What Is Your Trusted Resource?

In our family, we talk about business ... a lot! 

That makes sense because of all 4 of us (me, my wife, both daughters) work in the family biz.

One the phrases you will hear often in our discussions is this ...

"What is the trusted resource on this?"

Here's what we mean. 

For EVERY task that needs to be done, there are two things we look for.

  1. A system we trust for getting the job done.
  2. A person we trust standing behind the product.

For example, I have been with the same hosting company for over 12 years now.

It's not the sexiest, or cheapest, on the planet.

But I can TRUST both the service and the man who owns the company.

My main copywriter is a woman I have done business with for about 10 years.

She is another trusted resource. I trust her and know what to expect.

I work very hard to have at least one trusted resource in each area of my business. 

So WHO is your trusted resource?

And WHAT is your most trusted method?

If you don't have either, I'd like to apply. 🙂

I want to be your trusted resource. And I want you to use my MOST trusted method.

In fact, I want that so badly that I created this just for you ...

Click here to take a look.

If I lost everything tomorrow I could totally rebuild it based on this
one piece of knowledge alone.

And now what I know can become what you know too.

Thanks for reading.

Charlie "I sleep well at night because I have trusted resources" Page

P.S. What, no P.S.? Did you know that *always* including a P.S. is a big mistake?

It's part of what I teach here.

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