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Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Mohsin Khan Reply

May you achieve more Buddy!

sikhokhele ntoyakhe Reply

I love the Clickfunnels Family even though I’m not using their Platform

Scott Marker Reply

I want to be a two comma win too but I do care about the money 🙂

Desmond Little Reply

Russell why are you looking younger by the minute? Wow

Jason Rhodes Reply

Huge milestone. Congrats!!! 4 years to 1k. I bet you get to 2k in under 18 months! = Moore’s Law applied to CF.

???? Reply

Good job friend. I’m fully watching. Keep in touch & remember to return thx. ?

Lucy Shrimpton Reply

Sooo proud of YOU!!

Jade Choi - Million Dollar Challenge Reply

Amazing results! ???

Mss.sukanda Kunphonphan Reply

That My goal

Noelle Randall Reply

Yay!!! So happy to be n the club. Thank you!

Jonni Armani Reply

Congratulations ??

Mike Barron Reply

AYYYEEE!! Congratulations!! Reply

To the webinar question,
“Step #1 – Please Tell Me The #1 Thing
In Your Business That Is Currently Holding Your Back…”,
I answered “I don’t have a product yet”,
b-ut, the page I was directed to started off with
“(Based On The Survey, You Said Your #1 Thing Holding You Back Was That You “My Funnel Doesn’t Convert…” Watch This Video To Find Out The Best Way To Prepare For This Webclass!)” Reply

That’s my goal!

paul sabaj Reply

proof that this works. Awesome

Creator Spotlight Reply

Wow! I am going to be one in the next year or two.

Diggity Ds Outdoor Jungle Reply

Way to go GARY!!!

NicMarie Design Reply


Greg H Reply

Congratulations. This is a big milestone for every stakeholder. Definitely celebrate these wins! Kudos.

Pam Prier Reply

Russell, as a fellow human, I’m SO proud of you!

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