My Video Sales Letter Formula

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Years ago a song proclaimed that “video killed the radio star”. Now we hear that video is going to kill long form sales letters and every other form of selling online.

Maybe not, maybe so. No one knows.

What we DO know is this …

  • Video sales letters convert better than long sales letters in most markets.
  • Video sales letters are more personal than written sales letters.
  • You can convey emotion and excitement in a video sales letter, not as much in writing.
  • Smart companies like Agora Publishing earn millions with video sales letters.

And the best one of all …

YOU can create a video sales letter and sell more than ever!

Not sure where to start?

That is exactly why I made this video to share with you my personal video sales letter formula.

HINT: It’s for more than just video so be sure to watch it right now.


P.S. I make an offer to help you free inside the video. Don’t miss that.

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