What Is Your Big Idea?

Information overload is the #1 complaint among Internet users in survey after survey. That is understandable, there is so much information out there that it can be confusing and even overwhelming.

But this is not a new problem by any means. Consider this …

  • In the 3rd century BC there were routine complaints about too many books being published. How was one to read them all?

  • Way back in 1964 the term “information overload” arrived on the scene, and then gained widespread popularity in 1970’s Future Shock by Alvin Toffler.

It has been the catchphrase of many a haggard information worker ever since.

But here’s something interesting. In the years since 1964 huge brands have been born and prospered.

From Apple to Zappos, big brands have come into the market, prospered and employed many. Little companies have too.

What did they have in common?

One thing they had in common is that they had a big idea.

Do you have a big idea?

Do you have that one thing that you can say to customers that let them know what it is you offer, how they will benefit, and why they should buy from you?

To be clear, you don’t have to be an Apple to develop a big idea. You don’t even have to own a company to use a big idea.

Big ideas, clearly communicated, work for affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes.

In today’s fast paced, information-addicted society, being able to clearly state what you offer, quickly, creates big benefits.

So how can you do that?

By developing a core message and then letting that core message run like a ribbon through everything you do.

  • Include it in your advertising.

  • Make it part of your logo.

  • Put it in your business name.

  • Tweet about it.

  • Pin images about it.

  • Include it in articles.

  • Add an email signature that reinforces your big idea.

You can’t go wrong being known for your big idea. And being identified by your big idea will help you sell more products to more people more easily.

And that’s a good thing.

So how do you develop your core idea? I can’t cover all of the steps in one article, but here’s a great place to start.

Write down what your business or product is all about. Do this using the fewest possible words.

“We help newbies succeed online” is better than “we provide tools and training designed to help beginners understand what they need to do to succeed in business.”

See the difference?

Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing. What are you all about?

  • Sharing wisdom

  • Sharing research

  • Solving specific problems

  • Saving time

  • Saving money

  • Helping newbies

  • Working with experts

  • Making money

  • Increasing sales

  • Empowering change

  • Connecting people

What you are all about might not be on this list. But reviewing this list will help get the ideas flowing, and help lead you to that three or four word description that fits what you do best.

Once you have that three or four word description you will have your big idea in raw form.

Now continue on by refining and developing it into short sentences.

You will eventually come to the place where you have one short sentence that clearly summarizes what you are all about, and how customers will benefit from doing business with you.

When you have that you will have your core message. Then you can begin weaving that message into everything you do.

This is work. Hard work. Brain work. But if you do it you will develop something everyone will be attracted to, and that is congruency.

When your messages are congruent, when you are saying the same things over and over again, and supporting that with your actions, you will begin to build a brand.

And brands last a very long time indeed.

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29 thoughts on “What Is Your Big Idea?”

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  5. I hesitated to put this to print as many may probably say “not original” or “not commanding enough”.

    I believe the internet offers an extraordinary opportunity to help the ordinary average guy/gal derive additional income .

    However there seems in my experience to be a scarcity in genuine help in teaching how to go about harnessing the opportunity.

    Twelve months ago I joined an affiliateship that provided a platform and training for building an on-line business but I still had many knowledge gaps .

    Fortunately at about that time I also “met” Charlie Page and as a result of his outstanding material may of the learning gaps are slowly being filled.

    I now look forward with real expectation to eventually being in a position to fulfill my big idea of helping some of the multitude of people seeking additional income to achieve their dreams.

  6. My big idea involves a core concept that I call Human Optimization Technologies (HOT). HOT uses current technology in innovative and noninvasive ways to improve and enhance natural human capability in some respect.

    I got ripped off attempting my first project which was called Personal Genius Educational Systems. It is a natural way of embedding Core education onto our sensory memory for long term recall. We live in an age where 80% of graduates will never work in their field. That amounts to a great waste of time and money for everyone. So I devised a unique system that would naturally embed Core education so that the graduate would retain the bulk of their education even after several years and posibly after a decade or more of nonuse. Personal Genius was advertised on a number of local college campuses as being purely experimental in nature. It spread to over a dozen schools in the United States and then spread to Japan and China.

    I had the wrong business partner who was more concerned about stealing the money generated, than the actual benefits gained by the students use of it. As a result I have a very limited ability to gather any research data from the initial Personal Genius participants. I am not even sure if it, as a product/service was properly composed at this point in time. He may have short changed them by delivering a sub standard product.

    My scientific theory and the approach I used, concerning it, was considered to be pretty solid by a number of college educators. I was attempting to make it so that future students would not waste their time, effort or money preparing for the future. I was less concerned about the money and more concerned about the potential impact on the future of education. I will now have to create a new business in order to revamp the Personal Genius system in the near future.

    I do have a new partner, we are trying to get another of my HOT projects off of the ground. I trust this one because we have signed legal business papers. This project also has far ranging aspects and applications. We have sent out nondisclosures to a number of big businesses in order to do a viability study of the under lying science behind what I propose.

    I know that I can find a market for a revised Personal Genius, and if I am correct, I will create a number of markets for my latest HOT effort as well. This will give me the financing for a longevity HOT project, that could help me to be the first male in my family to live to be over a hundred years of age. If it ever hits the open market, it will create a new standard of health for the elderly.

    We are created with unparalled mental and physical capacity, that we have yet to begin to use. It is the 21st Century, it is time for us to evolve beyond the limitations of the past century. My plan is to pursue the goal of Human Optimization Technologies and create a better tomorrow for all.

    My first HOT effort while actually financially successful has seen me go homeless because of the treachery of my previous partner. I believe in myself, our world needs and cries out for what I desire to create. I could easily give all of this up as nothing more than a useless exercise in creativity. But I am not done yet. This latest HOT project could catch fire and between it and the revised Personal Genius system, I could yet realize at least part of my vision of a better tomorrow. I have a number of HOT projects on the back burner.

  7. Actually, it was more your big idea than mine, but I believe that my online future lay in curated blogs. I love the idea of blogging, I always have. My problem is time. I simply don’t have the time to write as much as I need to to have a worthwhile blog. The concept of curation changes that.

    1. Thank you for that nice compliment. I’m happy to share knowledge about the things I do and am really encouraged when that sharing leads to something good for a reader or member.

      Curation is the cure for time pressures, no doubt about it.

  8. Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the stimulating prompt post to help people come up with their “big idea”.

    Mine is to help home business opportunity seekers find the best home based business and help them start their own.

    I personally thing there is a PERFECT home based business and I describe how to find it and what it is on my website and blog.


  9. Charlie im afraid your not going to like my big idea. Im so done with all the fake make money schemes that lie and never work and take advantage of folks who are really looking to change their lives. My big idea is to put every stinking one of them in jail. Charlie, sorry for the negative post but its real life and only one percent of the folks out there ever make any money. Ive come to the realization that the only true way to make money is to have a real job and work very hard at it. That is the only true way to make a living and to quit chasing these broken promises and broken dreams of not working and having all the cars and mansions and all that crap they show everybody. Im totally sick of it and im done sending my 49.99 to these creeps on.y to find out its a scam. Oh, and I like the ones that say you are the only one left that can get in. Or, you have 5 minutes left to get in or its gone forever. All of you internet creeps can go suck on some raw eggs. I cant say on this forum Charlie what i would really like to do with these losers. Over and out, im done………………

    1. Everyone has a right to their opinion and I respect yours. I am sorry you are angry but equally sure you have good reason.

      I do respectfully disagree with you on some point, and heartily agree on others. I do get that there are a LOT of scammers out there. But I don’t believe there are any hard statistics supporting that only 1% ever make any money.

      I do believe there is a proven path to success online because I’m living it. I do believe that almost anyone can do what I have done if they ignore the hype boys and the shiny objects and work it like a job. Believe me, I work 60+ hours a week at my “job”. But it’s not because I have to any more, and that is what the Internet did for me.

      I hope things improve for you and truly do appreciate you sharing, even if you consider it negative.

  10. Hello Charlie,
    First, I want to thank you for all the great articles you provide on so many different
    topics. I’m having trouble narrowing down “My Big Idea”. I would like to start a blog about total wellness building it around 4 concepts of wellness: physical, financial, personal and environmental. I’m working with a wellness company now whose products my family and friends love and incorporate these 4 concepts in their products and business plan. I have more knowledge about the physical side which would include personal training and nutrition but feel I could help a lot of folks in the other 3 areas as well, just from personal experiences. Is this too much for a “big idea”?

    1. Not at all! It’s a great big idea in fact. You are approaching wellness from four quadrants, and that makes sense. I would encourage you to continue developing that approach and perhaps develop some graphics and other advertising material that promotes a “whole life” approach as you outline.

  11. steve williamson

    Big Idea: Two elements:
    1. Back-room team delivering fulfillment
    2. Sales/Business people building client base
    Offer sales front end outsource to medium businesses. Have comprehensive capability packaged to deliver Lead Gen/Sales Funnel/CRM all handled in a systemised manner. Benefits: Sales / Momentum/ Capacity, and a template for Systemisation for the business owner’s exit strategy or scaling up. Cost to deliver per client, per month $500.
    Form an open consortium focused solely on sales/relationships. Revenue per client per month $3,500 casual or $2,500 12/24-month contract (as against $10,000/month value delivered). Benefit: Progressively stronger sales capability, Solid cashflow, capital value of each term contract of say $100k means 50 clients and you’ve got a $5m asset to sell.

  12. Rae Laframboise

    Hello Charlie
    I guess you could say my BIG IDEA is to provide information to people regarding my 3 passions:

    Dogs – helping people solve issues between them and their furry “best friend”…
    Helping people make $10,000/month or more.
    Helping people become their healthiest, slimmest and best selves through proper diet, meditation and possibly EFT Tapping.

    Thanks for reading.
    Rae Laframboise

    1. Good ideas all. The challenge with three ideas is time. The great thing about business online is that the skills you learn making one site successful can be applied to all other sites that follow. I might encourage you to take one and make it really take off and then use those skills on the others.

  13. I drive a big truck and would like to help others decide on whether they want to do the same. It is very challenging and demanding yet rewarding (to me).
    I think my headline or ‘book’ would read something like “So you want to drive a truck”.

    1. That’s a good one. Others that spring to my mind are “Is truck driving right for you?” or “Are you a natural born truck driver?” or “Discover the joy of big rig driving”

  14. Hi Charlie, thanks again for a awesome post. I’ll always be indebted to you for the information you give out freely to everybody that reads your posts. Great value every one! Mark M

  15. Hi, Charlie. I have a website for women who concern about their health issues regardless from teen to elder age, interested in getting beautiful, slim body.

    So, I put my website header like this: “Be a healthy woman, possess flawless skin & slimmest body and ever!”

    How do you think about it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nieve,

      I know from Curation Power (thank you for being a member) that English is not your first language. The idea behind your slogan at the top of the page is right, but I might change the wording a little in this way.

      “Be healthy, enjoy flawless skin and your slimmest body ever!”

      If you want something stronger, you could try “Enjoy optimum health, flawless skin and your slimmest body ever!”

      Just an idea.

      1. steve williamson

        I really like the word “Radiant” in this context because it suggests inner-glow being projected for all to see. So what about something like:

        “Radiant Health, Beauty & Fitness!”

  16. Charlie,

    My big idea is in my signature and all my materials. It is:

    ?Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.

    Any comments on this are welcome. Could it be better – I am sure. Let me know…


    1. Dan,

      It’s very very good. Short, conveys the point and clearly you want to help others. In the spirit of brainstorming – I might focus on the outcomes of what you are offering more than the process. For example, what is the outcome (benefit, end result) of personal development. At first blush, I think starting with “Helping people achieve (benefit)” is a good starting point. And then you can say the way you do that is education.

      Just ideas. What you have is excellent.

  17. Great article, Charlie. Call it Big Idea, USP, or Mission, it’s the foundation for our work. (I like Big Idea…it conveys the importance of our mission, and we have to a sense the importance of what we do in order to be passionate, and to go through the tough times.)

    Having a Big Idea is also important because it’s a great DIS-qualifier. The example you gave focused on helping a specific group (newbies) reach a specific goal (success online), not trying to “be all things to all men”.

    Success (and satisfaction) comes when we focus all of our energy on turning our Big Idea into a Big Reality. And there’s great power in leaving the rest to someone else.

    1. Love how you said this … “Success (and satisfaction) comes when we focus all of our energy on turning our Big Idea into a Big Reality.”

      Well said! Helping others achieve that would be an excellent big idea.

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