
in the remodeling business and am very hands on with doing work on projects. Id rather not have surgery and am seeking second opinions and
hoping I can have physical therapy and pain management first.
Blessings to you all and a special one for Donna.

    Charlie Page Reply


    I can relate to back issues. I finished 19 months of physcial therapy for a back issue not long ago. But I avoided surgery. The surgery now is SO much better than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

    One idea – I hear very good things about this outfit. You might check them out.


    We will be praying.


Fana Paul Reply

I pray for Donna’s speed recovery , and total supernatural healing,in Jesus name, Amen(Luk.1:37)

Donna Davis Reply

Hi everyone,

I am the person you have been praying for. I wanted to post my utmost gratitude on Thursday when all of the prayers and healing thoughts were rolling in but I was so deeply moved that I couldn’t type through my tears.

I am very thankful to each and every one of you for all your kind, thoughtful words. My surgery yesterday went very smoothly. I knew that I was in God’s hands and the surgeon and staff were all being guided. The pathology reports won’t be back for another week, but I know I am back on the road to perfect health.

In reading all the posts, I see that many of you have or are currently going through situations (health or personal) that are much more difficult than I am going through. My prayers are going out to all of you as well. I have been deeply touched by your kindness, your prayers, and your healing thoughts. It means more to me than I can express. I am truly and deeply grateful for each of you and I am certain all your prayers made yesterday go so perfectly.

My prayer when I received the diagnosis was that I be guided to know the next step I needed to take to regain my health. I was. I pray that whatever struggle you may be experiencing that you feel and know God’s presence and that you know and trust the next step to take to move past or through your situation.

And I also want to thank Charlie and Sonia. Charlie, I have learned so much from you as I begin to develop and grow an online presence. You share solid, real information that’s so very helpful. More importantly, you have shared your faith and prayers with me and your online friends. You are truly a gift from God, and I thank you.

With much love and blessings,

Bob Leach Reply

Hi Charlie

So sorry to hear of Donna’s illness please pass my thoughts and love to her
and her family, having experienced the same illness within my family I
understand the feelings and concerns they are going through.God Bless.

Bob Leach UK.

Michael Reply


I’ve prayed for Donna and I pray that the she will experience Christ’s peace which surpasses all understanding and that HIS name be glorified through this trial.

Raymond Ansar Reply

Donna is already cleansed with the blood of Jesus and healed.Amen

larry buchanan Reply

I prayed that Donna will have complete super natural healing from the blood of the cross and two are in agreement, We claim victory right now for Donna in Jesus Name.

Sam Reply

Thoughts and prays to a full recovery God is always with you for the finial healing and with our prays we will keep you in our hears at all times to keep you strong!!!

Maristela Reply

My prayers for Donna: May her operation for the breast cancer be successful. May God bless the doctors attending to her and the medicines she will be taking. And may her faith be stronger today as she faces this trial.

Bob Hayes Reply

Dear Father in Heaven,

We ask that your healing hands attend to Donna in this time of need. Guide the surgeon’s hands and be ever present during her surgery today and her post op protocol during the coming weeks. We ask that you send the most competent people to administer to her needs and finally, let your holy angels surround her and bring her complete relief from this ever present danger. We pray this in Jesus’ holy name…Amen

Armand Reply

Hi Charlie
I will pray for her that she will have a prompt recovery. I also have had persons near me who had breast cancer and I know how the patient are feeling in that situation.
All the best to you and your family

Maryann Reyes Reply

Hi Charlie, Our prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery are with Donna. My husband Manny was diagnosed with Stage3 Colon Cancer and we fought it naturally after alot of searching. We found out that raw apricot seeds,Ask Insider Doctor products are both beneficial to fighting Cancer also watching Carbs. We try not to eat anything higher than 20 Carbs. It must work because when we saw his Cancer doctor he said to keep on doing whatever we are doing because he does not see any Cancer just a large Prostate we have an appt 8/7/15 with City of Hope. My husband has had 2 types of Cancer Thyroid and Colon Cancer with the first one we didn’t search and with me having Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years we now read and search more after we have lost several family members to Cancer. We wish Donna the Best and never give up always fight as you know yourself better than anyone and what you are feeling. Bedt if luck Donna our prayers go with you on this struggle.

John Coyle Reply

Thank you Charlie for sharing with us about Donna. We will certainly be praying for her. I will also share Donna’s situation with the Sunday School I teach. God is Faithful.

Piotr Reply

I send my thoughts towards Donna and wish her speedy recovery especially I had person in direct family lost to cancer be for I knew things so Please advise your friend to drink tea from dandelion which is proven to be strong kicks to cancer and in many cases overlooked and ignored as common weed but in my country it’s called medicinal monk in free translation. It is known to completely heal hopeless cancer cases.
All best wishes and prayers to Donna!


Steve Reply


My strongest thoughts are urging your friend Donner towards full and speedy recovery from this illness.

May she soon be back bringing happiness to her family and many friends across the world.

Steve Dempsey UK

    Marcus Colvin Reply

    Hey Charlie, I will definitely keep Donna in my prayers and hope that she has a speedy recovery. I don’t know what kind of health problem it is and im not trying to sale you anything but I would not be doing the right thing If I didn’t share this link with you. This little pill has helped a lot of people I know with health problems. I know that God has the final answer but He puts things on this earth to help us along the way. This is the video that I want you to check out. Its only 11 minutes long https://youtu.be/UEghoEaRT-M

    Bless You!!!!!!

Samik Reply

Hi Charlie,
My heart was over whelmed when I read your heart felt request. I don’t know why your writing turns me on! My prayer for Donna is on her way to the almighty, who I heartily believe shall take care of her. It’s not only me Donna, come out from the bed and see, how many of us is praying to god for your well being, standing in front of your door. I firmly believe, you will respond to us that you have overcome the disease. God Bless You!

greg Reply

Good Luck on your recovery!!!!!

Greg Robinson

Camille Reply

Hi Charlie,
It’s nice to know you are someone of faith. I am deeply saddened to hear of your friends Donna illness. I also have a friend who recently had a stroke, thankfully a mild one so she will eventually regain movement on her left side. I will pray for her that she will have a good recovery. May I also suggest she try Mannatech products to aid her recovery as my uncle was diagnosed with cancer some 4 years ago and used them and is now well thankfully. All the best to you and family also.

Ian M Reply

I am praying for Donna; for her healing, and for strength, and the peace that only God can give.

Lucius Joseph Reply

My heartfelt prayer goes to Donna and wish her speedy recovery, and may God’s will for her be fulfilled.

Stella Maris Spilinga Reply

I’m sure that if Donna if a person of faith, God will always be at her side and will not leave her specially in this difficult situation she is facing. Besides God needs her to go on with her mission of helping other people. A lot of your followers will be praying for her prompt recovery. God bless her as well as you and your family!

Darren Milton Reply

My thoughts and prayers are with Donna and her family. Isa 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. I have a sister who is a breast cancer survivor.

Leroy Reply

I pray that His peace that surpasses our understanding will at this difficult time saturate your heart and mind Donna,and we are hoping for the very best outcome for your situation.
Try not to focus on the circumstances that surrounds you at this time-but focus on the one who is able to change your circumstances in the blink of on eye.
Hope is the fuel that drives us to every victory,because nothing is impossible for the one who we place our hope in.God Bless you and we look forward to hear of your recovery.

Leroy & Family

Matt Reply

Mr. Page,
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love the fact that you give us readers amazing, insightful, free knowledge on how to make our lives and financial situations better. But what I love more about you is the fact that you are not afraid to weave in your faith mention God. I also love how you took a day off to make it about a friend of yours that is going through something rough.

My wife and I will be praying for Donna today as she goes in this rough time.

If you'd like to pray for me, I most certainly would not turn it down. For years, I have found myself only getting lots of part-time jobs, I usually have for her so that overlap. One of my best paying ones just disappeared and I am finding myself wanting to find a job that is a career. I have been filling out several applications, and have only gotten one or two replies. Even though they like my personality, my experience level was not what they're looking for. I am lucky in the fact that I have had some success as an affiliate marketer here and there, and that is helping me through this time, but I am ready to find God's will in my life in whatever career field He has in mind. If you could pray for me for clarity about a job, that would be great.

Thanks again for everything you do! And tell Donna will be praying for her.

    Charlie Page Reply


    We will be praying for you too!


Jeff Reply

Hi Charlie,

I just saw your e-mail and I am praying for Donna. I would like to wish you, your family, and all of your “tribe” health and happiness. I would like to ask you to pray for health and happiness for my loved ones as well. Take care. Jeff

Franklin Nuscis Reply

I believe in prayers as I had just got out of the hospital after having a massive heart attack.

Donna, my prayers for you is to have your health return to you and a speedy recovery. We go through these trials in life to help others that are in the same situation giving those in need encouragement,love and support. God’s blessings to you and your loved ones.

If you would like to read Dr. Day’s experiences that is basically the same situation you are now in as Dr. Lorraine Day had cancer. I had met her in Missouri and what a beautiful lady she is here is an excerpt from her website.

Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies, so her body could heal itself.

Dr. Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.

She has been invited to lecture extensively throughout the U.S. and the world and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including 60 minutes, Nightline, CNN Crossfire, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, The 700 Club, John Ankerberg Show, USA Radio Network, Art Bell Radio Show, Three Angels Broadcasting Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

This is her website; http://drday.com/

I pray that this will give you some encouragement in your hour of need.

God’s blessings to you Donna and my prayers will continue for you.

Your friend,

Franklin Nuscis

Nagesh Ragulagadda Reply

Dear Donna

Our thoughts and prayers are with you 99% of things are possible

you can over come fight back.

Nagesh Ragulagadda

Anthony Reply

My prayers and thoughts are with you, Donna, at this most difficult time. I am sure God will be there to watch over you and make you well again.

Anthony Reply

Donna,by His stripe you are healed in Jesus name.I proclaim perfect healing in the name thats above other names.It is well

Tim Reply

I will keep both Donna and Nita in my prayers and going to send a prayer request to CBN for them. I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer and have seen the great things it can do.
Thank you Charlie for all that you do for us. May God bless you and yours. Stay well.

Frances Gollahon Reply

My prayers are with you, Donna, and your family.

“The Lord is faithful, He will strengthen you and protect you from evil.”
2 Thessalonians 3:3

Charlie, thank you for praying for us. I will return the blessing.

Tim Reply

Hi Charlie

Thanks so much for your willingness to share sincere expressions of faith without being saccharine or preachy – it’s a delicate balance!

I am of course adding my prayers and positive visualizations, not only for dear Donna, but also for you and for all those in this online community that you serve so graciously and elegantly.

I know from my own past severe health challenges in the past (a rare disease that left me totally paralyzed followed by months of painful rehab, then years later quintuple bypass heart surgery) just how potent, transformative, and comforting shared prayers can be!

In a very profound way, that experience is mirrored for me almost daily through the experience of making my living via the internet.

There are times when I convince myself that the seemingly endless hours of toil in building websites, putting up blog posts, and sending out emails are what generates the income – that I must rely on my own ability to work harder and smarter to feed my family.

But whenever I learn that someone from the other side of the globe, someone I’ve never met, has sent me money for something I’m marketing online, the experience is totally miraculous! I am reminded of the Divine Grace that’s demonstrated through our interconnectedness, and my gratitude is always heartfelt.

But the times when I personally need the most prayer support (like now) are the occasions when the cash flow seems to stop flowing, when the response to marketing efforts dries up to a trickle or stops altogether, and when I become fearful that the magical invisible source of abundance in my life has abandoned me.

The temptation at those times is once again to claim personal responsibility – What have I done wrong? Why is my list ignoring me? How have I offended or disappointed my prospects and customers? Why won’t what worked last month work again today? What do I need to be doing differently?

And so my own prayer request is for more faith, for more willingness to trust divinely-guided outcomes while I persist in best practices, and for a renewed celebration of the ways in which we are all so generously cared for, in this world of infinite abundance, love, and healing.

Sorry for getting so long-winded, and for mixing marketing and spirituality. The fact is, though, they are inextricably intertwined for me – and as I said, it can be really hard not to get too preachy!

Again, Charlie, thanks for all that you do and express. Donna will be in my prayers as she has her surgery today, and I’m grateful to be a part of a community that can be prayerful as well as profitable!

    Charlie Page Reply


    Thank you for your message and for your prayers. We will be praying for you.

    The verse I would suggest is 1 Deuteronomy 31:6 God had clearly said He will never leave us or forsake us. When we start each day remembering and affirming that it makes facing uncertain days much easier.

    I think the mistake we make as humans, and I am plenty guilty of this one, is to be moved by what we see and feel instead of what we know to be true from the Word. The more we can focus on the unshakable undeniable truth that we know the more we can deny fear and doubt, neither of which come from God.


Geoff Farrugia Reply

Dear Donna, gain strength from your faith and visualise yourself shining with health and vitality. Take comfort in the knowledge that you are loved and appreciated and that others are praying for a speedy recovery for you. You are obviously a person of great resolve who faces and overcomes challenges like those in your past. This is just another “bump” in life’s road, accept it with grace and the unshakeable belief that you will triumph once more as you have done in the past. As you recover, remove the power of the “C” word by referring to it as a previous spot or blemish. These small changes can make all the difference when you know that what “the mind believes, the body will achieve”. We believe in you Donna and take comfort in the positive energy, fervent hopes and best wishes that we send your way today.

Believe in yourself, always


cardinal Reply



Glen Reply

Thinking of you Donna at this difficult time. You’ll get through it and live on to help others with your blog.
All the best for a speedy recovery.

Take care

Arun Obulisamy Reply

Me & My wife pray for Donna’s wellbeing…. Sure, things will be good…

Vic Mitrevski Reply

Thoughts and prayers with Donna and any other ladies going through that frightening experience. Please God give courage to all to beat their battles

Richard Meserve Reply

Bless you Charlie,

I will pray for Donna in my morning prayers. I know all too well how devastating and frightening breast cancer can be. My mother has survived it twice and my sister just went through chemo and radiation for Breast cancer last year…we almost lost her.

With friends like you and Sonia, Donna is blessed.

Although my morning prayers include thanks for my health, I do suffer from severe chronic back and neck pain. This is from 2 head-on collisions in my life. It hinders my efforts to build a successful online business.

I have very high, crushing debt and an online business is my only hope. I pray every day that God will allow me to have one. I would appreciate your prayers, as well.

Thanks and God bless,

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kindness. We will be praying for abundance for you, and for the pain to leave as well. I can relate to back pain, having finished 19 months of physical therapy myself in the last couple of years.


Allan Lloyd UK Reply

Distance has no barrier when it comes to prayer.” It’s not by might but my spirit saith the Lord” The Lords hears our prayers and will undertake proceedings for Donna this day. I expect Good news. God Bless xx

Arnold Reply

My prayers are with you for the healing and salvation of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need.

I also would like to share this website especially that we all need this above all, may it be financial and health. This helps me a lot during my troubles.

You can follow this link.




Susan Reply

because thoughts, like prayer, has power, I am envisioning Donna as being whole and perfect. After the surgery, all the cancer will have been removed, there will be no complications with her lymph nodes. Her physical appearance may be altered, but she will still be perfect in her eyes and the eyes of her friends. Amen.

Louis Ogumah Reply

By the power and the authority in the name of Jesus the operation shall be successful. The name of Jesus is above all name, which means anything that has name it is above it. Cancer has name therefore I decree as a minister of God Almighty that the blood of the lamb purge her system now and cast out every cancer in the mighty name of Jesus. And so shall it be in Jesus name. Amen

Tony Mitchell Reply

Please convey to Donna my thoughts and prayers.

Kind Regards

peter smith Reply

Wishing Donna a successfull outcome & rapid recovery our prayers are with you

Shirley Caldwell Reply

What a wonderful thing to do…..To Donna – Of course, I am already praying for you. For power, for your body to line up with the God’s blessings – for healing…that your body may be strengthened to cope and will come through- for wisdom and skill from surgeons..

Donna – power of prayer, power of thought – power in the fact that hundreds maybe thousands of us are `pulling for you’….I don’t know if you have that phrase where you are, but I do know about coping with adversity….Blessings, strength to you…..Oh and a big but gentle hug>

Brendah Holder Reply

I am praying for Donna, my daughter had an aggressive breast cancer and Our Almighty Father has healed her, with two young son’s it was not easy. God is our healer Amen..

Zdenka Reply

I will pray for you Donna, God be with you also, I wish you speed recovery, be strong>
At mean time I recommend to read One minute cure, very interesting book

Mark Mansfield Reply

Hi Charlie, I’ll have thoughts and prayers for Donna, can you pray for my sister-in-law? She has just been diagnosed with liver cancer.
Keep up the good works.
Mark M

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry to hear that. We will be praying for her and know that God is able.


Jennifer Lindley Reply

I do not pray in the conventional sense but am sending out positive thoughts to the Universe for Donna to receive all the strength, support and love she will need to overcome her current challenges.

Ed Aslinger Reply

So sorry to hear of Donna’s problems. My wife had breast cancer, twice. She has recovered, after a long period of treatment. We thank God she survived. Our three children are grown and we have six wonderful grandkids which we love so.

We are praying for Donna. Wonderful things are accomplished by doctors whose hands are guided by God. Even the darkest days can roll away. Best wishes.

Ed A.

Darcey Reply

Being a victim myself of breast cancer I am terrible dumfounded to learn of Donna’s illness especially to hear that she will be undergoing surgery tomorrow. May God give her the strength and the courage to overcome this frighting situation. I wished I knew her I would have certainly loved to share some valuable information with her. However, with the grace of God I do hope she recover soon and be able to return to her normal routine. Would you please pass on this website to Donna and her family, I am sure they will find it very beneficial especially for the healing days ahead.I will also keep her in my prayers.

Website: http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com

May God be with all of us


Joanne Kokkinidis Reply

Hi Charlie,
My thoughts are with you and your friend Donna. I too am all too familiar with Cancer. My husband passed away just before his 55 birthday so I have been a widow now for over 10 years. It wasn’t easy then and I still struggle daily. I am quite sure that Donna will come through this just fine…I just have a feeling…
Please let us know how Donna is please.
All my best, Joanne

Fernando Bonegio Reply

Shireen and I are praying for Donna, that The Lord will guide the hands of her doctors and surgeons and that her recovery will be swift and complete.
Shireen runs our Church’s prayer group and we have seen great evidence of God’s great healing power. Praise The Lord!

Hakeem Reply

My thoughts and prayers for Dona as she undergoes surgery today for breast cancer:” Our Dear Divine Healer, guide the surgeon and make your peaceful presence powerful in that theater. Let the after-testimony be to your glory. In Jesus’s name. Amen.”

Douglas Poh Reply

Heavenly Father, we uphold Donna in our prayers that Abba Father is in control of the operation. HE is in the centre of it all, the chief surgeon in charge of the team supplying them YOUR divine wisdoms, doing the correct and precise incision and the tumour will be completely remove with no more roots left.

With your wings spread wide open over the operating room your grace and favour will flows with every member of the surgery team giving their upmost diligence in their duties and every instruments will be cleansed, sterilised and sanctify with Jesus blood.

We pray for YOUR divine strength in Donna’s body as she rest in YOU going through this operation and she will have VICTORY in Jesus name testifying and glorifying your name.

Proverbs 9:11American Standard Version (ASV)
11 For by me thy days shall be multiplied, And the years of thy life shall be increased.

Lord you said that when 2 or 3 gather YOU will be there. Today we have a communities upholding Donna in prayer and by Faith we believe you will work miracles and wonders for Donna.

In the most wonderful and precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Amen! Amen!


Ed Durham Reply

My prayers and thoughts are with Donna. As a person of faith myself, I will lift up Donna’s name remembering the promise of Exodus 15:26 (in part) …I am the LORD that healeth thee.(KJV)

Thanks for alerting us about Donna and her challenge. I look forward to hearing that she is victorious.

Dana Reply

I will most definitely pray for Donna and speak words of faith. At times like this our faith can be tested but it is also a time to fervently live each moment in complete faith. As grateful as we are for doctors and medicine, the medical report is not the final word, it is God our healer, provider and deliverer that has the final say in all things. I pray for healing for Donna and that she can hold steady in her faith and find peace and rest from fear and worry and instead hold thoughts of health and healing in the power of our God.

Wanda Gordon Reply

I pray that God will heal her and make her hold again. I had a sister who had breast cancer but the Lord took her home. I have another sister who has cancer and the doctors say it is to late to do any thing about it, but I know that God has the last word and that he can heal her even now. It is true that prayer changes things. God bless Donna

michael Reply

Prayers are with Donna and SHE will overcome this!
Just keep the FAITH
I am raising an autistic Granddaughter whom is medically needy
My Partner is starting to suffer from memory loss and everyday
I keep the FAITH

This is what led me to start and try internet marketing
It is a very hard task for someone who Built Homes
all there life and had to start reinventing themselves.

So my prayers will be said for Donna and BLESS you Mr. Page
for posting this!!!

Sincerely Michael
Happy Trails To Where Ever They May Lead!!!

Carlos Reply

Lord, I pray for our sister Donna who is going to have surgery tomorrow Friday July 31st , protect her and help her during and after this important surgery. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart. I also pray for Donna’s prompt recovery. Amen.

Carlos S.

Kevin Reply

I very confident that Donna will do well and come through victoriously. All the good that Donna has put out in the world is ready to lift her up!

Randy Tucker Reply

As a Cancer Survivor I can appreciate the fear that over takes you at the first mention of the words “You have Cancer”. I also can say that the one of the best feelings in my life (the best was my day of salvation), was hearing “You are Cancer FREE!”
So, my prayer is first of all Donna, that you seek Gods face and know that He is the creator of all that there is and He can and will Re-Create YOU! Find the peace that passes all human understanding in His Word and Conversations with Him. It’s ok to be angry at first and if you are not then you are already on a higher spiritual plain than me.
God would rather you yell at Him than to ignore Him.
I also pray for your complete Healing. By his stripes we are healed!
(Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24).
Donna, I know from what Brother Charlie has said that you are strong and not a quiter and I am believing that you will overcome this bump in the road.
God bless you and your family,

Anastacia "Ace" Hauldridge Reply

Although I don’t know Donna, in Christ Jesus Name she will make it out fine in surgery because I believe our Lord is with her. I put out the energy of unconditional love and healing light for Donna to have a speedy recovery and a miraculous healing. Amen!

Matthew 18:18

“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Nita Reply

I’m sorry to hear about Donna. I have not experienced that personally, but I’m sure it’s hard to hear that you have breast cancer or any cancer. Wondering how or if you are going to get through this, what treatment may like, bills. That’s tough. I am already praying for Donna for God to get her through this as managelbly as possible and for courage and preserverence.
This is cool that Charlie has also opened this up for others to have prayer request too. I do have one of my own. I was almost forced out of my home earlier today. Three guys showed up unexpectedly at my door trying to unlock my front door then trying to get in through my windows. My mortgage was sold to a other lender during the foreclosure process that have been enduring for a long time. I’m sure the guys from the new lender will be back to try to get in my home and change the locks. I have no where to go nor much money, about a couple of hundred dollars. I still have a lot to get out of the house on my own. I’m asking for prayer that I get some time to move out and I find a safe shelter or some place to stay. I’m s full time college student with health issues that can be debilitating. I’ve been going through all of this for a long time.
Again, many and continual prayers for Donna.
Thank you all.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for sharing. We will pray you have the time you need and that you find a new arrangement that works well for you.


    Elaine Lindsay Reply

    I’m sending prayers Donna’s way and praying for a full recovery. Blessings Donna.

    Elaine Lindsay

Stephen Voight Reply

My thoughts and prayers are with Donna tonight. I pray for blessings and the best and most desirable outcome.

Conley Milam Reply

Matthew 19:26
But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

Prayer changes things.

Calvin Reply

Donna, may God continue to keep his hedge of protection around you and your family. He will see you through this, there is nothing that God cannot do. According to Mark 11:22-25, if we believe and not doubt when we pray, and believe that we have received what we’ve asked for, it will take place. I pray that God will heal you completely Donna, and I believe the Lord has not finished His work in you yet.

Bill Bateman Reply

May His healing hands be upon Donna and may the Holy Spirit guide the surgeons skill and care that she may recover fully and quickly. Amen

Delbert Dory Reply

Dear Donna,
I don’t know you; but now, thanks to Charlie, I know OF you and
I can’t think of a better person to represent you in your hour of need.
Of course being there would be so much better to convey my thoughts and feelings concerning your situation; and the printed word is a poor substitute, but know that my family and I are praying that God will find you worthy of a miracle and that you will one day find this to be just a trying memory…..with a miraculous ending.

Enjoy the day, Dear Heart.

Jaye Carden Reply

Consider the prayers for sure. I have a friend in Denver who’s daughter she needed prayers for, so I told her I would. I know she did as well, and great news, the impossible became reality in her situation. To me, prayer is stronger than anything this world can understand, and it works. I will pray for Donna, and I am glad you are so open about your faith!

Ted Reply

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Donna. I wish you the very best outcome with your surgery and may you have a speedy recovery.

Bridget Reply

On the Cross Jesus took all our infirmities and said it is finished. You are a strong woman of faith Donna. May the Lord Jesus remember you and grant you total healing.

Wanda Harris-Vaughn Reply

I am praying for you Donna God is answering,He is so wonderful I am a cancer survivor amongst other things, he never fails us. You are not alone. He is holding you every step of the way. May God sear you with his healing power and cleanse you of all particles of disease. Get ready for a miracle in your life!

Art Ritter Reply

Donna —

You are in the hands of the Great Healer – may He and His care team here on earth give you the best of care – and a miracle of restoration to full health.

May your healing experience be a strong message of His power to those who know you; but, do not know Him or His power – to change lives and restore the garden relationship with Him.

May the blessings of the LORD be on you, Donna. … in His love and service, — Art

Sarah Drury Reply

I am sending out healing prayers for Donna. I have a couple friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and who are now in remission and doing very well. She must be a bit frightened and nervous and that is certainly natural. I am praying that all goes well with the surgery and chemo and radiation if it is necessary. I am also praying that she will be calm and feel the Lord’s strength and love with her at this time.

Thank you, Charlie and your wife for praying for me and all of the others. I am 75 (but feel like 25) and want so badly to make a living online. I purchased Curation Power, but I cannot seem to discipline myself to work on it. If you would please pray that I can overcome my procrastination, I would be very grateful. Prayers are blessings to God and from Him. May He continue to bless Donna with a long and healthy life.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray for someone so special to you.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Sarah,

    We will pray that you will feel moved to take a specific action that breaks you free from the procrastination you feel. I’ve been there and know it’s not a good feeling.


Steve Terpstra Reply

These are terrible things in our lives. May the Lord be with you and keep you safely in the palm of His Fatherhand. We pray He will guide the minds and hands of the doctors and will make all things well. While we don’t know you personally be assured our love and prayers surround you.

Joe & Denise Coon Reply

Dear Donna, our sincere wishes are for your total healing and restoration back to a healthy, prosperous life. Denise and I have prayed, lifted you up, and asked the Lord for intervention, healing in Jesus Name, and restoration. Charlie thank you for making this need known.

Jin Tee Png Reply


Your faith and love for others will re-channel HIS mighty LOVE back to give you that healing.Keep praying.

Carolyn K. Beakbane Reply

Donna, I am a praying person, seek the will of my Savior everyday. I am adding you to my prayer list.

I want to share a little about me with you. I had breast cancer 28 years ago at the age of 46. I know what prayer and positive thoughts will do. Praying for a quick recovery for you.


James Reply

Donna the Hunter family stands in TOTAL Agreement with you. Were 2 or 3 are gathered Jesus is there with us. Total Healing belongs to you. The price of that HEALING was paid for PLEASE receive that gift.

From the Hunter Family we Love you and stand with you.

Ali Asghar Reply

Hi Charlie

Thank you for adding me to your prayer list, Donna do not worry everything happened for a reason and I prey for you and God will bless you, wish you well

Bill Keidan Reply

Healing sent Donna – I am sure you will pull through this challenge – nothing happens without a reason and I am sure you will be the stronger for your ordeal.

Antonios Reply

I know of several survivors of breast cancer. May God, no matter what your spiritual faith may be, guide you toward the best treatment available.

At present, precisely today, I am helping a co-worker with hers father’s prostate advance cancer diagnosis, he was offer an innovative treatment used in Europe and the Dominican Republic.

This treatment, sonablate hifu, is experimental in the USA and not FDA approved yet. It costs $20,000. Plus life, living, expenses. We are helping him to raise the funds so that he can receive the treatment. Medical insurance doesn’t cover expenses.

The promotions say that this process has about 90% more advantages than traditional radio and quemo therapies.

If this turns to be true many people can be saved with this treatment. I am a man in the sixties and prostate has become a problem. Hopefully this treatment can be a blessing for many man, and eventually, can be transferred to other types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Sending you healing energy.

God bless you, Donna, and the many other cancer sufferers.



Ameenah Reply

May Donna be blessed with miraculous health recovery…a positive outcome with her health challenge…may she be supported by those who care for and love her dearly…God’s healing light and the protection of his angels surround Donna during this critical time of need.
I’m praying for Donna and sending abundant blessings her way.
Peace, blessings and love,
PS- Charlie, I love your Spirit of Faith…and knowing priorities and today’s is a focus on blessings for Donna’s abundant health.

Ginette Reply

Praying for you Donna,

Lord I praise you for your love and your healing mercy for my friend Donna. May your will be done in her life, may this circumstance bring loved one closer to you and a healing miracle for Donna, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Lynn Reply

We’re all pulling for you Donna; hoping all goes well for you.

Regina Reply


I have no doubt that the God we serve, the God of miracles, who tells us that when two or three are gathered in his name that he will be there, will be there by your side tomorrow during the surgery to make sure that the surgery is successful. God is listening to all our prayers today regarding you and will deep you in the Blood of Jesus and by his grace deliver victory to you tomorrow so that his name will be Glorified by all these people praying for you. Have faith in God and believe that by his stripe you are healed, and all will be well in Jesus name. Amen!

Linton Kerr Reply

Thank you Charlie for putting God and our christian family members ahead of business. It is also another way to let others know that although we don’t “preach” in our daily business, “We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. Donna, already your illness has been a source of testimonies on these pages and wee look forward to reading yours later. In the mean time we bear you up in prayer.

Helen Reply

My thoughts and prayers are with Donna. Leave everything in God’s hands. He loves us all and will definitely come to Donna’s aid. No worries.

Dean Reply

God heals Donna today. Amen.

Randip Sidhu Reply

Charlie, I have held a little prayer this evening for dear Donna my thoughts and well wishes are all towards a wonderful person and please convey this on my behalf and let us know how she is getting on!

felixinfinity Reply

This is my first time of coming across an internet marketer that is a true christian and also believe in the efficacy of prayers. Most marketers are nonbelievers that make their money legitimately but unethically by throwing away their conscience by selling useless infoproducts
Don’t worry our prayer for Donna has been granted by our omnipotent,omniscience and omnipotent God .The operation will be successf.
l too need your prayer for good health and for God to break the yoke of stagnation in my life. Hoping to hear from you after the CROSS OVER NIGHT.Till then wishing you God’s intervention.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind words. We will be praying for your breakthrough from the feeling of stagnation. Remember this, every day is a brand new day. Your yoke will be lifted. I know it.

Allan Reply

Thoughts and prayers are with you, Donna. I know a couple of women who have gone through this same challenge and come out the other side with flying colors. You can too.

Jimmie Reply

Hey Charlie,

I just wanted to take a moment to speak life and healing over Donna’s situation. I pray that she makes a full and speedy recovery.

Ron Reply

Praying in Jesus name for a speedy recovery, God Bless

Robert Burch Reply

Donna my wife and I will be praying for you. 9 years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and because of her reliance on and faith in Jesus Christ maintained an excellent attitude through out the process. I am glad to report she has 9 years with no recurrence and we pray that your experience will be similar.

Caleb Hill Reply

Hi Donna
Pray indeed for you but check out some very important facts.
Video at bottom of suncountrygardens.com



Iodine, Selenium, Sunlight (Vitamin D) are essential to activate Gene p53 this is our gene to kill tumers and Cancer. Kelp for Iodine, Brazil nuts for selenium, 30-40 min of sunlight on entire body each day for Vitamin D. whfoods.com to find other food sources.
1 Cancer must have an acidic body to servive.
1 Meat is amino ACID, fats are fatty ACIDS Praise God for a vegetarian diet!
2 Cancer needs low oxygen in order to servive.
2 Fat meal can lower oxygen in blood up to 40% for up to 4 hours a great time for cancer to grow and spread.
2. Low fat diet helps oxygen levels to bless with health and oxygen kills cancer.
2 Fresh green smoothies with fresh chloriphil is Alkline and carries oxygen and is full of fiber and minerals and kills cancer 3 different ways. 1 Alkline 2 Oxygen 3 Rich Minerals
3 Avoid big time vegetable oils these cause cancer. However Extra Virgin Olive oil is good!
4 DO NOT EAT TABLE SALT! Sea salt is OK but Himalayin Pink salt is my favorite. It had 84 minerals that you really need.
5 Avoid man made foods in boxes bags and cans and eat plenty of fresh God made foods.
6 As you pray for healing Praise God with a merry heart.
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22
I will indeed pray for you.
ellenwhiteaudio.org download and listen to “Ministry of Healing”

Victor Kimura Reply

Hi Charlie, I will be praying for Donna. I pray constantly and really love to pray and spend time with our Beloved Jesus Christ. There is a live streaming conference with David Taylor (http://www.joshuamediaministries.com/#services). It’s on Aug 5-7 (Wed to Fri) in less than a week. He has an anointing for healing and this conference is about healing and, specifically, cancer. We all know that Jesus is the ONE who heals but some just have certain gifts as we all do. We are all One Body or we should be and each member has their gifts the Bible says. Here is the registration form:


Father, in Jesus’ Name, we pray for Donna, our sister. I don’t know her but You do and I will meet her one day too. You said that we shall pray and they will be healed. You said in Your Word that “by Your stripes we are healed”, Jesus. We know that You paid this price and we lift up Donna to you and lay her at Your feet, Beloved. We declare that spirit of cancer to leave her body now – in Jesus’ Name. We ask now that You restore fully every muscle, tendon, fibre, cell, organ and anything else the cancer has destroyed. We loose Your Life upon every cell of her body and we, say, complete restoration and healing. We loose Your Peace upon her and Your Joy and Your Hope and Your Love upon her and her family members now. We thank You, Father, for You are Good and for listening to our prayers. We thank You, Beloved Jesus Christ, for paying this price and that no one else could pay this price but You and You alone. We thank You, Holy Spirit, for being our Comforter, Advocate and Helper. We love You and adore You. Amen.

Robert Reply

Lord Jesus, I pray that you will be with Donna with her in her surgery tomorrow.

Fred Reisner Reply

My thoughts and prayers are with Donna and her family at this time, I wish her the best of luck and hope all works out very well

Glenn Bowman Reply

Thank you, Charlie.
We will put Donna on our “And especially” prayer list.
We pray that God’s healing presence will fill Donna completely.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Merilee Reply

Donna, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending prayers up for your recovery….

Helen Reply

Dear Donna, We are praying for you and your family at this difficult time & asking God for a full recovery.

Reuben Moss Reply

Donna, you will be in my prayers today. I wish you all the best. By Jesus’s stripes we are healed. Keep the faith!

Elijah Reply

Thanks Charlie for letting us know about Donna. She will be remembered in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

May Our Dear God Shower His Blessings Upon You Donna.
Elijah Dunn.

M.T Davis Reply

Praying for Donna and adding her to our Church prayer group!

dick krafcik Reply

The Lord has you in the palm of his hand Donna. My wife of 51 yrs had a mascotomey over 40 yrs ago and through many folks prayers lives today at 75 yrs. So will you. God Bless you and your family.

Gladys Reply

I pray for your prompt and successful recovery. God, put your healing hands on her. Amen

Joe and Kay Reply

Hello Donna, Kay and I are thinking of you and will say a prayer for a positive outcome and a quick recovery.

Ray Holmes Reply

My thoughts and prayers are with you Donna. Your faith and trust in the Lord will pull you through . I know because people prayed for me when I suffered a brain haemorrhage in 1987 and He must have been listening as I am still here today to talk about it .

Hugo Reply

I believe with all my heart that anything we ask in Jesus names it will be granted to us, and humbly I stand before the Lord asking for your complete recover and see this behind, and enjoying the wonderful years ahead of you. May the Lord Bless you always.

Lawrence Mills Reply

Dear Donna,
My prayers are for your safe recovery and speedy return to a healthy life.
My friend had the same problem and had the surgery about five years ago but she refused the chemo therapy because of the way it seemed to inflict more problems, I salute her for her decision and supported her in this.
Funny though the doctors still don’t understand why she refused that part of the treatment and still question her about it five years after the event.

May the Lord grant you his healing powers and wisdom to carry on with your life, Amen.

Get well, get fit and enjoy your future wellness,
Best wishes,
Laurie Mills
P.S. I had my run-in with skin cancer about nine years ago with the removal of a golf ball size lump from my neck plus all of the muscle from the right shoulder. Didn’t have chemo but they tried some experimental x-rays on my throat. Seemed to work as I am still here nine years later. Wasn’t keen on the idea of chemo either.

David Crist Reply

Donna, I, along with the other’s here in Charilie’s big ‘family’, am praying for your healing. Be assured that God deeply loves you and is intimately involved in your life right now. Here are a couple of Bible verses that would be good to meditate on . . .

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6,7

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us . . . ” – Ephesians 3:20

Rev Scott Heiser Reply

Praying for your miraculous recovery and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Terry Reply

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Donna. With the Lord and Charlie by your side, you are in good hands.

May you have a speedy recovery.

All the best –


Vivian Reply

My very best wishes Donna. My wife and I pray for God’s blessings and intervention for you. Thank you, Charlie, for sharing this prayer need.

Neil Reply

God bless you Donna for a full and complete healing from your cancer and a full recovery to vital health.

    glenda Reply

    My prayers are with you,for strength and a speedy recovery.

      glenda Reply

      Charlie can you pray for me and my family,we are going though some very hard Times,its seems like its never ending Thanks.

      Charlie Page Reply

      We will pray for you. Tough times never last but tough people do. I pray your situation improves quickly. Remember that every day is a brand new day and that your past does not have to be your future.


Simon Reply

Donna, sorry to hear what you’ve been through. My prayer is with you and your family. Nothing is impossible for God. May God heal your illness soon.
God Bless,

aida suarez Reply

Oh Donna! Since you have faith and believe in health… and preach about both, I am happy to know about that. I will pray for you today…so you would have the strength to overcome this problem dealing with Cancer. The Lord is going to help you!

Tai Salami Reply

Dear All,
We are praying for Doñna in London UK.We agree wuth a? the saints praying for Donna.. This dear lady is healed in Jesus’ name.The same Jesus whom we called (my husband & my Sis) when our Uncle was sick few years ago, and He answered is d same yesterday today & forever. We declare Donna healed in Jesus’ name. Great testimony shall follow in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Robert Paugh Reply

We will keep Donna in our thoughts and prayers as she goes through the surgery and the recovery.


Murdell Reply

I have prayed for Donna. May God bless, heal and keep her in his care.

DR Richard Muccillo Reply

I am not religious but I do wish her well with my thoughts

Dave Anderson Reply

Donna, I am not a person of strong faith, but I do believe that good thoughts make good things happen. Keep strong and think of how good it will feel to be going home.
Prayers and well wishes to you and yours,

Dave Anderson

Wydell Reply


My Prayers are with you and your family. Remember that by Jesus stripes you are Healed.

Blessings Upon Your Family,
In Jesus name, Amen


Archie McKerrell Reply

Praying for complete healing for Donna and wisdom and skill for the surgeons.

Paul Reply


My wife and I are praying in agreement for GOD’S Healing for you and comfort to you and your family.
Paul S
If I may I have ask my wife to write a few word of encouragement as we stand in prayer for you.

Hi Donna!
I said a prayer for you today
That God would Bless you in a special way
That angels to you,would attend
and bring your life to health again
God Bless you!
Jeremiah 29:11

Janet S.

Kenny Reply

Donna wish you the best and speedy recovery

Gerald Hubbard Reply

I had Open Heart Surgery 7/16th and I am beginning to feel better. There has been one thing that got me through the pain and tough times. Simply repeating Jesus name over and over & remembering that He promised never to leave us has made all the difference to me. I pray He will guiding the surgeons hands and minds at every step of the way with you.


Paul Hamel Reply

I pray for Donna and the surgeons that they can remove the cancer and Donna can lead a healthy life again. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

Jack Hadley Reply

Hi Donna,
I know how you feel because I have been a Cancer patient for the last 8 years. Think positive because everything will be alright.
I will pray for you. You will make it!
Jack Hadley

Stephen Reply

Will ask for the Lord’s perfect will

Rev. Robert Palmer PhD Reply

Donna know that Reiki energy and Blessing are with always

tom Reply

I will be praying for Donna tonight, that God will be very close to her as she goes for surgery, and that her surgery will be a success. Thanks be to God He is never too busy to receive our prayers and requests. —- ” Tom” —- Northern Ireland.

Ernie Hodge Reply

Donna, I am praying that you will have a successful surgery and have a fast and lasting recovery.

Ernie Hodge

Diane Reply

May God take away that cancer from you now I pray in Jesus’s name!

Many blessings to you!

Jim Reply

Charlie, It is a blessing to see you share this request, my wife and I will be praying for Donna and wisdom for the doctors. Our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor a little over a year ago. She is married and a mother of six children. It has not been a trial but a journey for all of us, one that has strengthen our faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The Lord has been so good to us through this time. She isn’t completely healed but we are trusting the Lord and through his grace believe she will be. Thank you for being an outspoken Christian. May God Bless you,

Jim Bradley

Jean Reply

Thank you Charlie for sharing this prayer request.

It really shows your great heart.

I declare speedy recovery and divine intervention for our sister in the Lord Donna.

In the name of Jesus and through the Power of the Holy Spirit we speak healing to her body now.

Remain blessed


MIchael Reply

Donna I have prayed for you and the surgeons. We serve a wonderful God.

Stephen Ray Porter Reply

Praying for you, Donna, and expecting God’s rich blessings and healing for you! In the name of Jesus, Amen!

John Reply

My prayers are with you, Donna. And may the Lord grant you a successful surgery coupled with a speedy recovery to optimal health; in all areas of your life.

Many Blessings,


serah Reply

Where 2 or 3 agree according to his will God answers. Our God is a healer and He has already done it by faith. May His name be glorified forever.

Sunday Reply

Donna, you will live and not die to declare the glory of the Lord in the land of the living. God will see you through the operation. It is well with you. Amen.

Carlston Reply

Charlie: I pray to God to touch Donna with his healing power, to guide the doctors and nurses who are taking care of her, and to give strength to her family during this stressful time.

Ron Reply

Prayer is extremely powerful. In 2011 I was diagnosed with a bad heart and the prognosis was not good. I would require a heart transplant or I wouldn’t live long. God answered the prayers of many people who prayed for me and I got a miracle healing from the Great Healer. My heart is completely healed and it happened in an instant! I pray that Donna receives a miracle healing as well but to be clear – I ask that God’s will be done. He is the one in charge. I pray that Donna receives all the blessings God has for her.

Patti Grunkemeier Reply

I just said a prayer for Donna. And thank you, Charlie, for praying for all of us.

Maria Rodrigues Reply

I have already started praying for Donna & I’ll have a special prayer tomorrow that the surgery be a success. Just have faith & courage & God will do the rest.

Rick Macaulay Reply

Prayers are on their way. I urge you to investigate all the testimonials on YouTube of people with serious and life threatening diseases who have used MMS & CDS. It is startling to say the least. I am sure this lady can be helped through her recovery. God Bless

Merlin Frei Reply

I believe in prayer and will add mine to others in behalf of Donna. Thank you Charlie for inviting us to do this. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of His children.

Karen Reply

I most certainly will pray and put her need for prayer on the prayer wall of the online church I attend. God is able!!
“Lord I ask that you guide the hands and the minds of each and every person that is involved in Donna’s care, that she would receive the best. And that her recovery would be a quick and easy one. Thank you in Jesus’ name Amen.”

Carlos Reply

I have been inactive in this field for almost four years due to health and personal reasons. I understand the power of faith in the Divine. She has my healing thoughts and prayers.


Jacek Reply

I have read a book “Grace and grit” by Kevin Wilber. It’s about cancer, suffering, pain and death, but it’s also full of life, joy, love and grace. I wish Donna grace of God in her healing process.

Esti Allina Reply

Sending healing light and love to Donna, and all who seek healing. Wishing her a full and speedy recovery.

Richard Reply

Hi Charlie,

I will say a prayer for your friend. Please add my friend Donna to your prayer line, as she has serious health issues to deal with right now also.

    Charlie Page Reply

    We will pray for her. Thank you for you letting me know.


Steve Reply

I pray for you Donna, as you will be in the theater room for surgery tomorrow, i declare may the healing hand of the lord Jesus Christ touch and heal you in Jesus name, you will experience pain no longer, amen.

Rosemarie McKenna Reply

Donna, I pray that “the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead” will quicken your mortal body and make you well! Because, “by His stripes YOU were healed!”

Dave Nielsen Reply

I’ll include Donna in my daily prayers, keeping the faith God heals is so important during these times. Prayers and best wishes from me to you Donna.

Lorna Reply

My prayers are with you as you move forward with this recent challenge.


Praying for a speedy recovery for Donna!!


Not only will I pray for Donna but I will repost the request on my FB page where my church family at First Pentecostal Church of Hammond will offer prayers as well.

Earl Aldridge Reply

I am a total believer in divine healing and believe that our Creator has no ill towards any person who lives on the earth. Jesus went about healing all manner of sickness and disease.

My prayer and my wife’s prayer is Donna’s healing will follow Jesus’ desire.

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. (II Pet 2:24)

Earl & Gerrie

Jenni Reply

Praying for Donna all the way from New Zealand.

Lucille Reply

Dear Donna, I pray the Grace and the Love of God surround you and all who will be with you throughout the operation, that God’s will for all may be served in this experience. Nasi Novare Coram (The Presence of the Teachers of God is with us)

🙂 Lucille

Bob McAleer Reply

Donna, may the strength, power and comfort of our most awesome God be with you, and may you be blessed and be a blessing to others as you face this new challenge. I and many others will be praying for you.

Rob Reply

I am praying that God work his wonders in your life whatever they may be.

Dawit Reply

God Save Donna. Everything is possible in God’s hand. She will be fine. God be with her and save her life. In the name of Father, Son and Holly sprit AMEN.

Cliff Reply

I prayed for you Donna. You have the favor if God.

God Bless you

Ricardo Reply

Donna will make it through. She still has an important mission to accomplish

Tim Plyler Reply

Donna, I don;t know who you are, but I have had similar experiences in my family. May God lay his healing hands upon you and bless you into a long and healthy life. Remember Donna, God made those shoulders of yours, and he know how much they can handle. Therefore, he will not put a burden on you that is more than you can take. There is a lot of power in Prayer and Faith!

Charlie, you and your family are an inspiration to me, and I thank you.
Both Donna, you and your family are in my prayers.


    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Tim. You are a blessing to many.


Walt Gemmell Reply

Charlie, I have a prayer list of friends and acquaintances who are in need of healing and will add Donna to that list today. May god bless and heal her and God bless you for being her friend.

Chris Reply

Wow, Donna has a great friend in you Charlie! Fantastic you are asking for prayer support!
My prayer is that Donna may feel the peace of the Lord Jesus which passes understanding and feel the comfort of The Holy Spirit during this testing time. My she also take encouragement from the fact we are standing with her in faith and interceding for her for her healing. Psalm 139 is amazing!
I personally would like clarity of thinking, wisdom to keep making constructive choices and courage to implement them quickly and efficiently, ultimately to give God the glory and fulfil his will and purpose.

Berk swezey Reply

I just said a prayer for Donna. I am a man and had breast surgery last year. I am all right and Donna will be all right too.

Karen Reply

I guess most of us have had family members who are struggling with the same issues and others as well. I will say an extra prayer for Donna tonight! I will also include Mary Ann and all those who are facing health challenges.

Tom Rett Reply

our prayers are with donna I hope the surgery goes well

Tony Ejem Reply

My family and I are praying for you Donna. I know with a wonderful group of Charlie and our prayers you will get a lot of support and hopefully strength.
We will be with you in our thoughts, wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. Thank you Charlie for always looking out for your friends. We all love you for who you are.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Tony. You are a faithful friend indeed.


DeJuan Collins Reply

Yes, I will pray that Jesus heals her and Save her also. For he can do the impossible, but her situation is not IMPOSSIBLE for him. Matthew 9:35

Clive Reply

By the stripes of Jesus, Donna shall be well. May the peace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ that passes all understanding be with Donna and her family during this time…. God Loves you more that you could ever know or understand and nothing in the whole wide world will ever separate you from the love of Christ. Cancer is no exception.. GOD’S LOVE FOR YOU IS FOREVER!

Donna M Reply

How can I forget to pray for you when we share the same name? I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ, who was and still is the Great Physician. I believe in the power of prayer and can assure you that my God is awesome, and is still in the healing business. You can be assured that I will lift you up to the throne of Grace in prayer during my daily devotions. God bless you!

Tom Inabnet Reply

Donna is in our prayers…

George Gould Jr Reply

Hi Charlie,
God bless you friend.
I would be more than honored to stand in the gap and pray for Donna. And as soon as I finish this response, my prayer is going UP TO MY MOST HIGH GOD,who sets HIGH and l@@ks low. Praise God for his Goodness & Mercy. Thank God that he honors Prayer and I can say that Donna Is already Healed. I just Believe that. Because the prayers of the Righteous availeth MUCH! If you see her again, you let her know Emmanuel, God, got her back and to not weary about NOTHING, just Rest by his Bosom and let God be God with her TOTAL TRUST!
p.s.now I will submit this and Pray.

Tim Reply

Thanks Charlie for sharing this request. I will pray right now and as I remember over the next several hours. So thankful God has revealed Himself as the Healer!

Ann Smith Reply

I pray that Donna will be healed in God’s healing light. And that a peace that passes all understand will be upon her and those that love her.

Evangeline Reply

Thoughts and good wishes for an excellent outcome for Donna.

Norm Reply

Healing is requested of Divine Loving Creator, for Donna. God is Good, all the time. All the time God is Good, in Thanksgiving for This day and all the days of our Lives. “Existence is Benevolence and Benevolence is Existence!” -NJA


Norm J. Abbott

Rose Brophy Reply

In the name of Jesus, I pray for peace and joy and God’s guidance on the hands of the surgeons. I pray for Gods wonderous healing and presence be with you and your family. I ask for total healing and blessing for you. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Joyce Wells Reply

Our prayers will be with your friend Donna as she confronts her health issues. May Angels hold her hand and ease her heart and God reach in and help the doctors cleanse her body of illness.

Chineme Reply

Love, light and healing prayers for Donna.

Winnie Reply

Prayer changes things. God is not concerned with distance. I send you prayers love light and healing laughter from Jamaica.God lives and all is well. Blessings
Thanks for caring and sharing Charlie

Joseph Gahring Reply

Donna is in our prayers. Please keep us posted.

I have a request…….. I have had to put my wife of 63 years in a

nursing home because of dementia. Unable to continue to care for her.

Since 02 February this year, I have been in the hospital several times

because of heart problems. I think I own the ambulances now because of

all the use I got from them (smile). Because of the hospital visits I

have not been able to keep up with my banking and now have double/

triple payments. Please pray for a good quick correction and that

both My wife Mary Ann and I have good health and care. We know God is

able and will care for us as needed. He just needs helpers to provide

it. May god bless Donna and also you Charlie and your family.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Joseph. We will keep you and Mary Ann in our prayers.


Simon Reply

Fingers crossed … xx

Mary Reply

God bless and protect Donna and keep her safe and watch over her in her time of need…

Also, keep thoughts and prayers in mind for my cousin Tony fighting liver & pancreatic cancer and awaiting a new liver…please pray for him and my sisters family as they carry on bravely …

And maybe just a little prayer for me that I find my
Right path quickly to help with my own financial stressors…
Thank you Charlie and all and God Bless Us All!!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Mary,

    We will keep Tony in our prayers. Will keep you there too that you find the right path. I know you will!


Ioan Reply

Hi Charlie ,I read your asking and I pray for Donna …in the past I made a pray for your brother or somebody of your family …God help us !

    Charlie Page Reply

    You did pray for Belin. Thank you for that. He has been cancer free for a long time now. His doctor literally said it was a miracle.

    Thank you for praying for Donna too. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you,


John McBride Reply

Thank you.for sharing My thoughts and prayers are with you and the causes you support.

Bryan Winters Reply

Dear Lord, I pray that you’d be with Donna through this difficult time,
that you’d give the doctors wisdom through her surgery, and that her
body would heal quickly and fully post surgery… In Jesus name!

God bless, Donna

    Charlie Page Reply

    Amen to that. You are a faithful man and friend.

    Thank you, Bryan.


JS Reply

Hi Donna,
I read Charlie’s messages daily and today was about you. You will be in my daily prayers until we hear you are well.
God Bless,

Ake Hedman Reply


Our prayers for Donna in Jesus name Amen.

My Wife was saved 2 years ago by MD. Anderson’s Hospital in Huston TX,
they are THE best. Anybody with cancer should go there, they take you with or
without money!


    Charlie Page Reply


    Amen to that about MD Anderson. That’s where my brother in law went and we were continuously amazed at their skill, compassion and care.


L.W.Braxton Reply

I’m a praying man, grew up that way and know that prayer does change things. So i want you to know Donna (God Knows Who You Are) my prayers Will Definitely go to your complete healing.

While I’m not a doctor, i have for the past 20 years done research on ailments and such for natural cures. Cancer being one of them.

All I’m asking you to do is research ESSIAC TEA. It’s ingredients has in fact cured women and men of Cancer including Breast Cancer. Look it up on Amazon, and Google it, You find Many testimonials.

One thing to remember that I have discovered in my research. Cancer feeds Off sugar. So One Of The Things You Need To Do Is Stop With Any Sugars.

Hope that helps As It is sincere
Prayerfully Yours
L.W. Braxton

Julie Reply

Hi Charlie,

Will definitely say a prayer for Donna. My girlfriend went through it twice and now, 7 years later, she is doing great. But it was a big hurdle that she was able to get through thanks to good doctors, prayers, and a great circle of family and friends.


Glenn McLendon Reply

I have taken a little time now and prayed for Donna’s safety during her surgery and her complete healing afterwards. Thank you Charlie for sharing this urgent need and allowing me to join you in prayer for Donna.

I will remember Donna again in prayer tomorrow as she goes into surgery.

Rick Maciejewski Reply

Donna you have the power and faith within you to over come this obstacle, God gave you the power to succeed and its called mind over matter just keep thinking positive thoughts that this problem is one you can beat and belive me you will over come it.

God bless you Donna

crescencio Reply

God says ask and you will rec’d and pray with others and I will be there.
May God Bless

Sheila LyonHall Reply

Charlie, thank you for alerting us about Donna’s need for prayer … and her good works! I’ve already begun whispering her name in GOD’s ear. I too believe in the sacred power of Prayer and appreciate the opportunity to blend my faith with you, Sonia and other Believers in your community. May Donna reap the FULL benefit of our prayers … in her body, mind and spirit. Shalom!

    Charlie Page Reply

    You, my friend, are a believing machine! You always respond. You always believe. You always bless others.

    It is an honor to work with you.


Gordon Appleby Reply

Count on me to lift Donna up in prayer. Our God is an awesome God. He loves Donna and knows how to care for her and her family during this difficult time.

Thank you Charlie, for your wonderful heart and your visible faith.

BTW, Donna sounds like a wonderful person. Thanks again for sharing.

joe Reply

financial crisis…please pray

    Charlie Page Reply

    We will be praying for you.


Chris Reply

We’ll be praying! God Bless, Chris

Marie Reply

My prayers are with Donna!

Franka Reply

My thougts and prayers are with you Donna.
All the best

Mark Reply

As a beginner Reiki healer, what I have learned is the key is creating the right intention.

So, without knowing Donna personally I am sending loving light energy with the intention to heal her for the highest good possible.

May the doctors who will be performing her surgery have the skills and expertise to treat her with the utmost of care and may they be successful as well as Donna to be able to receive the healing energies from all the people sending her their prayers.

Al Reply

Donna, sending you all the positive energy I can muster! Wishing you the best outcome for this challenge.

leel Reply

Will do Charlie

Mark Furlong Reply

Just prayed for her. Though invisible, God’s love and power are very real.

Dave MacDonald Reply

Thank you Charlie for being so thoughtful towards others!

I will say a special prayer for Donna and I wish her complete success with her surgery tomorrow on Friday the 31st of July.

Donna will be in God’s merciful hands and may she feel comfortable knowing that!

Take care…DMac

Nelsonne M. Reply

Dear Charlie,
I am touched and I am sorry for this bad news about Donna. I am going to pray straight away and will do at midnight too and 6am tomorrow morning. God creator will help Donna.
Let be connect in Christ. He is in control.
Bless you Donna.
Bless you Charlie and your team.

Donnie Ellis Reply

Thank you for Sharing your faith and yes I would be happy to pray

Jeff Carley Reply

Best wishes and prayers to you Donna! Full and speedy recovery!!

Tolu Reply

My thoughts and prayers are with you Donna.
You will come out triumphant In Jesus Name. AMEN!

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