What Is Conversion?

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I was speaking with a member the other day and could tell she had a question. But I could tell too she was reluctant to ask.

So I asked her - "Jane, is there something you want to ask me?"

She said there was, and she was embarrassed but was going to ask anyway. She said "don't think I'm dumb" which I would never ever do. 

Her question was this ...

What is conversion?

One of the downsides to working online for 15 years is taking certain knowledge for granted. Thinks like sales funnels, conversion, ROI and split testing are part of my day every day.

But on the off chance you, like Jane, are not familiar with these terms, I am creating a series to explain them.

The articles will be short. And, hopefully, easy to read and understand.

So, if you find this helpful, please share them with your friends.

And now ... what is conversion?

In the real world (often MUCH different than the Internet) conversion means many things. Take a look ...

There were actually MORE definitions than that! 

But in the world of digital marketing, conversion means something completely different.

Consider this from Marketing Sherpa.

That's a pretty good definition.

I define conversion this way ...

Conversion happens anytime a person takes ANY action you want them to take.

That definition has stood the test of time for me, so I'm sticking with it. 🙂

So the next logical question is this ... what actions do we ask people to take?

This part is important, so lean in and take a look. ALL of these are conversions.

  • Click a link in an ad.
  • Click a link in an email.
  • Buy a product
  • Leave a comment on my blog.
  • Follow me on social media.
  • Retweet something I tweeted out.
  • Renew a membership.
  • Fill in a form on a squeeze page.
  • Refer me to their friends.
  • Share a post from Facebook.
  • Share my Slideshare presentations.
  • Join my list.
  • Download a free gift.
  • Accept an upsell.
  • Reject an upsell.
  • Become an affiliate.
  • Make a sale as an affiliate.
  • Link to my content from their blog.

That is actually a partial list!

You see, many things can be conversions.

The good news is this ...

If any of the things on the list above have happened to you, you are converting people right now!

And that is very good news indeed. Because there are many like Jane out there who think it will just never happen for them.

Remember this, because it's important.

If you can do a thing one time, you can master that thing over time!

That's good enough to share, right? 🙂

If you can do a thing one time, you can master that thing over time!

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So let's wrap it up with these three observations.

  • Conversion simply means that someone does what you asked them to do.
  • If you have ever run an ad and received ANY clicks, or had ANYONE visit your site or join your list, you have experienced conversions.
  • Anything that can be done once can be mastered with time.

And here is the most important part!

Focusing on conversions above all else will help you achieve your online goals faster than any other thing. 

Let me say that again, because THIS is what I wish I had known when I started out.

Focusing on conversions above all else will help you achieve your online goals faster than any other thing.

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In coming articles, I will share fast and easy ways to know exactly WHICH conversions matter, how to measure them (without geeking out) and how to improve them.

Sound good?

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P.S. Leave a comment below and ask any question you like about conversion. I read and answer every comment personally.

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