What Is Your Niche?

We’re continuing our curation series with one very important question…Β What is your niche?

In my last article I suggested ways for you to zero in on the topic you feel passionate about.

I gave you a little “homework”to do as well.

Just as you can’t hit a target you can’t see, you won’t be able to profit from a niche until you do at least three things.

Don’t worry – these three things are easy to do. I’ll show you exactly how to do them — including “over the shoulder” videos — in this free series.

By the way – this is the third message in our series. If you missed the first two, you can get them here.

Click for message 1

Click for message 2

And now, on with the most important question of all at this point … what is YOUR niche?

What’s Your Niche?

If you’ve done the work you know what topic you want to consider for building a curation-based information business. It might be a topic you feel passionate about. It might be a topic about which you have deep knowledge. Or it might be both.

The key here is that choosing is a good thing.

What I’d like to do today is know what you have chosen so I can tailor the rest of the series to help you.

To do that I need your help.

I need you to take a moment and identify the niche or niches you have chosen based on my last message.

I’m asking for this for one simple reason.

During this series I’m going to do a number of case studies using actual niches. What I will do is take the top niches in the poll and use those for the case studies.

Please take a moment to respond to the poll below.

Please note – If your niche is not covered in the poll please leave a COMMENT below with something about your niche.

I will collate all the answers left in comments and add them to the poll numbers to determine the niches (or areas of interest) to use in the case studies.

That’s it. Easy as pie. Only takes a moment, is completely confidential and you can see how others vote as well.

I’ll let the poll run a few days, tally the results and produce the first case study for you.

Until then, be well. The poll is below.



Please choose up to three niches

What is your niche?

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72 thoughts on “What Is Your Niche?”

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  2. I would like to become a member of the doe for my business in and about two weeks from now. Wayne thank’s

  3. I really enjoy training and helping people learn new skills. Not sure if that’s a “niche” itself, but perhaps advice to other trainers could be.

    Thanks, Charlie!

    1. There is a niche in training the trainers. Many people have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell it. If you built a framework by which people can tell their story, or share specific experiences, and then sell that as a coach or service, I believe you could do well.

      Brendon Burchard certainly does well by doing something similar.



      1. Thanks for the reply Charlie! Very interesting, and encouraging. Thank you so much for your insights!


    1. Thanks for sharing, Iris. Love your site! If I may make a suggestion – I suggest taking some of those wonderful testimonials and putting them into your blog posts at appropriate places. Feedback like that, from people who have experience with you, can make your posts more powerful.

      Thank you again.


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  5. Hi Charlie,
    My passion is in service to others. I have devoted a good portion of my time to community service over the past 50 years in addition to owning an independent insurance agency and serving in the U S Air Force Reserve for 28 years after my active duty.
    I can’t say that I have a specific passion except for a desire to help others succeed. I have attempted to do that using article marketing, blogging and more recently curation.
    However, I am not at all satisfied with my current site and want to create a new and better one.
    I realize this comment is really late and may not get a response but thought I would give it a shot anyway.

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  9. robert barnett

    Hi Charlie,
    I hope this is not too awful late to be getting in on the voting. I see my interest in alternative medicine was a high voter as far as Health and Wellness. I have been into, and using, whats called MMS1 (Miracle Mineral Suppliment 1) for about 10 years now. Its’ chemical definition is CALCIUM CHLORITE, also known as Pool Shock(activated). It will not harm humans in any way unless taken in large quantities. It will kill almost any pathogen (disease to humans). If it will not hurt skin (swimmers) it will also not do any harm to a human stomach. The creator of this supplement, Jim Humble, made MMS1 and MMS2 (Calcium Hypochlorite, a patent-free health suppliment. In other words, anyone can call it their own and use it or see it without patent infringement. I use it to control skin cancer by bathing in it. MMS1 and MMS2 have been used successfully to cure some cancer, ebola and other life threatening disease. There is much hyperbole as to calcium hypochlorite and chlorine. MMS is not chlorine. Pool shock is not chlorine. Chlorine is not healthy. MMS is healthy. MMS IS NOT FDA approved. Sad, but true. What do you think of this as a niche? Thanks Charlie, Robert Barnett

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  12. It seems that more and more people are looking for ways to work from home or operate a Home Based Business – and not necessarily an online business. I would like to see a niche for “Home Based Business” as distinct from “Business Opportunity”.

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  14. I put “relationships” as my primary niche. Related to that niche is “wisdom and personal growth” and “family and parenting.” I see these other two niches as very related to “relationships.” So these three niches are all part of the overall “relationships” niche.

    I have another niche, which I am also very passionate about, which is “humor and comedy.” I was originally a comedy writer and wrote for “The Monkees” TV show. (You and I talked about this on the phone once.)

    Thanks for all your help and guidance, Charlie!

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  22. Hi charlie.
    I am way late reading this article and missed the poll.
    My interests are Hunting, first passion, make money online, and volunteer teaching.
    I also have a passion for procrastination; I’m just so good at it!
    Hmmm maybe I need to work on that. Thanks for all your good work Charlie.

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  26. Hi…
    my main passion has always been Natural Health . My niche has become the pain relief industry. I have a blog on Pain and another one on Rheumatoid Arthritis (which I have) . Been posting other’s articles (giving credit or spinning). This curative method is going to make it so much easier. I want to be the SOURCE that they come to for reliable information, not necessarily the expert. PTL>
    From there…I can also help them develop their own niche & home business which is my second passion. (My target market for my 1st is usually in need for my second.)
    Thanks , Charlie…You’ve help me sort all this out.

  27. Hi Charlie
    Thankyou for all that you do. I am so happy to be part of the DOE and followup selling systems. I believe i am getting closer to finding my true passion. I feel a pull towards personal development and helping people develop online business skills. I think with all the work i am doing through you programs i will soon come to better understand myself and my interests.
    Thanks Charlie

  28. Hello Charlie. I checked 4 categories because I am moderately interested in each one of them, although I can’t honestly say I am really passionate about any. I just hope to develop some enthusiasm about one or two, should I start getting some financial reward from my effort. I also believe that a couple of the categories – such as for example, relashionship and parenting – may at times be pursued along complementary lines. Thank you for exploring this new field.

  29. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for leaving this up a few days as I was away on vacation and was just able to vote now. One of my votes is in the top three so I’m guessing I’ll get to see how this work for one of my areas of interest.

    All the best,


  30. This is a very exciting road we’re on Charlie. I’ve heard of curation; never really pursued it, nor gave it much thought until now. Waiting for you weekly communication with much anticipation, knowing no one will be disappointed!

  31. Love the way you have put this curated material together.
    I have had problems in the past about my interest and trying to get past not feeling like an expert or not feeling that I have anything to offer.
    But after reading your marerial, it has some connected the dots for me.
    The way you present curation has really helped me to move forward with my interest.
    Thanks again Charlie, looking forward to more of your message.

  32. Douglas R Taylor

    I just started this website about 2 weeks ago and hopefully will get some good advice from you. Thanks Charlie.

  33. Hi Charlie, my niche is Personal Freedom – How to breathe life into your BIG Dream through Freedom Maps.
    Have been a fan of yours for sometime, appreciate the value you continually offer, thank you Charlie

  34. I’ve been working in the “offgrid” niche which includes a lot of interested people but they don’t spend much money (at least not on my site). I’m sure it’s my lack of expertise in marketing (I have been offgrid for more than 15 years).

  35. My focus is on helping the many Baby Boomers to realize that there is more to retirement than a gradual decline to the trash heap of history. If they really take good care of themselves – mentally, physically, spiritually and financially they can live to as much as 100 years old and give forward their experience, wisdom and attention to those coming after them!

  36. Hi Charlie,

    I see that my three niche choices are all in the top five so far. Either I have chosen well, or I have a lot of competition, or both.

    Thanks for the series on curation. I was in the process of planning how to convert my blog into a curated blog when I read your first email on the subject of curation. I look forward to your future posts on the subject.

    Thanks again.


  37. As you can probably tell this is a done for you site that I never have done anything with as I didn’t have a clue about marketing,traffic etc., and I would really like to incorporate this site with either a blog or another informational site on alternative medicines and natural healing/medicinal products. Any thoughts or suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

  38. i was always looking for some person who really knows wat he was doing on online marketing.

    and tell you all the secrets and such im really glad Charlie to be a Member of DOE and soon im gonna buy the follow up system
    money was back then the issue but if you believe in yourself and plan to be succesful always learn.

    thank you Charlie.

  39. Charlie,
    I have been following your talented teachings for 2 years now and have enjoyed and benefited from everything I have red. This one is great and will give us, the folks in the field, an opportunity to zero in on what’s “hot” and what’s not!
    Thank you for all you do . . God Bless You!
    Bob Hayes

  40. Being a music lover, I’ve been meaning to take my blog more seriously and turn it into a kind of curation for independent musicians – gathering news, tips, and resources for them to provide a central location for information. I’m excited about this series from you and appreciate it.

  41. Charlie, you missed my niche that your early 2000
    copyright service helped succeed. Again my thanks
    for you help.
    My niche is Manufacturing… a broader niche is Businesses
    Bill Gaw
    P.S. Your follow-up sales letter written in 2003 is still
    generating potential lost sales every month.

  42. CancerCurators.com is a proposed WordPress IM Affiliate Membership website with each member focused on curating a specific type of cancer such as breast, skin, colon, prostate, etc. Each Affiliate Member owns a cloned private sub-domain with a focus on curating his or her metropolitan or community help and awareness activities that support development of cancer-free lifestyles.

  43. Hi Charlie
    I don’t know what niche my passion will fit into so I thought I’d just tell you about it and see where it may fit.
    I am trying to implement a strategy that will in time reduce the violence in our communities and around the world. I have a way that will do it that is non violent, passive and works. I want to get the word out about the website so that people that wish to can start getting the word out and get the ball rolling, but I don’t know how to and I have absolutely no money to advertise.
    If you or anyone else you know could find the time to have a look at the website and assist me with practical positive advice I would certainly appreciate it.
    I would appreciate any help from anyone who can because the violence in the world is increasing so there is a great need for this strategy.
    All I have been getting so far is negative comments like “It’ll never work” “Don’t be stupid” “Are you crazy” etc.
    I don’t need these comments, I need positive practical help with it to get it started.
    Thank you
    Tony Cross πŸ™‚

  44. This is a great series with great information. Look forward to the future posts. My passionate interest is science. On a daily basis I go to Fox.com and MSNBC.com and Space.com and catch up on the latest science news, be it astronomy, space travel, physics and cosmology, archeology, anthropology, the Curiosity rover on Mars, whatever. Then I Google the latest stories to peruse all the news I can find about that topic. Not sure about monetizing a topic like this. I notice on the news sites science sections they have ads for wireless carriers like Verizon, some google ads, Bank of America, etc. Any thoughts on this type of topic?

  45. Juan-Pierre Schaper

    Hi Charlie,

    Thank you once again for this series. I eagerly await each new installment.

    I am strongly considering getting into the Video-Gaming niche, which is not listed in your poll as such. Video-Gaming is probably my greatest passion. I’ve been a gamer for 3 decades now.

    I know that commissions earned on Xbox360 games or PS3 games etc. are not very big, but I also know that games, gaming devices, and related merchandise will sell. The Gaming industry rivals any other entertainment industry on earth.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know if getting into this niche (with and information-and-review site for example) is worth while or not.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards
    J Schaper

  46. Thanks Charlie
    as always your insight and experience shines through. So happy to be a member DOE
    Warren Breakwell

  47. thinking of creating a cuation site for visitors to australia. my main focus is on opal sales but i have written a book on out back opal fields and have an hour long movie on the subect. so i guess writing and books could be incuded in this. thanks, peter

  48. Martin Findling

    Thank you Charlie for the opportunity to vote, that is a great idea. I am looking forward to the end results and of course the next issue of your curation series. Bless you Charlie.

  49. I’d like to see case studies on any niche outside of “How to make money online.” I feel so many people try to peddle those products without having made a dime online – and that it’s just this sort of sad cycle. Their potential customers are people just like them – people dreaming of making money online – and it ends up turning into this virtual multi level marketing scheme. A significant percentage of online marketers end up feeding off this dream – having made their only real money online selling products about how to make money online. I’m beginning to get a bit jaded by that part of online marketing.

  50. Web site not ready yet! Working on a J_O_B till able to get things started to move into sales. Still learning, or trying
    to. Love reading your work.

  51. James Blackstone

    I have been interested in the curation model for quite some time and made numerous attempts to make it happen perfectly using various WordPress Plug-ins.

    I have a pretty decent model now, however to do my topics justice I need to properly curate the content by looking at all the “Google Alerts” prior to posting. I’m not comfortable with auto blog methods that post content that is not extremely niche specific.

    That said auto blog methods do not lend well to auto syndicate especially where Rss feeds are concerned. Typically I can’t run syndication plug-ins with plug-ins that pull in alerts via Rss.

    The other issue is the not being able to properly SEO content with html tags and meta tags. So there you go, hands on curation with auto syndication or not?

    Auto syndication of course may lead to spam complaints, so standard hands on “off page SEO” is the best method to prevent getting slapped around by the Big G Zoo Squad, (at least that I’ve experienced.)

    Nothing is worse then putting your heart into something that still hasn’t paid off and watch your rankings disappear overnight.

    I’m all ears with this series and look forward to your reply / post.

    Warm Regards,


  52. Joseph Carducci

    Since I used to be a professional gambler, this would be my niche. My curated site would focus on teaching people how to make better gambling decisions and maybe even how a professional will approach things.

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