What Are Solo Ads?

You've heard about solo ads. You've been told you "have" to do solo ads and how all the successful people use them.

But you have questions.

  • What are solo ads?
  • Do they really work?
  • Who sends the ad - me or someone else?
  • Where do I find lists so I can send solo ads?

These are important questions that deserve answers.

Watch this short video and discover what solo ads are, who sends them and how you can get started.

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8 thoughts on “What Are Solo Ads?”

  1. Very good training video, Charlie. A clear and straightforward explanation of what a solo ad is and why it can be very effective.

    I love the way you simplify concepts that can seem confusing to Newbies…and we’re all Newbies at something, right?

    Clarity provides confidence and courage, so this short video is not just about info…it’s about courage to try.

    Keep it up, my friend. I know you will.


  2. Hey Charlie,

    Very nice summary about solo ads. And I think you are the first one to give a name to this category of solo ad sellers: “click sellers”. 😉

    1. Thanks Cristian. Click seller is what they are. Not saying they are bad but I am skeptical when a person flat our refuses to let me join their list, talk with me about how they built their list or answer any questions about what works with their list.

      Appreciate your comment.


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