We Will Never Forget

Today is a day to remember.

Remember the almost 3000 who lost their lives for no good reason at all.

Remember all who have fought and died and suffered since, regardless of what we believe about politics or war or hate.

  • A day to remember that love is stronger than hate.
  • A day to remember that hope is stronger than hurt.
  • A day to remember that fear can be overcome by light and love and persistence.

A day to hug your children, call your parents and let those in your life know how much you care.

Today is a day to remember.

And in the remembering, we embrace hope. We embrace love.

We embrace forgiveness and pledge anew to love our neighbors as ourselves and do the very best we can to listen more, to forgive more quickly and to let the past be in the past while never forgetting the lessons we learned there.

John Maxwell said this …

“Where there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.”

So today let us embrace hope. Let us make sure there is hope today so that there will be power today. To see the future we want, not the future others want for us.

  • Hope that someday we will all live in peace.
  • Hope that we can work first to understand and then be understood.
  • Hope that the very best in us will rise to the surface and shine with the light of a thousand suns.

If you are old enough to remember where you were on that dreadful day in Dallas you know pain. I remember my teachers and parents crying and not fully understanding why. Then September 11, 2001, happened and I understood.

I understood the pain, the despair, the anger, and rage.

And this time my children saw me cry. Oh God please let it be that their children never see them cry those bitter tears.

Today is a day to remember, with tears or not, what may be the darkest day in our lives.

And today is a day to embrace hope – for hope gives us power today to be our best. To do our best. To give our best.

Zig Ziglar once said you have to be before you can do and you have to do before you can have.

So today let us BE hopeful so we can DO the things needed to become peacemakers and then HAVE the best possible world this side of Heaven.

Because hope brings the power of the future into the reality of today.

Be blessed. Be safe.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Myles Saulibio Reply

Aloha and thank you Charlie for your epic post on this day of days in all of our lives.

You’ve humbly reminded us all of our collective cultural strengths, heritage, and unlimited capacity to empathize with, feel for, care, and love one another despite the circumstances and truths.

As for me, while performing a threat assessment on the empty Ellis Island and seeing the smoke rising through an etched drawing of the Twin Towers- through a window in the main hall—was epic, consoling, and a moment in history.

I lost a friend on the plane that hit the Pentagon as I’m sure many others have something to share.

In the end, the event propelled me to support 8 combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And our freedom journeys continue.

Mahalo Nui Loa Charlie!

Rene Miller Reply


Thank you for reminding me this morning of the huge things that have happened in my days here on earth. Atrocities that man has caused in the name of their gods. I didn’t think that these kinds of things were even possible of mankind until I got old enough. But as I hear the history, as I listen to the words today and watch the stories unfold in my future tomorrow, I know that in opening my eyes and my heart toward our Heavenly Father who so lovingly watches as we continue to destroy all that He has given us, I know that He has a plan for all of us and is patiently waiting while we continue to destroy, hate, and murder one another. There will always be those that think they are better than and there will always be those that think their god is the right and only god. But in reaching out and touching my brother’s hand, I am knowing that everyone of us has inherent good deep within our soul, I have to know that God’s plan is for all of us to be there once again for each other with renewed faith and understanding and I wait patiently for the end, but also for a new beginning. Thanks for your heartfelt grief and joy that you gave us this morning Charlie with your words.

Gordon Appleby Reply

Yes, I remember Dallas. And I can tell you exactly where I was when I heard the news.

And I remember 9/11. Not just the Horrors…the Heros, too. Teachers, Hollywood’s elite, first responders, ministers, children. Politicians of all stripes. People of all colors, faiths and backgrounds…we all came together as one, in an all-too-rare, incredible, inspirational moment of solidarity, support and pride. Differences melted away. And in it’s place came unity, strength and pride. I’ll never forget the Heros.

Yesterday, on 9/11 (right here in College Station, BTW}, a family welcomed a husband and daddy home from Afghanastan. What a joyous reunion! And proof positive that the heros remain.

Thank God for the Heros.

Eliza Reply

Hi Mr.Page,
Your message makes great sense to me and I am feeling very emotional about it.

All The Best,

aida suarez Reply

Charlie, all thoughts in this blog was well express. I could feel your sincerity. Hope! Yes hope! Hope is also faith. Faith in God, faith in ourselves. Eleanor Roosevelt has inspire me to go ahead and see fear square on the face. In order to go ahead and face the music, and dance with it if we can. Thanks Charlie and God bless your life.

Ake Hedman Reply

Thank you Charlie,

Hope never dies.

Mark Reply

Yes Charlie, your right as usual, we will never forget all the people that have died in wars. I remember as I was having a bad night, I saw it all on my TV early in the morning from my video recorder and I thought it was a movie. Mark M

Ben Maltz Reply

Well said, Charlie

Kathleen Griffin Reply

Today is a day that everyone will remember. A day that rocked the world, in many ways. We have learned to appreciate one another more, appreciate life and every day we have. To enjoy the simple things in life. And understand others with a much deeper affection. It is a day of flags flying, people crying, and the day when every person became a hero. When love and light overcame hate and darkness, with some giving of themselves and paying the ultimate price. They will always be remembered, for greatness never dies. Thank you for your courage and strength.

Alec Reply

God bless each and every solider that has fallen x

Stephen Barrett Reply

These three remain: faith, hope and love… and the greatest of these is love. Praise God for the promises, and thank you, Charlie, for reminding us to walk in the Light – there is, indeed, no other way.
God bless you

Stephen Barrett
New Zealand
Proverbs 3:5,6

John Reply

This is a day not only to remember all those who were killed, or were injured physically, or emotionally. It is also a day to remember when we all came together as a nation to help each other out. Firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other “ordinary” citizens all reached out to help in a time of need. As long as we continue to pull together in times of crisis, the terrorists will never win.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Amen to that. So many brave stories to be told. Thank you for your comment.


John Antaya Reply

Yes Mr. Page, This is a day that we shall never forget. 9/11 will forever be itched in our minds and hearts. Yes, a lot of loved ones were lost that day and “We Will Remember Them’.

Alister Brutnell Reply

Great article Charlie, I was actually in Boston visiting my company’s headquarters when it happened, these sort of things bring into perspective what life is about and how fragile and precious it is.

Have a good week Charlie, thanks for sharing this.


Christine Reply

Thank you for sharing this reflection. It enabled us to teach our children about those horrible events and reflect and pray together for peace and all those directly affected by the events of 9/11.

Hakeem Reply

Ah, Charlie, please keep on being that we may be, too. And doing, so you and we may have more of people like you (in this world of short memories), who will have and share…like this most timely post. May we not forget the lessons of this momentous day – September 11. Amen

Darryl Reply

In ower Heart’s and mind’s Always! Thank’s
Charlie page!

The Event that should have never happend.

robert a. barnett Reply

Thank you Charlie for such beautiful words of hope and faith in our great big beautiful country. The moment of silence, the clear sunny morning here in Ohio, made for an eery feeling, but to read your post put it all into perspective. God bless you and God bless our great country.

Kevin C Reply

When those two planes brought down those three towers, it was an unbelievable event to watch. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. Thanks Charlie.

Ray Reply

Dear Charlie,.

Thank you for being the good person you are . You inspire and you make me and I,m sure others as well feel good. How we tend to forget important past events . You help me keep my feet firmly on the ground.
Thank You

Jack Caggz Reply

There are no other moments in my life that bring me back to the raw, heartfelt emotions of that horrific and tragic event. Even as I write this, the hurt and the sadness – and the unimaginable thought of what those 3000 we lost must have been going through – moves me to tears.
Please don’t focus on the current turmoil in the world in any way. Instead, focus on working towards helping others understand that there is a peaceful solution to any and all concerns. If we deal with our concerns the right way those concerns will never become problems.
Charlie, as always, thank you for posting this and helping us all to reflect on what is important – family and friends. Jack Caggz

Ju Reply

Hi, Charlie,
I’m not American, but I do remember where I was. Many of us here do. It was evening, and our bosses called us back to our workplaces, to watch and pray, even as we wept.

It was painful for us, not as much as you perhaps but painful nonetheless. I remember many of us crying. The tears, the wailing and others watching the screens in shock and horror. It was akin, perhaps, to seeing your big brother fall bloodily and cry– the same brother you love and admire but often love to hate on because he is so perfect. But then he falls and cries, and your heart breaks, because that’s not supposed to happen to the strong ones. But then he gets up again, and you think “that’s my brother.”
From here, we will always remember. We will remember your great loss, and with it, the strength with which you reminded the world how greatness will always rise, and with it, hope. And our hearts will always be with you.

Anneliese Reply

Thank you Charlie. I am not American but will always remember that day. It was at around 4.00 p.m. in our country and we were packing up to go home when someone phoned our offices. Only when we had a chance to follow the events on television did we realize the extent of the tragedy. I hope that those who lost loved-ones and were themselves hurt on this sad day have become stronger in faith and hope. May we always continue to trust in God. Thank you Charlie and those who posted such deep-felt and beautiful words for all of us to share.

Mark M Reply

Hey Charlie,
Thanks for this, let us hope that the unrest that is around the world at the moment is not the start of something bigger & that it will settle down. Thanks again.

Abe Martens Reply

Charlie, Thank You for this one, I am Canadian and also remember
and was very saddened that Horendous day of 9/11 and others since then, even though I have never been to N,Y. You do have a wonderful way of
communicating to all your friends and followers, and members of the
D.O.E. So just Thanks Again Charlie, and Wonderfully written.

amin a Jonis Reply

Many loves charlie,
And god bless all the people who died for nothing.
thanks again Charlie Page.

Ryan Reply

Thanks for sharing, something we all can to from time to time is share something.

Jim Reply

Sept 11, 2001. It was the day the world changed forever.

John Reply

Nice article. The only thing I would add is a big thank you to all those
who served that day, and to all those who continue to do so. Your service is priceless. Whether you were a first responder, or just an “ordinary citizen”, thank you for your help on that day. Many more lives would have been lost without your help. I hope that we will always remember this day for what it was, and not let it become just another “sale” day, like so many of our other holidays.

    Rene Miller Reply

    John: I have been reading all of these responses and you have said something here that made me stop and really think about. What you said?

    “I hope that we will always remember this day for what it was; and not let it become just another “sale” day, like so many of our other holidays”.

    And I thought that you are so right. Looking over every single one of our “holi-days” we can see that society has taken them and turned them somehow, in one way or another, into a huge day of potential overly shopping for food and stuff, or things, or items.

    On “holi-days” we have this huge shopping list for groceries because the whole family is coming for dinner. On these days we see a million commercials for our large shopping stores such as Fred Meyer, Safeway, Thriftway, Krogers, etc., and they are all competing for the best prices on this item or that, while they spend millions on commercial air time.

    While we, all beautiful people, are frantically making a list of what to get and things to do. I know that every person is not the same and some have taken their own traditional approach to life, so I am not putting everyone in the same bundle but I’m wondering how many of us even stop to think that there are millions of families who can’t possibly even begin to dream about doing a minimal grocery shopping for any holiday, let alone another shopping extravaganza like Christ-mas?

    And I know that this is more than a possibility because I have been there. I had a room mate that stole my son’s only gift from under the tree and pawned it for drugs. I didn’t have money for holiday groceries and my heart ached as I looked at my children wishing we could have turkey for dinner tonight instead of fried potatoes and eggs. Times were tough but we loved each other.

    So I want to thank you for also bringing this side of “what humans do around the holidays” to holidays, to the days of Christ’s birth and death. And because of what you said I have decided to change how I do things in the future.

    I know that I am not making a big ole dent in anything here but I wanted to thank you personally for helping me to change my perspective and to help me change things around a bit, while attaching real meaning to what I do and how I do it. Especially with the money that I have been able to spend the last few years and since I can finally afford to grocery shop (most of the time) or purchase gifts for holi-days commemorating what the holi-day is supposed to mean?

    You helped me to realize that sharing the meaning with others is the most powerful contribution that I can make, and helping others to also enjoy the meaning and thoughts meant to be realized on those holi-days is why I am here! Thanks again John. Warm wishes and God Bless

Diane Reply

Thank you for this Charlie. Having been invited to one of the top floors of one of the Towers a short time before when I was on Holiday in the US I actually could not and have never watched the films. I did sit and listen all day on the radio while we tried to find out if our friends were OK. They had realised the risks after the first bombing and had moved to a floor beneath the area hit so were all safe. I thank God. I also thank Him for making my son go to work late on his birthday 7/7 in London and so avoid the bombs in the underground and the fact that my husband was locked in a building by the police for safety when the Barbican bomb went off in London. He has never forgotten how near they were and how buildings all around them had no glass but theirs was missed. He walked through the falling glass to safety when the police felt it was safe. Life is so precious, so special so love and remember.

Rhea Ashworth Reply

Yes, I remember, I am a retired wildland fire fighter, I had taken that day off to go move cattle (I also am a rancher) anyway, we where enjoying a cup of coffee before we headed out, when the tragic news came on the TV, we took a bit of time to watch and see what was going on…When I returned to work the next day, the BLM office was shut down for security reasons, but the BLM Fire was very well active. For those of us that hadn’t gone out on fire yet, we spent the day watching the news, finding out more about the tragic day…I later wrote a poem at well, I hope you don’t mind that I share it…

A Tribute to September 11th – I wrote this poem shortly after 9-11 while I was on a wildland fire.

What Does it take?

What does it take to remember my brilliance,
To remember what I stand for.
The unity I bring out within ourselves.
The love for our country and the freedom we share.
What does it take to remember?
Our fathers who fought and died for what we stand for.
Families who have lost loved ones and friends.
To protect our freedom, our country, our colors, our glory!
What does it take to remember?
The triumph, the glory, the sadness and defeat.
To proudly pack our colors to honor the freedom of our country.
To stand tall and believe in ourselves and what we stand for.
What does it take to remember?
That I can not stand alone.
That without your strength and love for our country,
I would just crumple and die.
 What does it take to remember?
Have your remembered who I am, or have your forgotten me?
What I stand for, and this wonderful country, we call home.
This United States of America
 Remember me and cherish everything I stand for.
For I am your American Flag, I stand tall, with out fail, as long as I’m not forgotten.
As long as I have your strength to carry me forward,
No matter how ragged and worn I may get.
Remember me and I will always stand tall for you!
God Bless your American Flag!
Written by Rhea Ashworth

Kevin McPhail Reply

Thank you Charlie. Your great friends up North share and remember your Nation’s loss today.

Burl Morgan Reply

Thanks for the post Charlie. I remember that day well, the anger, the tears and the anxiety of not knowing if my brother was on one of those planes. I heard that one of the planes was suppose to drop people off in Chicago on the way to SanFrancisco. My brother would occasionally go to Chicago on business. I could not get a hold of my brother till the next day and was relieved to find him well. My heart and prayers still go out to those who lost family and friends. A message of hope will touch the hearts of many and offer solace to others. Our character is often defined by how we respond to the many different challenges in our lives. I wll never stop believing in this great country of ours. One nation under God, in God we trust!

Anneliese Reply

Thanks Charlie for the comforting words. Especially in my country at the moment very meaningful, especially after the shooting of 34 striking mineworkers just a few weeks ago. And lately every striker carrying a weapon of some kind. A sad time for us. Will keep your article to read often … Hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

Glenna Reply

Hi Charlie.
An excellent article.I will never forget that day.Thank you for the article,i printed it to keep.
Hope all your family are doing well.

Susan Reply

Thank you, Charlie, for helping us remember that day when the unthinkable took place on American soil. May we never forget.

Ray Reply

Thank you Charlie,

That was amazing. We can grow stronger with knowledge and understanding. 911 will not be forgotten.

Francisco Garcia Reply

I cried that day while I heard the news in Aranjuez – Spain. I rememberd the time when I was in NY and it hurts.
Thank you for your post!

Beth Reply

I too remember where I was on that day. I was watching the news and couldn’t believe that what I was seeing, was actually happening. Televisions were left on all around the hospital where I worked, so that those of us with family, would know what was being done to find survivors. I’m sorry that today was so difficult for you Charlie, but thank you for taking the time to honor the memory of those who lost their lives on that terrible day.

Mike Harvey Reply

Hi Charlie, all of us Brits on this side of the pond are thinking of you. The words you chose are lovely.

Graham Massey Reply

Hi Charlie,
in our busy lives time flies by so quickly. Thankyou for the reminder ,and how we should all be looking forward with hope for the future.
Love conquers all.

Desana Reply

There is nothing else, Mr. Page, we might add up to your post. You have said it perfectly and have hit the nail right on its head! Thank you for reminding us about the values in life!!!!

Millie Martin Reply

Good Morning Charlie, What a wonderful article. How much better the world would be if we just remember to love each other. Thank you and have a nice day.

Dianne Gilbertson Reply

Thank you Charlie. Your words of remembered people of 9/11. Thank you for also including: we need to thank those who protect our freedom each and every day.MY 21 year old daughter called from her Army Base in VA to tell me she and 200 of her fellow soldiers will be deployed the 1st of December for 9 months to a year. Please pray for her and her fellow soldiers safety. Thank you.

Vanessa Deighton Reply

Thank you for writing these poignant words and that the whole world never forgets that day.

alicia Reply

As usual very touched by your blog… coincidentally, I was in Auschwitz – Birkenau yesterday, yes in Poland… without realizing the date.

we sure need to do more for peace and not take it for granted.

fu Reply

Thank you Charlie this word of encouragement. God bless..

Laticia Reply

I love the post. Thank you for posting this because so many people have forgetten. I live in NY and I was in NY where the twin towers went down. Thanks for posting so much hope on this dreadful day.

Terrie Reply

Well said, Charlie. I don’t always cry on the anniversary, but I did today. But I didn’t just cry because of the sadness of the memory, but my heart was touched by the stories of how we came together as a country, of how first responders and others willingly gave their lives. We are still the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are made of good stuff, because our foundations and our blessing comes from God. May God bless America, and God bless you, too. Thank you for your post today.

Gwen Moye Reply

That day will forever be etched in my mind, heart, and soul because that is the day my life changed for ever.

Mike Klaus Reply

Thanks Charlie,
I was 18 and going to college on that November day in Dallas and remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. The same with 911. I still see the pictures in my mind. We don’t want to forget the people that died and the people that gave their lives trying to save them.

Ricardo Reply

Thank you for taking the time to write about it. Today brings tear to my eyes, when I recall, that I was in Kosovo, and felt helpless. The people of Kosovo stood by us and offer prayers. Yet so far away from home was hard.
Thanks again! We can’t forget!

billy Reply

Do you remember where you were on 9-11
I was eating at Ihop.
How ironic, because today 9/11 I was eating
with my son at- You guessed it, Ihop.

Clyde Reply

I was in school. in the 6th grade on that “day in Dallas” and still have vivid memories.

My wife and I were home on our annual visit from the mission field for doctor, denist and other appointments on 09-11-01. We were both in chairs in the dentist office when we saw the news come on the screen and everyone stopped what they were doing.

I also have very vivid memories of that terrible day but, as you say, hope in the future can come from almost anywhere. Especially when people unite for a common cause.

Thank you for sharing,
Dr. Clyde

Glynne Reply

Hi Charlie,

Think you put this into words simply and in a way everyone understands.
I wonder if you would give me permission to post it on my website as a guest post? I’ve already mentioned it on my Facebook page and news page but was just wondering how to word it on my blog when lo and behold I received this so beautifully written from you.
Thanks anyway Charlie,

    Charlie Page Reply

    I usually don’t want my articles republished word for word but rather a link back. In this case I am happy to make an exception and say “yes, thank you” to your request. I’m honored you asked.

    Glynne Reply

    Thank you Charlie; I have just posted your article on our website.
    I hope it meets your approval:)
    Have a happy day,
    God Bless,

      Charlie Page Reply

      Looks great! Thank you for posting it.

Marc Gonzales Reply

Charlie, Thank you for your thoughts i love reading what you wright it makes me feel like your right here beside me reading. Thank you marc

Wendy Owen Reply

I am in Australia and I can remember waking up and hearing the news. At first I thought it was a hoax, because surely nobody could do something like that?
Thank you for the article. People like you show me there’s hope for humanity yet.

    John Reply

    It’s funny, because I too thought it was a “hoax” at first. I was at work (in Mansfield,MA), sitting at my desk when a co-worker–who was known to play practical jokes–told me a plane had crashed. I thought he was kidding until he came in a second time–I turned on the radio, and about 10 minutes later the 2nd plane crashed. We then rushed to rig up an antenna so we could watch what was happening on t.v.–very little work got done that day.

LorMek Reply

I, and I’m sure many others, appreciate you, Charlie.

robert barnett Reply

Thank you Charlie for your very human, kind and thoughtful words of remembrance on this very thought provoking day. God bless.

aida c. suarez Reply

Thanks Charlie for this moving blog! Now read my poem… everyone!

by Aida Suarez

One day like this one September 11…
Only just few years back…
New York City had an assault;
Like an horrendous holocaust…
There was a very huge surprise!
Deadly and a very serious one!
In an horrendous act of war…
The Twin Towers we’re hit,
And also were… other cities,
At, almost the same time!
A plan well coordinated. Oh yea!
Lucifer was loose and having fun.

My son and I couldn’t believe
What we’re seeing TV that morning.
And for me, at and unusual time.
I saw the plane second hit. OH God!
I saw people jumping from windows…
And others were running for dear life.
Trying to save themselves at that time.
Some did and so many couldn’t.
Every American was in shock! But,
The whole civilized world also was.
Other sick people were celebrating.
Dancing with the devil– Satan.

Right after the shock…we poets,
Send our poems to Poetry.com.
More the 3 thousands of us did!
Expressing pain and outrage!
And being angry was not enough.
The wound is still raw. And will be…
For many, many years to come!
My daughter Ednita called asking:
“What shall we do? Where should we go?”
Cory her husband being a reporter…
Of the New York Times, biked to the site!
OH God! What a tragedy OH God!

Isaac Reply

Thank you for remembering 9/11.
For me as a retired NYC Police Officer I am sadden at the lost of my
23 brothers and sister (NYC Police Dept.) but honored that they saved many lives. My brother-in-law was a first responder with the NYC Fire Dept. and lived through it. Although many lives were lost, more lives was saved because of the brave and courageous acts. Please keep the NYCPD and FDNY in your prayers as many more have loss their lives and many have health issues due to the 9/11.

Chris Lamb Reply

I would like to start by saying, may peace & prosperity be with you all. May the hearts & minds of those personally affected by 9/11 & by the ensueing conflicts ever since receive comfort, & be not troubled.
Let this day remind us to look only upon the good that is in all of us, even when we are greatly wronged.
Please remember, when your heart feels like it will do nothing, but simply break…….allow those who love you……to love you! No one is ever truly alone…..
May God Bless you all, & again, may peace & prosperity be w/ you.


Karen Reply

Thanks Charlie,
To be honest I totally forgot that it was already 911. However, you remembered me to remember. I still remember where I was and did that day. Thanks for the reminder we should not forget what happened and stand still to remember.

Elisabeth Reply

Thanks Charlie…every generation has days it remembers forever. This is one of mine. Your words were perfectly perfect.

Hope tomorrow is better for you. Elisabeth

Simon Malcolm Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for this encouragement. I think that fear is overcome by peace and that can have a powerful affect on our lives both today and in the future.

Thanks for taking time out from business to share your heart on such personal things – that’s what I love about working with Charlie Page – real, reliable and knows WHY we do WHAT we do.

Have a great day and I can’t wait to hear your upcoming announcements.


Nathalie Reply

Thank you, Charlie.

Jim Lambing Reply

Great post Charlie! WE need to remember those who have died on 9/11 and we need to thank those who protect our freedom each and every day.
God Bless!!


Sheila LyonHall Reply

Charlie …

Your words are beautifully crafted. The chord you play best is in the Key of Love. Shalom!

Jeff Reply

Well said Charlie,
We also have memorials in Australia for those who lost their lives on that terrible day and for the sacrifices of those since. The hope for peace is strong.

John Kinnison Reply

You are genuine. A true believer. Thank you for your thoughts.

Norma tucker Reply

That is a fabulous article. I really enjoyed it. I have done nothing all
day but watch the TV. I also cried on September 11, 2001. I also was
very deeply hurt over the senseless act when Susan Smith killed her 2
little boys. I cried for those precious little boys that did not have a
chance to live.

Karen Reply

Loved your post! I can add nothing because you said it all and very well.
Thank you.

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