What is a Joint Venture and How Can I Get One?

Everybody talks about how wonderful it is to do a joint venture. And when a joint venture is done right it can be very profitable indeed.

But what is a joint venture? And how can you get one going? Especially if you are a “newbie”?

These are good questions, and worth answering. So let’s dig into it.

First, a joint venture is an agreement between two parties where both agree to do certain things and they share profits.

Simple really.

Party A and Party B combine forces to create a win-win situation that, hopefully, creates more results than either of them working alone. Synergy!

They both do different work and share revenue based on that work. It’s usually a situation in which people have complementary skills.

For example – one person is a copywriter and there other created a piece of software. The writer writes a sales letter and advertising material in exchange for a percentage of first year sales. No fees are paid; they share revenue instead.

Sometimes that share is 50-50. Sometimes it’s 80-20. It depends upon the nature of the joint venture that you arrange.

So that is what a joint venture IS… an arrangement to share work and revenue (and often, expenses) between two or more people who have complimentary skills or assets.

That leads to a logical question, and the source of considerable frustration among new marketers.

The question is… What is a joint venture NOT?

It’s important to understand what a joint venture is and what a joint venture is not.

A joint venture is not, “Send my solo ad to your list and I’ll give you part of my commissions when I get paid.”

That is a solo ad, which usually sells for money.

Far too many new marketers are told to go to ClickBank, find a hot-selling product and approach a person with a big mailing list and say to them, “Send this ad out for me. When I get paid by ClickBank I’ll give you half of it.”

Sadly, that’s not going to work and will only waste your time. Why?

Because the person who owns that list could go to ClickBank, get a link of their own and keep all of the profit and commissions.

Let’s me share some truths about joint ventures. These are things that others don’t often talk about, even though they are true. I feel you deserve the truth. After all, your time is valuable and wasting it is not an option.

1. Joint Ventures can be hard to find

Everyone is trying to create them. The reason that everyone is trying to create them is that they work.

The volume of joint venture requests I get personally has tripled in the last 18 months alone. I think it’s partly the economy (people have less money to spend on advertising) and partly that some marketers are teaching very spammy techniques for getting joint ventures.

The good news is this – you can find joint ventures if you know where to look and how to ask. Even if you are a newbie.

The two best places I know are below.

Warrior Forum

If you go to the Warrior Forum you will find a section devoted to nothing but joint ventures. You can access that here. My advice is to go there and lurk for a bit and see what good joint ventures look like as they are formed. Fair warning – there is a bit of pitching going on there and a LOT of ad swap requests.

But there are great JV opportunities too. Just today I saw folks looking for people who can write, looking for programmers to create WordPress plugins and looking for people with Photoshop expertise for a product creation JV.

JV Notify

In the spirit of full disclosure I will say that I am a paying member of JV Notify. I like to keep up with what’s happening even though I do very few JVs. The link above is not my affiliate link however.

That said, JV Notify is an excellent community of people who have a JV to offer and for people who are seeking joint ventures as well.

JV Notify makes it super easy to see what’s coming up soon so you can plan your marketing. This is one of my favorite features of the site.

Always wanted to know what big product launch is coming next? This is the site that can do that.

Check them out and see what you think. Their basic membership is free and you can become an affiliate and promote the site.

HINT: This is the type of site that is very easy to promote. Everyone wants a joint venture.

2. Not all Joint Ventures work

Sometimes they work great. Sometimes you work like a dog and make $75. It’s very frustrating.

On the way to success, sometimes you have to fail. If you do a joint venture that doesn’t work, don’t give up on the idea.

Knowing more about what good joint ventures look like will help you avoid the ones that don’t work.

I’ll share a story. I won’t share the person’s name. That would be wrong. Although this turkey deserves being called out, I won’t do that.

A few years ago I had a guy approach me. He said, “If you’ll mail for me I’ll mail for you. We’ll both make money and promote our products.” I said, “OK.” I mailed for him several times.

We sold a bunch of his product. I did get paid a commission. When the time came for him to mail for me, he flat out refused. He said, “I don’t use your product. I don’t know your product. I only recommend products I use.” He had several excuses and totally violated the gentlemen’s agreement we had made.

It got to the point where it was clear that he wasn’t going to mail for me. He failed to live up to his end of the bargain.

What I learned from that is to get the expectations clear up front.

Put your agreement in an email to your JV partner. Say, “I’ll do this on this date. You’ll do that on that date.” Then you have something to fall back on.

3. It helps (a lot) to bring something unique to the table

If you have a skill you can bring to the table you are in a great position for a joint venture. Many marketers simply don’t’ have time to do the things they want to do but are optional in business.

Here is a list of only a few skills I know work well in joint venture situations. If you have some of these you are in a great position indeed.

    • Copywriting – articles, sales letters, email messages, etc.
    • Creating graphics
    • Building websites
    • Posting to blogs
    • Submitting articles
    • Uploading videos
    • Creating or editing videos

There are less obvious situations that work too. If you have deep knowledge on a topic but no idea how to build or promote a blog or site you can joint venture with someone and share profits.

Another – if you have specialized knowledge but don’t want to write (and don’t want to hire a writer) you can JV with a writer who will write your book for a share of the profits.

The possibilities really are endless.

Here are some more facts about joint ventures that are more encouraging.

Many ezine publishers are happy to do joint ventures.

They’re not standing on the street corner waving their hand saying, “Come joint venture with me.” But if you have a unique situation you will find they are very open.

It makes perfect sense that they would be good candidates for a joint venture.

    • They have mailing lists already.
    • There is no cost to them. It’s all profit.
    • They own the list so can endorse your offer.
    • They can send an email to the list quite easily and as often as they like.

If you come to them with the right idea, something uniqueprofitable and most importantly something that matches the theme of their ezine, then they will be very receptive to a joint venture.

4. Joint ventures can be hugely profitable

It’s true that sometimes you work like a dog and make $75. Sometimes you work hard and make tens of thousands of dollars. I know because I’ve had both happen to me.

It all takes work. Sometimes the work can be very profitable. I don’t want my candid comments above to discourage you from looking for joint ventures.

When the fit is right there is nothing more profitable than a win-win joint venture.

After you’ve done a few successful ones and you know what to look for, they all become profitable.

5. Joint ventures establish you as a marketer

It is worth your time to pursue establishing joint ventures? Yes, for many reasons. And here is one more.

Once you do a joint venture you have a track record.

You can say to other people, “I did a joint venture with this person. Would you be interested in doing the same thing?” You have a track record. That’s important.

Five more ways to find joint ventures

We talked above about the Warrior Forum and JV Notify. Those are great if you are in the Internet Marketing space. But what if your thing is health or electronics or houseplants?

Here are a few more ways to find the right JV partner.

    • Find someone who has a list in your niche. This can be an ezine publisher or simply a top website or blog who offers updates via email.
    • Super affiliates in your niche often make good JV partners. If you have something of value to offer them they will often mail for you.
    • Product owners are great JV partners, especially if they are busy. Ask if they are doing as much article marketing as they like (for example) and, if not, offer to fill the void.
    • Almost all niches have forums. Visit forums in your niche and look for the people who post most often. They are often great advocates if you have a product to sell.
    • Social media is a great way to find JV partners. Post a message in your social spaces saying you are looking for partners and let people tell you how they see you fitting together.
    • Mailing lists you are on now can be a good place to start as well. If you are receiving email from sellers in your niche consider replying and asking them if they need help or are open to promote other products for a percentage.

There are many more ways to find joint ventures than can be listed here. I hope this list gives you some food for thought, and that you see an action item on that list as well.

After all, the person who takes action is the person who wins!

Finding a JV is a lot like dating. You don’t expect to walk into a crowded room and leave with the person of your dreams, although that can happen. You have to get to know people and develop a relationship.

The real keys to finding a win-win joint venture are finding a person with whom you are a good fit and then working out how both of you win.

The more people you get to know online, and the more value you can bring to your joint venture, the more likely you are to land your first JV.

And win-win JVs are a beautiful thing indeed!


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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Hi Charlie, great article and thorough points you make. I will take a look at JVNotify and see if I can find something that suits me.

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Herbert O

This has been my desired method to support myself but not having these ideas listed above have made me weak. This is more educative than one can imagine. Please is there a way i can build a joint venture with you?
I have been promoting through blog post no list, so is very difficult. If you can help me let me know please. I find out you’re honest fellow one can confined in.
My email noblenotebky@gmail.com

    Charlie Page


    I know the amount of information can be overwhelming. This is one reason I created my Roadmap Webinar, so people could make a simple plan and stick with it.

    I’m sorry but I’m not doing any joint ventures at this time as I have a new site coming and it is consuming all of my time.

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Hey there this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Aida Suarez

Charlie Page, all your teachings are a “beautiful thing indeed!” I love your clear an analytic writing! From on it I am absorbing so much internet tips already coming from your all your posts. I wish I could win some “lottery” to buy all your sites! I bough a new computer, but have to paid now for pdf and Home Office to be install in it. . But I don’t loose hope. In the meantime I am enjoying the free staff you’re giving us. Thanks a lot!
No Happy new year 20014 for all your readers! Here is my last writing of this year. Enjoy!


by Aida Celeste Urrutia Suarez

All my life I had dream about making money…
But I had not been much successful at it.
And it is all right! But still I feel the drive.
There is nothing wrong or sinful about that.
And I had said that sooo many times!

So believe me… I continue trying hard.
Presently I’m learning Internet Marketing from Charlie..
Before, I was trying to understand Wall St Stocks.
Plus Commodity Futures and Option markets,
And the Real Estates dealings. All very exciting!

Now I want to improve my vocal cords. In order to
Have a clearer voice when singing or speaking….
I know you’re smiling now! So pretentious, ah?
I feel sad for others who are not improving,
I think the time put on studies is well expended.

I keep expanding my horizons. ‘Cause…
I enjoy the goings… as well as the arriving.
Besides let me tell you that money is not…
The only shining object that matters in life.
Enjoying ourselves also is paramount.

We have to spend money trying to make money.
And it is all worth it! Everyone needs training.
And in all of these dealing expenses are involved.
Gurus, teachers, coaches need to eat, right? And
They had their share of expending– preparing.

But yes! I am also aware of the scammers.
I don’t wear blinders like a horse. Poor horses thou!
My eyes are well open to those today maladies.
As a matter of fact we all have to be very careful!
Not everyone have good heart and intentions.

I am ambitious because I had been very poor.
I don’t want to be rich just for being so.
I want to help myself as well I want to help others.
It is noble to share from whatever we have!
In the meantime, presently this is what I do.

Over the years I had accumulated lots of wisdom.
And knowledge, this I share with others. Priority is
Family and friends; we eat bread together…
All right…nuts, drinks and fruits! Ring my bell.
Today is open house! Welcome! Come and visit.

Carroll GLass

Thanks Charlie – those were useful links – appreciate what you said.

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Many thanks. This is one of the best articles that I’ve read on Joint Ventures.
It would be much appreciated if you added a print button so that we could more effeciently copy some of your best posts.

Carlos Rosario

I’ve spent the better part of my evening reading your amazing articles.

I think its almost sacrilegious the amount of information you’re willing to give for free, even though I am grateful for it.

You are a true philanthropist, without question and someone I have instantly come to admire.

You can be certain that I’ll be frequenting your website more often and soon buying up what you’ve got thats paid.

Thank you so much, once again, Mr. Page.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy you found my site and find the information helpful.

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Tyronne Ratcliff

Hey Charlie, very informative post. You definitely cleared up a lot of things for me, it seems like there’s a lot of misinformation out there on the internet when it comes to JV’s and what they are. Thanks.



You could also act as a middleman in a Joint Venture. Find two businesses who have the same target market, but different products.
For example one might be a Dentist and the other makes a product that whitens teeth. You set it up and collect a percentage of the extra
money generated plus a consultancy fee.


Thanks for that Charlie… I looked at that JV Notify… man what a busy site, you got to be a genius to figure it all out. I will revisit it again to spend more time on it. But thanks for what you’re doing. I am considering joining your membership. Blessings…

    Charlie Page

    It is a busy site and a bit confusing. But if you spend a little time there it’s worth it if you are properly positioned to do a joint venture. Thanks for commenting!


Thank you. Great info. and help. As usual very helpful.


Very educational and informative video with some marketing insights. Thank you for delivery some value as always.

Kris P.

Thank you, Charlie – you always sound so caring in your teachings. Makes a person feel very appreciative to have found your website. Still plan to join DOE – just need to save a bit more to do it ;D Some day real soon!!

Tim Pond

Thank you, just the information I needed today.

Your advice is always sound and concrete. I admire the way you help us.

Richard Sanderson

Hi Charlie,

I’m a newbie and I was wondering if I put up a site and sent 1,000 leads to it every day with my auto traffic with a traffic funnel do you think it would make me any money. I sell a fuel additive that gives 5 or 6 miles more per gal . Any advice you have to relate to me would be greatly appreciated.

May the smiles be with you,

Richard Sanderson



    I think that any site can make money with 1000 real visitors a day.

    I’m not sure what type of traffic would come from what you are calling “auto traffic”. If it is safelist traffic or purchased traffic such as “guaranteed visitors” or from a traffic exchange then I would say it is unlikely that you would make sales even with 1000 “visitors” a day.

    Hope this helps.



There are a number of things Arlene can do about her site. I am newbie too but I had a lady contact me from a memsite last month, she had a two year old site that somehow had not been indexed cause the person who built it had checkmarked the do not allow indexing when he set it up.
My point being it might be something simple and I wish Arlene would contact me. At the vrey least she could flip that site and probably make at least half her outlay for the last seven years.
I’m sure you already contacted her yourself. I am not selling anything, just hate to hear these stories.


Hakeem Babatunde

Hi Charlie,
I just love your openness and honesty; but I notice something: I am
yet to read posts by people who are making money
from what they have learned from
you or what you are doing… Maybe you don’t like being
sensational. Maybe I am yet visit those
kind of your sites … Please
encourage me. True, money should not be one’s primary
reason for going into this; but
money is still important. Right? Please direct me.
– Hakeem Babatunde


    I am happy to help you in any way I can but I never suggest that people post about the money they make. That is a private matter in my view. This is exactly why I never show screenshots of my Clickbank accounts or any of that type of hyped-up behavior. It’s just not me.

    If being online for 12 years is not enough to convince you that our process works I’m not sure what else to offer you.


    William Bell

    I’m a new member on this site. After two days of membership, I implemented one strategy Charlie suggested with one of my products on 4/18. The first sale came in about 3:03 pm on 4/19. The second sale came in today 4/23 at 6:06 pm while I was boarding a flight home as I checked my cell phone. I will definitely be using the strategy on every product I have and with every new product I create or promote.

June Kellogg


Yes, this sounded really authentic. Have been working at earning $ on the net.
Have to create to join up with you, Charlie.

Thank you,


Arlene Day

I have no money at this time, I have had the Naturessunlight website for about 7 yrs. now & the Real Estate one for about a year. I take a loss with the Naturessunlight one every year. A JV wouldn’t be good for the Naturessunlight, as the site is an Alternative Medicine & Natural Health one. How could you help me? Thanks, Arlene



    My first reaction is that you should stop working the Naturessunlight site or make it an ad supported site. If you have not made money from it in 7 years then maybe now is the right time to switch tactics. I would convert it into a blog and let people post articles and comments there and develop a community around the theme. But I would not invest an 8th year in this. Online businesses are different than offline businesses. Seven years is forever online. I don’t see where any JV is going to turn the tide on this one.

    I do NOT want to discourage you but sometimes we need to know when the time has come to shift gears. If you were my sister the advice I would give you is that seven years is long enough to go without profits.


John C

Hi Charlie.

Thank you for the informative video on JV. Thoroughly enjoyed the content and looking forward to future mailings from you.

One problem is that the case study of http://www.macmarketersdirectory.com appears to just be a sponsored ad website, not what I expected from a JV site (of course, I don’t know if this is the actual JV that you worked out.)



    It’s a case of a JV that did not work out. The other party just could not bring himself to launch the site.


Sybil Audiard

Hi Charlie,

Thank you so much! – my website is in creation – I’m learning , reading, watching, comparing..–

What a release : your Video ! So good to hear sombody who knows what he is talking about, who is clear and honest !

Thank you so much for these good informations ! They are so helpful and encouraging


Salim Yakub

Hi Charlie,

You video is very helpful and educational. I luv your no-nonsense, no fluff, straight to the point style of presentation… full of pure content to boot!


Master Resale Rights

I have checked out a few of your posts and found some great information, just wanted to say thanks there is so much garbage out there, it’s nice to know some people still put time into managing there sites.


You really out done yourself! I’m so new to this stuff, you make it so newbie like myself can easly wrap their heads around it, thanks!


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